Takokujin: Why Opposites Attract


Tessen, Kaede, Rain

Date: January 8, 2011


Two powers within Takokujin clash in order to discover one another and are divided by the spirit of opposition while simultaneously united by the leader that attracts such opposites.

WARNING: Contains foul language.

"Takokujin: Why Opposites Attract"

The Arena, Kusagakure

There isn't quite a crowd today, mostly because there wasn't a scheduled match, except for a challenge
coming from some Kaede or other. No last name. No village. He never fought before in the Ring, or so
people thought, as the name was unfamiliar. Just like always, the ring is uniform and well prepared for
all types of combat. A pond in one corner for water jutsu, lots of sand, boulders, trees, etc. There was
no excuse for losing either.
Sitting in the middle is a vaguely familiar figure to some people. It's almost as if they've seen
him before. A few hours earlier, a letter was sent out to a certain Uchiha Tessen, stating that he
himself was challenged by this Kaede guy. The time is written out as well, and it's all up to Tessen if
he accepts the challenge or not.
Tessen recieved the challenge earlier in the day, and since he hadn't backed down from a
challenge yet decided to head in and see what it was about. He may have been defeated from the
tournament, but aside that he hadn't lost yet to an outside challenger.
The appointed time arose as he casually strode into the arena. His charcoal eyes scanning the
ring's environmental set up for this day, and taking it all in. As the dark eyes fell to the one waiting
he stopped a short distance from the center of the ring let his hand rise to the twin katana's at his
side. "Tessen…ready and waiting…Kaede is it?"
The figure in the center of the arena observes as Tessen enters and for once allows himself not
to analyze his opponent simply by the way he walks and acts while doing so. He couldn't help but notice
some sense of calm.. or was that restraint? Kaede couldn't put his finger on it.
However, Kaede too seemed awfully calm. The slight breeze ruffled his hair and the bells in his
hair emitted a soft tune, but Kaede didn't seem to even notice. His eye was half closed, and dark like
the shadows on his face, and his lips were partially poised in a bright smile, which gave his one
revealed eye a whole different look. Somehow.. happy instead of indifferent.
His other eye was covered by a headband with no village marking on it.
As Tessen approached some distance Kaede stood up and said, "That is me." As he bowed in a formal
"Kaede challenged you to see how good you are." He spoke and his manner of speaking was rare, and
it's origin could hardly be placed on a map. So Kaede's origins too were nearly impossible to tell.
"Ano.. Kaede only fought one Uchiha before. So exciting!" Than after a short pause, he added,
"Let's play fair, okaaaaa~y?"
Tessen heard the man and felt he almost sounded like a buffoon, but was not about to let that
influence him. Far too often had he seen men that seem like two year olds that can make craters with what
they called a 'tap'. Still it almost brought a smile to his thin lips. They raised into a cruel half-
A flat voice came from him as his posture shifted almost reflexively into a relaxed stance.
"Rules are rules…let's see if they allow a clean result." With that he fell silent and still.
The only motion left was that of Tessen's eyes shifting slightly as he stood at the ready. His
'warrior's sprit' started to be felt creeping forth like an oppressive aura. Most could not tell if it
was ever his fighting aura or murderous intent, but in either case it was becomming an impressive
substance that almost seemed tangible coming from him.
Kaede nodded his head and smirked, sitting back down again, and putting one leg over the other as
he sat there, leaned back on his elbows. Needless to say, he was a strange kid. The aura was felt,
definetely, but Kaede remained calm and even though his eye was half-closed, it gave the impression,
somehow, that he was watching like a hawk.
There was no doubt about his earlier statement either. He was /very/ excited. He didn't show it
in his posture or facial expression, but he just seemed like a coiled snake, ready to leap.
Finally, he clapped his hands together and he focused a large ammount of chakra, and than just as
casually, leaned back on his elbows again. His expression as if saying 'Let's see you top that'.
Tessen sighed at the man's relaxed nature. It bothered him to no end, but he would not let it
show through. Though the amount of chakra the man focused at once was something not to be taken lightly.
It was more than he could do at a single time even if he wanted to. Still not wanting to be completely
outdone he glared down towards the man as his own chakra began to rise up around him pushing like the
wind itself before settling down and showing his level of dedication to this match.
"Awwww" said Kaede as he leaned up. Kaede couldn't tell how much someone focused, but he could
tell if a chakra level was bigger or smaller than his. And unless it was a extreme difference, not by how
much either. He frowned slightly when it appeared that Tessen fell short. Not by much it appeared.
