Suiton Healing - Theft of a Scroll


Aoitsuki, Sakuryu

Date: September 29, 2012


Aoitsuki and Sakuryu are asked to return a stolen scroll back in their grasps by an old Kirigakure Shinobi living on a distant island. They are told to bring it back by force if need be…

"Suiton Healing - Theft of a Scroll"

A Distant Island - Land of Water

The hierarchy of the Shirayuki decided to get Aoitsuki a new mission different from handling the monetary affairs of the clan, instead she was tasked with the opprotunity to increase on own ability, being quite praised for her diligent control especially with elements outside of her main Kekkei Genkai. The simply mission was to pick up a scroll, rumored to have the contents of Sution healing based techniques, a step up into the medical world and an interesting way for one to learn healing type jutsu. Adorned in a snow white kimono, waist sashed with a teal bow, her long locks of golden hair rolled down her back, with elegant and slow steps Aoitsuki was leading Sakuryu through the dense misty fogs of the Land of Water, lucky for the two of them the scroll for the most part was within their home land, though stretched out near the farthest banks.

Sakuryu fiddled with her hair a little bit. Today the Shirayuki clan had decided Sakuryu needed to get out and see a real member of the clan at work.
Her job was mainly to stay quiet and go along with her as an observer. Things were a little complicated in the matter since she was also to make sure her rank above Aoi was evident as she was born of the main family to none other than the reigning Snow Prince. So she had spent most of the day getting ready in her traveling Kimono, gathering tools and supplies. "So um….Aoi… are you doing today?" She asks to break the silence they had been walking in for some time now… her older cousin didn't seem to like her much but that was pretty on par for most of the clan, though Aoi seemed a little more irate against her, or something about her at least.

Aoitsuki as always remained focused on the task at hand, her piercing azure gaze watched carefully, somehow those eyes of hers easily managed to penetrate the thick mist, or perhaps she already knew where they were going. " Busy, what does it look like? Sakuryu-chan?" Aoitsuki questioned the younger Shirayuki, here tone was slightly harsh, more so blunt and straight to the point, showing uninterest in really pushing a conversation. " We have to uncover this scroll, but that doesn't necessarily mean we won't run into trouble along the way…You need to keep up your guard, no matter what," As usual Aoi was down for business… She took every mission seriously, even if it was picking up something in their own land.

Saku cringed a little bit, frowning as she gets snipped at like that. "Oh….okay." She nods just a little bit as she lets out a breath. With a little look towards her feet she looks around through the mist, looking for trouble but not truly expecting anything truly bad to happen to them since they were just on a jaunt across Kiri. "Um……s…so a medical Ninja…." She trailed off, she didn't want to annoy Aoi but she also felt the tense situation of everything was a little unnerving.

"Our clan is revered for our ability to utilize the element of water… As well as the rarity of our Ice Release… There is something else though, the ability to heal wounds with the manipulation of Water… Its not exactly a lost ability but its more difficult to master than normal healing jutsu, after all you don't want to drown the person you are healing, right?" Aoitsuki asked curiously, continuing to move forward while her eyes looked around, "What they didn't tell us was this scroll has been held in the wrong hands…"

Sakuryu tilts her head "Oh? And let me guess, having a scroll of medical techniques using water the user can reverse the technique to attack someones body from the inside using the water to poison and kill them rather then to heal them and make them recover faster"

"Possible but… One isn't able to manipulate the water already existing in anothers body, but thats not the point, we just want the scroll back, safely within our enclave at the Seastone Isles," Aoi replied back to Sakuryu, she didn't want her to jump to any conclusions. " It should be fairly simple to complete… I'm not sure how the scroll managed to get into the wrong hands but nevertheless…" She nods and moves forth, they were nearing over a bridge, and just beyond them a wooden house. " That should be the place…"

Sakuryu nods a little bit "Okay Aoi-san" She smiles and gets her Senbon ready just in case, the ninja tools hidden in her Kimono sash, carefully set there in case of emergency. "So what's the plan?" She asks as she looks the wooden house over, it doesn't look too dangerous from this point, but looks could easily be deceiving.

"We are going to knock and see if anyone is around," Aoi responed smoothly, her eyes narrowing down on the cabin ahead of them, Aoi's hands remained clapsed along one another, carefully leading the way, despite her rather, unorthodox and unvigilant procedure of approaching the cabin, the senior Shirayuki actually had everything within her control. " Are you interested in leading the way? She arched an eyebrow and looked forth at Sakuryu, what she said really wasn't an option at this point, " How about you be the one to knock on the door? That way whoever is in there won't feel so threatened,"

Sakuryu blinks a little bit, she looks around slowly. It wasn't that threatening really… "Um…if you want I can Aoi-san." She nods a little bit, stepping a little faster to see if she really wanted the younger girl to knock for her.

