Third Promotion Exams - Surprise! Two Shinobi Face Disbelief: Chitose vs. Amani


Chitose, Amani

Date: August 28, 2013


Amani seeks a showdown with Chitose and both girls get more than they expected.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Third Promotion Exams - Surprise! Two Shinobi Face Disbelief: Chitose vs. Amani"

Forest of Death

This place was absolutely dizzying. Everything was the same everywhere. Amani thought she may have grown used to it by now, but that certainly isn't the case. Even her sound manipulation is fooled by it every so often. It's an unnerving experience to feel completely helpless. This must be what civilians feel like often. All the more to be shinobi and aid them. On the other hand, there may be benefits to being like them. Relying on jutsu definitely has its drawbacks.

Moving through the forest, Chitose isn't as bad off by it. She is used to vast deserts with similar sights for miles and miles. It just is as it is. She isn't used to trees and brush but the sameness is fine by her. She often uses the great heights of the trees to survey and as such, she is moving through said trees. Unharmed and in no pain as she stretches her arms out to catch another hold and pull herself up in time to look down toward Amani. She hmms as she looks toward the girl and stands up straight, squinting down to try to figure out the girl.

Hunting and foraging in this place is a…big pain in the backside, but Amani has been holding up well enough considering. She's in a bit of bad shape, but otherwise well. With her bow at the ready, she stalks around, trying to determine where her next meal will come next. Suddenly, she turns around and fires a shot into the trees. A few birds take off from the attack. Chitose may feel that the particular area of the tree vibrated to a degree.

Chitose goes into a crouch quickly at teh shot and then stares down at the girl before flipping forward and running down the tree and leaping off of it. She leaps off of another tree and lands before Amani, staring at her and then tilting her head, "Was that arrow meant for me?" She hmms and idly stares at the girl, "Have to be careful. This whole forest is filled with people seeking their death's." She nods, "Are you seeking the same?"

"No…" Amani turned to Chitose. "I didn't know you were there. But, now that you are, I have more where those came from," she smirked. "I'm not seeking death. I've been close enough to that to know I don't want any part of it. I would like a fight, though. I want to see what it's like to…measure someone's skill," she offered to Chitose. She wondered what Fudo found so appealing about that sort of thing.

"If a fight is what you want, than fine. I will fight you." She nods her head and then hunkers down and seems to focus for a moment, "I will have your surrender or your life before long." She nods, "I will not give up here nor will I lose here in this forest of death. The true fight in the chuunin exams hasn't begun and I have to represent my land and my people."

"I hope I can give you this true fight. Maybe I might even have one myself. I feel I've been lacking in one of those." She wasted no time in drawing out a shuriken and charging it with sound before tossing it forward at Chitose to get things started.

A hmm and the girl shifts to the side and leans back just far enough to watch the shuriken fly right by her eye. She looks back at it and then nods, "Good shot." She states before suddenly rushing forward. She sends a single bullet of wind toward the girl as she runs, spitting in from her mouth after a quick gesture and then she aims a punch for Amani's face…which at the last moment bends downward, the middle of her fore arm bending and then her elbow bending and then her upper arm bending as that face punch becomes a gut punch.

She quickly evaded the wind bullet and as the punch came, she assumed it was for her face, but it actually turned towards her gut, somehow. She lifted her leg in time to make up for the mistake and grunt at the force of the attack. "How…did you do that?" She asked about her arm. That wasn't normal, was it? Maybe it was just a trick…
With Chitose being close enough, she drew chakra into her hands and feet which would be converted to sound expelled into the body as she performed a jab and raised her leg to kick her side.

A wince as each of the hits as her stumbling back. Chitose growls and then looks up at the girl, moving back a few steps further, "You're a lot more impressive up close." She states, "Fine." She then spins and as she spins, both of her arms stretch out, like whips. And each one whips toward the girl with powerful force, one arm cracking the air like a whip as sh esends it out, "We'll keep our distance!" She declares with each whip.

Amani wasn't sure to take Chitose's words for compliment or insult, but whatever the case, she doesn't dwell on it long. Her arms extended to meet her and in defense, she attempted to dampen their force by blocking with sound. The combo was perhaps too much as the second broke through her guard and sent her backward. How did that hit get her as if she was standing up close? "Have you had body modifications?" She questioned while drawing chakra to her throat to force out as a high pitched scream.

