Sushi Check/Gut Check


Kazuhito, Hyjinko

Date: February 22, 2012


What begins as a simple clash of personalities between two genin turns bitter after Hyjinko leaves Kazuhito holding the check for lunch, and the worst of both their natures comes to the forefront.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Sushi Check/Gut Check"

Village Center & Training Fields (Sunagakure)


Village Center Area [Sunagakure]

The very center hub of Sunagakure, the Village Center is a
bustling area. Crowds gather in huge groups, all across the very wide
square. It is completely protected by the large buildings surrounding
it on all sides, and the four desert winds do not seem to intrude into
this area.
People can be found doing all manner of things, from hocking
wares, to trading for certain fabrics and materials, selling their
products, or any other activity from sleeping quietly, to getting into
explosive arguments with people. Fights are not unknown here, so there
is regularily guards overseeing the circle. The entire circle itself
is built to face the largest structure in all of Sunagakure. It is a
massive domed building, easily 5 stories high, that seems to be
constructed out of seamless and flawless sand. No stones, no mud, just
pure sand, caked hard and formed into a building. This is the Kazekage
Administration Dome, the head of bureaucracy for the mighty city of
Their are entrances in all directions into the square, except
the south, which is where the Administration dome is located. People
are always flowing into the circle from all directions, and leaving as
well. Even during the night, it is a sure bet that a large crowd will
be in the circle, talking about all manner of subjects.


Morning in Sunagakure. The exams are drawing to a close, and excited
whispers are passing through town of the final match-up: An all
Sunagakure show-down. Kazuhito, for his part, is mostly avoiding the
circles of chatting locals, a scroll tucked under his arm as he heads
in the general direction of the adminstration dome.

Hyjinko was one of the many in the village square. He can be seen at
one of the fruit vendors as he buys an apple. Turning around to face
the bulk of the crowd, he leans back against the fruit stand's side,
and buffs the fruit against his chest before taking a bite out of it.
Two girls pass by him and they both look up at him with admiration. A
smirk appears on the boy's face and he gives them a wave with the his
pinky finger thats holding the apple by his face. They scurry off in a
giggle fit. Hyjinko brings his arm up to wipe off the mixture of apple
juice and saliva from the corner of his mouth. "What a boring
morning." He sighs. "First day I have off in a long time and I already
feel like im wasting it." The boy was speaking to no one in particular
other than just thinking out loud.

Suddenly he hears a man's voice yell out and then the thud and clank
of a brass cup falling to the ground. Another man appears to have
knocked the said cup out of the first man's hands and now are in a
scuffle in the middle of the square. With the crowd forming a circle
around the two fighting men, Hyjinko looks on with interest. "Maybe my
morning won't turn out so boring after all." He looks to his left and
sees Kazuhito walking near him. Without even have met the other boy
before, he says to him. "I'll bet you five ryo the guy in the green
vest knocks the other guy out first." Taking another bite of his
apple, he turns back to the action before Kazu could even reply back
to him.

Kazuhito blinks, his attention turned to the scuffle. He takes a step
or two back, even though he's a fair distance away already. When the
other boy addresses him, he looks over in confusion. "I- I- don't
think we should bet on- anyway. I the guards have anything to say
about it, I don't think there is going to be any knocking out-" he
indicates the two shinobi in Chuunin vests who are trying to push
their way through the crowd to break up the scuffle.

Kazuhito's timid words causes Hyjinko to look over at him out of the
corner of his eyes. Already judging the boy, a smile comes on genin's
lips. His gaze then looks over to the chuunin guards that were still
trying to make their way through the crowd. By now whatever was going
on between the two men in the center of the circle must have been
something bigger than just knocking a cup out of someone's hands. They
were really going at it as if they really wanted to hurt each other.
"Hold this and don't go anywhere." Hyjinko says handing off his half
eaten apple to Kazuhito. It was up to him whethe he kept it in his
hands or just let it fall to the ground. Either way, the genin was now
making his way through the crowd towards the chuunin guards who were
almost at the two brawling men. Feigning to trip, Hyjinko falls face
first into the lead guard which holds up his partner behind him.

