Taji Under Fire - Unknown Attacker!


Taji, Abel, Fuyu

Date: November 8, 2010


A disguised Abel attacks Taji in a potentially lethal way, reasons unknown

"Taji Under Fire - Unknown Attacker!"

Residential area in Kusagakure

Between matches, Taji is roaming the village to get a feel for it. It's nice to get to see a new land and one he's not familar with. He has a small bag of purchases, things that look like little knick-knacks to take home. He pauses as he looks at some of the nice gardens here on the road up to the academy, past these nice houses.

Waiting for Taji would take all day as he yawned from his hidding spot he would notice him being there he would then crack his fingers and smirk, "Show time." is said as he threw three kunais at Taji, they would hit each other and then flip around to catch Taji in the back of the leg while another would pop off the ground aiming for the chest of Taji. The other would bounce off the one on ther ground and sending it flying at him.

Taji was not expecting an assault. He lets out a grunt of pain as the first Kunai hits him. He moves, quickly, avoiding the second two attacks as he dodges out of the way, and looks for the source. Seeing just some hidden ninja in a red and green outfit, and having just been hit, Taji doesn't hesitate, he blasts back three quick fire darts while dropping his bag, trying to look for cover, his body going tense as he does so.

Two of the little clones would work as he is hit with the last flame dart, landing he would smirk from under the mask. "Tsk." is said as he started to flash threw hand seals, pausing for a moment he would start to think of the moves that he has already showed Taji. "Damnit…..what can I use?" He would then shake his head for a moment. Building his chakra was the best thing he could do right now.

Taji has no idea who this foe is, and he's not taking any chances. He moves in quickly, moving towards his foe and attempting to land two qick strikes even as his faceless foe builds chakra. There is a look of determination on Taji's face as he moves in for his strikes, trying to catch the attacker off guard. His hands trail mist as he strikes, trying to land the blows.

Blocking the first attack with a small flow of fire Taji would making it threw as he was barly able to move out of the way of the attack as he moved around he would take in a deep breath as he did this he would smirk. "FIRE STYLE: Fire Bullet Brrage!" is released, sliding across the floor he would take in another deep breath. "FIRE STYLE: Phoneix Flower Jutsu!" is said as he watched the attack move in towards Taji.

Taji is fast, spooky fast, and he avoids both fire attacks even as he continues to close in on his opponent. He is not taking any risks, his fists still clad in that misty fog as he begins an assault of his own. He says nothing, is moving with purpose and focus, almost in a way that is scary.

Taking another hit this time he would go down hard as he laid there on the ground his mind would start to think of what to do next. "Tsk." is said once more as he struggled to even blink.

Taji is not going to let this just stop, he's seen foes break out of his stuns before, and worse he's been attacked from behind before. He attacks the stunned target, even though he knows it is defenseless. His hands mist over still, as he strikes, aiming just in case the foe is faking, no chances taken here.

Abel was really in trouble he couldn't even move as he laid there taking the hits from Taji he would narrow his eyes as his anger would start to rise. (Calm down Abel.) is thought to himself as he started to breath heavy he would then crack his neck for a moment. (About time I got serious.)

Taji is not happy, at all. He's been attacked, by an unknown assaliant in public, in a strange village. He has no idea who his target is, or why he's been attacked, and despite the fact Abel has done nothing for a bit, Taji is taking no chances. He knows his attacks aren't doing physical damage, so he feels no need to hold back in this case, letting the mist clad fists fly and trying to put that chill through his foe to keep him down.

"Extremly close to losing all his chakra he would focus chakra while trying to dash away. "Tsk." Abel muttered.

Seeing his foe focusing more chakra, Taji growls, "Not so fast…" He mutters under his breath as he moves in to try to continue the barrage of draining attacks, trying to knock his foe out of commission in a non-lethal way so he can see who the attacker really is. Taji charges, fists still clad in that mist as he strikes.

Blocking one he is hit with the other as he narrowed his eyes he would dashed trying to escape this time he would brust into clones and take off into all direction. "Tsk."

She watched the whole thing. Fuyu had her own suspicions about Taji, and his odd behavior at the banquet… She had suspicions about him in other areas as well. But then she had suspicions about everyone. That is why she decided, just at random, to observe Taji. Follow him around. See what he gets up to by himself. That level of paranoia serves her well in spotting the masked figure slinking through the shadows, dashing from place to place, and finally… Attacking the same Genin she has been spying on.
She could have stepped in immediately. But she wanted to see what Taji would do… And how well. She may not have given the best training she could to the youth so far, but she has given what she had the time for. She cannot claim to be responsible for all those techniques, however… Or… Even most, really. They are Taji's alone.
The heavy usage of Fire Release from the attacker makes one of Fuyu's eyebrows raise. Taji has used non-lethal attacks against his attacker, as far as she can tell. The ambusher did not return the favor, and is now trying to escape, looking weakened and tired. Time to end this game. She leaps across the roof tops at high speed and then drops down right in the path of the fleeing attacker. She gathers her Chakra about her, like an unseen nimbus of cold fire that seems to send chill winds outwards in all directions. Then she simply stands and stares at someone half-disguised who has just attacked a member of her team. She seems remarkably calm about it for some reason.
"Don't run," she suggests conversationally. "You'll only die tired."

