Teaching Jade: Intro to Chakra Networks


Kenta, Jade

Date: March 16, 2015


Jade is one of Kenta's latest medical students. She arrives for a lesson with him in his hospital office. Kenta helps her improve her skill at sending chakra into other people's body to check for injuries and also helps her learn how to use medical ninjutsu to sense chakra networks.

"Teaching Jade: Intro to Chakra Networks"

Konoha - Kenta's Office

It's a little after noon, but the hospital is already close to full swing with most the medics having finished their lunch breaks already. Kenta finishes wiping down his desk after a hasty lunch in his office. The crockery is set aside for washing later and all his paperwork is stacked neatly on a second side table. There's no time to do either, since he has to give a medical lesson in a few minutes. The student of the day is Jade, who had been told to meet him in this particular room at half past noon. The lesson that he has in mind requires very little in the ways of equipment, which is a good thing, since all the rooms are already booked for the day.

Jade smells like smoke and is wearing clean clothes today instead of her dusty ones. She heads to the room she was told to meet him at patting down her jacket looking unhappy about having to change. "SOrry im late, had to stop a forest fire. Not really easy to do with only kikaichu."

Kenta looks up and blinks at Jade. He takes a deep sniff of the air. "Ummm… You really do smell like smoke. It's probably not going to go away for a while, considering how strong it is. Good job on stopping the file." The medic-nin gets up from his seat and picks up his chair, which he places next to the guest chair on the other side of his desk. He gestures to the other seat. "Please sit down. This should be a pretty straight forward lesson, unless we have have some emergency interrupt us."

Jade nods slowly and goes to sit down across from him "So what are we doing today? Poisons? Chakra tunnels? That super strength thing i heard some medics can do…can we do that one?" She might be joking as she watches him.

Kenta sits down on his own chair and faces Jade. "Umm… super strength? I've heard about that one, but it's not my specialty. I might have the chakra control for it, I guess…" He rubs at the back of his neck. The medic-nin shrugs a moment later. "Umm… I'm more of a poison expert, both how to use it offensively and to treat it. I'll have to give you a lesson on at least the latter. I'll need to book of the laps for that." He smiles faintly at Jade. "What we're actually going to do today is work on your chakra healing techniques. Ummm… not healing wounds with chakra. You're already practicing that. I mean how to heal damage or abnormalities in the chakra network."

Jade nods slowly "So were working on the chakra network. Sounds like a plan. Do we use one of those like…dolls that show how the chakra moves or should I go catch a fish? Or do we have more Kiri host…Forget I said that last one…"

Kenta points to himself. "I'm actually your doll today." He frowns a second later. "Ummm… I mean that you're going to be practicing on me. Your study materials should already give you a basic idea of how chakra moves around the body. You're experience as a kakaichu user probably builds upon that a lot, whether it's currently only instinctive or not." The young man holds up his hands with his palms up. "What you need to get used to is feeling the way that chakra moves inside -another- person's body. I want you to place your hands on mine and start sending small pulses of diagnostic chakra into me. It's the same as what you'd do when you delve for injuries, but you want to try to piece together a picture of my chakra network from the way that the pulses flow around or bounce off the streams of chakra running through my body. Give it a try."

Jade nods slowly "Oh uh ok…Cant that cause like seizures if I put too much? I mean uh…" She looks nervous "I know that can go bad…" She takes off her jacket showing a tshirt under it and the holes in her arms that most aburame try to hide. But she doesnt wanna add more like…impediments to her work

"Well, you have enough chakra control that you've going to try to shove chakra into me all at once. I hope…" Kenta wiggles his fingers slightly in an inviting manner. "I can regulate my own chakra flow, so I'll stop you if I feel you doing it too strongly. Or I'll just negate your influence myself. Ummm… but let's try to have you sense my chakra network first. That'll minimize the chance that you'll just try to overload me with chakra…" He gives Jade a serious look. "Overloading someone with medical chakra -is- a valid tactic though. You just need to use it properly and with the intent to cause injury."

