Super Sentai GO! - Defenders of Enemar


Koseitama, Isra, Arika, Shuuren

Date: June 24, 2016



"Super Sentai GO! - Defenders of Enemar"

The fair city of Enemar

In the fair city of Enemar, all is peaceful and cheerful. The sun is shining, the children are at play in the park, and the commerce of RP is bustling along efficiently. WHO COULD POSSIBLY EXPECT that such an idyllic scene will soon be disrupted? :o
Suddenly, there is a brilliant flash of lightning along with a cracking BOOM of thunder! In the center of the main roads, a small army of horrid creatures appear, vaguely humanoid in appearance yet with descs so small and shoddily written as to be almost unidentifiable! They commence throwing short poses at the screaming populace and shambling forward with arms outstretched. "VOOOOOTES…GIVE US YOUR VOOOOOTES!" >O
What a crisis! Who can deal with this ugly horde? The police? The army? Pfft, 'course not, they've only got guns. :P The call goes out for the RP RANGERS!!!

What's a better way to relax than in the park? Isra thinks it's a good idea after taking some extra time to hold practice for the school's team. "I think I worked hard enough for this rest, anyway. Soccer practice was a bit rough, but I'm sure we'll win our next game coming up… Maybe. Team could probably use some work here…" She mutters to herself as she begins to go over some plays. Doesn't seem like she intends to relax much, after all.
But who needs it anyway? These creatures don't seem to think so! "I guess play time is over," she remarks to herself while observing these shambling monsters. "Time to get the team together."

Arika is a new member of this team, apparently. It shows by her eagerness to be a part of the action and her noob-ness to all these color things that goes on. Prior to all these incidents with horribly-desced monsters throwing around horribly-written poses, the girl was examining the place that is the central hangout for the RP Rangers. "'s confusing…" she mutters to herself, poking at some of the fancier appliances. And then the alarm rings! Yes~. But wait… "How do I know which color I'm s'posed t' wear?!" she would ask … anyone. Likely it was directed more at Isra…

Things were pretty calm for the most part until now. Wearing a white suit with a green shirt because every good ranger needs a shirt the same color of their costume so the bad guys can never figure out it's them, Shuuren has been talking to some local businessmen about expanding their franchises under the Nagamura banner right up until these weird, ugly, yet nondescript creatures popped up out of nowhere demanding Votes. "What do those things want with currency?" he asks himself before turning and bowing to dismiss himself from the business meet to vanish into an alley. As he races through the alley, he pushes his watch communicator's button and asks, "Hey, Red, where are we meeting up?"

"YOU WILL KNOW BY THE COLOR THAT CRIES OUT FROM YOUR HEAAAAART!!!" proclaims Koseitama, the explosive Yellow Ranger who is already sporting futuristic armor. Koseitama puts a hand on Arika's shoulder and points dramatically up at the rack of available costumes. "REACH DEEP WITHIN AND FIND THE HUE OF YOUR SOUL! YOURS IS THE OUTFIT THAT WILL PIERCE THE HEAVENS! And hurry up, we've got mooks to mash." :P With that, Koseitama hustles off to reach the combat zone. Clank, clank, clank, clank.
Meanwhile, some of the short-pose shamblers have reached Isra's vicinity. They move (albeit slowly) in an attempt to surround her in a pincer. "I'M A TOTALLY AWESOME GENIN WHO SHANKS FIVE ENEMY JOUNIN IN A SINGLE POOOOSE!" snarls one, swiping at Isra. "I'M A GORGEOUS BISHOUJO BUT YOU'RE A PERVERT FOR NOTICING BECAUSE I'M ONLY FOURTEEEEEEN!" hisses another, trying to grab Isra's ankles.
A few others manage to wind up in the alley that Shuuren's trying to get through. "MY STYLE COVERS EVERY SKILL THAT COULD EVER EXIST AND GIVES ME COMBINATION ELEMENT ON EVERY MOVE!" roars the lead one before they attack.

