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+where Apr 21 2013 Hibiki

Maybe it's just me, but I think it would be nice to have +where list by
Country (then Location) rather than however it lists it now. Just an
aesthetic detail, perhaps, but it seems like it might be nice.

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Stealth crit Apr 22 2013 Satomi

I was thinking on how to make stealth more viable. How does this sound:
in addition to being capeable of charging in stealth; make it so that the
first attack after stealth can be defended against, but ignores DR if it's
a succes. If no DR to ignore, the attack does 125% damage. As in a …
"suprise attack critical damage" OR add a "Critical attack" mod which
essentially does the same. If an attack has said mod, it hits for 125%
damage if a succes from a stealthed position.
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Rr: Stealth Crit Apr 22 2013 Fudo

Stealth can be done every round. New rules would have to be made just
for this to work. Secondly, it would be adding in more damage variables to
a game that already has crippling/near lethal ranges of damage after B
rank. Beyond that, multiple ways to by pass DR probably isn't a good idea
in the end. Finally, with stuns, there is little reason why this would
need to be just from stealth any how.
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Just a Thought Apr 27 2013 Hibiki

Just a thought: it would be nice to have a conversion feature where a
player could convert PP into XP if they so desired (though not vice versa;
I think PP show a mark of quality involvement with the game, which should
be considered unique: not tradeable with XP — but just my opinion).
Perhaps something like one PP for four XP (the equivalent of Prestige
Votes to XP when you submit a log)?
Anyway, as I said, just a thought.

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Collaboration moves Apr 27 2013 Satomi

So the lack of actuall team effort and standard pairups like you would
find in the anime/manga got me thinking. While due to timetables it's
understandable that it's not always exactly perfect or ideal, the system
currently also doesn't reward doing things together. Hence, collaboration
jutsus! They were introduced early in the anime. The oil + fire jutsu by
Jirayah an the toad-king-person-thingy.

How does it work? A collaboration is a combination of any given
combination of six attacks, three from one person, three from a second
person. The costs, amount to the total of the three moves one person does
+20% of the total stamina cost. Since it takes extra effort to coordinate.
The attack in the mix will have to be of the same rank. All E ranks, all D
ranks ect. You activate it by both hitting one person with the same
collaboration attack. The collaboration attack rolls on the most dominant
rollers in the combination. And on what makes sense. The roll is 2 ranks
higher than the actual jutsu's. So D-ranks roll B on hit. The damage is
the total of six rolls (each seperate attack) plus the average of the
total of the six rolls (say the total is 1500 damage, the bonus damage is

Now I know this is coding. BUT it promotes working together, building

The cost for buying this jutsu is the same as a regular jutsu would
cost. The rank cost would be the rank of the hit roller. (So a D-rank
collaboration costs what one B-rank jutsu costs in terms of experience)
However, the cost is split over 2 people.

This can also be applied to collaboration defenses. Which should defend
against 3 attacks with the same roll value) How to work this out exactly
codewise I'll leave to our magnificent coders.

Again what does this bring: Potentials to work together, AWESOME jutsu
combinations! Realism (since it brings us closer to the manga) … a new
combat mechanic which in my opinion isn't rediciolously overpowered, since
it also carries its risks. And yes, an uber-awesome S-rankc collaboration
would mean you'd need an S-rank collaboration defense or you're screwed!
But that only makes things more interesting! It means making teams will be
essential at some point! Especially if you're facing people who did manage
to make working teams! Or .. partnerships at least (like Itachi and

VERY curious to hear what you guys think!

Application; Regular template. However, it must link to a log which shows
you and your partner actually training/practicing this combination. Or at
least discuss it!

Example: Fire-oil collaboration
Users: Jiraya and toad king
Roll: Int + nin, seal + sta
Rank: D (roll: B)
Consists of: Jiraya: Fireball Jutsu (x3)
Toad king: Oil-puke (x3) (NOTE: Can by any given combination of moves)
Description: Toad king pukes oil and stuff and the other guys sets them
on fire …

Okay, now… I hope that gives a clear idea of what I'm suggesting.
REALLY keen on getting your opinions! :D
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Collaboration Jutsu Apr 29 2013 Valkyrie

I'll make sure that the staff gives a good discussion of collaboration
jutsu. The code to create them already exists - in NRM 1, when pet users
had a seperate character bit for their pets, code was created to allow pet
users and their pets to perform combination attacks of just the type that
you're talking about. Some teams even applied for combination attacks
among their members.

In NRM 2, we'd need to look at a proper balance for combination attacks,
and at what rank such an attack mod would come into play. And, of course,
we'd need to do testing to make sure that the old code still worked in the
new system - though, it should.

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Time Space Jutsu Apr 29 2013 Fudo

Let us start with a general definition of what TIme/Space jutsu entails
so that there is a frame of reference to work within while considering
this. I prepose that Time/Space jutsu means the manipulation of spacial
relativity as well as the occurance of when something occurs to the degree
of the immediate circumstances within human perception. By this
definition, we can contrive a few limitations to place upon jutsu of this
sort already. These limitations, loosely, would be that if it cannot be
fully understood or comprehended or experienced by the user, then it
cannot be done. So something like traveling through time to the past or
future would be out of scope simply because there is nothing calculating
all the variables for you to make sure it is correct (such as a time
machine). It also means that transporting oneself or something else is not
simply willing, but must be planned and understood. The 4th Hokage is a
great example, but even the limitations that Obito has (Even if he down
plays them) are a great example. Even obito was not simply able to be
where ever he wanted when ever he wanted, or he wouldn't have had to
search for people or places.
However, within the immediate area and within a limited time frame of
something occuring, there is the possibility of manipulating the flow of
time. This would mean that it may be possible to return someone to a place
they were before they attacked you as they attack, in order to "evade"
them by causing them to "miss" due to their action taking place in a
different time, but in the same space. On the other hand, you could also
simply displace them withi nthe same time frame and do something very
similar except for the fact that awareness of the circumstances changes in
that regard. The primary point being made here, is that there needs to be
an understandable limit based on the perceptions and limitations of the
human mind when it comes to space/time relativity in order to control what
is possible. Other wise you get situations such as killing people before
they are born. So let's make some presumptions of rules for Time first:

1. The user of a Time jutsu cannot travel to a time they have already
existed, nor a time they do not exist. This prevents all forms of time
travel for the user themselves from occuring.
2. The victom of Time manipulation can only be manipulated within an
easily precievable time period that occured no more than moments before.
The reason for this is that the clarity of their being out of synch with
time has to be precise or it simply will not work. So while a brief
encounter with someone could be erased from their short term memory by it
"never having happened", a life time of experience cannot be expunged, nor
can hours of interrogation go entirely unnoticed.
3. Within combat, time manipulation is based on immediate instances that
can be recalled or forseen. This would mean that momentary slowing,
acceleration, or displacement can be achieved within the effected area,
but it is limited by, ironically, time itself. It could be written off as
a universal constant has to be maintained and time has to essentially be
linear, even if there are bumps every now and then. Or it could simply be
that the recall or presumed effect has to be 100% accurate or it fails.

Space is easier to concieve. Moving objects or people from one place to
another in a teleportation type manner is simply conceptually an easier
thing to wrap ones head around. Naruto itself adds in pocket dimentions,
and that's where it gets sort of crazy and easily over powered. From
eternal imprisonment to ceasing to exist in our colelctive reality, easily
able to get out of control when pocket dimentions effect mortal beings.
Scroll summoning items is easily arguable as a form of this, but once
again, inanimate versus living are entirely different issues. So some
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Time Space Jutsu 2 Apr 29 2013 Fudo

1. Space being manipulated has to be immediate. Moving from one place to
another, yourself or others, objects, what ever, has to be done within the
time it takes to do the jutsu.
2. Things that are moved, have to be able to be entirely accounted for.
This means that moving something like a house would be very hard without
memorising all of it's dimentions and everything in it.
3. Partial displacement has to become impossible, or you end up with one
hit kill possibilities and hard to explain damage in RP circumstances for
those who want to have the possibility of being whole at the end of a
fight with a Space/Time jutsuist.
4. The relocation of something in space requires direct knowledge of
where it is going, and i'd even go so far as to say direct line of sight
beyond /specific/ detailed knowledge of where it is going (So if you know
there is a room that has 2 foot thick walls and is other wise empty, you
could transport a person or object in to that room. But not if you are not
aware of everything in the room and the entirety of the dimentions, so
this gets very hard and specific very quickly). Or, the relocation of
something or someone requires an anchor (4th Hokage) that is linked to the
jutsu's usage. The person can use these anchors as well as they can keep
track of them essentially, but they have to be there and prepared prior.
This makes it so you cannot teleport someone to another country on a whim.

Now, ground rules are assumedly in palce to allow for suggestions and
such. There is one final piece that i'd like to toss in here that needs to
be handled. "How is this jutsu able to be counter acted?". We do not want
to have another damage type to deal with, nor do we want ot to be
something that you cannot defeat because it is entirely intangible or
entirely undetectable. You also don't want to make it only detectable by a
few, or you create leargely the same problem, just for less of the
population. My suggestion here is that it use the rules (or some others)
that governs Time/Space jutsu as a whole, and then we account for the
combat system. At the end of the day, the rolls determine success or
failure. The only thing that changes that, is a damage type that is not
defensible. I would suggest we just stick with chakra, which in many cases
is. There are some common sense things here about what can defend against
these jutsu and what cannot. For instance, an earth wall can possibly
defend against them jsut fine, due to the established rules about complete
knowledge of what is being manipulated. Lack of line of sight makes this
hard. However, simply being tough does nothing RP wise to defend against
this sort of thing. It can be argued that using chakra to toughen you
changes you enough to be "unaccounted for", but not just being physically
tough or having armor or what have you.
The second part of this is of course evasion. The simplest way to fix
this, is essentially just going with canon. Disrupting space time has a
visual effect. Fast enough reaction can get you out of the way of the
effect before it is completed. I think this covers attacks and defenses
with Time/Space pretty well. Speed is the key, in acquiring the target,
deciding where or what to do with them, and taking in all other factors to
make it happen while using the jutsu. You have to be able to keep up with
the ability of your own jutsu, or it will fail.
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Plot-twist: sparking up interactio May 04 2013 Satomi

Been doing some writing and came up with a cool plot twist. It
originated from discussions about time/space jutsu. While that's still
under staff debate lets leave it out and instead call it style X.

Story: There once was a famous ninja, who at his deathbed told his sons
of developing a jutsu so powerful that it would lead their clan to glory.
He .. however, passed before he could tell his children of its location.
It was since then assumed a folklore legend. Mere speculation.

Untill recently. The land of rice experienced a coup de etate over
night! Seperatists have broken into the daimyo's palace and slaughtered
him and his family, declaring it the people's republic of rice. However,
soon dissidence started between seperatists who believed a different
political system would be wiser. And the land was split in two. The larger
eastern manor, and the smaller western manor. Each with large, mostly
mercanry armies. Because rice is such a precious commodity and used to
feed Shinobi in all five countries these changed are followed closely.
Both sides refuse to trade these precious resources with any country
unless they declare allegiance with them. So the villages and countries
will need to choose a side. East or west? And potentially aid in the

To add insult to injury, the eastern manor have their main base in an
old fort built during the great war. And inside that fort they found a
sealed off room with some strange jutsu that killed anyone trying to get
in. There is a tombstone there, with the name of the legendary ninja,
who's legendary jutsu… his legacy, was thought to have been lost or
merely a folklore legend.

The eastern manor refuses to let anyone close to it, and are holding
the room hostage with explosives. However, they promise that whatever
ninja village aids them in their war with the western manor will receive
free acces into the sealed room and exclusive rights to the spoils found
inside. If time/space jutsu will get approved, it could be just that! But
it could be any style or simply money or … something arbitrary which
makes everyone facepalm.

The western manor however soon hear of this ploy and make the same
promise to the Shinobi villages. Help us defeat the east, and you will get
exclusive acces to the jutsu once their fortress has been taken.

Why this plot-twist? It has several reasons. One of the main reason is,
it'll spark some action between Shinobi villages. It means they'll be
forced to be diplomatic. Kage's will need to be online to coordinate their
village which might be unwillingly dragged into war. Even if they have no
interest in this jutsu (which I doubt is the case, it might be some
destroying ultimate jutsu you don't want your enemies to have!) They would
still need the rice trade from these countries. And still they would need
to declare their allegiance. And that might drag them into war. If their
side is losing, the new regime might refuse to trade with the ninja
village once the war is over. Additionally it helps create our own
history. Fleshes out the shinobi worlds. Creates epic stories and lots of
plot hooks for everyone from everywhere to be involved. And even if it
turns out non-violent. Ofcourse people will be distrustful, spying and
counter spying! Within villages clans will bicker over who will receive
the jutsu and what to do with it. Ofcourse the Uchiha must receive it
because they know what to do best. What? No… the Senju are famed for
their talents. We will take the jutsu! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE… clan heads,
get your ass online because your clan needs you!

