Team 4's First Mission!


Kuroko, Eishi, Tomoko, Mokoto

Date: July 26, 2015


Team 4 goes on its first mission. Time for a traditional Konoha initiation!

"Team 4's First Mission!"

Konohagakure Marketplace

Kuroko had summoned Team 4 to the marketplace for their very first mission. As new genin, however, they would be subject to little more than menial tasks and errands - the standard-issue D-rank missions assigned to all Academy graduates. Still, no matter how unexciting a job may seem, there are always opportunities for developing the necessary skills for going on more important, more dangerous missions.
Eishi, Mokoto, and Tomoko would have each received a notice by messenger-mail at their homes, telling them when and where to meet. Kuroko had arrived early to the scene to speak with the store owner they would be working for, and make sure that everything was in order. Once finished, she would stand outside of the shop, dressed in a simple green battle kimono and waiting for her three young students to arrive. There was the smallest of smirks on her face, as she imagined what they would think of their first mission.

Arriving a little bit on the early side, Eishi didn't like showing up late and so planned ahead. Stepping into view, the silver haired genin looks none the worse for having been stabbed in the getting to know you sparring session. Lifting a bandages hand in greeting,"Konnichiwa Aburame-sensei." He says before sliding his hands back into the pockets of his dark purple shorts. He wasn't sure what their first mission would be but he was interested to find out.

Tomoko had not yet met any of her teammates outside of Mokoto, so was excited to them as well as being given her first mission. So she arrives in her normal outfit, though she has a little pouch of medical supplies, most likely just bandages, because you never know what might happen on a mission. She looks around at everyone as she arrives, "Hello."

Mokoto hadn't been home when the messenger had come, so it took a little longer for the note to arrive. Rather, he'd been in the markets picking up some new kunai and shuriken when the messenger found him, and the boy immediately paid for his new equipment and hurried off to the meeting place. Thankfully it was close by, or Mokoto would have run very, very late. As it was he was arrived a few minutes after everyone else.
Rushing around a corner, Mokoto skids to a stop in front of Kuroko and the rest of the team, puffing lightly as he performs a respectful bow. "Many apologies for my lateness, Kuroko-san," he says as he straightens up, "The messenger took a while to find me. Okay, so what's the mission?" He looks around at the other members of the team, remembering Tomoko but not very familiar with Eishi.

Kuroko smiled as each of the genin arrived in turn. First Eishi, then Tomoko, and then finally… "Mokoto-kun," she greets with a small raise of her brow and a maternal smirk as she shakes her head. "I'm glad you could make it. Right! So, everyone, our mission today is to help Tsubayashi-san by cleaning up her grocery store. Apparently, some pests found their way in, and now there is an infestation of rats, roaches, and maggots! Very unsightly. Rotten vegetables and rat droppings all over the place. Your job is to exterminate the pests and clean up the mess they left behind. And you must be thorough! Anything left behind, and the poor shop owner will find her place infested again within a week. Now… are there any questions?"
Kuroko did not pity the young genin for their chore. Even she had to do many of the same tasks, when she was a new genin. Not even clan heads were above the menial jobs, starting out.

"How are we going to get rid of maggots? I mean rats aren't that big of a deal but maggots and roaches are harder to do because of the fact they can hide in cracks and remultiply." Eishi says blinking slowly. Truth be told the idea was gross as can be but he was also worried about what this would actually mean to complete. His techniques weren't really useful in this sort of thing just yet.

Tomoko tilts her head slightly as she looks at the store and is glad it isn't one the places she normally shops. For a moment she wonders if they should instead of shutting the place down for clear health violations but then looks to the other, "Well it doesn't sound too hard. It is just cleaning right?"

Mokoto looks to Eishi and says, "You can leave that part to me. My kikaichu can infiltrate any place that a cockroach or maggot can. They'll flush them out and eat them. You two should focus on the rats and cleaning up the droppings." He nods to each of the other two Genin. "Tomoko-san, you're right. There's nothing wrong with a little simple labour," he says, sounding near to laughing. Then he walks into the store ahead of the others and takes stock of his surroundings, looking for any particularly good hiding spots for maggots and insects.

