Suna Village Meeting 2011-01-22

«OOC» Sousa says, "Sorry folks, lost track of the time. X)"

«OOC» Koudo bows

«OOC» Kichiro really has no place here :/

«OOC» Kaede says, "I disagree. You're right on time. :D"

«OOC» Imota says, "Is this going to be a battle wits and philosophical banter? I think so. XD"

«OOC» Koudo says, "no probs :D"

«OOC» Sousa says, "Okay, so…not a whole lot of idea yet what-all we'll be doing in these meetings. n.n Anybody have anything they want to share?"

«OOC» Kaede says, "I like chocolate."

«OOC» Koudo hmms, is there staff here?

«OOC» Kichiro says, "a battle of wits… Kichiro is disarmed D:"

«OOC» Kaede says, "Well, Sousa is here."

«OOC» Rain is here to negotiate the release of Kaede.

«OOC» Rain says, "if that is possible."

«OOC» Koudo nods.

«OOC» Imota says, "Are we talking the Town Hall meeting? Or the Meeting where Kaede may actually go free?"

«OOC» Rain is likely quite unexpected.

«OOC» Imota says, "Likely indeed."

«OOC» Koudo says, "Yeah"

«OOC» Sousa says, "This would be the OOC village meeting. Unless people decided to have a scene while waiting for me to show up. X)"

«OOC» Rain says, "an OOC village meeting, how interesting"

Minako has connected.

«OOC» Sousa says, "Anyway, the issue of Kaede is as good as any to start with. :) Our current plan was to plant some sort of tracking bug on him and pretend to execute him in a way that allows him to slip away, but we're open to fresh ideas."

«OOC» Minako says, "Hi. >_>"

«OOC» Imota wavewaves!

«OOC» Sousa says, "Greetings."

«OOC» Koudo nodnods…waves!

«OOC» Minako says, "Should we actually announce the meeting thing is starting so that people can come here?"

«OOC» Sousa says, "Hmm, suppose so."

«OOC» Imota says, "Thinks that would be an very good idea."

«OOC» Minako says, "Seems kind of silly to do otherwise!"

«OOC» Koudo says, "keep him."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Keep who? Me?"

Meimei arrives from Village Center Area.
Meimei has arrived.

«OOC» Rain says, "I would have to assume that a properly executed false execution would have drastic effects"

«OOC» Rain says, "given his current affiliation"

Itami has arrived.

«OOC» Imota says, "The OOC village meeting is starting."

«OOC» Itami nods.

Nai has connected.

«OOC» Imota says, "Oh.. Sorry. -_-a"

«OOC» Rain says, "though there is little that ca nbe done about a bug"

«OOC» Kaede don't like insects.

«OOC» Koudo waves!

«OOC» Sousa says, "You mean the Takokujin would get miffed that Suna would try to kill one of theirs?"

«OOC» Kaede says, "Yo, Nai"

«OOC» Kichiro says, "an accident that allows an escape might be better than botched execution"

«OOC» Rain says, "As per our arrangement however, Rai nand the Takokujin have one option of appeal. Future service to Sungakure as contractees."

«OOC» Itami now remembers way long ago that Rain came here.

«OOC» Imota says, "Are we going to have Anathema around or someone else staff affiliated? I know we have a few players here that are staffers but for the record.. I just thought it seemed proper."

«OOC» Rain nods. "We do have a prior arrangement after all."

«OOC» Minako says, "It wouldn't be 'botched' though. Everyone would think he is dead. He'd just… Escape. Like intentionally. Sousa could make it seem like it was some sort of secret aid he is providing."

«OOC» Itami says, "Okay, so I'm hearing stuff about execution. Anyone have a summary? X)"

«OOC» Koudo says, "yes, Rain is correct"

«OOC» Kaede says, "Kaede is gonna hang!"

«OOC» Minako says, "Kaede. We are killing him via catterpillars."

«OOC» Rain says, "yes, i am wondering what execution, false or real is even necessary."

«OOC» Imota says, "Kaede came back and got caught."

«OOC» Minako says, "To show the world that we don't take kindly to criminals/terrorists. After the Siege and all, Sunagakure is not the most powerful Village around."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Should've admitted all your feelings while you had the time! Like… uhmm.. how smart Kaede is!"

«OOC» Minako says, "They need to show they have strength still."

«OOC» Kaede says, "That's not a feeling, but uhh.. anyway.. oh, and charismatic"

«OOC» Itami says, "Kaede is single handedly destroying parts of Suna. Usually indirectly. XD"

«OOC» Kaede says, "Fear.. I like it!"

«OOC» Imota says, "Pretty much."

«OOC» Itami says, "All he has to do is be somewhere and something happens. Dome. Hospital. X3"

«OOC» Itami says, "Arena. Lol."

«OOC» Imota says, "Kind of like me, huh? XD"

«OOC» Minako says, "The school."

«OOC» Itami says, "That too."

«OOC» Kaede says, "I didn't do half of that hey!"

«OOC» Rain says, "Still, given the circumstances, Kaede's actions reflect my organization, so at the very least an opportunity to pursue this more formally would be what Rain would seek."

«OOC» Kaede coughtemplecough.

«OOC» Imota says, "…."

«OOC» Minako nods.

