Taking Down Cruncher!... Or Not


Amiko, Rise, Yukio, Nori

Date: February 23, 2013


A team from Konoha goes on a mission to capture a dangerous criminal who may have information on the whereabouts of Uzumaki Amiko.

"Taking Down Cruncher!… Or Not"

Land of Fire, Town of Juurinto

Late afternoon in Konoha. The warmth of Spring has started pervading the Land of Fire, and

the sky overhead is a deep, unclouded blue. Word from some of Konoha's agents in the outskirts of

the Land of Fire has just reached Konohagakure. The messenger approaches the Hokage with a sealed

scroll in hand, passing it to her reverentially. The woman opens the scroll slowly, reading it and

then nodding once decisively. "Its a B-rank mission," she says to the messenger, "Pull together

some of our trackers. Maybe a Genjutsuist as well. I want to make sure this one doesn't get away."

The messenger nods in agreement, and rushes off to form a team for the mission. He sent out

messages to Yukio, Nori and another Genin named Sarutobi Gaijin.

As the group arrives in the briefing room, the messenger stands at the front in front of a

map hanging on the wall. The room is otherwise bare, without any tables or chairs, and only a few

large, black marker pens on the floor near the map. The man turns and addresses the assembled team,

"You're being engaged for a high priority mission. A Missing-nin has been located in the Land of

Fire border town of Juurinto. His only known name is Cruncher. He's wanted for multiple counts

of… well… everything. Murder in the first degree, kidnapping, manslaughter, treason, assault.

The list goes on for a while. Most recently he is wanted in connection with the abduction of

Uzumaki Amiko, and we believe he might know the whereabouts of Miss Uzumaki. Its imperative that he

be brought back alive for questioning." The messenger then steps back and points to the map on the

wall. "This is a map of Juurinto. Cruncher has been sighted in these areas," he says, circling two

large areas on the town's eastern side, "Your mission is to get in, capture the target and return

him here. Try to cause as little collateral damage to the town as you can, although it could be

difficult. Cruncher is well known for causing destruction and chaos. His capabilities include Earth

Manipulation techniques and powerful Taijutsu. He also has a habit of biting people, and the

injuries it causes tend to turn septic very quickly. Oh yes, and he tends to gnaw on the bones of

the people he's killed, which is where is name comes from." The messenger nods to the group and

says, "Alright, if there are no questions, please start making your way to Juurinto. Time is of the


Nori guesses why he was called. He's recently been deemed a Sensor-Nin, but he doesn't know

the others. They are apparently all Genin though, being sent on a B-Rank mission, which makes him

ask, "Eh, who is in charge of this mission? I mean, I'm not qualified for this sort of thing yet.

Shouldn't we have a Jounin or someone along?" He smirks before looking to the others. "And I'm not

much of a fighter, but I'll do my best with finding the target and working with the others." He

nods twice before getting ready to travel.

Yukio was keeping his mouth shut through most of the briefing, waiting for the briefing to

finish. At Nori's initial question he nods, raising a hand. "I'm running lead. Watanabe Yukio. Nice

to meet you both. But I am curious, what's he doing Jurinto? Or do we know? Also, do we have a

sample of clothing, or something from him? If I can get his scent, I can track him, more than

likely." he says, readying his few things for the mission at hand. He kept his sunglasses pushed

rather close to the bridge of his nose for the time being.

The messenger nods to Yukio and smiles. "We don't know what he's doing in Juurinto. We've

contracted a member of Jump to keep an eye on him until you get there, and then to assist in the

rest of the mission. Rise also has a scrap of the man's clothing that you can use to aid in

tracking him down. She'll be meeting you on-site when you arrive," he explains, looking at each

member of the group as he waits for any further questions. Receiving none, he waves the team away

and says, "Alright then, get going."

The team quickly makes its way to Juurinto. The trip takes a few hours, so twilight is just

falling on the village as the trio of ninja arrive. The place where the team is supposed to meet up

with Rise is on the southern end of town, and easily located. As the meeting point comes into sight

Gaijin stops a little ways short and keeps an eye out. It seems that he's decided that he's going

to serve as the lookout while the first meeting with the Jump member occurs. "You guys go on," he

says to Yukio and Nori, "I'll make sure we aren't being spied on. Can't be too careful when you're

dealing with Missing-nin."
You paged Rise with 'You can pose in whenever you like. And you have two objects from Cruncher - a

soda can that he was drinking from, and an enormous leather glove that he was wearing up until

about two hours ago, when he lost it in a card game. The winner discarded the glove, where you

retrieved it.'