The chuunin manages to catch the boy from falling all the way to the
ground. "Oh, i am so sorry. I was just trying to hurry up and get out
of this chaos—"

"Ugh, just be careful next time, kid." The chuunin huffs as he stables
Hyjinko on his feet. At that point there was a loud smack of someone
falling to the ground and the crowd going "oooooh!" out of pity for
whoever the unlucky guy was that just met the stone ground face first.
The boy's attempt to stall the guards gave the brawling men just long
enough time to have a decisive victor to their dispute.

Making his way back over to where he left Kaz, Hyjinko would try and
look over the heads of the crowd to see who was left standing. Once he
finally saw that the guy he bet on was the one on the ground, he
snapped his fingers. "Well, looks like I owe you five Ryo." He says
finally making it back to Kazuhito. "Where's my apple?" He asks as he
digs through his pocket for the money.

Kazuhito holds the apple by the stem, and rather away from his body.
"Uh- what are you-" Kazuhito blinks as Hyjinko answers his question.
As the other returns, he holds the apple back out and shakes his head.
"I- I- didn't really take the bet, so please, don't- why did you do
that!" Kazuhito suddenly erupts into shock. "Some-someone could have
gotten seriously hurt!"

Hyjinko takes the apple back from Kazuhito. Listening to Kazuhito's
rant, he takes another bite of his apple. The last thing Kazuhito says
makes Hyjinko quirks a brow then laughs which almost causes him to
choke on the food that was in his mouth. Nodding over to the center of
the crowd that was now dispersing he says, "The biggest thing those
two could've hurt wouldve been each other's pride. If you don't want
to take my money." Hyjinko continues. "Then at least let me buy you
some lunch. You look like you could use something to eat." He says
reaching up and squeezing the boy's frail arm if he didn't pull away.

Kazuhito does, indeed, pull away, jerking the arm away rather rapidly.
He pauses, his breathing elevated from stress. He shakes his head.
"That that isn't true! He- being knocked out is a serious condition
that can lead to complications. An-and-" He frowns and then sighs. "I-
I- guess- but I wouldn't want to impose-" he bows politely. "I- am
Aida Kazuhito."

"The name's Hyjinko." He says confidently as he retracts his hand from
the failed squeeze attempt on Kazu. "I just invited you to lunch, how
would you be imposing? You know what? Nevermind." Hyjinko turns away
from Kazu and starts making his way through the crowd. "Come on. That
apple only made me even hungrier." He says tossing the remains in a
barrel as he passes by. Still cutting a path through the crowd for him
and Kazu, he turns his head back every so often to talk other boy. "I
have a feeling you either don't get out much or you get picked on all
the time…or both."

"I- that's rather- um-" Kazuhito shakes his head. "That's not really-
your concern…" His jaw seems to tense at the insinuation, though he
doesn't deny it. Instead, he scurries after Hyjinko. He opens and
closes his mouth several times, as if thinking of something to say,
and finally comes up with: "Yo-you are here for the- exams?"

Hyjinko finally breaks out of the bustle of the crowd and finds
himself able to work normally along the street now. He slows up so
that Kazu can walk along beside him. "Chuunin exams?" He says with a
mocking laugh. "Not a chance." The boy points to the Sunagakure belt
buckle around his waist. "I live here."

The two boys pass by two girls. "Hi Hyji." One of the girls say in a
flirtatious tone.

"Ladies." The genin replies back. "So Kazu…If you dont mind me
calling you Kazu. Aida Kazuhito is just too long to say everytime i
want to address you. What are you in the mood to eat this morning? Its
getting close enough to lunch time to go for some real food wouldn't
you say?"

"Oh- I didn't notice- I- am sorry-" Kazuhito frowns as the girls pass
by. He lowers his head. "I- if you like, Hyjinko-san." Even as he
gives permission, his address is conciously less familiar. "And- yes.
I suppose- it is about time for a good solid meal. Especially since-
the weather is getting warm again, and so we wouldn't- that is, I
wouldn't want to be out come midday."

