Takehiko's Defeat


Nori, Takehiko, Yuuka

Date: March 17, 2011


Nori challenges Takehiko to a battle.

"Takehiko's Defeat"

Kaguya Village [Kirigakure]


This area smells very strongly of blood and views of ivory, each building in this district made by the Kaguya that owns it and out of their own bone. At the far west end of the village there is one house that is double the size of any other which could presumably belong to the head of the Kaguya Clan. Among the buildings are small resturants and shops, all made of the same bone material as the other buildings, though the merchandise is not necessarily such.


Takehiko spent allot of his time outside the apartment complex, having been redecorating the courtyard with makeshift straps, arming them with kunai and shuriken. He started the redecoration early in the morning and by midday, he was finished. He holds up the wire which if let go, would arm the hurlers and cause them to start throwing them at him. He draws his sword with his other hand and looks around for a moment and releases the wire. The wire pulls and then shuriken and kunai fly to him. He moves his sword about him, parrying the weapons as they come.

Having checked his apartment already, Yuuka slips around the outside of the building, hearing the wisp sounds of wire twanging in sudden release mixed with other deep sounds of exertion. She lifts a thin brow as she turns her snow white head, glancing around briefly for its source before her eyes land on Takehiko, training in the courtyard. Shifting her weight, Yuuka turns to approach through the blooming cherry blossom trees, soft pink pedals falling as the corner of her lips tugs slightly. "You seem to enjoy drawing attention." she murmurs as she slows her approach to a pause.

"When your the center of attention, people don't watch when the actual act happens." Takehiko says as he turns to her, though he still raises his sword to parry the shuriken and kunai. "So I see they finally let you out, unless you decided to break out." He says with a playful smile as he would gives a glance about to continue parrying. "Looking as good as ever." He says with a smile.

Yuuka lifts a brow slightly, the smile tugging at the corner of her lips further as she lifts a hand to idly gesture over her shoulder at the apartment themselves. "Tell that to them." she replies easily. Indeed, Takehiko was being watched from a few of the windows as young and middle-aged Kaguya women sneak glances or outright ogle at the training shinobi. With a slow breath, Yuuka lifts her arms to cross behind her snow white head, stretching idly as she murmurs in reply, "I broke out to hear Takeshi-sama's announcement, not that it was a surprise. It is only natural that he be named the clan's Head Elder.

Takehiko nods as he finishes parrying the final shuriken and kunai and sheathes his sword. "Well they can watch this also." He says as he moves an arm to wrap around Yuuka's waist and hugs her, leaning to kiss her cheek. "You don't seem so withdrawn since the capture." He says as he watches her with a smile.

The smirk easily grows on her lips for a brief moment as she lowers her arms, pulling away enough to glance up at him, "I hear the breaking of a dozen hearts at once. Now that is a talent." Yuuka replies, chuckling briefly before it fades. Soon, the smile fades from her lips as well as her gaze darkens, "Yes, well… being knee deep in a room full of warm corpses bounds to leave its imprint one way or another…"

"Yeah, one of my many skills." Takehiko says as he notices her gaze darkening and smile leaves. He would then regain his own calm face and just watches her. "Understandable. Do you want to talk about something else? I know I will need to get more intensive training to help me become stronger. Gives you the chance to beat the crap out of someone." He says calmly as he looks around briefly, before looking back to her.

Nori descends form the roof of a nearby obi, his path through the village unconventional to say the least. It has brought him here in time to see the siblings embrace. His expression as he regards them is stoic; the Kaguya deprived of close bonds and friendship to any his life has left him with little but spite for such things, especially those who attempt to show it to him. Ah, but something else is interesting him, a Kaguya he has yet to take measure of. Curiosity brought him down from the roof, and the nature of him lights his face with a smile, as friendly as they come with this Kaguya. "Well, isn't this a warm occasion," he says. "If you're in need of training, then I can help you with that. Nothing like a sound beating to encourage the growth of strength." A swagger comes into his step as his smile broadens, a not unfamiliar glint coming into his eyes.

