Tao Shih Training Arc - Magic Lantern Meeting


Amuro, Datura, Shinji, Mune, Kanami

Date: December 27, 2010


Amuro calls a meeting of the Tao Shih. Though one member remains absent, the others are assembled — even those not physically nearby — via a special jutsu that Amuro knows. Some news is delivered about various "gifts" that are being given to the Tao Shih to prepare them to take over from Amuro. Some disturbing truths are also revealed, even if they are not fully understood yet…

"Tao Shih Training Arc - Magic Lantern Meeting"

Tao Shih Base - Location Unknown

The cave is vast, and its sleeping inhabitants numerous. And yet, only one half of the cave has all those gurneys and hospital beds and monitors. The other half is much more sparsely 'decorated'. There is a single surgical station, with all the equipment needed to safely and successfully perform surgery on a single patient. There is even a portable 'sterile tent' over it all. This is where Shinji is going to receive his 'gift' from Amuro — with the aid of Mune, of course. Otherwise the gift of power would only be a gift of death.
Shinji and Mune have been transported here by Scroll Summoning using blood samples, rather than via a ground-level entrance. Amuro makes >very< sure to keep as many of his facilities and bases secure and unknown as possible. Someone who knows where one base is will have no idea where another is, or even that any others exist. They also typically do not know anyone personally who could provide information on such. Further, there is almost always going to be at least one Seal on the memories of those who serve the Tao Shih. If someone attempts to betray his or her knowledge to outsiders or caves in to interrogation or has someone rooting about in his or her head via some sort of Jutsu, the Seals trigger. Often they will simple wipe the person's mind completely, leaving him or her a vegetable. Other times they may destroy only certain parts of the memories, in a subtle fashion, so that attempts to reveal secrets wind up with partial information that is more misleading than helpful.
There are many different security measures in place. Amuro has had decades to invent them and continues to 'collect' them even in the present. But mind-wiping his trusted allies that compose the Tao Shih, as opposed to his expendable minions and researchers, is not a good idea. So while the ex-mercenary and the half-Yotsuki have been brought here, care has been taken not to reveal how to enter or leave without the aid of Amuro. As for Kanami and Datura? They were instructed in a special discipline that allows the conversion of thought waves into Chakra and then the transmission of that Chakra to a 'control tower'… The Open Mind Communication Seal that each Tao Shih member bears acts as the focus. They need only sit, meditate, and channel Chakra into the Seal each is branded with, and then Amuro is able to pick up that transmitted Chakra and resolve it into illusionary bodies here in the cavern. He is presently standing atop the right thumb of the giant stone hands. Shinji would have been told to stand on a specific finger, along with Mune. Datura and Kanami likewise would appear on specific fingers, in the form of holographic projections of a sort… Shimmering, multi-colored, and vaguely staticky.
Shinji would be on the left ring finger. Mune would be on the left middle finger, next to Shinji. Kanami would be on the left little finger, on the other side of Shinji, and Datura's image would appear on the right middle finger. There is clearly room for more than just these five, but Amuro has made no mention of expanding the Tao Shih further. Maybe that is what this is about? He certainly seems to have >some< sort of message to give, or else he would not have asked for them all to appear here. For now, however… He waits for the two absent women to join them.