"Oh well. I suppose I should start." Kaede said as he put a finger on his lip, as if thinking
what to do. "Let's try… this."
His hands clapped together and he performed several handseals in quick succession and than yelled
out, "Earth Spire!" And as if heeding his words a spire shot out from the ground aimed at Tessen's chest,
and than the youth slammed his foot into the ground and leaped to his feet as the ground went into a
reverse tsunami, shooting up rocks and dirt as it advanced on Tessen, "Earth Upheaval Wave!"
Tessen watched as the earth moved and a spike flew towards his chest. With practiced grace he
lept up over it. As the reverse tsunami came back at him hurling debris Tessen landed on the finished
spike and took to the air again to land behind the wave as it passed him. His feet lightly touching the
ground as he let his hand fall low and a few small waves of kunai used the blind spot of the moving earth
to travel at Kaede.
The two kunai thud into Kaede and he falls forwards, but never did he even fall a few
centimeters before he puffed into a cloud of smoke. Obviously, that meant that Kaede wasn't there. He was
somewhere else.
"Ahoooy." He called out from Tessen's side, several meters away. "You could've hurt someone." He
explains. "But uhh. I guess that's the point."
Waiting just another moment, Kaede's hands moved again like a flash of lightning, "Let's see how
many you can dodge." He says as he finally claps his hands together with the final seal. "Earth Style:
Earth Spire!" Same move? Yep, but this time there are three spikes.
But not only that, the way Kaede just watches Tessen as if teasing could make anyone wonder if
this opponent is really that easy or inexperienced.
Tessen sees the kunai fail and starts to move as the spires are forming. Instead of taking to
the air again he is dashing between the spikes that form. The first one he manages to spin past as it is
forming. The second tears into his leg and causes him to faulter his next step take a small hop over the
third as it forms flashing past his face. As he lands his hand flings out a kunai towards his enemybut it
looks like a wild shot going off to the side but as it nears a small tag on it can be seen and it begins
to glow red. It moves to release a barrier to capture Kaede in it and restrain him.
Kaede has but a short moment to enjoy his small victory before he looks down, towards the tag.
Immediatly, the youth creates a barrier that cuts into the ground, disrupting chakra flow and preventing
himself from being in a very bad position. The barrier was made of crystal.
The crowd goes silent. They know this vaguely familiar warrior. But the way he acted and spoke
was completely different from how they knew him. The resemblence was uncanny. Could Kaede be the twin
brother of Kureno?
Kaede's barrier cracked down the middle and than bursted into shards, falling to the ground, and
Kaede simply looked towards Tessen, no longer smiling.
"Even though we are just starting," His voice was different than, it had no melody, it was level
and even. Dispassionate. "but I don't think Rain's confidence in you was well placed." He was still calm,
but there was something unquestionably dark in the background around him. It's like Tessen's 'Warrior
spirit', but this was different. It was malevolent and dark was it's most defining attribute. But in all
ways different.
"Shhhh" Kaede says, "Do you hear that? Can you sense it?" Did he mean the darkness? "That is the
Nightmare." Kaede simply said. "Do you have a sharingan, Tessen? I suggest you show it to me or you'll
get to see the Nightmare up close."
And than Kaede waved his hand, as if releasing the podium to his opponent.
Tessen only scoffed at the words of his opponent. Using his Sharingan this early on against one
such as him. His anger was rising at those words. Doubting him was one thing, but doubting Rain's
decisions was another all together.
With a slow breath Tessen let his building anger subside. A quick flick of his wrist sent
another kunai at Kaede. His hands moving behind it to make a few seals before stretchingn outward. Small
balls of lightning fired off at the man. It seemed like he was trying to hide the kunai in the lightning
field. With a final seal he stared at his opponent. His chakra moving to try and take a hold of the mind
of his enemy. Just a link for now.
Kaede wasn't stupid nor blind. He saw the kunai, he knew it was gonna come at him, but Kaede was
curious. He wanted to see what Tessen could really do. And than he did what appeared to be a beginner's
mistake. He used Earth to defend against Lightning.
The jolt of electricity he got from Tessen was enough for Kaede to draw a conclusion he couldn't
before. Mainly due to the fact that he didn't get hit.
"I don't think we're that far apart as far as power goes, Tessen." Kaede said, never even
noticing the genjutsu link. "But it's plain stupidity not showing me your Sharingan. You don't have one?"
