Sugar Baby


Sousa, Kaidan, Kuoroke

Date: April 4, 2015


Kaidan and Kuoroke are kompelled to korall a keyed-up kunoichi kiddie.

"Sugar Baby"

A candy factory [Land of Wind]

B-rank: Another Garatsuku Asylum escapee has surfaced. Wakai Genki, also known as 'Sugar Baby', is a ten-year-old girl with a remarkable talent for speed-focused taijutsu and ninjutsu, and an insatiable sweet tooth. She typically does not display malevolent intent towards people for its own sake, but she lacks a conscience and will do practically anything to obtain candy, pastry, or any other form of high-sugar consumable. Find a way to arrest Genki's high-speed antics and put her back in permanent time-out at the asylum!

Oh, this is going to be a tricky one to handle. Mission briefing: Wakai Genki, an escapee from Garatsuku Asylum, has been spotted. Actually she's been spotted numerous times already, but she moved on before the news even got back to Sunagakure — this time there's a decent chance she'll still be around, if only because she's found a large deposit of that which she craves. Genki is a prodigy in speed-based ninjutsu and taijutsu, and she uses her talents to acquire sweets. Yes, sweets, practically anything with a high sugar content. She's not some bloodthirsty maniac out to murder folks in general, just watch out if you come between her and a pastry because she will zip through you like a bullet (exaggerating slightly there, but yeah, dangerous). Oh, and did we mention she's a mere ten years old? So while she is a public menace that needs to be stopped, using lethal or even significantly injuring means would be rather bad PR for Sunagakure.
This is the task that's been assigned to Karakuri Kaidan and Kuroki Kuoroke. Kokoroe Sousa, the recently-retired First Kazekage, has accompanied them to the candy factory where the 'Sugar Baby' has taken up residence, although he has expressed an intention to merely observe the mission if at all feasible. After all, it's hard to take useful notes on the behavior of the criminally insane if one is busy fighting them. ;) The manager of the factory is waiting outside for them. "Oh, thank goodness you've arrived. Nobody's been seriously hurt yet, but she's been eating through our stores at an incredible rate and demanding that our workers keep making more. Poor Tokoro-san was the first to open his mouth and disagree, and she banged his head against a vat so fast it sounded like a drumroll." c.c;

Appearing beside Kuoroke, Kaidan looks at the factory and then at the factory manager before letting out a sigh, "This is really an annoying one." He states as he rubs his hand over the back of his head, "I mean, she's like all of ten and yet she's really good at this." He looks to Kuoroke before looking forward, "You're gonna have to do the majority of the work here, ya know. I am not at all a non-lethal force type." He nods his head, "As a matter of fact, nothing I do has non-lethal in the title."

Kuoroke listens and considers. "Alright. We'll need a plan. Do you have any significant competitors in the area?" he inquires, taking off his cloak and handing it to Sousa. "Keep an eye on this." He turns towards the owner. "What does your workfloor, the general area where she is, look like? What kind of candy do you produce."

Sousa takes Kuoroke's cloak with a light chuckle. "Already I am relegated to menial tasks. I suppose I cannot complain, though." ;) The manager scratches his head. "Well, no, no competitors in the immediate area. We make mostly hard candies, a few varieties of gummies…no chocolates, for climate reasons. Let's see, I think I have a floorplan here somewhere…" While the manager is searching his pockets, a window up above on the factory wall swings outward and a girlish face pokes out. "Hey, all you meanie-heads, the candy's all mine! Go sit on a cactus!" >D The girl blows a raspberry at the ninja, then vanishes suddenly, leaving the window to fall closed with a clatter. Sousa scribbles on a notepad. "Exuberant confidence, some desire for attention, but very short attention span of her own," he murmurs.
The floor plan shows a fairly ordinary factory setup. The machines are laid out in parallel lines as much as possible, with conveyor belts bearing the products to a packing room and loading dock. There are also a few side rooms for offices, restrooms, break rooms, and the like, but on the whole it's pretty plain and blocky.

A hmm as he looks up, watching the girl before he wrinkles his nose, wiggling it a little. Kaidan's eyes go over the window as it slams shut before he looks over to Kuoroke and at the plans. He considers it all for a moment before he taps his chin, "When I was younger, I used to like candy a lot, too. I ate a considerable amount of it at one point and gave myself an incredible ache in my gut." He considers Kuoroke and then the thing below, "I wonder if this girl can reach that state." He shrugs and then looks at a blade coming out of his hand, "Or perhaps she would reach it faster if she ate the wrong candy." He looks to Kuoroke, "My poison doesn't just have to go into enemies, I can add it to other things.

"Right. Speed and mobility are only as useful as the footing they're on. I word comfortably on slick terrain - she doesn't, presumably. If not, we'll have to think on our feet. Kaidan, your job is to try and keep people out of dodge. Take a few hits if you have to, but be sure to be between her and anyone she goes for. I'll try to slow her down using this, this, and this vat. After that, we'll see. But first…" Kuoroke takes three scrolls out of his bag, and sets them up on the ground. "Nobody get near this point." He moves towards the entrance. "Let's go."