"Aww, you stole my explanation! I thought I was supposed to do all the awesome explaining!" Isra said, muttering to herself about thunder. "Anyhow, time to gear up kid. Are you ready? Better pick a suit, we have a ton of them, but DON'T TOUCH ANY OF THE RED ONES." She leered at Arika as her helmet formed over her face and obscured her features, followed by the rest of her suit. Aaaand, ACTION POSE.
"Looks like these guys are trying to hoard votes!" She cracked a lame joke as they tried to gather around her. "Well, you'll need to try a lot harder if you want to get votes out of me!" She dodged out of the swipe and spun around to aim a well placed kick. "Try harder, Genin!" She began to roll away from the second attacker to place some distance between her and him.

"What kinda explanation is that D:??" Arika would yell back to Koseitama. Of course, though, time is of the essence, so Arika just grabs a random color off the shelf. Black, apparently…? Well, it'll work for now, she supposes. The girl slips into the suit, glad that it at least fits her for the time being. The girl would rush after Isra and Koseitama, shouting, "Wait for meeeee!" She tugs a helmet down over her head, then skids to a halt and does a pose! … \O/! Perfect~ nailed it!
"What's a Bishoujo?" Arika would then wonder as she watched something go for Isra's ankles. She would frown just a bit, aiming a solid kick at the weird monster. Whatever it was, it was definitely the opposite of attractive. She doesn't think she would ever ask it on a date. "I wanna hoard votes! C'n I do that? Oh, wait… Bad guys do that…. Never mind! I'll just make sure all the votes are safe!" Arika aims another kick at the weird 'gorgeous' creature, wondering what universe it lived in to think it was beautiful. "Though I guess if they all look like this, it's not so bad looking compared to the others…"

"Got it," Shuuren says into the communicator before he looks up at the goons rushing him in the alley. "Does it now? Let's see about that." He then pushes the button on it. In a flash of glorious light, he is covered and then revealed to be wearing a futuristic suit of green and gold with helmet that looks rather like a dragon or a snake as he lunges at them with a flurry of punches and kicks aimed at annihilation. Looks like he'll be fashionably late to the main battle per usual.

The short-pose shamblers aren't especially tough or dangerous, as you'd probably expect. Isra's kick puts paid to the 'awesome genin', and the 'gorgeous bishoujo' curls up to wail pitifully after Arika stomps on her. Nobody pays much attention, even amongst the shamblers. Koseitama somersaults through the air in her adorable sailor costume with the blue skirt, perching on top of a street lamp and pointing a magical scepter dramatically. "In the name of the MUSH, I will punish you!" she declares, then sprays a sweeping jet of water to knock several more shamblers off their feet. ^.^v Over in the alley, the loner Green Ranger wipes out the small pack that came at him with little fuss. "Can't…just…deny app," one of them groans before passing out. x.x
Just when this is starting to look like an easy battle, though, the horde shifts and starts moving back. They gather in the center of town again, some of them seeming to be downright sucked inward. The shamblers dogpile into a mass, then start melding oozily. The blob grows upward into a towering behemoth, then sprouts arms. Finally a face forms near the top. "I AM BLACK STAAAAAAAR," it bellows. …Then it yawns.

"It's the best kind of explanation! But really, your soul is black? I'm not sure what to think about that…" Isra remarked to Arika. "If you need help or anything, y'know…I'm here kid. Just let me know if there's anything that bothers you. I'm here for you. You should join the soccer team, by the way." She gave a thumbs up to her. Now, time to communicate. "It looks like we're being bogged down here, but —wait…something is happening. They're all moving away now. This is our chance!" As Isra ran forward and began to gather up her symbol power, she quickly began to see that their short pose enemies were the least of their problems. "Cancel that! It looks like we'll have to transform!"

"It just seemed t' fit," Arika would say, poking at her suit to get one nifty ink-shooter out for the using! "Just watch~~~" she says cheerfully, taking aim at a few of the short pose horrors that were trying to scramble to safety(?). "Fire!" she exclaims, pulling the trigger. A long stream of ink would shoot out of her 'gun', covering some of the monsters. And then … *BOOM* It would explode! "Heheh… See? I think it fits~" Arika says cheerfully. "Huh? Transform? How do I do that?! I just managed to figure out how t' get a weapon!! This tutorial sucks!" she grumps.