This is an incentive to give FC's that political jumpstart they need to
get the villages out of this rut they seem to be stuck in! Looking
foreward to hearing your opinions. Especially plot staff.

As always, kind regards - Satomi
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Upper-tier stat thought May 05 2013 Ogosokamaru

Just as a musing, that should one wish to take a stat above 10, that
would reduce the available stat cap to 80-X=N. X being the amount of stat
points one has in any stat (all added together) ABOVE 10, and N being the
maximum allowed stats for that character.

Now, I understand this could be metagaming or powergaming in some lights.
Others, it reduces one's ability to max out all stats, or heck, could even
reduce the max stat cap by 2, 5, however many proportionate to the
over-achievement of one's stats.
Not to say that stats are everything. Heck, they aren't. Fun is
everything. Just thinking, 'one cannot be a master of two lifelong
pursuits'. In any case, I merely muse this. Please read disclaimers herein
before 'oh you just want to overpower people with taijutsu.'
Please note, weaknesses do abound, and every giant must fall very hard
sooner or later. Not tooting a horn. Just stating no matter how powerful,
others can always band together and banish even the toughest from
I digest. (Yes, I know digress is the word, but fun is the name of the
game and pun is my outlet that i'm plugged in to.)
So, possibility of anyone ever exceeding 10? Probably not. Severe
backlash if anyone ever could? Oh I would sure hope so. Evenness within
diversity. Anyway, have a nice day, food for thought. :)
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RE: 10 Cap May 05 2013 Nori

The only suggestion I'd make is that if the MUSH decided to go over 10 for
the stat cap, that a Fourth Tier be made for it and that in order to go
over 10, 5 (or 3) other stats already had to be at 10 to begin with. Then,
adding Ogo's idea of for every 1 stat point over 10, you lose 1 (or 3)
stat points for maxing out would still hold from there.
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10 Cap May 05 2013 Ai

I think it should be a little bit more simple. If you have a stat merit in
CG you should be able to increase that stat to 11. If you have a flaw you
shouldn't be able to increase it more than 9. This would make merits long
lasting and not just something you pick up to bump your stats early on.
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Re 10 cap - Ai May 05 2013 Satomi

How about clan stat bonusses? Do they also carry above ten? I'm just
saying that this would create a balancing friction that's hard to balance
in general.
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Re: 10 Cap - Satomi May 05 2013 Ai

Yes, Clan Stats would also allow this. However, if the individual's clan
(for example) Has a + Tai Stat and they also picked up the individual
merit in CG it would still be a cap of 11 rather than 12. This will make
so non-claned people still have a chance.
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Stat Cap May 05 2013 Fudo

On Odo's first point. Worst case scenario… you'd end up with
characters that have 14 in 4 main stats and 6's in 4 secondary stats.
Specifically on the Taijutsu side, this mean they have the most health,
the most stamina/chakra, and the potential for the highest roll range for
both hit and damage in the game (i'm talking beyond the 8th gates as
things currently stand) with an S rank that has +4's to those main stats.
They would be godly compared to everyone else, and just about every other
build, simply because of how reasources work and because of how transes
assist that and rollers work. Nothing else would compare. If you added the
gates to that, i think you might even have about 20's in stats, and if you
added the 8th gate and died, you'd break 20. And this is assuming you keep
those 10+'s even and don't max out the bare necessities for what ever.
Like stamina stacking, or tri stating. In a Tri stat scenario, you could
achieve 15 in three stats and still have some left over, and then get 20
out of an S rank that isn't the gates.

That stated, the idea of having a +1 or -1 from CG is actually not a bad
idea and it does mean that there are positive and negative consequences
added on to the CG process. So those min maxing in CG have to consider
this or it will have effects in the end. Right now, the effects are only
related to CG. When that is over, it is completely fixed (no deficiet) or
it doesn't hold an advantage (no addative effect). So, i do think this
idea is something worth considering for long term CG choices. And even if
you "mess up" it isn't a huge disadvantage or advantage to someone else,
but it does actually make them merits and flaws instead of just stat
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Re: Stats May 05 2013 Ogosokamaru

To All. I appreciate your input on the +bboard 10 discussion. I see with
what you are saying, Fudo, about the min-maxxing to extremeties, and did
not mean to make that any intention of my own, or anyone elses for that
matter though I didn't clarify it. I as well agree with the merits/flaws
idea. It would be like the weapon master merit in 1.0, where the ones who
took it could get a starter weapon (congruent here to the +1 for a stat)
and had exclusive access to s-ranked weaponry, where anyone who didn't
could only acquire up to I believe A-ranked weaponry (but the idea is
still there for stats in the same manner, those without the merit cannot
go the step above and beyone). In both cases, the ones with the
merits/flaws will be waiting a good long while (like you said in many
cases years or so) to even see end-game results of that merit or flaw take

Also, I understand the weapon master merit was just to -get- to the
highest possible rank. And in this case we are talking about popping the
top (whether against or for it) of stat caps. But:

Stats may be brought to a level above ten if that character has a merit
from chargen adding bonuses to that particular stat. Maximum +1, and flaws
removing stats in chargen will only ever be able to be raised to 9,
maximum of -1 total from original stat cap. They don't stack, and clan
bonuses count.

Also, I would like to say that someone going for just a bunch of stat
increases so they can have 4 11s, 3 10s and 1 9 at endgame does become
rediculous, but anyone with that kind of character mindset would probably
be weeded out for one reason or another along their journey, or hopefully
learn better by the time they get there.
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Re: Stat Cap May 05 2013 Fudo

Based on some very good discussion, there are a couple of things that
need to be addrssed about how it could possibly be achieved. Due to how
the points are distributed in CG, merits being worth more than flaws,
perhaps this should be changed? In this case, you will in fact have a
penalty for a flaw, and a bonus for a merit. But before considering
changing that, there are still the non stat based merits and flaws and
their costs. This makes it so that "re CGing", whether that occurs in CG
or not, will be difficult. The math gets a little funky by itself, is the
reason. So… there may have to be some temporary, one time way to XP or
PP pay in to redistribution of CG.
When I say this, I mean to make up a "few" extra hanging points of CG
that are not able to be easily converted without taking a whole new flaw
for 2 or 3 points to get that one merit. I am not suggesting people be
able to psot CG buy all merits and no flaws no matter how much XP or PP
they have stored up, just to smooth it out due to the way the points
currently are.
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Stat Cap May 06 2013 Shoki

Just a heads up, staff did discuss this at our last staff meeting. This is
not the first time it has been suggested to raise the stat cap. Tier 4 was
suggested over two years ago the first time, and things like this have
been bounced around. It is pretty clear that adding another entire tier is
not going to happen. However some very interesting ideas have been put out
there about flaws and merits and changing the max stat to 9 or 11 based on
this. Right now the question is should clan bonuses apply to this as well,
or should it just be merit and flaw stat modifiers?

No clan has a negative stat modifier, only positive. Some clans have no
stat modifiers at all, and that might make them feel weaker. Some clans
have +1 in three stats! I'm looking at you Senju! The issue is if we
include clan bonuses it makes clans even more powerful in a system where
it appears we have already given clans a sizeable boost in discounts for
taking the clan for their bonuses, where as if we don't include clan
bonuses we potentially give clanless people more of a boost and decrease
the clan-bonus usefulness. This is currently under consideration and staff
will be doing some theory/number crafting over the next week about this.

The reason I am posting this here is I would be interested in how players
feel about this. Would players be more inclined to include stat bonuses of
a clan to raise the cap to 11? Or would they find that excessive?

I can tell you in my mind the clan bonuses represent not inherent boosts
of the individual but how the clan trains you when you are young. And so
not really something that should logically increase your max potential
logically. Yet on the other hand I don't want to make clans seem weaker
than to be clanless so I'm on the line on this one. That's why I'm doing
theory crafting on it. But… I am open to suggestions and comments from
players as are most staff on this issue I think.

So if anyone has a persuasive case to make on the issue please post it.
That said, do not let this devolve into an argument about it and please
don't push for one just because most of your characters are
clanned/clanless. Look at the big picture, not just your characters!

Many thanks, from Shoki
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Re: Stat Cap May 06 2013 Daisuke

The cost of clans at CG has the stat cost included in the clan itself.
Even if you point out the Senju clan as having 3 stats, the stats are
completely unrelated to one another and only a true generalist that can
flesh out 3 full styles and raise 3 styles worth of stats would ever see
such a minor bonus to them. In order to implement this change you will
have to include the clans or else, as you even stated, clanless will
become completely overwhelmingly stronger in the end, which in a Naruto
world, makes no sense whatsoever.
And because of this, and the need to have balance by including the clan
boosts, this will also include the clans with +2 of one stat. The only way
not to include this boost of +2 is to give the clans with +2 a choice of
another stat to raise to 11, but it will still need to be done. You didn't
mention the redistribution of merits/flaws in your post so I can only
assume that you didn't like that part, but with such a massive change to
the importance of those merits, there is really no fair way not to give
them the chance to re-juggle their merits and flaws.
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Re: Stat Cap May 06 2013 Atsuro

Speaking as someone who's got 10 in most of his stats (and all stats that
are important for my styles), I would absolutely love a way to keep
developing my character's abilities. Having said that, I'm completely
against anything that would ever allow a stat to go past 10 without a
transformation. I'll admit that part of this is simply inclination, but I
do have several concerns which no possible take on these ideas can
address, in my opinion.

First, we already have something of an 'old player is king' thing going on
here. Back in the first days of NMR 2.0, I think one of staff's reasons
for changing the combat system was to make it so that powerful characters
were still somewhat vulnerable, ie. a chuunin could go up against a jounin
and at least not get totally crushed. I don't know if that's the current
opinion of staff, but it's something we should aim for. I won't talk about
my reasoning on this because that's a whole other discussion, but I don't
think we've achieved it in the current system and letting people go past
the limit will just exacerbate the problem. The people who will benefit
the most from the new limit are the ones who can reach it as quickly as
possible, and those people are already the most powerful.

Second, I think the potential for this to become a treadmill is huge. Will
the people calling for a new limit reach this new limit and be content, or
will they start asking for some other way to keep going? I won't try to
answer that, but we need to be futuring this idea somewhat.

Last, the concept just doesn't work. As far as I can tell, ten was
originally conceived as the absolute peak of human ability, with
transforms being the only way to exceed that. Okay, so we redefine the
limit. So now I can reach the new peak, but only if I buy a merit and put
a line in my BG about how Atsuro put in a lot of time at the dojo when he
was nine. And more importantly, nobody can ever catch up to him unless
they come from the right clan or /also/ put in a lot of time at the dojo
prior to whatever point they leave CG at. Even if I roleplay Atsuro as
being lazy and never training and the other person does nothing but
practice. Even if Atsuro put in his time at the dojo for two months when
he was 17 and was created at 18, and the other 18 year old character has
been doing nothing but train for the past three years which were actually
RPed out.
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Message: 10/21 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Caps and Engame May 06 2013 Valkyrie

I can understand the desire of people who are reaching the top of their
abilities - 10s in their stats and S rank jutsu - to still have paths for
their characters to grow, and not be faced with having to become a
generalist for the only path of being able to spend their points. However,
I don't think allowing stats to be raised above 10 is the way to go about
doing it. I do welcome ideas for other potential things that might be
offered as 'end game' abilities, though.
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Message: 10/22 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Stat Cap May 06 2013 Fudo

Speaking as someone who has had 10's, 2's, 7's, 5's, and everything else
multiple times, The stats do need to be accounted for and charted
potentially as far as how they will change the roll system to see if it
will truly make the highest level completely out of whack with the mid
level and up. However, that one stat difference generally won't do too
much harm in that regard, and I will note it is not about the end, it is
about the begining that this whole idea works. It is choices in CG
mattering beyond the very first week or two of a characters life. Because
right now, they simply do not. Min maxing gives an early advantage that
helps get to max quicker for often times literally no draw backs. Choosing
to be conservative has absolutely no benefit ever. And …. well i guess
if you put yourself more negative than positive in CG, then you start as a
minor disadvantage that once again in the end, doesn't matter. The benefit
who will benefit the most from this, are those who think about how there
character is before they hit the grid and what they will become in the end
(in general). This change has nothing to do with how fast you grow, nor if
you are pwoerful already really other than you are closer to it.
Thinking that changing the CG to actually have a purpose beyond the
first week of play is going to become a treadmill is an interesting
perspective. This is not some arbitrary addative to the end game. It is
about the core of the creation of your character and the choices you made
then. It isn't just a "let's allow people to have more (or less) stats
because we are tired of having low stats. It is an idea for clan
balancing, and character balancing that benefits non clanned as well as
clanned characters depending on which ones they are (some more than
others). It is another way of incentivising the choices you make upon
creation. It does effect the future, but only in relation to the past.
Merits and flaws aren't suppossed to be about "I trained hard when I was
3 years old, so now that i'm 6 and a student, i have more pow and spd than
others". Merits and flaws are suppossed to represent natural inclinations
and talents such as "I'm 7'0" tall and 300 lbs… i tend to be stronger
than other people, and i also endure quite well." It isn't suppossed to be
training. No matter how much you train, you won't be 7'0" unless your
character is. YOu /might/ not even bee a muscular person, no matter how
hard you train, or even if you are, not as naturally so as Tallie over
there. You also may not be someone who ignores pain well or has the
mentality to drive forward no matter what (Not everyone can be Rock Lee
just because they train hard. It was his Merits that alowed that, and his
Flaws being in ninjutsu and genjutsu).
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Message: 10/23 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Stat Cap May 06 2013 Satomi

I defend my title of most frequent poster

Anyways, Fudo, the same can be achieved by limiting total earnable stat
points to 72. Everyone will be better at a certain something in the end.
Just up a tier in the end so the xp costs are the same and hence
progression stays the same! :)
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Message: 10/24 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Stealth attack May 06 2013 Satomi

You are stealthed, attack tricky or powerful?