There are possible over a hundred different things Rise could be doing on such a wonderful

day; and yet, out of all those possibilities she chose the one with the highest chances to

challenger. Or more than likely get her killed. Which is fine too so long as it was warranted. She

just hoped of course that her skills were up to par, and thus, avoid such a conclusion due to

stupidity. With that in mind, Rise took advantage of being the one guaranteed to reach the village

in which the main objective resided by checking her supplies, doing a little recon incognito along

the outskirts of Juurinto , and a few quick warm-up exercises until the rest of the team arrived at

the meeting point.
As soon they arrived Rise quickly looked them over, noting Nori's familiar mug as well as

a peculiar 'tug' at her being from the Watanabe, then dropped down from her perch in a nearby tree

and walked over. "Nice to see ya again, Nori-san," She greeted cheerily before regarding Yukio once

more, expression and stance more formal. "I be Shirokiri, Rise." She inclined her head, and paused

long enough for Yukio to reply before adding, "Is your team ready?"

Nori travelled without speaking too much. He was in thought or just on high alert…or

both. As they arrive in Juurinto and Gaijin pushes them forward, Nori nods. He follows after Yukio,

assuming they are headed to the meeting point to meet Rise. He knows and remembers Rise all too

well. He called her a boy once by accident and the girl darn near broke him for good. "Rise-san. It

is…nice…to see you too." Nori nods at the question of if he is ready, but is otherwise all


Yukio was equally quiet. But it seemed a bit more obvious what was keeping him quiet. He

tried hard to describe it, but a combination of worry, and anger kept his mind occupied. When they

finally did arrive, he took a deep breath, and let all of it wash away, his gaze calm and focused

on the task at hand. When Rise shows herself, he nods to her, bowing a bit. "A pleasure. And I

believe we're ready. I assume you've been running recon already. What did you find? Do we know

where he's at yet?"

Gaijin continues scouring the area, looking for anyone that might be spying on the group.

He leaps atop the roof of the nearest house, which happens to be the furthest residence on the

outskirts of the town. As he gets up there her peers around, and catches a glimpse of someone

approaching the meeting place. He frowns, and makes a bird call signal to the group to indicate

that someone is coming. Then he drops down flat against the rooftop, trying to hide from the

shadowy figure.

Rise couldn't resist giving an almost predatory grin in response. "Aye, I did a little of

that tho' not as much as I'd 'ave like." She admitted nonchalantly, and pulled her satchel off to

begin rooting around in it as she continued, "Managed to snatch up a glove 'nd… eto.. eto… Ah

hah! 'nd a can too!" She groaned. "Just don't ask how tho'. Just think'n bout it…" She trailed

off, shuddering and shaking her head before offering the items to Yukio. Afterwards, the pack is

sealed up and secreted behind a tree while the rest of the team gave them a look over. "Those

aside, on the eastern side—" Rise stops upon hearing the cry — a margin too unnatural compared to

her ears — and motions for Yukio to disappear before practically flickering out of view.

Nori follows suit and attempts to hide. He's a genin and he's the weakest here combat wise,

but his senses are out on alert, including that sixth sense of his which detects chakra. The boy

knows a thing or two about blending into the surroundings, but it really is just what the Academy

taught him. He tries to roll behind some cover and stay out of sight.

Yukio takes the items, and nods, listening to her report, but freezes at the bird cry.

Something was up. Just as Rise was making her motion, Yukio was already finding a place to

dissapear into. Curse his lack of ever formally learning the body flicker technique! He hides in

some brush, removing his sunglasses and clipping them to his shirt, trying to get a look at this

guy as he got closer.

Gaijin tries to keep an eye on the spy, but then bolts upright as the shadowy figure turns

and runs. He looks silently down to Yukio, awaiting the Chuunin's orders? Do I attack? Try to stop

him getting away? Or pretend nothing happened? He keeps wondering to himself as the shadowy figure

gets closer and closer to slipping away into the shadows. The loud hoot of an owl pierces the

sudden silence, causing the boy to jump and drop his kunai clatteringly on to the rooftop. By the

time he's picked up the weapon again, the spy is gone. He jumps off the rooftop and sighs loudly.

"I'm sorry, I lost him," Gaijin says, sounding defeated.
You paged Nori with 'On your turn, if you want, you can make another attempt to locate the man

that's running away.'

