Team Alpha: Another time, perhaps


Feari, Naoya

Date: November 10, 2014


Feari seeks out Naoya to discuss the boys future.

"Team Alpha: Another time, perhaps"

Land of Water: Open Seas

One by one, as the leader of Team Alpha, Feari was making individual time to meet with each of the genin within the team to get a better understanding of just what it is they want out of the team. Quickly enough the Swordsman ran into Hayase rather early on only moments after the man had a private discussion within the Administration Building. The conversation the two shared was rather, comical, yet interesting, but the end result was pleasing. Hopefully the same would be for the other two genin that remained.
After a bit of reconnaissance to determine the locations of either Naoya or Yuriko, Feari found himself at the docks and was already dressed the part in his little sailor outfit. The mist was, not surprisingly thicker this close to the water, but with ease, Feari glided across the planks as he moved about the area until spotting one or the other. "Naoya-san.~" Feari approached the Okumo with a toothy grin on his face, "How are you this fine afternoon?"

The young Okumo, contrary to how most have seen him within the village or on different tasks, was covered in sweat or was wimply drenched in water, but showing no signs of hiding his exhaustion. It was a long day for Naoya, he was oddly working additional jobs not just ones addressed to the team. Around the docks he was finishing a return trip walking back to the docks though it was unlikely just that is what made him so tired. "Eh? Just what do you need.. now?" Arching a brow, the boy turns to look at Feari, not having expected him, much less expected his outfit he wore. Blinking a few times at the man, the boy turns away and raises a hand to bat at the side of it with his palm. "I didn't think I was that tired.. Now I'm seeing even his face all over." With that, he begins to head towards the dockmaster's office at a leisured pace.

"…" That was not the reaction Feari was expecting after having coming out all this way to see the boy. A little excitement to seeing ones team leader would have been appreciated, but having not proven himself as much of one due to only having just formed the team, perhaps it will take time. Still, having not been given a proper greeting, Feari wasn't just going to call it quits and walk away. He made a vow after all. "Naoya." The mans voice hardened as he picked up his pace to catch up to the genin before he disappeared into the mist, "Are you too busy with dock work to even stop to say hi to the Illustrious Feari?"

Even after his name is mentioned again, he doesn't stop, but he doesn't slow some what. "Ya?" Looking off to one side, Naoya glances behind himself but then stops cold when Feari introduces himself. "..Fea.. Sensei doesn't work on these docks, let alone on one of the main trade ships. If you're going to henge into someone, work on the outfit, not just the face." Turning around fully, the young Okumo would begin studying the 'imposter' soon taking a few steps closer towards him but pauses a few meters away. "Either drop the act or I could knock you out of it.. not in the mood for games. Anyways, the hair's off."

Feari pauses and twirls about when Naoya questions his outfit. "You don't like it?" He'd frown upon hearing the critisicm about his wardrobe "I worked pretty hard on it though." Shifting in his stance before crossing his arms over his exposed torso. "This is turning out the same way as the discussion I had with Hayase. You genin sure…." Hmm, though not promising, Hayase didn't want him mention what happened between the two. "Are fiesty. I can respect that." A hand would lift and the mans fingers would push through his short, snow white hair. "Yes, I took some of it off, but it's mearly for the outfit. I have many different outfits."

"Hayase-chan? How do you know of.." A grumble rumbles in his throat as he makes his way closer towards the man, still seeming somewhat uneasy. "Either you're a good peeping tom or you're the real one.. If you're the real one though.. why are you dressed like that?" Naoya's controlled tone wavers, betrayed by his honest confusion. Rather than stay still now, the young Okumo begins to circle Feari, studying him. "What would Sensei be out here looking for me for though? I never told him I was working today.. I didn't tell anyone that."

The fingers would shift from the hair before scratching at the back of the mans head. Quite the paranoia this Okumo has…Must be clan related. "Can't I be both?" Feari chuckled before dropping his hands down to place on his hips, posing some as Naoya circles him. "This is just one of my many outfits. I love fashion. I'm pretty sure I brought that up during our mission to deal with the bandits." Thinking on it for but a moment, but knowing he brings it up every chance he gets. "Well, I wanted to discuss some things with you in private. You mentioned you wanted to learn poisons, mostly neurotoxins, but I was curious if there was more? I don't know much about poisons, but I could easily find you a teacher. Though I imagine that your spiders might be the best of teachers for what you need?"