Kuroko smiles warmly at Mokoto's ingenuity. Leave it to an Aburame to find all sorts of inventive ways to utilize their insects. "Well done, Mokoto-kun, that is a clever idea. I will be just outside having a chat with the store owner, if any of you have any questions."
The three genin would find, upon entering the store, that 'infestation' had been an understatement. Cockroaches flew across the floor as soon as the door was opened, scurrying for any dark hiding place in any corner that they could find. The squeak of rats could be heard from unknown locations, that seemed to come from every direction. Rotten food lay on the floor and counters, which heaps of maggots happily feasted on. This was not going to be an easy job.

"Well… I am so going to the Hot Springs after this." Eishi says shaking his head a bit at the sight before him. "I wish I had gotten the hang of Inuzuka Hige's technique for moving faster." He says looking around,"I guess I'll start with the rats. You can go with the cockroaches to start with while Mokoto-san works on the maggots. We'll eliminate them and get this job done quickly so we don't have to deal with this longer than necessary."

Tomoko continues to look around a little, "This seems like a health hazard, how did it get this bad to start with." She takes a deep breath and then focuses as her eyes narrow slightly as she activates her Byakugan, to look at see just how bad things are under the surface.

Mokoto nods to Tomoko. "I agree, all this spoiled food could have had the hospital up to its neck in food poisoning for weeks. Good thing we're here to clean it up, right?" he says as he forms a handseal. Kikaichu immediately begin to crawl out from his coat and down on to the ground, hunting down cockroaches quickly and effectively as the Aburame boy conducts a more manual inspection of the shop.

With Tomoko's Byakugan, she would be able to see that in fact, the walls are filled with all manner of pests, and… Termites?!? This place might as well get demolished and completely rebuilt! But, the shop keeper loves this place, so the team had better just take care of cleaning it up. When Mokoto unleashes his kikaichu, the insects manage to find a good portion of the vermin hiding in the walls, effectively killing them and eating their carcasses. How… tasty. So far, so good. But there was still a long way to go.

"What do you think? Plan sound good or is it worse than what we see?" Eishi asks curiously as he begins looking around at the various things. He's pretty much the most normal person here. His blue eyes are tracking rats right now. "I think I'll get a broom though and start sweeping." He says looking at the place and thinking it is pretty much disgusting and needs to be burned down and everyone safe.

Mokoto pulls a fridge out from the wall, and more insects scurry out from behind it in panic. Kikaichu swarm in and start dismantling the roach hotel in a frenzy, and Mokoto folds his arms. "Well, it appears to be going well so far. At this rate we'll have the job finished before lunch," he says as he gets down on his hands and knees to take a look underneath some shelves. "What do you think Tomoko?"

Tomoko sighs slightly, "It looks like they have termites as well. This place really is pretty bad. Hopefully the floor doesn't collapse under us while we are cleaning." She looks around a little as she starts by moving any large objects or clutter outside so it isn't in the way, since obviously they will need to scrub the entire place down. "I wonder if we can get posion for all the stuff?"

While Eishi is standing there, some of the rats start crawling over to chew on his shoes (and his toes!), some of them even crawling up his pant leg. He MIGHT want to take care of those, first, before he becomes hungry rat food.
While poison /may/ help, unfortunately, the genin won't be able to see any around. That's probably how the pests ended up here in the first place. When Tomoko starts moving objects around, even more of the insects scurry away towards the cracks in the walls to try and hide. All but the maggots, who continue feasting happily all over the floor. Maybe Tomoko could go for taking out what she can reach, before worrying about what she can see inside the walls.
As for Mokoto, his kikaichu swarm into the cracks, but the roaches only crawl deeper into the walls! They're fast little buggers. It'll take some strategic movement to catch all of /them/.

"Ow! What the heck?" Eishi says before he runs out of the shop for a moment to rid himself of the vermin in a space that is NOT the shop. If they don't have to kill them, he won't. It just makes his life a little bit easier. "This is ridiculous." He mutters under his breath. He's trying to get rid of the stupid rats that were on me. He's about ready to try out some of the lightning style.

