Tapping Into The Beast


Tsumi, Shuuren

Date: August 27, 2013


Shuuren summons Tsumi to a private training area to practice attempting to tap into the power of her seal without being overtaken by her other personality.

"Tapping Into The Beast"

Land of Tea - Secret Training Area

With the coming of the evening, Shuuren stands in the new training area past the secret passageway. It's many acres wide, giving plenty of area for all sorts of chaos to happen. He's summoned Tsumi back from Konoha for the day via carriage and given her instructions on getting to this area, where he currently stands with a group of about twenty bandits that are currently caged and already look a little worse for wear. These are likely men who've attacked his shipments and such, those who've given up their worth aside from being obliterated for the purposes of those to whom they owe for their deeds.

Tsumi had made her way back to the Land of Tea for the day shortly after receiving the summons from Shuuren, closing down her flower stall for the day and locking up her stock as per usual before setting off. Soon enough, she arrives in the Land of Tea, following the directions presented to her, and eventually finding herself into the secret training area, where Shuuren was already waitin. She stepped around the corner curiously and then blinked a little, "U-um… Hello Mister Shuuren! You called for me?"

As Tsumi finally arrives, the suit-clad doctor would turn his eyes to her and give a nod. "Hai. Welcome to the training area you were promised, Tsumi-san," he says with a smile. "Complete with drones that it won't matter if you kill since they've thrown their lives away in attacking my works," Shuuren says as he gestures at the bandits in their cages. One might find it odd that they aren't protesting until odd sounds are heard from their mouths once in a while…. Their tongues were removed. "It's time for you to learn to dig into that seal without giving up your consciousness."

Tsumi blinked a little, looking around the room for a moment and then at the caged people, looking back at Shuuren, "I… You want me to kill them?" She frowns a little, "I'm not sure I'm… actually capable of killing anyone." She grimaces a little, "I mean, that's sort of the other me's sort of thing… and I'm not sure how to trigger it on my own yet!"

"No necessary, no," Shuuren says, waving a hand dismissively. "I'm merely providing targets that it doesn't matter if you kill." He then steps over to her, pondering a bit as he does so. "You merely have to do the work to pull at that power. It's inside yourself. Think on what happens when you 'black out' and wake up covered in blood. What triggers those blackouts? Anger? Fear? It might be easiest to figure it out by focusing on something that causes those sort of feelings when you focus on it."

Tsumi blinks, "I…" She frowns a little, "I'm not sure. It's just sort of happened before." She puts a finger to her lips for a second then seems to have a revelation. "T-there was one time, when it happened… I was delivering flowers to a place on the border of the Land of Fire, and when I got there, there were a bunch of really mean men… And they threatened me… and then I blacked out. So maybe it is fear…" She frowns a little, "But how is knowing how to make myself go crazy going to help me control it?"

Shuuren listens to Tsumi speak for a few moments, pondering over her words. "Fear is likely a good trigger to focus on then," he says with a nod. "If you know what triggers your chakra to be released from the seal, you can use that feeling to practice pulling it out in smaller amount. Simply put, you'll practicing drawing it in different levels. It's not something you're going to master overnight, but it will help you eventually learn to control that other side."

"Tsumi nods a little, "Alright… How do I draw out fear slowly though?" She frowns, staring at the people in the cages, "They're not very intimidating to begin with, caged up like that and unarmed…" She admits, then looks back at Shuuren. "Maybe… I could try to concentrate and see if that works?" She suggests, then turns to go toward one of the cages, getting a very intense look on her face, as if she were trying to bore a hole through the man with laser vision!… Of course… that doesn't happen… but she doesn't transform either.

As Tsumi's efforts on her own don't seem to be doing well, though Shuuren does wait a bit for her to try, he decides to help her out a little. Forming his hands into a seal, he cast Kuppuku on her, though he lights its effects a bit. Rather than trying to scare her enough to stun her in fear, he only uses it enough for her to feel the sensation as she stares at the man and he rushes her in the cage, rattling his bars a bit in threat of what he'll do if he gets out.

Tsumi squeaks and jumps back from the cage, but doesn't look like she was scared enough to actually transform. She blinks a little, then pushes her glasses back up on her face and shakes her head, "H-he's mean!" She points and looks back at Shuuren worriedly, "You're not gonna let them out are you?" She frowns deeply, looking like she was pleading with him. She didn't want those bad people to be let out! Who knows what they'd do to her!

"That's the point of this. They are mean," Shuuren comments sternly. "Now, are you going to face them as yourself and use your fear as a weapon, or are you going to let it control you and allow that other side of you to do it for you?" With that, he'd retrieve a kunai from his coat and toss it at the cage, hitting the lock and allowing the cage door to swing open and the bandit to come charging out of it toward Tsumi.

Tsumi shrieks a bit as the bandit suddenly comes after her, her eyes widening in fear as she swung out at the man, missing horribly and starting to fall back, just before the man grabbed her by the hair and tried to drag her back forward again… That's the point where something snaps… her pupils shrink to tiny little pinpricks as the color rapidly drains from her eyes and her hair, turning both a steely gray color just before the bandit's hand comes down to smack into her face, sending her glasses flying.

She doesn't move. Doesn't even budge, chakra suddenly surging through her body as her seal's floodgates openned wide, the change from Good to Evil a sudden thing. For a moment, she's totally expressionless, then her lips twitch, and slowly turn into a wide, horrible smile as she turns her face up to face the bandit. "…Oh look~ It's Playtime~" She suddenly purrs, her voice high pitched and vaguely childlike.
Tsumi's fingers curled slightly, looking more like talons than fists when she finally lashed out at the arm that borught the fist to her face, knocking it away and swinging for the man's throat, latching her fingers into his neck and squeezing tight. "And they got me a new TOY~"

Well, that went about as expected… Shuuren shakes his head as he watches the woman begin to fight in her awakened state. Still, it's at least an example of the power she's trying to grab. With a flicker, he'd appear directly behind the Tsumi, going to place a hand on her throat and move it in a massaging motion on the pressure point to put her to sleep. The bandit ALMOST thinks he's been saved until his chest is met with a nonchalant, yet ridiculously powerful thrust-kick that sends him flying back into his cage, where he would slam into the bars and be knocked unconscious.

Tsumi blinks, seeming about to swing around to attack Shuuren, but then her eyes get heavy, and the girl falls to the ground, suddenly very much asleep, the color slowly filling her hair once again, and making it a shiny black color again. For now, Tsumi wouldn't be killing anyone.

Once Tsumi is secure, Shuuren would step over to the cage, lifting the door to lock it again. He'd then move to sit down back the woman, waiting for her to wake up. This exercise would be practiced many times this day, only stopping to eat and to wait for her to wake up if he has to stop her when the other side takes over. Practice makes perfect, as they say.

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