With a tiny 'blip' sound, the image of a blonde-haired young woman appears atop the middle finger of the right hand. Rather strange about the image was it's position: the woman was sitting, but that which she was sitting upon was not visible. Whatever power the technique provided to project the Yamanaka female's semi-physical illusion obviously did not carry over to whatever she was using as a chair, if it was even a chair at all.
Datura's recovery was complete according to her, and she did indeed appear to be much like her usual self, before the malady that had afflicted her had begun to take root. The lost weight was almost completely regained, color had returned to her flesh, and the dark circles around her eyes were but distant memories. If it wasn't for the occasional twitch, a narrowed eye here, a slight turning of the head there, as if detecting things not seen by the normal senses, one wouldn't notice anything different about her at all. That and the fact that she left messengers bearing news she didn't like alive more often than not nowadays.
The rogue Yamanaka was wearing a sleeping kimono, revealing a clue as to her what her likely physical position was. In the midst of a half-yawn, her hair loose and hanging around her shoulders, she's in the process of adjusting the hem of her kosode when her image flickers to life, prompting her to look up. Her eyes look about her, though the technique only allowed minimal visual acuity as to the locale she was 'peering' into. The only thing she could see clearly, and for certain, were the other members involved in the communication.
"Okay, so what's the big emergency? I was about to get in the bath. I very much need to bathe, you know. I can still feel his hands on me. It's making my skin crawl."

Having arrived along with Mune due to scroll summoning, Shinji looks about the cave. Noting the tents and surgical area, Shinji figures this is probably where it will happen. He is still iffy about this whole thing, but knows it's neccesary for him to have that gift done. Closing his eyes and clearing his head, the light skinned ex-merc just looks about in the areas that he is permitted, having only been with the Tao Shih for such a short time, Shinji knows there is a lot that he will have to familarize himself with.
As he stays around the central area where the statues are, Shinji can't help but miss the Village of Whirlpools, it was actually pretty fun, once their true mission was finished. He even taken to saving a team mate, who now that he thought about is very easy on the eyes. Though to be on the squad with a bunch of nice looking women who are as deadly as they are beautiful is a really big bonus for him. A wry smile on the mans face. When the time comes for them to gather for the meeting, Shinji leaps onto the left ring finger. Hands down at his side, his raven colored hair has recently been cut a little bit, spikey around the front of his head, and the white bangs near his eyes have been trimmed up a bit. His clothing also has gone through a bit of a change dressing in fighting clothing of the southern lands, from his hands to about mid forearm he has on a pair of fingerless clothed like gloves that matches with his lined buttoned white shirt that falls into a U shape past his pants and hangs there, also similar in the back as well. He sports a pair of baggy black pants which allows him the much needed room for easy movement.
As Datura appears, he notes her attire and grins, "Hey there." he says with a smile, he bows his head to her. He shrugs his shoulders at the mention of why the big meeting is called. "Your guess is good as mine is." he says.

Mune is already in place on the left middle finger of the stone hands. She is not quite sure where the statue came from or what its true purpose is… But she can tell it is very conductive for Chakra. It allows Amuro to contact them no matter where they are without special energy expenditure on his part. An artifact of this size with the ability to conduct Chakra is very interesting. Her hunger for knowledge makes her demand answers, but when she tried to ask Amuro once before he made it clear that he did not wish to discuss it.
Well, the statue is an ugly anyway, so she can live without knowing its secrets for now. Crossing her arms over her chest, Mune waits until Datura appears. She gives no indication of emotional response to Datura, except a faint lowering of her eyebrows — which is probably not visible from here, since on Datura's end she'd just be seeing some staticky prismatic images.
"It's about getting us ready for our future roles in the Tao Shih," she explains. She is dressed in a doctor's surgical gown at the moment, rather than her usual longcoat.

Kanami is here in Kusagakure, but it is not a convenient time for her to go missing, so she has decided to communicate with the others via the special means that Amuro has provided them. The meditation techniques allow her to focus her Chakra for communication purposes… Which is not all that different from what she can already do with her Mystic Noh-Men, but the Mask serves as the conduit in that case. For this, she has to direct her energy to the Seal she bears and then allow it to flow outwards from her, carrying her thoughts on the wind… Until suddenly she finds herself looking at everyone else from atop the left little finger of a giant stone hand.
The actress's real body may be sitting and meditating, but her illusionary self is defined by her thoughts and perceptions, not by her physical position. So she stands where she is, hands folded together in front of her chest, and stares with her yellow eyes. Her eyes are one of the only features actually recognizable in this illusionary form.
"I am here. Let us be swift, please. I have preparations to make before my next tournament match, and they are not being accomplished while I am distracted here." Despite her curt words, Kanami does not sound too annoyed. She even turns her head to look towards Datura's image over on the other hand, and squints happily at her for a moment.

