Team Alpha: Appropriate times only


Feari, Hayase

Date: November 4, 2014


Feari runs into Hayase and the two begin to discuss the possibility of the Swordsman having found her a trainer that takes a strange turn.

"Team Alpha: Appropriate times only"

Kirigakure: Outside the Administration Building

The village of Kirigakure was quite the hustle and bustle this late afternoon with merchants and traders coming to and from the villager. The area that was seeing the most traffic, not surprisingly, was near the market and yet, the road that leads to the Administraion Building was equally as busy. Many dignitaries, figure heads and other high statused individuals having meetings to handle with the Mizukage and other council members of Kirigakure.
One such individual, was Feari whom was making their way out of the building and into the thinly mist covered street. His attire consisted mostly of simple clothing, black on black that covered his form, but still exposed much of his torso and his normally brown hair, was dyed red.

For some strange reason Hayase has been sitting on the bench guarding the administrative building. Her posturing is so painful that some even chuckle at her. Others don't even bother to roll their eyes. Arms cross, and her small face twists into a scowl with childish bravado. She doesn't seem discouraged; she eyes each person boldly, from head to toe. But her cause isn't helped by the fact she wears a sword that's about as big as herself. If she drew it back to swing, she'd probably fall over backwards from the weight. However her threatening scowl quickly turns into bright eyed welcome when the Seven passes. "Feari-no-Kirigakure-sensei," she says, and stands up. Indeed the awkward bulk of the sword makes her stumble back a step, but she manages to steady herself. "I've been guarding the Mizukage," she says with a proud nod. "Not letting any intruders in."

Just finishing a quick meeting, Feari's mind was still on the events of just moments ago that he missed Hayase and would have kept walking by if it wasn't for the girl calling out some variation of his name. A quick stop and turn about on his heels, Feari would offer a pleasant smile to Hayase, "Hello there, Hayase-kun." Greeting as he slowly approached, "Oh? That's quite admirable. I'll be sure to add that to the list of reasons to the Mizukage of why you should be promoted." Taking a moment, he'd study the girl and notice the large weapon. "And here I thought you were interested in just taijutsu, not kenjutsu as well…"

Hayase glances back at her sword and shrugs. She doesn't seem that committed to it. She seems to have it more to look threatening…or ridiculous, as she does. She goes to fall in beside Feari. "You have a big sword too, sensei," she says. "But don't call me Hayase-kun. That's for /boys/." She makes an 'eww boys' face. "Hayase-san. Or Hayase-chan. Or even just Hayase." When a dignitary passes, Hayase looks at him, from head to toe, especially his face. Her look could easily be mistaken for a threatening glare, but it's not. It's complete, intense concentration. As if she's memorizing every face.

Feari bit his lower lip, holding back that need to say something inappropriate. "I do…I do have a big sword." Smirking slightly, "I just thought you were purely interested in hand to hand. This could change things." He hummed quietly as he started to walk off, expecting Hayase to follow. "Well, that's certainly true…Hayase-san. Anyways, you told me when we formed the team your goal was to learn 'lots and lots of Taijutsu!'" The last bit said overly enthusiasticly "If that's true, I've just discovered that a taijutsu…specialist? Has been living in Kiri for the past few months. Figured I'd go have a 'talk' with him before sending him your way."

Hayase's face brightens at the possibility of learning from a taijutsu specialist. "My father was always talking about how much taijutsu he'd learned," she says. "So I'll learn even more than him!" She sounds very pleased at the prospect, and nods. "I'd really really like to meet that taijutsu specialist. But I'd really like to learn from Feari-sensei, too. Can you show me how to use your chakra sword? That'd be great. I heard it's kind of like an animal, it's /alive/."

Feari smirked once again, "That's the plan at least. I still have to talk with the guy and hopefully persuade him into wanting to train you. He might be difficult, but maybe I can bribe him with sweets or something." The man shrugged, knowing he'd have to do some homework about the guy before he should approach him. Feari didn't like being told 'no'. Which is why he was so persistent in getting the trio of genin to sign his blood scroll. "Well, I can teach you plenty, but learning how to use Samehada properly is a bit difficult. The blade is sentient, yes and is pretty picky about who it lets wield it."

"He'd be difficult to persuade?" Hayase says, looking a bit down. And here she'd pictured someone who'd be thrilled to teach someone like her who had the amazing ability to learn taijutsu through observation…something she couldn't tell anyone. Now she thinks about it, maybe she ought to tell her team leader. She glances over at him dubiously, and then turns forward again. She keeps pace with him. "Well, you can tell Samehada-san that I am picky about my friends too, so he shouldn't think I'm asking lightly. In fact, he should be happy about it."

Feari threw up a hand, "Possibly. He seems to be going out of his way to keep his abilities a secret and yet, Meruin knows of him. Though, not much gets past the many eyes of the Mizukage." Glancing over at Hayase and chuckling before looking at the road ahead of them. "Well, I'll be sure to let Samehada know then." Smiling at the thought of Samehada wanting friends when the blades main concern is food source…Chakra. "Besides Taijutsu, anything else I can help you with?"

It was clear Hayase had something huge she was trying to keep secret and while Feari was intrigued, he wasn't going to ask about it. Instead let it fester inside the girl until she felt the need to spill to her sensei. When she does, it means she actually trusts the man. "Ah, the blood scrolls and here I was hoping you'd all forget. Maybe Yuriko-chan and Naoya-chan might have at least." A hand would raise to tap at his chin, thinking on if he should share what it was and figured, why not, "A Blood Summoning Scroll is much like a regular Summoning Scroll, but instead of making a contract with the great animals that live within the lands of the worlds, it is a contract between humans."

