Tatsumihito Chronicles - Incense and Incensed


Hiroto, Hotaru, Jiro, Shinta, Asashi, Itami

Date: January 30, 2016


Relief efforts have been going swimmingly and the village is still on the path to recovery. Trying times lie ahead for the citizens and adding to the current misery is a problem unfolding at the gardens. The workers and relative to the kage have become incensed, caused by the remnants of an unwelcome visitor prior.

"Tatsumihito Chronicles - Incense and Incensed"

Sentou Valley, Mystic Flower Gardens - Sunagakure

Spring has finally arrived in Sunagakure, but what would be met with celebration is instead greeted

with the vision of rubble and destruction across the village. The recent attack from the cultists have left

some parts of the village in shambles and people have been diligently working to see about getting it all

cleaned up, but most importantly, recovering the bodies of people who are trapped or have been lost to the

Itami, despite the wishes of the medics, has been outside the hospital trying to see to it that the

relief efforts were going smoothly. She opted out of her normal choice of clothes for that of her Kazekage

garments. White robes and hat, draped over her body and adorning her head. She felt a certain image needed to

be kept in this time, but she had personal reasons for doing what she did. The scars she maintained from that

sunbeam were still present on her body and causing her a great amount of pain. It was a necessary pain, she

felt. What she felt couldn't possibly be on par with the rest of the village.
With regards to the rest of the village, it appears the recent Watanabe visitors are out here helping

out with the relief efforts. Ume had instructed her group to help wherever they could, placing their abilities

to good use while they were here. The attack suffered here was tragic and help should be provided in good

faith. At the very least, that faith could be established in her group and kept away from where it didn't


Hiroto frowned a bit as he sat on a building nearby. He seemed to have food in hand, and he was

eating. Otherwise he would probably be out searching as well right now. Tenshi though was still flying around

helping out until he saw Itami. When he saw her he divebombed right onto her shoulder. Probably nearly knocking

the hat off. Then talk began to happen from the bird in his langauge. Something about knocking rubble away to

help this person, and another person nearly falling to his death but luckily this one dude caught him. Though

there were some who couldn't be saved. Hiroto saw Tenshi from nearby dive bomb, but he didn't see why. He had a

group of people with him though so Hiroto wasn't needed yet.

That is the very reason that Hotaru's father, Watanabe Kohaku, had come to Sunagakure. The Relief

Effort was of prime concern to the Brown House, anyways. The older gentleman would actually be a part of that

group Ume was directing. Though he is a Toukubetsu of the Hidden Stone, he is first and foremost a Watanabe. He

had enough vacation hours to come out here.
Hotaru was here because her father brought her along. This was the month that her father usually came

out to visit her mother's grave. This redirect was not completely disliked, but the young dragon could do

little to help. She was crippled, after all. Good at blowing out fire like a decent dragon ought to, but she

couldn't hold herself up with her legs if she wanted to. All she could do is sit and watch. The little dragon

had on a white shirt, white pants, and a sleeved cloak with the watanabe black house's crest upon it.

Luckily for Asashi he is a Medical Ninja and is simply able to clear himself to leave the hopsital

once he feels his injuries have healed well enough. Of course, he may or may not also be here to check up on a

certain Kage that checked out of the hospital early as well. "I can help you if you like," the Iga Clan Head

says as he approaches the Kage. "Maintaining your toughness as the Kage as one thing, but it also shows that

you are currently vulnerable, and another group may try attacking the village for that very reason to try and

finish us off." Of course, that's probably a nice way of saying that, if he were in his previous occupation and

were hired to take her out, this is when he'd strike.

What a mess things had been! And what trouble that there was only so much Jiro could do to help. He

worked to help with the clean up in general though at his age he didn't exactly have great strength, nor could

he help with any healing. Nope. He just kind of pulled around scraps to the area where trash was going. What a


Shinta wasn't too far off from the efforts being made. His clinic and home had been spared for the most

part though roughly a third of the house had suffered damage and left the family clinic closed down for the

time being so that Shinta's parents could aid in the restoration of the village and mend their fellow villagers

without giving charge a moment's consideration. Shinta himself was tending more to the people that had been

recovered from the rubble or only had been injured by it. It served well to give the boy a bit of practice as

well as givehim the satisfaction of silent patients as well. Silence was a wonderful bonus to his work. He

should consider gagging his patients before working on them from now on.

