What If? First Kiss - Summer Time of Youth!


Daisuke, Satomi

Date: March 30, 2013


A first date at a festival in a local village within the Land of Fire

"What If? First Kiss - Summer Time of Youth!"

Within Konohagakure and a small village a few miles from Konohagakure

The morning of the festival arrived quickly and, without much help on the matter, Daisuke had no
idea what to do, bring, or wear. He had thrown on some of his nicer clothing, Senju robes that he had
really never worn in years with no reason to. The robes were simple enough, basically a men's summer
yukata with a haori, officially the garment of important Senju officials. 'You look like a buffoon' says the
voice in his head, 'but one fit to serve a king, so don't mess this up.' Daisuke rolls his eyes a bit and some
of the stress was taken away as he was able to refocus. One could probably tell he looked completely
nervous and uncomfortable in such outer wear.

But the awkward part was just beginning as Daisuke had to travel into the Nara's village to pick
up Satomi. She had certainly warned him countless times about her father and secretly he hoped that
perhaps he would still be sleeping like an old man should! Entering the complex area, the young Senju
heads for the house he was told to go to. He looks around the place at all the sights, comparing them to
the Senju complex and all the others he had been in. If he had to use one word to describe the layout, it
was practical, very becoming of the intelligent Nara.

Arriving at the door of her house, Daisuke lifts his hand and knocks, taking a step back and waiting
for an answer.

The door opens to Satomi, she had taken the liberty to wear a blue-black clad Kimono that
compliments her figure. She grins. "Geez, you look like you're going to a funeral!" She says, while it's
clear that she too has taken her time to get decorated nicely. "So… who is it this time? IF it's that Uchiha
boy then I got news for him." Says the old voice behind her at a pace that does nothing to hide his age.

"He's five years older than you Satomi… no means no." Says he again while getting up. Satomi her
cheeks turn bright red. "No it's not the Uchiha and he's my trainer, dad, not a date." She says. "Like I
said before.." Satomi urges the man that walks up next to her. Aside from his stick… he still seems to be
in great shape, despite his age. "Then who is taking you to the festival." Says the curious voice, gazing
at Daisuke over Satomi her shoulder. "Daisuke-san dad, and I swear if you hit him." She's already late,

the pointy end of his walking stick snuck its way up past her body to smack Daisuke over the back of his

Daisuke blinks and looks down at his robes, he didn't think he looked that bad. "Really? I thought
the colors were a little brighter than that." he says as he examines himself for a moment. The voice
of what Daisuke assumes is her father causes Daisuke to pull his attention away from his clothing and
listen. An eyebrow is raised at the mention of Uchiha, though he stays silent for now. Satomi gives a
little introduction to her father but Daisuke feels he was due a little more than that.

As the stick comes flying towards him Daisuke bows his head to let it miss while acting proper at the
same time. "Good morning, sir. I am Daisuke. I am of the Senju clan and nephew to our Shodai Hokage.
I assure you that I have no ill intentions or plans to disrespect you or your daughter in any way, today or
any day hence, and all I hope for today is that she has a good time at the Summer Festival." he says with
his head bowed before raising it.

"Dad.." She says, while bumping back with her elbow into his solar plexus, causing her old man
to double over. He pants for a moment, before looking up, grinning. "That's my girl.." He says, placing
his stick back down and pushing himself up. "At least he dodges it, that Shintaro needs to practice his
reflexes, underestimating an old man!"

The old man chuckles loudly. A peek would allow Daisuke to see that Satomi was playing Shogi
with her father. "I have no doubt that you'll be respectful." Says he, before his eyes turn slightly
sinister. "Because if you don't, then you'll not be able to trust your own shadows, from here-on and
henceforth." Says her father, grinning at the kid, before pushing Satomi out of the house. "Now go have
fun, and make sure my little girl comes home in one piece!" He says, closing the door before closing his
fist. "My little girl, going out on a date?" He glances towards a picture of him and his wife. Who passed
during childbirth. "You okay with this?" He says, before dropping down on the sofa, continuing a game
of Shogi against himself.

Meanwhile Satomi walks on out. "Well that went smoother than expected." she says, while closing
her arm around Daisuke's neck, giving him a slight hug. "You're such a gent." She adds, before walking
him out of the village, guiding him through some alleys to avoid the prying eyes of some of the more
nosy Nara's.