Amuro hmms in greeting and acknowledgement once Kanami arrives. "First of all, shortly after the tournament is concluded the Grass Daimyou will have out-lived his usefulness to us. He will have about a month at most before he will need to be removed from his position. I will be making a personal visit to see Shuichi soon. During this visit I shall make certain that he does not touch you ever again without your express consent, Datura. It was never my intention that he take such 'liberties'… Had I known sooner that this was going on I would have put a stop to it."
He then moves on to the next subject. "The primary reason for our being gathered here is as Mune says. There is much to be done before the time comes when the six Tao Shih shall become the five. You four and Tomoyo-chan shall be replacing me. And before that happens I must educate and strengthen all of you so that you will be both wise enough and powerful enough to guide this organization into the future. To that end, I am going to be training each one of you — though what exactly I will be training you in will vary with the individual. Shinji already knows what he will be receiving. Mune has an idea, I imagine, but I have not yet confirmed anything." Well, that was vague. "Datura, I am going to be instructing you in Fuuinjutsu so that you can eventually accept the mantle of one of my unique skill sets… Mental Fuuinjutsu I call the 'Shroud of Seals'. It will allow you to safeguard not only your own mind but also the minds of allies and minions against intruders… As well as to influence others in situations when Genjutsu or possession are not adequate. It is similar to the skills used by the Uzumaki who enabled us to save your life, and is in fact derived from the same principles of Sealing Techniques, but it has my own unique brand attached to it and is more advanced than other forms of psychic-warding."
Amuro then looks towards Kanami's image, though how that can be discerned when he is wearing that mask of his is unclear. Maybe the slight turn of his head? "Kanami, as of the last blood test that was performed on you, there are biological changes that you are undergoing, as you are aware. In order to keep these changes from becoming potentially life-threatening or harmful, Mune and some other qualified personnel will be aiding in the augmentation of your body to seamlessly accept and acclimate to the mutations. The exact extent of these augmentations are up to you, but at the very >least< I would like to do what is necessary to ensure you do not 'outgrow' your own body. This would require minor therapies and would not alter your appearance in any noticeable manner. There are >other< possible enhancements that can be provided, but none of them shall be forced upon you."
Amuro then stops and asks, "Does anyone have any questions?"

The response to Shinji's greeting is a small smile, though it doesn't last long as the woman catches sight of Mune. Her response to the other woman's bland statement is a small bob of her eyebrows as she glances off to the side, along with a small 'ah' to indicate her acknowledgement of the statement. The Nogakujin's squint gets a small wave in the form of the Yamanaka's wiggling fingers, as well as a sly smile.
And finally, Amuro. When he begins to speak, Datura drops her hand back into her lap and turns her frown towards him, though without the usual eyerolling and annoyance that was typical of her. "…What precisely do you imagine the duties of a 'precious consort' perform? It doesn't matter, I appreciate it. But while I can certainly appreciate the want to have him removed, and reserve the right to do the deed myself, is there someone more malleable than he that we will be replacing him with? Having an ally in power seems preferrable to allowing one of his more able children to take his seat."
Mune and Shinji each receive a look in turn as they're mentioned by the eldest of the Tao Shih. But when more words are directed at her, she returns her blue-eyed gaze onto the image of their leader. After only a few moments, the sly smile returns to her face, narrowing her eyes, and batting them, as she laces her fingers together, as if the masked male had just held up a bouquet of roses and invitation to a lavish dinner for her. "If that is your wish," is her mild reply.
…Of course she has just one more interjection, her ability to gab without need for breath seeming to have recovered along with the rest of her. "Ahem, excuse me? Amuro-kun?" Datura raises her hand slightly, like a schoolgirl expecting to be called on. "Look, I know you have big plans for all of us, but it's very, very important," she waves an open-fingered hand in front of her face. "That nothing up here is changed much on Kana-chan. Okay? All of this." The blonde indicates her face again. "It's really of the utmost importance."