Jade nods slowly and goes over around the desk behind him "So uh…Take off your shirt?" She flexes her hands and waits for him to take his shirt off so she can keep an eye. As a ninja shes already trained in pressure points so at least she has a headstart

Kenta fidgets uncomfortably. "Ummm… I guess so… ok…" He removes his lab coat and the shirt underneath, so that he's left in his undershirt only. Then, the man places his arms on his knees with his palms facing up again. This gives Jade access to plenty of bare skin without becoming inappropriate. "You'll have to work up to sensing through clothing once you get the gist of this. Healing through clothing is a situation that happens a lot. Ok, touch my arm or some other exposed part of me and start sending diagnostic chakra pulses into my body."

Jade presses at some pressure points on his back while pulsing chakra into him, too little at first but she slowly starts to get into the swing of things as she maps out his chakra network at least the surface ones. She cant seem to get the deeper ones. "So uh…I cant figure out where this one goes…or this one…Jeeze is this one your heart?" Nope thats his lung.

Kenta closes his eyes and focuses most of his attention inwards. It's easy enough for an experienced medic-nin to sense what's going on inside his own body, but he wants to concentrate to mitigate any big mistakes that Jade might make. "Ummm… yeah, that's actually my lung," he says after he feels where Jade's chakra is going. "You need to send out some stronger pulses. Increase the amount of chakra by three times, but spread them in a wave instead of concentrating a burst at a single point. Keep them going in ten second intervals. The way that they interact as they bounce back should give you a vague map to go by."

Jade tries to so that and sighs pulling her hands away and uses her scout kikaichu to land on his back. The female kikaichu are more sensitive and she puts a finger at the base of his neck and pulses out the chakra and lets the kikaichu ping it around his abdeomen, not quite deep but it spreads alot better than it did with her fingers.

Kenta bites back a giggle when he feels something crawl onto him. He sends out a gentle pulse of chakra too, but this pulse -exits- his body and bounces around the room a few times before returning to him. "Using your kikaichu to enhance your reach. That's a good trick," he states after deducting what's on his back by the biosignature that he felt. "Ok, you still don't have a complete reach, but this will have to do for now. Can you feel what I'm doing?" Kenta slowly builds up his chakra until it's fairly flooding through his chakra network. This makes it easier for Jade to sense how chakra flows through the pathways that her diagnostic pulses manage to overlap.

Jade nods slowly "Yeah you pulsed chakra back. I bet I could get the entire abdomen if I put kikaichu on your chest too. I need to figure out the trick of pulsing it out of the kikaichu even faster

Kenta keeps his eyes closed. "Maybe you can use more kikaichu," he suggests. The young man goes silent for a moment. He increases the amount of chakra going through his network slightly more and forces it to flow faster. "How about now? Can you sense the main pathways of my chakra network? At least one or two? The smaller pathways will be easier to sense once you manage to figure out how to sense the biggest ones closest to the surface. You should kind of notice that your pulses are distorting in a line in some areas on my body."

Jade nods slowly as she pulls the kikaichu off him "Yeah I can pick up the main ones. The smaller ones are like a damn cobweb. I bet this is easier if you have lightning chakra already…"

Kenta nods slightly. "Lightning chakra is good for many things. You can also sense and affect nerve impulses more wasily with it. Taiki-sama is a lightning user and he's our best medic-nin." He blows out a gentle break and eases off the flow of chakra inside his body slowly. "I'm going to decrease the amount of chakra in my system by a third. It's still much higher than normal amounts, but that'll make my network much 'dimmer' to you. Tell me if you lose track. I want to see how long you can sense my network to a useful degree."

Jade nods and tries to do it without the kikaichu this time, she sends a much stronger pulse but not enough to hurt him this time, she gets a better image and seems to be getting the hang of it "Ok uh…that was your um…stomach…and this are your kidneys…" She tickels him a little bit but on accident "Ok and oh yeah heres your heart…wow thats wrapped tight isnt it?"

