Team Alpha: Induction sealed with blood


Feari, Hayase, Yuriko, Naoya

Date: November 2, 2014


After a bit of research, Feari sends out a summons to three genin he feels work well together and would make a great team.

"Team Alpha: Induction sealed with blood"

Outside Kirigakure, near the Chill River

It was just past the afternoon going into early evening with the sun partially concealed behind the light cloud cover that takes up most the sky. The typical mist of Kirigakure replaced by a light sprinkle of rain that comes and goes with the passing of the clouds. Outside of Kirigakure, on a path leading toward the Chill River, the few trees and foliage that make up the area sway slightly in the gentle and warm breeze that occasionally passes through the area.
Foot traffic along this path was rather sparse, individuals that had come and gone having done so quite some time ago. Though one such individual deciding to stay in the area upon finding a tree with enough cover to protect from the elements while they sat on the ground with their back resting against the tree. A scroll was opened and resting upon his lap and an ink pen flowed about as they drew seals upon the parchment.
The man was waiting for others to arrive as missives were sent not too long ago. Three of them sent to three separate genin; Hayase, Naoya and Yuriko. With details on time and where to meet. The reason for such however not being disclosed in the letters to each. Leaving them to guess the reasonings for needing to meet with the one and only Feari.

Hayase's mother somehow always knew she was going out to meet people, and always assumed they were her friends on a pleasant outing. Hayase now carries a wrapped basket to share with her friends, supposedly. Actually, when she arrives in the isolated area it looks quite peaceful. There's some writer drawing seals, in a casual outfit, probably a shinobi. This must be near the right place, but as she glances around…not even Yuriko or Naoya.
"Hello," she says to the writer. "Have you seen a man go past? Big sword? Fierce possibly violent expression." She dangles her basket from her hand, swinging it a bit back and forth. She's not beyond asking for directions.

The missive was folded carefully and tucked away in a hidden pocket, no doubt because if it were in hand instead Yuriko knew she would constantly be looking it over again. Getting a summons from a Swordsman with no further details was unusual after all. One of her mom's work buddies in her mind. Following the path along the Chill River, the petite Kaguya keeps her hands from curling at her sides, hidden beneath the long enveloping sleeves of her yukata. It isn't long before she sees Hayase's back and a smile instinctively touches at the corners of her mouth. That is, before she sees Feari, sitting so calmly against a tree as he writes.

Unsure as to what the summons was about, Naoya prepared for another mission and from the amount of items, a culling, though the brood with him was thinner than usual and some what agitated. Moving a hand to the side of his head as he walked across the stream, the young Okumo was muttering lightly to himself, seeming to hold a one sided conversation or just rambling. Once he crosses the driver, the teen's amber eyes dull some what, slowly panning his head from one side to the other. Noticing the man, he doesn't say anything to him when he arrived. It wouldn't be long before he also notices Hayase, as well as Yuriko. 'Guess I'm late..' was mumbled, 'Hush, all of you' Coming to a stop, Naoya dips his head slightly towards Feari even though he doesn't announce himself.

The greeting would be heard and for a few brief moments, ignored. Feari's attention and focus, for the time, was on the work before him and after a couple more strokes of his pen would the man finally respond, "No, I haven't." Speaking softly as he lifted his head to reveal the soft features of his face and bright green eyes that peered from beneath the wide, brimmed hat that adorns his head. "But I believe the man you are looking for…Is me, Hayase-kun." Feari regarded as he rolled up the scroll before rising to his feet.
A few moments would be taken to dust off his clothing before he'd straighten out to this full height and acknowledge the others that had approached as well. "Yuriko-kun and Naoya-kun. Welcome." Offering a wave and smile to both, "I'm glad you all could make it. I hope the day so far has been kind to each of you." His eyes would scan each that had gathered, using their outward expressions to give him any information they might not part with.