Hyjinko notices the frown on Kazu's face as the girls pass by which
forces a smile on his face. The genin allows Kazu a few minutes of
silence as they both stroll along the path without saying another
word. "You hungry for some dumplings?" He asks as he turns and walks
into one of the shops without bothering to wait for a responose from
the younger boy.

With it still being a little early in the lunch time hours, the shop
was absolutely empty aside from the workers who probably /just/ opened
for business. As Hyjinko leads Kazu to a table, he greets one of the
chefs with a wave and to the server that approaches the table. "Yea,
this is my first time coming here. Can we just get like a plate of
dumblings and some different rolls of sushi?"

The server nods hesitantly. "Sure uh…what kind of sushi would you like?"

Hyjinko shrugs. "Whatever Aida Kazuhito wants. Its his birthday
afterall." The boy says with the best poker face he could put on.

The server turns to Kazu and cheers, "Happy birthday! What would the
birthday boy like to eat today?"

Dumplings sounds nice," Kazuhito agrees. With a deep breath, he
literally forces himself to relax some, following Hyjinko in. His
relaxation doesn't last long. While he merely nods as Hyjinko orders,
his eyes widen as his faux-birthday is proclaimed. "Wha-wha-what! I-
uh… No, no. No sushi. It's too- expensive here! Just dumplings,
pl-please!" He casts Hyjinko a sideways glare.

"Oh please. I have more money than i know what to do with." Hyjinko
says waving off Kazuhito. Looking back over to the server who was now
wearing a look of confusion, the boy says. "Just give us a variety of
sushi and some water please." The server bows as he steps away from
the table.

Turning his attention back to Kazuhito, he doesnt say anything at
first but chuckles for a moment or two. "Ok honestly…how many
friends do you have? Like go and do things with out in the village?"

"Go out and do- things?" Kazuhito blinks in confusion. "I- what- what
things? Do you mean like- training?" He then frowns. "W-wait. Why do
you- ask?" A sudden note of caution creeps into his voice. "Did
Kuroki-sama send you?"

Hyjinko's eye brow raises. "Kuroki who?" The boy looks Kazu over for a
moment or two then continues. "No I mean what do you do for fun? Do
you have friends you play with, make jokes with, talk to girls with?
What about brothers and sisters? Do you have any of those?"

"Oh- I- well- um. I have- there's a… Girl. I- um- we- you know,"
Kazuhito can't help himself, he smiles as he mentions her. "Like each
other. I think she's my girlfriend. I don't- how do you know? If a
girl is your girlfriend or not?" He looks over at Hyjinko, and then
immediately, some color starts to invade his cheeks and he looks down.
"This isn't- really- um. Important."

Hyjinko chuckles but makes sure he doesn't come across as to offend
the boy. "Is this…Kuroki the girlfriend you speak of? And if you
arent sure, just ask her. Girls think confidence is attractive. She'll
respect you for it for having the bravery to just come out and ask
her. But you have to be sweet about it." He says with a wink. "Alright
so, you have a girl you're friendly with. So you can't be completely
shy. So whats with all the timidness? Its almost like you're affraid
to live life."

"Wha! No! Kuroki-sama isn't my girlfriend! He's a councilmember!"
Obviously, since Kazuhito had made that so clear earlier. "I- I- guess
I will. Ask her. But she can't be… That hung up on confidence. Or
she wouldn't like me, right?" He looks down, embarrassed. Finally, he
says, "I- well- life is dangerous, you know. Fatal, actually, as a
matter of unavoidable fact." But that sounds more like he's dodging
the question than anything that truly motivates him.

Hyjinko was about to say something until the server lowers a platter
of dumblings and assorted sushi rolls upon the table. "Enjoy!" The
genin gives a nod then turns back to food in front of him. "So…" He
says as he breaks apart his pair of chopsticks. "…you must have
/some/ back bone considering that." The chopsticks in Hyjinko's hand
point towards the Sunagakure head protector Kazu wears on his head. It
seems that Hyjinko's confident tone that he has been talking in ever
since he met the boy has faded into more of a serious one. "We all
have our stories." As he he lets his words linger, the braided hair
boy fills his plate up with the assorted food in front of him. After a
moment he sets the chopsticks down beside his plate and looks at Kazu
with a stone face. "What do you fight for?" While waiting for the
boy's response he refuses to break eye contact.