«OOC» Imota says, "You and your damn AOE's XD"

«OOC» Imota says, "Don't you have anything precision related? X3"

«OOC» Minako says, "Well, there wouldn't need to be a rush to chop off his hair until he >dies of it<, after all. Probably plenty of time for Rain to show up."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Not really.."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Anyway, I like Rain's suggestion too."

«OOC» Minako says, "But seriously, isn't that just the coolest way ever to kill someone!? Death by haircut!?"

«OOC» Imota says, "…"

«OOC» Itami says, "Haircut means his scalp would be going with it, right? X)"

«OOC» Minako says, "No."

«OOC» Minako says, "Just the hair."

«OOC» Itami laughs.

«OOC» Kaede is bald.

«OOC» Minako says, "Well, >I< would die if my head was shaved. :<"

«OOC» Itami patpat.

«OOC» Minako says, "I would die of embarassment."

«OOC» Rain says, "It would also be another opprotunity to display why there is an administrative branch of the Takokujin in the first place."

«OOC» Minako has ridiculously long hair.

«OOC» Imota says, "Does his hair happened to have any organs in it?"

«OOC» Rain says, "as … due to down sizing, that part of it has been forgotten."

«OOC» Minako nods.

«OOC» Kaede is not bald, is just kidding. Takokujin taking interest sounds awesome to me, whether or not there is a execution afterwards.

«OOC» Itami doesn't think she's had the chance to get to know the Takokujin well. I know Rain came a while back in the beginning stages of 2.0, but I think that got interrupted due to some other stuff that I can't remember. z.z

«OOC» Rain nods. "The scene should determine the ICC

«OOC» Nai says, "Tessen and Mune are apparently going to have a scene this next week at some point. I am not sure what it concerns, but it may result in a 'rescue attempt'. Or at least more than just Rain showing up."

«OOC» Rain says, "it was not interrupted. It was actualy part 1 of a 4 part campaign"

«OOC» Rain says, "which culminated in Rain becoming Lord of the Land of Rivers"

«OOC» Itami says, "Ah."

«OOC» Nai says, "That reminds me."

«OOC» Rain says, "Tessen has apparently already taken physical actio nagainst suna"

«OOC» Nai says, "The Land of Rivers apparently has some canonical locations that should probably either replace Higuregakure eventually, or just be Higuregakure after some event changes it enough that it could be renamed."

«OOC» Nai says, "Or be tossed into the Land of Rivers in some other spot."

«OOC» Itami hmm.

«OOC» Rain says, "higure…."

«OOC» Nai says, "Twilight Village"

«OOC» Rain says, "well ,the Land of Rivers is'nt on grid"

«OOC» Rain says, "only the Twilight village"

«OOC» Nai says, "Yet, yes."

«OOC» Rain says, "also, Higure isn't a hidden village"

«OOC» Nai says, "I know."

«OOC» Nai says, "But +where says it is."

«OOC» Rain says, "interesting"

«OOC» Nai says, "At any rate."

«OOC» Rain says, "either way, grid expantion is… staff paragative"

«OOC» Nai nods. "We can discuss that some other time. My apologies for derailing the conversation."

«OOC» Rain says, "i had atleast wanted Higure to be fixed up desc wise any how."

«OOC» Nai nods.

«OOC» Rain says, "Koudo, i believe you know of Tessen's actions."

«OOC» Rain says, "meaning the majority of the Takoukujin's active population has already offendd Suna, making it so i have my work cut out for me"

«OOC» Rain says, "and it gives reasons not to speak to me at all"

«OOC» Nai says, "Tessen and Koudo just had a 'rematch', to my knowledge."

«OOC» Nai says, "It was not attacking the Village."

«OOC» Itami nods.

«OOC» Rain says, "i thought Tesssen fought 2 people"

«OOC» Nai says, "When?"

«OOC» Kaede says, "Naw, that was me."

«OOC» Rain says, "Koudo however was a ematch"

«OOC» Itami was only present.

«OOC» Nai nods.

«OOC» Koudo says, "Somewhat, but yeah Itami had to save me."

«OOC» Rain nods.

«OOC» Itami nods.

«OOC» Rain says, "Tessen has a way of turning intell in to… competative replay…"

«OOC» Rain says, "so i'm glad to clarify that"

«OOC» Kaede says, "And as far as I know, I am the only active population that has offended Suna."

«OOC» Rain nods.

«OOC» Kaede says, "Then again, I offended every village.. except water and clouds."

«OOC» Rain says, "then Tessen will just be an assumed show of force or persona lreasons."

«OOC» Kaede says, "mist*"

«OOC» Rain says, "any how.. that is my suggestion"

«OOC» Rain says, "and reasons for it."

«OOC» Imota says, "….."

«OOC» Itami says, "Well, he wasn't there for intel, but he did manage to gather some, I believe. X3"

«OOC» Meimei says, "I have a subject to discuss after we finish the subject of condemning Kaede to death by mud-wrestling with Kara!"

«OOC» Itami says, "Ooooooohhh."

«OOC» Nai says, "…I have a couple things as well."

«OOC» Rain is done with his issue.

«OOC» Minako says, "Hey, now. Mud-wrestling with Kara is unlikely to kill him. She sucks at Taijutsu."