Once the others arrive, Shinji for the most part takes his time looking at each member. He notes the small smile given to him from Datura, he bows his head to her. Glancing over to Kanami then Mune as Mune states this is about the future of the Tao Shih. More talk of this, this is becoming serious by the moment. Having already accepted the fact that he will be staying within the Tao Shih, he would have to begin thinking more of his roles to come.
As Amuro begins, Shinji is quiet, he really didn't have anything to say or voice at this time. Already knowing what he will be learning and of the things he will be getting, Shinji for the most part is just here as scenery for the time being. When the floor is openend to the group, Shinji refrains from asking any questions, he prefers to be out fighting or reconning if the need arose. When Datura chimes in, he is quiet his quiet gaze fall onto her as she speaks.

Mune frowns a bit at Amuro tip-toeing around the subject of what she will be obtaining. She does have suspicions, and even expectations, but she is not sure why it needs to be kept hidden. On the other hand… She looks in Datura's direction briefly with her vividly cyan eyes and realizes maybe not everyone in the group can be trusted — at least not fully. As the rest of the 'gifts' are explained, she remains silent for now as well, waiting until after Amuro has answered both Datura and anything that Kanami might ask, before saying, "Have we really advanced that far, Amuro-sama? I know that progress has been made, but if you have as little time left as you say, then wouldn't it be better if it was YOU who received THAT gift?" She turns her head to look right at their leader. Yes, she is discussing the subject in front of everyone, but the subject may be going right over the heads of each person other than herself and Amuro.
"As far as I know I am not in danger of dying from old age or some other form of bodily failure. If you undergo the procedure you will be around long enough to ensure that I receive the same. Meanwhile, if we only treat ME…" She leaves the rest unsaid. Whatever she is talking about, it apparently has to do with Amuro living longer or not.

Kanami finds the offer of education in Fuuinjutsu interesting. She is not sure such a style of jutsu would fit with her own 'personal style', however. So it is good that this is not what is being offered. Then Amuro speaks on a subject she had thought she was keeping utterly secret. "…'Last' blood test? I do not recall there ever being a FIRST blood test. When was this test conducted? And what precisely will these 'augmentations' entail? You said they will not alter my appearance noticeably. Does that mean it will halt the changes that are already occurring, or just not do anything further? Before I can make a decision I am going to need more information. I am also very interested in knowing how—Ah. Wait, nevermind. I know how you performed a blood test. When you obtained the blood samples from me for use in the summoning scrolls recently, correct?"
She shakes her head and sighs. Once Amuro has answered, she turns her head towards Datura and starts speaking at a volume sufficient that she can likely be heard, but not enough to drown out Mune. Then again, with all the echoes and so forth in here, that might just make her speech unintelligible. Either way, her message is short and simple. "I need to talk to you later, Dat-chan. If something is not done to stop it, more than just my face will change."