As everyone begins to stop before the random bystander, Hayase looks a bit suspicious. And all her nervousness is confirmed, as she turns from looking at Yuriko to Feari. She doesn't quite know what to say in this situation. Feari doesn't seem upset that she didn't recognize him on sight. She decides to brush it aside.
"Yes, it's nice to meet you, Feari-san," she says, with a respectful bow. "I'm glad I get the chance to finally meet you." She looks over at Naoya and Yuriko, who seemed ready to go. "Hello Yuriko-chan, Naoya-kun," she says formally.

Her steps slow as Yuriko approaches, her bright eyes glances from one person to the next, easily recognizing the faces of her friends. And it looks like Hayase and Naoya are just as confused as she is as to why they were summoned at here. Wasn't there a mission? "Hm." she lightly scratches at the back of her snowy head. "So far yes."

Nodding his head lightly, Naoya agrees with Yuriko but then turns to Hayase, offering her a fleeting smile before shaking his head. "Kind and bothersome at the same time.." Setting his focus onto Hayase, he looks her over for a moment with a partially raised brow before asking, "Hayase-chan.. you're bringing that to a culling? Planning to act as a captive again?" There was a lack of teasing in the teen's voice, but it was easy to tell he was honestly curious, soon turning to Yuriko and then to Feari, wondering if they were talking over a plan before he had arrived.

Feari offered a slight bow toward Hayase, "A pleasure to meet you as well. I've read some interesting things in your file, but I'm more curious about what your file doesn't share." Gesturing toward the basket the girl had brought, "Are you a chef by chance or simply enjoy bringing along tasty treats where ever you go?" Either or the man could go for something to eat, if that's what was in fact brought.
A sniff given to the air before Feari shifted to both Yasuki and Naoya, "That's good and…troublesome to hear at the same time." Head tilting slightly at Naoya, curious at what bothered the boy, but didn't dwell on it for long. "But if it's any consolation, I have some good news to share. Assuming the three of you see it that way." Glancing between the three, knowing they were curious as to why they were called out.
"I've decided to start a team, and I would like the three of you to be a part of it. I've already worked with both Naoya-kun and Yuriko-kun, so I know how they work together. Hayase-kun, this is our first time meeting, but from what I've read, I believe you'd be a valuable member in the team." He'd pause to gauge their reactions to what he had just shared. "The three of you are all prodigies in your own right with strengths and even weakness that I think will balance and compliment the others quite well."

Hayase nods when Yuriko asks about a mission. She'd been wondering if they were up for that too, in which case she'll be finding a place to set their picnic basket. But when Naoya brings up one of their missions, and her supposed captivity, she says, "If I was acting I think the picnic basket might be overdone. Like I'd be trying too hard." She explains it in that formal tone, but breaks it with a smile at the end.
She shrugs to Feari. "Sorry about the food, my mother made it. For my precious friends, and supposed picnic. But if you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them." Something she's never said to Yuriko or Naoya, strangely.
She doesn't react much to the mention about a team. She'd thought it was possible, was even expecting it. But she smiles at the whole prodigy bit and mumbles a thanks.

Good news? Yuriko blinks her bright eyes as she tilts her snowy head, listing with evident curiosity though silent while she waits. Somehow, Feari forming a team with them was both surprising and expected. Her hands though reach up to clasp over her mouth, covering the smile behind her fingers. It's a moment or so before her tiny hands fall to her sides again, disappearing under her sleeves. "Of course we are. And we'll be even stronger together."

"A team? This time a real one or.. another unofficial one?" Furling his brow, Naoya focus his attention onto Feari, looking upon the man with suspicion. Shifting his gaze to Hayase, watching for for a few moments before turning lastly to Yuriko, studying her for a moment as well. Shifting his attention back to Feari, he says "This still feels odd.. As this is your team, just what are you expecting of it? I couldn't really tell from the last time you were with us just what you expected or hoped from any of us."