Indeed, her hat had been shifted by the divebomb, but she was able to readjust it and settle it back

on her head. "Seems like you have a lot to report. If only I understood, but…at the very least, I think I may

have an idea. We're all working towards the same goal here, today," she spoke to Tenshi. She looked over her

shoulder and turned around to face Asashi as he came along. "Help me if you wish. I think many of my wounds are

surface anyhow, but that doesn't stop them from being painful. I also risk infection, to my understanding…"

She lifted up the sleeve of her robe to show the heavily blistered skin. It wasn't a pleasant sight, cracked

and filling with pus and blood at the dermis level. "I really shouldn't be out here…" She remarked quietly to

him. "But I have to be."
Ume, seeing Itami from afar, walked up and greeted her with a bow, of course with her large companion

Taro in tow. "Greetings be unto you, Kazekage and your shinobi here. I don't think we've had the pleasure to

meet. I am Watanabe Ume," she presented herself to Asashi. "I was nearby and wanted to personally give my

condolences to you regarding the village. It's still standing, but it must be said that the shape it's in isn't

well," she shook her head. "But! I have good news. I have had my group here assisting and helping out and

they've already cleared a section out. One of them I didn't even expect, but they're welcome all the same. I'm

sure you've heard about him already," she spoke making reference to Kohaku.
"Yes, I…have heard about him and his daughter already, but thank you," Itami spoke. "It was my

pleasure. Oh, also shouldn't you be in the hospital? You sustained some nasty wounds. If anyone had half a mind

to attack the village, it'd be the perfect time," she echoed Asashi's thoughts, though it's an almost certainty

she didn't hear him when he spoke them.
Itami shook her head and directed her attention towards a relief worker who came back with a report.

Seems like another section has been cleared, but also needed to be quarantined. Something about spores in the


Hiroto moved closer now to see what was going on, and spotted the now gathering of people. Tenshi just

watched one person and that was Ume. His eyes moved wherever she moved. Hiroto decided to get closer now and

hopped across rooftops until he landed on the ground with them. "Hey all." He said with an emotionless face. He

didn't feel any different than he had before even with that promotion of his. Just….normal really. Like he

was just a genin with other genin looking at him like he was more. "Anything I can help with Itami?" Tenshi

would hop on over to Hiroto, and rest on his head.

Watanabe Itami might as well be the head of the Watanabe Clan. No other Hetman has the kind of power

that she does, nor are they the Kazekage of Sunagakure. Hotaru would plant her cane in the ground and come to a

stand when she caught sight of the Kazekage from afar. White hair!? Red eyes!? Typical Brown House, just like

her father. Hotaru would close her eyes and gather some of that noble pompous confidence that her father likes

to exhude quite a bit, and adjusted her light cloak as she caned her way slowly to Itami… Slowly….

Slowly…. Slowly….. One foot in front of the other slowly……. … … … … Slowly… Just another

hundred yards of walking left. c.c; Just… a little more. Stop! Take a break. Whew! Alright. Ready to go…

… Slowly… Anyone know any good teleportation jutsu? … Slowly… Slowly… By the time she managed to get

close enough to talk to Itami, she was a tad exhausted.
"U-uh… Hi! … You're my… Aunt? I'm Hotaru! Y-you're really the Kazekage! Wow. I have so much to

ask you!"

"Yes, it would be much preferred to avoid that as well," Asashi says with a smirk. He eyes the

presented arm a moment then looks over to Ume and nods. "Iga Asashi, Clan Head." His looking toward them is

apparently more a courtesy to them than necessary for him by his milky white eyes, but he's apparently used to

it. Turning his attention back to Itami, he brings his hands into a seal before placing his hands over her as a

glow of chakra comes out and surrounds her to begin flowing into her wounds and healing her from the inside


Jiro continues to help clean stuff up and around a bit until he spots an Itami. Hey, at least she ain't

dead amirite? Maybe he can help with that. He dusts his hands off before jumping into the air, planning on

coming down right on her shoulders so he can get a piggy back ride! "'ey 'tami! 'bout time ya got up. I was

startin' ta think you were gonna jus' sleep ferever."