Rise's only stopped moving once safely covered in the shadows of tree canopy. Although

feeling assured of successful avoiding detection, maintaining it left her blind to another idea at

the time. Her only other concern was to remain until a signal is given… or an attack is made. She

was more than confident that in the case of the later her instincts and training, honed through

preserverence over the years, would be enough to react in time.
Thankfully, her greatest merits weren't to be tested yet, and upon hearing Gaijin's words

Rise 'flickered' back into view at the center of the road. "Everyone okay?" She asked, eyeing them

over. Then with a start, Rise attention kept flickering from one person to another. "Did anyone get

a good look at'em!?"

Nori knows where his fellow teammates are, as well as where the figure coming their way is.

He stays put for now though, trying to remain motionless, yet his own chakra flow stabilizes once

he's checked the incoming threat's chakra patterns. Nori creates a connection between the team

leader and his own mind…and suddenly Yuukio would hear Nori's voice beaming directly into his

head. <Too low levels of chakra to be our target most likely, but high enough chakras to definitely

be a shinobi…>
As the target stops and bolts and Gaijin goes into…well, lack of action, Nori blinks. He

gets up and starts running after the target, most likely moving right past Rise. Calling back to

Yuukio mentally, Nori states, <I'll try to stay with him…if you need me to fall back, let me

know. Tell the others.>

Yukio jumps from the bushes. "Nori's in pursuit. Move!" he says, leaping up onto the roof

for a vantage point. <I hope this is two ways. Keep with him, try to keep him within sensing range,

but don't risk yourself. Our first priority is everyone coming home safely.> he tries to transmit

back. IF he can see Nori's path, or if someone else points it out to him, he'd bolt after Nori.

"Did anyone see where Nori went?" he says, looking between the other two.

Despite his slow speed, Nori is able to keep up with the other shinobi. Either he isn't in

a rush, or he's leading the boy towards an ambush. Within moments Gaijin is back up on the rooftops

and running, keeping Nori in sight at all times. He gestures back towards Yukio, trying to catch

his attention and tell him that he's following Nori. And then he's off, running to make sure that

if this turns into an ambush Nori won't be alone. The chase takes them first towards the centre of

the town, then meandering off to the east. Just as Nori rounds a corner, he comes face to face with

a human wall. The guy is about 8 feet tall and built like a tank. His shoulders are twice as wide

as most mens'. He's wearing a huge red leather jacket with no shirt underneath, and gray pants. He

looks exactly like the description of Cruncher. "Ha ha, little kid. Looks like you're my first meal

of the night," he says, lifting a massive hand as he gets ready to take a swing at Nori. Gaijin

jumps in, however, kneeing the massive creep in the face. Cruncher bellows in pain, and reaches out

to grab Gaijin. Without any hesitation he lifts the boy like a rag-doll and tosses him into a

nearby wall, smashing it and sending up a massive cloud of dust. "Come on!" he bellows again, as if

psyching himself up for the fight.

As commanded, Rise reflexively followed through and leapt up to the nearest roof alongside

Yukio. Once her mind finally caught up a growl is growl is emitted behind clenched teeth. "No I—

*eye widens* There!", She exclaimed, jabbing a finger as Gaijin motioned for them to follow.

Afterwards she prepped herself to follow as well, but hesitates for a second to let Yukio take the

lead, much to her personal chargin. It would not do for the team leader's back to go unguarded so

soon. Even so, it was painful to restrict herself throughout their pursuit; especially after

sensing trouble during the last leg of it.
Rise hesitates only for a second after touching down at the end of the path in order to

quickly read the situation. Then without another second spent she bursts forward and lashed out at

the one weak point every man shared with a rage enfused fist!

She'd think of talking only after seeing the giant on his knees..

Nori calls back, <Yes, two way.> Nori then proceeds to recant the directions he's running

in. When Nori runs into the wall…he eeps. His last transmission to Yuukio would have cut off

suddenly. If it wasn't for Gaijin…Nori would have been in trouble. He used up quite a bit of

chakra tracking his target. He takes the time given by Gaijin to create a little space and focus

his chakra.