"I- I don't know." Kazuhito picks up his own chopsticks and picking up
a piece of sushi, giving himself time to think while he chews. He
swallows. "I don't really- it's no-not like I really had any choice in
be-becoming a shinobi. Bu-but. Well. Obviously, the village. And- I
guess- if Nao needed my help, I'd fight for her. No. I- I know I'd do
that. But- I don't really. Have any goals. I like studying. Not so
much fighting."

Hyjinko squints his eyes at the boy in front of him. Still not picking
up his chopsticks to eat he continues, "No. That's not good enough."
His tone going from serious to agitated now. "You may of not had much
of a choice to begin the path that you started on, but you did make
the choice to do what it takes to earn that." He says pointing up at
the head protector on Kazu's forehead. "You guessing that you would
fight for another and the village because you are obligated to isn't a
good enough reason. Not even for you. There is a reason why you fight
that maybe you are not even fully aware of right now, but the answer
is inside of you. Its that flame that burns inside of you. It burns
inside of us all. Why does that flame burn? And stop with this
"Because i have to" wasabi." The genin maybe coming off as a little
insane right now, but there was a reason behind it. Hyjinko had been
building up to something that he has been putting into motion ever
since he met the kid back at the square.

Kazuhito frowns and begins to shake his head. "Wha-what makes you
think I- have this flame? I did have to! You don't know-" He looks
down at his plate. "I nev-never- this isn't- hey!" He looks up and
narrows his eyes, at once confrontational, though still stumbling over
his words. "Wha-what's wrong with fighting for another? Why doesn't
that count?"

"Oh…you have this flame alright." Hyjinko says not yet pointing out
how stirred up Kazuhito is getting to prove he is right. "You can't
expect to be able to fight for another if you cant fight for yourself
first." He says slamming his fist on the table. The workers in the
shop turn to look over at the table but lose interest almost
immediately. Considering the two just met it would really seem the boy
is a little out of his mind, but was there truth in the words the boy
spoke? "No one goes through life being as timid affraid of taking
chances without someone or something making them that way to begin
with. I know from first hand experience…trust me. And what's sad is
you are letting that one thing hold you back. And its going to be that
one thing that keeps you from achieving absolute greatness. I just met
you less than an hour ago and i can already tell that about you."

Hyjinko leans back against his seat as he lets his words linger and
his tone calm. "Some people may befriend and they'll want to help you
out of pity and so they can feel better about themselves. Me? I'm
going to be you friend because right now i see look at you and I see
weakness. But underneath that weakness…well one day you'll see."

"Hmph." Kazuhito shakes his head firmly. "I do-don't think- pardon me
for saying so, but I'm not sure you know what you are talking about,
Hyjinko-san." He takes pains to pick a polite word selection, but it
does nothing to disguise his stubborn intonation. He looks away,
grabbing another piece of sushi.

"Suit yourself, Aida Kazuhito. But think about what I said about being
able to fight for yourself before you can fight for someone else next
time you find yourself taking daikon from someone who wants to push you
around or take advantage of your lack of self respect for no reason."
Hyjinko couldn't blame Kazuhito for being defensive when it came to
someone challenging his character. "Whether we like it or not…"
Hyjinko says taking a bite of sushi as he stands up from the table.
"We have to live every day like its our last." His finger points to
the Sunagakure symbol on his symbol to remind Kazu of who he is. "Its
the one that believes in himself more than anyone in the world that
gets to live longer than others." The genin stands at the edge of the
table for a moment in case Kaz has any departing words.

Kazuhito pauses for a minute, thinking about that. After a moment, he
shrugs. "I th-think- it's the person who believes in something else
whose life has meaning. One day, maybe even so-soon, I will die. No
ma-matter what I think about myself. But at least… If there's
something more important than me, the world do-doesn't end with me."
He blinks, and then abruptly rises out of his seat. "O-oh." He bows
politely. "Um- th-thank you. For lunch."

