Sword of the Lightning God - Debut of the Corpse Princess!


Hoiishime, Mitsuomi, Maia (emitter)

Date: Unknown (log received August 17, 2010)


After the events of the attack on Mr. Miyagi, The Raikage sends out a team to apprehend the rogue Yamayuki to find out information on the enemy. With a lead in hand, they end up facing the small quartet and their leader, Hiroko, the Corpse Princess.

"Sword of the Lightning God - Debut of the Corpse Princess!"

Unknown location

Word of the attacks at the archaeological dig have spread. More importantly, word that one of the former academy students of the Yamayuki clan was now hanging out with the rogue nin who were at the attacks. It was a surprise for Maia, considering she was a teacher there, and even more of a surprise to Raiko and the Yamayuki Clan head that the young genin had possessed the summoning technique in addition to new skills not previously taught at the academy.

As such, various ninja were sent out to patrol the surrounding areas of the Land of Lightning. It was disturbing that a rogue nin was out and about and she was wanted back for interrogation. And that's where a team was prepared for this case. Maia was brought in due to her knowing the old students. Hoiishime was brought in because he had fought said student. And last, but not least, Mitsuomi was brought in due to his talents in taijutsu, and the fact that the young girl's partner was a clear taijutsu-ist.

So, Maia waited at the gates of Kumogakure, idly running her fingers through her hair as she waited for the specially assembled team, hoping that they would be on time. Rumors were that the rogue nin were near the village, so it shouldn't be too difficult to find them.

Mitsuomi yawned a bit as he approached the village gates. Retrieving a few nin was a bit boring of a mission, but it gave him a break from training and other mundane things. Perhaps this would also be a good chance to further cement Hoiishime with his training and abilities. Showing the younger how it was done and what the training would amount to.

Looking to Maia he merely shrugged his shoulders and rolled his neck. "Ready to get this going and over with? Hoping to make this quick. After all they only have to be alive enough to be questioned. Simple enough to accomplish in the end." His voice was flat and he really wasn't in any true mood to be discerned. Just usual Mitsuomi.

And here we go again. It seemed that Team 1 had been being called out again. Hoiishime knew what he had seen about that strange girl back then. He as well as Kenta, along with Reizei Setsiro, had been only successful in saving the laborers of that camp. To simple say they were given a tough time, would be an understatement on his behalf. Hoiishime didn't know one of Maia's former students would have been /that/ tough. He didn't transform that day, and yet the thought had crossed his mind with every tactic that girl, and her associate had used. She used Ping.. It was insane how powerful even that simple technique had been in the girls hands. Hoiishime, needless to day, hadn't been prepared that day.

But as he neared the gate, a large gourd with the symbol of the Jinrai Shrine, had been filled with water, and lace upon his back. He wasn't to be caught unprepared. He would be ready for that freezing sound technique she had used in the begining. But the only thing he had not countered, or even could understand, was that clone technique the two had used. It had been fulled by real people. That's right! People who, according to the nin themselves, had been retrieved and infected with parasites from the worm summons Hoiishime had managed to trap within the confines of his Water Prison technique. But that just was it. He knew how they had gotten the bodies they controlled. But how did they control them, and how were they able to henge the forms of those they controlled?

The questions would be put on the back burner as he would walk in on Mitsuomi's declaration. He would say, "I be tinkin, Mitsuomi-sensei, dat it won't be as easy as ya tink. But knowin ya well, ya be sure to enjoy da ride!", a loud laugh coming out of the boy as he would bow deeply to his Taijutsu master. "Reporting, Maia-o-nee-sensei. I be ready to move as well." before he would then bow to her and wait for orders.

"This isn't going to be simple. The fact that one of my former students at the academy can use powerful jutsu is well.. disconcerting. If you hadn't read the briefing, they used the bodies of Yotsuki Shusei and Ringu Arashi in the last mission. The fact that they can take over other people's bodies and then use their own jutsu through said bodies is very advanced. We're not even sure if the reports we've received are going to be the real deal or not, so proceed with caution."

Maia wasn't underestimating anyone. To do so would be death in her mind. She nose scrunched and took a deep breath as she focused her chakra, the blue flames running over her body. As she did so, her jade green pupils began to dilate, forming the three armed spiral of the more advanced nejigan as she hopped off.