The second hit has her wincing and Chitose breathes in and out heavily. She licks her lips and then rolls her shoulders, "Apparently, this will be beyond me." She states, "Unless." She then takes a breath and focuses for a brief moment. Suddenly chakra very literaly flows out of her body and she suddenly races forward. A chakra tail emerges from Chitose's backside and extends out even as horns flow out over her head. She sends a trio of attacks Amani's way as she closes in as her voice seems to sound like the voice of two, "Let us see how good you truly are?"

…What the what…?

Amani just saw a tail and horns grow from her body. They allowed them to compete here? How does that even work? "Aah, shoot." She tried to dodge but that attack was tricky and fast. She rolled back and into her feet only to use the momentum to kick back up and block the second with sound and the third with her own body. Incredulity. "You're more…impressive far away than up close?" She questioned while taking the time out to focus. There were stitches of pain she endured from burned flesh being stretched but she could take it.

"Thank you." Chitose simply states and then races in suddenly. She sends a leg in to try to trip the focusing girl up even as she comes in. Her attempt to trip the girl is followed by another heavy attack from her arm, literaly stretching her arm up above her and then bringing it down like a falling tree and then whipping it up and away, "I will not lose this competition. My village is relying upon me."

"Welcome." Amani reinforced that by creating a strong barrier to prevent the attacks from coming through. "What do you mean?" She inquired. "Are you going to be executed if you don't complete this exam?" She asked. "Where are you from?" She questioned as she drew her bow and an arrow to fire off at her opponent.

"I am from Sunagakure, the only one from there." Chitose states and looks at Amani with a fixed stare at the ability she uses to block that sweep. She hmms, "I must not allow my village to fall out of competition before the final battle even begins." She then hmms, "As such, I must use all tools at my side." She nods and then races in and whips her arms back, about ten feet behind her before suddenly whipping them forward like a pair of piston punches as she skids to a stop to whip into Amani, "I will not lose my scrolls to the likes of you!"

"Oh, I see," Amani replied with another round of defenses she tried to defend against. If she didn't get it together, she was going to be knocked out of here. She decides to expand on her abilities and activate her Nejigan to assist her. "I can't get slipped up either. I'm the only one left for my village too." She focused her chakra soon after finishing her statement.

Watching the girl, she knows that this person is beyond her in ability. Even as she focuses and stands up straight, she has seen this girl block some of her best shots repeatedly. She rolls her shoulders once and then stands up straighter. Two more tails flow out behind her and she races forward. She attempts another leg sweep, sending her leg into Amani's angles to try to trip her up and then she flips around to send herself up into the air and whip an arm downward into Amani's chest.

Amani is beginning to question her abilities against Chitose. Maybe she should try to sap some of her energy. It's a catch, but she would have something to work with if it's a success. So, with Chitose up close again, she takes a chance and forces a strike against her.

The touch from Amani can't be dodged it seems an almost immediate Chitose drops out of her cloak and drops to a knee. She gasps and drops down to a knee. Her eyes going wide as she stares at the floor and both hands slam into it. She breathes out in a gasp and nearly drops unconscious by such an attack. Sh e looks up suddenly and stares at Amani and her eyes close for a moment. She grinds her fists into the dirt for a moment before she shakes her head, "That's it…" She states, "I can't fight any further…"

Distrust. She did it…

"Uh…umm. Wait. I can help heal you. Please, allow me to. In thanks for this battle. It was amazing." She lowered herself in a bow. "Please. I am very grateful to you. I will not take any scrolls. I am glad to have met you here…" Is this what it was to test skill? Maybe there was something to all this. She dropped her Nejigan and assumed a faint glow as she began to generate medical chakra.

A look up at the girl and Chitose is breathing heavily. Her body…is already…healing? She slumps to her side and then shakes her head, "I will be fine." She states, "I am always fine." She nods again.

"Are you certain?" Amani questioned. Upon seeing Chitose regenerate, she remembers something another jinchu stated to her. It's dangerous to input foreign chakra into one like her. "On second thought, I believe you. You should be fine. Forgive me for imposing…" She took the time to heal herself instead.

Pushing up to her feet, Chitose breathes in and out heavily, "I will be reseting." She states and then looks at Amani, "I will heal…after I reset." She nods her head and then looks forward, "I must find the tower." She nods, "And I will get near to it and rest and heal." She licks her lips, "Thank you." She nods her head and then waves her hand off toward Amani and begins to move off slwoly and slowly trying to blend in and hide.

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