Feari listened to what each had to say before he bothered to respond for he wanted to reign in much of the conversation to a single topic. "Official, of course." Noticing the uncertainty of Naoya, perhaps having to deal with something similar before that just didn't turn out right. "When we went out to fight the bandits, I already had in my mind that I wanted to create a team. At the time you didn't know, but you were auditioning for a spot on the team. I didn't tell you, because I wanted you to be you and both yourself, Naoya-kun and Yuriko-kun did not disappoint."
Glancing toward Hayase, "Now while I haven't seen you in action, I've gathered enough to make a decision. You've got talent. Each of you do. Which is why I want you as part of my team. I believe the four of us can accomplish so much together through relying on each other and completing missions that we'll be a top ranking team within Kirigakure with accomplishments that will quickly spread to other villages."
Shifting the weight from one foot to the other, the scroll he was working on still held in one hand, "Which is why our team will be called Team Alpha. The name letting others know we are number one."

Hayase grins at Yuriko's enthusiasm. If she's so willing to be in this team, Feari must be great. Well, maybe he's not too great as Naoya seems more doubtful about the team. She scratches her head lightly. But she beams when Feari says she has plenty of talent to be part of the team. Though worried a moment later as she looks at her friends. While she adores them, she also wishes she could beat them up in spars. Them and their crazy, scary, cool bloodline limits. "Yep, I try my best," Hayase says with a nod. That's a strength. "We'll work well together."

"Audition?" Yuriko repeats the word out loud, pale brow lifting with a bit of skepticism. The corner of her lips tugs with a slight smirk as she exchanges a glance with Naoya. "No contest. They're getting stronger because of me." she chuckles. Exhaling a longer breath, she sighs as her arms lift up to cross behind her head. "And you sound so skeptical, Naoya-kun. Why wouldn't he want us on a team? I'm kinda surprised that someone hasn't already done it before now."

Turning towards Yuriko, he nods lightly a few times but then shrugs lightly and looks away. "Sei-san also said he was going to be my team leader, along with Taree-san." Turning to Feari, he closes his eyes and dip his head to the man slowly. Moving a hand to the side of his neck, he gently scratches at it a few times. "Just one main question.. How do we address you Feari-san? Sensei or.. I'm not sure at this point. Turning to Hayase, he shakes his head. "There's nothing about trying your best. If you let your 'best' limit you, I'll pass you by quickly." A smirk appears on his lips after teasing her.

Hayase and Yuriko were both enthused to a level, a reaction Feari had expected. Naoya was still skeptical and from what the man was hearing, understandably so. "I assure you that I'm not leading you on. I make my intentions quite clear and act on them." Feari offered to Naoya, "And for added assurance." He raised the scroll and waved it slightly, "I offer you this contract." Dropping down to a knee, he'd roll it open revealing several seals that made up the borders as well as the sections.
Suddenly a kunai would appear in Feari's hand and in one single motion he'd cut open a finger and with the blood, begin to write out his name vertically on the scroll before sealing it at the bottom with each of his finger prints. "If you don't know, this is similar to a summoning contract, but it will be between just the four of us. With this, I vow that I will go above and beyond my own abilities and duties to make sure that under my wing, my tutelage, the three of you will progress and reach greater heights than you imagined possible."
Standing, he'd look first to Hayase, kunai extended to the girl if she so chose to use it. "To join you must sign the contract as well. Saying you'll give your best is one thing, and I appreciate it. This however shows you mean what you say."

Hayase stares down at the contract. That is certainly a binding thing. And while it'd be great in spirit to be the closest one and therefore first to sign, she pauses. She looks at her two teammates, and then at Feari. "I will sign," she says. "Tomorrow. I'm sorry, I'm not the kind of person to be completely swayed by inspirational moments. I'm rational too." Perhaps most at her core. So she doesn't step towards the paper, and takes a step back. A strange choice. But she doesn't seem ashamed, or nervous. Just calm.

Contract and kunai produced, Yuriko considers it for a pause, her bright eyes glancing from it to Hayase, then to Naoya. When the other girl makes her decision vocal however, the small Kaguya looks back to her. For a brief moment, she's almost surprised. But perhaps she shouldn't be. Yuriko considers this for only a moment before her aquamarine orbs return to Feari, meeting his eyes without hesitance. "What about when we enter the Chuunin Exams? If we're all promoted, what then?" she asks. "I mean, right now we're Genin, but it won't be for long."