"Remember, we're dealing with at least one sensor nin of the Yamayuki Clan. Try to make as little sound as possible." she replied, pursing her lips as she set off into the wood.

Mitsuomi let loose a soft sigh under his breath as he dealt hearing her worries. It really wasn't a big deal. All too often came reports of people doing things they shouldn't be able to, and they were either false…or came at a great cost to the target. It was all a matter of just weathering it out and then driving them into destruction. Simple enough in most cases for the more battle focused and experienced nin. Though he could see a slight reason for Maia to worry, he still refused to himself.

With a muttered, "Yeah, yeah, yeah…" under his breath Mitsuomi leapt off to keep up with his current commanding officer. Time to find them. Then came the pain, and the fun. A bit reckless he knew, but in the end those that were too cautious died of old age before ever accomplishing anything.

Tense Maia was tense. Hoiishime saw the concern in her face and it was enough to somewhat make him think. Hoiishime remebered that when Setsiro's stab, and lightning had been able to catch the two rogue nin, a switch in bodies helped them to face Maia. Maia probably knew as much as they did, if not more of how strong these two had actually been. After all, despite her strength, and being able to protect Miyagi, the two had still be able to get away with one of the scrolls that had been in that same tent. Hoiishime had a feeling that he hadn't even scrapped the surface of what these two could do. He would pat Mitsuomi on the chest, and chuckle, before the man would go ahead of him, and Hoiishime, would soon follow suit.

Chakra would course through his system as he moved. After all, he didn't want to be caught unprepared. Not this time.

Maia continued to lead the way, going to the spot where the reports had hinted that there was activity. At that point, there was a look of concern on her features as she nose scrunched. There were, how many people there? It wasn't just two. There was definitely a third nearby and she swallowed nervously as she looked towards the rest of the team. "There's a third here." she said in her lowest whisper, hoping that Niko couldn't hear her at this point.

"You two wait here. I'm going to see if I can root out those two." From where they were standing, they could smell the burning wood as there was a camp fire nearby. Was it the two they were sent or was something a bit more sinister going on? At that point, Maia moved into the shadows of the foliage trying to get closer as she motioned for the other two to flank the other side. If anything, she was trying to go for a surprise attack.

Mitsuomi only let out a small sigh as he noticed Hoiishime's attitude. With a stop he listened to Maia's orders and his body crouched low. Stealth wasn't his thing at all. He'd rather walk up and punch them all into the ground like living stakes. With a slow breath he focused his chakra for just that before crawling along to try and do things Maia's way. He didn't want this plan to fail, but that still doesn't mean he likes it at all. Low curses flow from the back of his mind about how this is a waste, but none dare cross his lips.

It seemed they would not travel for long. Hoiishime wouldn't be bothered so much this day, though on normal occasion he had loved to admire the scenery as he would scenery around him. But then they would arrive at the location for which the reports had call attention to. Hoiishime would sigh, his smile turning to one of seriousness when he would land in a crouch similar to Mitsuomi's. He would make his spacing, watching his back before then he would hear Maia's proclamation. He would move, his speed picking up along with a small glow of chakra that would flash. And within that second, he would be gone, his steps lightened, and a brief afterimage being the only thing left behind.

Fortunately for the three Kumogakure ninja, those three by the campfire were oblivious to their approach. However, something had happened. While the two were completely successful and had luckily chosen the right side to be on when flanking the middle, Maia wasn't so lucky. The sound of high pitched laughter could be heard along with a sudden woosh of wind came through the area, blowing out the camp fire. Fortunately, it was only twilight and the sun was still there providing light in the forest, but it seemed Maia would have to face others on the other side. The battle had begun in earnest as the three nin who remained by the campfire remained calm.

Could it be that those were the original bodies while more clones were fighting Maia? Who knew? Perhaps the rest of the trio should investigate considering they would have the element of surprise.

Mitsuomi stopped moving and let out a low, "Damnit…" before he turned his head and locked his eyes on the group by the once lit fire. Taking in a deep breath he began to surge his chakra throughout his entire body before his muscles began to tense. Toes curling before calf's tightened. Every muscle tensing in succession as the chakra in his body became dully visible to the naked eye. Its flow able to be seen by Hoiishime as it channeled up to his shoulder. Once gathered at his fit it glew like neon bands. With a half-step forward and a heavy punch, the chakra was released. It tore through the air and surrounding environment like a missle with only one target. Nothing would stop its path to the group, and hopefully it would shread into them and teach these idiots not to mess with Kumo or the man known as Double Impact.

