Talk atop the Mountain's Peak


Maia, Jayde, Hoiishime, Yuusuke

Date: June 27th, 2010


Yuusuke has come to the mountains for some training, however finds another Kumogakure Chuunin in the area. One he has never met before… along with a Genin of the village as well, and then a new arrival comes too.

"Talk atop the Mountain's Peak"

Moutain Peak

Considering her own worry over the lack of experienced sensor nin in Kumogakure, Maia has taken it upon herself to make sure that her entire team knows various techniques to be able to be aware of their surroundings. This day, she sits in the lotus position at the top of the mountain peak with Hoiishime as her eyes are closed, taking in deep breathes.
"Can you feel it? your surroundings in your mind's eye? Use your other senses, especially your hearing to feel what's around you. There are several birds in the area right now. Can you tell me in what general direction they are and how many there are?" she asks curiously.

Meanwhile, despite the apparent wheelchair, and bandaging, Hoiishime, would be out there, half mummied, and trying his best to keep up with the training regiment. Of course, his mind had been well enough to do something. It was just his own body that seemed to have alot of kinks. He had been ordered, from /everyone/, which included monks who cared for him, mednin who cared for him, and every person inbetween, not to work to hard, and Hoii would try to obey, key word being try.
Even now, as Maia guided him in feeling his senses, Hoiishime would seem to have not much a problem, being off by one bird… His meditation was deep, and often, he would wince, or say, "Ai…!", with every bit of twinge, his body had. "Aye, No Kimi…", would be said with every bit he tried to feel. "We be stoppin for now, Maia-sensei? I tink I be strainin too much..", would be said after an hour or so, the monk not forgetting that he had only been out the hospital for just a few hours, and even this was just supposed to be for a breath of fresh air.

This day in the Land of Lightning is peaceful and quiet, however despite the lack of noise, Yotsuki Yuusuke is found strolling up to the mountain's peak…with a bounce in his step and groove in his movement. If one would look hard enough, it would be obvious he is dancing away…most likely to a tune in his head. As he takes a step, it slams into the ground, causing a loud cracking sound for a moment, though the extremely muscular man continues to move up the path, not missing a step in his dance. "Ooo yeah. That's a good song," he says outloud. Of course, this is said loud enough for the two shinobi at the top to hear.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean for you to be pushing right away. I just want you to expand your senses. If you're not aware of your surroundings, any of the later techniques I'll try to work with you on will be moot." Maia says with a warm smile as she eases on up and stretches her arms into the air before looking towards Hoiishime. "And the answer was four. There were two northeast of us, and one resting on your wheelchair behind you, and then one half a kilometer from here. I didn't expect you to get that last one though." she says with a soft chuckle of amusement before raising her brows as she spies one of the other chuunin heading their way.

Smiling wide, Hoiishime would look to Maia, and chuckle nervously, saying, "Nonono! I not be sayin ya hard on me!! I just be tinkin a brak be fine. Buddha be knowin, I gwan improve! Bulee dat!!", before he would stick his chest out, and beat it once, heroicly… before he would wince, and cough a couple of times. He would then say, "I do unda stand what ya be meanin though, Maia-dono. On da field dat day, I be honest wit ya. Every ting, I be seein, be a blur. It be as if, time be standin still for me." He would scratch the back of his neck nervously, even then, feelin some muscle soreness, and tension as he would raise and lower his arm.
Maia would see some slight embarrassment, on his face, as he would facescrunch at the bird around him, especially the one that had been right near his chair.. "Eeeee… Do I be dat dull?! Yeesh?!", would be said as he would slum over. He would then reach for the one behind him, the bird seeming to not care that he was reaching, seeming to come willfully and on his own. Hoiishime would stroke the bird gently before letting it perch on his shoulder, and saying, "You, lil guy, be me buddy for today!", and then looking to Maia, and saying, "I suppose ya be testing me with the last one.. Though I do be tellin ya, I ain't that sharp a tool, yet." But something would prompt Hoiishime to turn around, and look, her expression being enough to actually, show that someone had been around. "Aaaah.. a visitor?"