Simple suggestion. Add a 'stealthed' status to +order. If someone's
stealthed their first attack from stealth can always be defended against.
But it can be modded. The player can choose tricky or powerful (or
normal). Tricky means rp'ly the stealth is used to improve hit chance
(suprise) … powerful means stealth was used to prepare a stronger attack
(or an unseen attack hits harder) and normal .. is just normal. I think
this would add a cool spicy demanic to stealth (and use) without making it
overpowered. Since people can still defend against it! It would simply be
+attack physical=Kefka … syntax: Do you wish normal, tricky or powerful?

Powerful - Satomi attacks Kefka with a powerful physical from stealth!

Let me know what you guys think ^.^
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Message: 10/25 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Mission Log May 08 2013 Nori

I love running missions. The only draw-back I see right now is that my
missions don't really have an effect on the rest of the village
(especially when others should probably be reacting to them too). So what
exactly is my point?

My point is that there should be a Mission Log database where we place
short summaries of the missions. That way others can inquire about a
mission someone else ran, maybe work other ideas off it, or just know what
we should be reacting to. I know we have the wiki and bb's…but a
missions office would be good.
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Message: 10/26 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Combat Copy Jutsu May 09 2013 Fudo

First, i'd like to give credit to Shirayuki on Bleach for giving me the
idea as to how this could possible work here.

Now, we have always had an issue with mid combat copying of Sharingan.
How to make it fair, how to make it not bloat the combat system, etc. The
proposal is sort of a compromise that won't add a lot of bloat, and most
certainly will not be heavily advantacious to the Uchiha even though it is
exclusive to them while requiring no coding, but possibly a bit large
scale minor skill revision (Which sort of needs to be done any way
considering lingering damage types from mods that no longer exist)

The idea is basically this, a new damage type called "Copy". Has no
benefits, and /all/ jutsu can defend against it. This does mean that
people will have to pay attention as to whether they are getting
genjtusu'd or not but over all it shouldn't have any other mechanics
versus RP hiccups. Now, this is applied to all of the copy jutsu when they
are created. The only exception would be defenses, which we will just have
to say are versatile. Copy Jutsu will not have mods. So while they ICly do
the same things, they OOCly are going to be generally inferior. This is
for balance. Yes you can copy anything in combat, but you cannot perfect
it the same time. Perfecting it, is actually purchasing it. The buy in for
these and progression I personally think should go something like this:

Sharingan I: (yes it would have to be allowed to copy first) Tai + Int E
Rank Attack and Defense, D Rank Attack and Defense

Sharingan II: Tai + Int C/B rank Attack and Defense, Nin + Int E/D/C Rank
Attack and Defense

Sharingan III: Tai + Int A rank Attack and Defense, Nin + Int B/A rank
Attack and Defense, Gen + Int D/C/B rank Attack and Defense

Sharingan Specialization: Tai + Int S rank Attack and Defense, Nin + Int
S rank Attack and Defense, Gen + Int A/S Rank Attack and Defense.

Alternatively, the cap (because i can see where being able to on the fly
copy A and S rank Jutsu may get over powered, possibly, even without mods)
could be B rank instead of S rank. However, i suggest looking at that
alternative after calculating modless A and S rank effectiveness. I also
suggest if possible that all elements and combination have an edge over
copied jutsu, but it having no advantage or disadvantage may be enough.
For those counting, this would be a total of (E - S) 34 jutsu that cover
all possibility of all copyable things at all ranks. If it is reduced down
to B Rank for mid battle copy, the total becomes 24 instead. So there will
be quite a few in either case. The only other solution i have for this, is
to make them all based off of Nin + Int, as a function of using the
Sharingan more so than using the skills of the jutsu itself. This goes
against canon, and is a bit unbalanced due to stat focusing, but it wuld
minimize bloat to either 12 (E-S) or 8 (E-B).
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Message: 10/27 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Mission Log May 09 2013 Nunchuk

There's actually a fairly simple solution to this problem, Nori: post
your mission summaries on your Village's board (+bbread 16 for
Konohagakure). I know you mentioned the boards in your post, but this is
pretty much exactly what they're for: to keep other Villagers up to date
as to what's happening in a particular Village.

In fact, if I may make the suggestion to all that they more regularly
post their mission summaries on the boards, it would greatly improve the
scope and possibility of Village interactions.

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Message: 10/28 (timeout warning) Posted Author
+finger mail May 09 2013 Taiki

Just a thought… the unread mail attribute appears to be broken. When I
+finger people with unread mail, all I get is "Mail: PERMISSION Unread —
#-1 ARGUMENTS MUST BE NUMBERS". Might want to look into fixing that…
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Message: 10/29 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: +finger mail May 09 2013 Satomi

They're aware. They broke it to solve a security issue and Valk is working
on a fix.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/30 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: +finger mail May 09 2013 Kefka

This is something code staff is already looking at. Thanks for the heads
up, though.
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Message: 10/31 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Genjutsu nerf/buff May 10 2013 Satomi

So in the light of recent discussions. I just came up with something.

Isn't it possible to make the stamina drain rollable instead of a set
amount? That would be considered a nerf. Even if the max gets put above
what's currently drainable. However!!!

In addition to this change, make it so a self inflict matches 50% of
the damage that would have been done in the gen. With potent genjutsu
being an exception. Meaning that if I would drain 500 stamina, a self
inflict would do 250 damage if succesful, and 100 if not. RP'ly this would
be correct since, the stronger the gen, the more pain is neccasery to snap
out. Self inflict II would mean you only receive 25% of the 'would be
drain' in damage.

This means that there's a significant drawback to constantly spamming
self-inflict on yourself to snap out of genjutsu's. Since the 100 damage
currently is nothing but a nuisance. I don't know how the high number
would end up. But feel free to tweak ranges so that it's not overpowered.

Or even cap self inflict at 500 damage. Whichever solution is came up
with, it might be interesting to look at to give genjutsu that slight
push, in cohesion with making chakra drain and limited DR available. And I
think you have drawn genjutsu effectively up to where it's supposed to be.
Again, I don't know the exact numbers so feel free to tweak so it's not

Note: Not a rant nor complaint, just idle brainstorm.
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Message: 10/32 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Genjutsu accuracy May 12 2013 Satomi


Before I can make this suggestion it's important to realize why it's
made. After hearing the balancing philosophy of the skill staff I got to
thinking about things. And first and foremost. I realized things are
pretty balanced. Some disciplines are more diversely applicable than
others (such as ninjutsu). But the explenation was that ninjutsu was also
diverse in cannon and hence staff tries to find that sweet spot between
cannon and balance.

Having said that, I took a good look at the anime and manga. Especially
in early episodes, being struck by a genjutsu required two steps to defend
against it. Step 1: Recognice it's a genjutsu. Step 2: Dispell the
genjutsu. In our currently balance, step one is omitted, which causes for
a very odd (and in my opinion, boring) application of genjutsu. Before I
continue I would like to proof my claim. In the following screenshots you
can see Naruto during the chuunin exams, where Kabuto cast a mass sleep
genjutsu. The leaf jounin all recogniced it and used kai. But the genin
had no clue what was going on. And were all knocked out, yes … even the
amazingly powerful Naruto. Sakura however is naturally good at genjutsu,
and hence recogniced it and dispelled it.

However, if the ninja could recognice the genjutsu, it could be

Okay, so we have established that there's 2 steps to getting rid of
genjutsu. One of which is knowledge of genjutsu! (with us, represented by
the genjutsu stat). Intelligence isn't neccarily knowledge of genjutsu.
Next to Naruto lies Shikamaru, who just as easily was knocked out. I don't
want to suggest something that makes it harder to defend againt genjutsu.
Nor do I want to suggest any code additions. Instead, a set of rules and
acknowledged understanding of genjutsu (added to then news files) that
allow combat to be closer to cannon.

Issue 1) Self inflict does not roll on genjutsu. Hence, how does the
taijutsu-ist perceive they are struck by one?

Issue 2) Self inflict always damages, even on a fail. Which automatically
assumed knowledge of the genjutsu. While if self inflict has to be used,
one can assume that the taijutsu-ist has a low genjutsu stat. This results
in mild powerposing (subconcsious)… an example I had recently was
hitting 'serious wounds' on someone, and roleplaying cutting their finger
off during a spar. The reaction was 'meh it's a genjutsu' while the
defense failed. Instead of: OMG WTF ITS A SPAR YOU A**HOLE!

3) The perception can - always - be assumed, even on failed genjutsu
defenses. There's no rule against it. While in the world of ninja where
people puke fireballs and shit laserbeams, most currently existing gen
isn't that much 'out there' to immediatly recognice it's a genjutsu.

Solution to 1) This is a two part solution. And both work seperatly.
But not together. However, the second solution is FAR better. Solution 1,
make self inflict roll on gen+something. Which means that the ability of
being able to perceive the genjutsu is automatically included in the roll.
Since, if you don't know it's a genjutus, why in the world would you stab
yourself!? This however also means that a rule needs to be included that
unless the defense is a succes, the defender DOES NOT KNOW they are stuck
in a genjutsu. So 3 failed defenses means everything is REAL to the
defender, unless rp'ly it makes sense to know it's a genjutsu.

This however is not ideal, since self inflict always damages. More ideal
would be a rule that the genjutsu must first be perceived. This again
consists out of two parts. Part one is forcing a +rpdefend genjutsu
perception at the start of a defense round. Before the defenses. If the
perception roll is higher than any of a particular genjutsu then the
genjutsu is 'perceived' and the use of 'self inflict' unlocked. Which
means that for defenses, if the genjutsu is perceived
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Message: 10/33 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Genjutsu accuracy P.2 May 12 2013 Satomi


(aka, the lowest genjutsu roll is beaten by the genjutsu perception
roll) the defender may use self inflict. Part two is for genjutsuists
themselves. Changing genjutsu perception its description to 'perceiving a
genjutsu, and using kai if it's a succes' This means that genjutsu-ists
the opponent before they can defend against the genjutsu. But afterwards
they can use genjutsu perception as a coded defense (taijutsu-ists could
also) (+defend) against all genjutsu attack rolls. And simply roleplay it
as using 'kai' if a genjutsu is perceived for each genjutsu seperately. If
the defense roll the kai wasn't a succes and the chakra not dispelled.

Now I know this was a lot of text so this warrents an example:
Genjutsu-ist 1 vs taijutsuist 1

Genjutsu-ist attacks with hell viewing technique 15
Genjutsu-ist attacks with hell viewing technique 20
Genjutsu-ist attacks with hell viewing technique 25

Taijutsu-ist RPdefends with genjutsu perception 21
Taijutsuist defends against hell viewing technique with self inflict 15
Taijutsuist defends against hell viewing technique with self inflict 16
Taijutsuist defends against hell viewing technique with self inflict 21

Everything is the same, you just force a perception roll before self
inflict. Which means you can keep tai + stam as rollers on that defense.
This also means you can make ninjutsu defenses rolling on nin + int or
nin+seal. Since it would be based on the same system. Under this same
solution I recommend removing genjutsu kai as a defense (it's outdated
anyways) and instead call it 'genjutsu perception II' and III … to get
these skills you DON"T need other genjutsu. You can simply get perception
I and then II and then III under normal xp costs without skill
requirements other than the former. Yes it means people need to invest
some, and with a low gen stat you'll be just as screwed as Naruto and
Jiraya were against genjutsu. But that's a decision you made for your

Solution to issue 2) This is automatically solved by my perception then
defend solution 1. Since you would only self inflict if you perceived a
genjutsu. And hence stabbing yourself makes sense and can be roleplayed.
Even if the defense fails (if you roll lower, just RP the pain wasn't
enough to snap you out…) But the damage is roleplayed and MAKES SENSE!

