First Promotion Exams - Sudden Elimination: Kaydin vs. Keiji


Kaydin, Keiji, Keisuke

Date: February 3, 2012


Shippodoku Keiji vs. Hyuuga Kaydin in the first round of the Third Chuunin Exam.

"First Promotion Exams - Sudden Elimination: Kaydin vs. Keiji"

Sunadome Arena - Fighting Ring [Sunagakure]

From the ground floor of the arena, one can truly get a sense of the sheer size and spectacle of the place. At its widest point, the colosseum is nearly a mile in circumference, and the domed ceiling is roughly fifty stories overhead. Needless to say, trying to take it all in can be dizzying. The floor of the arena is made up of a number of massive rolling sand dunes, about a hundred fifty feet tall at their tallest point. In the very center of the arena, a simple, well manicured lawn of green, rather like an oasis, marks the primary battle spot. The lawn is a little larger than a standard boxing arena, and is even equipped with a small pond, no more than five feet across.
Just before noon, and the stands of the Sunadome Arena are packed. The spectators cheer as excitement is promised by the upcoming match, a Shippodoku against a Hyuuga. Many are seen stuffing their fat faces with ramen and other foods that have likely been severely overpriced for the convenience of not having the leave the general area of the Sunadome and will probably have heartburn soon from eating too fast in excitement for the tournament.

Why on Earth anyone would ask this guy to referee matches is anyone's guess, as is the reason he accepted the task. The giant Swordsman definitely couldn't care less if these kids happen to rip each other's throats out trying to prove they are worthy of becoming Chuunin. Still, Kaguya Odori Keisuke stands in the center of the ring with his arms folded over his chest. His intense blood red eyes glance around at the people in the stands, no expression on his face as he studies the mass for a moment. One would almost think he is pondering ways he could kill them all… which is a possibility for what could be going on in his head.
"Shippodoku Keiji," the giant's deep voice finally rings out loud enough for the entire crowd to hear. "Hyuuga Kaydin… Come. Your match is next." There is no inflection in his voice, no attempt to get the crowd going whatsoever, only a deep, commanding tone.
Kaydin would walk out calmly, wearing his normal garb and not the branch family kimono. His movements slow and easy as he would keep his complete attention upon the people infront of him, his expression emotionless as befitting a member of the Hyuuga clan. When Keiji comes forth, he would just nod to the other Genin, remaining silent.
Since seeing his name on the match announcement sheet against Kaydin, Keiji has been waiting for this moment. Not that he had not prepared, but of all the contestants that he had faced in the second round, the only clan to come up twice was that of the Hyuuga. If there was any opponent from another nation that he felt comfortable with, it was Kaydin.
Keiji walks out into the middle of the arena and does not even look up. He offers a nod to the proctor of the exam before glancing over at Kaydin and offering another nod. They had fought once before. This was their moment. The time for them to prove themselves above the other candidates in the exam.
Watching the two rather solemn Genin walk into the ring, Keisuke glances between them. This should be interesting enough. "The contraption created to take away the risk that would make this a bit more interesting is active, so you have nothing to fear," he says as he continues to glance between the two. "Begin." With that, he steps back out of the way and simply watches for now.
"So restraint does exist? Odd." Kaydin says without missing a beat with the man and when the say begin he would move to a juuken stance. His eyes close as veins bulge alongside his head. Once his eyes were open, he looks to the scorpion Genin and begins to focus some stamina to Chakra. "No matter the outcome, good luck."
Keiji nods his head at the proctor in acknowledgment that the match has begun. He as well takes a fighting stance, though it is not his eyes that change but his body. The black eyes close as two more arms sprout of each side and a scorpion tail from his backside. Though the young Shippodoku had preferred not to use the power of Sasoriendai, he was certain he could not stand up to the Byakugan without it.
As the boy focuses his own chakra his now open eyes meet that of Kaydin's. "Good luck to you as well."
Kaydin would nod and when the scorpion genin seemed to be ready, Kaydin would move in, throwing a shuriken at the genin and then would send a strike for one of the new arms, to hit one of the chakra points of the new limb, eyes focused intently on the Genin but aware of his environment.
Though the concept of a fight in the arena was against everything that Keiji stood for, he did have one advantage in this fight over many of the genin, as he had previously fought Kaydin before. He was able to take in some information and build a battle plan.
From the moment he had seen the sheet, he knew there was no point in hiding from the boy during the match. The white eyes fueled by chakra were able to see more than Keiji could hide. With his stealth out the window, he had to rely on other abilities. As the shuriken came forward, the boy took a step back and to the side. He then lunged forward to meet Kaydin's Juuken Strike. His pincer aiming for the inside of the boy's arm. While his own strikes could not affect the flow of chakra like that of the Hyuuga's, his pincer could inflict pain when Kaydin tried to use the arm again.
Now Keiji moved to the offensive. He moved his foot forward and aimed a pincer slash for the boy's neck before bringing his other hand forward attempting to stab him with the other pincer. This was obviously no game to Keiji.
Kaydin would try to do the heavenly spin to defend against the strikes but has no success, being stabbed and thrown back. He would then stand back up despite his injuries and move to a stance. "Eight trigrams thirty two palms." He says as he would move in, sending the series of strikes and counting them off. As he reached thirty two, he assumed the same stance and without missing a bit would go back to striking at the genin, atleast trying to do some damage back.
Though Keiji had not expected his two pincer attacks to break the defenses of the young Hyuuga's, much to his shock they had. The last battle they had was purely defensive. As the boy speaks up with his attack name, Keiji plants his feet and begins to twist his torso back and forth away from each palm as they come forward. He had seen the attack before and was able to avoid each palm.
Instead of speak of the condition of his opponent, he decided there was more honor in trying to finish the battle. This was an arena and this opponent was only his enemy for the fact he was told to be. Keiji moved forward in a manuever that Kaydin had seen once before. He moved forward in a dive attack that would attempt to strike the back of the boy's ankle. It was a nerve to stun him momentarily while his tail aimed to slap him backwards.
Kaydin would be sent back again, this time he was genuinely hurt. He would try and stagger to his feet, failing twice only to manage to stagger to a knee. "I dont…think I can continue. I yield." He says calmly as he would try to stand, only to remain on a knee. Despite this he does finally stand up with a slight groan, refusing to remain down despite the fact his injuries were quite serious, swaying despite his standing.
"That will be enough then," the deep voice of Keisuke rings out as he approaches the two once again. While he had hoped this match would have been a bit more exciting, it proved to be rather one-sided. "The victory, Shippodoku Keiji, moves onto the next round. Hyuuga Kaydin…" He peers over at the Hyuuga, lifting an eyebrow faintly. "Could probably use some medical attention right about now." That said, he waits for the two to clear the arena.
The battle was over. Not the Keiji had felt good about how one sided it was or the fact that it was only a few moments. Like much of life, he found the victory to be bitter sweet. As the boy yielded, Keiji allowed his Sasoriendai to revert back to normal. He then offers a bow to Kaydin. There was nothing more he could do. Soon the Seven Swordsman announced him victorious and the medics were now on their way to tend to Kaydin.
Keiji does not raise his hand or look up towards the crowd. He was not a gladiator. He was a shinobi of this land. He protected them in his actions. He was not here as entertainment for them. He did not expect them to understand or cheer for him. That is why he chose to work in the shadows.

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