«OOC» Meimei says, "Okay! Kuoroke brought this up way early this morning."

«OOC» Kichiro says, "but she'd kill himanyway for getting her dirty"

«OOC» Meimei says, "When I was going to bed."

«OOC» Meimei says, "Basically, Meimei's picture is in the Bingo Book, along with her description, etc."

«OOC» Meimei says, "And while she may be KNOWN as 'Hibiki Yoko' to everyone here, Kuoroke pointed out that he doesn't know it's okay for 'Yoko' to be around the kids and so forth."

«OOC» Itami hmm.

«OOC» Meimei says, "So… I wish he was on to discuss this, but basically I think he was suggesting some trouble might result from the discovery of Meimei's true identity."

«OOC» Meimei says, "Since only Sousa and Risu know her true name right now."

«OOC» Imota says, "Wait what?"

«OOC» Meimei says, "What what?"

«OOC» Koudo says, "Yoko"

«OOC» Imota says, "Oh.. Okay."

«OOC» Imota says, "I misread.. NVM."

«OOC» Minako pats.

«OOC» Koudo says, "whats the trouble :/"

«OOC» Koudo says, "*? keeps forgetting to put those"

«OOC» Imota says, "I just misread something from the above OOC. But I understand things now."

«OOC» Meimei says, "So… If it becomes public knowledge in Sunagakure, it might wind up that either Sousa has to make an official announcement of giving amnesty to a fugitive, or he may have to turn her over to the authorities, or kick her out, or whatever."

«OOC» Imota says, "I have something to discuss also when things come later."

«OOC» Meimei says, "And if he doesn't take action, then once word gets back to Yukigakure we'll have Snow-nin showing up on the doorstep."

«OOC» Meimei says, "And bounty hunters way before the Snow-nin show up."

«OOC» Koudo well if she's an ally then we shouldn't kick her out, though it shoudl be handled with care

«OOC» Kaede says, "Heck, even I wanted to poke Meimei in my own way about her picture just under a 'WANTED' sign."

«OOC» Kaede has reason to pay attention to those. *shrug*

«OOC» Meimei nods.

«OOC» Imota says, "I had requested to plot that Me, Itami and Kichiro, with Meimei's help of course, try and go for Korona Onohara, if that can be related in anyway."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Others might not have noticed. Just saying, don't want to scare you Meimei."

«OOC» Itami hasn't noticed yet because I fail at using the bingobook atm. X)

«OOC» Koudo isn't familiar with that character, an npc?

«OOC» Kaede nods.

«OOC» Meimei says, "+bingobook/list, +bingobook/info Korona"

«OOC» Koudo says, "oh ok, cool"

«OOC» Meimei says, "I think that's it."

«OOC» Itami often wonders about the extent of knowledge she's supposed to have. I think there's an assumption that the council is all knowing about stuff, but I don't usually act in that way. X)

«OOC» Koudo nah, we dont know personal details :3

«OOC» Meimei says, "Bingo Book should be common knowledge for most Council Members."

«OOC» Itami nods.

«OOC» Itami says, "So, are there any up coming plots that we're for sure are to occur or are we just laying them all out on the table now?"

«OOC» Nai says, "There are two ongoing that I wanted to speak on."

«OOC» Itami nods.

«OOC» Nai says, "One being the Noonshade Mystery (I believe that was the name). Another being the Blood Red Sandman plot."

«OOC» Nai says, "I have been waiting for Risu to be online more often for the former."

«OOC» Nai says, "And I plan to continue the latter when the Team 01 plot is over."

«OOC» Imota says, "Is there anything going on beyond those two?"

«OOC» Nai says, "Which will involve Imota being 'assigned' to Nai."

«OOC» Nai says, "And eventually uncovering Nai's true nature."

«OOC» Nai says, "And necessitating that Imota be eaten."

«OOC» Koudo says, "wowww"

«OOC» Imota says, "That is good to hear lol, but not quite was I was suggesting."

«OOC» Koudo laughs

«OOC» Itami says, "Ha. X3"

«OOC» Kaede says, "It's okay Imota."

«OOC» Kaede says, "You'll be remembered."

«OOC» Nai says, "And yes, we have… Hmm… I do not know all the details, actually. Meimei, what about the two that Rinako wanted to run?"

«OOC» Imota says, "I wanted to know if it could be possible in the future, to have some of the Council memembers assigned teams."

«OOC» Meimei says, "No idea. Ask Minako. D:"

«OOC» Minako says, "Oh, I know which ones he means."

«OOC» Imota says, "I thought it was a cool idea, since soon, we are going to have a ton of genin coming out of the academy."

«OOC» Imota says, "Not really now per-say, but in the near future."

«OOC» Minako says, "And that might be okay. Problem is… RL schedules for the Council Members are interfering with regular RP."

«OOC» Imota says, "So true."

«OOC» Imota says, "Well Itami a while back, wanted to recruit myself annd Kichiro."

«OOC» Koudo says, "hah, yes and yes it would be cool"

«OOC» Imota says, "I asked Tonberry to add us to the roster, but she hadn't had the chance too."

«OOC» Imota says, "to*"

«OOC» Minako nods.

«OOC» Minako says, "Tonberry doesn't do a lot of things."