Yukio dashed after them, Rise in tow. Yukio wasn't the fastest individual, but the air

seemed to part before him, the low pressure zones letting him keep up, relatively easily, but not

catch up until they finally stopped. He came skidding around the corner, eyes wide when he saw

cruncher. He lept into the air from his skid, making a quick series of handsigns. "Fuuton!" With

that a barrage of altering air pressure waves would assail Cruncher, and his ears, attempting to

disorient him, before he lept in once more, flame alight along his form as he entered the first

stage of his clan techniques. The Lizard's claws, drawing one of his blades, Hana.

From the rubble of the smashed-down wall, a loud moan issues forth as Gaijin struggles to

try to regain his feet. Judging by the way one of his knees is bending backwards though, its

unlikely the boy is going to make it back into the fight. Meanwhile, as Rise charges in and attacks

at Cruncher's groin, the giant growls and drops to one knee. His enormous fist closes around Rise's

in the biggest, meatiest block ever. He then brings his other arm in, attempting to grab the girl,

pick her up and throw her at Nori. This is all made significantly easier by the fact that he

already has a grasp on her fist. The pressure blast from Yukio hits the man, but his skin turns

black for a brief moment and the attack seems to have no effect. Then he pulls out a pair of

shuriken, which he tosses at Yukio with a laugh. "Come on, Konoha shinobi! You don't stand a

chance! Tashijou said if I hung around here long enough I'd get a good meal, but you guys are

hardly worth the effort of killing you!" he shouts. A shadow drops down from a rooftop nearby - its

that same guy as before! In the light the group can get a much better look at him. He has silver-

white hair and blue eyes, and is wearing a long black overcoat over a white formal shirt, black

slacks and a purple scarf. He folds his arms in front of him, and for now just watches how the

battle progresses.

"Heh, Knew ya go-huh!? What the-Oi! Let, Go!!" No matter how hard Rise tried to pull her

hand free of Crunch's meaty hands not even an inch of freedom is gained. And just as she cocked

back her free hand to try break at least one of the gaint's fingers, the air in Rise's lungs rushes

out all at once thanks to another hand being thrown into the mix. Trapped, Rise still struggled in

vain up until the point her surroundings started to blur as she's whipped around for a throw.
Thankfully with instinct as her guide a last minute weight shift gives her the control she

needed just in time control her landing, and after a few mid-air twists she hits the ground;

sliding as far back as Nori's position. Her immediate thought is to charge right back into the

fray; especially once Crunch started hackling them. Her lungs however still required a moment to

recover, granting her enough time to slow down and actually think versus give in to more primal

Then came the arrival of their original quarry, settling the internal debate within the

Shirokiri. "… Nori-san.. Is that the one from earlier?" She asked without taking her eyes off the

newcomer. Even as the those words left her mouth Rise attempted to subtly place herself further

ahead of the genin without relaxing her guard too much. Better safe than sorry. Once an answer (if

any at all) is given Rise would grudgingly ask that Nori brought out his best Yamanaka technique

and use it on Crunch. That is, unless Yukio barked out a different order before then.

Nori isn't a fighter…that was stated earlier…but what he can do is make someone else

fight his battles for him. Nori knew the man in the long black overcoat was still around, and as

soon as he made himself visible, Nori was on him. Rather than attack Cruncher, Nori focused on

Overcoat. Nori smirks mischeviously and then forms the Yamanaka handseals to try his new one-two

combo. If it works, he'll be all set, if it doesn't…ow. Nori goes down to one knee, calls out

mentally to Yukio again, <Cover my unconscious body.> and he sends out his mind. The first mental

attack is swift and targets the mental pressure points that send the signals for physical

movement…the next attack is the haymaker, the mind-body-switch…and for that, the jab retracts

and the whole mental mass is sent out of Nori…rendering him unconcious one way or another.

Yukio's blades cume up, hacking acrossed the earth spear, splitting the earth harmlesly to

either side of him, before leaping forward, settling down just on the other side of Nori's body,

putting himself between Nori, and Cruncher, his body erupting in flames as he slips a stage deeper

into his TF, his crest showing itself as his scales start to cover more of his body. "Come on!" he

yells, simultaneously trying to catch the focus of the meathead, and also get his teammates to

notice Nori's latest action. He focused more chakra, building up for the next barrage.

Watching as Rise recovers from his throw, Cruncher frowns for a moment and then laughs. "It

looks like you fools have some fight in you after all," he laughs, and punches his fist into an

open hand a couple of times as if warming up. Meanwhile, as Nori crumples to the ground, the black

coated man stands completely still. Then his eyes refocus, and Nori is in control! Cuncher narrows

his eyes and nods. "Right, a Yamanaka then," he says, and smiles, "But now that you've used that

technique you won't be able to use it on me." His eyes flicker between each of the Konoha shinobi

present, and grins. With a fast move he dashes forward to grab at Yukio, trying to fling him

sideways into a wall and then spinning as he throws a giant fist at Rise's face.