Clones or no clones, Taji concentrates a moment and picks out the real foe, that one, right over there, trying to run away. Taji will have none of /that/. He starts to act, but… he only trails after the real foe, not attacking this time, as Fuyu makes her arrival on the scene. Instead Taji only does his best to not lose whoever this masked foe is, as he definately needs to know who attacked him on the street in this strange village.

Abel was breathing heavy as he smirked reaching for his mask he would narrow his eyes, taking the mask off he would show himself. "Hey there Taji." is said as he started to take off the green and red clothing. "Tsk….I hate those colors." is said. "Sorry about that Taji just wanted to see how ready you are for other nin since your here in this village full of ninja out to get you."

Fuyu watches as the masked attacker comes to a stop. He removes his mask. And the easy, confident smirk on Fuyu's lips vanishes. Her eyes go wide. For once, she is actually surprised. Her eyes then narrow, and her gaze travels up to Taji. Waves of Killing Intent radiate from her. Any civilians in the area would probably be choking on their own tongues at the intensity of her immediate and definite intention to MURDER someone.
Clenching her hands into fists at her sides, Fuyu forces a twitchy smile onto her face and says, "So, Abel here was helping you out with training… 'Testing' you to see if you were 'ready' because of a 'Village full of Ninja' that are 'out to get you'. Is that so, Taji? Because it certainly looked to me like he was attacking you in disguise, with no warning or indication this was a training exercise, outside of the fighting rings where all fights are to be held, and he used attacks that could have well been lethal and clearly showed a total disregard for your safety."
She closes her eyes and smiles a bit wider. Stepping forward, she claps her left hand companionably on Abel's right shoulder. The physical distraction may be just what she needs to do what she is planning next. A Genjutsu Link, against her enemy. "Taji… You shouldn't wander around with an entire VILLAGE full of NINJA out to GET you. Not without ABEL there to help you. After all, he is an Uchiha! The most powerful Clan in Konohagakure! He is an Uchiha, just like ME." Then her eyes open, revealing she has her two-tomoe Sharingan active. She stares into Abel's eyes, if he has the guts to meet her own.
"And I have never… EVER… Been more ashamed to be related to ANYONE than I am ashamed to be related to you, Uchiha Abel, at this point in time." Her smile is long gone, replaced with bared teeth. "Did you think you would get away with it? Did you seriously think you could just attack a fellow member of the Leaf Village, in a foreign country, against the laws that you agreed to follow before you came here, and not suffer the consequences?"
Her Killing Intent from before is nothing compared to what it was before. And now it is focused squarely on Abel alone. Her eyes… Are changing. From two tomoe… To THREE. "You are a disgrace to the Uchiha Clan. You are a disgrace to Konohagakure. And I will NOT permit this idiocy to go unpunished!" She then uses her hand on Abel's shoulder to grab hold tightly and try to drive a kunai into his belly. Then she begins to wriggle it around, back and forth, driving it deeper and deeper into the Genin's innards, before drawing it out in a sideways slash to cut open his torso completely. She does not stop there, instead stabbing him twice in the left shoulder, and then stabbing her kunai into his mouth through his left cheek, and drawing the blade backwards so it slices the thin flesh in half. She continues to stab and cut apart Abel, beating him physically if he tries to resist, for the better of five minutes.
It would feel like an eternity. And to Taji? It would just look like Fuyu is standing there, staring as Abel, as he is likely thrashing on the ground in agony, locked in her Genjutsu. She says in a disturbingly calm tone, "We are going to have to have a talk sometime very soon, Taji, about what exactly gave Abel the idea there were ninja out to get you, and how much he might know about such a thing."

Taji watches, rather… shocked at the revelation that this person was Abel. Abel… the person who said he was his friend. Abel… the person who said he would help him out. Abel… almost toasted him with fire while in disguise while in a strange land without warning? Taji just is outright shocked. He stares, taking in Fuyu's actions and… is unsure what is going on, since he can't see the genjutsu effects. Still, thanks to Fuyu's training he has a good idea of what is going on. He frowns, and takes several large steps back.
When Fuyu speaks of having a 'talk' it makes Taji look even more worried but he only nods, then says, "I don't… know what Abel-san might now. It might be best to speak with him… and get out of him what he thought he knew…." And, with that, Taji promptly turns to the side and throws up. All this violence has been quite much for him today and even though he didn't see the genjutsu, being attacked and fighting back at full force has been enough to make him quite sick to his stomach. At least he manages to throw up in one of the gardens. Once done he wipes his lips and says, "May I go for now, Fuyu-sama? I… do not feel well."

Fuyu nods amicably, but her intensely focused expression does not fade from her face for even a moment. "Please… Take care of yourself. You are a member of my team — Team 5. Your well-being is one of my top priorities." She then seems to resume torturing Abel from the way he suddenly arches his back and then goes completely limp. "However, I recommend you don't go far. And certainly, do not leave the Village. That would be unwise."
She closes her eyes, and allows her Sharingan to recede. Just as Kusagakure's law enforcement arrive, a few seconds too late. Some things are the same in every Village.
Taji nods, "I will not leave the village, Fuyu-sama, I promise…" And with that he starts to stagger back to the dorms being provided for the visiting ninja, looking a bit green in the gills.

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