Team 10: Get Well Soon, Hitoshi!


Hitoshi, Mushi, Atsuro, Taiki, Berii

Date: February 21, 2012


Hitoshi gets a visit from both a doctor and his team after his match against Keiji.

Poster's note: Profanity filtered in obvious places.

"Team 10: Get Well Soon, Hitoshi!"

Suna Hospital

After an initial assessment by the trained medic-nin at the arena, Hitoshi wasn't life-threateningly injured. Bruised up, and a couple of bones broken… and physically, exhausted. He had overtaxed his chakra system as well. Such a thing typically doesn't bode well for the entire body on whole… and as thus, Hitoshi found himself in the hospital, laying on a bed, in one of those stupid-looking gowns that they make people wear when they're admitted. To remedy this, he had his blanket pulled up over his chest, and his arms out from under it, holding onto a book and quietly flipping pages…

It'd been about a day or so after the match. He was slated to be released in another day or two after continued rest. It was more or less a precaution to just keep the boy resting and not trying to overtax himself with excessive training.

Mushi is spacing periodic breaks between her shift, taking deep drinks from a flask she carries around. Currently she's cramming a riceball into her mouth and then licking the grains off her fingers. Some of her fellow workers have given her grief for that, but Mushi's brand of healing isn't with cutting tools or sanitized objects anyway. By midday she finally gets around to Hitoshi's bed, and she riffles quickly through his medical chart. "I'm Nikumari Mushi, a medic," Mushi says in a clinical, professional tone to Hitoshi. But glancing at him she gives a frown and says, "Sorry…" She glances at the chart before setting it aside. "Hitoshi. I shoulda gotten to you sooner. I'm going to check your health, 'kay?"
If he let her Mushi would take his wrist and send a pulse of chakra through him that would bounce back, giving detailed information of his current health and any injuries both internal and external. Around them the room is relatively quiet, but the door is open, allowing for visitors this day. "How are you feeling?" the medic asks.

"Hey kid," Atsuro calls into the room somewhat affectionately. He strolls in, carrying in his hands a few gifts for Hitoshi. "I brought you some smokes," he grins, holding up a package. Yeah, they're candy cigarettes. He puts them down on Hitoshi's nightstand, along with a couple of other packages of candy. "And your winnings." He reaches into one of the pockets of his vest and pulls out some money and a slip of paper. "Yeah, I know," he says holding them out for Hitoshi to take. If Hitoshi actually reads the slip, it's the receipt for his bet on Hitoshi's first round. And the money he's given along with it matches up with the winnings. "Pretty healthy souvenir, but it proves you got pretty far." He sighs. Yeah, he's gonna have to say it. "I'm proud of you."

Taiki walks up to the door, his face an interesting contrast of apprehension and thoughtfulness. He stops before anyone inside the room can see him and looks at his reflection in the plaque. As he stares at the plaque he tries to practice smiling, as if trying to come up with a smile that didn't look worried or whatever. Finally he gets a smile that looks prideful, at least to his eyes. He then takes the last couple of steps into the room and smiles. "Hey Hitoshi," Taiki says as he enters. "How're you feeling?"

As Taiki wasn't at the match he takes a moment to take in his teammate's condition before shrugging. "Well, it could have been worse. At least you don't look too seriously hurt. Congrats on making it this far." His eyes flit to Atsuro before focusing on Hitoshi. Even if Hitoshi hadn't noticed that Taiki wasn't there, Atsuro must have. But this glance isn't held for too long before Taiki lays a book beside Hitoshi's bed. The book is a fictional account of a ninja in a far off land. "Sorry I couldn't get you more… but I'm a little tight on the cash market at the moment."

