Taji Under Fire - Sorry for everything, Dude


Abel, Taji, and Ryoji

Date: November 18, 2010


Abel Say Sorry?

"Taji Under Fire - Sorry for everything Dude"

Peach Pit Stadium Lobby

Abel would be in the lobby waiting for Taji as he sat there he would be thinking about a lot of things that he has done or was going to do. "Tsk…how should I say it?" Abel would scratch the back of his head as he stood there he would then start to pace. "Think Abel think." walking between the couples he would come to a stop and sit in one spot with his legs crossed.

Taji walks into the lobby, there are some matches scheduled he wants to see, to record what styles various people are using. He's been keeping records in a notebook. For the first time in a while he lacks the small army of body guards that had been with him whenever he had been seen in public, and he looks a bit less nervous than he has in days. He was effectively cooped up for a week, allowed out only under heavy guard. That's over now, for the moment. Taji pauses to get some food at one of the booths outside the stadium, getting some roasted nuts it seems.

Ryoji enters the lobby purely by chance this fine day. Well, partially by chance since he had no idea where the arena lobbies were. Just a general idea based on the types of scents he picked along the way. Anyways~ There he wander about; drifting lazily from one side to the next an examine the area curiously. Only once does he immediatly about faces when he catches the familiar scent of a certain uchiha and sped off towards the food table to prep himself for what will most likely come to be. "Mind passing that over there?", He asks taji distractedly.

By chance he would look over to spot Taji, walking over to him he would then shake his head with a smile on his face but it would soon fade as he was unsure what to say to Taji. "Hey Taji….um…..yeah." Abel would scratch his head as he stood there, face blank as he dashed his vision else where.

Taji looks up from the small bag of nuts and peers at Abel. He frowns, "Ah, hey…." He seems unsure what to say. He glances around then back to Abel, "You know… I ah… was basically locked up for my own safety the entire time you were unconcious…" He says, in case Abel hadn't heard that part yet. Not that such news will make things easier for Abel.

Ryoji sighs heavily, and turns away to try then cracks his fingers. "Looks like I'm on my now..", He emits with a mad little snicker of his own before setting to work. By the time he finishes his work he's managed to stack ten plates filled mostly with meats all in one hand before whistling a happy tune and walking off to one of the nearby walls to listen in on what sounds like an interesting drama in motion.

Abel would place his hands into his pocket as soon as he was about to say something Taji would stop him making him feel worst this was something the young Uchiha never felt before with a shift in his stance he would shake his head. "Um…yeah about that…..Sor…sorrrrr……sorrryy!" Abel would be out of breath as he stood there. "I never meant for it to turn out that way…and it got out of hand fast." Abel wouldn't be looking at Taji but the ground.

Taji nods, "Well… yeah. You should be!" He says, clearly still a tad upset about the whole thing, "You attacked me, while disguised, in a strange village. Me! You know my clan was wiped out. You know I'm worried about someone trying to come finish the job. What did you /think/ would happen when you attacked me? Didn't you realize what everyone would think? That they'd think you were paid off to kill me? Or worse?" He says, trying to keep his voice down, "You know I don't like to fight. But you're lucky I didn't kill /you/! Just cause I don't like to fight doesn't mean I /can't/ fight, you know."

Ryoji tears out a huge chunk out a drumstick in head as he observed. Inwardly laughing at the display he hears, and in time he can't hold his peace. But then taji says something that gives him pause long enough to mutter, "Killed off his clan? An assanation… what type of idjits pits a couple of leafer genins against each other like that?"

"Taji…this is going to sound stupid as hell and I know this because I'm the one saying it but I was doing it to make sure your ready for everything….and I see know you well ready for everything." Abel would shift some as he stood there with his hands out of his pockets now. "Again I'm sorry and I know your going to hate me and I understand. but no matter what I will make it up to you." standing there now he would smile but it would be weak and faint.