«OOC» Koudo tonton…

«OOC» Imota sighs.

«OOC» Imota says, "If that could happen though, I think it would give a sort of official manner to something that has been going on for some time now."

«OOC» Koudo says, "just wondering about that, say if we wanted to do a certain plot and we cant get the go-ahead from staff, what do we do?"

«OOC» Imota has been Itami's personal assistant for a while now.

«OOC» Koudo says, "yeah totally, go Team 2!"

«OOC» Kichiro has been a sidekick :/

«OOC» Minako says, "You just do it, generally, Koudo."

«OOC» Imota says, "Yeah.. The Council members were kind of assigned as not only high class nin but generators of rp."

«OOC» Minako says, "You only need to contact Staff if it's something major (as in, it would seriously impact an entire Village, or a country, or similar). And then it's mostly so that they know what's going on, not for approval."

«OOC» Koudo says, "lol, Regarding Konoha, I'm not so sure, but maybe."

«OOC» Koudo says, "I see. That helps a lot"

«OOC» Minako says, "Originally there was some kind of limitation on the Rank of a mission you could run when 2.0 started. But… Eventually that just sort of disintegrated. No one really cares about Rank, and Rank is decided by Clary anyway. :P"

«OOC» Minako says, "For log purposes."

«OOC» Imota nods.

«OOC» Imota says, "I think it is good for to have at least one person who decides that."

«OOC» Rain says, "rank no logner determiens rewards… so Rnak is more an indication of the depth of the mission."

«OOC» Rain says, "atleast… that is my understanding"

«OOC» Minako says, "Actually…"

«OOC» Imota says, "I have ran things not knowing exactly what rank they may turn out. Just how difficult I wanted to make it."

«OOC» Minako says, "Every mission Rank has a specific set of guidelines to it, canonically."

«OOC» Minako says, "Let me find 'em."

«OOC» Koudo sagenods "…council members should have our own bboard XD"

«OOC» Imota says, "What about the Jounin+chuunin Bbread, Koudo?"

«OOC» Imota says, "I think its the most unused one there. XD"

«OOC» Koudo says, "you're probably right ^^"

«OOC» Kichiro says, "theres a jounin+chuunin Bboard?"

«OOC» Imota says, "Yep."

«OOC» Imota says, "+bbread 7"

«OOC» Imota says, "It doesn't show up for genin of course."

«OOC» Kaede doesn't have any good ideas.

«OOC» Minako says, "'There are also D-rank missions, the lowest classification a mission can receive. These missions are usually assigned to genin. Naruto Uzumaki describes D-rank missions as not being actual missions as they deal with tasks as simple as finding missing pets and weeding a garden. D-rank missions pay between 5,000 and 50,000 ryo.'"

«OOC» Minako says, "'There are also C-rank missions. These missions are usually assigned to chunin, or in some cases, genin. Assignments include bodyguard duty and hunting wild animals, all of which will likely pose some risk to the ninja. The only known example of a C-rank mission was Team 7's assignment to escort Tazuna to the Land of Waves. After it was discovered that Tazuna had assassins after him the mission was stated by Kakashi Hatake to be B-rank or even A-rank. C-rank missions pay between 30,000 and 100,000 ryo.'"

«OOC» Minako says, "'There are also B-rank missions. These missions are usually assigned to jonin or chunin. Assignments can involve spying or assassinations, and ninja are expected to go up against enemy ninja during the course of the mission. B-rank missions pay between 80,000 and 200,000 ryo.'"

«OOC» Minako says, "'There are also A-rank missions. These missions relate to what is in a village or country's personal interests and are extremely difficult or dangerous to compete, usually assigned to Jonin. A-rank missions pay between 150,000 and 1,000,000 ryo.'"

«OOC» Minako says, "'"S-rank" is also a designation given to extremely powerful missing-nin, earning them a place in their village of origin's Bingo Book. Each member of Akatsuki is an S-rank criminal. Fans of the series will sometimes classify powerful ninja who are still loyal to their village as S-rank, such as the Sannin or other Kage-level characters, but this is arbitrary.'"

«OOC» Minako says, "Done."

«OOC» Minako says, "Oops"

«OOC» Imota copies and pastes that all for his own records.

«OOC» Minako says, "Ignore the last one. This is the right thing."

«OOC» Minako says, "'There are also S-rank missions, the highest paying and most dangerous type of mission a ninja can go on. These missions are exclusively assigned to highly skilled jonin or large squads of ninja. S-rank missions pay at least 1,000,000 ryo.'"

«OOC» Sousa says, "Pretty close to what I imagined…D-rank is regular work, C-rank has an element of danger, B-rank involves sentient beings likely wanting to kill you…"

«OOC» Rain says, "and thus… the major issue with my appealing to Suna"

«OOC» Minako says, "Also, note: There is no such thing as an E-Rank mission."

«OOC» Imota says, "And other stuff include things that can kill the world…"

«OOC» Rain says, "as i have an S rank bounty, and Suna is having hard times which money could aid."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Hahaha, nice joke Rain"

«OOC» Itami knows she doesn't have the means to take on S-rank material. X3

«OOC» Itami has to work on that. Lol.

«OOC» Imota snuggs Itami. "Follow my schedule and we'll get there."