Shinta was finishing the bandage work on one of his patients before he heard a familiar voice shouting

about their Kage. Turning his head about, Shinta peered over at the flying Jiro as well as the boy's target.

Well… Jiro was plenty quick os maybe he'd pull it off but Shinta was no where near as fast so stopping the

red demon was an impossibility at best. At the very least Jiro wasn't trying to launch attacks at Shinta this

time which gave the boy the time to watch the two strangers around his Kage.

"Spores, hm? I'll make sure a team gets there to see to it that the area is protected," Itami replied

to the report followed by a shudder. Those chakra scalpels were causing a tingling all over her body and it

wasn't very comfortable. Still, to see those blisters disappearing was a good sign and all that was left of

them was just the pain that they caused. That would subside in due tim—nope, nope, wouldn't subside at all!

The added shock to her system from Jiro caused her to hiss out her distress. She wanted to shout, but…had to

keep it together. Keep. It. Together. "This is the only time I can say that a sunbath wasn't worth sleeping

through," she grunted out, making a joke about her situation. With one big inhale, she sighed the breath out

and regained some amount of composure.
"My apologies, my dear. It's a pleasure to meet you. Hotaru, correct? I would love to answer any

questions that you might have, just…give me a few moments to allow the ringing in my ears to subside…" She

raised Jiro up from her shoulders and planted him firmly onto the ground. That pain traveled all over the

place, it seems. "Hiroto, I'm glad you could make it. I do need some help. I want to get this area cleared so

we can resume some form of commerce. Right now, there's rubble all over the steps from rocks to glass shards

and chunks. They must be removed with care," she instructed. "That goes for anyone else here who will be

helping. The refuse will be delivered to the village center where it will be picked up for recycling." She

gestured to Shinta momentarily. "Could you please come here for a few moments. I need your help to calm my

Taro looked around at those gathering around the kage and around, finding some discomfort with being

here. He began to step closer to Ume, but she lifted her hand and gave him a few good pats to console him.

"This all sounds like a grand idea. In fact, Taro can help. He's strong enough for the job," she chuckled.

"Allow him to provide some assistance in this task. Meanwhile, I'll take my leave to continue my rounds for my

group. I have to make certain I can deliver some reports back to you of their successes," she smiled. With a

wave, she made her way off and away from the gathering. Besides, this is the best time to learn about the

village. Need to be mindful of these things, after all.

Hiroto's hand moved to his quiver at the sound of something falling above Itami, but seeing it was

Jiro he stopped. "Oh. Just you." He shook his head a bit before greeting Hotaru and then looking at Itami with

a small nod. "I will get right on that Itami. If you need anything else you know you can ask." His eyes shifted

to Taro and Ume. "Taro. Do you mind assisting me with this?" He walked over to one of the bigger pieces of

rubble and began to lift his side a bit hoping for some assistance. Luckily when you have a bow like his that

takes the drawpower it does for some of those arrows it really does boost your physical strength. If Taro

helped he would start moving it away.

Hotaru can be mega patient! She wasn't sure what was going on, but she can be patient. She sat there,

looking at the Kazekage with a big smile. Just… A big ole' goofy smile. She would look to see who else was

here… People she could talk to. There was Hiroto. "Hi Hiroto!" She tapped her cane and bowed her head. She

then turned to Jiro. "Hi, how are you. I am Watanabe Hotaru!" She tapped her cane and bowed. Then Shinta was

nearby, but a little… distant. She would turn to Shinta and tap her cane, bowing. "Hello to you too!"

Diplomatically polite she was indeed, though she would approach Hiroto and ask. "Hey, why is Itami's ears


Jiro's arms folded in front of him as he leaned them on Itami's head from his new seat, not seeming to

notice at all that she's in pain. It's Itami, she'll live, certainly. "'ey, 'm Jiro!" the boy says in return to

Hotaru, looking down at the girl from his position. "Where'r you from?" he asks curiously, head tilting

slightly aas he looks the girl over. From this position he could see others. Even Shinta! He waves to the boy

before the arm settles down on top of Itami's head again.

