Tanuki Of The Sea


Isra, Komachi, Tsun

Date: July 16, 2012


Studying of beach seals, planning for a lesson in explosive swimming, and breathing exercises while iceskating lead to a traumatized fish with lip piercings! …What!?

"Tanuki Of The Sea"

Black-Sands Beach - Land of Water

The water lapped moderately against the sands of the beach, enough to push some of the local wildlife out of the water and onto land to relax. A few crabs and maybe some urchins here and there. Best be careful about the urchins as they blend in well with the volcanic rocks around here. Isra was hanging around here while idly messing around with a bit of jutsu. Mostly seals. Leaning against a native wall, she had a pad in hand where she began writing out all sorts of seals and formulas she thinks she could work out in her favor, but so far she's only managed to dissapoint herself. She was going to leave, but figured she'd dedicate a bit more time until she finds out somehting. If not? Back to the shop.
The plants could do for a little watering anyway…hmm, maybe she should leave… It seems she's caught in a predicament.

Hozuki Komachi is quite a beauty and knows it. She knows it because everyone tells her she is and she has no reason to doubt it based on how easily she can use those around her. Thus, it can be imagined that her presence here on the beach may involve a swimsuit, fanservice, or something of that nature.
That is not actually what happens though. Instead, as Isra works on her Fuinjutsu planning, up out of the ocean comes something that is NOT an ocean critter. Unless 'water elementals' are ocean critters now. It's a mass of water that rises from the waves at a distance much too shallow for any PERSON to have been hiding beneath the surface. Yet, the watery mass gradually shapes itself into something psuedo-humanoid, shimmering and reflecting the sunlight. Eventually it becomes distinctly humanoid and distinctly female. Then, it becomes human as it solidifies into flesh and blood.
Flesh and blood in a wet-suit, but still a human being (maybe). Komachi strides up the beach, uncaring of any audience, but noticing Isra leaning against one of the stone walls formed by ocean waves erroding the cliffs that used to stand here a million years ago or some huge length of time like that. Komachi pauses to look towards the girl, unzips her wetsuit a bit and then shifts the liquified mass she had diverted to her lungs to grant her greater breath-holding back to where it belongs on the OUTSIDE of her chest.
Oh, there's the fan-service.
"Studying hard~?" Komachi lilts.

Tsun has been down here for, who knows how long. Tsun sure as heck doesn't anymore. Though there was one thing she did know, she was getting tired. At least 50 feet beneath the surface stood the oft forgotten Genin, hands pressing against the air about her, yes, the air.
Completely dry, Tsun has been keeping the water apart from herself for quite some time, a form of endurance training to return her to her previous shape after doing literally nothing for months.
"So lame…" She mumbles before slowly pulling her hands in, her spherical prison shrinking as she does so. "At least this is getting easier." A quick two seals are formed and those on the surface who were not aware of the girl would be now.
There would be a sudden mass explosion of water, fish flying every whichway and water managing to sprinkle the shore, the distraction probably enough for most to miss Tsun flickering to the surface.
When all settles, Tsun makes her way towards the shore. Too awesome to walk, she simply slides across thin path of ice with a tired slouch, breathing heavily through her nose in an attempt to mask the fact that she was tired to those who happened to be watching from the shore.
Her expression? One eye staring off ahead looking as if she were completely uncaring of course.

