Steel Soul Tourney - Suna Showdown: Jiro vs. Keigo


Rockpath, Jiro, Keigo

Date: June 2, 2015


The final rounds of the Steel Soul Tournament of the First Bracket. Jiro vs. Keigo

"Steel Soul Tourney - Suna Showdown: Jiro vs. Keigo"

Dammed Arena - Floor

Kaguya Mai steps forward into the Arena, watching the crowd cheer. Most of it comes from the Sunagakure section, as that is where the two contestants for the next match are from. The woman clears her throat. "Amaro Jiro, Genin of Sunagakure. Hougenka Keigo, Genin of Sunagakure. Come forth and lay your claim so we might see who is the victor this time." She calls. She waits for the two to approach. "I'll step in if need be. Do your best, and keep each other alive for next round."

Keigo drops into the stadium from the stands, his puppet following behind him. He's not even bothering with keeping it looking like a human this time around. Everyone in Kiri already knew it was a ruse, so why keep going with it? Landing in the stadium, Keigo approaches the starting point and awaits his opponent. He'd seen Jiro around the village a few times, but never really stopped to chat or figure out what he was about. This would be interesting, to say the least. He smiled as Jiro would enter. "Let's have a great match!" With that, he got into his ready stance and started building his Chakra up.

COMBAT: Keigo focuses 3516 stamina to turn it into 4000 usable chakra!
RP: Keigo transforms into AYAMAKKI.

Jiro had been around, actually in waiting room since he'd known the match was coming soon. And now he exits the room into the arena, looking around curiously to see who…oh, okay. "Yea', you too!" Jiro says with a grin, tugging at his sash to pull off the cloth and whip it around behind his neck, holding it over his shoulder. "'m ready when you are!"

COMBAT: Jiro focuses 2771 stamina to turn it into 3000 usable chakra!
RP: Jiro transforms into STEEL-RESERVE.

Keigo doesn't waste any time at all with talking. This one was Suna. He knew how Suna could be, and he was going to be respectful to his fellow Sand Shinobi. Flaring his fingers outwards, he forces Ayamakki into action, right arm raised and opens up into a crossbow, firing two Kunai from it before coming around with a left hook… only for the left hook to have a sword at the end of it!

COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-POISONED-KUNAI(21) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…39
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-POISONED-KUNAI(20) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…23
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(28) attack from Keigo with a DODGE…35

Jiro grins when he sees that Keigo is just going to start right on in. He has absolutely noooo problem with that. The kid waits until the puppet is close before jumping back away, then jumping to the side to avoid it's attacks. There's no hesitation, no pause as Jiro launches himself towards Keigo with his cloth in hand. When he nears he lashes out at Keigo in an almost whipping motion, strikes that might not hurt super bad but are hard to judge where they'll hit.

COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(33) attack from Jiro with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…23
COMBAT: Keigo loses the roll and sustains 320 damage.
COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(42) attack from Jiro with a PUPPET-BLOCK…28
COMBAT: Keigo loses the roll and sustains 312 damage.
COMBAT: Keigo defends against STEEL-CLOTH-FANG(35) attack from Jiro with a REPLACEMENT-TECHNIQUE…18
COMBAT: Keigo loses the roll and sustains 397 damage.

Keigo is getting rocked by that Steel Shell style! Bypassing the puppet, the attacks seem to deal some serious damage and faster than Keigo can react to! Who said turtles were slow? Getting knocked around like he was, Keigo was flung to the other side of the arena, sliding to a stop near the wall… fresh wounds were oozing with a slow trickle of blood as he attempted to stand up and get himself back into an offensive stance… though he was very shaky as he did so, he did send Ayamakki in to attack once more! He had to deal SOME damage… otherwise, it'd all be for nothing… all his training… all his battles up until now… he would never be able to face those assailants… ever…

RP: Jiro transforms into SPAR-I.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(23) attack from Keigo with a STEEL-CLOTH-BLOCK…34
COMBAT: Jiro takes 113 partial damage.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(30) attack from Keigo with a STEEL-CLOTH-SHELL…28
COMBAT: Jiro loses the roll and sustains 186 damage.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(22) attack from Keigo with a STEEL-CLOTH-SHELL…25

Jiro watches poor Keigo kind of get tossed around, but then he sends the puppet after him again and, well, what's he supposed to do? He raises his cloth but he's not quite fast enough and two cuts do get through, though he finally stops the last one by flaring the cloth in front of him, one tip digging into the ground for leverage and hardening like steel. Whew, that was close. Wait, there's something off…poison? Well it /is/ a puppeteer from Suna. Jiro peeks out around his wall of cloth to check on Keigo, ignoring the poison as well as he can for now while he sees how the other nin is doing. "You 'kay?" It's his fellow Suna nin, so…he doesn't want to do anything too bad.

Keigo is panting heavily as blood continues dribbling from his numerous wounds now. "I'm… I'm fine… I… I can keep… nngh… going…" His words said one thing, but his body definitely betrayed his spoken lies. Reglardless, he sent his puppet in for another flurry of blades! He was going to go out swinging!

COMBAT Jiro is poisoned (2 rounds) and loses 39 health.
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(24) attack from Keigo with a BREVITY…39
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(26) attack from Keigo with a BREVITY…27
COMBAT: Jiro defends against PUPPET-BLADES(22) attack from Keigo with a BREVITY…33

Jiro isn't so sure the words are true. Yet the puppet attacks him again! The boy is there, and then he's not. And twice more he simply vanishes with the speed produced, ending up right near Keigo and frowning. "I dun think we shoul' keep goin'. I dun wanna hurt ya too bad." He says with a deep frown, obviously not liking how much he'd already done! As the poison continues through his system he just ignores the pain as best as he can. He can have someone take care of it later!

Keigo just tries to send his puppet out again, but twitches awkwardly and Ayamakki does a weird spin before it even reaches its target… Keigo is looking way too wobbly… "I-.. I'm fi… fi…" He can't even finish… he just falls forward, the pain of the initial attacks finally getting to him, hitting the ground and unable to move. Ayamakki collapses where it is.

"The winner of this match: Amaro Jiro," Kaguya Mai suddenly declares, appearing between the two contestants. Regardless of the fact that both are from Suna, there are boos and cheers from all over the stand, especially those who had bet on Jiro. "Go get patched up for another round later. Not today, though," the Kaguya advises before disappearing. The woman also waves a few medics in the genins' directions.

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