Daisuke smiles as Satomi gets a hit in on her father, who seems to approve. He chuckles upon
hearing Shintaro was struck, picturing the jounin embarrassed like that. He also does notice the Shogi
board through his keen sense of observation and apologizes for interrupting their game, though he
doesn't offer to let them continue as Satomi was his for the day now. "I assure you sir, she will be
just fine with me." he says with another respectful bow before they go to leave and suddenly he is in

Satomi's arms.

A little flushed, Daisuke looks away and says, "Well you have to be respectful to your date's father,
and you two get along so well. He really is a good guy. I was quite impressed and a bit jealous…" he
admits, still a little flushed as she drops her arms and they walk. "You…look really pretty, by the way."
he says as they walk through the alleys to avoid detection, unsure of how he feels about that. "I didn't
get a chance to say it before."

"I figure we make it there within an hour of walking, but if you want I have asked a friend of a friend
to hold his wagon up for a bit. I know it's probably not easy to move around in these formal clothes
and he is headed to the village for some trade." Daisuke says as they head towards the main gates of
Konohagakure. "It is up to you what route we take, walking or riding."

She ponders for a moment, before nodding at the wagon. "Well would be a shame if we had your
friend wait for nothing." She says, smiling brightly, seeming less worried about being seen with Daisuke
outside of the Nara village. In fact, walking quite close by him. "And I might not admit it, but if you were
someone elses date.." She grins, while leaning in. "I'd be jealous." She smiles, before joining his pace
towards the gates, gazing around for the Wagon he was talking about.

"And my father appreciates the respect. Last time Hinotori-san came to pick me up for training,
well lets just say that my father was less than impressed. He doesn't like the attitude that clan carries."
She concludes, while perking an eyebrow. "If he'd only give him a chance he would see that Hinotori-san
is different. He's closer to a Senju than an Uchiha if you look at how he carries himself." She says, while
following Daisuke. She might not show, but she's actually kind of nervous as well.

Daisuke blushes a bit at the jealous comment, though he was pleased that Satomi seemed to be
having a good time. As they arrive at the massive open area before the main gates, Daisuke is able to
point out the wagon that was waiting, leading Satomi towards it. "All fathers deserve respect, regardless
of what they do or how esteemed they are. Because no matter what, they have raised the daughter that
I am interested in going on a date with." he says with a smile, keeping his comments about the Uchiha
clan to himself. Once Hino's name comes up, Daisuke does feel like he somehow had known his brother
was in with all this ever since the older Uchiha comment was made by her father. "Hinotori is special. He
has been in our 'family' for quite some time, and my aunt does her best to make sure he is on the right
path. I think, secretly, that she wishes the relationship between her and the old Uchiha head, Madara,
would've gone better, though she never talks about it. Hinotori is her salvation from that, at least that's
how I see it. But if he's disrespectful to your dad, I may have to give him a good bruise to think about."
he says as they arrive at the wagon and he offers his hand to her to allow her to step up into the seats
before a quick discussion with the driver and they would be off.

She was about to get up herself. Though remember that it's actually quite flattering for him to help
her up. She reaches for his hand and slips up onto the wagon. "No he's not disrespectful at all, actually
I'm sure he tries." She says, while sighing. "My father didn't want to hear it. Lets just say that he's got a
history with the clan." She regrets saying that, does take away from the humble craftsman image. "In a
way.." She adds, knowing fool-well that it does nothing to repair the whole ordeal.

"You been to a festival before?" She asks Daisuke, not letting the conversation die. "I love them,
though I was on a mission during the last festival… and eh, nearly got killed." She adds innocently,
blushing. "Not that I can't defend myself!" She quickly adds, hating the helpless attitude some people
have. "I was protecting a genin… Uchiha-Fudo to be exact. A team-member of mine." She adds, before
relaxing back. "I got punched through a tree and then took a hit from a full blown earth-jutsu to make
sure that kid didn't take the brunt of the attack. I'm team leader after-all… responsibility is my cross to

Daisuke mumbles something under his breath like "Don't we all…" to the comment about having
a history with the Uchiha, the Senju vs. Uchiha clan wars the stuff of legends in the past before the
founding. "I'm happy that you are worried about my brother, though. Sometimes he doesn't think
before he acts." he says with a chuckle as the wagon starts up and they leave the gates. He watches
the village get further and further away, which meant the date was closer and closer, and he got a little

"Hm…what? Oh, sort of." Daisuke says as he was in his thoughts a bit. "The Senju used to
have seasonal events and sometimes my aunt would take me to see what it was all about. I'm glad
you survived your last festival, so that we can go to this one." he says with a smile as he turns to
Satomi. "Thought it does sound like quite the festival. And it also sounds like you are a great leader.
Something I am not." His issue with the responsibility of leading kids was quite well known amongst his
friends, his view being it took 14 years to look after himself properly and he didn't ever want to put kids
through something like that.

