Sweet Things!


Hinotori, Yuzuna, Kuoroji, Taji

Date: 18th March, 2010


The Team are out to discover why prepared sweets disappear overnight from the local bakery The Sweet Senbon.

"Sweet Things!"

Jougen Street

A Team of Ninjas have been hired by a local bakery, The Sweet Senbon, seems the owner, a Miss Immaye has been having issues as of late. Every night she closes her bakery, locks the door and goes home, only to open it the next day to find half the sweets she had prepared the night before are missing! With no sign that anyone was ever around. She has inquired around with no avail as to who or how her sweets are going missing. It is the Ninja team's job, as the local police force is to busy to provide, as Miss Immaye puts it, the attention she wants on her missing sweets, this is the Case of "Sweet Things!"
It was a cool spring afternoon, Kuroji had made his way to Jougen Street, leaning against a building, his blue tinted shades focusing on the small folder with papers he holds in his hands as he awaits for the rest of the team to arrive. His fingers trace of bits and pieces of the data collected in the file, he arrived roughly about twenty minutes early to go over the information one last time, before meeting with Miss Immaye, before she closes up her bakery. He had already heard the rumors starting to shoot around, about a Ghost Baker, trapped in torment to eat all Miss Immaye's treats. A soft gust of wind causes his hair to blow slightly as he looks around to see if anyone else on the team was on there way yet.

Yuzuna blinks her pale eyes idly as she remains silent, arms crossed and leaning back against a building in the mist of Jougen street not far from where Kuroji is waiting as well. Dressed in dark clothing for missions, the young Hyuuga woman turns her head lightly as she glances through the length of one side of the road. The silence continues on, dull moments passing as they wait for the others. With a slow exhale, Yuzuna closes her pale lavender eyes, leaning her head back against the brick behind her, stoic and positively bored it seems.

Having received word that he was needed for a mission, the Uchiha Chuunin managed to get information regarding the mission and who was supposed to be teamed together. Quirking a brow he managed to get himself dressed and ready. Hinotori walks down Jougen street where the bakery was, as he nears his destination he notices the team he was joining. His raven colored hair blows within the wind as he finally stops at the bakery, bowing his head to Kuroji and Yuzuna, "Good evening." he says to them both. His eyes look up at the sign of the bakery, then back to his team mates. "Well lets get started." he says.

Taji got the note to show up for the mission and he arrived, looking for Kuroji. The kid has a backpack and it looks like he's ready to go on a three month mission with the way it weighs him down, still he handles it okay as he moves through along showing up on time, rather than early. He peeks around, then spotting Kuroji he heads in that direction, "Hey… know what's up? I didn't get full details of the mission." He admits as he looks at the others, trying to join up with the group as a whole.

Kuroji looked up from the papers as the team assembles, he offers Hinotori and Yuzuna a small nod, "Yuzuna, Hinotori.." then he looks at Taji and his huge mission assault pack. "Taji.. " he says rubbing his goatee, "Lets ground your gear really quick." he says reaching over and ruffling Taji's hair. "Okay, well it is simple enough, The Sweet Senbon, makes sweets, the sweets are going missing, we need to figure out where the sweets are going." he says with a soft smile. His hands moving and closing the folder as he pushes off the wall.
Miss Immaye was coming out of the bakery, she looks stressed and tired, she sees the group of Ninja that have gathered and waves her hand, "Over here! Over here!" she says, waving them in, looking up and down the street, with a sigh. As the Ninjas move closer she starts to explain the situation, then asks, "Do any of you have any questions? I just really need to figure out where it is all going! Its going to put me under, I beg of you figure this out for me!" she says sounding rather upset already.

Yuzuna arches a thin brow at Taji's massive pack, though remains silent as she relaxes and uncrosses her arms and shifts her weight, leaning forward off of the side of the building and nearing the gathered group idly. Turning slightly, she glances to Miss Immaye as she emerges from the bakery, glancing her over curiously. Lowering her chin slightly, Yuzuna murmurs softly, "What rooms are there within the building? Also, is there anyone else that has a spare key to the bakery?"