Hoiishime wouldn't like what he was hearing from Maia's end. Looks like she had run into difficulty. But it was often Maia's way it seemed to be attacking, and fighting on a totally different end, while her team did the other more mission related things. Mama bear indeed. Hoiishime would follow Mitsuomi's lead instead of checking on Maia, but he would pray for her safety, and as Mitsumoin would strike, Hoiishime would as well. But not before seeing what would be Mitsuomi's technique. His eyes would light up, as the chakra's large release would be focused upon one of the entities.

Would Mitsuomi have oe shotted the group in mass? Hoiishime wasn't sure, but he would follow suit. For why they had been distracted, Hoiishime would be behind the scenes, preparing his own technique. And while this attack would be takened into account, Hoiishime would hopefully be able to get the drop on the others, as water, would be released from the gourd. And within moments, the water would serpentine along the ground, low and hidden before seeming to lash out, and surround the bodies of the other two to trap them in water.

The pulsing wave of chakra went through the group, tearing them apart. The dark brown robes they were wearing would be tattered to shreads as the attack itself had hit. Immediately afterwards, the bubbles of water lashed around the bodies, not even struggling before the bodies went limp. There was a white poof of smoke as the bodies had been revealed to be the remains of the dead. There were missing reports of a young family. It was a father, mother and their son. It seems that mystery was now solved as their dead bodies were limp around the fire all tattered up from the force of the first blast while the child and mother were trapped in Hoiishime's water prisons. It was truly a gruesome sight to behold.

Still, it got the attention.Maia was deinitely struggling, but that's because she was left dealing with the three actual bodies. Fortunately for her, one of those had decided to investigate what had ravished her corpse clones, and unfortunately for Mitsuomi and Hoiishime, they would be spotted.

Hiroko was frail and had a corpse like appearance. She was definitely beautiful in her prime, but years of experimentation had transformed her once beautiful countenance into a grisly visage. She looked like a corpse, her body covered in the same dark brown robes as she wore the forehead protector of Kumogakure around her neck, though there was a scratch through it. She was definitely one of the older kunoichi of the village at one point, even helping form the academy and teaching several students who were now chuunin and jounin. Mitsuomi and Hoiishime may even recognize her as Shiki no Kumogakure, Corpse Princess of the Hidden Cloud Village.

"Mmmm, it seems you've ravished my distractions. I applaud you." she quipped, snickering a little as slender, almost claw like fingers could be seen coming out of her sleeves as she formed a hand seal to focus chakra. "I am curious to see how the children of Kumogakure have developed. Please, show me your best. Maybe I'll decide to let Raiko have the Sword of the Lightning God afterall." she said with a cheery smile that showed her slightly extended canines.

Mitsuomi took the challenge head on as he began ot focus his chakra down into his nerves. The bundles rising up like veins against his skin. His shirt busting to reveal his muscled form to the kunoichi. His body took on readied stance. A booming voice called out full of confidence. "Kumogakure's Double Impact Mitsuomi!" It seemed that one sentence was an introduction, challenge, and warning.

Without any further warning the muscled figure lept towards the hag. His foot hitting the ground and quickly focused chakra errupted from his foot into the ground to make a shockwave in hopes of putting her off balance. Spinning on that same leg he hoped to get behind her and dig his fingers into her back so as to lift her over head and crush the muscles at the base of her spine.

The shockwave definitely took her off balance. This time, it was a well placed clone-technique as she disappeared behind the white poof of smoke. Still, the second attack was a bit more successful. Her body, while it appeared frail was actually corded with muscle. Only the grisly experiments she had performed made her seem this way, but her body was pure corded muscle. She let out a shriek as she was crushed with his strong hands before she reached down and took advantage of his close proximity.

"Ahhh, I have heard of you, Double Impact. Your taijutsu skills are well developed." she said with a sage nod, wincing in pain before she reached down and tried to place two seals on his hands to suppress his chakra. "But there is a weakness in your style." she commented before the seals started to spread, not allowing nhim access to some of his reserves.