«OOC» Rain already has multiple plans to make capturing me far less valuable than my bounty. "But i also have plans to aid in Suna's recovery as well. The scene will be interesting indeed."

«OOC» Minako nods.

«OOC» Itami can try. :P

«OOC» Kaede says, "I did have one idea, but uhh.. I dunno. I just feel it's good but I can't tell why."

«OOC» Rain says, "last mention really, but i would like to pursue this before tomorrow night, when i wil lbe making my decision to stay or leave the MUSH."

«OOC» Rain says, "if it is not possible ,then it is not."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Basically have a 'secret intelligence taskforce' Genin can aspire to get a slot in /before/ they become Chuunin"

«OOC» Kaede says, "Then again, I'm not really part of this village anymore so uhh.. nevermind me. I'll just be in chains over here and shut up. :D"

«OOC» Itami laughs.

«OOC» Minako says, "Why are you even still thinking about leaving? :/"

«OOC» Minako says, "I mean… If you're going to leave at all, it shouldn't be for another few months at least. You have people depending on you both OOCly and ICly. Not leaving them hanging is a good idea. But really, it'd be better to just stay."

«OOC» Imota says, "The SIS, was something that I apped for in 1.0 but never got to achieve."

«OOC» Kaede says, "He has his reasons."

«OOC» Minako says, "I know."

«OOC» Imota says, "I wanted to make a Council person in 2.0 that was sort of a founder of it but was disproven."

«OOC» Imota says, "Or at least the app was late?"

«OOC» Rain says, "i believe that further discussion o nthis matter is best left to the alotted time, or in private."

«OOC» Minako nods.

«OOC» Imota says, "Any who… I think it would be natural to have an Intelligence organization in a supposed intelligence oriented village."

«OOC» Rain says, "Kumo had appleid for theirs some time ago"

«OOC» Koudo says, "Digs in @mails…There was some discussion about suna black ops at the beginning of 2.0 among the council members."

«OOC» Minako says, "Yes, I think Hibari is working on that too."

«OOC» Imota says, "Of course, maybe I could be thinking of Sunagakure in the wrong terms."

«OOC» Imota says, "Yes.. Kumo does have an ANBU don't they?"

«OOC» Rain nods. "I had thought Suna already established their "ANBU"

«OOC» Minako says, "Their own form of it, yah."

«OOC» Itami says, "No. We hadn't established it yet. It was being discussed, but never finished."

«OOC» Rain nods.

«OOC» Imota says, "I think they did in 1.0.. But never carried over or fully established."

«OOC» Itami doesn't think it was carried over.

«OOC» Imota says, "I liked the idea of the Sunagakure Intelligence Society."

«OOC» Minako says, "Kumo's ANBU are called… Kamen Raida. Masked Lightning-Capturers."

«OOC» Rain says, "if handled like Konoha's, it may take a bit of time for Staff to establish the curriculum. It is a balancing act for your benefit however."

«OOC» Koudo says, "me too"

«OOC» Imota says, "Yep… I read the skill the other day."

«OOC» Minako nods.

«OOC» Rain says, "i'm not sure how the KR was handled, so it may be handled more similairly to that."

«OOC» Imota says, "I don't think it will take much time, Rain, if they go by what they had back then. I think I still have the actual draw up of what it would be./"

«OOC» Rain says, "interesting"

«OOC» Rain says, "is ill informed on Suna matters."

«OOC» Itami says, "We could go with what we had. I think in the beginning, some found intel missions boring or without 'activity' of some sort other than watching people and reporting. X)"

«OOC» Koudo says, "would you mind sending that to me Imota?"

«OOC» Itami says, "In other words, somebody wanted a fight. :P"

«OOC» Imota says, "I will.. It is on an old hard drive, so give me a day to scrounge it up."

«OOC» Imota says, "Is it okay if I @mail that same stuff to Staff as well?"

«OOC» Minako says, "Also, two plots that are going to be run sometime in the future. One will be 'time-bubbled' to have already happened."

«OOC» Minako says, "It will involve the Three-Tails trying to get loose."

«OOC» Itami still has a loss of a computer, so I can't guarantee exactly how available I'll be for the future.

«OOC» Minako says, "Shhh."

«OOC» Imota says, "I think intel gathering things.. if done right, can be rather awesome."

«OOC» Koudo fun, flashbacks XD

«OOC» Minako says, "The other plot will involve the Other World and an attempt made to cross over into this one."

«OOC» Koudo says, "yeah Rika was our expert"

«OOC» Minako says, "Rika was a doofus."

«OOC» Imota facepalms.

«OOC» Minako says, "All she cared about what looking cool."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Other World? What the hell is that?"

«OOC» Minako says, "what = was"

«OOC» Minako says, "…Read the logs, Kaede. :<"

«OOC» Minako says, "On the wiki."

«OOC» Imota says, "Yep… She was to outwardly prideful to be stealthy. XD"

«OOC» Koudo 8D

«OOC» Minako says, "I meant OOCly, Imota."

«OOC» Imota says, "OOCly anyway."

«OOC» Minako says, "Yah"

«OOC» Minako says, "ICly… I don't even know. D:"

«OOC» Imota says, "Thats what I meant as well. XD"

«OOC» Koudo nods.

«OOC» Imota says, "ICLY.. she was great IMO."