Hinotori nods his head to Taji as he comes in, he smiles when he sees the large pack, "Never can be too prepared." he says as he looks to Taji. Looking over to Kuroji, "Hello, nice to see you again." he says as he looks to the Aburame. He was about to say something else, Miss Immaye comes out of her shop he smiles, "Hello Miss. Immaye." he says politely. As Yuzuna asks her question, he thinks for a moment, "When did the thefts begin?" he asks simply.

Taji lets the others do the question asking as he hefts his pack on his shoulder and gives a bit of a flush, realizing he probably brought too much, especially for a mission that is going to be right here in the village. He nods to Kuroji and waves to the other two then turns to the client to listen to her answers, assuming some are coming. He moves towards the bakery, then laughs, "Couldn't you just put some bugs to watch, Kuroji?" He points out, "I mean, then you just have to follow them to see where they went… if that would be easy? I don't know. We could just hide and see what happens?"

Miss Immaye, moves around the Bakery seeming to get it ready to close, as she does so she picks up a rather large box and hands it to Yuzuna, with a smile, "For you guys! Its a box of my most signature Sweets!" she says softly, though as the questions start she leans against the counter for a moment and puts his hand on her head. "I bought the building about two months ago, rather cheap I might add, use to be a meat pie place, but it didn't seem to go over to well and the owner closed his door, he said he just couldn't finically do it and sold me the building rather cheap. So I don't know if he gave any keys out, but I have changed the locks twice now myself" she says slowly with a small nod, "About three days after I opened my doors, took me a month to get everything up and going, it started to happen. As for the amount of rooms, there is the main room, this one, which is where I put all my sweets out that are for sale, then the kitchen right behind here with a storage room off of it, and a small bathroom on the other side." she says slowly with a nod. "The upstairs has most of the previous owners stuff, I agreed to store it for him until he found someone to buy it, just stuff that was for the meat pies." she says with a small nod.
Kuroji listens to her with a soft smile, and takes a peek at the box and pulls out a cookie kunai and nibbles on it slowly as she talks, then listens to Taji. "Well Taji, I am working on a new Technique right now and it has my Scout Kikiachus out of order for a bit, but your other ideas seem like they may work, what do you guys think?" he asks, looking between Hinotori and Yuzuna taking another bite of his cookie, before looking at Miss Immaye, "Miss Immaye, these are amazing… You guys should really try some.." he says giving her a huge thumbs up and a smile.

Yuzuna blinks and lifts a brow at the box skeptically as it is pushed into her arms, pondering briefly before looking back to Immaye as she listens with a mild frown. The fact that it had been bought cheaply was a bit unusual. "Locks have been changed twice…" she murmurs slowly in thought. "Have all the rooms been searched thoroughly then?" Making a face at Kuroji, she just hands the box over to him as he nibbles on one of the kunai-shaped cookies. "Hm. I suppose we can stay here for the night. Keep watch and hope that the thief will appear again tonight. Has it been every night or just on occasion?"

Hinotori listens as the information is provided for them, though as Miss Immaye speak about how she bought the shop and the time when things begin to be stolen. Hinotori looks around the area where he was. He did hear Taji's suggestion for Kuroji, but nods. As Yuzuna hands the box of cookies over to Kuroji and the Aburame begins to eat one, Hinotori walks over to the counter and looks around along the floor. "I think that would be a good idea Yuzuna-san." he says to her as he looks up at the ceiling. "Look through each room then take up positions within the shop to enhance our chances of catching are sweet thief." he says smiling at the name of the thief he's made.

Taji nods to all of this, "Okay, so we search, look for obvious thing then take up stealth stations where we can see the food in case the food thief does show up?" He says, as if he wants to make sure he gets it clear. "Sounds like a plan to me." He says as he mimics the thumb up that Kuroji has been giving him lately. "Sounds like a plan yes?" He says as he grins, looking a tad eager to begin the mission formally.