"We killed everyone else in ear shot last time you said that.. you really are him, huh?" Turning away from the man, Naoya begins to walk away, soon stepping off and walking across the coastal waters. "This way.. Don't need others chiming in annoyingly. But.. I'm learning about poisons to study the body's limit, also how to heal it." Looking back, the boy looks back towards Feari, checking to see if he was following. "The brood, like me aren't used to poisons. We find, we stalk, we snap their necks then move to the next. We tried breeding some into the brood, they didn't work well with the first batch, this next batch though.. seemed to be doing better for now."

Feari nods, "You genin were relentless." Smirking as Naoya finally realized Feari was indeed the one and only, but when the boy continues to walk away, he slumps his shoulder, a sigh escaping as he followed behind once again. "I see." Stepping out on to the water, deciding if he should change outfits to better reflect being out on water. Y"ou know, I thinking studying the bodies limits is what made the Mizukage the man he is today, but I'm pretty sure he tested the limits of his own body. Not something I would suggest for everyone or anyone really." He'd shake his head slowly, regretting even bringing it up. "That's good to hear. Some times getting people to get a long can be tricky. Especially if they are skeptical or having doubts about the possibilities." His stride lengthening only long enough to walk side by side with the Okumo. "Is this something you've been testing on your own, breeding a different brood or have you been getting help from other, more experienced Okumo?"

"Hmm.." Moves a hand up, Naoya scratches at the top of his head before running his fingers through his hair. "None of the Okumo have helped me find new members of my brood. One has been helping me learning discreet poisons but also learning more about studying the dead and disposing of them" Turning his head to the side, he glances to towards Feari and dips his head lightly soon adding, "I won't be experimenting with myself like that. We want to capture a few next time we're out in the field. Might be useful to test a few of the poisons on them to find out lethal doses." The boy's pace slows some until the man catches up then tries to keep a similar pace, relaxing little by little, the further into the empty sea they were and away from other who could be listening in.

Hearing the part about disposing of bodies, Feari finally had something that might be a direction for Naoya to take, "Have you thought about the possibilities of some day joining the Hunter Nin? I don't know if there's any group in kiri better with poisons, especially when it comes to disposing of bodies. I don't think they'll teach you their techniques though if you don't dedicate yourself to their ranks." Taking a moment to glance toward Naoya to see what he thought about that idea before continuing on, "Capture a few? You mean like bandits?" A little dark, but at least there was a purpose to it besided just enjoying the torture…His mind would flit to Amata momentarily. "Sounds pretty possible."

The man slowly shook his head, "If the talent is there, the rank matters not." Offering a smile to Naoya, "If you're interested, I could suggest something and get the ball rolling. Though I've heard the training is quite strenuous, but the end result would be worth it." With Naoya stopping, Feari would do the same. The waters of the sea surprisingly calm as the two stood atop the surface. Hearing the Okumo's stance, he'd nod in response. "If that's how you feel, we should get you some test subjects then. Have you, Yuriko and Naoya been staying busy when I'm not around?"

"I'll.. Not yet. There's a few problems I need to work out. Yuriko-chan and Hayase-chan found a few problems that we need to fix." The grin on his lips fades as he mentions this, turning away and beginning to talk again. At the mention Yuriko, he begins to scratch at the back of his head rapidly, but then quickly starts shaking his head. "N-nothing you need to be worrying about sensei.. She helped me out after I passed out after training. We're fine around her if that's what you're worried about." The boy's voice softens when he begins to talk this time, though his words were also some what forced, controlled.

Feari tilted his head curiously at Naoya, "Now, now." Moving after the boy. "You're on my team, and I made an oath. Anything that happens with you three becomes my problem. If I can't fix it, I'll find someone who can." He'd want to reach out to put a hand on the boys shoulder, but considering how difficult it was to get Naoya to believe Feari was actually Feari and the over protective spiders that inhabit the child's body…He refrained, for now. "I wasn't worried about any of you. You're all capable genin and will grow into powerful shinobi, but if some issue has come to light, you should tell me."