Perhaps Isra's perception isn't all it's cracked up to be. She might be smart, but she's far from expecting sea creatures to come rising up out of the ocean and taking form in front of her face. All she heard was a commotion and when she looked at it, she tried to decipher what it was and how to attack it. In those few moments, she also scolded herself for jumping immediately to attacking an object that may or may not be a threat. Still, best to be prepared, right? She watched closely and as it finally came into form, she saw this 'it' was a 'person'. She's still a bit wary, but for the most part, what she's seeing is mostly human…she thinks.
She tilted her head much like a curious pup trying to identify with a sound when she witnessed this individual's chest welcome two more friends to the party, but coming from where? Were they actually inside? She tilted her head again as if it didn't quite make sense. It…really didn't.
The question asked of her nearly went unheard until she shook her head and cleared her head of what she just witnessed. "Uh…uh yeah, just doing a little studying," she held up her pad and showed all the scrawls of writing she'd performed on it. It made sense to her, but no telling if it all made sense to other people. "I have a question," she cleared her throat. "Are you human?" She just had to know.
Speaking of being human, there is one more thing to come out of the sea and boy is it a doozy. The water that exploded into the air and the rain of unfortunate fish that followed was really starting to solidify her choice of returning to the village. This beach is absolutely crazy. She raised her pad up, notes side down, to keep her hair from getting wet while waiting for the other thing to exit the water. She hadn't even realized the perpetrator was already on the beach until she saw someone with a bit of a ghost-like countenance sliding across the beach. "…Is /she/ human?!" She pointed out to the other one. "Where am I? Am I still in Kirigakure?"

Komachi chuckles a bit at the question from Isra and answers while peering at the paper from where she stands a distance away. "I am. My name is Hozuki Komachi. I can liquify my body with my Clan's Secret Technique, and even shift it around somewhat by redistributingmy mass. That last part is a special ability of mine." When there is a loud explosion from behind her, Komachi doesn't go into combat mode, but her one visible eye does shift to the glance in the direction of the sound even though she doesn't turn her head to look. When things settle down and the girl arrives on a path of ice, she tries to determine if this is a Shirayuki or not… And eventually decides she knows of no one else who can use Ice Release, so it must be so.
Komachi laughs some more at Isra's incredulity about another person being human. Watching Komachi laugh could be a spectator sport for most men. "I don't know for certain," she answers. "But it DOES appear that she is human. Using ice like that is an ability one of the Clans of Kirigakure possesses. Perhaps she had business underwater just like I did." «Though I'm surprised I didn't detect her down there…» Komachi thinks to herself afterwards, leaving her smirky smile in place.
"Did you find what you were looking for?" she calls out to the ice-skating girl.

Tsun continues to slide until hitting the sand. She stops, stares ahead, stares down at her feet and then back ahead. In that time she truly considered making more ice in front of her. Though would that honestly be less work than actually walking. Yes, Tsun pauses and begins to contemplate this laziness going into overdrive to the point of which the third much more plausible option arose, she could just… lay on the floor here. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea.
Tsun adjusts and was just about to sit, she fully takes into account that someone was talking to her. A good five seconds after Komachi presented her question, Tsun turns to face the woman with a squint. "More or less." Tsun continues to squint for a while before shrugging it off. "You don't seem like one of /them/. Not sure why some random person would be talking to me sooo…" Tsun turns on her heel. She leans to the side to peek at the girl Komachi was speaking to earlier before tilting her head back to look Komachi eye to eye again, "Who the heck are you?"
Tsun's chakra levels begin to rise but, she doesn't look any more hostile than she did before. Depending on how well the Chuunin picked up on detail she may notice the teen's fists balling up within her pockets.

Isra seemed skeptical, but she'd play along. "Hozuki Komachi. Alright, I'm Uzumaki Isra," she introduced while bowing lightly at the waist. "So, your ability is to be able to…turn into water? I guess that explains things, but that does /not/ explain her," she gestured to Tsun again. Ice and water? I mean, sure water turns into ice, but if she was made of water and she was using ice, how did she survive in the water? Freeze herself? She certainly didn't look cold, but was pale enough to pass for it.
"Shirayuki. Hm." As Tsun began to answer the question, Isra waited for an answer that she could work with and 'more or less' was not one of those answers. She ended up rubbing her head as a result of the madness she thought she was sinking into. "…" She went silent. "Who is them?" Is there something wrong about talking to her? She decided to see how this exchange would go and entertained herself with a fish that was struggling to breathe on the ground. Now that it was in her hand she aimed it at Tsun and played puppet with it, "Who are you? This is she and you are you!" She stated by thumbing the fish's lips to make it talk. "