"He does.." She says, remembering the shuriken he planted into her arm the last time they went
out training. "Though I guess the pro's measure up against the con's… He's sweet, though… An idiot."
She hisses, looking away for a moment. Her mind is working on over-drive, trying to push away images
of Hinotori. "Right… so…" She says, biting her lip. "I'm happy I can go too, and thank you… Sometimes I
highly doubt my leadership."

As a jounin he probably knows that his aunt gave her, a chuunin a team to groom her for some
leadership role. It's her strength and that's what's being trained now. Satomi however has no clue
why she's leading a team and just guessed it was a normal thing for the Nara. Nobody really tells her
anything, and it's quite a source of doubts.

"I see all these Jounin around me leading teams, always knowing exactly what to do. And I'm just…"
She sighs, a profound, tired sigh. "I just don't know if I can live with myself if I make a mistake that kills
one of my team-members." She smiles, shrugging it off. "Sorry, back to happy thoughts!" She says, while
they're about half-way through to the village.

"Nothing to doubt. My aunt doesn't just hand out teams of our future generations to chuunin
lightly, you know. You have impressed her, that much is obvious." Daisuke says as he pats her on the
head, not in a demeaning way, but more going for reassurance that her worries were silly. "Back when
I first went on missions for the village I was in a stage of my life where I could care less about the
members of my team at my side. The mission was clear and I handled it, basically telling the others
to get out of my way. It wasn't the best time of my life, but it was important for me to learn just how
powerful a good, cohesive team can be. Just keep up the team building exercises and one day your
bunch of fresh squirts will be their own chuunin team and you will be standing there like a proud

She smiles, nodding while sitting back up. "You're right." She says, the sound of music whelling up
in the background. "Sounds like we're getting close, and are late for the party!" She grins, glaring at him.
She just realized he never told her - what - caused him to be the way he is. And the fact that she might
be going out with a beast bothers her what now? … Luckily she manages to repress that thoughts. It's
just a theory until it's proven.

"I'm very curious to see how the Senju treat their ladies." She says, while throwing him a teasing


"I know the Akimichi just invite you for dinner. Which is cute but not really my thing. The Uchiha
probably glare at you until you die or something." She chuckles, clearly in a good mood. Her humor
sparking up as the uneasy feeling drops in her stomach like a bomb. Is she nervous?

Daisuke turns his head to look ahead at the village appearing in the distance, quite close now. "The
good thing about festivals is that they go on all day until the grand fireworks at the end! So if we are
late, that just means we have less time until the good stuff." he says with a chuckle. He always liked the
fireworks, it was both the climax and conclusion of some of the most memorable times in his youth,
which was surrounded in darkness and confusion.

"Treat their ladies, huh? Well our greatest member is a woman, and is respected world wide. So I
would worry more about what Senju expect of their women." he says with a twinkle in his eye, teasing
her as the wagon moves along down the road towards the entrance of the village.

"Oh I'm not worried about respect." She says, while the wagon comes to a halt. "My father warned
you that you couldn't trust your own shadow if you'd disrespect me… well my Father's decent… I'm
about four times as good as him in ninjutsu and can hold down Hinotori without twitching." She grins,
before winking at Daisuke. "I'm more curious how smooth you guys are."

She glides off the wagon herself this time, cursing herself for not letting Daisuke help her off.
Gazing at him with a shy face. "Atsuro is probably a ladies-man, that's because most girls don't know
what they want and mistake his behavior for manly. I think it's just childish." She seems to have seen
something, grabbing Daisuke's hand and rushing off towards a dumpling stand. "Oh my god he's here!"
She says, while pointing at the chef. "He's a travelling dumpling chef, he only comes here like once or
twice a year!" She says, as if Daisuke should have heard about that particular wanderers sect. "Ever
tried one of his dumplings? They're AMAZING!" She grins, while ordering two portions with him, already
reaching down for her wallet.