Kaede tilted his head and than shook his head.
"Doesn't matter anyway. Crystal Style: Impenetrable Cloud Formation!!" Kaede yelled out as a
myriad of crystals leaped out of the ground and tried to trap Tessen in them, just as one huge shard of
crystal tried to crash into him.
Tessen looked to his enemy and smirked slightly. The crystals forming under him caught his eyes
and he vanished leaving an image of himself held there by the spikes that shimmered and fadded after a
moment. The large one flying at him shot through another as he stood there seeming to recover from the
first dash of speed. His eyes glared towards Kaede as a menacing aura flowed from him as if it threatened
to make Kaede fall down flat under its weight.
Reaching for his sword for the first time he looked to his enemy. He made a slash that seemed
far too shor to ever touch Kaede, and yet the blade seemed to be extending as it moved in its deadly arc.
Even still it was not from there the pain would be felt if it landed. It would come from behind as if he
were stabbed in the leg. How did Tessen or the blade get behind him when it was obvious the strike came
from the front? In truth the blade and man before Kaede was merely an illusion.
Kaede looked at the man in front of him, but he didn't really move a inch, and when the man
slashed so did Kaede lean slightly to the right and turn left, hand waving up a barrier of crystal to
meet the slash coming from behind him.
And than the air pushed back from Kaede and crystals leapt into the around him, fanning outwards
into a constantly rotating ring possibly 60 meters in diameter or more.
"Your weakness is so glaringly obvious Tessen, I feel ashamed to even consider taking advantage
of it."
The ground started crystallizing and sprouting formations much akin to flowers when with scarcely
a hand movement or seal one of them spiralled into a sharp two-pronged spear and launched itself at
Tessen with blinding speed.
"So I'll give you one last chance to use whatever trick you have up your sleeve, be it kekkei
genkei or genjutsu is up to you."
Tessen watched the shards forming as he harnessed his chakra. A red glow forming around him as
he saw the shards forming. With a loud discharge Tessen's body blurred towards cover, but to those with
good seats he could be seen collapsing on the ground behind some cover riddled with holes and tears from
the shards that pierced his flesh.
Keeping quiet he mind calm as his charcoal eyes closed and reoppened a deep vermillion. He was
taking this seriously now.
Rising to his feet a low groan passed his lips as he stared at his opponent. Crystal
manipulation. Earth manipulation. This guy seemed strong when he focused on using high end techniques but
his low end were weak indeed, more specifically to lightning.
With a few seals Tessen outstretched his hand and fired out small balls of lightning at his
enemy. Another wave was soon after it, and burried somewhere in between was a slightly larger orb almost
indistinguishable, but that would be the one to clench victory.
Maybe it was the heat of the moment, maybe it was something entirely else. But Kaede completely
forgot that the power slide technique he used so oftenly had a fatal flaw. It was conductive. And just
like it's lesser earth counterpart, it was particularily weak against lightning. The jolt Kaede got was
quick enough to make him rethink his tactic and continual waves of electricity only battered his clone
which poofed in another cloud of smoke.
And this time Kaede was impressed. He hadn't allowed his opponent to hit him. His opponent did it
with their own power. Kaede chuckled than. And his chuckle was unusually loud.
Silence reigned the arena. And the darkness Kaede seemed to ebb with, and the power he held, if
it had a heartbeat before, now it didn't. It was just silent. Maybe the crowd felt it too, or maybe they
were just silent as they watched the fight.
"Did you think that your weakness was the fact that you used Lightning?" Kaede asked as the
crystal ring of petals suddenly stopped moving. Kaede laughed out loud. "That's not it." Kaede assured
Tessen as the crystal petals dispersed and suddenly started raining down on the arena harmlessly, and the
ground started crystallizing. There was a malevolent feeling in the air.
"Every time I attacked, the only thing you did was dodge. Never did you stop and block any of my
attacks. So tell me one thing, Uchiha…"
Kaede clapped his hands together after what seemed to be like only three handseals. No doubt
Tessen could tell with his sharingan. "What will you do if dodging is not an option?" And the fact that
so much chakra was being dispersed into the air was a indicator itself that something was horribly wrong.
And than everything seemed to cave into itself; there was a burst of chakra and the very air
seemed to crystallize into a myriad of spikes coming from mid-air and rising from the ground in almost
every corner of the arena. It just pierced and impaled everything in it's path, enough to devastate the
arena and make it unusable. Everywhere.. except where Kaede stood. The spikes seemed to bend around him,
barely touching his skin. Though, the barriers /should/ help. A lot?