"Hnn." Berii pops up into the picture how she usually does, not that she was being stealthy, somehow that pink hair made her harder to notice for some reason. In her hands was a round tin, "Um…" Berii looks down to the tin, glad she didn't write anything on it seeing as her original intentions were to give him this cake after /winning/. Berii stares at the tin for quite some time before actually making any mention of what it was, "I made a cheesecake." She glances around for a place to put it giving the doctor a sideways glance as she does so, "Hnn… uh, hi to you too." After putting it down she backs up, just looking awkard in the bunch for now.

The diagnostic Jutsu the medic nin uses is pretty concise… And it's simple enough to see Hitoshi is in more decent shape than he was before. His broken clavicle and the flail segment of his chest was healing up nicely as well. His vital signs were stable. His chakra flow… still diminished to a degree. "I feel tired, and still kind of weak," he remarks softly, shaking his head a little bit and looking to the woman… "But I'd like to be able to get discharged in a day or two, if it's possible."

And then, people start showing up with gifts. And at first, he was a little confused by the I.O.U. … At least, until he realizes why his sensei had it. He looks toward Atsuro, straight-faced, before breaking into a slight smirk and shaking his head a little. "Thank you, sempai," he remarks quietly… and then Taiki and Berii both turn in, and with their own little gifts, he smiles some. He shakes his head, waving his hand softly. "Thanks, guys… I appreciate it… and thanks for coming to visit. Have they proceeded with the next round yet, or what?" he asks toward them, looking between them all.

Mushi raises an eyebrow when so many people come in to visit Hitoshi. "It's a crowd," she says, though she does stand a little left out as words are passed back and forth. She does take a long look at the food that's been brought for Hitoshi, hmm, that riceball wasn't very filling…well, no matter. She considers shooing them from the room, but it's not like her treatment is going to hurt Hitoshi or distract him. Hopefully. Okay, maybe not. "You guys can stay and talk, but stay back." Then she'd sit on the foot of Hitoshi's bed. And make a long line of seals before patting him on the shoulder. Lines of black ink, actually seals, would ripple out over his body and form on the bed around him the pattern of a huge triangle with Hitoshi at the center.
"This may feel…funny," Mushi warns Hitoshi. And indeed it would as the first part of the healing would not be pleasant, forcibly correcting the alignment and connection of bones, followed by a warmer and more soothing wave of healing chakra. Mushi's chakra is visible as white light pouring through the black seal, to the three corners and simultaneously towards the center where Hitoshi is. It'd take a while, in which Mushi is completely silent whether or not anyone speaks, and then the seal disperses. It'd leave Hitoshi remarkably healed in a matter of minutes.

Atsuro can't quite conceal a grin in response to Hitoshi smirking at him. "Yeah yeah," he says, "You don't have to frame it, or whatever, I just thought it'd be a good gift. A symbol of the faith I have in you, or some pill." There's a beat, then he adds, "The candy is just for eating though. And, uh…" His grin takes on a slight hint of wickedness, "You'd better get a lot of rest by the time you're outta here. We have so much to work on, you and I. Oh, Hitoshi, we're going to have so much fun."
And all smugness is instantly replaced by surprise as he realizes that there's a stranger in the room. "Oh, holy fffffff— smokes." He pauses. "Sorry, didn't see you there…" He takes a moment to look at Mushi more closely. Is she a… "doctor?" He takes a step back from Hitoshi's bedside and waits for the medical jutsu to do its stuff. It's all pretty impressive. So much so that he raises an eyebrow, all impressed-like.

Taiki looks over at the Med nin and bows his head, a nervous sort of smile briefly making an appearance on his face. "Hai mednin'san," he says with a bow of his head. He doesn't say anything else to Mushi to avoid distracting her, instead opting to turn his attention toward Hitoshi. "I don't think so?" he speculates, looking toward Berii for confirmation or denial, depending on what she knows. He hasn't been around the arena much at all recently, or his other teammates for that matter. Why is anyone's guess… at least at the moment. No… better stop thinking about it… At least Atsuro isn't calling him on his absence at the moment. He may just be able to avoid being called out on it.