Amuro says, "I had imagined you were using your Genjutsu to make him believe things were occurring that were not, or to make him perceive someone else as being you, pay her to play your 'role', and then keep her mouth shut afterwards. But perhaps such a level of manipulation and deceit is not as second nature to you as I had assumed." A pause. "We will have to fix that." Datura asks the question 'is there someone more malleable than he that we will be replacing him with?' Amuro is silent for a moment. Then he answers in a flat, dead tone that may give people chills for some unexplainable reason. He says simply, "No."
Amuro then acknowledges both Datura's interjection and Kanami's questions at the same time when he says, "The test was conducted shortly after our return from the excursion into Datura's mind-scape. The augmentations will primarily involve altering the permeability of your cell walls to certain types of potentially harmful agents, 'securing' your DNA such that it will not be damaged further by the mutagenic effects you are experiencing, and making sure that your body is able to grow and acclimate to anything that cannot be prevented rather than suffering complications and killing you. The other enhancements are limited solely to what Mune and the other medical personnel here are capable of. It could be something as simple as being able to control skin pigmentation through bio-chemical releases, to something as complicated as Soft Physique Modification, enhanced healing rate, or internal 'storage space' for small scrolls and weapons and such."
Amuro waves his hand and says, "But nothing ridiculous like covering yourself in Sharingan or similar things." Then he turns his attention on Mune, even as Kanami speaks to Datura. He listens to Mune's questions and concerns and then answers, "It takes half a year before the recipient of this procedure is able to use his or her Chakra again. During that time, the body is very susceptible to changes wrought by the environment. Perhaps I would stop aging, but my Kekkei Genkai would rapidly consume me. At present it is bound and under control, but if my body became more pliable to its side-effects… I would die even faster than I am already am — and I might take the entire continent with me when I went."
He sighs, his deep voice making it sound like the growl of a great beast rather than a mere release of air. "No, you have you entire future ahead of you. You can pick up where I left off, or go in your own direction with my research. Do not worry about losing my knowledge and experience. I plan to make sure the sum total of my entire life will remain readibly available to you."
Then Amuro says, "If there is nothing else, I have a request. I am going to need the six of us to practice a certain jutsu that will allow you all to transfer a portion of your Chakra to me or a portion of my Chakra to all of you. In this way, we can bolster each other during emergencies, or even continue to perform a given Collaboration Jutsu that is being performed by the Tao Shih, while the projected minds of our true selves can be redirected to another location to speak to someone, or fight a battle, or provide a distraction, or whatever may be the need at the time. I can provide you all with temporary bodies to use for such interactions, but >some< of your Chakra must remain or the Magic Lantern Seal Technique will collapse. So if there are no objections… Shinji, I need you focus about 16% of your Chakra. Datura, about 24% of your Chakra. Kanami, 20% from you. Mune, the same as Kanami. I will be providing 14% of my own. That might be a bit more than is needed, but I would rather be safe than sorry." That said, he puts his hands together and begins to focus his Chakra. The images of the five of them seem to flicker violently for a moment before coming into greater clarity than before.

"The use of genjutsu to give the man nightmares was risk enough." Datura snaps as her ability to manipulate others to her will is called into question. "I was not about to jeopardize my task with further needless complications just to make it more palatable. Do not mistake that for a lack of foresight."
Thankfully, Mune's continued conversation manages to fly right over the blonde-haired young woman's head. While she excelled in various means of intelligence gathering, she hadn't spent time using it on her comrades. And her inclination to do so had certainly waned as of late. And the mystery of what gift Mune might be receiving is given an immediate backseat to the warning bells going off during the continued conversation of Kanami and Amuro. When the older woman asides to the blonde, an expression of rare, serious concern finds its way upon her features.
"Very well. I will make a special appearance in Kusagakure for the 'benefit of those still fighting for their homeland's glory' tomorrow afternoon. His Lordship will understand."
The blonde breaks off the side mini-conversation sas their leader returns their attention towards the task for which they had been summoned. Datura sits up a bit straighter, her mouth opening to object, pausing, and then closing again. An expenditure of a quarter of her chakra wasn't exactly an overly-pressing burden on her, given that she had no immediate tasks towards which she had to commit her chakra reserves. With a bereaved sigh, the young woman closes her eyes, snapping her hands together before her, middle and index fingers extended as she begins to focus her energy, muttering tinily.
"Don't see why I have to give the most…"