Miss Immaye nods, "The Police have searched all the rooms down here and upstairs three times now and haven't found a single clue." she says with a sigh and looks rather defeated. "Every night. I tried to stay over the last few nights, bet I fell asleep and when I woke up… more then half my preparations for the next day where missing! And nothing looked like it had moved." she says muttering softly to herself. With that she turns around and hands her, a spare key. "If you are going to stay the night, here is a key so you can lock up after you leave if you need too." she says slowly with a smile.
Kuroji finishes his cookie and takes another out of the box and starts to nibble on it. "Sounds good to me." he says offering a thumbs up balancing the box of cookies on his arm as he holds a cookie. "Though it is crazy, that the thief is stealing cookies and not all the valuable stuff." he says slowly rubbing his chin, "Not that these sweets aren't good, just weird I think." he says with a shrug, "Well lets start searching I suppose." he says sitting the box on the counter. "I'll search this room, Taji why don't you search the Storage Room, Hinotori you want to cover the kitchen? And Yuzuna, since you have the keenest eye sight, want to cover the larger storage space upstairs?" he says tilting his head curiously as he starts to look around the area still nibbling his cookie.

Yuzuna releases a slow breath as she lowers her chin in a slight nod in agreement towards Kuroji, "Very well then." she murmurs. Turning towards Miss Immaye, she offers the woman a light bow before she turns further into the building. She narrows her pale eyes as she turns to climb up a staircase to the second floor, the smooth pale skin along the sides of her temples now bulging with veins as Byakugan is activated.

Turning to look at Kuroji as he gives orders as to where to look at, "Alright." he says as he moves away from the others and walking towards the kitchen. Once alone, he closes his eyes for a moment then opens them. His vision sharpens and becomes crystal clear, he slowly begins looking around for any other entrances into the kitchen as well as possibly trap doors along the floor. Keeping his steps light and being careful not to leave any trace of his being in the kitchen. But for all the looking, all he finds is pies and boy do they smell good. Hinotori smiles widely, but knows he isn't able to eat them, he walks out of the kitchen shaking his head.

Taji nods to Kuroji's instructions and leaving his pack just inside the door of the shop, he heads up the stairs to go search. The pack makes a little thud as he sets it down. He looks a lot lighter as he heads up the stairs. Out of sight he rummages around a bit searching, but finding nothing he returns shortly there after, back down to offer to Kuroji, "Hey, nothing up there that would take food that I can see, no clues either, I guess." He shrugs, "Um, not really sure what I was looking for but… nothing seemed out of place." He looks around the shop to see if anything seems out of place here and he shrugs again.

Taji nods to Kuroji's instructions and leaving his pack just inside the door of the shop, he heads up the stairs to go search. The pack makes a little thud as he sets it down. He looks a lot lighter as he heads up the stairs. Out of sight he rummages around a bit searching, but finding nothing he returns shortly there after, back down to offer to Kuroji, "Hey, nothing up there that would take food that I can see, no clues either, I guess." He shrugs, "Um, not really sure what I was looking for but… nothing seemed out of place." He looks around the shop to see if anything seems out of place here and he shrugs again.

Miss Immaye stands idly still leaning against the counter watching the Ninjas move about doing there jobs, he watches Kuroji as he moves around looking around for anything out of place, reading through the menu. Then Taji comes back with nothing to report along with Hinotori, he looks between the two and rubs his small goatee slowly, "Where do you two think the best place to set up for the night is, I was thinking the Storage Room." he looks between the two, awaiting there input as he moves to pull another cookie out of the box and starts to nibble on it.