"How far do you think you could get protecting the others around you
if you lack the confidence in yourself to simply live your every day
life?" Hyjinko pats the side of the Kaz's shoulder as he bows if he
allows it. "Stay out of trouble, Aida Kazuhito." The boy says
sarcastically of course. "And I enjoyed lunch. Meet up with me again
sometime so we can do it again." Exiting the shop, Hyjinko gives a
wave without looking back. What Kazu might then notice is that the
lunch went without being paid for and the server was standing there
with the bill.


Training Fields [Sunagakure]

This training area is an open field surrounded by large rock
formations that help keep the harsh winds of the desert from just
erasing it from existence. The field is actually divided into four
major areas. The main area is used by all ninja of Sunagakure
regardless of rank. There are many training posts, a few obstacle
courses as well as a number of sparring circles for everyone to use.
The other three areas are set up to better cater to the needs
of ninja of different ranks. They are all accessible by three paths
that snake through some of the rock formations and lead to them.
There's one set up for students, which is also used to test students
intending to graduate as Genin. Another area has been primarily set up
for Genin usage, even though some Chuunin can usually be seen there as
well and finally there's an area set up for anyone of with the rank of
Chuunin or higher.
All three of those specialized areas mimic the challenges
found in the general training area, except the challenges found in
them are customized for the appropriate ranks.


"No. You're not crouched down low enouogh." Hyjinko muffles with bits
of apple falling out of his mouth. It was midday and with the sun
positioned high above in the cloudless sky, it made this cool day
bareable. The genin boy himself sat on top of a wooden post with his
leg propped on what would be the dummie's arm and a half eaten apple
in one hand. Below him are two smaller boys who look to be of the
academy student status. "How are you going to sweep his feet after you
catch his foot standing like?"

One of the boys looks up to the older genin. "You mean like this?" The
boy proceedes to crouch lower and is rewarded with a nod from Hyjinko.

The genin jumps down from the wooden post and takes the boy into his
hands to where he can now move him around like a puppet. "Ok, Miku.
kick at Jaibi." The boy kicks at the other. "Now catch his foot…spin
your body…" He instructs as he helps guide the kid. "Crouch lower,
extend your leg and…" The boy who kicked falls on his butt which
causes them both to laugh and cheer.

"Thanks Hyji! Can we go show our friends what you just taught us?"

Hyjinko nods. "Yea, but be back here soon." The boys nod at the same
time and rush over to the student section of the training grounds with
their friends. Taking another bite from his apple, the genin looks
around with a bored expression. Nothing ever interesting goes on here.
Its always train, train, train." Again, bits of apple falls out as he
talks to himself.

Kazuhito is making his way across the training yard, over to his
favorite climbing wall. He appears buried in his thoughts, head down,
mumbling, that it, until he hears a voice he recognizes. His body
tenses and his head jerks over to Hyjinko. His eyes narrow briefly,
scanning both the apple-eating genin and the younger boys, before he
tucks his head down and starts to speed up his pace, apparently trying
to walk past Hyjinko before he is noticed.

Like Hyjinko was going to let Kazuhito go unnoticed. "Oh, hey Aida
Kazuhito." He says with a mild wave. "You have perfect timing. I was
getting hungry and thought that maybe you'd like to go back to that
dumpling place again. I want to try something different this time. Im
kind of…supervising some kids right now, but they should be done by
the time you're done with your training. What do you say?"

Kazuhito freezes in place, jaw visibly clenching. For a moment, he
leans forward, as if he is just going to continue to walking. After a
moment, though, he turns to Hyjinko, fixing him with a glare. "No," he
states, letting the word hang for a few moments, before adding, his
tone icy, "No, thank you."

Hyjinko blinks a few times as the genin glares in his direction.
"What? Why not? Ok this time I won't order the dumplings. You probably
had the same problem I had later that day too, huh?" He says holding
his stomach with his free hand and shaking his head. "C'mon. Don't be
rude and turn down my invitation. It'll be fun."