With the questions and answers going on as they are, Shinji again seems to zone in on all that he hears. Almost seemingly able to hear each question and answer, though the side conversations don't get his attention mainly due to him not wanting ot pry. The soft dark skinned man looks towards Mune then the Amuro and Datura as the three seem to have a slight increased conversations. Still thinking about what he will be recieving, he figures he will have one last talk with Mune and Amuro before things begin. "Well it would be really nice to see you again." he smiles over towards Datura when she states she will be coming back to Kusagakure. "If you need me as your guard again, let me know and I will make sure I'm ready when you are ready to make your appearance." he tells here.
When Amuro asks them to share chakra with him to better assist one another, shaking his head, why is chakra needed from the least talented one in it's use? "Alright, well I have nothing better to do and well my chakra isn't all that potent." he says forming a clumsy Ram seal. He begins to concentrate, actually concentraing harder then anyone else may have to do. Sweat drips down his face as he transfer what he thinks is the right amount of chakra from himself to AMuro. Once finished he takes a breath then stretches out.

Mune hears what Amuro has to say in response to Datura's question about replacing Shuichi. While the others may be oblivious, Mune knows exactly what that answer means. 'Is there someone more malleable than he that we will be replacing him with?' 'No.' Mune had to marvel inwardly at how much pure death could be compressed into a single syllable. "Ah," she offers in what she hopes is a neutral tone, under her breath. She does not approve of killing others. Sometimes it is necessary, but she dislikes it anyway.
Mune stays silent until her own questions are answered. And when they are she just leaves things alone. It makes sense, but… It is a 'practical' sort of sense, rather than an 'emotional' sense. She doesn't know if she's ready to take over from Amuro. Just the idea makes her a bit panicky. How can she lead the Tao Shih, even with the aid of the others, if Amuro is not there to guide her? She almost misses her cue, but quickly put her hands together and focuses her Chakra. She answers Datura with, "Probably because you have the LEAST Chakra out of all of us, so a higher percentage of your Chakra will be equal to a lesser percentage of the rest of ours in terms of amount. Potency is another matter entirely."
Mune has to abandon speech at that point, even though the lecture was distracting her from her worries nicely. 1/5th of her Chakra is nothing to deal out casually.

Kanami had been hoping to keep these changes quiet… But knowing that Amuro can stop them before they advance any further is… Somewhat relieving. Not entirely relieving because she did not even know that anyone else knew about them. How did he even know to check? And now Datura is going to be worried. Great. Well, better to put it out in the open — at least to SOME degree — rather than spring it on Datura later on. At least now she has an opening and a reason to discuss it with someone.
At the request from Amuro, she is suspicious for only a moment before smiling — even though her expression can barely be seen in the shadows — and putting her hands togethr in a Serpent seal. She focuses her Chakra without saying anything at all. When she finishes, she says, "How shall we go about transferring it to you? Do we just leave the Chakra 'open' to being taken, or do we direct it somehow?"

Amuro then forms some different hand seals once everyone has focused enough Chakra. Ox, Ram, Tiger, Dragon, Serpent, Dragon, Ox, Dog. "The former. Just do not resist. Provide the Chakra willingly. I can not simply 'take' the Chakra from you without your consent. That is not how this jutsu works." Then he intones, "Voluntary Chakra Allocation Technique." Dark-blue streams of energy with an 'energy hand' on the end of each move from Amuro into the air and then each hand reaches for one of the Tao Shih. If they do as instructed, the Chakra is drained away from them and then funneled into Amuro — including his own Chakra that he focused. This indicates that though the Chakra is being stored in Amuro it is not just being 'absorbed' for his own uses or anything like that.