Rise wanted to kick Nori over for ignoring her! And probably would have to if not for his

success rendering their mysterious runner immobile for the time being. Still, she did not trust

things to be over just so easily. After a glance casted upon a transformed Yukio she knew to trust

her own words. Speculating further was quickly put on hold however once Cruncher finally decided to

As big as he was, Rise refused to give ground or charge to meet him. That would have

risked leaving Nori too unguarded. She gritted her teeth once he finally stepped within range and

made one final step to help harden her stance before the fist came down. A backhanded strike meets

it nearly head on, deflecting the blow and probably knocking him off balance. Seizing this moment,

Rise bore down on all fours before launching herself at Crunch's head, intent on bear hugging the

only place her arms could really fit around!

Mayato is now in control while Nori is out in a slump. He at least fell over when he was on

his knee, making the landing soft. Mayato on the other hand, moves to attack Cruncher from behind.

Sure, Cruncher might know Nori is a Yamanaka, but does he know that Mayato is about to attack him?

Meh, probably, so Mayata comes in quickly and attacks Cruncher's legs, attempting to not only break

Cruncher's legs but also bring him to the ground. The sweep would come just after Rise jumps on

him…whoops. Following the sweep, Mayato tries to focus all his might on one of Cruncher's hands.

The man might be mostly a Taijutsuist…but just try punching with a broken fist!

Yukio brings his blades up as Cruncher grabs form him, letting one of his blades go,

giving the man naught but a weapon that he probably won't use. He Leaps back, out of the mans

range, making a quick series of handsigns, and attempting to lash out again with his pressure blast

technique, before leaping in and slashing at the wall of meat with his claw.

Cruncher roars in rage as Rise's arms wrap around his head, squeezing hard. In fact, he

feels like his head is about to explode. The big man grapples the girl with both arms, managing to

pull her off and then tossing her towards the brick wall of a nearby building. Almost immediately

Mayato comes flying in at him, and Cruncher slaps the ground with one hand, raising a solid column

of dirt in front of the low kick. As he follows through he punches Cruncher's hand painfully,

causing the man to bellow in pain, but it doesn't seem like the attack has disabled him. Knowing

that he's in trouble unless he steps up the fight, Cruncher channels earth nature chakra into his

skin, making it as tough as stone. Yukio's attacks, while powerful, barely manage to damage him

through his armor-like skin. "I'll crush you!" he yells at the Chuunin, flexing his muscles. A seal

that was until now invisible lights up on his chest, little tentacles of kanji extending over his

body. Then he charges at Yukio, grabbing at the lizard-like boy and trying to lift him high and

slam him into the ground at his feet.

Rise really dug her nails in just to try and keep smothering Crunch; but alas, the

bruiser's meaty hands and ridiculous strength won out. She was thankful for the fact that he had

not used in real effort with the throw, because with just the right shift in weight once more she

managed to twist around and land upon the wall feet first.

"I'll crush you!"

Rise snapped to attention and leapt off the wall, fully intent on trying to intercept

Crunch before he had a chance to show Yukio where he got his name from. The distance was just too

great unfortunately, so instead of slowing down, she dug out a peculiar black pill land tossed it

in her mouth in transit. Its effect was instantanous though it did come with the price of making

her stumble from the sudden muscle changes. She, nevertheless, was quick to recover and resolutely

bore down on Crunch with a series of successive flying kicks, the latter of which just a tad lower

in case by some miracle he managed to duck beneath her.
Seal or no seal, power up or no power up, Rise was not going to let Crunch get away with

what he had done so easily.
After the attack and unless rendered imobile just like Yukio, Rise would retreat a few

meters and call out for Nori to grab the Sarutobi and his own body using the one he stole and

retreat for now.

Nori remained unconscious…for now. In the meantime, Mayato was thinking strategies. Nori

dug into Mayato's mind and figured out that the shinobi was a water manipulator. With that

knowledge, and with the fact that Cruncher looked to be coating himself with some sort of hardened

skin, making him rock-like…Nori/Mayato creates a concentrated blast of water on the man's hand.