"I was not- I am- not being rude. I am- me-merly busy. At the moment."
Kazuhito says, forcing the words out through gritted teeth. He turns
now, and starts to walk away again, but he only makes it two steps
before he stops. His left fist clenches. And, in time but moving more
slowly, so does his right, the arm that almost never moves. A shudder
runs through his body. And then, he looks back, and adds, "On- the-
other- hand." He says each word slowly at first, as if forcing them
out, but then the start to spill out, laced with bitterness. "If I
said no, I do not wish to have lunch with some who is arrogant,
decietful, and mean-spirited, I believe that would be rude."

As Kazuhito walks off a smirk appears on Hyjinko's face. He does
indeed notice the clenched fists at his sides. Deep down the genin is
begging for Kazuhito to show some sign of aggression and when he sees
Kazu turn around, the boy's smirk turns to a smile. The smile stays
even as he describes Hyjinko in a not-so-good way. Once he sees that
Kazuhito was done, he loses his smile and the apple is tossed to the
ground by Hyjinko's feet. Casually walking towards Kazu he says, "Wow.
Those are some pretty mean words coming from a worm like you. Oh wait,
is this about having to pick up the lunch tab the other day? How did
that make you feel to be taken advantage of like that?" By now Hyjinko
was just a foot away from the Kazuhito and a strong gaze was fixed on
the boy.

Kazuhito swallows thickly. "Wo-worm?" He repeats. His chest is visibly
rising and falling with his breathing now, and he stares down Hyjinko,
in silence at first. "It makes me feel- like-" He takes in a deep
breath, nostrils flaring, and finally answers: "Like I don't want to
have to lunch with you. Go away." And with that, he turns his back to
Hyjinko again and starts to walk off.

Hyjinko seems to deflate as Kazuhito turns to walk away. His eyes scan
the area as if looking for an idea for what he could do next. Suddenly
his gaze finds Kazuhito once again. Entering that arrogant persona
again he calls out, "So that's what you do? You're just going to keep
walking away from your problems?" Hyjinko could take a page out of his
book after saying that, but Kazuhito is the focus here. "You're just
going to keep turning your back on every obstacle in your life? That's
no way to live!"

Kazuhito keeps walking. He does, however, speak to Hyjinko. His words
are slow, now, and carefully chosen, but unusually lucid by Kazuhito's
standards for that. "You- are no longer an obstacle or a problem. I
have accepted that, while annoying, you are ultimately insignificant
and I no longer need to indulge your strange obsession with me.
Continue to follow me around- if you like. It is not worth my- energy
to stop you. But I have nothing- further to say to you."

Kazuhito's words actually kind of sting Hyjinko. Sadness seeps into
that dark void within him and a shock of hurt feelings pulse through
out his body. The boy shakes his head and quickly reminds himself
thats point of this. Still trying to keep up his persona he chases
after Kazu. There was only one thing he could think of to do at this
point. "Hope you know what you're doing, Hyji." He mutters under his
breath before finally reaching the other boy. Running past Kazu, he
turns and stops right in his path. "You'll thank me for this one day."
With that said, he steps into a punch that is directed right for
Kazu's gut. "Now let that fire inside of you grow!"

Kazuhito's eyes widen in surprise. In the heat of the moment, there is
little more he can do than try to raise his arm to defend, and it is
not very successful: not just because he is caught off-guard, but
because there is clearly very little strength behind the effort.
Indeed, almost any boy of fourteen, ninja trained or not, could
reasonably be expected to be stronger.

The wind is knocked out of him. Reflexively, Kazuhito jumps back,
gasping briefly, but he does not appear seriously hurt. The tension
rippling through his body, however, gives away that he is indeed
seriously angry. "Go. Away. Now." He states bluntly. But even as he
speaks the words, his eyes narrow, locking on Hyjinko. Though the
other may or may not notice it, Kazuhito is subtly trying to lock into
the mind of his opponent.

