Team 8 Assemble!


Nobunaga, Isura, Yasuki, Zankuro

Date: September 10, 2014


Team 8 is finally complete with Yasuki. Nobunaga is eager to put them to the test on this dangerous kidnapping assignment.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team 8 Assemble!"

Deserted Village Ruins

At long last Team 8 is fully assembled and ready for action. This would be their first mission including Yasuki. Nobunaga is eager to see how the mission progresses. Now that Yasuki has joined the team Nobunaga is winning back trust stating that 'Team 8 collateral damage problems are over.' Thus their mission today would test just that. A Nobles eldest and only son has been kidnapped. He's being held for ransom and terms state that the Noble must NOT seek outside help and must NOT notify any authoritative figures including his own private guard. To guarantee his son's safe return the Noble would have to pay the outrageous amount given. Naturally the Noble would do no such thing even for his son/only heir. So he's done exactly what the kidnappers told him not to do and hired Konoha to solve his problem. Konoha sent TEAM 8.

Their mission took them to Kadomai first to meet with the client. He seemed rather unfazed by his son's apprehension and more outraged at the price the kidnappers demanded. The client gives the Leaf Shinobi the message stating when and where the exchange will be made. They have one day. The private guard of the Noble have managed to trace the whereabouts of the kidnappers down as well as determine their identity. A group that goes by the name Last Whisper. Not much is known about them except that they are against all politicians, monarchs, Nobles, etc. The Noble states that he wants Team 8 to have his son back safely BEFORE the day is over. Naturally this concerned Nobunaga. Begrudgingly he agrees to these terms and sets off with his team.

They'd arrive at the kidnappers' hideout where the son is supposed to be held. They find themselves in the remnants of a village long deserted. Most of the village is rubble but looks to have been of decent size back when it was standing. The only building that remains in tacked is a hospital. Remarkably is stood though it seems to have suffered a great fire. Nobunaga and his team would be waiting behind some rubble scoping out the building. He has sent Isura to circle the hospital and try and determine how many hostiles, if any, are inside this hospital. "These aren't the best circumstances. But given the nature of this mission we must not be seen and if we are…we must make sure that we are the last thing they see. Until we have secured his son that is." Nobunaga explains looking between Zankuro and Yasuki.

Knowing that Team 8 was finally complete and had for the longest time now been waiting on him, Yasuki was somewhat uncomfortable with the knowledge that this was of course a mission for the entire team, but was mainly going to be used to test his nonexistent abilities. So for him to appear as a valuable asset, he would have to offer his service in another way. "So.." Yasuki would utter under his breath to the others gathered. "Do we have a plan? I've got a couple. The first would simply be setting the building that the majority of the Last Whisper forces are hiding in, on fire. Waiting for them to escape to safety and then picking them off one by one." That plan, the Yamanaka figured, was the option the two firestarters would go for the most. "The other idea that comes to mind being that we have the location and time that the Noble is to meet for the exchange. One of us could Henge to look like the man while the rest of us lie in wait until the boy seemed out of harms way before attack." He'd shrug though, as he kept his focus on the building ahead, waiting to see what Isura's hostility count might be.

Zankuro felt like kicking his past self for ever holding on to the delusion that a reprieve would be given for checking in at a hospital. He really, really, REALLY did want to. In place of some magical time-space jutsu randomly appearing at his disposal, the Sarutobi spent the better part of the journey to meet the noble mentally kicking himself. He might've kept on doing it afterwards despite the importance of the mission if not for the identity of the kidnappers being confirmed as the Last Whisper. A splinter cell of 'The Silence'? Or just some random kidnappers taking advantage of the most recent trouble to plague the shinobi world? Either way, the group definitely had his attention. Granted, the whole mystery behind the group paled in comparison to Zankuro's dislike of the noble's father. Every fiber of his BEING screamed at him to immolate the man for worrying more about money over his own flesh and blood.
Beyond a few muttered complaints as they left, Zankuro kept himself in check. For now…

"We're gonna have to hold off on plan making until we got a better idea on who we're facing anyways." Zankuro states as he peeked over their cover to take a gander at the hide out. "Though the disguise idea ain't bad. Worst-case scenario, we could probably direct blame on some other group trying to muscle in on their job.. Heheh… oooh, that'd be awesome."