Raising his right hand partially, and shakes his head lightly. "Not something you can help with, not something the other two could help with either. It's just something between us, me and the brood. More terms need to be agreed to, not letting them in my head as deeply.. things like that." Closing his eyes, Naoya turns his head to the side, offering the man a light smile even though he wasn't looking at him as if trying to comfort the man rather than being truly honest. "We'll be fine. Flaws will be corrected, nothing is perfect when you first get used to it. Just trying to understand 'why' things were wrong is something I need to work through, cheat sheets will gives me issues later on."

That was probably the most Feari would get out of Naoya, for now at least. This was in fact pretty similar to the discussion he had with Hayase. Both these genin were pretty similar. It made him wonder if Yuriko's chat will be the same. Seeing the smile, Feari would straighten up before returning one himself, "I guess I'll just have to take your word for it." Grabbing at the edge of the jacket and tugging, his hands would then slide into his pockets. "Well, I've learned a decent amount. Unless you have some questions for me, we could head back to the dock now. Oh." Something coming up, "Why do you work at the docks?"

Lifting his right leg, Naoya kicks at the water causing it to splash under his foot lightly a few times. "I stink at controlling my chakra levels." Turning around to face Feari, the boy raises a hand and waves it lightly, showing off the nothingness around them. "I have to focus here, I mess up I get stuck out here until I can calm down and focus longer. I take too long the creatures out here will have a toy too." A soft smirk appears on the boy's lips as he kicks at the sea again, causing a much larger splash to wash over and crash back into the ocean. "I'm also learning to manipulate water more and more. One of my cousins is better at both and she's somewhere around here too. She's helping me with a few things from time to time, even though she's younger than me. She's a Nester rather than a Hunter, so that might be why.. her brood is frail as an offset."

Latter question ignored, Feari let it slide with what Naoya offered instead was far more interesting. "Chakra control is very important for Ninjutsu and I'd imagine for your brood as well." Looking over the boy, "Something I could help you with if you'd like as I've mastered chakra molding." Shrugging his shoulders, "Being the wielder of Samehada, you kind of have to or you'll be drained too quickly." The man paused as he listened to the rest of what the boy said before a broad smile reaches his face. "Water Manipulation? I happen to practice that myself." Glancing about at all the water that surrounds them before his eyes resituate on Naoya, "Well, if you can't find one of your cousins, I'd be more than happy to help. I don't know much about poisons, but water and chakra control are pretty much my things. Besides of course…Fashion." Hands pull out of the pockets of his jacket to wave about his form, showing off his ensemble.

"Yes.. and no." Moving his hand back into his hair, Naoya looks down at the ocean before closing his eyes. "We are different in that way. We work together though with minimal chakra. She shape me rather than be my weapons like you might expect from Sei-san. Those like him are nesters. I'm a hunter." Tilting his head from side to side, he hums faintly to himself, seemingly trying to find the right words to something but then shrugs. "I might seek you out for help with both of those once we are settled again, but something feels off so we might be a while before asking for lessons.. Though I do want to know more about your mists. It's the same technique she likes to use a lot, I think I could use it in other ways that might help out later on." After this note the boy's eyes open and lift up, focusing onto Feari, a light smirk resting on his lips.

Feari pursed his lips as he listened to Naoya and wished he knew more about the Okumo, but simply didn't. It was the same for most of the clans of Kirigakure. The man had a rather general knowledge of them as he had never needed to know anything else except how he wanted to perfect his own abilities and perfect himself. Forming a team was creating obstacles he wasn't expecting. "Well when you do seek me out, I'll be ready for you and wililng to teach you whatever I can. As for the mists, it's a rather simple technique, but can easily be improved upon."

"You say that but.. Just how do I seek you out? I don't quite know much about you. I've had the brood spying on most of the village from time to time, yet your movements are erratic." Tilting his head off to the left, amber eyes study Feari somewhat carefully, looking the man over once again as if something was amiss. "Do you have a signal flare or do I need to chant your name backwards twice?" The second idea sounded more of a tease as several legends begin with summoning demonic creatures through similar chants.