Solution 3) A rule needs to be added which states that unless it makes
RP sense to know it's a genjutsu, or the gen is specifically perceived.
That the defender doesn't know they're in a genjutsu and they have to
roleplay accordingly. Aka, getting your finger cut off HURTS!

As a final note. This is working completely on the currently
established system. Gen defenses don't get changed. It just drags the
combat miles closer to cannon while not making genjutsu much stronger.
Especially since getting a B rank defense in gen is a 16xp investment and
that can be used to perceive most genjutsu. Even with a low gen stat.
Nothing really changed, it only makes more sense. And it's completely
according to the balancing philosophy of the staff. Curious to hear what
you guys think!

- Satomi
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Message: 10/34 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Genjutsu accurary supplement May 12 2013 Satomi

The following points were made in public chat.

1) It's extra recourse costs.
2) This is the link system.
3) What if I do not perceive the genjutsu?
4) Gen kai is a stun breaker 5) If you're better than a student you know
it's a genjutsu.
6) There's plenty of examples of people dispelling and finding out it's a
7) Most importantly. The argument was made, this way genjutsu will be
godly strong.

1) Yes it's extra recourses. I agree, I propose either decreasing gen
perception costs, or make a command which doesn't expand recourses to RP
roll. Either that or help me to bypass this minor issue.

2) This is NOT the link system. I repeat - not - the link system. There
were many issues flaws and limitations in the link system. I know because
I spent time understanding it. This is miles away from the link system. So
don't use that as an excuse not to look at a perfectly sound suggestion.

3) If you don't perceive the genjutsu it only makes sense to defend
against it as if it were real. Tense things, dodge others. Heck, use your
S-rank defense if it's really scary!

4) Okay, gen kai will stay and gen perception II and III will simply be
added. Solved.

5) This one is not true. Jiraya (a freaking sage) was a useless while
fighting genjutsu. Another example would be… seeing a wall of skelletons
running at you makes a genin go… OSHIT THIS CANT BE REAL MUST BE A
GEN… while a Kage could think…. oh what a bother, not again!? …
having no clue that it's a gen!

As a mentalist I can say. I have deceived countless people into thinking
I'm a mindreader. I'm born with a tongue that can spew words which makes
people fall asleep (hypnosis) and do anything I like…. I can bend spoons
with my mind and have been kicked out of the synagogue for doing a magic
trick which mixed mind reading with mutilation. I can stop my own
heartbeat… or at least, to others.

6) Yes, but at least they had a hunch that it's genjutsu. Perception roll
still applies. If you suddenly get stabbing wounds and someone's standing
in front of you with a kunai. Would you without realizing it might be a
gen (perception roll) stab yourself just to check?

7) To counter this, I'm making a slight change to the rules. To get a
POTENTIAL HUNCH (roleplay accordingly) that something is a gen. 75% of the
roll must be met by the genjutsu perception RPdefend. To fully defend
agaisnt it as a genjutsu-ist (aka, kai) the full roll must be met. This
takes the god out, at a relatively small investment of XP you can already
perceive most genjutsu. So if Keppeku rolls 40, 45 and 50 I need to hit a
30 on my rpdefend to get a hunch that genjutsu is used against me.

However, if all the following defenses FAIL, you are FORCED to think,
hmm.. maybe not a genjutsu? And the perception must be rolled again the
next turn. I just ran calculations based off aproximations. This means
that to defend against a favorably statted S-rank… I just need
perception III while being badly statted (int and gen on 5 vs int and gen
on 10) … because my average roll would be 55 and my mark would be 52,2
… based on average rolls. So 75% is a good mark to set for this. But
ofcourse staff have the actual numbers.
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Message: 10/35 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Appendix 10/9 May 13 2013 Satomi

If this plot will be ran. Someone should one of these:' every single day. 'Until the plot is over'

'Behind it is simple math which obviously will be kept a secret from
anyone who could get involved' Basically, we're going to give everyone in
power the ability to @mail 1 thing per day to a central account. Who
collects all the info and makes a summary of things of that day.' 'And
everything they do gets recorded and may or may not have consequences'
'including indicision'
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Message: 10/36 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Genjutsu accuracy -> Option II May 14 2013 Satomi

Valk and I discussed my suggestion in detail. There's still a couple of
issues. So we came up with the following:

1) Issue: If I genjutsu with something and someone uses self inflict and
it's a succes. They can roleplay perceiving the genjutsu, knowing
something is off, and snapping out of it. That's fine.

However, if the self inflict rolls lower, people will - always - know
something is off in the current system, just not hurt themselves enough to
snap out of it.

OR they roleplay not roleplay hurting themselves but get damaged
regardless. Both of these situations are bad. The last one is a nuisance
but less bad. The first one however is something that nullifies the point
of genjutsu.

1) solution: If self inflict fails… A RULE will be present which says
you CAN NOT roleplay knowing you're struck by genjutsu. And instead of
taking 100hp it takes 300 stamina extra.

And it should be rp'd accordingly. That way, if self inflict = succes,
then gen = perceived and defended against.
If not, then the effort to try and figure our gen or not will cost 300
stam and the defender has - no clue - they are hit by a genjutsu. Unless
RP dictates otherwise.
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Message: 10/37 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Gen-info May 19 2013 Nori

I know staff has discussed +news gen-info, which at the moment is blank,
but at some point in time will have details surrounding just how to use
Genjutsu in an information-gathering mode.

I offer up one mechanic to do so, and would like to get feedback. First,
in order to interrogate someone, they have to be held in place somehow. I
would suggest that a new skill-mod: Interrogate be made. Interrogate would
act as a sort of Round Stun. If the attack using Interrogate hits, neither
the attacker or the target can attack or be attacked. I.E. if someone is
in an interrogation and they are hit by someone on the outside, then the
interrogation is stopped. If someone is inside an interrogation as the
victim, then they are too busy defending their secrets to attack. If the
attacker attacks or is hit, like-wise, the interrogation is stopped.

Interrogations can be performed on all 3 jutsu types. The only two
necessities would be that the Interrogation was a B-Rank Mod (and no other
mods can be added), and that the mod acts like a round-stun effectively
holding the victim in place for a round while the interrogation takes

Examples: Taijutsu Interrogation: A shadow clone holds the victim down
while the real attacker places senbon in uncomfortable locations and asks
questions. Ninjutsu Interrogation: The victim is sucked underground (like
in a mole technique), and then the earth around the victim squeezes around
them while the attacker asks questions. Ninjutsu Interrogation (special
case Telepathy): For those clans that can use Telepathy (and there are a
few more than just mine), mentally somehow the victim is held in place
(perhaps by turning off their motor skills) while a search is made within
the victim's mind. Genjutsu Interrogation: Like the Telepathy
method…Genjutsu traps the victim in their mind while a search is made
within the victim's mind.

The rolls would look like: A regular attack is made by the attacker (Tai,
Nin, Gen) and a regular defense is rolled by the victim (Tai, Nin, Gen).
If the Interrogation attack hits, then the victim is trapped. Next round
roll: +interrogation Stat=Victim (ex: +interrogation GEN=Nori). The Stat,
Tai, Nin, Gen would be based on the Interrogation attack used and it would
basically perform a +mroll Stat/Int of attacker (where Stat is again Tai,
Nin, Gen) vs. +mroll Stamina/Int of victim. Int is used because of the
intelligence being gathered/defended against, and stamina to see how long
they can withstand the assault.

If the victim wins the roll, the Interrogation is over and they can attack
that same round. If the defender wins the roll, then for a B rank
Interrogation attack, one question must be answered in the round (and only
one). For an A rank - 2, S rank - 3 in one round. The question must be
worded clearly or else the answer can be sneakily true…but not quite.
Example: Nori, where is your home? In Konohagakure. When in reality they
wanted to know: Nori, Where were you born? Kadomai.
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Message: 10/38 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Interrogation pt2 May 19 2013 Nori

Some good comments were brought up. Doing an interrogation mid-combat
should be difficult or next to impossible.

If it is a team fight, it would be because any attack directed at the
interrogater or interrogatee would stop it. If it is 1v1, I would either
say A) It is not possible during combat, but only after. B) It is possible
during combat, but if either the interrogation attack or the
+interrogation roll fails, then like Mind-Body-Switch, the attacker is
left prone. Not only is the victim able to fight back, but the attacker
has to take the first attack as a +tense.

Also, it was suggested that this might leave an indefinite interrogation
loop. I should have added that this only gives 1 round and 1 round only.
If the attack succeeds, 1 round gets you B rank - 1 question answered, A -
2, S - 3…but then the interrogation is over! If further questions are
needed, the process starts from the beginning. This makes doing this in
combat even more difficult!
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Message: 10/39 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: +where May 21 2013 Valkyrie

Official Suggestion Response From The Staff Team

Changing the way that +where sorts so that all of a single country is
listed together is a good quality of life change, and we will look at
adding it to the list of changes to the MUSH. However, it may be some time
before such a change is implemented. Until that time, please note that
+where/local will list the people that are in the same major region that
you're currently located in ICly.
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Message: 10/40 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Just a Thought May 21 2013 Valkyrie

Official Response From The Staff Team

We're happy at the rate at which characters progress in the game system,
and conversion of PP into XP could make significant changes to that rate
of growth. However, we can understand the desire to have things to spend
your PP on that still fit in your character's concept. At this time we're
not going to allow PP to be traded in for XP, but expect more avenues for
PP expenditure to come in the future.
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Message: 10/41 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Collaboration Moves May 21 2013 Valkyrie

Official Response From The Staff Team

As the code for collaboration jutsu exists, staff will begin a discussion
about how characters may be able to make collaboration techniques (that is
to say, multiple characters working together to make a technique more
powerful). It may be some time before the rules and commands for these are
rolled out, but expect them to be added to the list of upcoming changes.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/42 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Mission Log May 21 2013 Valkyrie

Official Response From The Staff Team

The wiki is the best location for mission logs. However, while there is a
spot on the log submissions for players to give a summary for the mission,
many players use that to write a teaser for their log. We don't want
writing a summary of the mission to become a necessity - we like that
players can exercise their creativity, and there is already a fair amount
of formatting that a log submitter needs to do before they're able to
submit it. Simply, we don't want to place additional hurdles in the way of
logs being sent in. If you would like to note summaries of logs of your
own missions outside of the wiki, we encourage the use of the appropriate
village bboard - and indeed now give a pp reward for doing so.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/43 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Combat Copy Jutsu May 21 2013 Valkyrie

Official Response From The Staff Team

As much as I hate to say it, adding an additional damage type to the
combat system for the ability of some (but not all) members of a single
clan is not an efficient use of staff's limited time. While adding a COPY
damage type is a possible solution to the issue of Uchiha not currently
being able to copy a jutsu in combat, the reality is that making such a
change would be low enough on the list of our priorities that it is more
honest to recommend seeking a different solution if you want to see it
happen before winter.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/44 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Genjutsu Accuracy May 21 2013 Valkyrie

Official Response From The Staff Team

We spent quite a while looking at possible changes to genjutsu in general,
and in specific at the issue of what a person defending against genjutsu
should be able to RP that they're doing, giving special consideration to
the issue of them RPing whether or not they can tell that they are being
attacked by a genjutsu. We considered our current defenses against
genjutsu, and the other systems that those defenses interact with, and the
possible in system ramifications if a player were forced to pose as if
they did not perceive that they were being attacked by a genjutsu when
they failed a genjutsu defense roll.

The result of those deliberations is that while we recognize that, in the
source material, a character being able to perceive that they are being
effected by a genjutsu is a big part of the threat of a genjutsu, we have
the limitations of our game system to contend with. It's our consideration
that genjutsu as it is now is superior to the old Links system that
provided a discreet perception mechanic, and that other system methods of
doing this check end up with issues as well - trust me, we considered and
found problems with a number of different ways. As such, at this time we
are not going to require a roll for perceiving genjutsu, nor are we going
to dictate how a player must pose when they are caught by a genjutsu -
other than to suggest that a character's reactions should be ICly

There are some other issues with genjutsu that are still being discussed
by staff at this time.
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Message: 10/45 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Genjutsu Jun 03 2013 Nori

Three questions on Chakra Absorption for Genjutsu.

1) I am assuming you can do Chakra drains in D- and C-Rank Genjutsu
attacks too right? Chakra Absorption Technique is needed for D- and C-Rank
Ninjutsu drains…on top of actually absorbing chakra in B+ Ranks.

2) Should something where you have to have 1 Chakra Drain per rank to get
to the next rank be added as a prerequisite (kind of like Sensor-nin has)?