Yuusuke continues to dance up the long path, another stomp into the ground, and then a twist before making it forward again…finally reaching the top of the mountain. For a moment, he remains oblivious to the other two ninja, but then he stops and looks in their direction, his eyes hidden by the sun-glasses. "Yo." His right arm raises, rubbing the back of his neck, and causing the silver afro to sway a bit, though the incoming wind blows it back even more, lowering it more toward his back. "I didn't think anyone would be here, but it's better this way." His voice is somewhat deep, yet friendly and light. A small smile touches his lips, delivering a semi-bow before rising and delivering a two-fingered salute, stating, "Yotsuki Yuusuke is the name, and training was the aim today. I never seen you two before, so who might you be?" His attention goes to the bird and he chuckles at the situation, "Found yourself a friend?"

"I figured that things might have gone too fast. Reading the Death Hand's movements were difficult, even with my own dojutsu." she admits ruefully, smiling cheerfully to try to reassure the young monk. She eases on up, stretching her arms into the air as she yawns a little and chuckles softly. "Look, you were so still that he must've thought you were a statue or something." she teases Hoiishime before the other nin finally acknowledges their presence.
"A Yotsuki, pleasure to meet you." she says with a bow of her head. "I'm Yamayuki Maia, Captain of Team 01, and this is one of my students, Hanma Hoiishime." she replies, with a motion towards the little chibi monk in the wheel chair.

Yokama Notoya would be a newcomer to Kumogakure. A young man that would be of normal chuunin to young Jounin age, however the uniform he wore would resemble that of the standard issue attire of the Kumogakure Genin, to include a hitai ite. As he rounded a switchback, continuing up a hill, he whistled a merry little tune, his eyes wide open, taking his surroundings. As he reached closer to the top, he'd notice the group gathered. "Hey there!" he called out before jogging lightly up the path to the group.

"Hmmmm… yea, mon! It be seemin, so.", would be said to the Yotsuki, as he would ask of the budding friendship of a boy and his bird, "However, unlike most, him be free in leavin me.. Only ting I pray, is him safe return." Hoiishime, would smile, until the comment, was made about him standing still. Thats when the little depressed, purple lines, would appear over his head, which would be dropped, while he would say, "But..I wasn't a statue.." and sulk a for a few seconds. Soon, however, despite Maia's teasing, Yuusuke would get a bright wave from Hoiishime, as he would say, "Aye. Mednin and monk of the Jinrai shrine. Greets, in da name of Buddha." being followed with the clasp of hands in a humble, wheelchair bound, bow.
Meanwhile, with another seeming to enter the fold, Hoiishime would smile once more and wave to Notoya, saying, "Aaaah.. Yuusuke sama.. it be seemin dis place be more popular den you tink indeed."

Yuusuke lightly nods and his smile turns into a wider grin, watching the boy and the bird for a moment, but then looks back to the other chuunin. "Nice to meet you both." His mouth begins to open, ready to say something else until someone comes jogging into the area…another Kumogakure shinobi. "Yo," he greets. The eyes behind the sun-glasses regard the new arrival, a small smile on his lips.

Being the only girl here, Maia would raise her brows at the make up job. That is makeup, right? Still, she didn't want to emasculate the young boy who came on over and let out a soft chuckle of amusement escape from her lips. She looks Yuusuke over, pursing her lips before she realizes that he's on the same rank that she is, and she hrmms for a few moments.
"Yuusuke, I have a favor to ask of you. I'm going to be off on another mission soon, and I was wondering if you could help Hoiishime with his training and physical therapy while I'm gone.."