Daisuke smiles at Satomi. "I'm sure you are, I have no doubt." he says with a chuckle as the wagon
enters the village and arrives at its destination. "Looks like we are here." he says as he hops down and
turns to Satomi who has already gotten off the wagon. 'Missed that opportunity kiddo.' says the voice
in his head as he silently curses. "I don't really expect most people to know what they want at our
age. Though we are ninja and are said to mature quickly, we are still teenagers." he says as his hand
is grasped and he is dragged to a dumpling stand which immediately sets off his stomach into hunger
mode, not something he wanted to show off, being he could eat an Akimichi under the table.

"Dumpling chef, huh? Well I do love dumplings so I will have to try some." he says as he retrieves
his money and hands enough for three portions to the man, thanking him in advance as a third is added.
No way he is letting her pay. "If they are as good as you say, we might need a third to savour this rare
opportunity." he explains as he holds the two portions while handing one to her.

"Well at least you eat healthy." She says with a grin, thanking him with a wink before biting off one
dumpling. "Amazing…" She just muses while beginning her slow walk through the village. Eyes switching
to all sorts of rarities and such. "Oh they have chakra-readers!" She says, pointing at a tent. "They can
tell your future through chakra." She says, before getting distracted again, glancing around. "And there's
music on the square!" She says, while pointing. "You dance?" She asks him, blushing a little at the
idea. "Because I love to dance, I'm just not so good at it!"

She walks backwards and ends up standing against a wooden stand, leaning back a bit. It appears
they're throwing shuriken to pop balloons. The reward being teddy bears and the likes. A big sign saying:
No shinobi on top of the stand. Satomi glares up, sighing. "Makes sense."

She then snickers, before pulling Daisuke in so he's just inches away from her, while she's leaning
back against the corner of the stand. "So what do you want to do first?" It's clear that she likes to take
control, streak of a team-leader. Especially if someone else doesn't take control first. Not really lady-like!

Daisuke blushes a bit, biting off one of the dumplings and chewing thoughtfully before nodding his
head. "They are good, one of the best I've had." he says as he walks beside her though the village to
the various places of entertainment. When she mentions chakra readers Daisuke gives the tent a glare,
making sure to stay away from there. But she has already moved on to another place, causing Daisuke
to smile, she seemed so excited which was awesome. "Dancing with death in combat is probably the
only time I've ever danced in my life, dodging thrown weaponry or attacks." he admits to her, a little
disappointed that he wasn't a good dancer since she loved to dance.

As they arrive at the shuriken booth Daisuke chuckles. "It would be almost like cheating, after
all. Maybe I'll win you som-" he says as he was looking at the other booths before he is pulled close
to her. 'Woah there, she is a feisty one, kid.' Daisuke stammers for a second with a flushed face at
such a sudden movement before collecting his thoughts. "I-uh-we could-you know- try the gold fish
scooping…or something."

"Gold-fish scooping?" She asks him while angling her head. "You're kidding right?" She doesn't shed
her laugh though. "Let's get our fortunes told!" She says, while pointing at the tent, already planning to
drag him along with her. "And let's dance after that, I'll try stabbing you throughout the whole thing if it
helps!" She says with a wink. Really hoping someone else was going to take control. Oh well, she didn't
expect him to, even the more prominent alpha people turn beta around her. Hisoka for example.

She glares at him to see if he's okay with it, assuming he's slightly reluctant she'd grab his hand,
squeezing softly. "Come on, I was nervous the first time as well, but trust me, it's fun!" She mistakes his
reluctancy for nervousness and already begins walking towards the tent.

Daisuke blushes a bit deeper, having no clue what the right answer was in a situation like that. 'Ya
blew it.' says the voice which Daisuke tells to shut up. Then, suddenly, the chakra reader comes back up
and Daisuke wonders just how Satomi files all the information she collects in her brain. "Uh yeah, I don't
think a chakra reader is going to be able to tell much from ninja. I think it's more for the villagers." he
suggests, "Though the stabbing dance sounds interesting." he adds as a joke. Satomi insists and Daisuke
wasn't going to deny her some fun, but he clearly didn't want to go. "There are plenty of games where
I could win you something cute or maybe they are giving away cool ninja weaponry, or.." he says along
the way.

"Pfft… I can win something cute for myself. You're dating a ninja, get creative!" She says, throwing
him another smile. She's clearly excited and already carried away. "And trust me, chakra readers are
sensory nin who specialize in some voo-doo celestial things… you'll see." She says, while pulling him into
the tent, still mistaking his relutancy for nervousness.