Well, that was simple enough. With his interceptors fallen, Shuuren takes off toward the park, only to see the non-descript minions globbing together to form some giant thing. He frowns slightly beneath his mask then brings his arm up to press the communicator again. A long glow forms in front of him, the Green Ranger grabbing it to reveal the mighty dragon scythe. Rather than joining the others, he rushes forward and leaps over them clear to the giant beastie to try and chop it down at its legs…. because the Rangers always have to try to bring these things down in a normal way before they can summon their zords, right?

Legs? What legs? Shuuren's scythe slashes a long gash in the blob-monster's base which belches some noxious dark gas before sealing back up again. The monster swings its arm, knocking over a modeltowering skyscraper. After the dust settles, Koseitama stands tall in her miko raiment with the pink hakama, releasing bolt after bolt of divine energy from her bow into the monster, but they only make brief dimples in the gloomy surface.
"Unbelievable!" Koseitama breathes with a dramatic gasp. "It's impervious to our mystic weaponry! Only one thing can save us now…" Koseitama makes a skyward flourish. "Dance upon the wind! CELESTIAL BUTTERFLY!" After a long moment, a pink mecha shaped like a butterfly swoops in low, allowing Koseitama to leap aboard before it climbs upward again.

"Shuuren!" Isra called out. She hopes he wasn't down for the count. That cloud of gas was no joke. "Hey, you still good? I think you know what we ought to do next. We have to. Kid's already confused and needs to be helped out before this beast comes down on us. Black Star?" She looked up to the monster. "Whatever the case is, we gotta transform to take this guy down. Koseitama already has the right idea!"
Isra speaks into her communicator to summon the Red Rooster!!! She jumps up from the ground and disappears in a shower of red sparks only to reappear inside her mech as it finishes forming around her. "That's a transformation, kid. Better summon your ride now!" is indicated to Arika.

"Wha- But you still didn't really…" Arika sighs, hanging her head in defeat and then patting herself down to find this mysterious communicator. Wait, it's on her sleeve… "Oh…" she says with a small frown. "Wait, how do I summon it now?" She pokes a few things and says, "Hello? Can I get a really cool robot like Red and … Umm… Whatever her name is?" she asks the communicator, hoping that someone would answer. All she gets is a lovely green screen with the words 'ACCESS DENIED' flashing across it, though. Suddenly, the building off to her left gets destroyed. "EEP!!!!" Arika starts to run away.
"Augh, why won't it work?!!!???? C'mon, I need a buncha help here!!!" she shouts. As if like magic, something would come shooting out in a burst of fantastical light, reappearing as a giant robot that looked sort of like a bull. But it had a lot of weird tentacles floating behind it. "Yuck, I chose one that was sorta ugly…" she mutters, climbing into the cockpit and pushing a few levers forward so her mecha can charge at the weird creature that was made up of terrible tropes and even worser poses.

Reeking gas! Shuuren coughs a bit, but luckily the mask itself serves as a form of ventilation, allowing him to jump back before any serious damage is done to his lungs. "Gah, that stinks! What is this gas, the Breath of Noab?!" Probably a reference to some old story or something.
Safely away from the gas, he pushes his communicator and says, "Got it." His own summon is done a different way apparently as he brings the scythe up and moves his hands along it, bringing the hilt up to his face and beginning to play it like a giant flute. A loud tune plays out before a giant white and green mechanical snake flies in and quickly changes shape into that of a huge dragon the size of the Megazord itself that immediately charges the giant glob and blows a huge stream of flame directly at it. Seems the Green Ranger can control his own giant mecha with music rather than having to pilot it directly.

The giant blob looks up at the approaching dragon, and…BLOWS ITS OWN HUGE STREAM OF FIRE! It appears the foul creature is no stranger to flame wars! The fire streams meet in midair and push against each other, with no clear movement one way or the other.
"Now's yer chance while th'green rattler keeps it busy, Big Red!" comes Koseitama's voice over the communicator. The Brown Marshall drops like a stone from the sky, the trademark brown scarf that completes her cowboy duds trailing from the open cockpit of her hawk mecha WHICH HAS ALWAYS BEEN A HAWK AND NOTHING REMOTELY LIKE A BUTTERFLY. "Iffen we can't beat it, we'll just hafta kick it o'er th'county line! An' by county line I mean the edge o' th'Milky Way!" Koseitama pulls a lever. "Bronze Hawk ultimate weapon mode, activate!" The hawk mecha shifts its various parts in a complicated dance until it takes the shape of a gigantic mallet which cracks the ground as it lands in front of Isra's mecha. "BANHAMMER 3000, READY FOR COMBAT!"