Aoitsuki didn't impede Sakuryu from knocking on the door, instead she actually stepped to the side, allowing the younger Shirayuki to knock along the wooden doo. It creaked slightly. Silence suddenly overcame as a dense wind swept from the outside, and suddenly there was some rumbling, a few steps hulking steps from within the house and suddenly there is a crack at the door, though his face wasn't visible from the darkness of the house, his eyes, a dense violent hue illuminated from the sunlight out side. " Do you remember what we are here for?" Aoi asked Sakuryu, testing her aptitude to see how she conducted a mission.

Sakuryu blinks a little bit as she watched the door open. With a tilt of her head she wondered "Maybe noones home…?" She asks with a little stretch. As she looks back at her cousin she heard the rumbling, Saku squeaking and jumping a little bit as she steps back, a little gasp escaping her as she looks upon the shadowed face of the person on the other side of the door. "Uh yes we're here to ask for directions becayse we got lost on our walk through the forest." She nods softly

Aoitsuki blinked briefly at Sakuryu's response, at least to Aoitsuki it wasn't very convincing, for now she took a step back and peered forth, curious as to how the man reacted while observing the situation. The man behind the door seemed guilliable though, he released the door and revealed himself, a rather hefty man with a large cane snug under his gripe to keep his balance. "AH! So you two little girls are lost eh?" The man asked with a wide grin, his hair was held in a single pony tail and he leaned in towards Sakuryu to hear her a little better. " So then? Where exactly are you wanting to go?" He asks with an arched eyebrow, for now Aoitsuki was just sizing him up, seeing if this man fit the description….

Saku bowed her head respectfully, being a noble born in a kimono probably helped…that and she was great at lying. "You see sir it''s a little embarrassing, I was walking with my dear older sister here and I saw a butterfly that I wanted to catch so badly…I followed it and we got lost…a little wandering after that and we ended up here. "Sir could you possibly tell us how to get back to the Kirigakure tea house? My mother will be most furious if we are not back in time for the tea ceremony." She put on her best lost little girl impression, trying to tug at any heartstrings the man might have.

The man was taking this qutie seriously, even for a moment he seemed to be a little googly eyed about the whole ordeal, "Ah! Kirigakure, yes I can't give you those directions, you see…" he began to go on about the quickest root to Kirigakure, but even still Aoitsuki wasn't buying it, she inched a little closer to the group, her hands slightly began to form a single hand seal, a needle of ice forming within her grip until finally she attempted her attack, moving forward swiftly to literally stab the needle into his hand, pinning it into the door, " We are here for the scroll you managed to steal from us… If you don't return it to us you are going to die…" Aoitsuki's voice was straight to the point, peering at Sakuryu for back up. "Put him down Sakuryu-chan…" Aoitsuki ordered, obviously not wanting to let up on the individual, even if he was willing to offer up the scroll.

Sakuryu blinks a little bit shuffling back quickly as she watches Aoi pin the mans hand to the door. "W….what?" She asks with a slight twitch, looking confused as she looks at Aoi.. "Um….okay Aoi san…" She says with a little twitch soon filling her lungs with a deep breath before releasing a heavy frigid blast of Air at the man. Stepping back just in case…though she wasn't sure this man was who they were looking for, the young girl holding back a little bit

"You two are from the Shirayuki Clan?! I should have known!" The man exclaims, his thick frame bobbed and weaved around their attacks, slipping further into the house. "No! Never! Your not getting the scroll! You made a mistake coming to /my/ house!" He didn't strike them surprisingly, instead he merely snapped his fingers, releasing a series of explosions at the entrance, it seemed like the house was well prepared to get rid of any trespassers instantly. "Die!"

Even with the explosions turning the deck of the house into smoking wood, Aoitsuki relied on her defenses to keep most of the attack away from her. Another set of hand seals, and suddenly a powerful barrier of wind began to knock and lick away the explosion, forcing it away from her, depending on Sakuryu to successfully defend against the attack as well, "Make sure he doesn't get away!" Aoitsuki went on to say, while this was a mission to get the scroll, monitoring Sakuryu's progress was also a necessary step within the clan. For a moment Aoi's cheeks flushed until expelling a burst of water from her lips, literally flooding the house with a mass of water to use while following up with her other attacks, a torrent of wind clashed through the house attempting to shred the man before them, while the water violently began to rush and crash down upon him.