«OOC» Imota says, "Just not a leader at all."

«OOC» Koudo says, "right"

«OOC» Itami nods.

«OOC» Rain says, "as a very late submission…"

«OOC» Rain says, "from a game play perspective, other tasks ca nbe an involvign as battle, as long as mechanics set by the runner are in place to make the other tasks jsut as engaging."

«OOC» Imota says, "Also.. yes.. I know Team One and Nai have been dealing with the Other World stuff alot lately."

«OOC» Rain says, "case in point, D&D is nothing without that roll of the dice, but people spouting fan fiction across a table."

«OOC» Kaede says, "I was just wondering if the Other World is Naruto canon."

«OOC» Kaede can't remember it at all

«OOC» Nai has not been involved much at all, really. And the first plot was over awhile ago.

«OOC» Minako says, "No, it's not, Kaede."

«OOC» Imota nods.

«OOC» Minako says, "It's basically an alternate world."

«OOC» Minako says, "Not a parallel world, but an alternate one."

«OOC» Rain says, "Sousa has had many ideas to bring more dynamic non combat gameplay to this MUSH, some of which i think were converted i nto the CRS, but others may not be as easily researched."

«OOC» Minako says, "Meaning it's >this< world if things had happened differently."

Itami has disconnected.

«OOC» Imota says, "I am going to apologize for my idleness however. I have been focusing on other alts alot lately, because ai am trying to get Imota on a more focused path. Deciding that had been difficult."

«OOC» Minako says, "As opposed to being >a< world that is different completely."

Itami has connected.

«OOC» Itami says, "Ugh."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Welcome back"

«OOC» Rain believes that is the definition of a parellel world however, Minako. "Not sure… but i believe that is the case."

«OOC» Itami says, "Thanks."

«OOC» Kaede says, "I see, Minako. That sounds interesting."

«OOC» Imota says, "I have been reading the logs on it. Its pretty good."

«OOC» Itami missed everything after Rika. X3

«OOC» Imota says, "I was almost envious in fact."

«OOC» Minako says, "Parallel worlds exist alongside at least one other world, but they generally have a different history, a different population, and potentially even different physics."

«OOC» Minako says, "For instance… Sailor Moon, Ranma 1/2, Pokemon, Akira, The Irresponsible Captain Tylor, uhh… Mobile Suit Gundam… Each of those is a parallel world."

«OOC» Minako says, "But Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Fighter G Gundam are alternate worlds of each other."

«OOC» Rain says, "interesting"

«OOC» Rain nods

«OOC» Kaede says, "I get your point."

«OOC» Minako nodnods.

«OOC» Rain says, "it was my believe the naming conventions were reveresed."

«OOC» Rain says, "belief."

«OOC» Minako says, "Was explaining for Rain, mostly. But yah, there's also a theory about dimensional assimilation… Basically, if you go to a parallel world you may wind up 'synchronizing' or being 'assimilated' into that world. You would essentially change as a person until you matched the person (or thing) that you are most similar to."

«OOC» Itami feels her brain breaking. X)

«OOC» Minako says, "Which is kind of scary."

«OOC» Kichiro is confused

«OOC» Itami says, "It's cool. :P"

«OOC» Minako says, "It would be like if Itami went to Godzilla's universe. She might wind up losing her rationality, becoming overly emotional and prone to destructive rages, might increase in overall power enormously… Basically, she would become a monster. She would lose who she actually >is<."

«OOC» Itami rawr.

«OOC» Kaede says, "Itami is Godzilla"

«OOC» Imota says, "The key factors to remember when talking about parrallel and alternate, are simultaneous yet different existances of each other in the time line, versus, different versions of the same thing existencing along side each other."

«OOC» Minako says, "Exactly!"

«OOC» Minako says, "It's the difference between A1 and A2 versus A and B."

«OOC» Kichiro says, "why are we talking about paralell universes anyway?"

«OOC» Itami says, "This is why Imota is Itami's assistant. X)"

«OOC» Imota says, "All the anime's Minako mentioned are different, but they still are anime, existing along the same stretch in time, assumingly."

«OOC» Minako says, "Because I was defining that the Other World here on the MUSH is an Alternate World, not a Parallel World. Rain thought they were the same."

«OOC» Minako says, "So I was clarifying."

Tessen has disconnected.

«OOC» Minako says, "At any rate… So it looks like we have a lot of plots coming up!"

«OOC» Kichiro ahs.. and goes back to his corner

«OOC» Imota says, "Hopefully so."

«OOC» Minako says, "Do you have any ideas you'd like to see implemented, Kichiro?"

«OOC» Minako says, "Any plots?"

«OOC» Itami needs to app some Godzilla moves. z.z

«OOC» Itami says, "Anyhow!"

«OOC» Imota XD

«OOC» Itami says, "Uh, I remember Kichiro talking about a personal plot not too long ago."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Well, I am not really part of this village, but I guess it's a bit more global. I think Suna needs more original and unique plots no matter how you look at it."

«OOC» Kichiro has a plot he is going to run as soon as he is ready..

«OOC» Itami says, "nodnods."

«OOC» Kaede says, "And I think we need to stay on Suna matters either case."

«OOC» Itami does believe Suna needs a lot of focus.