"Oh hi yo." Yokama said, trying a little too hard to fit in, breathing a little heavily. "I'm pretty new. I was selected to crosstrain into the shinobi corps from the military. I just finished my indoctrination last week." The boy said with a smile. "My name is Yokama. Training huh? Man, you guys are even more dedicated than the SPECOPs people are. Beginning to regret the assignment." He said with a chuckle.

Seeing the kid sort of just panting, Hoiishime, would say, "Eeee.. deep breathes! You may gwan just sit a spell." He would see the kid sort of look rather made up, and not really judge. After all, most of these folks haven't met Hiru, yet. That kid, was enough in itself, to give you a permanent case of the willies.. Hoiishime would turn to Maia, as she would as whether or not Yuusuke, would be the one to watch him while she had been away, and say, "No need, mon! The monks be ever present since da day I be in da hospice, from what I be hearin. I be sure, it be no trouble for em to help me out."

Yuusuke continues to listen to the group, though he blinks a few times behind the sun-glasses and turns toward the other chuunin, making a 'hmm' noise for a second. "A favor? Sure, why not." Despite recently meeting the girl a few moments ago, the Yotsuki Chuunin is fine with helping out. "I can help your student with his recovery," he replies. A half-look toward the newest arrival and he delivers a thumbs-up, stating, "Good job, Yokama-san and welcome to the ninja ranks." When the chibi-monk speaks up, he grins at him and replies, "I can help you out, Hoiishime-kun. It's a favor from your sensei."

"I wasn't aware of any cross training going on, and I'm an instructor at the ninja academy." But then again, she's been doing more diplomatic missions as of late. Maia raises her brows and hrmms for a few moments as she shrugs her shoulders and nods. "I'll have to inquire about that. Whether it's a reciprocal training agreement or not." she muses before looking back towards Hoiishime.
"The monks, while they are talented in many other areas, cannot help you with your ninja skills." she says matter of factly.

Yokama glanced over at Hoiishime and shook his head. "What doesn't kill ya, makes ya stronger. Besides, if I sit down, my muscles may tense up and I'll need one of you guys to carry me back to Kumogakure. That wouldn't make a good impression on the Raikage."
When Maia spoke, Yokama shrugged slightly, "Well, with the current situation against the Land of Waves, the Daimyo thought it would be a good idea to crosstrain some of the regular military. We went through our training under some of the Daimyo's personal detachment guard in the Capital. Yeah, they were pretty brutal. Somehow I managed to survive it, and they found I had pretty decent ninjutsu capabilities, now, to just learn some from a sensei now that I'm here."

Hearing Yuusuke's insistance on helping, Hoiishime would sigh, and say, "Yep.. but cause me sensei orderin.. You be truly kind in ya takin of me." He would look to his bandaging, and say, "Obviously, ya job be great, mon." He would look to Maia, as she would speak of what capabilities, the monk have, and sigh, and though she had been right, Hoiishime would admit, "As right as ya be, Maia-no-kimi, of me trainin, even you den got the report fasho. Me chakra network, couldn't handle much ninjutsu, wit me best try.. I be just abit thicker den honey, at dis point." He would rub his forehead in aggravation, as he would come to look up to Notoya, and say, "Aye.. dat be true indeed. Ya be pretty smart, Notoya.. If I be healin soon, perhaps a mishun witcha, might not be dat bad."

Yuusuke lightly nods to the monk and then looks between the chuunin and new arrival, watching them for a moment before moving away. The Yotsuki Chuunin moves to the edge of the platform, looking out over the horizon while humming a tune. "This war with Kirigakure no Sato is getting old. It's true shinobi grow stronger from conflict, but this is the last thing our country needed…" For a moment, he seems against the war, but then states, "…The officials believe it is needed, though. I just hope our ranks don't suffer much more…" A frown touches his lips, truely a loyal shinobi of the cloud.