Shinta would give a wave of his arm to the female before giving Jiro one as well ans returning to his

work of checking over the injured to be sure that no one was left unattended. It was only when Itami called for

Shinta to come over that the boy would adjust his pack and move toward Itami to see what it was that she needed

his help with. Once he was near the Kazekage and had given her a bow of greeting as usual, but pale-haired boy

would peer up at the robed and hatted kage. "How can I be of assistance?"

Taro silently nodded to Hiroto and moved to help him lift a piece of rubble. With one arm, he raised

it from the ground and proceeded to walk towards where the refuse pile was to be settled. "My ears are ringing

because—hrrrrgh," she growled as Jiro climbed his way back up and with him, the ringing in her ears. "Because

sometimes pain can cause ringing." Oh good, Shinta is drawing near. "I'm glad you're here, Shinta. I need my

nerves calmed. Somehow. Anything will do…" She smiled, but it was clear it was forced.
Crews continued working around Sentou Valley, moving up and down the stairs to deliver the refuse that

was laying around, steadily clearing the area until it was open to traffic once more. Naturally, signs of

caution were put in place to ensure people would mind themselves coming through here as they made their way to

the village center and its limited business. But all can't be said to be going well. Soon, a report came in

from a Jounin mentioning problems taking place at the Mystic Flower Gardens. Apparently, there's someone there

causing problems among the workers there. As of now, no one is hurt, but that is likely to change soon.
"It appears we'll have to leave this place and head to the gardens. We need to look into this

immediately," Itami spoke to those around her. As soon as her nerves were managed, she'd head right off, but

for now, "You all move ahead of me. I'll be right behind you."

Hiroto frowns as he returns to Itami's side. "Okay Itami. Will do." He then quickly made his way off

to the gardens and had an arrow ready for whatever issue needed solving now. Seriously. If it wasn't one thing

it was another. Could Sunagakure just get a break for once. What's next? Mutants? He shook his head and slowly

creeped into the gardens and if he was attacked he would be ready. Tenshi sat upon his head with a curious

expression….bird expression.

Hotaru had heard that Sunagakure was where the world shoved all it's strange and dangerous problems,

and antagonists. Clearly, they needed some Hotaru help. First thing is first. "Hi Jiro. I'm from the Land of

Earth.. Uh…" She would reach out and tug on Hiroto's uniform. "Hey, where are the mystic gardens? I want to

help. Papa said I should. So, could you…. carry me? Pleeease?" She asks.

Jiro tilts his head down at Hotaru as she mentioned being from the Land of Earth. How strange! A

foreigner! After a few moments he hops off of Itami like she was just a springboard, even stepping on her head

to do so. Yep, he takes good care of his Kage! After that he makes to follow after the others to see what

trouble might be going on, his hands flopping lazily on his head as he begins to move.

Shinta would reach into his pouches and feel around for a short moment as he thought over what would

work best for the Kazekage. After a few long seconds however, Shinta would produce a bottle of some sort and

hold it up for Itami with a bit of a smile on his face. "This is a liquid medicine I helped develop. If you

drink it, it should help bring you peace of mind and a feeling of calm. As a side benefit, it tastes like

strawberries." Shinta would offer with the last bit being something to help lighten the mood while moving

forward after the others to not be left behind. If there was more trouble to be had, it would be best to heal

on sight, not after the fact.

Itami's hat came forward on her face from being stepped on, requiring some readjustment on her part.

She growled, but otherwise ignored what just happened. "Thank you, Shinta. I'll take that right away," she

reached out to take it and consume it. It did taste like strawberries, at the least. With it finished, she

moved after the group, hoping to fall in after the group. The medicine seemed to be kicking in quickly enough

as she moved along and it was likely for the best. Movement meant it could get to where it was needed faster,

right? She hoped so.
All of that energy was going to need to be placed towards dealing with the problem that presented

itself in the gardens. Some workers had since filed out of the place and ran off as a…dragon attacked?