3) What is the medium that a chakra drain Genjutsu uses to drain chakra?
With Ninjutsu, as far as I am aware, you have to be in physical contact
with the opponent somehow. Is this like damaging Genjutsu where you are
hiding another attack within an attack or are you somehow
draining/absorbing chakra through the Genjutsu alone?
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/46 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Genjutsu Jun 03 2013 Serena

1) Chakra Drain can be done in D and C rank genjutsu as well. The only
thing is that you wouldn't be able to add potent genjutsu to the C rank.
The D rank would only be able to be a chakra drain instead of a Stamina

2) Nope, this isn't necessary. Sensor Nin only requires one skill of the
sensing variety because generally that is all it is capable of. It is hard
to develop attacks and other skills for sensor nin. Like other skills once
you have the Chakra Absorption Technique you can pick skills only limited
to what you have currently apped.

3) The Medium that chakra uses to drain chakra is simply forcing a person
to exhaust chakra during their trauma. This cannot be done with damaging
chakra. Without Chakra absorption chakra draining/absorbing styles
generally require physical contact if I remember right. The Chakra
Absorbtion Technique allows it to be used without physical contact. You
have to describe how you are transfering chakra to yourself via genjutsu
alone. You aren't hiding anything.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/47 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Serena Jun 03 2013 Nori

1) Sounds good.

2) Ok.

3) This is where I still have a bit of a problem. For one, isn't it kind
of metagaming telling what the victim of the attack has to do in response
to the attack? In other words, if we are making the target somehow expel
chakra when most taijutsuists probably wouldn't likely do that, is that
okay? Even with Genjutsu stamina drains, it is either that the player had
to overexert themselves to escape the illusion or it is illusionary
damage, but it is a player's choice. I'm not quite sure it works the other
Next, let me just clarify what I mean by physical contact. From what I
was told when apping a D-Rank ninjutsu chakra drain that uses an elemental
medium (earth) to physically touch someone (+attack/show hands of gaea), I
needed the chakra absorption technique. (I think that would hold true for
D-Rank and up Genjutsu drains.) Now, if by physical contact you mean
solely by the person's body contact and not through an elemental medium,
then I see. Still, I personally think it makes more sense to require the
physical contact (both body contact and elemental contact…and not just
out of thin air so to speak)…but if staff decides that's not needed,
that's fine too (heck, makes it easier for me;p).
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/48 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Re: Serena Jun 03 2013 Kefka

I think there may be a slight bit of confusion here. We'll discuss this
when we've got a few more bodies online as far as staff and get back to
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/49 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Idle Timeout Jun 08 2013 Yuuka

On more than one occasion there's been one room or another that I've
wanted to rp in, however deterred when there was another already there but
idle for several hours. Other games have a "forced to ooc" after an alt
idles after a certain amount of time, so why doesn't NMR? I think it's
safe to say that after two hours of idling that particular person isn't at
the keys. So if they aren't, they shouldn't have to occupy the grid.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/50 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Idle Timeout Jun 09 2013 Ogosokamaru

A comment on the idle timeout for sending a character OOC, it might be a
good idea to have a preface for timed triggers that some people use to
stay unidle, or keep their connection up for various reasons. I know not
the specifics of how that would be needed, I merely know that it is needed
in some situations (and as well unsure if it's needed as far as different
MU clients). Just a thought to caveat. :)
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/51 (timeout warning) Posted Author
FC's Jun 10 2013 Satomi

First of all, this will be a long ass suggestion I might need to
re-write since it's late. Second of all, there's nothing wrong with the
current system, I just think it fails to cover as much as it should, so
this is an IMPROVEMENT!

What issue are we solving: Well the issue is simple. There's a lot of
FC holes open. Kage's are missing, clan heads are missing (even in large
important clans!) So a lot of decisions and interactions are missing. I'm
trying to brighten up the world a bit, make it more alive. For that to
happend decisions need to be made. For decision, clans heads need to be
present. On the other hand, our playerbase is severly limited, so it's a
stretch to try and cover all these things with the small amount of players
we actually have. So, what's the solution?

NPC's ofcourse! But let me explain in more detail. I'm suggesting we
make NPC's for MOST FC's that matter in making decisions. All the current
unoccupied Kage's and most of the current major clans in every village
need to have a clan-head. How are we going to achieve that?

Suggestion: Make it so that players can create 'potential' wiki pages
for all of these FC's (make a list in some news file of NPC's that still
need a page.) Make very clear guidelines for setting up these pages. The
personality needs to be at least 500 words long, the background needs to
be at least 1000 words, and the skill tab must have at least 10-20 skills
on there. Make sure the pages are fleshed out properly. Once the player
has done this, they can @mail a link to a certain staffer who take s this
responsbility and that char will become a candidate for the FC position.
The best one gets chosen and awarded with 1-4xp and 1pp (which will be
transfered onto the MAILING character, the amount depends on the quality
of the page). Once it gets chosen the other pages get archived just in
case (or removed).

Next, a GM makes the character in CG. The stats and abilities however
are uncapped! They can be anywhere between student and legendary ninja. As
long as it's motivated. The password gets saved in a restricted file then
along with the character name.

Now, for starters GM's can pick up these characters whenever they're
neccasery. PC's can app to get responsibility over the NPC at a cost (so,
2 scenes a month ect ect. A RESPONSIBILITY) And maybe you can create a new
rank of players (player +) Who can access the database and as a job have
to occasionally log on to these chars when they're neccasery (so they're
IN GREAT DETAIL ON THE WIKI) roleplay with them! That way, council
meetings can be had! Kage's can actually talk to clanheads. Decisions can
be made, conflicts can be made and resolved. And it just adds a healthy
portion of badass overall! It costs us nothing to implement except for

BUT I forsee 1 issue: If someone wants to app a custom FC PC. Then that
becomes more difficult for already established NPC FC's. A solution would
be retconning the NPC if someone apps a custom PC FC and gets accepted. Or
finding some plot-twist to justifying it. I don't know, suggestions are

As always, I CAN'T WAIT to hear your feedback. Send me mails, engage me
on +chat or page… or simply make a post on the board with YOUR opinion!
Come on, don't be shy! :)
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/52 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: FC's Jun 10 2013 Fudo

FC's should not be run as NPCs. They should not merely be plot devices
as an actual FC. FC's should remain actual characters, in my opinion.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/53 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Combat saving Jun 12 2013 Satomi

This is a bit of a lesser version of a suggestion I just mailed. But it
would be great if we would have command (similar to the wardrobe system)
that would save a certain combat situation (recourse-wise). That way we
can pause in the middle of a spar and pick up where we left off. Yes, it
would offer players with a +restore but honest… It's a MUSH. I want
someone to rp their injuries, I couldn't care less about their code health!
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/54 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Hidenjutsu Jun 18 2013 Misaki

Now we're discussing this.

Might I suggest lifting restrictions off hidenjutsu in the following
way: Hidenjutsu can only be learned IC'ly on grid. From someone who has
mastered the Hidenjutsu beyond B-rank (3 b-rank skills within that jutsu).
The only other way to get one is by being in that clan via CG.

That said, learning a Hidenjutsu comes with a cost. While costing 1pp
more than any other style, Hidenjutsu also means you give automatic
deathcon to everything. That means that if your health reaches 0, and your
opponent so desires, a CK can be forced. This is because if people find
out you posses hidenjutsu, you're bound to get hunter-nin after you. So
that's a considerable price to pay for getting such a unique power. But it
would enable it. It also means clans will need to genuinly be more careful
who they send on what missions and how.

Kidnapping a Nara is perfectly viable for Kiri to get some awesome
powers! If they manage to break him! Obviously, the further a hidenjutsu
goes from its source, the weaker it gets. And someone who learned
hidenjutsu from another user (so on grid) CAN NOT pass it down to others.
So it needs to be learned from someone from that actual clan who got it
through CG.

Curious to hear thoughts!
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/55 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Another FC suggestion Jun 23 2013 Satomi

I suggest a poll throughout the MUSH where we ask if the current amount of
FC's is seen as too low, too high or just right. I'm curious as to howmany
people it bothers or howmany people couldn't care less. This is because
I'm currently thinking of several solutions to potential problems. But
none of them are conclusive enough, unless the entire MUSH wants to see
them solved in such a conclusive way.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/56 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Hidenjutsu Jun 23 2013 Takeshi

I'm confused where this concept of being killed for using hidenjutsu came
from. While they were generally very hard to learn and no one talked about
them, people had them. They certainly weren't going out of their way to
kill the Hokage or Naruto (Because remember, Multiple Shadow Clone was a
forbidden hidenjutsu). So while I don't mind changes to hidenjutsu in
general, why automatic death concsent and why would hunters care? Unless
of course you steal a KG somehow, then they care.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/57 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Hidenjutsu Jun 23 2013 Satomi

For exactly that reason, all hidenjutsu's are specific to a village now,
if that breaks 'out' of a village it's pretty much guarenteed most
villages will make an effort to stop that spread, and thus send hunter
nin. It's a risk you need to be willing to take. Obviously people need to
find out you posses this knowledge. But if you know shadow manipulation, a
Nara hidenjutsu, then it's only logical ANBU gets sent out for your
capture and very likely your death (after interrogation).

So the deathconsent was in the light of that, it will also help the
spread of hidenjutsu and counter 'collectors' who just make up excuses to
get hidenjutsu. That's great, the more they have, the bigger the target on
their backs!
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/58 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Hidenjutsu Jun 23 2013 Yoma

I do not like this idea. It illegitimizes peoples CG choices and makes
it so that KG is the top dog even more so. It allows the possibility of an
"all" character that has even less weaknesses than a normally well
developed character. It gets rid of the particular bonuses and such that
people normally get outside of CG for those clans too. When i created the
system that was meant to handle implanted KG (in this case Sharingan) it
was weaker and had limitations compared to the real thing. In many ways,
it wasn't worth it, but in some ways, if used intelligently, it was. This
reflected the series in that it was useful, but it didn't grant the
abilities to a full extent. In the scenario mentioned, there is little
reason why someone couldn't take a HIdenjutsu at the level or even beyond
the clan that owns it.
Death consent or not… it just devalues everyone who didn't get a KG
clan by its very concept. Yes, it is logical that it can happen (Even
though ironically it does not ever happen to my knowledge. There are more
Byakugan and Sharingan stolen than any Hidenjutsu from a clan i've ever
see), but it is not balanced for it to happen.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/59 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Hidenjutsu Jun 23 2013 Ai

Honestly, people learning Hidenjutsu outside of CG just kind of breaks
immersion from me. It should be /very/ hard to pick up Hidenjutsu and KG
outside of CG and shouldn't at all be the norm. Shadow Clone Technique
isn't a hidenjutsu, it is a Forbbiden jutsu due to possibly killing you
while using the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique (Like when Naruto uses 100
at a time) Forbbiden Jutsu are sometimes lethal to the user in some way
(Amaterasu). Hidenjutsu on the other hand are more so passed down through
word of mouth from the clan rather than picking up some scroll and
learning it. It is easier to steal a KG than it is to steal a Hidenjutsu.
With that said, it should remain restricted to pick these things up. If
you want to steal/learn Hidenjutsu from another clan (or pick up a KG) You
have to be prepared to throw a ton of legitmancy towards it plot wise. If
you are stealing from people you have to follow ICA=IC. Not necessarily
death consent but /something/ will happen.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/60 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Hidenjutsu Jun 23 2013 Satomi

Ai, could you elaborate on how it breaks immesion for you?

Anyways back on topic, if shadowclones is a hidenjutsu or not is not
the discussion here. Obviously 'stealing' a hidenjutsu should be a very,
very difficult thing to do. The person teaching you must be of a very high
level and consensually teaching you. It can't be taught through a scroll,
that would be weird.

That said, if stealing KG is possible, then I don't see why Hidenjutsu
isn't possible either. And I agree, it should be as difficult if not more
difficult than stealing a KG. And maybe it should be restricted, so no
abilities above B-rank? Or C even? It can be fleshed out by staff. For me
the threat a hidenjutsu escapes - IMPROVES - immersion!

The threat your Hidenjutsu gets stolen. This means ANBU becomes far more
crucial, hunter nin get a very active job. You name it, if someone
disappears, you better damn well find them before they might be broken and
forced to teach their valuable techiques to others. Someone taught the
techniques behind the clan heads back? All situations that need solving
and that can potentially be exploited! And all of them make things a - lot
- more exciting!

Again, back on the deathcon. I know the word is like cyanide for some
people here. But lets back up here. I propose it for a reason!