Yuzuna narrows her gaze, searching through the upstairs as the Byakugan passes over the boxes upon boxes in storage, looking for anything that might be out of place. A mild frown forms slightly as she kneels down, dust unsettling at the corner of a box as her hand reaches down. Her fingertips brush against a small business card, yellowed, worn and slightly torn. She frees it from beneath the box as she straightens her back and rises smoothly to her feet, frowning still at the card she has discovered. "'The Sweet Tooth'. Its the current address…" the young Hyuuga ponders out loud. Her fingers idly play at the corner as she turns and takes the stairs down into the main bakery again, holding up the card to Kuroji silently before setting it on the counter.

Hinotori looks to Taji, then to Kuroji. Thinking about where would a good place to hide, "Well the storage room would be a nice place, but we need to find out how they are getting in." he says as he looks to Kuroji and Taji, "The kitchen could prove useful, as well as maybe hanging into something that way we can still keep watch on the sweets she has. Again there are a number of pies in the kitchen that look freshly baked." he tells them. "Lets see what Yuzuna-san has to put in." he says just as she comes down and places a yellow card onto the counter.

Taji nods to the others, "Well, I found a single white mouse, but I put him outside, and there's no way a single mouse is eating all the food anyway." He shrugs, "But I think we should hide and see what we can see?" He suggests, "Unless any of you are good at traps or that kind of thing? I think it looks like an all night up kinda thing, but it's just a night so we should be okay, I think?" He offers as he glances around, "You think upstairs? I think we should find some place to hide down here, like in a cupboard or something?"

Kuroji picks up the card and takes a bite of his cookie, "The Sweet Tooth." he reads off taking a bite of his cookie again, "Well the address is the same, I thought you said, that this place use to be a Meat Pie place?" he asks Miss Immaye, he looks between everyone, "This is curious, well." he says slowly, looking outside, "Taji will you go around the few businesses that are still open and find out this "Ghost Baker" And "Sweet Tooth Bakery."" he says with a small nod, looking to Hinotori he says, "Go see if you can find out about that Bakery from the previous owner, his address is in the file." he says as he hands the file to Hinotori, looking to Yuzuna, lets keep the Bakery held down incase our Sweet Thief comes to visit." he says slowly.
On that note, it seems like Miss Immaye is getting ready to leave, "Enjoy the cookies!" she says with a small smile as she steps out waving as she does.

Yuzuna only gives Immaye a light nod as the other woman leaves, door ringing lightly with the exit. With a slow exhale, she glances to Kuroji and lowers her chin slightly with another nod, "Very well. It sounds like this could be a possible lead. However unlikely it could be." Rounding along the edge of the countertop, she leans back against it and crosses her arms again, passive though with her Byakugan still activated still she almost looks menacing.

Hinotori had avoided eye contact with the others for the most part, his eyes revert back to their normal almond color. As he is asked to read the file and go find out information about the previous owner. Taking the file, Hinotori walks to the other end of the counter and reads the file over. "He's not far. Alright I will be back." he says as he vanishes. Hinotori appears on the roof, then quickly dashes off towards the address of the previous owner. Once in the area, Hinotori crouches down and watches the owners place, checking for signs of anyone being home from the height he was, he turns on his comm unit.

Taji nods, as he peers at Kuroji, "Will do!" He gives a snappy salute and heads to the door, "Ghost baker, and… sweet tooth bakery, gotcha." He glances around once quickly then heads out the door, ready to go look around to see what other places are open, and to see if he can find another bakery around. He leaves his pack behind, as he wants to make some time.

At Hinotori's location everything looks clear, nothing out of the normal. A light was on, and it was obvious that someone was indeed home. A dark shadow could be seen moving though around the house. The man appears to be a slender man, through the window though a older sign is hanging in his living room, "McGee Meat Pies" it says in fancy lettering.

Taji however returned with information, the name of the owner of "Sweet Tooth Bakery" is the same as the previous Owner, Taji explains that apparently he closed his bakery trying to make it with a more expensive meat pie place, which flopped and he was forced to sell allot of things to keep from going bankrupt.
Kuroji nodded slowly, and gave Taji the order to stay and guard the Bakery and relayed the information to Hinotori and gestured towards Yuzuna move with him to Hinotori's position.

