Tails of a Nara: Lesson on Bijuu Chakra


Tatsuo, Daisuke

Date: July 9, 2015


Tatsuo has his first experience in sharing chakra with the three tails and the results aren't too shabby.

"Tails of a Nara: Lesson on Bijuu Chakra"


Having been a few months since Daisuke had called on Tatsuo, wanting to give the boy time to get used to life and the somewhat 'secret' part of it that he now keeps inside him, the Hokage has now called on Tatsuo yet again. Feeling that the boy was ready for the next, and probably most exciting yet harrowing, step in his training. The message had come a few days earlier so that Tatsuo could have time to prep mentally and physically if he wished.
Mid-day in the Toshiba forest in the same location the Hokage had met the young boy before he stood again, waiting for the young boy to arrive so that they could move towards the hidden training facility that only few knew about the existence off. The Hokage is leaning back against the trunk of a tree, eating an apple, as he had to skip lunch today in order to make time in his schedule for this important training.

Tatsuo hadn't heard from the Hokage for some time and while he doubted the man had forgotten about him, he did feel a bit of relief to not be under his gaze often. It was enough dealing with his father. And Isobu, though that at least was getting 'better' in terms of what it had been. So it was that when the notice to meet with the Hokage came again he was admittedly a bit nervous, but the time to prepare helped. A little meditation, even letting Isobu know that they were going for more training, and then the day had come. Now Tatsuo walks into the area to meet with Daisuke, looking nervous as always though he tries to hide it (and fails). He bows once he gets closer, "Good Afternoon, Hokage-dono."

Daisuke looks over as Tatsuo arrives, giving him a smile. "Afternoon, Tatsuo. I trust things have been going fairly well as I have not been seeing any reports across my desk saying otherwise." he states with a chuckle, pushing off the tree and beckoning the boy to follow him in the direction of the training facility. "While I normally would've contacted you sooner, I had been monitoring your progress and I felt like you were doing quite well, joining a team, taking up some valuable training, and generally enjoying being a Genin. Times like those are valuable in the long run, and good memories will be your light in times of darkness." After that, the Hokage would lead Tatsuo in silence, listening to whatever the young boy had to say. When they arrive at the training facility, Daisuke leads Tatsuo over to the area with the small rocks that they were meditating on before.

Tatsuo is silent while Daisuke talks, following after the Hokage and listening to what the boss man had to say. So he had been watching him…he should've expected that. Even if it wasn't exactly hands on they were always going to be monitoring him. "It's been…strange," he admits after a short silence. "To try and hide this secret…to try and explain why I can't use my clans abilities…" his hand reflexively settles on his stomach a moment before dropping. "But everyone has been nice and doesn't ask too many questions, so it's not too bad. Although…" he hesitates, wondering if he should voice what he's thinking or not. Decisions decisions.

Daisuke arrives at the rocks and turns to Tatsuo, "..Although?" he asks, wondering what the boy was about to say. "Holding back is not something you need to do with me, Tatsuo. Without the whole picture, things can't move in the right direction. In fact, I encourage you to never hold back, for the success of our training and the longevity of the rest of your life. While the Three-Tails might be the most docile sounding and acting, always remember that he is trapped in a cage, and this is the fourth cage within a large handful of years that he has been in. Anyone would be yearning for freedom at that point, even the meekest of people and animals."
Daisuke hops up on the rock as he waits for Tatsuo to continue his conversation, patting the rock beside him and waiting for Tatsuo to hop up as well. Today was going to be an important step, channeling some of that demonic chakra inside him without loosing too much or losing control. Every Jinchuuriki experiences this step, and most experience some kind of 'close call' inbetween this step and the next ones, so the Hokage was interested to see how Tatsuo would fare.

Tatsuo still appears hesitant for a short time but eventually he just swallows the lump in his throat and continues, "Um…I was thinking of…using a different family name…that way I wouldn't have to try and explain it…" he says finally, watching Daisuke to see how he's going to react to such a statement. For certain Tatsuo's father will be against it and quite displeased but, well, apparently if he's going to mention it he might be willing to deal with that. He finally moves to climb onto the rock next to the Hokage, sitting with his legs crossed behind him and his hands resting on his knees as he waits for the response.

Daisuke takes a moment before smiling as Tatsuo joins him up on the rocks, patting his head and ruffling his hair a bit. "Don't worry about that, Tatsuo. If it helps, you can just introduce yourself as Tatsuo for awhile, but this training is so that you can be who you are and live your life as normally as possible. Once you get control, the whole world opens up to you again." he says to reassure the boy. "Now, lets focus on our task for the day, something very important that will take your complete focus to achieve." he says as he stands up before Tatsuo. "First, a quick observation. Hope you didn't have anything sugary or sweet for lunch, because your stomach might not like this feeling." he warns, holding his hand out in front of him. Tiny red blotches of chakra begin to seep from his pores and quickly surround his hand completely in a reddish cloak, the mere presence of the sickeningly demonic chakra able to churn even the strongest of stomachs. Eventually the cloak follows up his arm and, speeding it up a bit, Daisuke is eventually surrounded and protected by the cloak entirely.
"This is what we are learning today, the first step in utilizing the Bijuu within. Channel too little and you won't be able to do anything with it, but channel too much, and you will quickly lose control. This is the Bijuu's chakra you are dealing with, so the Bijuu inside will take every opportunity to coax you into using more or push it out to attempt to overwhelm you. This is the constant balance a Jinchuuriki needs to be aware of." he explains, looking to Tatsuo. "Are you ready to try?"