Komachi arches an eyebrow as Tsun seems suspicious of her and Isra. She eventually says, "My name is Komachi. I'm a ninja instructor in Kirigakure. I was setting up the sea floor for a lesson I plan to give on underwater demolitions handling — both setting and disarming explosives while underwater, essentially. Other types of trap detection and placement are planned eventually too, but I thought I'd start with something nice and easy." She thinks handling explosives underwater is 'EASY'!? "They aren't going to be strong enough to kill anyone, but they'll produce a concussive wave that can make one quite dizzy and hurl one a decent distance if one doesn't pay attention," she explains, whether prompted to or not.
"If you'll forgive my saying so, neither of you appear to be typical ninja. If I am interrupting your studies and… Activities," she looks to Tsun, "then I apologize for the disruption. I also don't recommend going swimming beyond about three-hundred feet out from the shore until after the lesson I'm going to be giving tommorow. It would be just AWFUL if you accidentally triggered those explosives and I had to go set them all over again."
A pause.
Then she lift one arm and it liquifies and turns into an enormous battle axe as she says, "No, really. It would be QUITE awful if you did that." She tilts her water-axe arm such that the sunlight glints off of it. "Am I clear?" Regardless of the answer, she turns her arm back to flesh and blood once she has restored its shape and is all smiles/smirks again.
Komachi then looks at the fish Isra has. "…I never understood people who 'speak for their pets'," she mutters as she places a hand to her cheek and tilts her head a bit.

Well, Isra threw Tsun off at least. Her no-care attitude was momentarily shaken by the fact that someone was actually talking to her through a fish. A glint of confusion in her exposed eye before she quickly plays it off with a casual roll of her eye and a, "Hmph, whatever. Anyways, them?" Tsun looked as if she were going to answer Isra's question properly before going, "Oh you know." Obviously Isra knew, explanation was not necessary. She was too busy being distracted by the giant one among the three. "So explosives down there huh?" Tsun raises a hand and extends it to the water after the water axe threatens her, smirking, "It would be a sh-…" once again Tsun does not finish things and begins to mumble, "Giving lessons… old… actually threatening me." Tsun belatedly catches on that this may be a superior.
"Oh… it's weird when a Chuunin or Jounin doesn't start trying to stab me in the face with little or no warning." Tsun's hand lowers and just flicks, a small string of water launching and arcing solidifying just in time to impale the fish's lips and keep them in place… assuming Isra didn't toss it, "Sorry. It's just been so boring I kinda wish a crazy war did break out in Kirigakure, you know?"
Tsun yawns, "I was hoping for someone easy to mess with."

Isra was just confused and maybe a bit shaken up with the events that were happening with these two people here. Her inner-most feelings were transferred onto a fish which then 'spoke for her', but really seemed to be pleading for death at the moment. She shared some sentiments with the fish. She thinks death could have been a nice alternative to two water beings that can change shape and use ice.
Now that a bit of reason has been introduced, she latches onto explosions and starts to talk about them, minus the fish besides, he was a bit preoccupied with his speared lips. "You actually set explosions in the water?" She looked out to the sea to witness nothing. "You needn't apologize, by the way though I accept it. I was just taken for a bit of a spin today by the both of you." The fish is held up in front of her face where she pats it gently on its side in apology. She sets her sights back on Komachi and the person she doesn't know the name of. The glint of light that came from an object she couldn't identify caused her to study it closely to where she was able to identify it as an axe.
"This fish isn't a pet of mine, just a means for me to vent my frustration in a non-normal way." She nodded like it didn't even happen. "So, I guess I'm supposed to know something, but I don't know what it is still," she indicates to Tsun. "So, I'll just kinda leave that alone. As for stabbing you in the face? That's not my style. I wouldn't want to be stabbed in the face in greeting. Wait a minute, does that happen often? Stabbing in the face with greetings and all?" She looked at the fish. She's going to assume that's a yes. She'll just ignore the last remark Tsun made.

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