She then sits down in front of the old lady, plowing Daisuke down next to her on a chair. The old
woman looks up at the two, turning towards Daisuke. "Is that your girl-friend young man?" She asks,
while grabbing his hands, slowly feeling his palms with her hands, taking them with her to an object
in the middle of the table covered by a piece of cloth, having him glide his hands through underneath,
before placing them on a globe-like object. Satomi just smiles, curious to see what the woman has to

Satomi doesn't really believe in this at all and suspected it to be a hoax, though she loves to read
people their reaction to a reading. She realized pretty quickly that she could be doing what the old lady
does, she's sensory no doubt, but a fortune-teller… That Satomi did doubt.

'Get creative? What does that mean!' Daisuke thinks to himself and is met with silence, as clearly
no man would ever know what to do with that bit of advice, King or not. He is forced into the tent and
down into the chair, not sure if he likes being dragged into this or not. He is asked a question that was
slightly embarrassing and says "We are on a date, not quite at that stage yet." As the woman holds his
hand he keeps his eyes on hers, a look in his eyes beneath a furrowed brow telling her to keep whatever
she senses to herself.

The woman looks up at Daisuke and is about to say something when she sees the look within his
eyes and decides against it, turning to Satomi and smiling. "I see a sturdy rock, water flowing all around
it trying to erode it with time. But the rock stands tall and defiant against the flowing water, ever
unmoving and unchanging." she says finally as she looks into the globe of hers. "Your boyfriend is strong,
resolute in his ways, and stubborn. What this means for your future remains to be seen in your own
chakra." she explains, holding out her hand to take Satomi's.

Satomi blinks a couple of times. More interested in seeing how Daisuke reacted to her read than
the actual words. Which mean close to nothing to Satomi. Having no logical way of explaining a skill
means it's a bluff. Simple as. "Hear that? A rock.." She says while bumping his with her elbow. "He
wasn't as sturdy when I dragged him with me here.."

She says with a smile, before letting the woman grab her hands. Reaching them through to the
globe. "Are you sure you're referring to his personality and not to something hidden in his.." She stops
mid-sentence, not being able to conceal her own laugh at her shameless tease. Glaring at Daisuke to
check if she's actually funny. Finding the whole ordeal utterly amazing herself.

"You hide many things.." Says the woman calmly, glaring into Satomi her eyes. "You wear many
masks." She then adds, pausing for a moment. "But your true feelings burn true, and underneath that
veil is a gold-pure heart. But there's a shadow nearby… don't think you're controlling it." She says firmly,
pointing at Satomi. "For if you mistake the ally on the same terms for a servant, you will face a grim

Satomi blinks a couple of times, utterly in shock. She knows exactly what the woman was on about,
but how could she know? "Thank you.." She just says, before nodding and standing up, walking out
of the tent with Daisuke. "Well that was fun.." She says, walking towards the square where there's
dancing with him, before stopping at a game. "Oh look..!" She says, dragging him along with her yet
again to a game she knows is rigged. A huge muscular man without a shirt on is holding a hammer by a
contraption. "Whack it with enough force and the bell will ring." Says he, demonstrating it, which causes
a piece of metal to rise far enough to ring the bell.

"Ring the bell and wing a prize." His partner then rigs the contraption again while unknowning
villagers all give it a whirl. "Go ahead and win me something cute then stud!" She says, crush-punching
his abs, cursing herself for doing so. Trying to downplay it. "Give it a smack!" She says, pointing at the

"No rocks in here." Daisuke says as he looks at his robes, smiling at Satomi as he was pleased at
how the reading went and was interested in hers. He quiets down as the reading is done, unsure of how
to take all it and what was true and was embellishment. The paused look on Satomi's face doesn't do
much to help as he stands and walks out of the tent with her, once she was outside turning back to the
fortune teller and placing a finger over his lips before following her out.

He walks with her in silence, remembering all the issues he had with the sudden date and
motivations. Atsuro's talk in the evening after the hotsprings didn't help much either. 'Ahhh this is all so
frustrating' he thinks, just getting a chuckle in response. He was on his own in this one.