"What…no. This can't be happening…" Itami remarked. But it was! A dragon was attacking and it appeared to

have a few workers under its control! They would be difficult to approach, seeing as how they had some

particularly poisonous plant material on hand. Any approach would mark for a dusting with poison powder, not to

mention their instruments being coated in the same. "This is going to be a delicate battle. We can't afford

harming these workers too much, but we can place them out of commission, then there's this dragon to worry

about," she remarked.
A wayward breeze carried a pleasing scent around the area. It was something positive in the midst of

what may turn into a tragedy. "We can't just openly attack and risk damaging the plants in here. We went to

great lengths getting them here and maintaining them in this climate. From the looks of it, the dragon has yet

to cause any damage here itself, but it just might! We must seek to subdue the dragon and those it is


Hiroto looked to Hotaru and frowned. "I mean…you can get on my back, but I need a hand free for my

bow." He spoke, and waited to see if she did climb onto his back before walking off. If she did he wouldn't

really mind. He was used to someone being there honestly with Arika everywhere. Either way when it came time to

avoid being attacked by some people with some poisoned shears. "Itami… I am sorry if any plants get harmed in

this attack." He then pulls out an arrow that seems to be three little weights shaped into spheres. Then it is

fired and mid fire it breaks apart and spins hopefully wrapping around one of the targets and making them fall

to the ground.

Hotaru did climb onto his back, even slipping her cane into her belt as she did. Once she was

transported to the site, she knew just how to help based on Itami's order. Hurt no one, capture everyone. She

would prove herself to be a powerful and resourceful dragon in the eyes of her clan. Watanabe can be quite

prideful. While she traveled upon Hiroto's back, she decided to let her bloodline out. The feeling of her

bloodline releasing was euphoric, and she always found a reason to let out the first few stages go. The third

stage? Perhaps not. That is battle-dragon stage.
The first step of her transformation would have lines appear from the corner of her eyes. Lines of

scales that disappeared beneath her hairline and traveled down her back. Scales began to form around the outer

edges of her eyes soon after, and a second pair of lines would begin to appear. Hotaru would take a deep breath

as she was let off, grabbing her cane and placing it against the ground. The moisture in this area, feeding the

plants, allowed her to use water ninjutsu. At least this technique. As she leaned on her cane, she watched as a

work moved against her, hoping to remove her head. He did. Hotaru's head left her body. Little did the

individual know that Hotaru stepped backwards, and had formed a clone of herself. Her hands were in a single

seal. That's right. She can use -one- hand to use ninjutsu! The next phase of this was when she raised her hand

off her cane, legs better able to hold her weight in this stage of her dragon's blood. Two hands created two

water-chains at once. One to hold her attacker, and one to try and hold the big guy… Someone with a full

dragon transformation… Something she has yet to acheive…

"Whoa!" That's Jiro's great words of wisdom when it comes to what's going on with a /dragon/ and such.

He watches from the door, side stepping anything that might look troubling before he looks towards the dragon,

then pulls off his sash as he considers. He doesn't want to deal with those peoples. He might hurt them on

accident. Instead he launches himself at the dragon, cloth slashing wildly to try and dig in through the


A dragon? Weren't those just things from fairytales and folktales to scare children?! Why was there a

dragon attacking their village, and why now that the village had been assaulted and was in shambles?! Rather

than speaking, Shinta would gawk until something Shinta would blink and in that same instant be gone to a few

feet back with the red bleeding line on his cheek showing that he'd been slashed by the weapon. Still, the boy

didn't seem very bothered by it as the wound was shallow and the blood flow was slow. Shinta would tug at the

strap of his duffle bag worn on his back before shifting the pack to reveal a set of stored kunai along its

length. Flashing his arm from beneath the cloak of his poncho, Shinta let a set of three kunai fly while wires

bound to them from his gloves seemed to let him control their trajectory. A few shifting motions of his fingers

would guide those kunai to soar wide of the people using the shears as weapons and then loop around to wind the

wires around the villagers. They'd get cuts no doubt if caught as the wire was sharp, but it was nothing life

threatening at the least. Shinta himself on the other hand was combatting that wound by chewing slowly on

something he had in his mouth, a bit of medicine to help speed his healing.

Good, the workers were subdued! That's half the problem down, but now they've got a problem with this

dragon here and from the looks of it, it's none too pleased about having its first line of defense gone.