Berii looks over to Taiki and looks thoughtful for a moment, trying to think back on what she heard after leaving the arena, "Um, I'd guess they'd continue on. We kinda left afte' the match." Berii looks over the medical business not sure how that stuff worked at all so she looks over it all impressed like to, with a slightly gaping mouth instead of the eyebrow approach. She doesn't even notice her Sharingan is up now, Berii then gets suuuuuper silent. Just staring like any other creepy Uchiha as Mushi does her work.

A breath is taken as Hitoshi is coached to be still. He nods a little bit, and then, as Mushi begins to do her thing, he closes his eyes… at least, until there's a tap on his shoulder. When he opens them, he looks around himself and the seals spreading from where he was tapped… and he raises his eyebrows, watching them spread out onto the bed… and then he gasps, wincing and shuddering slightly as his bones begin to mend themselves… "Ow, owowow…" he grimaces, shuddering slightly… But then, the warmth begins to spread over him, and he begins to relax again, breathing out and shuddering. "Mmmh…"

As the others talk, he nods a little bit, letting Mushi finish up her work… "I figured they'd wait a few days for the next round of matches," he comments softly, shaking his head and sighing a little. He then looks toward Atsuro, tilting his head and nodding slightly. "I'll be ready to work, Sempai. I think that if I could make it this far -this- time, I should be ten times as ready for the exams this time next year."

Mushi gives a smile to Atsuro and then the others. "I'm Nikumari Mushi, makeshift medic," she tells him after she's finished. Hardly a reassuring title, but it seems she's gotten the job done. She reaches out to take Hitoshi's hand. Perhaps a reassuring squeeze? No, she's already channeling more chakra through him that'd feel more like cool water than a sharp pain or warm chakra. "Medicinal Healing, I give all my techniques cool names," Mushi says with a winning smile. "It'll help relieve stress or pain. You should be able to go out in a day at most, Hitoshi-kun."

"Getting cocky already?" Atsuro asks, "Boy, looks like you learned more from me than I'd thought." He looks meaningfully at Taiki and Berii. "Incidentally, neither of you is getting off easy either. The coming months are just going to be a /blast/." Back to Hitoshi. "Anyway, I guess I've said everything I want to for the moment. I'll come back and visit you later, if you're still in here. Anything you want me to get for you before I go?"
He takes another moment to talk with Mushi. "Inuzuka Atsuro," he introduces himself, holding out a hand to shake. "Thanks for getting the kid back in shape."

"If there is a next time," Taiki reminds Hitoshi with a wink. "After all you don't have to win the entire thing to be promoted, at least that's what I remember Naru'chan saying." He completely misses what he's calling Naru as he continues, "Just give a good enough showing of yourself, and prove you have what it takes. You did your best out there, so just wait to see what the judges say, right?"

Taiki grins at Atsuro's challenge then and says two words, though to those that know him they lack… something. "Bring it." He doesn't say much more on that score, but he had already decided what to do, hadn't he? Time for him to put up or shut up. Turning back to Hitoshi he adds, "Get well Hitoshi'san. I want to test my strength against yours sometime."

"Nn. Thank you, Mushi-san," Hitoshi remarks softly. He watches the lot quietly, tilting his head a little bit, and shaking his head. At the mention of cockiness, he smirks a little bit, though. "I'm afraid being around you has just sharpened the knife, so to speak, Sempai," he jokes softly, and he shakes his head a little bit. "I'm going to rest… and I'll be back on my feet in no time at all," he comments, smiling some. "I'll be out of here tomorrow or the next day… and then we can get to work."

He smiles, though. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Taiki-san," he remarks softly, nodding a little bit and taking a breath. "We'll see. I think it'd be a little crazy, though, considering things." He then looks between everyone… and then looks back to his book for a moment. "I'm going to read a little bit more, then nap, I think. I appreciate everyone stopping by, though. Tomorrow, I'll chase you guys down and we can start on things, nn?" He smiles, then, and nods.

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