As the Suna nin open the door to step into the factory, Genki's first trick is…simply blitzing over and trying to slam it shut again in their faces. >D A childish and not very harmful move even if it works, but perhaps discouraging. At any rate, Genki doesn't have the key to lock it, and she knows her small frame won't be able to hold it closed, so she leaps away immediately and perches on top of one of the machines. "You ninja guys are no fun to have over and play! You always mess everything up! This is MY house, and I say you gotta leave, so there!" Sousa leans on the doorframe, jotting away. "Stuck in the 'morality as rules to be exploited' stage…though that's quite common for a child of her age, really."

Getting the door half slammed in his face, Kaidan is already pulling up his armor over his body. He looks at it and then at the man with him before looking to the girl who is making mocking statements and such at them. He shakes his head and then looks to Kuoroke, "Your show." He states and then he shrugs before he rolls a shoulder as he suddenly vanishes in a burst of speed to get to a spot opposite of the girl's spot now to try to make sure they can get her surrounded and of course to have more space to move himself should she attack someone who isnt' them.

Kuoroke pushes the door open again calmly. "Hi there!" He examines the situation, and then continues walking in. "You heard it! The little lady wants you out of her home. Everybody pack up and leave. Make sure to leave all the candy." A good display of why you don't try to abuse the rules when meeting a politician. Meanwhile, his tattoos light up - just in case. "Enjoying yourself, Genki?"

"NOOOOO! THEY gotta STAY!" DX Genki zips down to a worker who looked like he was starting to follow Kuoroke's directive. "You LIKE making candy for me, don'tcha?" >D The worker gulps and resumes cranking away at whatever his task is. c.c; Genki swipes some half-finished confections off the belt and tosses them into her mouth before zipping back up to her perch to face Kuoroke again. "You know exactly what I meant, you — hey, where's the other guy?" Apparently, despite Genki's attempt to use 'house rules' against the ninja, she didn't really expect them to just leave, especially if it was just one of them. Glancing around, she spots Kaidan on the other side of the factory…which, as it happens, puts him between her and the packing room. "HEY! GET AWAY FROM MY CANDIES!!!" Genki blinks down to where Kaidan is and commences tossing a blitz of tiny but incredibly swift punches and kicks at him. >.<

Blinking as he is suddenly under an assault, Kaidan puts his arm sup and lets her punches fly at his armor. His impressive armor can take a beating though as it is a part of him as much as it is hardened by naturally flowing chakra. He takes a step back under the assault though and then blinks as he looks at her, "Now now, kid! This is candy for all, not just for you and it seems you are reaching the point of needing to be punished."

Kuoroke watches Genki go to town on Kaidan and grins. Here's his chance: the girl is distracted. Grabbing a seal, the Kuroki charges forward, towards the girl. As he's just behind her, he activates the scroll, a dome of energy descending around the three of them almost instantly.

Ayup, armor's a pretty good response to an assault like that. Lots of low-power attacks, don't try to get fancy about responding, just put up a shield that can cover what needs to be defended and endure the hits. Of course, Genki isn't going to just stand there and whack the armor mindlessly — that hurts her knuckles! D: She looks for places that aren't particularly well-defended, like, say, his head. "NO! IT'S ALL MINE! THE GUY IN CHARGE SAID SO!" Under duress, no doubt. e.e
While Genki's busy pugilistically arguing with Kaidan, though, Kuoroke does indeed manage to enclose the three of them in an energy dome. Genki starts to exhibit signs of panic when she realizes the situation she's in. "NO! LEMME OUT YOU BIG DUMBHEADS! I'LL TELL MOMMY ON YOU!" she shrills. DX Genki starts literally bouncing off the walls of the energy dome, swinging her little fists of fury at both ninja with every blurring pass.
"ATTENTION!" The factory workers look away from the fight on hearing Sousa's authoritative exclamation. "Much as I empathize with your fascination for this spectacle, might I point out that this would be an opportune moment to evacuate the premises?" A few of the more verbally privileged workers galvanize and head for the door. "So sorry, that means, GET OUT!" The rest of the workers start moving. @.@

A look at the girl and then Kaidan's eyes go wide as he covers his head and starts to duck back and away from his tiny assaulter. Then KUoroke locks them both in with the little hellion and then Kaidan grumbles as he does his best to block the attacks. He looks at the various attacks, "Umm, wanna wait till she tires herself out?" He hmms and then winces as he ends up getting bopped on the head a couple times before he looks around and then at Kuoroke, "Unless you have a way to knock her out…"

Kuoroke produces a second scroll, holding it ready to bring up a new dome if the old one should fail, but for now focuses mainly on maintaining the barrier around them already. "I think I can outlast her." He promises, although he doesn't seem -too- confident: the girl's speed allows her to give the barrier quite a beating.

It takes Genki a little while to figure out her current tactic isn't working as well as she'd like. Usually people give in when she throws tantrums like this! D: She pauses for a moment to catch her breath. "You…you fatheads!" she pants. "Why are you being so mean to me!? Why…am I…" Genki totters unsteadily, then topples forward with a petulant little groan. u.u The next moment she's out cold on the floor. Yup, sugar crash. All it really took was separating her from her candy source for a bit and some over-exertion on her part.
"That went about as well as might be expected," Sousa remarks, walking up. "My commendations on your work, gentlemen. I was able to take thorough notes thanks to your competence." Sousa hands Kuoroke his cloak back, then binds the unconscious Genki and carries her out of the building. That oughta stave off most any scandal-hungry newspaper photographers, it's hard to spin a wizened monk carrying a peacefully-sleeping little girl into anything particularly vicious. ;)

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