He looks over at the game, one of the ones that everyone knew was rigged, but he had so much
pent up frustration that he was ready to release it. He 'oofs' a bit as Satomi gives him a 'friendly' punch
to his abs, though luckily he had been working out since the hotsprings and sparring with Atsuro. "I'm
ready to win you something." he says as he walks up the muscular man, holding his hand out to receive
the hammer. He holds the hammer out in front of him, channeling all his frustrations and doubts into
the weapon as he raises it over his head. Not one to be outshone, Son would give him a little extra juice
as his strength increased in order to win. Bringing the hammer down like the God of Thunder himself,
Daisuke smashes the contraption on the toughest setting, sending the little meter up to smash into the
bell and dent it. Daisuke is left panting but feeling relieved.

Satomi looks at him going for the bell, she knew he needed to let go for a moment, this seemed
like the perfect opportunity. She does look away a little when the metal hits the bell and beyond. "Oef.."
She says, smiling at Daisuke, pretending to be the happiest girlfriend and cheerleader with his

He does get a nice teddybear from the man who might as well close shop now. "Here kid.." He just
says, while glancing at his partner. "I thought it was impossible!" He whispers, the other man crying
while seeing all their money flush down the drain.

Satomi waits for him to hand her the teddybear, holding it in her left hand though instead of
cuddling it she steps foreward, giving Daisuke a heartfelt hug. "Thank you!" She says, smiling while
walking next to him now towards the town square, where drums are banging and flute's are playing.
People dancing and talking and eating. "A few hours till foreworks." She says, stepping up the stairs,
actually growing more comfortable with Daisuke. Satomi doesn't seem to share his frustrations at all,
having a blast.

"Come on, lets dance!" She says, while again grabbing his hand and pulling him with her to the
town-center, placing her bag down on a nearby bench together with the teddy-bear, pulling Daisuke in
to dance close to her. She's a clumsy dancer, and especially when looking at everyone around them they
would seem like the cutest, yet most awkward couple.

But Satomi couldn't care less. "The music's nice!" She whispers, now kind of close to him, enjoying
the whole thing. The town square is conveniently the highest place up in the village and provides a
magnificent view over the setting sun.

Daisuke drops the hammer and moves over to the stall, receiving the teddybear from the man. He
turns to show Satomi the teddybear before presenting her with it. "It's no shogi piece or cool weaponry
but I think it's pretty cute, no?" he says before receiving a hug. Seems he did something ok. He begins to
feel a bit less tightly wound after that, moving towards the music with satomi, who seems to be really
enjoying herself. That is until he is asked to dance.

Regardless of his awkward steps and movements, he had a bit of rhythm in him, at least moving to
the beat along with Satomi. She wasn't the best dancer either but together they probably made quite
the pair to the onlookers. The music slows as Satomi whispers to him, Daisuke bringing his hands down
to wrap around her waist and pull her close, slow dancing the easiest and possibly most embarrassing of
all the dances. "It is, and the scenery is quite beautiful as well." he says as he looks down into her eyes,
not taking any time to look at any of the other scenery as he sways with her in the square.

Satomi glares into his eyes with her own, tightening for just a split second as he pulls her in, but
then she smiles, actually quite enjoying this. "Ohh." She says, as if he's woeing her. In truth, she's
been attracted to him for a while now, this just kind of seals the deal. "Looks like your view is into my

eyes? They that pretty?" She says, looking back into his, forgetting about everything around them. Just
dancing to a rhythm that seems to fade as they talk and dance and sway. One of her hand is wrapped
around his lower back, the other awkwardly resting near his shoulder.

"They are, the sun setting has nothing on them." Daisuke says in return with a smile, swaying lightly
to the music. "This song should just continue on forever and ever, I wouldn't mind." he says as one of
his hands reaches up to cup her cheek, lightly tracing her jaw. He is hesitant to proceed without signs, a
normal apprehension for such unknown territory, but the risk just makes the reward that much sweeter,
or the defeat that much more awkward. His thumb traces her lips as his eyes remain on hers.

She lets him, though she does find his approach more fitting for a say… gorilla observing a human…
oh well, it's kind of cute right? And he did compliment her. "Flattery doesn't buy you much in the end…"
She says, smiling. "But it's a start." She grins, at least she doesn't back away to his approach. Though she
wasn't going to make things easy on him, quite unsure on how far she wants to take it either. Maybe
it's a little late to think about that? Shut up mind…. And the soft crimson blush does give away that his
flattery hit home. "And I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying yourself as well."

