Tails of a Nara: Second Tail


Tatsuo, Daisuke

Date: September 1, 2015


Daisuke calls Tatsuo for more training with the bijuu inside the young Nara and to catch up with him. It's not a complete success, but things seem better than the last time they'd trained!

"Tails of a Nara: Second Tail"


It had been about two months since the last session the Hokage had with his newest student/jinchuuriki. In that time, Daisuke had no doubt that a lot had happened, good and bad. In fact, he had reports telling him so. As per usual, he wouldn't be divulging those reports, though. He would let Tatsuo cough it up, as it was a part of growing and maturing as a person and shinobi. Yesterday afternoon, a message would've reached Tatsuo informing him that it was time to meet again, at the 'usual spot' around noon. And the Hokage would be there waiting for the boy, as usual. This time, he was eager to see what Tatsuo lets him know about all sorts of things, including people and their influence on his state of mind.

Tatsuo had been a little surprised by the note from the Hokage, though in the end he really shouldn't have been. Just because he hadn't heard from the man in over two months didn't mean that he'd been forgotten or anything. Likely Daisuke had just been too busy to worry about it at the time. All the events that had happened since their last meeting race through his mind as he makes his way out to meet up with the man, wondering just how much was known…and how much trouble he might be in. When he arrives at the 'usual spot' the teen bows respectfully to Daisuke. "I'm here as ordered Hokage-dono."

"Welcome, Tatsuo. I hope you are feeling rested and ready to do some pushing of limits, because after you fill me in on all your events these past two months, that is what we will be doing." Daisuke says to his student, patting him on the shoulder before heading inside the training facility with him. As he walked with Tatsuo down the corridor that connected to the training facility, he says, "So, why don't you start filling me in as we walk." he says, fully intending to listen to all the boy has to say as they head for the usual rocky area, through the corridor and out past the grassy fields and treelines. "Every little bit helps, in the end. I don't need to know what you ate each day, but anything vital to your shinobi life and that of your Host life."

"Hai Hokage-dono," Tatsuo replies about being well rested, though he ducks his head a bit at the shoulder pat. He seems…a bit more self confident, but still also shy, especially in Daisuke's presence. When he starts talking about what's happened in the last two months the teen almost trips over his own feet. "Um, well, my birthday was right after we last met. And…" he considers a bit but then just decides to tell it all. It's not like the Hokage doesn't already know anyways. Atsuro would've surely kept him up to date.
"I had that problem…with my father. Kenta-sama and Atsuro-sama helped me though, and now I'm staying with Kenta-sama and his grandmother. Umm, it was stressful, but I feel a lot better now…even Isobu likes it better." Tatsuo considers what else there was before continuing…"Um, then there was the time when I lost control because Zori-san made me really upset, but Kurome-sama helped me that time…"

Daisuke nods his head as he listens intently, walking out of the corridor with the boy and heading through the grassy fields. As he finishes with the 'bad', Daisuke turns to look at him. "Aside from your birthday, all you've told me is the bad stuff, Tatsuo. Surely there have been some good things as well." he says to the boy, urging him to continue and maybe not think so poorly. "As hosts, it is imperative that we find our happiness amidst our loneliness and hesitation. In fact, it is thinking positively that will lead you to that true 'light' of yours that you will eventually hold and use as your strength to wrestle complete control of your body with." he adds, of course talking about way in the future, but it was important enough that the boy know to started with positive thinking.

Good things? Hmm…Tatsuo has to think on that and he's silent for a few long moments after Daisuke finishes speaking. In the end he speaks again. "Well, um, I've been training with Kenta-sama in medical ninjutsu, and that's going good. And I really like Kenta-sama and his grandmother and living with them. I'm hoping it will be more…permanent…" he glances sideways at Daisuke at that in a semi-questioning way. "Um, I made my first real friend I guess. Or at least someone I know that's my friend, and just not someone I see all the time for training…" What else what else…hmm…

Daisuke chuckles a bit as Tatsuo seems to have to think a bit hard in order to bring out some of the good things about his last two months. As he mentions a few things, Daisuke nods his head, though at the glance from the boy about his living situation, Daisuke can only shrug. It wasn't up to him, nor was he a domestic judge or advisor. Leaving it at that for now, with only a brief thought of his own family, Daisuke smiles at the announcement from Tatsuo that he had made a true friend. "Good, friends are good. Especially ones you know are your friend. Atsuro and I are like that, I know I can count on him, and he knows he can count on me. Very helpful in life, and especially on missions." he says with a nod. "What is your friend, if I may ask?" he says curiously as they reach the rocky area, the Hokage hopping up on a rock and sitting. "Also, tell me about your relationship with Isobu, minus the Zori incident."