"Crystal Style: Blooming Fields of the Impaler." Kaede's voice was even still, and dispassionate.
Tessen looked to his opponent with dark eyes and smirked. The crystal shards that fell around
the arena looked beautiful in the light. They truly were. As they rained down towards him in a blanket
that truly was unavoidable by means of dodging. The little razors would have shredded him if he tried to
even think about it.
With fluid motions that seemed slow to him as the shards rained in with deadly speed, seals were
made. Then his hands fell to the side as the the dirt and dust around him began to pick up slowly making
a circle around his feet. In an instant those gentle passes of wind rose up in a spiralling column about
his body that grabbed the shards aimed at his body and sucked them in before hurling them back out
towards the walls and ground alike. Its ferocity did not fade or falter as the shards were all pushed
away from Tessen as he stood still.
When the assault halted his find began to slow down before halting all together. His hair
falling back down looking no more dishelved than it ever did. Focused eyes pierced into Kaede. Slow steps
came from Tessen as his hands rested at his side. Both Katana resting in their sheaths but rattling as if
they wanted blood.
"Your problem is believing solely in what you see a man use to test an enemy. I know you have no
stronger attack than that one…and it was defeated. Back down now or tell me your reason's for this
challenge. Either case works for me, but do remember…I have seen your ace…and you have not seen mine.
What will it be…Kaede?"
As Tessen moved to close the distance slowly and ominously, his chakra was rising for the second
time in the match. No telling what it would be used for, but it was again ready to be used to injure this
man before him into telling him what he wanted. This was the power of Rain's second, a man unbridled on
the battle field.
Kaede simply smirked and shook his head. It wasn't disbelief. He was /pleased/. And excited. He
could feel his heart pumping blood ferociously. It thudden in his chest as if it wanted to break free and
devour Tessen himself.
And than Kaede started hearing voices in his head. And they were louder than ever before. They
screamed for blood. And the Nightmare he mentioned earlier? He could see it imprinted over his vision,
just like when he fought Raiga. This Tessen, he was truely worthy of Rain's confidence. But still. Kaede
had really expected just a bit more. And when Tessen actually mentions that he too has a ace up his
sleeve. Kaede simply smirks.
"I'll tell you." Kaede says as he approaches forwards. "But you too are quite arrogant if you
think you've seen everything I've got after just witnessing my /ninjutsu/. Did you really think that is
all I have?" Kaede asks and than looks towards Tessen's feet, or more precisely, the mangled ground
Tessen was walking on.
"Are you walking on crystal? Or glass? Or does it feel like.. lava perhaps?" Kaede seems dead
serious about that when he asked. But than he just laughs, "I kid. I am not using Genjutsu yet. But be
aware that maybe this whole fight is a fraud. Maybe your victory over my "ace" is not a victory after
all. But do show me your ace, I am quite curious.."
Than Kaede too presses his hands together and focuses some chakra. Not much. Just a 'bit'.
Tessen listened and smirked. He stopped his approach and turned his back towards Kaede. This was
over. It was a test of an idiot. Rain knew better than to send someone like this, so it didn't come from
him. It was this man's own test and intentions.
Tessen faught and proved his own point, but to reveal his large techniques for no reason other
than to satify a nobody was pointless in his mind. His hand raised as his eyes faded from vermillion back
to charcoal. "I forfeit…and am done with your game Kaede. My power is not yours to gauge and test. Only
one man holds that power, and you are far from him. This is over. Go back to your hole, and fester there
until you are bid upon by whatever master you serve."
With that he motioned for the barrier to be dropped so that he could leave. Rain had some
explaining to do now, even if it was not at his behest that he was challenged. This man knew Rain, and
now Tessen wanted to know what that relationship was.
Kaede tilted his head when Tessen's eyes turned from crimson to charcoal. Kaede frowned, would
he attack an man that turned his back on him? Yes, he would. But now? It seemed beside the point to
attack Tessen when he was defenseless.
"I have fought and defeated people unlike any you could imagine, and your strength is but a
flicker of a candle flame compared to theirs. I was lucky." Kaede than laughed, "And you, you seriously
expect me to think highly of you when you say that kind of crap to a man who was born from strife." Kaede
shook his head. That was in disbelief.