Isura would be in the mist of training coming off a win with Zankuro his rival he was in a pretty good mood and relaxed, as the man spoke about his son he made sure to note that his anger was directed towards the money then anything else. He would also notice the vibe Yasiloe was putting out he would then whisper to him under his breath to him "yo man just chill you're no used tensed up like that. If anything else fail Nobu will be there to bail you out if not me and Zankuro are only a few steps behind." Isura smiled and nodded to his before they came to the outskirts of the hospital once there he would use his sharingan to scale the forces inside he spoke softly to the group "there are a lot of them inside…" He paused to count each and every chakra he could read inside of the building "I notice 8 chakras. Two at each corner of the building. That's just the outside though…from inside the build I can't really tell until I go inside but what I can tell from here there might be more inside then out…so we should all be on our toes in there. For the one's outside I figured me and Zankuro could put out a cover heatwave to aid in distortion of vision with Sear then we strike swiftly…but that's just my plan of course…" Isura was trying to break away from just hitting and smashing loki and move more towards stealth.

Nobunaga grins at Yasuki "Actually Yas I was thinking the same thing. Unfortunately that client of ours demands that we have it done before that day arrives. That was my initial idea…before he got all demanding. Pompous oaf." Nobunaga chuckles. "As far as the other plan…eh while setting fires SEEMS to be our specialty it's too risky. We could injure the son. While it does seem probable that the kidnappers would protect their hostage it's still a long shot from a guarantee. So that's out. That would also be like announcing to them that the Noble deliberately disobeyed them. And while that is exactly what he did…we can't let them know that yet." Nobunaga explains. "But…I might have and idea. If you don't mind being under a little pressure for your first mission." Nobunaga begins to suggest.

Isura's report is useful but also troublesome. "This group isn't as small as I had hoped." He considers Isura's idea and nods. "Actually that's not too far off from what I was expecting." Nobunaga looks back to the building. He points to the west end of the building at the two grunts standing guard. "We need to get closer. But Ihave a plan." Nobunaga states. He'd lead his team within a decent range. Any closer though and they run the risk of being noticed. He turns to look at the genin "So this is the plan. Zankuro I want you to use your genjutsu to stun both of those guys. At least grab one of them. Isura and I will then move to knock one out and silence the other. Yasuki that's when I want you to use your mind transfer jutsu on the one guy that's still conscious. If that's successful we'll move on to the second portion." Nobunaga explains. They would have to act quickly so that no one would notice. Nobunaga waits for his team to offer any thought to the plan. "If we have no issues then Zankuro…on your mark." Nobunaga gathers a bit more chakra just incase. He then waits on Zankuro before making a move. "Isura be ready."

Swing and a miss. Both of Yasuki's ideas turned out to be flops, but it wasn't unexpected. It was his first time working with the team as a whole, so to come out batting 1000 would actually set the bar a little higher than he wanted. At least this way, not much more could be expected from him, right? Wrong. Hearing Nobunaga was planning on using him more, Yasuki could only force a smile and nod in agreement with the idea of the plan. "Sounds reasonable. Just remember that at my current level of the mind-body-switch technique that my body will be left unattended and if the person I take over gets injured, then the wounds transfer back to me." Not something he was looking forward to happening, but hoping for the best, Yasuki brought his hands up in front of his face, bringing his fingers together as he prepared his ability.

Zankuro smirked at Isura's pep talk with Yasuki. Then, he sighed heavily in defeat, for his plan wasn't even worth considering it seemed. Well, at least he tried. When it is time to move, the Sarutobi follows without complain. There's a few close calls along the way though. His frame wasn't exactly built for sneaking about quite yet. A little flaw that he promised to work on. Later. Much Later. Maybe a year from now?
"Wait, whoa, wha? Isn't knocking them out the same as silencing them?" Even as the words left his mouth he knew how stupid he must've sounded. That was kind of the point though. A little light hearted joking over death before becoming to jaded about it, or whatever. But in any case, as soon as he got an answer, Zankuro refocused on his targets and built up his chakra. "I'll keep an eye on it, Yasuki-san. Just worry bout help'n the others." He whispered before narrowing his eyes at the targets. "Mark." Zankuro states upon forming the ram seal, tricking the grunts minds with ninja wire coiling about their limbs and throats.