Tatsuo ducks his head a bit, looking at bit sheepish at the praise, if it might be called such. "Um, Hikaru-kun is my friend. He's always really nice to me and said we were friends, and we promised to watch out for each other. There are some other people…Shinobu-chan for instance. I don't know if she's really a friend or just…someone that's nice to me." Such difficult social issues! When they reach the rocks Tatsuo follows after, jumping up to sit down near Daisuke. "It's…better. We actually talk a little sometimes and he doesn't fight me as much anymore. EVer since I started…standing up for myself more, he's been better. He thought I was too weak at first, and still kinda does I think, but we're…better."

Daisuke smiles as Tatsuo describes his friend, and others he wasn't too sure of but could very well be. He was glad that Tatsuo was getting more social, truly, often seeing a bit of himself inside the boy, the journey he went on. As he hears about the relationship with Isobu, Daisuke nods his head. "Well, don't let your guard down. There will come a day when you can, but for now always be alert." he says with a nod before adding, "It is good that you stood up for yourself to him, though. As a partner in life now, sometimes all people want is for you to show a little potential, whether it be confidence, power, or intellect." He looks out over the rocky area before looking back to Tatsuo. "How is your cloak holding up? Have you had any time to practice drawing out enough chakra for a tail or two? I know medical studies must get pretty busy, but lets not forget about this."

"Kenta-sama is very adamant that my studies with you are first," Tatsuo says with a nod, even a small grin appearing as he thinks about it, his dark eyes shifting to scan across the clearing thoughtfully. "It's easier now than it was before. I can draw enough of his chakra to have one tail come out…but that's it so far. I didn't want to try anything else…on my own." He looks back to Daisuke, eyes questioning. Should he be trying to go further?

Daisuke nods his head to Tatsuo as he explains what Kenta had said. "Good, it is important." he says simply, hopping down off the rock and turning around look back up to Tatsuo. "One tail? Very nice. Two to go, huh?" he says, first sounding proud, then playful. "How about we see just how close you are to being able to control another? How good your focus and control has gotten over the chakra within. It will give you a goal to meet before our next meeting, unless you can surprise me and are able to do it, of course." he says with a smile.

Tatsuo's eyes widen a bit when Daisuke talks about wanting to try another tail already, though there's a certain warmth at the prideful tone. "Um, are you sure Hokage-dono?" He asks, sounding a tinge uncertain for sure…but then his eyes unfocus a bit as he has a mental conversation. "Um, okay…" he says finally, following Daisuke off of the rocks. "I'll try and do my best…"

Daisuke looks over at Tatsuo who is hesitant at first. "Don't worry, we have these trusty fellows." he says, producing a 'Sit' suppression seal tag from within his robe and waving it in the air to reassure Tatsuo. "One cannot make progress without striving forward. You were close to getting a single tail down the last we met, and it has been two months since then. I, at least, want you to try this to see how comfortable you are and at what point you lose that comfort, and how far that will take you." he says to the boy as he waits.

Tatsuo nods a bit as he sees the seal. "Um, I gave one of those to Atsuro-sama and Kurome-sama, and Kenta-sama too…um, just in case. I have the last one for myself." Tatsuo takes a deep breath then as his eyes lower briefly to the ground and he starts pulling at the chakra, just a little for now. His eyes raise back to Daisuke's, the black eyes now a dark red. "Are you ready Hokage-dono?"

"Good to hear." Daisuke says with a nod, also having made sure that they had been supplied with some to carry around with them. As Tatsuo gets ready to go, Daisuke stands back and observes, extra carefully like last time, waiting for any sign of loss of control. "I am ready, Tatsuo. Focus on yourself, because pushing your limits will take a lot of self control. Let me worry about myself and you, and lets go this." he says in a reassuring tone.

Don't worry about Daisuke? Fat chance that'll work. The boy is always worried what will happen to others if something happens so, as much as he tries to push it away out of his mind, it still lingers. Tatsuo closes his eyes to help his focus as he draws on more of Isobu's chakra, wrinkling his nose a bit as the cloak starts to form as he has another inner conversation with the bijuu. The single tail forms as the chakra covers his body and his control seems perfectly fine. After another few seconds he draws on more and the chakra starts to form a second tail. The boy is surprised as the power of the chakra but keeps it clamped down as well as he can as he continues to draw on it.