Not wanting to give too much away, Feari had to still remain some what elusive. "As a swordsman, I'm pretty busy most of the times, so getting an actual hold of me isn't too easy. Especially with the Silence and the conflict within the Land of Water." The need the team was going to need for getting a hold of him was leading Feari to believe he needed to learn or develop some type of communication seal. "No, no flare." The comment about saying his name backwards being left alone. "Messenger birds are always popular."

"Messenger.. I think I'd have a problem keeping one" was with some irritation as he looks towards the side. "I would even bet next mission's ryo that my brood would try to eat it if I didn't keep focused on each of them." A mild glare was set in the boy's eyes as he spoke with some what experience or expectation of his spiders acting of their own will to such a chaotic extent. "If a bird can find you then we could as well. I'll just let them get more used to your scent, from there we'll follow it to find where you are.. might take some work though."

Feari can't help but laugh, "Maybe just a messenger spider for you…" With that, another thought comes to mind, "Have you thought about learning summons? The creatures and great beasts of the lands you can make contracts with are incredibly useful. You can even make a contract with a much larger breed of spider if it would help." The man thought about saying more intelligent as well, but figured that might insult his brood and the last thing Feari wants to deal with is being swarmed by the arachnids. "Just know I have a lot of outfits, so getting used to my scent might be the best as my appearance changes occassionally

With a gentle shake of his head, Naoya turns back to the man. "I've looked into the matter but, there aren't any Okumo that I could find within the village records that hold a contract with an arachnid like that, let alone a hunting minded one.. I wouldn't know where to even begin." The boy makes a face, knitting his brows and looking to out to the right as he begins to go through the names, trying to see who might know more. "There was one contracted spider within Kiri years ago but I don't know the contractor, there isn't much information that I could find about them. Not sure if they were even really an Okumo. I could try to dig more but.. that means trying to seek council from the elder. I doubt they'll answer much without me submitting for additional 'projects' of their's."

"The contractors name was a woman by the name of Datura and no, she wasn't an Okumo and neither were the spiders under her contract." Feari offered, sure that Naoya would be surprised to hear that Feari knew this information. If anything it would let the Genin know that Feari was a not only a Swordsman, but a Jounin as well. He's been in the village for years and once reaching the position he's in, there aren't many secrets that haven't been finally shared with him. "The spiders I'm sure are like any of the other possible summoned creatures that have their own land. It would be a decent journey to partake searching them out and dangerous as well I'm sure. I'm sure there may be files within the adminstration building about their location since there was a member of Kirigakure that had the beast."

"Datura.. Datura.. No, no." Shaking his head as he raises his head and looks at Feari and says, "The contractor was listed as a male, but.. I don't know." Shrugging his shoulders faintly, he looks past the man before him and towards the docks, his eyes unfocusing while trying to think over his next question. "Hmm.. That kind of journey that's something I can't ask you to take me on, it's something that I'd need to do on my own."
Closing his eyes, the young Okumo nods to himself lightly once but then furls his brows, grumbling for a moment and mutters, 'Maybe there they'll know just how to keep my mind from their's..' The musing is followed with a sigh and slacking shoulders. "I don't want to ask too much of you just yet Fea.. Sensei. After a while, maybe. Right now it feels like I might end up just seeing you as a tool to use rather than someone to listen to as well. Ah!" Raising a hand, he extends a pair of fingers then points away from the village but towards something leading along the coast. "If you're looking for Yuriko-chan.. she should be in her big house or.. she might be close to the marshes."

"Another contractor? Very possible." Feari hadn't heard of such, but there were still a few things kept secret from him. For now at least. "Don't worry about it, Naoya-san." Placing his hands back into his pockets and pulling the coat tighter to his form as the air picks up and blows off the sea. A chill he wasn't expecting. "I don't want to be used as a tool either. I'd rather be a mentor, a teacher and a friend. However, we're part of a team now and as the leader, I look good if you three look good. If one of you slips and falls and I'm not there to pick you up, then that reflects poorly on me. I won't coddle anyone, but I will offer a hand to help. So if I can help, take it. My expertise are for others to learn from as well and by doing so, the village grows and strengthens as a whole. Something we should all care about." He'd take in a deep breath of the cold air before turning back to the docks, "Thanks, I'll head out that way then." A hand would briefly pull out of the jacket to offer a wave before being tucked away again, "It was a pleasure, Naoya-san. Until next time."

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