Tomoko looks over to Mokoto, "Maybe we could like scare all the bugs so they run to one side of the room, then you can ambush them all?" She goes to the opposite side of the room as him and starts moving stuff around, and banging lightly to hopefully scare the bug over towards Mokoto and his bugs.

"Actually, I'm sending kikaichu around entire areas, trying to leave no way for the cockroaches in the walls to escape. Try to herd them towards these areas," Mokoto says, pointing out two areas of the store where he's forming traps with his kikaichu. As he forms a handseal, commanding his kikaichu throughout the walls and preparing mini-ambushes for the annoying insects. "Let's see how you like this," he mutters, changing the handseal and causing his kikaichu to suddenly attack.

Tomoko and Mokoto's teamwork proved successful in killing off another good chunk of the hidden pests. About half of the roaches were now dead. There were still the maggots and rats left to deal with, however, and chances were they would not be safely gotten rid of unless they were dead. So those genin better get to exterminating! Eishi proved a tasty snack for the rats already, so maybe that would be a good motivator for him to start getting a move on!

Rats are now public enemy number one as far as Eishi's concerned. His hands form his seals quickly before he holds his palm out towards the rats that are trying to climb on his body, issuing a bolt of lightning towards the rats. He actually repeats the process quickly to try and get rid of at least a few of the stupid buggers that are climbing on his body. Now it's time to get a good read on these things.

Tomoko looks around and just steps on anything that happens to be on the floor, or comes running out onto the floor. They are apparently going to have to kill all of them anyway, so any moving thing she sees she tries to crush under her foot.

Having rounded up most of the cockroaches into one area, Mokoto continues his insectile persecution with a flourish of his hands. "Go Kikaichu!" he yells, getting a little frustrated this his insects are taking longer than expected to eliminate the threat. It turns out that these cockroaches are tougher than expected. He glances over at the other two and says, "You two look like you're having." He laughs softly and returns his attention to the cockroaches, watching his kikaichu launch an all-out assault.

Team 4 had really picked up the pace! Eishi's lightning attacks were zapping more and more rats by the minute, leaving smoking bodies littered all around him as he picks them off one by one. So far, about a third of the rats had been killed. Meanwhile, Tomoko's stomping and squishing of the maggots was…. not going so well. They were so squirmy! Maybe she would be able to think of a better way to handle this situation. Mokoto, meanwhile had really sent his kikaichu on orders to kill, and the roaches were drastically decreasing in number. Only 20% of them remained, cowering in the furthest depths of the wall cavities. The end was nigh. Kuroko could not be more proud of such a hard-working team!

"How are we doing with the maggots and the cockroaches?" Eishi calls out as he goes about trying to do more extermination duties of his own. So rats aren't enjoying his jutsu, but then he doesn't much care for them trying to nibble on him. Time for some more exterminations. He does his seals and works on sending more lightning from his palm towards the rats to try and finish them off as quickly as he possibly can.

Tomoko looks around a bit, "There is still a ton of them all over the place, this place is really disgusting. She will try to hide though, and slowly sneak up on some maggots. And then stomp on them really quick before they move!

With his chakra levels waning, Mokoto takes a deep breath and focuses more, letting his attention drift from his assault on the cockroaches only long enough to regather his strength. "This is really taking a lot of effort, but I'm nearly there," he says to the others, then sends his kikaichu on what should be the last push to exterminate the cockroaches.

Unfortunately, the rats had now become aware that something was hunting them, making them scurry even faster out of the way of Eishi's lightning strikes. Tough luck! Tomoko, on the other hand had effectively managed to sneak up on the maggots (as if that's really difficult to do), and had even tried stomping on a few! But her stomps certainly weren't very powerful (or very fast), so most of the maggots still ended up getting away. She'd just have to try harder! Mokoto's kikaichu continued to root out the roaches little by little, leaving only about ten percent of their original numbers alive now. They were getting there!