Sakuryu gasps and jumps away, her hands in a quick flurry before she flickers and becomes two, the one in front taking the brunt of the explosion, it's body shimmering as it becomes a block of ice. "That was close." She sighs before nodding, As Aoi floods the land Sakuryu jumps towards the man her hands in a flurry once more soon another clone appears, both her and the clone taking a large breath before letting out a dual cascade of freezing winds, hopefully the icy wind would freeze the flooding lands to either hold the man or severely hurt him.

Swift on his feet like before, surprisingly enough he wasn't able to get away from all of the techniques. While he skillfully evaded away from Aoi's attacks, the chilling wind seeping through the cracks of the house chilled him to the bones, forcing him to grimance in a frostbite like pain. "Cold! Get away! You will regret coming any closer!" he reached down with his cave picking it up to slash at the two Shirayuki before him, " I have this place laced with traps, you will lose your scroll, you really think you have a chance against me?"

Aoitsuki was becoming rather impaitent with the man, while swiftly blocking away the strike with a shard of ice, she countered back, slicing into his flesh and pulling herself into Sakuryu's way, the sudden wind barrier began to flourish but it wasn't enough to stop the slash, it cut across her body spilling her blood across the ground, still she remained relentless and stoic. " Sakuryu-chan, are you okay?" Aoi asked briefly though without asking a word more the aura about her body began to shift, even her golden locks of hair began to melt away into a vibrant snow white, her body becoming pale and a mistified aura shifting about her body.

" When someone isn't willing to give back what they've taken from you there is only one thing to do… " Her eyes merely watched with an intense glare, the mist throughout the area began to crystalize into shards, attempting to build up around the man's flesh, gathering and solidfying into snow like shards on his body only to suddenly tear the flesh right off his body… It was a steady process but very very painful.

Sakuryu watched as the man came at them, her hands coming up into seals again before blinking. With a gasp she watches Aoi stand in front of her, the block came to a surprise. "T…thank you Aoi-san…yes I am fine…he will not be." For a moment she stands back, grasping into her bag with a smile. As Aoi made the hard flurry around them Sakuryu flickered into two beings once more the clone and Sakuryu both letting fly a flurry of Senbon, the harder stell no doubt hurting as uch if not more as the ice shards. The clone using the opportunity to charge and try to fly at the man wanting to make a good blow with it's sharpened arm

He wasn't doing so well after attack, his flesh was tore litterly torn off his body, forcing him into a kneel despite somehow dodging away from Sakuryu's attacks. He panted, heavily as blood streaked from his previous and new wounds, pooling within the water that was gushing at his feet. " Damn it… Fine I give up… Please don't kill me just take the damn scroll already!" The man plea's he points off near a far reached chest further down within the cabin, while finally hugging himself hopefully to stop the pain. " This…hurts so bad…"

Aoitsuki was surprised that her attack had managed to dish out a bit more damage than she expected. She watched as the man fell to his knees and pointed in the direction of where the scroll was held. " I can't believe someone like you managed to steal the scroll…Sakuryu-chan, can you check? and do becareful…" Aoi had requested, though she continued her manipulation, attempting to trap the man in a sphere of bubbling water to keep him from making any hand seals and setting anything else off… Sakuryu would be able to find the scroll, virtually intact within the chest.

Sakuryu releases her clones and nods "On it Aoi-San." She quickly moves over to the chest, using a senbon to open it just in case, as she sees the scroll she reads it over and nods. "It's here and okay." She smiles and stuffs it into her Kimono. "Mission accomplished yes?" SHe asks with a smile as she stands back a little bit

"Mission accomplished," Aoitsuki responded back with a nod of her head, releasing the man from the water prison and allowing him to slam against the ground, "Now we just need to return back home…" The Shirayuki concluded with a very faint smile. Giving Sakuryu a slight nod of approval she turned tail and began to exit the cabin, there wasn't more which needed to be said, after all this scroll was stolen from them.
Sakuryu smiles and bows her head, following Aoi quickly behind, her tabi clacking wetly on the soaked ground. Taking a breath she walks along looking around as they leave. "Who requested the scroll by the way Aoi-san?" She asks curiously as she walks along, trying to redo her waist length hair

"Both of our fathers asked for this scroll to be returned back to our vaults… For whatever reason I'm not sure what…" Aoi responded with a slight nod, though she did peer back at the Shirayuki behind you. " You did well today by the way… For the most part," She commented with, offering a slight and rather carless yawn while moving forward, for a long trip back to the Seastone isles.

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