"My clouds are ashes and smoke and the seas are spilled ink over a endless toxic field. My sun is
darkness and black fire. What about you? You're just a sprinkle of grass meant to be stepped on by people
like me." He than paused, "But I'll give you that much. You at least lived up to some expectations, but
I've exceeded them. You're not what you think of yourself. Because I am all that.. and more. So walk
away, and live in fantasy a bit longer."
And than Kaede turned around and started walking away from Tessen. But he stopped after just a
few steps and turned around, as if really considering to attack Tessen anyway. "Heh, you're pathetic."
Kaede said and decided against the idea and continued walking away.
A hand would be placed upon Kaede's shoulder as he would leave after his speech towards Tessen.
It was firm, but it was not heavy, nor was it clenching. It was simply there, before the words would
come. "Do not be envious, Kaede." Rain would speak with his strangely gentle certainty that carried from
his words to every movement he made. "It does not suit you, who has been through such trials up until
now, to look down upon another or to desire their place." Rain would say as he looked towards Tessen.
"The very nature of the Takokujin… the Strangers, is a collective of differing paths that intersect
along the way. The organization itself is formed of independant peoples and bodies, with the only uniting
goal being their desire to follow or not." Glancing back towards Kaede, Rain would say smoothly, "Should
my choice of Yojimbo displease you Kaede, I will have to implicitely state how irrelevant your opinion of
my choice is. Just as you have your reasons, goals and ambitions, I have my own. Just as I have accepted
your company, I have also accepted Tessen through my own means and for my own reasons. Neither of you is
pathetic. If you were, I would not tolerate you for the path we are to walk."
Glancing towards Tessen once again as he would release Kaede, Rain would draw a scroll from his
kimono and unroll it. "I have a task for the both of you." He would state, though he seemed to digress.
"There are changes that must happen soon, likely following the ordeal with the Dragon Lines and the
Stones of the Six Paths." while he knew that Tessen would be out of the loop on this one, and Kaede
barely informed himself, it was worth mentioning as Rain tended to plan far ahead. "For now, we have a
target. I believe he is worth 6.5 million ryo, and is supposedly unkillable. Our task is simple. To kill
the unkillable. He is a nuisance of the highest level. Not even a dog to be put down. Something far more
rabid and out of place amongst people. This capitol will be of use when we abandon Twilight in the
future, but most importantly there is the noteriety of the kill. Are there any questions."
Tessen turned to look at the source of the voice now in the ring. It was his master's. The plan
was spoken of briefly, well more of the objective and no real plan formed. Killing a single man that was
said to be unkillable. Either this man was a walking tank that could not be hurt or his skill was that
impressive. Either way you look at it, this was not going to be easy.
It seemed as if in a moment all of Tessen's anger and animosity that had been building faded.
Though Rain knew better, and could probably see it seething under his flesh despite the stone expression
of indifference.
"I take that this is why Kaede sought me out… To test me himself, and see if I lived up to his
standards of strength. He is almost as much an idiot as those fugitive Uchiha who thought to join us.
Though at least he seems containable… In the future do please keep others you acquire from attacking me
futily Rain-sama. I do not wish to risk cutting down your subordinates unnecessarily."
The venom was clear in Tesson's flat voice as he looked from Kaede back towards Rain.
A faint smirk grew, "Now then, please give any details available so that we may try to make the
most of this kill. No sense fighting harder than necessary against an unkillable foe."
It seemed as if in a moment all of Tessen's anger and animosity that had been building faded.
Though Rain knew better, and could probably see it seething under his flesh despite the stone expression
of indifference.
"I take that this is why Kaede sought me out… To test me himself, and see if I lived up to his
standards of strength. He is almost as much an idiot as those fugitive Uchiha who thought to join us.
Though at least he seems containable… In the future do please keep others you acquire from attacking me
futily Rain-sama. I do not wish to risk cutting down your subordinates unnecessarilly."
The venom was clear in Tesson's flat voice as he looked from Kaede back towards Rain.
A faint smirk grew, "Now then, please give any details available so that we may try to make the
most of this kill. No sense fighting harder than necessary against an unkillable foe."
"I am not envious, my lord." Answered Kaede when Rain had accused him of such. "You've said I
can speak my mind freely, and all I told him was my opinion. I truely do believe that your confidence in
that /worm/ is a blessing. Much more than he deserves." He paused, "To be honest, I was just a moment
away from killing him." His own voice was seething with poison, but unlike Tessen, Kaede wasn't even
angry. He was just brutally honest.