It means someone needs to make a serious consideration before
teaching/being taught Hidenjutsu. Not only is it difficult to learn, but
there is a serious threat that you might LOSE your character in a
confrontation if you flaunt it too much. Which is only fair. This also
means that you'll - rarely - see Hidenjutsu outside of where it should be.
So it serves a very clear purpose. And I don't see any space for abuse
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/61 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Hidenjutsu Jun 23 2013 Yoma

Alright…. well i'll get on my Byakusharingan wielding, Kaguya spliced,
Kikaichu using, shadow manipulating, mind transfering, dog whisperer then.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/62 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Hidenjutsu Jun 23 2013 Ai

^ That is what breaks my immersion. That is why I feel it needs to be
restricted as it is.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/63 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Hidenjutsu Jun 23 2013 Satomi

That character would be dead before he can say Hide- xD
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/64 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Skillapp Notes Section Jun 24 2013 Myuu

I've wanted to suggest this for a while now, but it might be a good idea
to add an extra section onto the automated skill app that allows the user
to write in any extra notes that aren't quite covered by everything
else… such as noting that a style is usable by anyone in a specific
clan, or may be available to others who meet specific qualifications and
not just the inititial applicant. (An example would be Arisu's Foxfire
Ninjutsu being made available to Fox Summons and Summoners.)

That is all, thanks.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/65 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Skill App Jun 24 2013 Kefka

I'm making a new skill app that will cover this.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/66 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Shikot Jun 24 2013 Kefka

Just to note, the shikot attacks and defenses that currently use sta are
going to be audited Wednesday, along with other things, to be changed to
Seal to match the changes in the transformation, thus the damage amounts
won't suffer with this change. Actually, they will /improve/. I don't have
time to go into the rest of it at the moment, but I figured that was a
rather important note.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/67 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Shikot Jun 24 2013 Yoma

Because you do not have time, I am going to post my understanding of
this. I believe what is being said here is that if the transformation
series goes off of the first recommendation (Which was Tai Spd Pow Seal),
that the damage will go up (As well as maintain chakra tai status). This
is true and was noted in my initial post.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/68 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RProlls Jun 30 2013 Satomi

Please make +rpattack and +rpdefend available when not in 'joinrp' ….
That would be AWESOME to help scenes flow if there's no +order yet and you
just need a quick perception or stealth roll!
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/69 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RPHeal Jul 06 2013 Hel

Can we get a +rpheal command like +rpattack (when you get a moment)? It
came up in a scene heh.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/70 (timeout warning) Posted Author
suggestion village rating Jul 08 2013 Satomi
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/71 (timeout warning) Posted Author
P.S Jul 08 2013 Satomi

Not a village's rating but a countries, village are part of a country
obviously :).
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/72 (timeout warning) Posted Author
part 2 Jul 08 2013 Satomi
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/73 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Part 3 ratings Jul 08 2013 Satomi

Fudo suggested this and I agree. I made a slight change to his
suggestion though!

After kage's choose their production (military, recourse or intell) the
product cap can be supplemented by pc's.

In my previous post I mentioned this would be random. This is a change,
in the addition, villages will get 3-5 missions posted on their board by
gm's. Players can execute these missions and post the logs.

The amount of extra PRC (production capacity) earned by completing these
production related missions, will be determined by the quality & amount of
the rp posted to be logged on the wiki.
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/74 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Not Broke Don't Fix Jul 09 2013 Ogosokamaru

This sounds like an idea that fixes an unbroken system. As in, those that
can milk this system, will. I.E. Instead of RPing what one wants, per se,
one now looks at that opportunity to RP and says 'let's just RP this so we
can generate X resource for the village'. It doesn't bolster quality RP.
Or even the quantity of RP for that matter. It merely diverts what people
RP about now to RPing for arbitrary background numbers that really only
affect a few people. Kages. Which right now being as close as I know to a
PC being a Kage, I can understand the decisions to move on an enemy (or
otherwise) territory to gain resources or whatnot, but those can be worked
on a case-by-case basis. Not make up a hefty, bogging system that few
understand and fewer care about just to assign numbers to background
information that even -less- will even worry about in their daily mush
operations. Why fix something that isn't broken? Or make up a system that
isn't needed?
-But it generates RP.
-Not necessarily. It reassigns what people RP about so they earn votes,
pvotes, and now resources instead of just the first two for the same two
scenes a week. And assigning a maximum number for that means that smaller
villages have to work doubly to fill the quota for the village/country.
Konoha = less than half of the PCs have to participate in a mission for
the village to make bookoo 'points' in whatever area. Kumo and Suna?
Probably more than one scene for a larger portion of the PC population.
Fair or not? (Also, if it were to be limited enough that it couldn't be
milked/abused by those who would take advantage of generating resources of
any sort for their village, would what's left be enough to have any system
at all?) Basically: More rewards for the same amount of RP, why wouldn't
someone take advantage of it?
-But smaller villages now have all the RP they could ever want!
-Precisely. But being told upon what my rp will be based so our
village/nation isn't overrun every other week? Nothanks. The same idea if
the limiter were, say, that logs turned in for specifically resource
gathering only get that, no xp or pp type rewards. Great, now you double
the load of RP on smaller villages, and larger villages have more people
that can contribute to the cause, so to speak. Still fair that way?
-You're missing the point. THis is to add depth to the game.
-Like duct taping a knife to a gun makes it more lethal by throwing it
gives it more 'options'. If it works just the way it is without a -huge-
playerbase support for this 'war machine', why make it? Why add to the
time and energy that staff put into this place with more work that isn't
-Caveat: If it's supported by a huge part of the active playerbase, ok!
If not, why make it? Just that if it's not really necessary, why have it?
Like link. Wasn't necessary, things work without it.

NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/75 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re Ogo Jul 09 2013 Satomi

I'm on my phone so I can't respond a whole lot. The system is broken.
There is no suspense, significant unintended plot shielding and stale
stuck plots. There are no shifts in anything. I think we can only create
the drama by making these values tangible.

You make a big mistake (and fallacy) by calling this system a war
machine because it's not. It support war by being a neutral arbitrary Much
like the coded combat system.

The main focus however, is peacetime. It gives direction and visible
rewards to creative rp. Suna is famed for its intelligence. Now they need
to back that by focussing on it. Now another village can take over that
reputation. Kumo had a huge military cannonically. Well back that up! This
fuels rp.

War is expensive, there multiple failsaves in place. Additionally;
ofcourse we'll need to pilot and simplify and streamline the system. But
this is a very solid basis!

Another problem: Village leaders are really inactive or passive. This
system forces them off their ass. To conduct diplomacy, approve missions,
lead war efforts or keep teams in check. If people go rampant now, with my
system war can soon follow! So village leaders will need to take on an
active role. Additionally, ofcourse there'll be systems in place that
assists low-pc villages!

So it fixes many things, improves depth, takes ooc things ic. Takes away
red tape and barriers. makes things tangible and opens up venues
previously closed. A MAJOR improvement to out current situation. It sounds
complicated, but its actually reaaalllyyy simple!
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/76 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Village Rating Jul 09 2013 Etsu

The problem is that this system is not going to force anyone to do
anything. If they aren't doing it now, they're not going to adopt a system
that forces themselves to do something more. The reality is that people
all move at their own pace and it's not the numbers that make the
difference. These numbers, if ever used, would only serve the purpose of
becoming useful in a particular plot. They don't force the game to move,
they don't force anyone to do anything and forcing people to do things is
frowned upon around here a lot in the first place. This game and players
typically value comfort and frustration grows from the /need/ to do
everything. I grew tired and frustrated from the /need/ to do everything
and now as I am just the average player and GM, I feel much more at ease
without feeling forced.

It's not the system that's broken anyway. It's the people behind the
system that makes the difference. This suggestion seems exhaustive and it
doesn't need to be. It's nothing I'd particularly put in place. Also,
there's a lack of understanding how this game works. People are largely
independent and much of the time missions are taken without the vast
amount of approval. I'm not going to hold a scene for every mission that
comes through the Kage's IC office or make a posting about approving it. I
don't think it's really necessary. The village leaders may not be as
active OOCly as they could be, but that doesn't mean they're inactive
ICly. There's a general understanding that when a mission it's taken, it's
likely done with the Kage's approval. Having scenes just to approve a
mission would be bland and aggravating to initiate all the time, honestly.

Another thing. I don't want OOC to be fitted into IC because I can't keep
up with that kind of demand. If OOC activity was based in IC then everyone
on this game would've failed that requirement at some point. That's why
it's tricky business blending the two. Just because someone who controls a
character is gone an OOC week doesn't mean their IC character has somehow
stopped being active in that realm.

Force is not the way to go.
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Message: 10/77 (timeout warning) Posted Author
re Etsu Jul 09 2013 Satomi
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/78 (timeout warning) Posted Author
CG Chuunin pt1 Jul 09 2013 Katsurou

Earlier today I had written an @mail to Gilgamesh to ask staff to take a
second look at the option of choosing to be Chuunin rank while in CG that
is similar to the bbpost below. I am now posting this on the board because
well, this is a community matter and everyone should be in the know. I
think that this would also be a good topic for the people of NMR to vote

There was a large group discussion that took place on the public channel
on the 8th of July. There was not one person that was against the idea of
removing the option to creating Chuunins from CG at this time. As a whole,
a lot of us feel that being able to be a Chuunin right out of CG takes
away a hand full of aspects from the RP experience. The biggest issue at
hand is that we feel that the rank of Jounin does not carry the same
weight as it did in 1.0. Back then if you were a PC Jounin it meant that
that character was someone of a respectable caliber. It took hard work and
a lot of effort to earn it. It was a rank that would take a Chuunin
sometimes up to a year to earn with a lot of work put into it. People ICly
and OOCly tended to respect those Jounin ranked characters. Also in turn,
it created a lot of RP hooks for people due to the process it took to be
recognized for the Jounin rank. This would typically include the Chuunin
seeking to form a team. Because there were only genin who were applicable
characters to play, it wasn't /too/ hard to find a team considering having
1 chuunin and 2 genin was enough for said team. Now, there in lies quite a
few RP hooks in itself just seeking members out for a team and such. The
real test was to see how well your team developed from under you and how
well they stood out. That was the big check mark to determine your chances
into Jounin-hood. Of course the Chuunin would do this by team training
sessions and various missions where missions would be ran twice a week

The following is of my own personal opinion. As someone with a lot of
experience as RP staff i feel like there are too many circumstances
occurring to where it takes forever for two parties to figure out what
they were going to RP about and how. In 1.0 we did not have this problem
or at least hardly at all. There was always something to RP about to
progress characters' personal stories. Not only that but most of these
scenes feel forced. There are no smooth transactions and really no
underlining reason behind most of these scenes as they occur. Back in 1.0
it was real easy to roll into one scene then right into another. It feels
like most times scenes are produced so that people can make sure they get
their cap for the week then they can go about their day. The heart of the
game just doesn't feel like its there like it used to be. I say this
because in my own personal opinion, taking away CG Chuunins and promoting
the use of teams will bring back a lot of story to this game and trigger a
domino affect of events. The game seems like everyone is disconnected
while doing their own thing and only coming together temporarily to do the
missions needed for the XP then they go their own separate ways.
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Message: 10/79 (timeout warning) Posted Author
CG Chuunin pt2 Jul 09 2013 Katsurou

It was also mentioned that if staff were to go back to just allowing Genin
to be applicable that they would allow them to start out with 2 D rank
techs verses just 1 attack or 1 defense. It would give more appeal and
lessen the gap. In closing, the lot of us feel that Chuunin, and in turn
Jounin, ranks should be something earned rather just being handed out.
Chuunin rank has its own way of being earned via the exams, where as
Jounin is where the strong effort goes into obtaining. I have volunteered
to write this @mail to the NMR staff while others who believe that
Chuunins should be taken out of CG have asked me to put their name in the
@mail as a petition of sorts. They will be listed below.


The following support this idea:


Now having made this post, I invite people to second this notion and/or
give their ideas on this topic. I just ask that 1) we do not turn this
into a bboard debate and 2) we keep on track with the main topic of this
discussion which is removing the option of being a Chuunin out of CG.
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Message: 10/80 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re:Katsu Jul 09 2013 Ogosokamaru

Though I agree with your idea, I have a request: That there be some way
that someone, within CG, may attempt to apply for something more pending
the quality of their background and all around character submission? It
doesn't have to be tier 2, or even a bonus to stats. But maybe instead of
40 starting points, it be 50. Or something akin to that, so those that can
show a hint at their writing ability and/or effort put into a character
will be rewarded with that initial request.

Example note in CG room 1: To apply for a 50 point character, @mail
gilgamesh (and/or) CG staff with your request and the background
information on the character.

Or something of that nature.

Not strictly to give people a chance to have a leg up, but give people
incentive to round out and flesh out their character applications. I
understand, that everyone could apply for this with starting a character.
THough, that's why I'm putting it up here instead of mailing it to
Katsurou directly. I need some help in why or why not this is a good or
bad idea. Questions comments or concerns, lemme know what you think on the
board. My @mail is getting full.