Glancing towards Hayase, arching a brow at her answer but then turning towards Yuriko. Humming lightly, he begins to make his way closer to Feari, soon standing beside Hayase, lingering near the contract. "Hmm.. What are the costs to failing to stand up to either side on the contract?"
Not lingering with waiting for answer, Naoya slips a kunai from a hip pouch and cuts into his left hand. Almost instantly, a series of small spiders crawl from his left arm. 'Not yet..' was whispered, and the spiders halt in place, letting the blood drip free for a few seconds before curling it into a fist, forcing the blood to flow more freely. "Beyond that being unsaid, I'll sign now."

Feari furrowed his brows at Hayase, shocked by her sudden 'rational clarity'. He'd look to Yuriko next, expecting her to eagerly sign, but instead the young Kaguya hesitates as well. "This…was not expected." Naoya would be next and aside from the reasonable questions, didn't seem to have any problem with stepping up to sign. Feari actually expected he'd have to convince the Okumo, not the ladies.
"Hayase-kun, you're making me second guess my decision in including you." The kunai would disappear, "I offer you a chance to join the team and you say you'll try your best, but when I put a contract before you to see if you mean what you say, you aren't willing to step up. Actions speak louder than words." Arms would lift to cross over his shoulder, "I'm also not sure how saying you'll sign it tomorrow, instead of today, makes you rational."
Eyes would linger on Hayase for a moment before turning to Yuriko, "If you're all promoted that would be great, but I'm not sure how that would change anything. If once you become chuunin and you wish to leave the team I'll be heartbroken, but you are free to leave. Though being promoted to chuunin doesn't mean I have nothing left to teach you, Yuriko-kun."
Naoya's question was cause for Feari to take a moment before responding, "Well, Naoya-kun. There aren't honestly any repercussions to doing so. This is simply each of us giving our word, a nindo and promising not to break it."

Hayase looks embarrassed at Feari's words. She says, "I don't equate signing that to saying that I'd do my best, and not signing it to be a lack of enthusiasm." She pauses. Then she nods to Feari. "You /should/ second guess me," she says. "I haven't taken the audition my friends so greatly passed, as I knew they would. I am capable, but I'm no prodigy, in any way. I'm a team player at times, but very unkind at others. I have bouts of low self-esteem. I'm suspicious. Uninspired. A terrible chef. None too pretty. The weakest among this trio. But…I do have one thing. Which is the ability to improve, and the determination to do so." She smiles. "As for why I don't want to sign right now is because even though you know about me, I just met you two seconds ago and mistook you for a roadside bum. I don't even know your surname." Then she takes a very deep, slow breath.

At first Yuriko lifts a brow at the Swordsman, though his answer elicits a small frown for a brief moment. "Hm." she exchanges a mildly skeptical glance with her friends. Pondering only a moment longer, she finally shrugs to herself. Lifting a hand, the skin of the tip of her index finger splits open, the piece of finger bone beneath the surface causing a few drops of crimson to spill. Stepping closer to Feari, Yuriko doesn't hesitate to lean in to write her name with her own blood at the bottom.

"Stop wavering.. If you weren't good enough, then how could you say we're rivals. How can you honestly think you'll be able to take down Yuriko-chan on your own as an equal?" Naoya spoke to Hayase slowly as he kneels down on one knee in front of the contract scroll. Looking at his hand, he opens it slowly before pressing his hand down onto a center circle.
A twisted grin appears on the young Okumo's face as he looks up to Feari and says, "If I fail to keep my end of the contract, I offer my head. If you fail to keep your end of the contract.. I'll take your blade." As the teen begins to stand up, he moves his hand to his lips and licks at the wound lightly before looking towards Feari and says, "Sound fair Sensei?" With his attention removed from his self inflicted wound, the brood acted quickly, soon wrapping a layer of silk around his hand, forming a bandage.