He is again trying to break that hand and render Cruncher's Ninjutsu useless…and perhaps hamper

his Taijutsu. As soon as the blast of water soaks the armored hand, a set of water needles are

thrown toward the hand. Hopefully Rise doesn't get hit with any of the attacks.

Cruncher laughs as he drops Yukio's limp form on the ground, and turns to growl at the last

two. "One down, two to go," he says in his deep, rolling voice. Then the grin emerges and he

laughs, "Do you think you can take me?" Then he sees Mayato moving at him from one side, and he

slaps a down down on the ground. The first technique breaks against the stony wall, but the second

makes it through, and Cruncher raises his arms in an x-shape to stop the attack from hitting him

square in the head. His feet slide backwards on the ground as he spots Rise coming in at him again

with a spinning kick, and he reaches out and grabs the kick with one hand. Then he brings his other

hand up and tries to smack Rise in the face. With a quick turn he faces Mayato and places both his

palms against the ground. It seems like nothing happens at first, and then the ground under Nori

starts to bubble, and become like sludge, sucking the boy downwards.

Rise mentally cursed. Crunch captured her again! Then came the massive free hand to try

and smack her around some more. Now -that- was something she was not having today. So, as it

approached Rise raised subtle raised her hand, than higher once she felt his grip slip to make room

for the strike. A mistake he would soon regret, because with more room to maneuver she brought the

hand down with a twist. Knocking it down and off course before rolling down back to the ground

herself along its form. She kept going a bit further just incase before letting her momentum carry

her into a kneel.
By the time she recovered it was too late to keep him from attack Mayato. She almost

yelled at Mayato in outrage but bit back her words in favor of focusing back on Crunch's

unprotected (roughly speaking given the earth armor :P). She ran and leapt onto his shoulders from

the back, squeezing with both her arms and legs as hard as she could. Hoping more than believing

that she'd be able to break through the armor, and more importantly, strangle Crunch until he

passed out.
"NORIII-BAAAKA!! I told *groans* you to get out of here!!" She called out mid-strangle.

Mayato is sucked into the ground…and takes a breath when he goes under. It is then that

Nori retreats back into his regular body. Let Mayato deal with finding himself waking up under the

ground. A moment goes by before Nori wakes up. He looks to Yukio and then to Rise, "Rise…we need

to retreat." he calls out. "You shouldn't handle this by yourself." Nori frowns and then attempts

to stun Cruncher as quickly as he can. The mental jab is sent out, moving through Rise and into

Cruncher's mind.

Cruncher's punch misses, and Rise quickly locks her arms and legs around him. His earth

armor withstands the massive pressure, but just barely. Cracks run all down his skin, from his head

down to his legs, the pressure nearly making him pass out. "Gah, get off me!" he manages to growl

as he pulls Rise off. Then, with startling speed, and still holding the girl in the air with one

hand, the man throws a rocketing uppercut toward her jaw, with enough power that it could

potentially send her flying through the air. Moments later, he suddenly stops, his mind locked by

Nori's Yamanaka technique. "I'm… out of chakra," he grunts disbelievingly, "No way!"

Nori frowns and moves to grab Yukio. The boy isn't strong, but he manages to heft the body

over his shoulder and then start walking out. He can't run with this weight. Nori moves to

establish a mental link with Rise before he departs to make sure he can keep track of her. He'll

need to establish backup and soon, but in the meantime…he just wants to know if and when she is


With the pill draining her more than expected and little room to maneuver, Rise had no

choice but to brace for impact. Or, not? Whichever was it that would keep her from biting off her

own tongue as well as keep less teeth from breaking! She blacks out from the impact for a moment as

she flies… only to be jarred awake after hitting the pavement. Everything hurt, but even so Rise

gradually managed to block out the pain and force herself back onto her feet. A quick scan showed

her that Nori and Youkio were at least making headway with the escape. Another revealed the giant

frozen to the spot with his partner either struggling or uncouncious.
Then and there might have been the best chance to try and take the Giant out. But it was a

gamble that could not be afforded. So, she turned to flee much to her own personal chargin, and

belatedly along the way picked up the Sarutobi.

Nori frowns and moves to grab Yukio. The boy isn't strong, but he manages to heft the body

over his shoulder and then start walking out. He can't run with this weight. Nori moves to

establish a mental link with Rise before he departs to make sure he can keep track of her. He'll

need to establish backup and soon, but in the meantime…he just wants to know if and when she is


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