"A true shinobi of Kumo wouldn't get tired of it." Maia says chastizingly. "Remember, we are tools of the country, the kunai in the hands of the Daimyo. We carry out his wishes and his objectives." her tone firm and resolute. "Of those who have suffered, I've taken at least four attacks on my person directly, and as you can see, my student, Hoiishime has suffered at one of the Death Hand. You look like you have no scars or emotional wounds from this war, so for you to speak ill about it.. it.." and she takes a deep breath, holding back before she sighs softly and forces a smile to her lips while she looks towards Hoiishime.
"I know that, that's why we're going to use a different training method for you."

Yokama frowned to Yuusuke, "It's probably less the need of more shinobi, but more the need of better military personnel. Specialized Anti Ninja personnel to help save lives by erecting a earthen shield when a giant wave a water rushes towards us. I was up on a hillside, when the lower ground was suddenly flooded by a wave of water. It looked like a tsunami, but we were so far inland, you knew it wasn't a natural." He said, frowning, shaking his head. "I lost a twin brother in that attack." He added, lifting his head towards Maia, "So don't go saying that the military hasn't suffered. I just got lucky. My brother's wife, had just given birth to a little boy, it's sad he will never know his father. Makes me glad I'm not a woman during a time of war."

"Aye…I don't be to likin of this violience.. Too much pain, on both sides.. I don't be agreeing with Kiri's ways. Not by a long shot. But.. I not be feelin it be me say so in sayin dey should die." Hoiishime head would suddenly turn to Maia's words, and then both palms would fly up to his face. He would think a moment, then breathe, saying, "Pardon for sayin dis, Maia-no-kimi, but, if being tiresome be meanin I don't be a true shinobi, den, maybe I don't be." Hoiishime would look to the women and say, "I be tinkin about what da demands for me purpose… my nindo be. Den I tink well of what me demands for me monk hood, entail." He woud look out to the edge of the mountain, and think for a moment, looking to Yuusuke's frowning face, and then look down to battered fingers, which appear to twitch nervously, from weakness of muscle.
He would then say, "Do da Daimyo's wishes, really be in line wit da people? I be a nin, and I be a monk.. I see both da poverty of the da people, and da suffering for which dey endure.. Yet at da same time.. I be appart of the conflict for which makes an already hard life, even harda.." Hoiishime would listen to Yokama's story, and then sigh, saying, "Aaye.. a kid wit out a poppa… Hehe.. I be tinkin bout me life well, especially, how it be if me mentor, hadn't taken me in. Yuujiro-o-ojii-sama.. I love him. Not many people, in dis day, be blessed to see em fathers living."

"You think seeing your student in that condition… doesn't bother me, Maia-san?" Yuusuke half-turns, staring at the girl from behind his sun-glasses, adding, "We're tools. I know that more than you think, but this country…our people are just getting settled after the formation of the village." He turns completely toward them, watching from behind his glasses with a still-look on his face. "To jump head-first into a war is one of the last things we needed, but I'm not going to hold back. I've fought against the forces of Kirigakure despite not having any scars…" A look to each of them before settling on the girl, informing, "You don't know me, so please don't pass judgement on me. My words might sound like I want peace, which I do, but I will protect our homeland from any threat, Maia-san…" His muscles tense for a moment, completely serious in what he says before a small smile paints onto his lips. "I came here to train, so I think I'll do that now.."

"With attitudes like that, perhaps you two should defect to Konoha." Maia says with a soft chuckle escaping from her lips. "Like I said before, we are tools of the daimyo. Whether we agree with him or not, Raiko-sama follows him, perhaps too blindly. And as she's the Raikage, it is our duty as ninja of the cloud to follow her lead. If she says we fight, then we fight." she says softly, not quite sure of how much she believes in that anymore.