Feari couldn't help but smile at Hayase as she began to open up, spilling her doubts and flaws before not only him, but the other two as well. Dropping his arms to his side, his stance would relax. "And that my dear young lady, is exactly why I picked you for this team." A hand would extend to ruffle the girls unruly hair.
"You believe yourself to be less than you truly are and that is something I don't believe, but let's say those are all true. If you're capable, then that at least gives me something to work with. You're a team player, perfect. That's exactly what a team needs. You're unkind at times? Who is kind at all times? Low self-esteem means you don't believe in yourself and will make reaching your true potential that much greater. Suspicious? Good. Uninspired? I will inspire you. You don't need to cook because I can. Some of the most amazing meals and treats you'll ever have. Not being pretty I find amusing. Your gorgeous and though your outfit needs a little work and your hair could use some taming, but it is clear you are quite pretty. And weakness, it's not measured in ability. So long as you never let go of your need to improve and your determination to continue, you will never be weak.""
His eyes would catch Yuriko signing the contract, if not doing so at least half heartedly. The man was truly amazed how offering a contract is enough to make people second guess their previous claims. Naoya would sign shortly after and the man nodded, "That's a fair enough deal, but I'm not sure what I would do with your head. As for Samehada, well, hopefully it accepts the agreement as well."
Two had sign, only one remained. His gaze would return back to Hayase, "My name is Feari and you are free to call me such or Swordsman or Sensei or the one and only fabulously spectactular, sharply dressed, Swordsman of the Mist, Feari no Kirigakure." A statement he meant to say to Naoya earlier, but was distracted until being asked once again. "You passed the test by the way, Hayase-kun. The other two had a similar one, as we walked toward the bandit camp. I later tested their abilities as well, but it was knowing about them that was the true test."

Hayase flinches when Naoya and Yuriko go for the scroll. She had kind of hoped they'd stand strong, and all say they'd wait for tomorrow…or the day after tomorrow. But there they are sealing the contract. And while Feari can't inspire her into signing it, she shoots both of her fellow Genin a poisonous look that promises later vengeance. Then she'd nod and go to sign the thing as well with a painful flourish. Although she looks surprised at Feari's words. She'd expected something more annoyed and less pleased. "I do like good food," she says.
"She would step back, and murmur 'Feari-sensei.' She says, "If I fail you, I'll tell you what I'll do in penance. The next day." Likely when she has a good head start.

Glancing back at Hayase, her expression softens and Yuriko lifts a hand to pat at her friend's shoulder with reassurance. "You underestimate yourself. I have faith that you'll grow strong and I wouldn't have anyone else to have my back in battle." The hand lifts to instead poke at Hayase's shoulder. "And you and Naoya were supposed to team up to defeat me. Remember? You made that promise and you can't break it." There's a slight tease in her voice as Yuriko smiles. "Now the only thing you need to do now is to prove me right. That's the only option."

Glancing at Hayase from the corner of his eye causes him to begin snickering and turn towards her and dips his head lightly towards her. "You didn't give me that kind of look when I said I was going to drag you into the blood marshes to play. That also doesn't look like you're half as meek as you sound." The boy's words were laced with a teasing tone as he tries to fight back laughing outright. Soon he steps over to her and rests a hand onto her shoulder. "What do you fear? Not being able to keep up little Hay-chan?"

With Hayase reluctantly signing the scroll, Feari would bend down to pick up the scroll and tuck it into one of his robes before looking between the three as they socialize. This was going to be an interesting team to work with, but fun, if nothing else. "Do any of you know what a blood summoning scroll is?" He'd question, not expecting any of them to know the answer. He wouldn't give them the answer either as he continued to a different topic, "Is that what your mom made you, good food?" Gesturing toward the picnic basket again.