«OOC» Rain says, "economic strategy…"

«OOC» Imota says, "I am going to try to run something that involves the Sasaki clan and me in some regards… But that will be after my pairing with Nai."

«OOC» Rain says, "browse the bingo book"

«OOC» Imota says, "Well after."

«OOC» Rain says, "it recieves far too little attention"

«OOC» Rain says, "it's a way for you all to get out there and do something with your skils"

«OOC» Koudo says, "good to know, interesting to see that Sasaki plot"

«OOC» Rain says, "for quick money"

«OOC» Itami says, "Imota talked with me about someone on the bingo book, I believe."

«OOC» Rain says, "to stimulate your repairs"

«OOC» Itami says, "Well, yes. X)"

«OOC» Kaede says, "I read skills as skulls."

«OOC» Koudo says, "was there a sasaki npc with two?"

«OOC» Imota says, "Yep.. Onohara Korona."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Roshi"

«OOC» Koudo says, "what was their role?"

«OOC» Koudo says, "and did i meet them?"

«OOC» Kaede says, "Protecting Imota."

«OOC» Kaede says, "I think"

«OOC» Imota says, "I actually wonder, if by some mysterious events, Meimei, may be thrown in the mix when and if we go after him."

«OOC» Meimei says, "Could be!"

«OOC» Meimei says, "I wouldn't be opposed to it necessarily."

«OOC» Imota nodnods!!

«OOC» Rain says, "which reminds me"

«OOC» Rain says, "should you have any Shippudoku, while i am here, i would like to speak with one."

«OOC» Itami thinks there was one, but I'm not sure if they're around as much.

«OOC» Imota says, "I wish we had some active ones. Namu was an active Genin who I thought would be a perfect fourth for team Itami."

«OOC» Meimei says, "Namu. That's him."

«OOC» Imota says, "He was so cool to me."

«OOC» Imota says, "I don't know if he is around though. ;_;"

«OOC» Rain nods.

«OOC» Rain says, "unfortunately"

«OOC» Rain says, "err unfortunate."

«OOC» Nai says, "'He was cool to me!' 'Unfortunately.' '….' '….' '…You mean unfortunate?' 'No.' '…Screw you.'"

«OOC» Itami laughs. X)

«OOC» Rain says, "Luckily, Nai would serve most of the same purposes as i would have for a Shippudoku."

«OOC» Nai says, "Oh?"

«OOC» Rain nods. "Should cooperation end up occuring."

«OOC» Imota XD

«OOC» Nai says, "Alright."

«OOC» Rain says, "any how, regardless of Kaede's imprisonment"

Kichiro feels bad he really has nothing more to contribute :(

«OOC» Rain says, "if things work out, ihad always planned to draw Suna in to some more…fun."

«OOC» Kichiro slaps the ooc in front of that

«OOC» Kaede says, "YES!"

«OOC» Rain says, "this however could be a convinent catalyst for such opportunities."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Break me out now so we can hurt 'em!"

«OOC» Minako says, "I thought you had a plot, Kichiro."

«OOC» Minako says, "So… Talking about it now would be a goog idea."

«OOC» Minako says, "good, even"

«OOC» Imota says, "I thought he did too."

«OOC» Minako says, "The summon one? You know?"

«OOC» Meimei prods?

«OOC» Imota says, "Oh!! Roshi!! Yeah!! I forgot about those two!"

«OOC» Kichiro doesn't know what to say about it. it really isn't going to be a big one… i mean not whole village shaking

«OOC» Minako says, "So?"

«OOC» Minako says, "Does it impact people from this Village? Does it occur in the Land of Wind?"

«OOC» Minako says, "If so, this is the time to talk about it."

«OOC» Minako says, "Ask who is interested, outline the plot concept and ask for opinions, or just let people know what's going on!"

«OOC» Koudo says, "and can any characters play a role to help?"

«OOC» Imota says, "And also, if it revolves something that you want to do, world changing or not, it still is about the fun of having something accomplished."

«OOC» Kichiro says, "unless anyone in the village has a normal summon, it really only affects me"

«OOC» Imota says, "Which in my opinion, or anyone else's, seems fine. I back you up as a Teammate, surely."

«OOC» Itami says, "The idea is that some would like to participate in some form. :) Even if the summon affects you."

«OOC» Koudo says, "well yes, but also there can be 'catalysts' for your plot"

«OOC» Itami says, "That too. X)"

«OOC» Itami returns to her apping.

«OOC» Minako says, "It impacts whoever is involved in the plot. The fact they participate = impact."

«OOC» Kaede says, "It does?"

«OOC» Imota says, "Yep."

«OOC» Minako says, "And since you're a member of the Village, the answer to 'does it impact people from this Village' would be 'yes'."

«OOC» Imota says, "I will definitely find a way for it to impact Imota, if he participates."

«OOC» Kichiro says, "the start of it seems like a badic 'belated revenge' against Kichiro's family for violence that occured before the village founding."

«OOC» Kichiro says, "err. basic, not badic"

«OOC» Rain assumed you combined "bad ass" and "epic" some how

«OOC» Itami says, "Hehehehe."

«OOC» Kaede says, "It works either way."

«OOC» Minako nods.

«OOC» Minako says, "Sounds cool. So is there room for other people to be involved then?"