Kenta uses a little chakra to smooth out the disruptions that Jade made when she accidentally sends a too strong pulse into him. "That's good! You're able to sense deeper now. More practice will improve your finesse and control." The young man smiles broadly and opens his eyes. He shifts his chair back a few inches. "It's easier to do this when you're touching a place closer to the core of the body or the spine. But now, I want you to try the same exercise while only touch my hand. That's about as far as you can get while still be in contact with me." He stretches out a hand for her to hold on to.

Jade looks at his hand and takes a hold of it while pressing firmly into the pressure point on the right off middle and sends a pulse in directing it carefully, her control is pretty good but it takes 3 tries before shes able to get to his chest properly "Ok….riiight…there? How did you scar your arm like that? looks like you tore the muscle pretty good once."

"Hmmm? That? Oh, I fell off a cliff and slammed into a rock when I went under the river. It's all fine now, since the other medics fixed it up for me. I was a little too unconscious to do it myself," Kenta says in an offhand manner. He tilts his head slightly to the side and concentrates. Yes, Jade's managing to reach pretty far -and- keep her diagnostic pulses going at a consistent rate. There's some fading of strength as they travel further from his hand, but much better than he expected. "Ok, that's pretty good. Now focus on my chakra network directly. Can you use your finger to trace the general path of my chakra network up my arm?"

Jade tries to do that moving her finger up the chakra channel relating to his bones, she goes slow and skips pieces of it where the thing wraps around other channels but for the most part she seems to have it, she has to keep pinging more chakra into him though and it seems to be tiring her out.

Kenta notices the way that Jade's energy is beginning to flag a little. "You've done really well today, Jade. I'm going to have you attempt one more exercise before I call this lesson over." The young man gently removes his student's finger from his arm. She's gone far enough to demonstrate that she's getting a good feel for the technique. "I want you draw back those diagnostic pulses and concentrate them only into the hand that you're holding. You don't need to reach far for this. That'll also allow you to concentrate on a second exercise that you're going to do. Now that you can feel the chakra pathways the immediate area, I want you to try to ease a little of your own chakra into it. Just extend a small thread and try to meld your chakra into mine. You're not trying to give me chakra, just make a small connecting channel that you can work through."

Jade frowns softly then has an idea, she pulls out a few kikaichu and has them land along his chakra network on his hand and she funnels chakra that way…not unlike a puppeteer using them as a guidline. its not like she doesnt do that with an entire swarm every day.

Again with the kikaichu. Some medics might not like the idea of using them as a crutch, but Kenta sees it as a clever application of an existing tool. He stays silent until he feels the tiny "pricking" sensation that indicates someone has connected to his chakra network. The channel is very small and weak, easily brushed off, but that's the first step to better things. "Ok, that's good." Kenta pulls his hand back completely. "We'll stop the lesson here. I want you to practice everything that you did today. Try to keep it up for at least one hour daily. You won't be able to use another person for your training, but you can use a rabbit, fish or some other vertebrate create that you're afraid of damaging by mistake."

Jade nods slowly "Um ok…I have a dog back at the village should be able to try that. I dont think this could cause damage as long as im careful and my mom is a trained medic so you know…safety net."

Kenta nods his head. "Your mom can probably help you better than any dog. But I bet that she's going to be too busy with her work to sit down with you like this every day." The medic-nin glances at his time piece. "Umm… I'm not sure when I'll be available again, but we'll try to go on to the next part of the lesson, if you're advanced far enough by then. You managed to refine your ability to sense inside the body and also to detect a person's chakra network. You can already do some manipulation of a target's physical body. Next stop is to work directly with the chakra network. Ummm… But that's more dangerous than what we did today, so we don't rush you into it today." Kenta claps his hands together. "You're probably tired now and I need to finish some work. Let's call this lesson concluded."

Jade nods slowly "Ok thanks. I promised id help down in the trauma ward today anyway. More bandages to wash and such" In other words more scut work that she hates…well all the trainees hate it

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