When Yuriko pats her on the shoulder, Hayase smiles, and goes to throw her arms around Yuriko in a hug. Then she steps back, and smiles. "I think our ideas of the way I'll eventually defeat you is much different," she says with a lighthearted laugh. She glances over at Naoya. She has to wonder if they're on the same wavelength. Probably not. "I just said bouts of low self esteem," Hayase points out. In between bouts of very good self esteem.
Hayase has an answer for Feari right away. "It's a scroll that's used to summon something through blood" she says. It's about as basic a guess as one can get, but it also makes sense. She looks at the scroll, waiting for a few moments. When Feari asks about the food, she pulls open the towel to reveal a bento large enough for five, and with as much variety as a buffet. It's a traditional one, but elaborate and very tasty. Hardly in line with the way Hayase seems to show up starving on every occasion.

Hugged, Yuriko giggles lightly as her attention shifts back to Feari. With the contract now signed between all of them, they were officially a team. Though his first question makes the petite Kaguya blink her bright eyes, snowy head tilting to the side. Hayase's answer might be the answer, but who knows. "Never heard of it before…" Yuriko mumbles.

"Then I guess I need to find a cute for that huh?" Looking away from Hayase, he turns to Yuriko and nods lightly in agreement. "I haven't seen seals that bring out more than weapons or maybe furniture? Maybe blood scrolls are for summoning corpses and the like?" A light shrug followed his answer but then he then shrugs lightly after the guess, his eyes though focus onto the 'contract

"I think now more than ever is a good time to sit and enjoy some food." Seeing the bento box, Feari would turn to Yuriko, "How are your creations coming along? I think you owe me one of your best." He'd smile before taking a seat. He could feel the eyes on him as the genin waited for an answer as to what a blood summoning scroll was, but the swordsman was surprisingly tight lipped on the matter. "So, before we wrap things up, I'd like to hear what each of you expect out of this team so I can know how to help you achieve your goals. A technique you need help with, a personal goal you've set for yourself, anything. And if I can't personally help you with your task." A sly smile would cross the mans face as he lowered his head to allow the wide brimmed hat to cover most of his features, "I can find someone that will. I can be pretty persuasive."

Hayase squints at Feari when he refuses to tell them what a blood summoning scroll is. One thing is for sure. They just signed something that could be activated as a jutsu. She looks at the scroll. Her fingers twitch as she estimates if she could tear that thing up before he could react. But then, she turns to the food with a shrug, with a muttered 'probably summons bunnies..'
She starts in on the food, with a gusto. Which is to say with the kind of voracity that makes other people eat quickly in case it will be totally depleted in the next few minutes. Yuriko and Naoya would've seen this before.
Hayase swallows, and answers Feari easily. "To learn lots and lots of taijutsu. All sorts. From everywhere and everyone."

Somehow, Yuriko isn't all that surprised when Feari doesn't go into any details. At all. It just seems like something that a Seven Swordsman would do, leaving a question out there to toy at the consciousness. The small girl frowns to herself and shakes her snowy head to herself, plopping onto her cute backside while Hayase begins to pull out food. The posed question pulls the petite Kaguya's bright eyes up at the Swordsman. She hesitates quietly, frowning to herself as Yuriko lowers her gaze. "I guess I want to get so powerful that I become a legend, then a myth." she admits softly, almost embarrassed. "I just don't want to be bored really."

Amber eyes would linger onto Feari for several moments before he takes a step to the side and sits down beside Hayase. Rather than eating directly, he holds a hand out to the girl expectantly. "You're eating without wrapping up your hand? Hand it here, we'll wrap it /then/ you can eat." The young Okumo's fingers wiggle lightly pressing the point. When Feari asks the question, he doesn't turn towards him but answers none the less, "Simple, as you said. You'll help me grow faster than if I didn't accept. I expect the team to continue as these two have been driving me to go further.." A set of spiders slip from Naoya's arm once again, preparing for binding hayase's minor cut. Listening to Yuriko's answer causes him to chuckle lightly and whisper, 'Kaiju-hime' but doesn't mumble much else. After a moment, he speaks up in turn. "I'm interested in poisons.. Nerotoxins most right now, also learning more about manipulating other elixirs to accelerate healing."

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