This is eating a lot more of his chakra than initially anticipated, taking a quick breath to gather more chakra, Eishi doesn't let the little buggers get too far away. He's not having a good day so far and is pretty much way behind where he'd like to be. Truth be told he wonders if someone did set this whole thing up with rats that could use chakra to run faster dang it. Moving his hands to form the seals, he decides to give it another shot at trying to fry the stupid rodents!

Tomoko takes a deep breath as she stares at the little maggots and then takes a deep breath as she increases the blood flow to her eyes and activates her byakugan, and then rapidly starts stamping around all over the place.

Despite his failed attempt, Mokoto tries again to overrun the last remnants of the cockroaches in the walls, sending his kikaichu swarms in. The walls almost vibrate with the sound of the feet and tiny wings batting as the fight the tiny, insectoid menaces. "I think I'm done with the cockroaches," Mokoto says to the others, "How are you guys doing?"

Despite the rats' quick scurrying, Eishi does manage to zap a few more of the buggers, taking them down to about half of their original number. That still left quite a few running around, however… But between the three of them, they could surely finish the job! Tomoko's Byakugan must have given her super speed, or super strength, or /something/, because she was now squashing the larvae with tremendous efficiency! There were more maggots than any other pest, though, so the team had best get to work on THAT before they spread! Thankfully, due to Mokoto's excellent use of kikaichu, all of the hidden roaches had been sought out and eaten (those insects must be STUFFED!). Maybe the kikaichu could even help get rid of some of the maggots now! Sure, the rest of this should be a piece of cake, right?

"Rats are getting worked out." Eishi says as he focuses on the rats still, doing his best to track them down to play fry the scurrying rat. Once he's done with them he'll lend a hand to Tomoko. Divide and conquer is usually the best strategy for this sort of thing. The lightning from the palm seems to be a fairly efficient method of getting the rats downed. He'll have to think later if there was a technique that might have helped a little more but for now. Do what you know works.

Tomoko continues to focus, seeing all the bugs all over, all around here in 360 degrees. She continue to stomp across the floor, stomping here, and stomping there, trying to crush all the ones she can reach.

Mokoto, having finished with the cockroaches, turns his attention to the maggots. The kikaichu slowly crawl out of the walls and up into his coat and Mokoto begins searching for maggot hiding places and bashing them with his gloved fists. "Well, this certainly isn't easy," he says as he pulls out a drawer that is literally full of the larvae.

Eishi's attacks were slowly but surely taking care of those nasty rats. It had taken a lot of work, but they were finally dead! Now all that was left were those pesky maggots. Tomoko and Mokoto working together had managed to kill off most of them already. A little more work and they should be able to finish the job! Then all that would be left would be to clean up all the mess the pests left behind, and get this shop in clean, working order.

Tomoko continues crushing and stomping on annoying maggots, until she sees one trying to be sneaky and wiggle away. She juuken strikes it, touching it lightly with her finger tip before the chakra causes it to explode.

Mokoto's kikaichu begin rounding up the maggots, biting them and leaving the little carcasses all over the shop. Meanwhile Mokoto seems completely unperturbed by picking them up and crushing them in his fist, juicy bits squeezing out on to the floor. "I feel like we're making more mess than we're cleaning," he says, stomping on another little batch of the critters, "I hope a cleaning crew costs the owner less than a group of shinobi." And he laughs as the last of his kikaichu slowly return to him, disappearing in a writhing mess under his coat, their banquet complete.

Team 4 had done an excellent job of exterminating all the pests! The cleanup had perhaps taken the longest, though, and by the time they were done, it was well into the afternoon. "Well done!" Kuroko says to them when they finally exit the building, looking down at the trio with an amused expression. "I hope you enjoyed Konoha's traditional initiation mission! Now, since you all worked so hard, I'm going to treat you all to a bath and a round of ramen. How does that sound?"
Yes, the whole extermination of foul vermin mission was a classic first mission for all new genin. Kuroko was only going along with the trend! She really wasn't a /mean/ sensei, no! But she would be remiss if she didn't give her team a proper initiation experience.

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