Swift Justice


Naru, Ishino

Date: June 25, 2014


An A rank rogue shinobi is causing trouble with various villages on the outskirts of the Land of Water. Ishino is summoned by the Mizukage to take care of the situation while an unknown shinobi also has similar ambitions.

"Swift Justice"

A fishing village on the outskirts of the Land of Water

The mission today was a rather unusual one. Along the border of the Land of Water there has been a stream of robberies of unusual nature. A rogue shinobi would approach a village makiing demands and if they did not submit the village would simply be leveled or broken with earth ninjutsu. His particular path was detailed and it was expected of him to appear at the village of Yoriki. Wanting this to be a clean break, a simple Sevensword was sent to track him down and bring in the enemy, of course not before adding this man to the bingo books.

Narusegawa was also catching a break, attempting to track down this individual to bring him down for her own means. After all, leaving Konoha has allowed her to act ith swift justice rather than following the rules…and so the mission began.

Deep within the village it already appeared to have massive walls of earth erected about the village, keeping individuals from leaving. And for the moment, all was quiet.

Ishino would show up at that village as assigned smoothly. HARPS carried the other puppets with it, the old man sitting on the back, sipping his tea, while the gremlins sat on the roof. Once they made the edge of that town, the unit would be used to push a hole through the earth wall, planting it's hand flat on that ground to give an opening as Ishino hops out of the machine to walk into the village. The gremlins scattered into the shadows, searching wider for Ishino than he could do on his own as he started for the middle of town. He wasn't exactly.. subtle.. on his entrance, so he was prepared for someone to respond to the noise, if nothing else.

The punching of the wall had caused quite the stirr. The civilans, who remained in the center of the village were completely wrapped up in links of earth, while the culprit, a suave crimson haired man with bandages about his face began to move forward to investigate. "Keep it down! I'm going to check out that crash. On the mean time you need to dump all your valuables in the square…Or you are all going to be buried alive! Simple as that!" The man shouts while moving to catch a glimpse of… an individual? "You picked a bad day to come here, you might want to get lost, or a lot of people are going to die today," The man speaks up to Ishino.

On the other hand there was another shinobi slipping through the background, running over the tip of the earth wall and positioning herself along the roof of a home, she watches the events unfold while attempting to get a grasp of the situation…

Looking about, the old man would reach forward to dust off Ishino's shoulder with a small broom, Ishino smiling back to him with a nod of thanks. Looking back to the man as he approached, he'd shake his head. "No. I'm sorry good sir, but you see I happen to be sent here to end this particular issue. Considering it seems to me that you are the source of the issue, I'm going to have to ask that you please desist your activities and return with me peacefully. I would not wish to have any harm come to you or this village, but I am afraid I must insist." The gremlins, having shadowed around the man who was dealing with Ishino would creep in among the villagers, sharp metal teeth, with that chakra draining property, they'd sap the chakra holding the stone up to start freeing villagers. While the gremlins were relatively quiet, the noise of rock crumbling might be heard now and then.

Narusegawa on the other hand began to take quick notice of both Ishino and the Earth manipulator, she remains alm for the time beinging, focusing a bit of chakra throughout her by while awakening her three tomoe sharingan, she attempts to remain out of sight for the time being, measuring the strength of the shinobi before attempting to do anything else in particular.

With his focus preoccupied by the earth manipulator, Ishino didn't seem to notice Naru hiding nearby. Those attempts to suck him down or hit him seemed to miss, a simple pause of time, a hiccup, and they were just off from where they should of been. Ishino tsks and shakes his head. "Ah well. I did try the polite way. So there is that." Musing, Ishino would motion then, the sudden need for the man to kneel.. kneel. KNEEL! lashing out at him as the gremlins left off freeing people to come surging at him. "Let's see.. I think we should start with the hands. Remove them." Those gremlins were fast to latch onto the man, twin lined razor sharp jaws of steel would go to try and bite the guy's arms off.

It was the same situation for the shinobi before them. It was hard to discern from those who were hiding instead of those who were right infront of him. He jutsu seemed to be derailed as planned though the gremlins attempted to eat off his hands they weren't entirely successful. They manage to knaw on his arm, tearing up flesh but not quite eating them off completely. "Alright lets ee how you handle this then!" The man shouts, forging even more dearth, attempting to bring Ishino down into the depths of the earth as it forms a massive jaw like mouth attempting to engulf him.

Not being spotted by either of them finally Naru would attempt to make her move. Her finished lightly touch against the blade by her side as she launches from the roof and sweeps down over top of the earth manipulator. Electricity spills from her blade and she spins it accordly, driving it's fine edge once down his back, and then circulating the slash down along his side to his thigh… She doesn't say a word at first, but she does note Ishino, gauging his attention briefly to see what he may plan to do next…an d perhaps she needed to get out of the way.

Ishino shifted as the earth moved again, reaching up to latch onto him, he gritted his teeth as he'd get bit, finally managing to pull away, albeit with some pain. Glaring at the man, he'd touch a tear on his suit. "You.. messed up my suit. That. That was a very bad idea.." Stepping back as Naru would strike from hiding, the gremlins retreated back to HARPS as the ticking picked up from Time Keeper. The hendge fading as the old man would mirror Ishino in those hand seals, he studied the missing nin intently. "Kronos Embrace: Time's Thread." Launching that genjutsu, he would send the man spiraling through his own imagination, letting him think what he would of life, as reality got left behind with his imagination's trek.