In the end Daisuke was just another typical shounen male, completely clue-less as to what to do
to step over that line and kiss her. His fingers trace the blush on her cheeks and he smiles, the song
ends shortly after, but not before he traces her jaw once more, frowning and saying "I can't find any
mask lines." Teasing of course, he needed something to lighten up the heavy mood that was around
them during the slow dance so that they could continue to have a good time without any drama or
awkwardness. The sun had peaked over the mountains and the sky was darkening, but not before the
brilliant oranges, pinks, and reds lit up the sky. Daisuke runs a hand through his hair, cooling off after the
dance as he enjoys the sunset. "How long do we have until the fireworks?" he asks in a curious tone.

Satomi muses softly while swaying with the slow music. "I don't know… ten minutes maybe?
Too soon." She says, while he awkwardly gets used to her touch and she to his. Reaching down and
squeezing his butt cheek while looking away, a teasing smile residing on her face. She does seem more
loose than most girls in the village. Almost ahead of her time even. Must be your aunt her influence.

She has to resist the urge to kiss him, knowing that no matter how bad she wants to, it would
be even worse if he rejects her. No, it has to come from him. She just softly embraces him and enjoys
the fact that he's close. "I'm really enjoying my time here.." She says softly, brushing away some of his
crimson hair, playing with it even.

"I'm enjoying my time here with you." Daisuke says in response as he looks out on the darkening
horizon, the fireworks starting up any time soon. He didn't mind her playing with his hair, in a way it was
affectionate, something he really had no experience with yet wanted to. "Should we move somewhere
or find a bench to watch the show? I bet all the good spots are filled up." he asks quietly to Satomi,
turning his head to focus his emerald green eyes on hers.

"Remember the part where I said you're dating a ninja?" She proceeds to quite literaily sweep him
off his feet with a nasty leg-sweep, catching him in her arms. "I'll show you this once and you'll need
to remember it for next time!" She says while grinning, actually finding this quite funny. Jumping up
onto the roof of the city-hall, the tallest building on the the highest place in the village, with a - perfect -
view. "There.." She says, while dropping him without flair on the roof, sitting down next to him, with one
leg swaying down the side of the building, waiting for him to recuperate and sit down next to her. "This
is what I mean by getting creative."

Daisuke is not pleased at all as he is swept off his feet, but as he advised Naota the other day,
sometimes you just go with it. "Satomi! That wasn't very cool, at least I could've swept you." he mutters,
looking around for a few moments to collect himself. "I just asked because you seemed to be enjoying
our former location, is all." he adds, pointing out that he could've very well come up with this idea after
he heard she wanted to move! He sits next to Satomi, knees up, arms resting on them, pouting like a
man with wounded pride.

"I think you didn't get the memo." She says while grabbing his hand, putting it in her lap while
squeezing it. "Take control, I might not look it, but I don't mind. I'm just spontanious like that. So you
know, just eh… go for it if you got something on your mind." She tries to give him all the silent hints.
But the tomboy in her never really got challenged. And she always felt it's up to her to take charge. The
flipside of being a natural leader. Especially one who never really learned to be very girlish. "Sorry for-so
publically destroying your manliness." She says, grinning at him. Hoping he challenges her back at least.
Or joins her in her little tease. They're alone now anyways, nobody watching them.

"My manhood is completely bruised now, not sure if I can recover. Yours is intact, though" Daisuke
says, mostly as a joke at his expense and hers. He was still holding out for the right moment, and he felt
the fireworks would be perfect, but it was hard to hold back when he was getting signs now. "I might
need to spend some time in the hospital mental ward after. I guess that is the sign of a good date, huh?"
he adds, chuckling to himself.

"Well other guys who asked me out got their teeth knocked out. And the guys I asked out ended
up running away about half-way through. So you're doing just fine." She says, smiling while gazing onto
the setting sun. A loud gasp from the crowd. "Hoooh" When the first piece of firework is lit, announcing
the show that's to commence in ten seconds. The sun then disappears behind the low mountains in the
distance, as if on que the fireworks start, a pretty display which lights up the sky. Satomi is completely
enchanted by the fireworks, peering into the dark void, her attention completely left Daisuke. Though
she's still holding his hand, and wouldn't let go, even if he tried.

"So reassuring to have so much experience with the process of asking someone out." Daisuke
mutters before he chuckles, remembering how awkward he was. 'I suppose it won't be as bad if I ever
have to do it again.' he thinks as the fireworks start, lighting up the sky. Daisuke tries to shuffle a bit
though Satomi is holding his hand tight, making it awkward. He finally just shuffles over next to her
and offers her his shoulder to rest on if she wishes, at least that would bring her closer to his reachable
proximity. Another trio of fireworks go off, lightning up the sky in blues reds and yellows, quite a sight.