"Tch, it's not about how much you have, it's how you use it." Datura retorts before glancing towards the mercenary. "Thank you, Shinji-kun." The blonde-haired woman inclines her head mildly. "But Shuichi will likely provide me with an escort of samurai, and I'm sure Kana-chan and I need will need privacy to talk about… things. Perhaps afterwards, time and schedules permitting."
The runaway Yamanaka allows the feeling of Amuro's invasive technique to wash over her, rebelling against the natural inclination of her body to resist. It's a small struggle, given that she, like all kunoichi, has been conditioned to resist and repel such attempts on instinct, with little to no thought involved. When it's over, she feels… lessened, as if missing a piece of herself, drained, the feeling of almost a third of her chakra suddenly just MISSING taking a toll on her physically and mentally. She leaves her eyes closed for several moments longer before drawing a deep breath and opening them once more.
While sudden and disorienting, she is used to the feeling of chakra and stamina deprivation, and recovers her semblance of normalcy readily enough, reaching up to sweep a mass of yellow hair behind her shoulders. "That wasn't quite as unpleasant as I thought it would be."

Holding his seal as he focuses his chakra, Shinji waits and holds his position as long as needed for this chakra allocation technique to finish. He's been using quite a bit of chakra lately which to say they've all been for the sake of others which he really didn't mind. What the hell was he using it for? Mainly for his water walking and tree walking skills, thats it.
As Datura turns to look at him, his attention goes to her, "I see." he says to her. "Well then, if any of you need me, just let me know. I know you all are capable, but hell I'm here and a good person to talk to." he grins then shakes his head a little. Yeah, the strain of holding his chakra like this is getting to the man. Feeling the strain, Shinji manages to keep himself holding still while the invasion of natural resistance to keep his chakra with him. He manages to focus long enough for his chakra to be taken.
Disorentation hits him, but he is able to recover, after a few moments, "That is different." he states as he looks to the others to see what the effects are to them.

Mune doesn't dignify Datura's protest with an answer. It would be too easy to snap back at her and this is supposed to be some kind of 'togetherness exercise' or something, right? Speaking of which, one of those ghostly energy appendages comes towards her. She momentarily begins analyzing the likely composition of the construct since it is visible to all of them, and Chakra is ordinarily not visible. Very interesting. Her Chakra is then siphoned from her. The hand simply touches her, passing through her flesh as though it weren't even there, and then seizes her Chakra. She shudders at the slightly cold sensation but succeeds in not resisting — at least this time.
The lengthy arm seems to glow brighter with the Chakra absorbed. Then again that might just be her imagination.

Kanami is fully prepared to share her Chakra with Amuro. She has given and taken Chakra before. This is nothing new. But when that hand plunges into her chest, she feels something resist that is not fully under her control. She frowns suddenly, as her eyes gain the vertical slits associated with snakes. She bites her lower lip to try to quell the complaining parts of her body that are acheing with the withdrawal of Chakra. In the end, she gives up her Chakra… But perhaps not quite as much as might be given without such resistance. She closes her eyes afterwards, fighting against the feeling that some parts of her innards were pulled painfully out of place or 'stretched' somehow when the Chakra left her. "That was… Far more unpleasant than I thought it would be."

Amuro absorbs the Chakra, but not into himself, no. He is aware of the difficulties that each person has, and resolves that he will have to refine this technique some more. They should not even be aware of the loss of the Chakra except in a vague sense. Feeling the details of loss are not intended. "Good. That should do. Now to show how I can send this Chakra back to any one of us… Or all of you. I can even send my own Chakra alone, if there is no time to reallocate the Chakra from the rest of us. After this, you may feel free to return to your normal activities. I appreciate you taking the time for participate in this important discussion. The details of your rewards and a timetable for receiving them will be determined soon."
Then he forms two hand seals. Dragon and Dog. "Chakra Sharing Technique." The blue hands that had retreated into Amuro… Are replaced by bright green appendages with the same sort of hands. They reach out to all of the Tao Shih members — EXCEPT Amuro — and channel Chakra into each, equivalent to what was given to Amuro — or perhaps a tiny bit more. When it is over, he seems slightly weaker, and one may realize that his general sense of 'power' had increased noticeably when he took in all that Chakra… And yet it did not feel like he alone had become stronger. It was more like they had >all< become stronger >through< him.
"Always remember," he says. Though he may seem weaker, he is not even breathing hard. "The whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

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