Isura just moved swiftly as soon as Zankuro chakra was leaked and the grunts were influenced by it he was making double sure to capture his target using a blinding heat wave of pure chakra only to swiftly follow up with a swift but powerful blow to the pit of the stomach. Once it connected he twisted to caused the most knock pain he could. He then Position the body in a sitting stance so that Yasuki would have a chance to take over the body. However a kunai was ready to kill what ever one that Yasuki didn't chose. Can't risk it coming back to bite him in the hulk. "Well now that was easy enough wouldn't you say guys?" Is stated softly before he waved his eyes around to make sure their cover wasn't blown. "So far so good." Is said softly this time however it was to himself.

"Understood Yasuki. I'll keep that in mind." Nobunaga assures the young Yamanaka. Looking to Zankuro Nobunaga blinks "Well I don't know much about the mind transfer jutsu but I don't think it works on unconscious targets." He strokes his chin. "I could however…be completely mistaken." He shrugs and shakes his head "Anyway are you ready yet?" When Zankuro says 'Mark' everyone performs optimally. Though Zankuro didn't entrap one of the grunts in his genjutsu Isura took care of him. Nobunaga moved to ensnare the one Zankuro did catch with his hardened scarf and suffocated the man. He nods to Isura and waits for Yasuki's jutsu. "So far so good indeed." he concurs.

Once Yasuki's jutsu is complete Nobunaga would move on to explain part two of his plan. "Alright now the hard part. Yasuki-san, once you're accustomed to your new body you'll need to infiltrate the building along with Isura and find the son." Nobunaga states. "Zankuro and I will impersonate the guards and keep an eye on Yasuki's body." He finishes. "Oh…we're also going to have to dispose of this." Nobunaga says laying the dead grunt down. "Isura try to remain unseen. But if you are take out any hostile that sees you. Once you've secured the son try to make it back here as quickly as possible. Remember any damage done to this guard now is done to Yasuki's true form. So don't get reckless." Nobunaga reminds. "Good luck." Nobunaga wishes as he hides the body.

Seeing his target restrained, Yasuki let loose the mind-body-switch causing his body to collapse toward the ground. A motionless heap. "Just need you to set me free" The ensnared guard would say, waiting until Nobunaga released his jutsu before rising to his feet and glancing between the three. "Sounds…like we should have just set the building on fire." Guard-Yasuki would comment, feeling like that's going to be the end result anyways. "Watch my body. I like it and it's the only one I have." He'd wave before looking toward Isura, offering a nod and then moving toward the hospital's entrance.

'Widow!' Zankuro starts to move out of cover to make up his mistake, but Isura and Nobunaga more than fixes it. He looks over their defeated targets and bites his lips. "Doesn't really get easier…" He mutters darkly. Afterwards, he refocuses on Nobunaga for their next set of instructions. Seeing as how he was the scroll expert, the corpse is quickly sealed up in the giant scroll strapped to the Sarutobi's back. "Good luck you two," He says. Once Isura and Yasuki was ready, he'd give them a salute before henging into a new guard.
As for Yasuki, well, he'd henge the boy into a fancy sword!

Isura smugly looked at Zankuro before laughing "Don't worry Zankuro I'll save your iron again, good thing I think ahead right?" Is said half jokingly and half mockingly. Jokes aside though it was time for phase two of Nobu plan and based on it, it might proved to be the hardest yet. Once they got into the hospital he would smile to Yasuki before allowing himself to fade into the shadows sharingan still flaring he would be loose and tight at the same time. "A ninja must be ready for anything and an Uchiha must be ready for everything." Isura would be more focus then even on mission with thoughts of what happen the last time out although this time it was less pressure having Zankuro around and Yasuki actually made it even more less never wrecking.