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Message: 10/81 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Chuunin Jul 09 2013 Nori

I'd maybe make the suggestion that you can be a Chuunin from CG…but only
after you have had an alt around for a month or so and gotten 1PP or
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/82 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Chuunin Jul 09 2013 Ai

If it's going to be done it needs to be done right. There shouldn't be any
exceptions to the rule. Just like how we removed starting jounin to those
who worked up and obtained the rank (And those who started on 1.0). The
whole point of taking Chuunin out from CG is to make the rank of chuunin
more heartful and earned rather than just applied for right out of the
box. If someone wants to make a 50 point character they can apply to be an
FC (close to jounin tier) there doesn't need to be anything else between
that quite honestly.

I really do think that dropping chuunin from CG really does help in the
long run. It allows the mush to pace itself a little more as we grow into
our characters. When people die and get roll over death XP it becomes a
bit more of a dip and helps keeps someone from instantly dipping into god
tier (this has happened a lot). With this rule in check it will be make it
easier for people to form teams (due to everyone starting at genin or
student level instead of just jumping to the max to power creep) Older
genin are pretty normal in Naruto, especially if you check out the people
in the exams In the
long run I think it will help sustain the mush in the long run. People
will be able to take their time as they reach the top rather than rushing
it as they do now. I think that there can be changes in merits or what you
get as a chuunin to accomdate this.
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Message: 10/83 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Chuunin?? Jul 09 2013 Shoki

Um, okay, I know I'm staff and all, but this is just my two cents, as I
was not here for the big discussion. But… here goes:

If we remove the ability to start as a Chuunin, will we demote everyone on
the grid, remove their points and powers and make them all one rank lower?
I suspect not. This creates an instant block for all new
characters/players as we have a rather healthy population of
Chuunin/Jounin right now. So you would have this 'grandfathered in' group
of high powered high skilled characters with no motivation to be what
people seem to expect from those who they now want to 'earn' those

While I can fully understand the request in the first place, I have to
wonder how we deal with the existing player base and the fact that the
'barn door' has been open for so long in this area at this point. In
addition, I find it odd that some of the very people who now support this
idea seem to be some of those who were glad chuunin was now open to apping
in 2.0.

Finally, we have a more practical point. If I don't want to play a 11 year
old or 12 year old, how do I do this in the new system? If I want to be 16
or 18 I can get away with being a Chuunin. No one is going to frown at a
Chuunin at that age, not everyone makes Jounin after all. But an 18 year
old Genin? Sure there was that one example of a very old Genin in the show
but only one I know of, and it was making a point of how it was not the

So do we change the basic premise to take this into account? How do we
deal with this? How do we deal with the existing player base with all the
existing Chuunin/Jounin? And how do we deal with the age issue? If we can
resolve both of those issues? I can probably get on board with this to be
honest. But if we can't figure out something there, it seems to me to be
unfairly punishing anyone who is joining the mush now for the first time.
In addition, with the way we do death XP, if we made it so you had to
start as a genin we might end up with genin much more powerful than any
Chuunin, depending… Not likely but possible.

Would people like to return to the stat caps being based on your actual
rank? That was part of what made rank so important in 1.0 from what I

Anyway, I'm not saying this is a horrible idea, these are just some of the
things I thought of when I read these posts. And I am curious what the
response is to these issues. Again, I am NOT inherently opposed to this
change but I do feel that the things I mentioned need to at least be

-Silly Shoki and his silly ramblings.
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Message: 10/84 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Chuunin Jul 09 2013 Ai

I don't expect anyone to be bumped down from where they are currently in
terms of current skill level. It will just be something we will have to
move forward with. However I do expect for demotions to take place so
people will lose their IC rank if they aren't keeping up or haven't been
keeping up with the expectations and responsibilities of their rank.

About the issue of death XP carrying over into a genin and making them
super powerful…

The Rank of genin isn't a measure of ability. Naruto and Sasuke are
technically still genin but they are obviously well above kage (or at) in
strength. As I stated in my previous post it isn't unusual for people to
be genin at higher ages, the 100 year old guy is actually a pretty extreme
example. This guy is 17,, This guy is
19,, This guy is 22, There are many more examples if you
just peak at all the characters on Naruto and check out their ages. Temari
and Kankuro (Gaara siblings) were promoted to chuunin at 17 and 16
respectively. In the end, ANYONE can be demoted from their rank. Not just
people who app as chuunin, but anyone else who is using their rank
incorrectly and not stacking up to their responsibilities. There is still
a difference between battle ability and rank. (though sometimes they link
up together)
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Message: 10/85 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Chuunin Jul 09 2013 Amani

Originally, I thought the option of starting as a chuunin was meant for
people to take responsibility and have that experience of being a leader.
What it turned out to be was not that. :P The option of chuunin came up
when in 1.0 there was support for that option to be available because the
gap between ranks was huge. All the people that couldn't be now had the
opportunity. Unfortunately, the application for chuunin became a popular
choice and with good reason. However, it came with its shortcomings. Genin
became fewer in number as a result. Growth is fun, yay!

As for how to handle the situation, if rank and growth aren't one in the
same, then maybe there should be a removal of stat caps. People can still
be genin, chuunin, or whatever with however many stats they have. If it's
about the growth of the character and building, then that can preserve the
story. To that effect, the only way someone would get to that rank is when
they show the ability to obtain it, not rely on a stat cap chart to get
there. No stat caps could mean no asking for promotions. The only way to
get there is to show everyone else that you've shown what it takes. People
could pass around recommendations, not just team members, but anyone else
who has been influenced by the character. Then, that can be taken into
consideration for potential promotion.
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Message: 10/86 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Chuunin Pt1 Jul 10 2013 Meruin

I believe this is a change that should be implemented. CG Chuuninship
doesn't necessarily have to disappear, but I do believe that it should
either change forms or become more restricted in it's availability. Any
rank below Kage has become something of a commonplace commodity. Chuunin
have become the new genin, and genin the new students, leaving actual
students feeling miniscule and unnoticed. And the jounin rank has far less
prestige due to the same fact, becoming something similar to the 1.0

I understand the issue with age. And truly, it's not a factor in the IC
verse. It's just not recognized by people because, much like the Daimyo as
true head of a country and other such things that we don't ever really
watch in the series, the fact that the highest numbered rank of shinobi
are actually genin is not something that's featured. Because the show is
featured around the awesome main characters doing amazing things at tender
ages. And our characters are the main characters of NMR. So that other
side to thing is too rarely showcased to be recognized. But as Ai has
pointed out and provided links for, there are genin of many ages, and it's
not rare for them to be adults.

If there needs to be something to help the players accept this, then we
can make it an IC thing. A change of some kind. Perhaps a side effect of
the struggle without reward plot Fulgur made. Though things have settled,
the common 'man' wants more control over their destiny, leading to many
people of many able bodied ages seeking to become shinobi. It'd lead to
more of age genin at regular genin strength and be a fully IC movement to
help with the player acclimation.

As for CG chuuninship itself, I'm not wholly sure what the very best
method to go about it would be. Perhaps it should be something fully
reliant on death xp and staff consideration. As in, if you've made a
character with enough of a story to give you enough death xp to reach tier
two from CG, then a CG chuunin could be considered. There's the argument
that that makes it reliant on strength, but it's not so. The xp is
indicative of time and activity within the MUSH, and the decision is still
made by staff, who would look at the person's history and ability and
temperament and such as a whole — decidin if they're fit for a leadership
character — before saying aye or nay.
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Message: 10/87 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Chuunin pt 2 Jul 10 2013 Meruin

Otherwise, there's the 50 point idea, which is interesting but probably
not ideal. Or there's simply having CG chuuninship work like FCs. It'd
take more prudence on behalf of staff in who they choose to allow to have
the applicable ranks than I personally believe has been shown thus far,
but it is a potential. I'm sure that something could be figured out. I
wasn't sure that I'd completely wanted to do away with CG chuuninship
despite definitely wanting it to be far less accessible. There are some
concepts that would simply be difficult to pull off without a certain
brute power. But then I figured… earn it. Through another character's
death xp, or starting earlier in that character's career, or an NPC or FC
application. In some way, put in the effort to deserve it.

And as for the question of the current chuunin+… Yes. Demote them. Not
automatically and not all of them, of course. But there are plenty who
haven't done anything to warrant their rank and plenty who have deserved
to be demoted for that, if not other things. Chuunin, in it's simplest
definition, are shinobi who have shown the ability and expertise to lead
their peers. Strength is only a piece of the puzzle in that. With the
genin rank holding such a range of power, there will always be some genin
who are stronger than some chuunin. It's been that way even here, with us.
Those who are Chuunin now but never lead anything are not serving their
purpose and should not ejnoy the priveleges the rank affords.

I can only think of two characters who've been demoted off of the top of
my head. One of them, I was just reminded about the other day, had been
demoted because they'd started a war nearer the beginning of 2.0. It
shouldn't take sending your country to war to get a demotion. As has been
noted by Satomi, there is the threat of loss of rank. My suggestion is
that we make the changes, let people know the expectations, and then start
enforcing it. The rank-bloat will solve itself after a bit when those who
are sitting on their ranks lose them.

Also, I think the tier system for the stats is fine just the way it is.
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Message: 10/88 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Demotions Jul 10 2013 Hel

I don't like the idea of demoting people. This is a game. It is here for
fun. As soon as you start throwing around the idea that people /HAVE/ to
put in a certain amount of time, run a certain amount of scenes per week,
etc to keep their ranks…then it becomes less a game and more of a chore.
If you're going to do demotions though, you'll have to start with
policing the FCs first…and there go most of the clan heads and kages and
the like (especially since many of the FCs/Kages are run by staff and
staff has their hands full with so much else).
I agree that becoming a Chuunin should be a little harder in CG, but I
think they should still be allowed otherwise all we'll have is a whole
bunch of Genin and few Chuunin and even fewer Jounin (sounds like this is
how 1.0 was). As it is now, there is a nice mix of ranks. It gives the
world a fleshed out feel.
And finally…I'd like to throw in a quick note on something else. Who
cares about rank? This is a game. The combat/stats/etc are only here to
help push the game along when conflict arises. There are so many other
ways that goals can be accomplished by the players, so it really doesn't
matter who is a Genin and who is Chuunin in the long run. Those players
who show themselves worthy of good RP will shine through in the end
anyway. We're here to tell a story and have fun (and I know some people
enjoy the combat side of things too which is fine)…so yeah, I'm done:)
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Message: 10/89 (timeout warning) Posted Author
demotions Jul 10 2013 Satomi

sorry but the app buggs out on big walls of text XD
NarutoMUSH Rivalry Bulletin Boards Suggestions
Message: 10/90 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Demotions Jul 10 2013 Ai

I just wanted to point out this note in +news +icpromotions

Note: as there can be IC promotions, so can there be IC demotions. Whether
you earned your rank, or came into it through CharGen, if you do
somethingthat does not indicate sound judgement, or if you defy your
superiors, you maybe demoted. However, once demoted, your character can
ICly learn from their mistakes, and - with a bit of effort - your rank can
be restored.

Demotions exist, it's just at the momment they aren't enforced due to that
being a Kage thing. Staff will step in and start making it happen.
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Message: 10/91 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Off Camera? Jul 10 2013 Ogosokamaru

I noticed that the argument was made somewhere in there about how when
someone isn't online, the IC character doesn't just stop moving and become
catatonic the moment you leave a scene and then leave your keyboard. It's
an understood that Chuunin will be leading missions. Telling someone 'you
were offline therefore your character isn't fulfilling their duties'. Um,
that's an IC thing for their personality. Taking a look at +census, it's
perfectly implicable that exactly 100 chuunin and Jounin that are still on
grid (pending some might still be at end-phase chargen or otherwise not
around) and, not only that but distributed between four (not counting the
7 people in Iwa) villages, that the average of 25 per village does not
make up the majority of that village's forces. Much less the fact that all
of them could be the stolwart crackshot ninja they always wanted to be,
running missions every day and doing exactly what they are required.
Off camera a lot happens. I'd say less than 0.1% of everything that
happens in the world is RP'd. And even less is logged. So who's to say
your character isn't running missions like a madman? Yeah, if you have a
chuunin already and you don't actively run missions, the question should
be asked: Is it in the character's persona to be lazy? Or more to the
point: derilecting their duty? I'm sure that kind of attitude exists, but
not how anyone has actively written their character's background. ANd if
they have, it shows itself in how they RP and interact with people, so
demotion would be an ICA = ICC thing. Not 'OOC On-Screen Inaction = IC
Demotion'. There's far more to IC than we see, but it's the fact whether
or not we can realize that it's there, and what that implies, before we
start just demoting people.