Yuuka arches a brow at Takehiko's offer to 'beat him up'. His words. The corner of her lips tugs faintly for a moment before Nori interrupts her train of thought. She turns her head slightly to glance over her shoulder, giving the other Kaguya shinobi a sideways glance. After a moment or so, the smirk returns to her soft lips as she shakes her snow white head, "We are going to have a lot of fainting women with nosebleeds in a few minutes…" Yuuka murmurs to herself.

Takehiko turns when he hears Nori and turns to look at him with a stoic expression, any warmth he displayed instantly vanished as his emotions completely disappeared. "Really. I guess I could let you beat on me. Rumors however is you dont let up. Last thing I want to do, is end up dead. Then how can I become stronger." He says to the man calmly, watching him intently as if studying the fellow Kaguya.

Nori chuckles lightly. "Rumors are I don't let up? There's no glory in killing an ally… unless he deserves it. Are you telling me you deserve a good death?" He scratches lightly at some stitches over a fresh wound in his chest, his attention focused intently on the other Kaguya. "Or maybe you're afraid? By your words it sounds as if you've already given up the game without even playing it." Nori regards Takehiko, the dangerous glint of his eyes seeming to cool and his brows furrowing slightly with disappointment. "I suppose you'd rather play a game of goh with Takeshi." The words are carefully neutral, but its plain they're meant to be an insult. Nori is careful to keep his gaze and attention away from the kunoichi as he taunts her sibling.

Yuuka sighs as she pulls away from Takehiko, stretching her arms above her head as she turns to the nearest cherry blossom tree and leans against its trunk. "You guys finished with your pissing contest yet? Or you can get it over with and have your little catfight now. Not like it really matters to me." she murmurs. Arching a brow, she glances from Takehiko to Nori, "You know, if you were not so intent on goading him into a fight, you might actually like him. Or at least tolerate him." Leaning her head back against the tree, she breathes out slowly. "He probably just wants to size you up, Takehiko-san."

"You assume allot." Takehiko says as he tilts his head. He then looks to Yuuka then just nods as he turns his back to them, walking a few steps back as he reaches for the short sword and draws it. "What I think about fighting you, is identical to playing goh with Takeshi." He says calmly as he turns to look at Nori. "Come for me." He says as he waits calmly, ice blue eyes watching Nori intently as if studying his every action, the way he breathed, the way his body was positioned, even down to how he walks and talks.

Nori grins at Yuuka's words. "I can obviously piss further, the weight of my ego means greater pressure." He chuckles at his own joke, even as he grits his teeth and clasps his hands into a focusing seal. His veins bulge, and he growls in pain as his chakra charges up, electricity climes his arms like tesla coils and his blue eye flickers. (Go super sayajin!) Static can be felt, and a metallic tang comes into the air. After a moment he relaxes, and smiles. "That would be cool, if it didn't hurt so much." He offers a lopsided, yet dangerous, grin to Takehiko. "Lets see if you can use that pointy stick." He lurches forward and circles to the right.

Takehiko makes no reaction, however, when the Kaguya would encircle him. He then sheathes the metal sword and draws a bone dagger, moving in towards Nori. "I gave you your chance to strike at me. My turn." He says as he shifts the bone dagger to stab at the man's chest before spinning the weapon in his hand to slash at Nori's throat, studying him as he does this.

Nori, without sword of his own, draws out a pair of kunai and holds them in a defensive position against his wrist. Raising them up, he swiftly blocks Takehikos strikes, and then spins away, giving himself some distance as he flings the same kunai back. "Thats an interesting blade you have there," he comments as the blade whizzes through the air. Intending distraction by the initial throw, he begins forming seals and then streaks after the blade, his hand flickering with energy. He springs upwards to fly over Takehiko, his hand jabbing downwards to deliver an electric shock to the older shinobi. He regains his feet on the other side and skids to a stop, his eyes speculative as he watches the reaction to his attacks.