"Good… good." Daisuke says as he watches Tatsuo regulate his chakra usage first for producing the first tail, this being the first time he had seen him produce it in control, second for starting to draw more. He didn't want to say much more as that may distract the boy and his focus, so the Hokage crouches and continues to observe the boy's progress by watching the second tail beginning to bubble and grow. If he was going to need to use the seal, it would be in the next few minutes, so the Hokage readies it in his hand, just in case.

Tatsuo continues to focus on drawing on Isobu's chakra, ignoring the slightly sickening feeling it gives him. After a few long moments the second tail forms out and Tatsuo scrunches up his face. The two tails flick behind him as if they're a little agitated. But so far it holds fairly steady with only a slight wavering every now and then as he tries to keep hold of the foreign chakra. "So much…" he mutters, mostly to himself. At least it seems as if Isobu isn't fighting him at the moment.

Daisuke watches with pleasant surprise as the second tail forms, albeit a little agitated. "Good, now cut it off, hold the draw of the chakra there at that level. Try to stabilize yourself so that your tails are steady and useable." he says to Tatsuo as he walks around the boy, hopping onto the rocks behind them to observe the cloak and the tails. "As useable as your first tail is, if you can. Remember that feeling of comfort you have with your basic cloak and its use, aim for it."

"It's a lot more Hokage-dono," Tatsuo says a little louder this time, his eyes remaining closed as he tries to focus on the chakra. He doesn't draw any extra and so the cloak simply continues to bubble around him, the two tails continuing to twitch in an agitated manner. "Hey, I'm trying!" Tatsuo says, sounding a little annoyed…but who was he talking to?

"Seek out that feeling of comfort you have with the lesser cloak, is all I am saying. Stabilize it into a useable form. It is most certainly a lot more chakra, or else we wouldn't be here." Daisuke says with a smile. "You are doing well, much better than trying for the first tail two months ago. That shows me that, even if you can't stabilize it today, you have come a long way in knowing the proper way to use the extra chakra Isobu provides you." he adds, sounding proud of Tatsuo as he reassures him. For now he will continue to observe Tatsuo and let him control or lose control by himself, the boy has already done well.

The two tails continue to twitch, more and more as sweat beads form on Tatsuo's brow. His focus is completely on the task at hand, Daisuke barely on the fringes of his thought as he focuses. From one moment to the next there's a bright flare of chakra before the cloak and tails dissapate, leaving Tatsuo looking tired as his eyes open. Tired and a bit depressed even. Sure it was better, but he still couldn't get control of it…

"So lets review. You were able to produce a second tail, though it wasn't stable enough to call it a success. And you were able to pull yourself out without the use of the seal." Daisuke says, waving the paper seal around before he puts it back in his robe. "I call that situation a lose-win." he adds with a smile. "And a great step forward. I think if you focus on it for the next little while, you will be able to get it down, no problem. Of course that still means only practicing around those we have already talked about." he says, adding that point at the end, though he was sure Tatsuo already knew. "Would you like to try once more? You are looking a little tired. Your second option would be to have the Hokage treat you to some ramen."

Tatsuo is tired, but he considers the options. "Both?" He asks with a small grin, actually seeming more at ease in general than the last time the Hokage would've seen him. The boy attempts it again, pulling on the chakra and after a few moments producing the second tail, but it's still kind of shifty and uncertain despite his best efforts until he releases it again. "Um, I'll keep working on it Hokage-dono…"

Daisuke likes that 'at ease' nature coming from Tatsuo and nods his head, stepping back again to let him do as he will. As Tatsuo finishes unsuccessfully, Daisuke reaches over to pat him on the head. "I have no doubt that you will, Tatsuo. Now, how about that ramen, huh?" he says with a smile to the boy.

Tatsuo's grin widens a bit when Daisuke pats him on the head though he reflexively ducks down a bit at the touch. "Um, hai! Ramen sounds good!" He's actually feeling pretty good about it all. It wasn't a complete success, but he hadn't /lost/ control. It was just more of a fine tuning now than anything else…and then he'd have his second tail. He and Isobu may still not see exactly eye to eye but things were definitely better. In the end, it all works!

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