Yuzuna silently follows Kuroji through the front door, giving Taji a brief glance before leaping towards the nearest rooftop, landing quietly. She narrows her pale eyes as she moves with speed, following Kuroji as a shadow as they soon approach Hinotori, landing with just as much stealth. Turning her head slightly, she focuses her attention on the sign that hangs just outside the home.

Double clicking his comm acknowledging the information that was given to him, Hinotori stays where he was watching the man. He did note the meat pie sign within the living room. He does moves to a better vantage point on the roof so that he can see more clearly into the house. As Kuroji and Yuzuna make their way to his position, he gestures to the man who is moving about in the house. Noticing that Taji wasn't there, he figures he was back at the bakery. "Nothing so far, he's just moving about in the house right now." he states and goes back to looking at the house.

Shortly after they arrive, the see the man in the window, Mr. McGee, move upstairs only to come out of his home a few moments later, wearing a bakers outfit with pale mask on and white gloves on his hands. He slowly starts to move towards the bakery, being very careful, not to be seen as it has become dark and late in a mainly commercial area, it doesn't seem to be that hard. Once he reaches the Bakery, he slowly starts to move up the fire escape.
Kuroji gestures to follow him and says, "If need be stop him, I will go for the Police." he whispers offering Yuzuna and Hinotori a small nod. Before quickly darting off towards the police station, his black long coat and hair rustling in the cool spring nights air as he moves.

Yuzuna frowns as she watches Mr. McGee the butcher come out, moving through the streets with the white mask on and almost looking paranoid as tracks his way to the bakery. "As if he does not stick out…" she murmurs lightly to herself, but doesn't argue with Kuroji as she quickly moves after him, following Mr. McGee all he while. Landing on the rooftop next to the bakery, she frowns still as she glances to their team leader, listening to Kuroji before he takes off for the police. Arching a thin brow, Yuzuna becomes passive again as she glances back to the fireplace where the white masked man climbs. "Mystery solved."

Hinotori lowers his head and quietly laughs as he sees Mr. McGee, "Ninja Baker." he says quietly as he shakes his head. As the mysterious ninja baker makes his way down the street, checking behind him, Hinotori has the biggest grin on his face as he lowers his head again silently chuckling. It takes him a minute but he is able to keep up with Kuroji as he, and Yuzuna begins to tail the stealthy, (sticking out like a sore thumb) ninja baker as he makes his way back to the bakery. When Kuroji tells them he is going for the police, Hinotori nods to Yuzuna, "Yup." he says as he looks to her then back to Mr. McGee as he climbs up the fire escape. "Taji-san is in there. I say when we goes in we follow in behind him." he says to Yuzuna.

As Kuroji is off fetching the police, Mr. McGee, the stealth impaired Ninja Baker slash Butcher has made his way on top of the Bakery. He looks around slowly, before opening a small door, that goes to the attic of the bakery. Over the comm comes Kuroji's voice, "Police and Miss Immaye are enroute, we will arrive shortly. Apprehend the target at this time." is stated, as the silly looking sweet toothed thief starts to make his way down the hatch.

Yuzuna gives Hinotori a flat look once he starts chuckling, nudging the side of his ribs with her elbow, clearly unamused with his lack of professionalism at the moment. At the sound of Kuroji's voice over the comm, she frowns lightly, lowering her chin slightly in a mild nod, "Affirmative." she murmurs into the comm in reply. Turning her head, she gives Hinotori a light nod before leaping onto the roof of the bakery, then slipping over the front and landing on her feet with cat-like grace. Unceremoniously, Yuzuna opens the unlocked front door and slips in before Hinotori.