Nobunaga rubs his head at Yasuki's comment. "Come on now, have some faith in Isura. He's come a long way." Nobunaga nods to Zankuro as he takes care of everything including Yasuki's body. "Nice. Well we're covered on our part. You two get going." Nobunaga waves Yasuki and Isura on. He began to think that perhaps maybe it was a bad idea to send Isura in with Yasuki but he was confident that Yasuki would think of something just in case things went wrong. He looks to Zankuro and nods. "They got this. Nothing to worry about….right?" He seeks confirmation and more importantly comfort from the Sarutobi. For some reason Nobunaga couldn't shake the feeling that he'd made a mistake.

On to Yasuki and Isura. They enter the building with a bit of ease. Yasuki and Isura would be making their way through the building with ease until a grunt on patrol rounds the corner and spots Isura, rather quickly. "What the he-" The grunt begins going through some handseals "Hey behind you Oda!" he calls out to Yasuki, who is in the body of a guard named Oda apparently.

Meanwhile back out front with Nobunaga and Zankuro, two more grunts approach them. "Hey…did you two hear something a bit ago?" one of the guards asks Zankuro. "Thought I saw something too." the other adds. They look to Nobunaga and Zankuro for confirmation. Nobunaga is quick to act. "Nope. Nothing. Shouldn't you two be on guard duty?" he asks. They both look to each other then back to Nobunaga "Man it's been pretty dull all day. No one's coming. I doubt that Noble even cares that we got his kid." The other guard shakes his head "Maybe not but he'll have no choice. He either complies with our demands or loses his only heir." the guard explains. "Do you really think he'll do it?" They both then look to Nobunaga and Zankuro "What do you guys think?"

So far so good, Yasuki thought as he entered the building without any complications and from the few times he'd glance behind himself, wasn't even able to spot Isura watching his back. Either that meant the Uchiha was skilled enough at staying hidden or…had left Yasuki to deal with this on his own. The further the Yamanaka moved through the hospital, the more he thought the latter to be true. Up until a guard crosses his path and catches sight of Isura. Not wanting to blow cover, Yas…Oda would furrow his brows and quickly look over his shoulders, "He must have followed me in. Don't let him get away. I'll report to the others that the Noble has disobeyed our orders and be on the look out for more!" Not waiting for a reply, he'd rush past the patrol grunt only to spin about and with the only abilities Oda had at his disposal, offer a blow to the back of the patrols head.

"I think you two are wasting time better spent guarding your area. Now if you don't mind, buzz off." Zankuro had been the model quiet man to the two man group in every way, shape, and form. He made no odd gestures. He made no comments. His eyes stayed focused purely on scanning the outlying areas while Nobunaga tried to ward off the guards. But while keeping the guards there or knocking them out would've been ideal, having too many missing would only cause more trouble then worthwhile. If that is not enough, then there's always plan B. The kind of plan bound to be implemented anyways when everything was reliant on Isura being sneaky. >.>

Isrua notice he was found out instead of blowing everyone cover he just put his hands up, "easy easy, I give I give…I was just trying to sneak in to break out my friend…" He would frown as he was discovered so early on then he intended but right now giving himself up is the best action or so it would seems. As he shifted places with his clone. The real Isura would still try and hide once more, hopefully he could get away this time. If all else failed though he would have his chakra molded to launch an attack from his position he was thinking on the lines of a huge fireball threatening to burn any and everyone currently out on the floor. For now though his clone would be taken in or so he hoped.

The grunt nods to Oda and fires off a large fireball at Isura and his clone seeing through Isura's ploy. The plan seemed sound but Nobunaga didn't account for Isura's impulsiveness or his chemistry with Yasuki. All part of the learning process. Oda or Yasuki's punch did nothing but alert the grunt that he was a traitor. "What the hawkeye do you think you are doing Oda?" The grunt turns around to wallop Oda but first he sounds the alarm. "We got an intruder! And a traitor Oda's gone crazy!" And like that Nobunaga's entire plan just went up in smoke. The building is alert and live with Last Whisper members running amuck.

