Suzume's First Mission


Kane, Suzume

Date: June 17, 2014


Kane brings Suzume in pursuit of a C-Rank criminal.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Suzume's First Mission"

Road to Nothing

Some men are not as dangerous as they'd like to think they are, though some are a bit stronger than they might seem. In the case of Hirata Shiho, a man who is being pursued for a multiple homicide in a mall village, he seems to be a bit of a mixture of the two. No one really expected much out of this man, but some fit of rage set him off pretty badly, and he's been ransacking places down the countryside. In pursuit of this man today are Reizei Kane and a Genin crazy enough to ask to be on such a mission with him, Yotsuki Suzume.
"… Crazy Larry," Kane grumbles as they dart through the trees of a heavy forest entering a land that has been absolutely deserted. "Stay close with me, Suzume. If we get too close to that blackhole or whatever it is, there's no coming back. While I don't particularly care if this douchebag gets taken into it, as long as we have some evidence he was taken down, if you go into it, there's no coming back."

Suzume nods her head a bit as she stays close to Kane. To a certain extent, from the very start of the mission, Kane has told her that her role is mostly watching and learning. And not do anything stupid like trying to fight the guy, or get close to the black hole of doom. "This…place, doesn't feel right. A part of me….Morton that, all of me wants to get the Wendy out of here.", she tells. The woman rubs her arms. "How are we going to get proof this close to that thing?", she asks.

"This place isn't right… No one in their right mind comes here," Kane says with a sigh as they push ahead. "But we can't dodge out on the mission, or he could get away and kill more people… Just stay close to me and stay back once we find him." With that, they'd pick up pace a little, headed toward one of the only remaining structures in the country, a deserted fort.

Suzume nods her head as she tries to stay close. Kane is more experienced, and much faster then she is. She's having a hard time trying to keep up, while trying to avoid thinking of that mind numbing coldness around her. "Understood.", she tells. The woman does keep a pretty good pace though.

As they move into the deserted fort, Kane peers around, looking for signs of recent tracks… which aren't hard to find. This guy leaves a trail pretty easily. He's definitely a sloppy psycho and not a real shinobi. A scream rings out from a nearby building just before a young woman is thrown through its remaining glass to the outside. "… Guess we don't have to look far. Get her behind me with you," he says before charging toward the building to jump in front of the woman before Shiho can get out the door.

Suzume nods her head a bit as she grabs ahold of the girl, and drags her back behind Kane with her. Rather then trying to shield the woman, and taking her eye off of her, Suzume keeps the woman a little to her side, within eyesight. You never know what may happen, and its stupid to risk her running away, and causing a distraction…Suzume focuses her energy, and moves to stay behind Kane, with the woman with her.

The moment Suzume has the woman snatched up, a rather fat man wearing a blacksmith's apron comes down at the two women with a warhammer, quite intent on crushing their skulls together. Seems he doesn't want to try to fight fair. Luckily for them, the Reizei are quick reactors. With a surge of chakra, Kane blurs up to appear driving the hilt of his cane directly into the man's face to send him skidding to the side. Another quick blur and the Reizei is front of the women again while Shiho growls an picks himself up.
"OUT OF MY WAY!" Shiho growls out as he stands and preps his warhammer again.
"Sorry," the carefree Reizei says with a smirk. "But your killing spree's over, pal."

Suzume takes several deep breaths. The last 2 years just kinda blurred into a one second montage in front of her eyes on the end of that warhammer. Suzume takes several deep breaths, trying to keep her mind right. She backpeddles a little, and wipes her hands off on her pants to dry off the sweat there. Right now, she's forcing herself to jump a little from side to side, to keep them moving. She doesn't want to freeze up in fear…

Just as Kane casts a brief glance back at Suzume to check on her, Shiho lunges toward him with that warhammer aimed at crushing his ribcage all at once. Still, this guy's not that skilled, just angry, a C-Rank target at best. Kane wouldn't have picked someone higher for Suzume's first training mission, after all, just in case things went sour. With a blur, the Reizei plants his blade in the side of the man's jaw, this time not stopping his attack as he twists the hilt of the blade before spinning to drive the point of his blade directly into the man's back where his kidneys should be, resulting in a huge cry of pain as the man locks up from jolts of lightning surging through his body through Kane's blade.

Suzume watches, keeping the woman within sight, but out of the way. Its quickly apparent to her that Kane could easily handle this guy. But the woman doesn't lower her guard. Even if its an easy mark for Kane, That doesn't mean that the mark can't slaughter her with a single blow. She keeps a defensive posture going, and her feet moving as she stays out of the way, but prepared.

The moment the shock of the lightning wears off enough that he can move, Shiho swings his hammer back at Kane's head, nearly hitting as the Reizei manage to duck out of the way then drive the hilt up his blade up at the man's chin. As the man's falling back, Kane would draw his blade to stab him in the gut, though the man uses this momentum to let his hammer fly… directly at Suzume at the other woman!

Suzume is glad she was staying prepared now. She pushes the woman out of the way, and then leans back, and then keeps leaning back. She pulls more then a matrix move! The woman goes full blown bridge, landing on the top of her head while keeping her feet planted where she was standing. The hammer just barely misses her. By barely, she's looking at what would have crushed her ribs in amazing detail as it comes without an inch of her eyes as she was going down. Suzume takes a moment take a deep breath…and then shivers a bit….She's going to wait until Kane is done to make her request.

Kane looks up for a moment to see that Suzume and the other woman are okay, breathing a sigh of relief before he looks back to Shiho as the big man jumps up to drive a fist at him. Now unarmed, he has to rely on physical strength alone, which doesn't work out too well for him, as Kane is far faster, though he turns to try to dart toward the women. "Ay, Fatso!" the Chuunin calls out, distracting the man momentarily as Kane blurs to drive his cane's hilt into the back of the man's neck to send him stumbling before spinning around to drive the blade directly into his heart.

Suzume keeps looking at where that hammer landed. Right in the wall, directly behind her. She puts her hands on the floor, and then kicks her legs up. She flips backwards, landing on her feet. The woman looks at Kane. "Is he dead yet?", she asks. "Cause…ummm, I have a rather personal request to make…"

Looking down at the body as Suzume asks her question, Kane blinks a bit then looks up at her. "He's getting there," he replies with a shrug as he steps over to them. "What's your question?" he asks, lifting an eyebrow as he waits, glancing back at the dying Shiho once in a while.

"Did I remember to pack a fresh pair of panties in my sack before we left….I kinda need them now.", Suzume says, blushing horribly. "Something like dodging a warhammer that was thrown at me, kinda well, I think I Iggy my panties…", she tells. At least she's honest about it…And Roy, at least she knew the danger of it. Most Genin would act all Lemmy, and go, that was cool or something…

Kane has to stop and stare at Suzume for a moment at that question. Blinking a few times, he pauses for several moments before asking, "A single… hit… /accidentally/ aimed at you… and you Ludwig yourself? You've really got a long way to go." Aaaand losing points there only a day after asking Kane if he would date her. With a shake of his head, he'd reach into his coat to grab her pack and toss it to her.

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