Hyjinko feels so bad after seeing that he knocked the wind out of the
boy, but he doesnt show it on the outside. "No. I will not go away.
Even if I have to become your mortal enemy, that "worm" you have came
to be ends today. You are holding your ownself back and if I have to,
I'm going to beat it out of you." Hyjinko is currently unaware that
Kazu had connected a link with his mind. "Now get up and let out all
of that aggression that has been buidling up inside." The genin lowers
himself in a fighting stance and awaits the other boy's attack.

Kazuhito's fists clench and unclench. But for now, he does nothing.
"No." He stands, facing off with Hyjinko. "I will not- fight you
because I do not like you personally. That is not- that is not who I
want to be." Even as he says no with his words, ever ounce of his tone
is screaming out for the fight. But still he does not act, just
stands, body tense, alert, ready. "I- will- defend myself, even
attempt to subdue you- if I must. But-" He grunts now, as if
overwhelmed by the conflict between his emotions and his self-imposed
restraint. "But I will- not stoop to attacking you just for my own-

Hyjinko grits his teeth at the fact that Kazuhito isn't going along
with this. But then suddenly the boy's brows lighten up and his
expression lightens as well. Hyjinko may have just surprised himself
more than Kazuhito did. "Did Aida Kuzuhito just stand up for himself?
Not only against me, but against that beast inside of him that is just
begging to be released on me?" The genin stands up out of his stance,
folds his arms across his chest, and waits for the other boy's

Kazuhito clenches his jaw. Finally, though, he manages, "That- is
none- of your business." He takes a step back, taking Hyjinko's
relaxation as an invitation to back away from the fight. Still, his
guard remains up. "If you have what you wanted, why don't- you just
leave me alone?"

Hyjinko sighs. "You're a tough egg to break. Maybe you just like the
lifestyle of being pushed around and taken advantage of. With the way
you carry yourself I bet you get the brunt of it from home." He says
speaking out of experience. "I think i've tried to "help" you enough.
I want to apologize for trying to push your boundaries like i did, but
if you ask me you look like you can still use it. Maybe one day I'll
get to witness Aida Kazuhito with a backbone and not this meak,
unconfident person in front of me."

Kazuhito does relax somewhat now. It seems there is no fight. But if
he isn't preparing for a fight now, his anger has diminished none.
"Think what- you want. I don't- crave the approval of liars with
delusions of their own importance." He steps back several steps, but
keeps his eyes on Hyjinko, as if to make sure he does not pursue
before turning his back.

Hyjinko tilts his head. "Liars? I don't understand what you mean by
that." The boy doesn't show any sign of pursuing the boy nor does he
care to carry on a physical fight.

Kazuhito pauses. He is clearly torn between the desire to just leave
the matter alone and to talk back to Hyjinko. He takes another step
back, starts to turn… Then stops. When he speaks, his voice is
clearly exasperated. "D-do you just have no memory, or are you trying
to toy with me again? You- intentionally left me to pay for food I
never wanted after saying you were pa-paying. You lied to the waitress
for no reason except your own amusement. You tr-tripped a guard, on
purpose, so you could watch a fight. You have no mo-morals whatsoever!
You do what you want, with no regards for honesty or respect! And one
day, you are going to tick off someone with less restraint than I
have, and I won't be sad if they kill you!" Almost immediately after
saying that last bit, his eyes widen, as if he went a little further
than he had intended.

Hyjinko squints his eyes at Kazuhito. Of course Kazu's words cut deep
but the boy knew he couldn't deny anything he just said. A shockwave
of bad emotions such as sadness and loneliness lined with memories of
his past floods through him. "You're right." He says as his tone
lowers. "Glad to see that there is more fight in you than I thought
when i first met you. I should do a better job of judging someone
before I assume next time. Keep your chin up, Aida Kazuhito." The boy
turns around and begins walking towards the student area with his hand
reaching up to scratch the back of his head. It was obvious he was
lost in his own thoughts at the moment.

Kazuhito's mouth hangs open, as if about to say something, but instead
just stands gaping. After awhile, it is clear there is nothing left to
do, and Kazuhito turns, the anger evaporating from him as his
shoulders slump as his head lowers. And then there is nothing left of
all the earlier squabbling, no one claiming a triumphant victory, just
two boys walking away from each other.

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