Now, Kage's on the other hand.. Being in my position, I know very well
that it will require a large amount of reqirements from me to be as active
as I can. Baby girl is here, and I'm too busy sometimes getting myself
wrapped around a little finger of hers than being on here and doing what I
like, which is RP.
Took me about ten minutes to write this, but thirty to post because she
wanted her attention, and I, like a drooling caveman daddy, gave it. :)
Love all you guys, but let's realize that there's more to IC than we see,
before handing out demotions. And I agree with Hel's written opinion (as
i'm sure others have said and still do). I'm here for fun. Once the fun
stops, it's not a game anymore.
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Message: 10/92 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Starting Chuunin Jul 10 2013 Valkyrie

First, let me be clear that this isn't the opinion of the full staff, but
just my personal opinion. This is, however, the position that I'm going to
be holding in the staff meetings where we discuss this issue.

I am against removing chuunin from an easily available chargen option. Not
all players want to RP as a junior member of a team, or a junior ninja of
a village. Some people want to RP characters who are considered journeymen
ninja. I'm pretty strongly opposed to closing the door on that character
archetype after we've had it available for the life of NRM 2. I see it as
an improvement that the MUSH made over NRM 1, when players were forced
into the role of a kohai.
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Message: 10/93 (timeout warning) Posted Author
CG Chuunin: A Compromise! Jul 10 2013 Aika

So, I was involved in that conversation on pub the other day and I will
wholeheartedly admit; being able to app a higher power level than the
junior nin at CG really pushed my motivation to play the game. Sure, I'm
not an actually Chuunin because I'm a wanderer; but my concept wouldn't be
nearly as fun if it weren't for that option. Removing it, as Valkyrie
said, really isn't that great of an option. What I'm suggesting is reward
the Chuunin who do their job within the village.

Reward them with extra XP or PP for running missions, gathering their
team up and doing the tasks that a Chuunin needs to perform in order to be
what they are. Some people will rise to the top, some people will fall to
the bottom and you (as staff) and us (as players) will see just who does
what and what everyone should strive to be. This will motivate others who
aren't doing their job as a Chuunin to do their job better because there
is an incentive for it, and will show the people who work hard and strive
for something more that their work isn't in vain.

You can also incentivize Jounin in much the same way! It's just a thought
from a new perspective. :3 Feel free to ignore me!

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Message: 10/94 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Aika Jul 10 2013 Satomi

You hit the nail on the head! I think this is a great compromise. Then
again one of my terms for removing easy chuunin was still keeping it
available, just less easy. That said, I do think that a lot of reasons to
remove cg chuunin are real problems that still need solving!
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Message: 10/95 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Village Rating Jul 10 2013 Fudo

Just wanted to clarify my understanding of this. The idea is to have
leadership (Kage/Clan Heads) point the village in a general direction for
a month or so objective wise. This would be like "We want to regain our
resources for X reason". This becomes a frame of reference for missions,
but not something everyone has to do. The "points" involved are more a way
of incentivising participation by making the effort put in measurable. So
instead of randomly doing any mission period for no other reason than to
try to make an excuse to RP, now the village would have a general
"purpose" behind the missions that adds up to said points.
When these points are accrued, it allows for leaders of teams or even
team members to have some idea what effect they had (measurability), for
their village. When major plots (Staff run) come around, it would allow
for the staff to also have a reference of how to frame what state each
village is in and thus possibly use it to decide certain factors about the
plot. Example would be Kiri has a lot of military, decent intell, but no
real resources. Due to this Defense and counter offense in a conflict
would be easy, but campainging against foreign lands (As they are an
island) would be difficult. However, they can more easily do small team
things due to having information on enemy weak points or … what ever the
plot is about. That would be the IC generalization of that situation.
Lastly, the points themselves when used OOCly would be a way for the
Kage/Clan Heads to pursue advantages in a plot without having a plot
sihelded or "guaranteed victory" scenario which we have often had here. It
is not meant to limit, but to allow for there to be a fair way for a
village to apply an advantatious situation to themselves during what ever
the plot is. The way this advantage is "Created" is through using the
points to purchase "opportunity" within the plot. And example i used when
speaking about this with Satomi was Kumo having far fewesr military than
Konoha for obvious reasons, but because there is a point cap, they use
their points to purchase a high risk, but high reward mission/instance
that can turn the tide greatly in their favor. While Konoha can do the
same, the mitigating factor is risk. It becomes entirely up to the players
to use this opportunity, but their sucess is no longer based on trying to
be fair as a GM or scene runner, but playing it straight based off of the
difficulty (which is now measurable and has never truly been before).
Any how, the short of it is, the system can be used as a tool not to
limit or funnel or "make" people RP, but to add a bit more measurable
value to efforts for the village, over all objectives to the players in
the village, and ways of influencing plots that are determined entirely by
leadership choices and player/character ability. It is a semi active
method of making it so that the tapestry of the story is kept fluid,
instead of rather determined from the start due to it being entirely made
up and winged from start to finish.
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Message: 10/96 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Rating Fudo Jul 10 2013 Satomi

Thanks for getting it completely and clarifying. Hard to do from my phone!
Anyways, yes this is exactly right and just how I envisioned it!
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Message: 10/97 (timeout warning) Posted Author
CG Chuunin Jul 10 2013 Fudo

As Val noted, the CG Chuunin option was meant to be an upgrade from
1.0… but it was primarily due to not relying on NPC Chuunin and Jounin
to lead the Genin generation in to leadership (that took years… by the
way). However, the issue i have had since day one, is that Chuunin has
never required anything at all from the player other than a simple
application or maybe the exams. Once that is done, a chuunin has /never/
been required to do anything at all. They can do stuff, but they don't
have to. This means that 75% of the truly achievable ranks in the game
hold absolutely no responsibility. This to me has always been the core
issue, whether Chuunin is easy to get or not has nothing to do with it.
The reason why the idea to remove Chuunin has come us is because of this
factor, at least for me. It means nothing. It is not enforced to mean
anything. It is simply a power boost and authority when it is convinient.
It shortens the life of the game as well as the value of achievements
within it, because it has not requisites to maintain this position of
/leadership/. Being a Chuunin is not about being powerful. We in fact,
modeled the entire idea of the exams off of Shikamaru for that very
reason. He became a Chuunin not due to power, drive, or even connections.
He became a Chuunin because when it counted, he was capable of making the
correct decisions to survive in this world. He would not get his team
killed trying to win at all costs. He showed values of /leadership/,
regardless of power.
So, when looking at this issue, from my perspective, it has nothing to
do with restricting people, nor does it have to do with limiting fun for
people who have ranks. However, the rank is meant to denote your ability
and dedication towards supplying that experience to the rest of the
players. This is why the "Off Camera" arguement cannot hold water. It
doesn't matter if your character spends 99% of their time running the most
exciting, dnagerous, and profitable missions, if the 1% of the time you
actualy play they do nothing but lounge around complaining about how much
work they do. No interaction or leading of players is the key issue. That
being said, Chuunin should have a much more relaxed time for how much they
"need" to lead. Jounin and higher on the other hand need to be
increasingly more demanding. These are positions that people accept or
even volunteer to do and there is more responsibility as well as more
leeway as you do. As a player that has earned from Genin to literally the
only Jounin in my village in times passed, as well as creating the ANBU
for two villages, Leading a Clan and being an FC, as well as being a
primary pusher for another clan (Aburame for 2.0), and leading the first
wanderer organization, I can easily say it is possible. I did most of that
at the same time, also, while heavy load staffing.
My point is only to say, that these positions are not arbirtary, and we
should not treat them as such. It devalues everything around it, and it
spoils a lot of the RP possiblities for those who choose not to be in a
/leadership/ position to start. Remember, it has always been a choice.
That choice should not 90% of the time be for the power and prestige but
not the work, and I think it needs to now reflect what is granted. To me,
CG Chuunin is just a lesser form of what CG Jounin was, and FC is now. You
are granted "power" from CG, in order to be more capable at representing
yourself while /leading/. The only exceptions are BG's related to not
being promoted to that rank, and instead simply having the tier, not the
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Message: 10/98 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Logs Jul 11 2013 Hel

So, I GM'd a scene for a few Kumonin the other day and they all said it
was awesome. (That being said, the week before I ran one and they all said
it was boring…it happens, you learn and move on;p). Still, perhaps there
could be some sort of +log <Log title> <Comment> where for the truly
exceptional or truly dull logs, players could give their anonymous
comments/ratings…and maybe those could help with the Log grading? Just a
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Message: 10/99 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Chuunin Jul 11 2013 Ai

We really don't need to be rewarding anymore XP or PP. Growth is already
fast enough as it is. I don't think that pushing gold at people to do
better is a good way to solve the problem. If you want to be a Jounin or a
Chuunin you should know what's expected of those ranks or simply don't
persue them. Honestly, being a chuunin isn't really that demanding, you
don't have to run your own team unless you want to. The main idea is just
showing leadership and every once in awhile not scared to take the lead of
a mission and push things along. Jounin is more so demanding as they take
up a more political role in the dealings of the village (they are the
elite of the village after all).

I don't really see how having chuunin tier removed as a wanderer would
have made your concept less fun. You would still be able to have whatever
it was you started with minus a few skills and a style and stats. You
would just have work a little longer to get to your end goal. If this is
the case I think we should reopen Jounin Apps. I know there were some
times I felt like starting out of the gate with a super powered character.

I think a better compromise would be to remove the rank of chuunin out of
CG and make it senior genin or something along those lines. Perhaps add in
a minmum age for the rank and make it start at 36 (Currently the min to be
promoted to chuunin) stats instead of 40. It will keep it's current
chuunin bonus. Perhaps normal genin can get some bonus to traits much like
how students are able to pick up no basic skills.

The problem right now is that the rank of chuunin is useless at the
moment. All it takes is a good BG or reaching the proper stat tier. Even
the newsfile for chuunin says…

To be promoted above the rank of Chuunin, a character must show themselves
to be leaders, both ICly and OOCly. You will need to have run missions;
have written, organized, and run Campaigns; and, generally, have helped
drive RP.

We really need to do something the stabs at the heart of this problem.
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Message: 10/100 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Chuunin Jul 11 2013 Satomi

Just to note something. I just realized removing chuunins solves another
issue. wanderers can start at genin far easier. since most of your
opponents will be genin. And thus there's not reason to be afraid to be a
genin wanderer. a snowball positive effect of this change that also
applies to village genin. If what I think is true, then having like
'senior genin' would destroy that advantage!
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Message: 10/101 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Chuunin Jul 11 2013 Etsu

Genin are not entirely likely to be wanderers. They're graduated students
and most often go right back to being in student roles. They don't walk
out of academy as pros. Academy teaches them the basics and being a genin
involves being shown what it takes to be a shinobi, thus a chuunin ranked
wanderer is more likely to be fitting towards wandering in general. They
start with just enough stats and few skills to get by and maintain that
sort of role.

Chuunin isn't entirely useless. It's not the rank that's the problem,
it's how it's used. If we started treating chuunin less like a power piece
to achieve and more of an RP role, it might differ.
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Message: 10/102 (timeout warning) Posted Author
RE: Chuunin Jul 14 2013 Hel

So, one quick question…what is the functional difference between Upper
and Lower class Genin. Both will need to be on teams with Chuunin leaders,
excepting D-Rank missions (or D-Rank missions that turn C-Rank
unexpectedly)…but really both Upper and Lower class Genin can lead those
D-Rank missions. To me, the difference between Genin and Chuunin is
whether or not you want to lead. No matter the character, there will
always be character growth, so it's not a question of growth in my
opinion. Really, it seems like there isn't much of a difference between an
Upper and Lower class Genin, minus the stat and skills difference…and if
that is the only difference, then what will be people's motivations for
going with a Lower class Genin? I'd think most people would go for the
Upper class Genin, and then we're kind of back where we started…Just my
2 cents.
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Message: 10/103 (timeout warning) Posted Author
Re: Chuunin Jul 14 2013 Fudo

The reason people may choose a lower class Genin is that they will have
grown more and gotten more skills, clout, etc prior to their "power"
raising. As you said, this is already essentially what we have now, a
higher starting tier of stats and skills with no real necessity to lead
anything. People will go for this, just like they went for Chuunin for the
same reason. However, they won't be given authority at all just because of
their rank, and while they are more statistically powerful, they are less
developed. Really, with this option it works a bit better as a specialist
heading more towards at Tokubetsu route than a Jounin route. I also assume
that their growth is still Tier 1 locked, instead of Tier 2 locked, so how
far they can stretch that statistical advantage may also change
To explain the tier locking I am speaking of, Chuunin stat at base 40
stats, and are able to raise their stats up to 8 while they are within
Tier 2. Genin are at base 24 stats, and can only raise their stats up to 6
while at tier 1. This means that a "High Genin", while having more over
all stats, may not actually be much better than a "low genin specialist"
statistically. Where as a Chuunin could be in to Jounin level stats from
CG because of Tier 2 limitations versus Tier 1.

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