Meanwhile back with Nobunaga and Zankuro. The two grunts make sour faces at Zankuro's suggestion. "Hey man it's been dead for hours. Nobody is coming here. Don't be such a stiff." One of them snaps looking to be quite cross with Zankuro. Nobunaga sighs "Listen he has a point. We'll get in trouble if we're caught standing around talking." The two grunt look to Nobunaga then to each other. "Man these guys are no fun. Let's go to the east wing guys." They start to walk off but a few floors above them a fireball erupts forth from the building. "Whoa." that's when the alarm is heard by Nobunaga, Zankuro, and everyone else. "We got action!" One of the grunts cheers. They both rush in to check it out. "The two of ya can stay here and 'guard your area' we're gonna buzz off." they laugh. Nobunaga looks to Zankuro and signals towards the two grunts. "Plan B." he says before undoing the henge and lashing around to slice both the grunts with a swipe of his scarf. Seems now they'll have to improvise.

Isura took off? What the thor… If Yasuki knew the Uchiha was going to do that he wouldn't have popped the guy from behind, just continued on with the original plan. Ugh, it was his own fault really. Nobunaga warned him about the hot headed nature of the team. "Sorry, can't stick around." Seeing the punch coming his way, Yasuki released the mind-body-switch before he would take the damage, leaving Oda to get popped while Yasuki's body regained consciousness and appeared from the henge next to Zankuro and Nobunaga, "Yeah, that didn't work out to well."

Zankuro's only answer to the insolent guards is a deresive snort, followed by a roll of his eyes as they wondered away. Just as he was begining to think they were in the clear and the weird feeling tough guy persona could be dismissed, the freaking alarms go off! Zankuro mutters a childish curse, and promised to volunteer for the stealth portion of any team mission in the future. Then upon noting the signal from Nobunaga, the teen tried to incapacitate the duo as he did the first guards. That is, presuming Nobunaga's efforts don't prove necessary.

Noticing the ejections of chakra leaving Odo body it gave Isura the shot he needed, the guard didn't care that he gave himself up nor did he take his friend striking at him too kindly thus he would shift about in his stance and flare his sharingan. Seeing one of the guys go down he would laugh to himself and seeing the fireball he would shift try and bring up a wall of fire to block the fireball but it failed. Sliding back and wincing from the heat the sounds of pain shifting to that of sure utter laughter. "Noice now let's see whom flames burn the hottest yours or mine." Pulling back he would release a powerful fireball towards them, a slight frown would appear upon his face before he spoke softly to himself. "I shouldn't burn the place to the ground like that…at least no one else is here to see this or else this could be tossed back onto me." Thinking the fireball was enough he shifted and headed further down the hall checking room to room searching for the boy.

Yasuki leaves Oda high and dry letting him take a punch to the face. Oda is out cold, again. The grunt sneers having got the upperhand on Isura. "Pssh man you're stupid if you think you can get out of here alive." He then is staring at a fireball. He attempts to defend against it with blaze haze and much like Isura he has very little success. The man is wounded and winded allowing Isura to get by him. But the Uchiha wouldn't have the freedom to check every room. Three grunts have already converged on his location. One tosses a smoke bomb at Isura. The others flash through handseals. It appears these aren't ordinary grunts anymore. With their seals finished two streams of lightning make their way towards Isura. One was to shock the Uchiha the other was intended to numb his muscles and paralyze him.

Meanwhile back outside Nobunaga has slays one of the grunts but the other narrowly evaded his attack. But that one fell victim to Zankuro's genjutsu. That's when Yasuki shows up. Nobunaga nods softly "I figured. We've gotta change plans. We need to find the boy before they move him or worse. We need a plan. I'm thinking that Zankuro can go assist Isura and cause havoc while Yasuki and I search for the boy. But I'm open to suggestions." Nobunaga looks upwards hearing more commotion. "Oh Isura…I hope he doesn't burn the building down just yet."

Knowing time was a factor due to how long of a fuse there was before Isura burned the building down from the inside out or until the Last Whisper decoded to profit kill the boy…Yasuki ran toward Nobunaga and… jumped on the man's back. "If you can scale the walls, we can look through the windows until we spot the boy and most likely the man in charge of these rag tag individuals. Then I could use my mind-body-switch technique once again and be in control of the situation." It sounded like a decent plan inside the Yamanaka's head, but there were a lot of factors involved that all needed to work, one after the other.