However, it counters that with its own attacks up its sleeves…scales. Whatever! The dragon approached and

inhaled, a key warning that it intended to use fire. Before long, that flame was expelled from the mouth and

towards the group in an encompassing attack and any in its path would feel its corrisive might. Seems like it

wasn't going to be bound that quickly without getting out its attack first.
"The garden is going to be destroyed at this rate! We must subdue the dragon quickly!" Luckily, there

a couple already on the job as Jiro and Hotaru both managed to engage the dragon and damage it despite the

heavy thick cloud of black smoke it tossed up. "Shinta, Hiroto, help to keep this dragon bound! We need its

limbs and tail tied!" Itami indicated.
While this was going on, Taro made mention to Ume that the group had went off to the gardens once she

cycled back to him to see how he was doing. She made haste over to the area to see what was happening, hoping

that nothing too serious had taken place.

Hiroto saw the flames and just moved away again. "I could wrap up the tail, but I don't know if the

weights I have are strong enough to hold it down. I just need to wrap up multiple spots I suppose." He readies

more Bola Arrows, and sighs a bit. "Chakra should help a bit." And he did indeed fuse some more chakra into the

weights to hopefully hold it down more when it lands(If it doesn't miss)

Hotaru didn't know how to respond to that kind of ninjutsu! The fire rained down on her and burned her

far more than she expected. It burned, and drained her. She was on the ground a moment later. She would get

back up in due time. She didn't have much left as far as something that wouldn't damage the plants, so she just

had to use what she had harder! That meant getting angry about it, and that meant moving higher up into her

bloodline's gift. Getting more scale, sprouting a tail. All was part of the gift's physical changes. Then, came

the chains again.

Jiro lets the cloth in his hand harden as he feels the genjutsu, letting it cut into him and giving him

a focus to get away from that playing with his mind. He pulls out two more cloths from pouches and they flare,

almost seeming to grow in size as he lashes out, trying to wrap up limbs before slamming the other end of the

cloth into the ground to keep them in place.

The boy would nod and then look at his gloves and frown for a moment while looking from one hand to the

other and shaking his head. If Itami wanted him to grab a dragon and restrain it in some way, he'd need

something better than his wires to do it. For that, Shinta shifted off his bag and sighed a bit as he reached

with in. The object that came out was that of a basic ninja tool. LThe common chain and weight. Shinta would

draw out the dominant length of it and lash it out toward the dragon to try for the same effect of the weapon

as what had been done with the kunai before.

The fire washed over the group, damaging whoever was unlucky enough to be afflicted by the corrosive

powder that blew out while the fire covered it. Yet, this wasn't enough to keep the fighters from using their

combined might to bring the dragon down and bind it in place. Along with the workers that were captured, this

battle has drawn to an end. The garden has suffered some damage, but such occassions must always be considered

and at the very least, the plants that suffered damage can either be pruned or regrown entirely. It will take

some time for some of them, but there are seeds on hand for such a thing. This place was filled with specimens

that just couldn't afford to be lost.
The dragon groaned while being tied down, unable to fight anymore against the group and in its

weakness, it no longer had the strength to maintain its form. When restored back to its former self, it was

revealed to be a relative. "Kishi?" Itami questioned. She didn't even know what to think right now. "Keep her

tied up…" She remarked. "And be careful. Check around her for anything that may still be of danger." While

she did contain the standard equipment for shinobi, there was an extra pouch available for keeping different

kinds of samples. May be where that powder came from. At the very least, it doesn't look like the powder was

capable of harming plants, just dusting their surfaces, but it should still be removed as a precaution.
"I was told about what happened in here!" Ume chimed as she hurried over to the group. She brushed

against a plant and caught some of the corrosive powder on her to which she instinctively batted it away,

hissing at the stinging. "The workers outside informed me…I thought I may contribute, but it appears I'm

late. Maybe that's for the best. It looks like you all have everything in order here."

Hiroto saw who it was and frowned. Why would Kishi do this? She wouldn't….which made it so much

weirder. She wouldn't risk injury to plant life from what he knew. That wasn't who she was. Even if she had to

fight someone else she would of moved the fight elsewhere. But this….all of it was so incriminating. Hiroto

got right to look around as did Tenshi. And not just for anything that could be dangerous, but things that

weren't supposed to be here in general. Hiroto once done with search would walk over to any worker here that

was awake and not against them what had happened. "So…what exactly happened here? And… I was wondering if I

could get a list of all the plants made here, and the effects of those plants." Already getting to work on

seeing if there was anyway Kishi didn't do this of her own will. His eyes shifted back to Ume. "Everything is

indeed in order. Thanks for coming by though."