"When did you get remote control?! Your scythe was an instrument?! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!" Isra shouted over the com system. She looked out of her window and saw a hawk flying around. She thought for sure that… "Koseitama?! Grah, nevermind!" Now for the kid. How's that coming along. She have a zord yet? Well, look at that. "See?! I told you, you had it in you all along! I, uh…I don't know what kind of zord that is, but we'll probably talk about your feelings later, kay?!" Seriously, what the heck… That thing looks like it could murder someone. Don't want to get on her bad side…
"Alright! Now, let's take this guy down together! Red Rooster, Boomerang Tail Blade!" One of the feathers lifts off from behind the zord and propels itself forward to attack Black Star.

Arika would steer her mecha so that it would stop right when the banhammer appeared nearby. "Oh! Is this the part we get to do super attacks? I can do this! ENERGY BEAM! Charge!" She would press that scary big red button that is on the console, and something would appear at the 'mouth' of her zord. A big ball of energy started to gather there, forming slowly and getting bigger and bigger. "Hmm… Too slow.." Arika says with a small frown. "Oh! I know!" She pulls on a lever that's conveniently marked 'pull me', and the tentacles behind her zord would take aim and fire at the beastie in front of her.

"Were you just not paying attention at all in the battle when we fought before you guys recruited me to your team once we broke that witch's spell? Focus on the fight, Rooster Girl!" Shuuren voices comes back across the intercom. As the others get their mega attacks ready, he plays another tune. This time the dragon-mecha spreads wings out from its back and takes off into the sky, opening its metal maw. A ball of energy starts to form at its mouth, getting larger and larger until it blasts down upon the beast like a strike down from the heavens. Mega Flare!

The blob monster flails and growls as it is beset by various slicing, splattering, and roasting attacks. DX It knocks over a few more suspiciously paper-like buildings in its throes.
Meanwhile, the White Maiden sits in her starched lolita dress within the Banhammer, quietly sipping tea and listening to elevator music…

"Guys, guys! This isn't working! Our attacks aren't doing anything, no matter how hard we try! It's like its impervious to real RP!" Isra states. "This means one thing. We have to use…BANHAMMER 3000!" She calls out. "All together! Let's combine our power and end this!" She has her Rooster reach forward to grab hold of the mightiest of weapons. "Let's go!" She begins to channel her power into the weapon, holding it up and above the mech's head. "With your powers combined, I'll send it back to the planet 4-Rom! It should be nice and satisfied there!"
She then has her mech charge forward with the hammer at the ready to strike the beast and send it packing.

"Wait, but how do I do that!?!?!?!" Arika squeaks, not really sure what to do. There's gotta be some sorta manual she can read so she can help her teammates, right? "Maybe it's this button.." she says, pressing the thing with a 'DO NOT PRESS' sign hanging over it. Of course, she has to press it… The mecha she's inside would seem to shudder a bit. 'WARNING. WARNING. WARNING' a mechanical voice would start to say, and then the ball of energy near its mouth would shoot outwards towards the blob monster, striking it at the same time as the Banhammer!

… Freaking Banhammer 3000… Shuuren literally facepalms then his dragon reaches forward to offer power to the hammer before Isra's giant rooster races off to strike the beast down. Since the hammer should do the trick, he refrains from attacking again, mostly to keep from accidentally frying Isra and her Rooster-zord in the process because that would be kinda bad.

A mighty dustcloud arises big enough to be visible from orbit, and as it dissipates it forms into an arcane symbol…
Through the center of the O the short-pose shambler behemoth shoots like a comet, and in the view from the surface, quickly disappears in a twinkle. *
VICTORY! Enemar is safe once more! A hatch opens on the Banhammer, and out crawls the Rainbow Scout in her polychromatic jumpsuit. "Man, always takes an hour for my ears to stop ringing after that…worth it though! GO RP RANGERS!" :D

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