Isura shifted once he saw the smoke bomb and with quickness fazed through hand seals to created some clones to replace him as the real one darted out the window. As he scaled the wall he would pop inside of the window behind the elites and lanuched two covering fires making sure to burn them in their tracks before shifting back and going back to what he was doing. Although he was starting to get a little tired and thus had to pause before resuming his task. "Where of where can you be my little cash cow?"

Nobunaga looks to Zankuro "Ok well then go up and try to contain Isura…and bail him out while you're at it." He then looks to Yasuki now in shock "What're you do?" he says before Yasuki hopes a top him like he was a horse. Nobunaga hears Yasuki and nods. "Sounds like a plan." Nobunaga says no longer in confusion as to why Yasuki just did what he did. "Not like we having anything to fear as far as the covert goes." He jokes. He signals Zankuro to be on his way while he and Yasuki scale the building. Nobunaga spares no time "Hang on tight." he advises Yasuki.

Isura duped all the Elites with his clone ploy and the surprise counter attack connected with each of them. His flames engulfed the entire floor. One of the elites is gone, burned to a crisp. The other two suffered injuries but are still able to fight back. Isura however has compromised the building now. The fire began to spread and if that weren't bad enough the location of the Noble's son has not yet been established. His life was in even more jeopardy now. "This guy is insane. You think he's an assassin? Sent here to take out the kid?" The elite asks the other. "Probably…doesn't seem like he was hired by the Noble. He's doing more harm than good." they confirm it with each other. "I got eyes on him." One calls out. He spins two kunai in hand before launching one at Isura. It takes a strange curve but it is adjusted when he launches the other right into it thus sending it on a tricky path towards Isura. While his eyes were following that attack the other elite would attack with another arc of lightning. This one was much larger though and was aimed to knock Isura out the window, for good.

Meanwhile Nobunaga and Yasuki scale the building. As a floor erupts in fire Nobunaga groans. "Isura…" Suddenly a scream is heard. "Shut that kid up." a voice follows. It's coming from the same floor that's on fire. Following the voice Nobunaga and Yasuki would come to a room, heavily ablazed, that contained about five guards and one man in robes. Nobunaga spots the kid who's hands are locked behind his back. "You four go take care of the disturbance. Put out this fire before the building burns down." He looks to the boy. "Our location as been compromised. We must move the boy." The remaining guard at the robed man's side speaks "Why not just kill him and ditch the place?" the robed man hisses at the guard. "Silence as trusted me with this task! We will not be showing them that we are incapable of such simple things." he begins to flash through hand seals before he pounds the floor. A hole appears leading downward to lower floors. He takes the boy and hands him to the guard. "Meet up at the other safehouse." he commands the guard. With that the guard drops down the hole with the boy. Nobunaga growls "So Silence is involved with this too? Great. Hang on Yas, we're out of time. I'm going to have to get violent." Nobunaga leaps into the blazing room taking the robed man by surprise. His scarf already unwinding and snaking its way towards the man.

Holding on tightly, Yasuki clung to Nobunaga, not wanting to fall off as the man began his ascent up the wall of the abandoned hospital. Explosions and flames were pouring out every opening in the building, leaving Yasuki to hope that it would all miss the pair as they searched for the boy. Luckily, Nobunaga heard the cries of the child and leading them directly toward their destination, they arrived just in time to watch one of the guards fall down a newly formed hole. Once Nobunaga burst into the room attacking the robbed figure, Yasuki jumped free and made his way toward the hole. Assuming the guard was still in sight, Yasuki brought his hands together and focused before sending his consciousness out to ensnare the guard.

The clone dashes in front of its master to take the first attack however the lightning cannon that came afterwards caught him and knocked him straight out of the window. As he flew he could remember back when he first unlocked sharingan. He would take a calming breath and he would pull out wire affixing it to a kunai. He slings it towards a tree and used it to guide him down. Once his feet touched the ground he rolled. Panting he yells out for Zankuro to join him. Afterwards Zankuro would start with first aid just enough so that if push came to shove they could defend themselves again. "Boy these guys burned most of the building down…captains that was my job…" Isura rose to his feet before looking at the building with sharingan he notices the moving chakra signatures that he matched to Nobu, Yasuki and the kid.