Yokama looked to Hoiishime and nodded slightly, "I know what you mean, but is it better for people like those to wash over the land like a plague, destroying people's lives completely? We fight to protect them and they hang on to provide for us those things we need, food, clothing, shelter, medicine." He says calmly. "We all rely on each other. There are going to be a lot of fatherless children when this war is over, and it will be up to us to help their mother's as much as we can." He said, cracking his knuckles slightly, glancing over to Yuusuke as he mentions training before nodding in agreement with Maia. "Just like in the military, Maia-sempai, we have a rank structure, and what comes down from our leadership, we follow. It's a risk, but its not about one soldier or one shinobi, it's about the wellbeing of the Land of Lightning." Yokama then looked over to Yuusuke again, "Unless you had plans for someone else, I don't have much ninjutsu just yet, though I picked up the basics of replacement and clone techniques in my training. I am a skilled taijutsuist from my time in the military."

"Aye, Yokama. Well put. But if dey don't be roun' no mo, because of dis war, den who be da ones, to help us. With dem, we gots no one to protect. Simple as that." However, hearing the next few comments from Maia, would seem to not please Hoiishime much. Especially the one made by Maia. He would look to the woman, facescrunch, and soon, be seen, tearing up, and wheeling his chair away from the woman. He loved Kumogakure, of course, but to suggest anything beyond him staying and fighting, was really enough, especially, in Hoiishime's predicament, to push him off. "Perhaps, maybe I should.. Konoha, being showin at least one ting… dey be bout peace.. I don't be likin da monks sayin dey be withdrawin dey support, especially pon principle of me injury.. But, maybe dey be right…" And with that, he would just roll himself away.

Yuusuke looks over toward the new arrival, and shakes his head. "I can't spar against a new shinobi. Sorry…" Why not? His attention turns toward the wheel-chair monk for a moment and then back to the other chuunin, shaking his head for a moment before calling out, "Hoiishime-kun. Maia-san didn't mean to upset you, I'm sure. It's just her opinion… and I do agree with her too. To have peace, you have to have war first…" Did he really mean that? Yes, but he still believes it came too soon. "…I just think it happened to suddenly and soon. Remember. You are a shinobi of our country first and foremost…" His head tilts toward the Yamayuki female for a moment, delivering her a subtle nod.

"A wise man once said, war is peace. Think about what this war has done. It's united the clans against a common enemy, Kirigakure. You are still young, Hoiishime. Without this war uniting the main clans of Kumogakure, there would still be petty arguing over who should do what and who should be a favored clan." Maia says firmly and resolutely, sighing as she idly runs her fingers through her haair. "You were way too young to remember the effects of the clan wars in the Land of Lightning. Having united against a common enemy has done wonders for the country, even if this war is wrong, one f the right things it has done is uniting our people.." With the exception of the Jinrai monks of course..

Yokama shook his head slightly to Hoiishime, "Well, it's not so much that without them, we'd have no work. No, without them, we'd have to delegate some of our personnel into those fields, literally and figuratively. Some things, we cannot live without and we rely on our country's natural and human resources." He said with a nod.
Yokama then frowned to Yuusuke, "I can understand and respect that. You have no idea what my capabilities are, and with a war, if you accidentally pushed me a little too far that I got injured. Well, that would be kinda hurting our own cause." He commented, "But perhaps, someday we'll be able to demonstrate for each other our abilities."
Yokama nodded in agreement with Maia, "I was a civilian during the wars. I will say, the shinobi tried to keep some control over themselves so that we were not targeted, well, not by those clans from this country. However I saw other clans from far away from time to time who would not hold back if it meant not getting what they were pursuing."

Yuusuke listens to them both, lightly nodding before turning his back to them both, and leaping off the side of the mountain. If either one of them rushed to look over the side, they would find no trace of the Yotsuki…with their eyes, though the Yamayuki could sense his body falling down through the air… close to the cliff wall.

Yokama rushed over to the edge of the cliff. "Oh, wow, hope he lands on his feet like a cat." he says with a chuckle. "Well, I probably should be heading back to the village too. I have an inspection in the morning and I need to make sure my uniform is neatly pressed and my hitai ite is shined. It was a pleasure to meet you folks." he smiles before turning to leave.

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