«OOC» Imota is curious too. "Does this involve Kichiro going missing? Will someone find him or have to search for him?

«OOC» Imota says, "Or will circumstances from there lead to something else?"

«OOC» Kichiro says, "the twist is, the person who appears to be in charge of this is a dupe by the real bad guy. Kichiro's uncle is kidnapped during the initial attack. the mission is to track him and free him."

«OOC» Kichiro says, "but the real bad guy forces Kichi's uncle to summon monkey. Monkey is captured and bound with mind control seals and forced into service of the real villain"

«OOC» Imota says, "Nice."

«OOC» Imota says, "Does kichiro's uncle survive?"

«OOC» Imota says, "Or is that spoiler?"

«OOC» Kaede says, "Kichi, don't reveal the whole plot :D"

«OOC» Imota says, "XD"

«OOC» Kaede says, "I never got around, I think, to showing you how to do plots."

«OOC» Minako says, "Yeah, Imota. Stop asking so many questions. D:"

«OOC» Kichiro doesn't know what else to say then.. i have to talk about it but I can't reveal it.. :/

«OOC» Minako says, "You don't 'have to talk about it'. You gave us plenty of information."

«OOC» Imota says, "My bad. X3"

«OOC» Itami nods.

«OOC» Minako says, "And no one is forcing you to do anything."

«OOC» Itami says, "All the rest can be decided ICly. :3"

«OOC» Minako nods.

«OOC» Kaede says, "No, actually, I have a really good idea for you. You can start that plot really fast-paced. Emergency Rescue Mission."

«OOC» Kaede says, "Up to you how to do a plot. But, outlining a plot is basically 'Some crap happens because some a$$ just decided to well.. be an a$$, and we want to kick him in the teeth and show him some manners'"

«OOC» Kaede says, "teach him some manners*"

«OOC» Kaede says, "Without going into details."

«OOC» Kichiro says, "its going to be treated as an emergency mission, yes. I wanted to involve more people, but sousa's summons aren't normal and the other person i contacted wanted no part of this"

«OOC» Minako pats. "Use NPCs?"

«OOC» Kichiro says, "but if i use npc's then I'm not involving other people.. i'm involving NPC's :("

«OOC» Itami says, "The NPCs are usually enemies. 3"

«OOC» Itami :3

«OOC» Itami says, "We'd still be involved. Just kickin' NPC arse. x3"

«OOC» Minako says, "They don't have to be enemies."

«OOC» Itami says, "They don't have to be, no. Just saying usually. :P"

«OOC» Minako says, "And I think Kichiro needs people with Summons."

«OOC» Itami nods.

«OOC» Minako says, "Making them enemies would… Not make a lot of sense!"

«OOC» Kaede says, "NPCs are usually enemies and cannon-fodder."

«OOC» Itami must go afk.

«OOC» Minako says, "They can be allies! But also: Have you tried putting up a board post or something asking for people who have Summons to contact you, or asking if people would like to emit NPCs that have such for the purposes of the plot?"

«OOC» Minako says, "They would then get credit on their PCs, but they would get to contribute to the RP!"

«OOC» Minako says, "In a way that matches the plot, rather."

«OOC» Minako gags channels.

Suzuki has disconnected.

«OOC» Kichiro says, "this could go to a huge battle and could get more people involved for a scene i suppose. I didn't want to make it such a big thing that i had to stop and go through staff to have every aspect of it approved before I could move on"

«OOC» Minako says, "Plots don't need approval."

Rain has disconnected.

«OOC» Minako says, "All I said was that you could toss up a board post: Hey, I'm running a plot. If you have a Summon or would like to emit an NPC for this plot that has a Summon, please contact me via page or @mail to work out the details."

«OOC» Kichiro says, "if they are village affecting they do."

«OOC» Minako says, "…."

«OOC» Minako says, "No."

«OOC» Kichiro sighs, confused :(

«OOC» Minako says, "Okay. So there's a mission. People from a Village are involved. Mission is completed. The Village keeps on going along as usual. Is the Village affected? Yes, because people from it were involved. Is the Village significantly altered or blown up or taken over or will there be long-lasting repercussions? No. And if there were? You just need to notify Staff of it. You don't need approval."

«OOC» Kichiro says, "ok.. sorry… :("

«OOC» Minako says, "No need to apologize."

«OOC» Minako says, "I just explained this already earlier. XD"

«OOC» Minako says, "Maybe a post should be put up."

«OOC» Minako says, "Or a newsfile."

«OOC» Kichiro has only run one thing thus far and that was last night so I'm kinda paranoid about getting something going involving half the village :(

«OOC» Minako says, "Doesn't need to involve half the Village. Asking for a few people to emit one NPC each, and then running the plot with those three (or fewer) people should be fine."

«OOC» Minako says, "If you don't want a ton of people, that is."

«OOC» Minako says, "Anyway, does anyone have any other topics?"

«OOC» Itami headshake.

«OOC» Kichiro returns to corner

«OOC» Kaede says, "You did good, Kichiro. Just be confident and you'll do fine again."

«OOC» Itami nodnod.

«OOC» Imota says, "Indeed n_nd"

«OOC» Sousa says, "Thanks for coming out, everyone. :)"

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