With Isura knocked out of the building the elites begin dousing it with water ninjutsu. "You think he's dead?" one of them asks the other. "Like it matters. We just need to make sure the kid's ok." Slowly but surely the flames that threatened to collapse the ancient hospital are quelled. But perhaps it's too late. From outside the hospital Zankuro and Isura would notice the building is crumbling. From within though most would've have a clue. The guards outside spot Isura and Zankuro. "There's more of em!? Hey guys over here!" and like that they'd have another brawl on their hands with about six grunts headed their way.

Back on the previously burning floor Nobunaga lands a quick strike on the robed figure just penetrating his earthen armor. The robed man growls and prepares to begin his counter attack against Nobunaga. Yasuki's quick action might've just saved the mission. His mind trick stunned the escaping guard long enough for his mind switch to take effect. Now Yasuki is with the boy their target. Bad news though….the hospital is now coming down. Nobunaga and robbed man prepare to face off but when their floor starts shaking and the ceiling begins to crumble they both decide to get out of there. To make sure Nobunaga didn't pursue however the robbed man directs a nice chunk of earth at Yasuki's mindless body. Preoccupied with that Nobunaga cannot stop the robed man from escaping.

Yasuki's body would suddenly go lifeless, dropping to the ground in a heap. The guard that had the kid however, would quickly find they are no longer in control of their body. Now inhabited by Yasuki, he'd make his way for the exit as quickly as he could. The fear of the building crumbling around him only adding to the speed in which he departs. "Don't worry kid. You're safe. You're gonna be going back to your family soon." Yasuki offered to console the child and keep his thoughts off of his own body that was still left behind, hoping Nobunaga would be able to grab it before escaping himself.

Nobunaga is fast enough to get to Yasuki's body before the earth can crush it. He then leaps with Yasuki's body from the building immediately spotting Isura and Zankuro who were being assaulted by a group of grunts. Nobunaga lets out a sigh of relief hoping that Yasuki made it out ok with the boy. Seeing his body was still unconscious Nobunaga figures Yasuki is ok for now. He sets Yasuki down and channels chakra into his scarf. "Enough of this." he says as he slings his scarf around towards the 6 grunts. The scarf widens and elongates as well as hardens as it is slung towards the grunts. "Regroup." He looks for Yasuki and the boy now. The building has started collapsing and many Last Whisper members were just fleeing the scene. "Come on Yasuki."

As several guards make their way out of the hospital and run for their lives before the building collapses, guard-Yasuki follows along with the grunts of Last Whisper, moving with them to not arouse suspicion. Though once he makes it into the opening he's quick to change course with child in tow and make his way toward Nobunaga as the man makes short work of several grunts. "I've got the kid, you've got my body. Let's get out of here." There was a chance more grunts would head over to attack the group now that they had their hostage, but were any to see what Nobunaga had just done, it was unlikely and Yasuki was counting on that.

Leaping behind the fleeting pair Isura and Zankuro smirked at each other before pulling back and releasing a powerful wave of heat unlike before there would be a mixture of their chakra thus increasing the range greatly. And once that washed over them they pulled back and released an even stronger covering fire that not only hit them but to put up a protective wall between the two factions and once done Isura would be panting twice as hard as before. He speaks to Yasukia and Nobu as they run off. "That went almost better then we planned." Smiling as they moved at full speed, Isura checked behind them from time to time so far the wall of flames would be enough to keep their enemies back and off their heels.

Nobunaga quickly dispatched the grunts. He looks back to the guard with the child. "Alright let's bail." Some of the grunts catch Yasuki splitting off from the rest of them but thanks to Isura's and Zankuro's wave of heat it dissuades them pursuing. Once Yasuki and Nobunaga were ahead their fire wall completed the teams escape. In their wake sound of a collapsing building fills the air. Nobunaga sighs heavily. "Better than planned? We were supposed to do this covertly." he states. "This is bad. But whatever let's worry about that when we're back." he looks to Yasuki. "This is exactly why we needed you. For situations like this….which occur often. You did good." He assures Yasuki. Not as clean as they had hoped but Team 8 got the job done.

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