Hayase looks closely at Feari, to see if he might take the bait, so to speak. But once he brushes it off, Hayase drops it at once. Well, she'd offered…kind of. Hayase listens closely to Feari's explanation. Then, her face scrunches up in thought as she says, "So you want to be able to summon us, huh? Just don't do it late at night. Or ever. Jeez. Why did you make us sign that? Give it to me right now, so I can take mine off it. I'll still be on your stupid team. But what if you summon me when I'm going…you know. /That'd/ be awkward."

"In a way, yes." Feari would offer before putting a little bit of distance between himself and Hayase before the girl decided to tackle him and search for the scroll. "I'd only use it in appropriate times of course." He'd flush at the mention of Hayase making pee pee time. "Well, if it helps. The contract works both ways. If you remember, I signed my name as well." Leaving it at that and for the girl to figure out the rest.

Hayase blinks when Feari takes a step away. It means just one thing: he has the scroll on him! While some would be horrified at the thought of attacking one of the Seven and their sensei without warning, she imagines he should only be cursing the fact he's trumpeting the fact it's grabbable. So she'd dive in to kick him, but somehow her strike turns into an extending lunge and a punch right to his temple. Only for her to duck down low and aim to sweep his legs out from under him. Despite being small, she knows where to aim to trip up a larger opponent. "Appropriate times my butt, give it to me right now, Feari-sensei!" she says.

Feari catches sight of Hayase charging and after seeing her hand movements, sees it's a move of his own creation. Knowing the end result, he steps out of the way. Unfortunately, him playing nice with his own student does him no good for as Hayase drops to the ground, he isn't sure what to expect next and ends up on his behind. "Ow. What kind of way is this to treat your sensei?" His first thought though is to check his clothing to make sure they aren't damaged before sending a more serious look at Hayase that says she may be overstepping her bounds.

Hayase doesn't even catch the warning look from Feari, or she chooses to ignore it. She lunges at him not to attack him, but to pin him down as she reaches for the place he'd tucked away that scroll and tear it to shreds the moment she laid hands on it. Well, she almost gets a chance to try it. Then she shrieks, in pain and surprise. A Chuunin has grabbed her from behind and pulled her down to the ground, by one of her pigtails no less. It both looks and is painful and awkward.
"How dare you attack Feari-sama!" the Chuunin says, red faced with fury. Hayase grabs her pigtail and quickly gets into a tug-of-war, with him trying to rip her hair from its follicles, and Hayase trying to lessen the painful tugging.

"Hey now!" Feari would suddenly rise to his feet and move in between the two. Both hands would extend to reach out and grasp both the chuunin and Hayase. The mist around them would start to swirl and thicken as it formed into a dome around the two, trying to hold them in one place and hopefully separate them. "Now, now. Hayase was just showing a little passion, which I can respect. I can also respect you wanting to stick up for me, but no worries. What she's after, I don't even carry on my person in this wardrobe. The only scrolls she'd find would be different outfits and scrolls for foods, chairs and a few weapons."

Suddenly the pain is gone, as the Chuunin is swallowed up by water. Hayase starts to laugh at his plight until the same thing is happening to her. To her credit, she almost manages to dive out of the way. Not by outrunning the water, but trying to circle around it. It manages to catch her leg, her arm, and most of her body. But She still has one leg on the ground and she manages to pull herself free before the water condenses. Does she run? Nope. She stays around to look smugly at the Chuunin. Well, for a moment. Then she turns to Feari and says, "Sorry Feari-sensei. I'm just a brat, I didn't even think. Please forgive me."

The moment the pigtails are gone, Feari would pull back the jutsu. At least on the stray chuunin. Hayase managed to break herself free. "Hmm" Impressive. "I'm fine, Stoai. Don't mind us." Did Feari know the chuunin? Either way the chuunin would frown, but nod before walking away. When it was just the two of them, Feari would turn to Hayase and offer a genuine smile. "It's fine. It was quite interesting actually and a bit funny. Didn't expect to end up on my backside. You're quite skilled in taijutsu already. Gonna make sure to tell that to this man I'm to convince."

Hayase is horrible. She's snickering as the Chuunin leaves. She turns to look at Feari in surprise when he speaks. "Wait, you're still gonna try to convince him to train me? Don't you think I'm awful? Aren't you going to kick me off the team?" She looks pretty surprised that far from hurling her to the medical center, which both gets her there and puts her in there, he seems rather amused at her attempt to grab his scroll. Maybe it's because he doesn't have it. She huffs but would go to walk beside him again. At the distance he'd prescribed before.

Feari would continue toward the end of Enmu Lane until reaching the split that would take him further East to Retsu Road before he can turn south toward the Village Entrance. As he reached the splits, he'd come to a stop and look at Hayase. He actually wasn't sure which way the girl was going after this, but they would be splitting up shortly regardless. "Eh, Sugar, Spice and every thing Nice…Takes all three to make the perfect team. I'm not going to get rid of you simply for attacking me. I am going to go get right into training though since you were able to topple me so easily." Grumbling some. "Besides, I made a vow I would go above and beyond my own abilities and duties to make sure that you will progress and reach great heights. I can't go back on that now. I signed in blood after all."

Hayase smiles slyly when Feari mentions training. "Feari-sensei you don't need to train like that," she says. "It's just that adults don't like taking me seriously. There's a lot of adults who don't…and can't. But…don't tell Naoya-kun or Yuriko-chan about this." That's a strange thing to say, since usually a young Genin would be hopping to tell everyone she'd tackled one of the Seven. "I don't think I could bear it." Then she'd turn and skip off, pigtails bouncing.

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