Hinotori feels the elbow in his ribs and stops, he looks over to Yuzuna for a moment, "Sorry." he says but the smile is still on his face. When Kuroji comms in he listens and nods. "Acknowledged." he states. Nodding back to Yuzuna, Hinotori leaps over to the roof of the bakery as well, only a few moments after Yuzuna. Landing on the edge of the roof, he looks to the door that Mr. McGee enters. Seeing that they were going to detain him, Hinotori follows behind Yuzuna as she goes over the roof to land on the street near the bakery. Landing in a crouch, Hinotori stands up and walks in behind his team mate as they enter the front door.

Mr. McGee was coming down the stairs, as the two Ninjas opened the door. Standing in clear view of them, he looks to his right then his left and says, "I am the Ghost Baker! Allow me to consume my sweets or I will…. CONSUME YOUR SOULS! NOM NOM NOM!" he says raising his hands above his head and shaking them as he starting to walk down the stairs all dramatic like. Making random sounds that are suppose to sound spooky but just kind of sounds… awkward. Once he has reached the bottom of the stairs he jumps forward a bit and says "NOM NOM NOM! YOUR SOULS ARE SO YUMMY!" he is trying to sound scary as he opens and closes his mouth chewing as if he is eating.

Yuzuna arches a brow at the man, clearly unamused as Mr. McGee tries to scare them away. With a slow exhale, the young Hyuuga only shakes her dark head as she closes the distance between them smoothly, reaching up and resting her hand on his shoulder to grip it, staring at him with the intensity of the Byakugan. "Mister McGee, if you try to run, I will be obliged to stun you."

Oh my GAWD! It's the Dreaded Soul Eating Style! Hinotori's eyes go wide as Mr. McGee begins to nom nom for their soul, taking a step back from Mr. McGee. Hinotori brings up his arms to cross over his face, but then he drops them as he shakes his head. Tonight has been a damn good night and as Yuzuna walks over and places a hand on Mr. McGee's shoulder the Uchiha Chuunin just chuckles. "Please don't run, it would really suck for you to get stunned." he says as he looks to Mr. McGee.

Mr. McGee says "I am not Mr. McGee I am the Ghost Bak…" he stops and lets out a deep sigh, "Well I suppose you caught me and figured out that I had been trying to put Miss Immaye under, so I can rebuy the shop and reopen my bakery. And I would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for you meddling…" he stops and smells the air for a seconds, "Wow those pies smell divine.." he says looking towards the three pies, as he takes a seat on the stairs awaiting what will be done with him.

Shortly after, Kuroji shows up with the police and Miss Immaye, they enter the door and he walks over to Hinotori, "What did I miss?" he says looking right then left as he takes another cookie out of the box and starts to nibble on it. The Police Nin move over towards Yuzuna and give her a nod as the arrest Mr. McGee and escort him out. Miss Immaye starts to thank each of them as she hands them small metal cards that say "Free Sweets from, The Sweet Senbon, for LIFE!" with the fine print below that reads, "Limit one sweet per visit, Limited to Two Sweets per day. Does not include coffee or tea. Non-Transferable. Not combinable with any special offers or promotions." after she has finished handing each of them one of the cards, she gets her key back from Kuroji and smiles as everyone leaves the Bakery, "Please come back and visit again!"

Yuzuna idly pulls her arm away from Mr. McGee's shoulder as she takes a pair of steps back, giving the policeman a passive nod, arching a brow at Mr. McGee once more before they are escorted out, cards in hands. Glancing at it in her hand, she gives it a skeptical, odd glance for a moment or so, wondering. "Sweets for life, hm?" she murmurs. "Not exactly healthy…"

Grinning, Hinotori shakes his head to Kuroji, "You really didn't miss anything." he says as he looks to Kuroji. "Honestly, it was pretty fun. He just wanted to open his own shop by trying to buy it back from Ms. Immaye." he says. "Well he did just say that, but yeah." he says. As Immaye gives them all the metal cards, Sweets for life. "Thank you Miss. Immaye." he says as he bows his head. Looking over to Yuzuna, "Hey nothing wrong with sweets every once and a while isn't a bad thing." he grins. "Alright lets go get some food." he says as he starts to walk out of the shop.

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