Who is Kishi? Why would a Watanabe do terrible things like this all of a sudden? Perhaps her father

came not just because Itami needed help with reconstruction. Perhaps he came because of other disturbances

within the clan. Hotaru was feeling quite terrible after getting attacked by corrosive flames. The cloak she

wore was eaten up, and she had a few marks here and there. Hotaru would wipe her face off with her sleeve as

she looked at the destruction. "All these plants here… Maybe it was a plant clan? Maybe… Maybe things are

worse than I thought…"

Jiro leaves the dragon turned human tied up in his cloths and firmly planted in the ground. She wasn't

going anywhere, nope! In fact she may not be able to breathe well as the cloth tightens when she shrinks.

Jiro's hands just flop back on his head while he watches things curiously, looking between the evil dragon to

the not quite so evil dragon.

Shinta would keep his hold on the chain that he'd used so that he was keeping along the lines of

Itami's orders though when the dragon changed into a person.. Shinta couldn't really restrain himself. "That

makes sense on some level.." The boy muttered while his chains tightened to make sure the person wouldn't be

getting free of the bonds that he'd used. At the comment on the plant clan, Shinta tilted his head slightly. "I

do not believe a plant clan turns people into dragons." The boy commented though he didn't say much more than

that. Mostly because he could be wrong. He didn't look into the other clans very much at all.

The workers had files on the plants stores away, luckily far enough from all this fighting here to

gather up quickly enough. It's an extensive list to go through and it appears only few carry the corrosive

property. Those types are generally kept out of reach of the public and are only viewable from a distance. "We

were all working together when the woman entered into the gardens. We worked with her before. She brought in

something unusual and we were going to look into it, but she ended up blowing it into our faces. Everything

else after that, I have no memory of…" One of the workers mentioned. Whatever was in that satchel was likely

what was described by the workers. Spores of a particular menace they faced not too long before. It's possible

the remnants were still underneath the ground in particular areas. That'd need to be an investigation on its

"That…doesn't sound like her at all," Itami remarked to herself. "We have a clan that works with

plants… In fact, some of the workers here are of that clan, but the gardens wasn't our enemy here." The

kazekage sighed to herself. "A plant clan can't turn someone into a dragon. That much I know for certain."
Ume looked over the scene a bit from behind everyone else. Doesn't look like much was destroyed. It's

a pity. This place could have used some additional scarring, but at the very least, she does know where she can

hurt them further. Ridding them of those seeds will set them back heavily, she imagines. She'd just have to

determine where those are kept. "I think I ought to be on my way. I'll be looking after my group. Oh, they

managed to clear another area by the way!" She offered her report prior to leaving out the room. As it did

earlier, the breeze carried a pleasant scent with it. Kishi took a fatigued sigh prior to her body giving out

from the stress. Looks like she's out cold.

Hiroto saw the spores anyways. "Yeah…those spores there…" He shook his head and walked over to

Kishi. "I could try to carry her to either the hospital to get checked on or somewhere else Itami. Just let me

know. And… I don't think she did this on purpose. So she isn't to blame. Probably just lost control of her

body as did they." He pointed to the workers before finally lifting Kishi up and started walking. "Itami…..

You have anyone that can look for the spores easily? Probably could get a team of earth users to move through

the village and look. I could get Akina to come by and help." He said as a last goodbye as he walked out. The

breeze didn't catch on his nose any as he was distracted by watching Ume leave. What area had see cleared?

Well…that is better asked later…and with that he would walk off carrying Kishi first to the hospital unless

told to head elsewhere later.

Hotaru would approach and place her hand on the leaves, looking at the spores carefully. She feels like

she recognizes these spores personally, from that time in Iwagakure where she was put under the influence of

said spores… "Hey, these are… These are just like those spores I encountered in those tunnels

underground…" Wow. Don't tell her that creepy Nobu guy was behind this. Well, you can't have healthy plants

without mushrooms, but the fact that those kind of mushrooms are appearing means… The entire Mystic Gardens

need to be uprooted and replaced. So, she turns towards Itami. She did have a bunch of questions she had to ask


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