Taji frowns and stares at Abel for a bit then says simply, "How? How are you going to make it up to me?" He asks as he tightens his grip a bit on the bag of nuts he's holding in his left hand, "Best case you took a week of my life away being locked up while missing the fights at the tournament. Worst case you've drawn enough attention to me that those really looking for me will now find me and kill me. So… I ask, how will you make that up to me?"

Bones are crushed without a thought once he grew tired of trying to puzzle out the many scenarios that could explain why "this" and "that" about those two were the way things are. Then came the opportune time to interject and possibly turn things in his favor…
After proping his foot, heel facing the cieling behind them, Ryoji manages to balance them on it while he cups his hands around his mouth and says, "Make him your slaaaaaaave~ That's what I'd do~"

"As of now there is nothing I can do for you….ask of now but I swear on the crest of the Uchiha clan on my clan I will make it up to you….I don't know how yet….but I will try my best to do so." Standing there he would grip his shit tightly as he looked at Taji shaking his hands would be shaking his stance would be tense. "I know now what I done was foolish and stupid and reckless……idoitic and careless…..but I know that there has to be something I can do somewhere done the road of life that I can do to make it up to you." Abel standing there with clitch fist would holding everything in.

Taji studies Abel a bit, taking all this in then shakes his head, "Well, at least maybe you learned something." He mutters, "But we'll see…. remember that Fuyu-sama is your clan head but she's also my team leader. And she was upset about this whole thing, maybe even more than I was. And she had to do a lot of work with this village to smooth over things diplomatically at the same time deal with you and keep me safe. She had to do a lot of hard work. If you owe anyone your loyalty or repayment, if you owe anyone your best effort, it is her, I think. Maybe you should sit down and talk with her about what you can do to…. to try to undo the damage to the image of the Uchiha clan this little incident might have caused? I'm sure she'll have some ideas on how you might better yourself." Taji points out.
At least Taji has relaxed a tad, but he still seems unhappy, "As for me? I would hope that the big thing you've learned from this is to not over do things. It may be boring at times but going with the flow of things sometimes is the best way. And you really could stand to learn some balance in your life." Taji glances over at Ryoji, "And I don't need any slaves, thank you…. such a hassle, feeding and housing them and all."

Now that last admittence from Taji is worthy of a gut wrenching laugh that nearly has Ryoji keeling over on the spot; but do to his sense of balance he manages to keep himself from going to far. "But he's an Uchiha~ That's gotta be worth something?~~", He continues jokingly before folding his arms one another and leaning back against the wall. "But…you've seem to have grown abit though Abel. A smidgen. Maybe not that much?", He shrugs casually and grins.

Abel would peer over to the man with the same clitch fist as before he would keep his cool and smile, "Um do I know you?" Abel woudl scratch the back of his head standing there he would run his hand across his face and then he would step back as his head started to hurt. "Damnit…what's wrong with me?" shaking his head he would sit on the ground head in hands,

Taji shakes his head, "Abel, you're too full of energy. You're too…. enthusiastic. You don't think things through, you don't see consequences of your actions. And you don't think about the greater balance. I spent a long time being told that I had to do all those things. To see the big picture, to see the balance of everything. If you can figure out how to do that, then… I think you will find things a lot easier. Right now you're doing more harm than good to yourself." He sighs and shakes his head, "I have to go watch this next match so that I can take some notes. But… if you want to talk later, about balance, maybe I can help? I know some techniques that might help you stay calm, help you learn to find your center and all." Taji says, ignoring the laughing man to the side for the moment it seems.

Ryoji scratched the only thing besides his hair, mouth that can be seen of his face: his nose. "Neh, only a passing shadow in your dream with this as a warning. Become the turtle instead of the hair, head the advice of your peers, and save yourself all the pain your life has brought you thus far", He advise mysteriously himself before kicking up the plates, catching them , and sauntering off to see what other secrets he could devour.

"I would like to thank both you for all your heal." He would bow to them as he walked of looking for something in him standing there he would shake his head as he looked at his hands as they started to shake. "What is this feeling?" Abel would ask this to himself in a low toned voice pauing for a moment. "Taji let's talk again later dude." smiling he would bow once more and then wave him off.

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