The shinobi was able to do what needed to be done, bringing his jutsu to bear upon Ishino but at the same time, he was eventually trapped in the world of his own imagination. There was some surprse of attacks against the new commer, having his black slashed in surging lightning but he was able to regain his footing once the surprise was gone, and rebuke Naru away from him…. Naru then paused as she turns her gaze back to Ishino and smirks, noting the measure of his strength. " You seem to have gotten a bit better than before. How long can you hold him in that genjutsu?" Narusegawa asks as she uses this as a moment to focus her chakra. " He seems to be strong… We can't let him use that earth jutsu again,"

Ishino shifts on his feet, already going through another set of hand seals, mirrored by TK as he'd nod to Naru. "I have stepped it up a little, since last we met, Uchiha-san." His attention turning to the missing nin then, he'd reach that conclusion. "I should be able to wear him down rather quickly. But I agree. Avoiding that earth jutsu would be.. nice. Kronos Embrace: Blurred Time." The reality that the missing nin was stuck in would shatter, time draining into itself to bunch up, causing that chaos of past, present, future to all be in the now. Before that darkness would gather, seeking to rip at the man's very soul from within the void of no time.

It was a lasting effect, and incredibly difficult to break out of the genjutsu. The man was definitely being unhinged and unable to release himself from the genjutsu….. After living out his life finally he gasps for air and opens his eyes… Her vision settling upon Ishino with a blurry expression, and then to Naru, the mud around began to rush and range into a massive dragon like structure, from it's mouth expelling massive amounts of mud to sink them to the ground. "Die die die!" the he continues to exclaim.

"I'm glad to see that you have improved… I hope this means we can work together however. Believe it or not, I'm no longer a shinobi of Konoha," Naru replies back to him, only to watch as more draining began to take place while the shinobi's jutsu had became more erratic… He seemed to be losing himself, perhaps thanks to the genjutsu? Regardless Naru decided to continue her own onslaught, pulling him further and into the realmof genjutsu, surrounding him with endless blades of whirling black chakra….

That reality shifted for the man, even as Naru would attack that gap in the man's defenses, Ishino's form would blur, past, present, future, a long path all over the area that made it impossible for those bullets to hit the real him. Off to the side, Ishino would study Naru curiously, before giving a nod in agreement. "I do believe we should be able to do such, Uchiha-san. It is.. interesting to hear such. I am surprised the clan would allow such to occur.." Attention turning to the man and his already staggering jutsu, Ishino added his own into it, slowing down reality so those blades that assaulted him would cut all the longer, hurt all the more as they'd shred him together.

Genjutsu….was defintely a weakness of this shinobi. Despite hsi wounds being non existant physically, mentally he had become broken. His body twitching with movement as he gasps and cringes. "Stop….stop! just stop it already!" Asks as the invisible blade mixed with the lapse of time created an even more traumatic experience… He lashes out one last time, focusing his chakra to sweep thr earth from under them and with luck, swallow them whole into the earth so there was no longer a need to worry….

Genjutsu….was defintely a weakness of this shinobi. Despite hsi wounds being non existant physically, mentally he had become broken. His body twitching with movement as he gasps and cringes. "Stop….stop! just stop it already!" Asks as the invisible blade mixed with the lapse of time created an even more traumatic exprience… He lashes out one last time, focusing his chakra to sweep thr earth from under them and with luck, swallow them whole into the earth so there was no longer a need to worry….

"They don't have much of a choice. It isn't like they are able to stop me," Naru spoke, perhaps with a hint of cockiness as she weaves away from the following technique, thoughit wuld appear s though she was hit within her defensive genjutsu. With that her sharingan flashes, summoning a torrent of chakra to capture him within a genjutus…a hand of darkness reaching out to pluck him from the earth, with the jaws of an iron maiden…." Let's see if we can finish this,"

"Agreed. He needs to fall." His attention turned to the man, focusing himself as he'd run through more hand seals. Once more that sweep of earth found.. nothing there. Ishino having moved within that small shift of time. The seals completed, the ticking from Time Keeper got stronger as while the man dealt with the black prism shutting him down, his whole body got embraced by Time itself, aging one way, then the other, crippling what actions he might do with how harsh it would drag at his body. "You should fall down now. Don't get up."

It was just as stated. The man fell right onto his knees and then face first after the onslaught of genjutsu. No screams had left his lips, instead drool began the puddle from the side of his now limp body. He was still quite a live… Breath even. The amount of mental trauma he had suffered was quite immense however…rendering him incapable of continuing the fight.

"And that is that… A very clean sit down there…and I don't think anyone one was harmed?" Narusegawa asks curiously as a slight huff escapes her lips. While it was a clean put down, that didn't mean that had to use quite a bit of chakra to do it. Narusegawa then crosses her arms while looking over Ishino. "You seem to have more friends this time around as well," Naru references the puppets with a smile. " Will you be bringing this one back to the village?"

Ishino nodded, absently working on patching himself up from when he did get struck. Once he was patched up, he'd pull out a scroll and twirl it about himself, replacing the dirtied suit with a fresh one. "We shall do just that.. and yes. I do have a few more tools at my disposal." The gremlins would latch onto the man, tussling him up in ninja wire before toting him off towards HARPS. Ishino watched them go before smiling to Naru with a small nod. "I do look forward to being able to work with you again. Tis much better to be on the same side, then opposed, I feel, Uchiha-san."

"It would be difficult for you to find me… I'm pretty much every where now. Despite me being a wanderer I don't go around causing a lot of trouble…. Next time we meet it woull be interesting I think. Hopefully we can work together once again… It's not that often I'm able to meet someone that uses Genjutsu…if not just as good then ebetter than myself…"

Ishino smiles then, sweeping a bow to Naru. "indeed. Until then, Uchiha-san." The old man, that henge returned, helped the villagers recover from the ordeal of the earth user. Once he was secured to the HARPS unit, Ishino would motion for the old man to come back, both of them heading to the HARPS unit for Ishino to slide into it and with a whirring of the engine coming to life, they would turn and head back for Kirigakure.

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