Satomi doesn't hesitate and plants her head on his shoulder, actually taking the liberty to rest a
hand on his chest. Glaring out towards the fireworks followed by a sigh. "I can feel your heart-beat." She
says, followed by a giggle. Looking up at Daisuke, really wishing she had any idea on what's going on his
mind right now.

"Oh yeah? Hope it's strong." Daisuke says as he gets comfortable with Satomi in his arms like this.
Inside his head he was counting down, like any trained ninja, an opening was something you took
without a second guess and he was losing his chances. Sure it was his first, sure she may be repulsed,
but with the night sky being lit up by colorful fireworks the odds were in his favour. As soon as Satomi
looks up into his eyes he reaches to lift her chin slightly and, during a big parade of a series of fireworks
going off in the night sky, he presses his lips to Satomi's in a kiss.

Satomi didn't expect much less. She waited for him to do that, not even sure if that's what she even
wanted. Even now alarm bells go off in her mind. She moves away just half an inch, before moving in
to join him in the kiss. It's her first kiss as well, but she neglects telling him, just enjoying their moment,
happy that they have the privacy of a… well roof to themselves, as the whole ordeal probably looked
quite funny if not blatently hilarious. Regardless, Satomi feels like she's floating, completely lost in the
kiss. A sensory ninja could even notice her chakra flare involuntairily.

Slowly breaking the kiss after moments that seemed like forever, lost in his emotions, Daisuke rests
his forehead against hers and looks into her eyes. He had noticed her reluctance at first and wondered if
she may not be a seasoned expert after all. "That was… something I waited since forever to do. I wanted

the setting to be perfect as something to remember. And the only reason I'm telling you this is so you
don't think I'm completely dense." he says with a warm smile as he quickly kisses her lips again before
leaning back up to free his neck from the angle they were at and watch the fireworks with her back in
his arms. "I hope you had a good first date." he whispers in her ear as they watch.

"Magical.." She just whispers, softly stroking his chest with her hand while sighing. Okay now they
kissed, while for him it might be a milestone. For it it marks a whole new set of worries. What does it
mean? What's supposed to happened now? How does this work? Who the hell is she? No wait.. that last
part wasn't a question.. or was it?

Satomi just smiles though, apt at keeping up appearances. "And you?" She asks curiously, more
interested in looking at Daisuke than the fireworks.

Daisuke waits for a few more fireworks to explode in the night sky before looking back down at
Satomi. "Probably one of the best nights of my life." he says with a smile, running a hand through her
hair to wrap around and cup her cheek. For a moment he's lost in those hazy-blue eyes as they are
illuminated by the colorful explosions of light, but reality is ever present. "So what does this make us,
exactly?" he asks as he looks out over the show. "If I asked you to go steady with me… you would…" he
adds to add a bit more to his question.

"If you tell me we should be friends now I swear to the spirits… Jinchuuriki or not, I will end you."
She hisses, glaring at him with still a light smile on her face. Though her voice carried a gritty seriousness
about it. "It makes us ehrm… we're ehm… We're dating?" She then says sweetly. While poking his
abs. "Does that work mister-take-it-slow?" She grins, leaning up to kiss his jaw. And then his neck.
Before resting her head on his shoulder.

"Still don't know why you assume I'm some crazy Jinchuuriki. You'd be crazy to date one of those
from what I hear." Daisuke says as he settles back down to watch the end of the show peacefully with
his new girlfriend in his arms, a concept completely foreign to him but that feels so right. "And I'm not
slow, I'm just a hopeless romantic. You would be too if all you knew came from manga or Atsuro."

If only he knew… She was put at ease though by the fact he claims he's not what she thinks he
is. "Well if you are then you seem to have things under control." She says jokingly. Completely relaxed
with him. The whole concept takes a little longer to reach her mind. It first has to pass a filter and then
three grinding runs in her subconsious mind. Maybe next time she's meditating the whole realization
hits her. She's running on emotions now and frankly doesn't mind at all. "Well you're not doing bad for
being a hopeless romantic, though I do recommend you getting some advice if you want to keep me

interested." She says with a wink, knowing damn well that it's not going to be - that - hard to impress
her at all.

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