Tatsuo still isn't too sure on the whole subject of the family name. He was hoping maybe the Hokage would understand but at the same time he might be right. It's just tough at the moment dancing around the issue…and Tatsuo hates lying. Still, for now he'll not worry about it and just move on with the lesson of the day. The question as to his meals earns a curious look before the outflowing of chakra makes him jump back a little…quite a feat since he's sitting. As Daisuke explains understanding comes to his eyes. Something he'd heard about, read about even, but not something he'd actually seen yet. "Using the bijuu's chakra…" Tatsuo says quietly, chewing his lower lip as he considers. "What if…he doesn't let me…?"

Daisuke chuckles at the reaction from Tatsuo, the sitting jump, and smiles as the boy asks a simple question. "That is a good question. Unfortunately for Isobu, whether he likes it or not, the seal used for creating Jinchuuriki is also like a mesh door. It's greatest purpose is to allow, even force if the case may require, chakra from the Bijuu to flow out when required. Of course, in exchange, a bit of our chakra is given to them, to form a coexistence between Bijuu and Jinchuuriki. While I may not like labeling us as such, the hard fact is that is what we are, literally 'The Power of Human Sacrifice' (Jinchuuriki) for the betterment of our people and village. A complete weaponized human and beast combination." he says, explaining the co-existence a bit to Tatsuo, the rest he would learn as time moved on and his journey with Isobu got longer.
"Now, sit back down and focus, this is important." he says to the boy. "There are certain dangerous situations where the outpouring of chakra from Isobu can overwhelm you and, in the most extreme circumstances, overtake you. If that happens, you are a goner, so pay attention. In times of extreme emotion, rage, sadness, etc, is the easiest way for this to happen. Drawing too much is another one. The final one is when the host is in a near hopeless situation, where the Bijuu kicks in its own survival instincts. If you die, the Bijuu dies with you, to be reborn at a later date. Because of this, they are just as concerned with your life as you are."
After that explanation, Daisuke sits back down, the chakra long dissipated from around him, and looks to Tatsuo. "Use your meditation techniques along with your chakra focusing to tap into that second, vast pool of chakra inside you. Converse with Isobu, this isn't his first time. Let's see you try."

It all seems like a dangerous prospect. Too little and you'd be effectively useless. Too much and you give over to the bijuu which, while it sounds interesting from one viewpoint, would be very bad from many others. Even worse he had no way to gauge what was too little or too much at this point. It was going to be a guessing game. Tatsuo closes his eyes and delves into that part of him where Isobu resides, caged.
A bow is given from the boy to the extra large turtle, respectful. "Good afternoon Isobu-san."
<"Child…"> The response comes from beyond the cage where the turtle is in full view now.
"Hokage-sama is here and he wishes to teach me to use your chakra. He said I can just take it, but I would be much more honored if you would freely share and take mine in return," not that the last part was an option either.
<"The training progresses, child. You came to ask instead of merely taking. I will allow it for now,"> the turtle rumbles.
As the chakra begins to slowly be released Tatsuo grabs hold of it gently, eyes remaining closed to help him focus on what he's doing.

Daisuke senses the presence of demonic chakra rising in Tatsuo after the boy closes his eyes, figuring that everything went well enough with the talk. He watches Tatsuo's progress carefully, but silently, as any hints he may have will not help Tatsuo progress. The boy needed to learn how to draw the right amount in order to instantly be able to use this chakra during combat, so he will eventually need to skip the 'talking' portion. "Good." he says for encouragement as he continues to observe.

As the strange chakra starts filling him Tatsuo is immediately surprised by it's power, even with such a small amount. The cloak starts appearing slowly, bubbling out around him lightly as he continues to slowly draw on the power. Not too much, not too little. It was the too much he was worried about really. He could always draw more if he needed it, and in truth could give it back. He just didn't want to go too far. What seems like minutes is really only seconds. Almost surprisingly a voice from within tells him to pause drawing the power which he does immediately. Was Isobu…helping him? Perhaps trying to gain his trust to turn against him later? Who knows. Regardless after only a few seconds Tatsuo's eyes open, the red iris' shining in the sunlight.

"There we go." Daisuke says as Tatsuo opens his eyes, those red iris' almost comforting in a way, reminding him of friends long past. "Thank you, Isobu, for your continued cooperation." he adds with a smile, patting Tatsuo on his shoulder. "As you continue to practice this drawing of chakra, you will need to be able to speed up your process in order to effectively use it in battle as this isn't a shounen manga where the bad guys will wait for your big reveal. Once you can do this, you should be ready to step up to the next level of drawing out the chakra, and sprout a chakra tail. Once you do this, the real impressive stuff begins."

"It's different," Tatsuo says after a few moments, looking at the faint change he can see though he can't see his own eyes so that doesn't help any. "It's a great power, even with such a small amount…" only now does he seem to realize fully what he got himself into. Isobu could chew him up and spit him out like nothing if that seal wasn't there. And if he draws on too much of the power before he's ready…frightening. Yet he doesn't seem scared, only intrigued. "I will continue to work with Isobu-san for as long as he is willing," Tatsuo says, dropping his arm to his lap and looking up at Daisuke. As for what happens if Isobu refuses…well, that's for another day.

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