Mitsuomi would focus his chakra around his body as he heard her speak. The seals hit the barrier and he felt it begin to fade from his body as they forced through and touched his skin. A loud groan ripped from his lips as he felt his chakra forcibly being ripped from his body. Taking a step back he dropped her as he shook it off. That definitely wasn't something he wanted to feal again.

A smile crossed his lips as he looked at her and focused enough chakra through his body that he watched the seals fall from him. Almost vissible chakra errupted from his fists as he stepped in to release a signature strike. Both hands shot out in unison for her chest. As they neared the target the chakra was released for a double impact of raw power.

There was another cry as he hit her once already. She whined as she dodged the second, her body disappearing as she gave herself distance between herself at Mitsuomi. She was huffing and puffing, clearly impressed as she snickers softly and pursed her lips. A series of handseals was starting to move at a furious pace as she threw out several scrolls around him.

The scrolls opened up and revealed seven corpses before taking on her visage as they ran towards him, trying to pin him down and to keep him held. Oh shit! Seven Hirokos trying to molest Mitsuomi! What is he going to do?

Mitsuomi only smiled as she came to bring in some pain. His chakra flared around his body as the weapons hit his skin and didn't seem make the man budge. The two that grabbed him were easily overpowered as he shifted his stance for a repeat performance of his previous strike. His chakra flared enough to affect the wind this time. His veins and nerves both bulging significantly. Muscles began to tense as if he were in a body building competition. A loud roar came from his lips, "TASHINKOU!" as his fist flew towards the woman. The chakra erupting as it had in his sneak attack. He was looking to punch clean through her body.

There was a woomph as she was trying to get away once more. Still, as she tried to merge with the ground beneath her feet, she was sent flying back by the technique which ravaged through her clones. He was good, and she definitely liked it. A wry grin curled onto her lips as she wiped the blood from her features as she peered towards him, wetting her lips hungrily. A wry grin curled onto her lips as she waggled her brows and formed another series of seals deciding to press her palm against the ground as she let her chakra travel through the leylines of the earth towards him.

"Impressive, impressive. It's been a long time since I've been hurt like that. I love it!" she said, her eyes becoming slit like for a few moments as she waggled her brows. "I am sure we shall meet again. It seems Kumogakure is stronger than I thought.."

As her chakra traveled through the ground, suddenly, another corpse burst out from the ground, trying to grapple Mitsuomi at his feet. Even if it failed, a crimson outline formed around him as she was trying to trap him in one of her many fuinjutsu once more, also trying to drain his stamina.

"I remember watching you as a boy, along with Maia. You two have progressed nicely. Very nicely." she said rather cryptically.

Mitsuomi grinned as the corpse hit him and did nothing. Though her words made his eyes go wide. She had been watching him all this time. When he snapped back into it the seal was in place and he had no where to run. As a last ditch effort he raised his armor to try and protect him from the crackling energy. He felt it drained away from him like a child stripped of its security blanket. With a groan and heavy breaths he hit a knee. This wasn't good. He could take pain, but this bitch was stripping him of the energy to fight itself…he might lose at this rate

Hiroko was never a physical powerhouse. That much should be obvious from her rather frail form, but she was smart and fought intelligently, often fatiguing her enemies to the point of death before using their bodies against them. She grinned and waved and made a motion of her hand as the three bodies who were ravaged by his first attack started to move towards Mitsuomi. She snapped her fingers and soon, the father, mother and child villagers wrapped their arms around him, as he could feel their pale cold fingers and bodies around his own. It would be sweet if what was going to happen next didn't happen.

With a snap of her fingers, chakra burst out from the three bodies towards the chuunin soon covering him in gore. Bits andpieces of human entrails and the stench of burst large intestines still filled with bile and shit covered the area and his body. A wry grin curled on Shiki no Kumogakure's lips.

"I'll still be watching you. You, like Maia have been marked now.." and with that, her body disappeared into the ground..

And with that, Maia would get sent flying towards the area the explosion was as well. She had faced not just one, but three other nin. It seemed this mission was doomed from the start. Their enemies had shown they knew about their styles and techniques. It was definitely going to be an uphill battle. Fortunately for them, a group of medi-nin were nearby and would take Maia, Mitsuomi and Hoiishime back to Kumogakure.

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