"I've tried finding out something about Baasku, my lord, but I wasn't very succesfull. I don't
think there's anyone alive that knows of his abilities." Kaede shrugged. "As far as the stones go? Same
deal." He looked towards Tessen than, and seemed as if about to say something about Tessen as well. But
he hesitated a long time. "As far as your choice in companions, I suppose you know best." He than
shrugged his shoulders a bit and turned to face Tessen, arms crossed at his chest. He had a few scratches
here and there, but wasn't terribly harmed.
"You lack envy, and yet judge based upon nothing but false expectation. An interesting form of
honesty you pursue. Regardless, your squabbles are pointless and counter productive. Seeking strength
from those you despise is the best way to make use of them. At the very least both of you should learn
that lesson. Killing those that are a challenge to you only allows for you to have no more competition,
and thus no more growth." Rain would shake his head slightly before glancing between them. "Baasku will
appear to be an undead behemoth. Physical pain likely means nothing to him, and it can be assumed his
sheer endurance is staggering. However, he does not appear to be very intelligent. No real need for it I
suppose with his brute power. This means that the best tactics to use against him are followed by the
first rule of this engagement: Limit our damage taken. If he can take more than any man, that is fine, we
will just have to direct enough damage to kill several men. However, we cannot allow the same to happen
to us. If for no other reason, this is why and when you two will get along, in battle. If you accept the
job, i expect professionalism. Other wise, decline now and save me the trouble of you getting under
foot." Eyeying them both for a moment longer, he would continue. "Genjutsu is likely a weakness of his,
and while he may not have any particular elemental prowess, it can be asssumed that simply utilizing the
power of ninjutsu will not be a hugely determining factor in and of itself. Should we be a trio in this
mission, Tessen, you will be responcible for taking care of his endurance. Kaede, you will be tasked with
continued damage. My objective will be to control the target and the situation. When ever there is an
opening, the closest and fastest is to take it and the others keep in mind the long term. We cannot all
jump in for the kill at once or there will be chaos."

"And you, you seriously expect me to think highly of you when you say that kind of crap to a man
who was born from strife." Kaede shook his head. That was in disbelief. "My clouds are ashes and dark
smoke and the seas are spilled ink over a endless toxic field. My sun is darkness and black fire. What
about you? You're just a sprinkle of grass meant to be stepped on by people like me." He than paused,
"But I'll give you that much. You at least lived up to some expectations, but I've exceeded them. You're
not what you think of yourself. Because I am all that.. and more. So walk away, and live in fantasy a bit
Tessen looked to Rain and nodded. "Understood." His venomous nature subdued for the time being.
His eyes shifted towards Kaede for a moment before looking back to Rain. Trust came towards Rain fairly
easily, but towards Kaede was another story. Especially, considering that Kaede couldn't manage to hurt
him easily.
"I am to wear him down. Kaede is to injure him. Suppose that in the end we will overlap a bit in
those areas Kaede. Decent barriers, hope can dodge a behemoth like that though. Power hitters like to
break barriers down. Probably best to stick and move without getting too close to him."
Turning to look at Rain, "Let me know when we are to move on our target."
Kaede glanced to Rain as he spoke and than to Tessen. Maybe Rain was right. Kaede was envious.
But not of Tessen.
He tilted his head than and made several steps forwards, "I am angry. I am envious. I am a lot of
things." Kaede began, "Because of how Rain speaks of you. First time I see you, and despite me being
charged with injuring an /unkillable/ man, I still feel… irrelevant compared to you, as it seems. You
have to wear him down.. and I have to do the impossible." He than looks towards Rain, and he didn't seem
as if he was about to show Tessen some aggression. He looked as if he was gonna make peace with the man.
"Does Rainos really have that much confidence in me? Than I wonder, why do I not hear some respect in
Rain's voice when he spoke of me. It's.. irrelevant." Kaede extends his hand forwards than and crystals
begin forming in his hand, quickly leaning out into what appears to be a flower. More specifically "It's
the traditional flower that is put on doorsteps as a means of saying 'I am ready for peace or cease-
fire'." Kaede paused, "I offer you the same, because, despite your injuries, you have bested me in a way
more important than physical conflict." Kaede than layed down the flower in front of Tessen and stepped
away, turning towards Rain.
"You can count on me, my lord, to reintroduce this behemoth to pain and injury once again. I am
looking forward to it, even." Kaede paused, "Pain is not only in the body. It's in the head. I think when
he realizes he is lacking a limb, he might be quite convinced that it hurts like hell." Reflexively,
Kaede reached for his covered right eye that he hasn't even revealed to Rain yet.

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