Takehiko dodges the kunai hurled at him, moving much like it was a dance before he would try to dodge the shock but is unable to, being zapped back. He shakes his head as he moves in again, slashing at him three times, once was a stab for his chest, then he spins the dagger to bring it down ontop of the kaguya's shoulder before spinning it to slash at his neck again.

Nori grins as Takehiko strikes out, and Nori sidesteps the blow, but then he's distracted as the blade spins in the other Kaguya's hands. Nori's eyebrows raise, "Thats pretty cool— hey, ow!" The blade strikes down on his shoulder, and Nori ducks down and away to escape the blade buried in his flesh, and spins around to dodge the next blow. He takes two steps forward to close the distance, his fist draws back as he says, "Nice jab. I'll be more careful." Nori's feet plant solidly on the ground as his fist flies forwards, aimed for the crucial point where the ribs fuse at the sternum, the deadly Soulstrike flashing in with what could be an excruciating blow.

Takehiko spins the dagger in his hand and raises it to stop Nori's blow, the flat of the blade catching the Kaguya's fist as he then pushes the fist away and slashes at him with the bone dagger, one slash along his chest, then he would twirl the dagger with just one hand to try and stab it down into the other kaguya's shoulder. Throughout this fight, his face has remained expressionless, his movements without hesitation as he watches him, tilting his head at the Kaguya.

Nori's speed seems to increase, one moment he is there, the next he seems to be six inches to the left and out of the way, repeat to the right as the blows fly past. Nori's grin broadened, leaving no room for the other shinobi. Opting to fore go his usual manners, Nori's body surges with chakra and he swings heavy blows in Takehiko's direction. Aiming for the ribs with a punch, and then he springs forward to deliver a knee to his abdomen. "Tell me how this feels," he says, his blood flowing freely from his shoulder.

Takehiko attempts to weave through the blows but both do manage to connect, getting knocked in the ribs with the first, then the knee to his abdomen. He grunts and moves in, not seeming to mind the fact he didn't have much room to work with. He would slash at him with the bone dagger, before trying to lean in to stab him in his back.

Nori's hands rise up and electricity surges from them, and just as it seems his hands are about to catch the blade, it seems to stop. Nori's eyes narrow as he springs backwards and forms a series of handseals. "Its quite shocking, you know," he releases a blast of lightning needles. "That you've stood up this long." He grins and prepares to dodge away.

Takehiko's eyes widen as he see's the needles come for him and he tries to dodge but fails to do so. He gets hit in the chest and grunts as he takes a knee. He looks up to Nori and nods. "I Yield. Any further is a wasted effort." Takehiko says as he stands, sheathing the bone dagger as he watches Nori intently, as if expecting him to do more.

Nori growls with a frown, and then studies his handwork on the fried Genin. He then glances at his own wounds, bleeding freely onto his new vest. He puts a finger in the shoulder of it where the stab had left a hole. He sniffs the air, and grunts before saying, "now I feel like barbecue." He chuckles and his muscles relax, which seems to let him bleed more, but he ignores it. "You hungry? I'll buy you two dinner. I have to go to the market to get a new vest anyway. Bad enough everyone things I'm a savage without looking like it." Would it be dangerous to tell him a new vest won't fix that?

Yuuka watches in silence as the battle unfolds, Takehiko eventually yielding and Nori unexpectedly offering to treat them to dinner. She casually arches a brow at that, glancing between both males in thought before she shifts her weight off of the cherry blossom tree. "If you two are not wanting to tend to your wounds… I suppose. After the exercise, I am sure you boys are hungry. I am sure they are." Yuuka smirks easily enough as she idly gestures over her shoulder again, at the apartment complex. The half dozen women that were watching are gone, probably fainted after the display of raw masculinity.

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