Team Chimera's First Mission


Sakuya, Genbu, Chouko, Yume

Date: September 22, 2016


Team Chimera is tasked to transport building materials to the Land of Tea, but en route they find themselves attacked by a fisherman, and retired shinobi from a minor village. A jutsu that sinks the water in a column-like pattern traps the ship, and quick thinking by the team disrupts the Jutsu and ends in the capture of one of the enemies. However, an uneeded casualty occurs.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team Chimera's First Mission"

Kaizoku Sea, near the Land of Noodles

Among the blue waves nearest to Wave Country, also known as the Lower Kaizoku Sea, is a place riddled with the scars of the first war between Kirigakure and Kumogakure. It was on deck that Sakuya was currently standing watch as their cargo ship rolled across the ocean waves. It was in her hands that the Leviathan's Bow was placed, sunk into the wood of the cargo ship. An arrow was already nocked into the massive bow. Sakuya was on high alert. They were close to both Water Country and Noodle Country, approaching a straight. They were getting close to a place Sakuya deemed 'Dangerous'.
The Genin were already briefed as to what they were transporting. Raw materials to Degarashi, meant for a massive construction project The Land of Tea was undertaking. A simple C-rank mission at best. "So… Everyone. How many of you remember Kumogakure's first war?" She asked. "They called it the 'Wave Conflict'. A time when Kumogakure and Kirigakure fought for control over present day 'Wave Country'. It has been a long time. Ten years have passed since the treaty was signed. I know I was… very young. My parents were recalled from their mission in Tea because of this war. It was a very big deal…"
"I tell you all of this as a cautionary tale. I doubt we'll be running into any angry Kirigakure Shinobi. We're on friendly terms, after all…" Sakuya merely wished to fill in the passing of time with a story. After all, no pirates have graced them as of yet. Thankfully.

Chouko sits on the deck, looking rather sleepy as she watches her Sensei talk about a time she didn't know. Of course she was taught the history between Kiri and Kumo but she was even younger then Sakuya so she had no memory of any war. The girl slowly looks out at the water as the large boat cuts through the sea. She slowly looks at her teammates, nervously. This is her first mission, how will they pull through? She seems upset by the mention of Kirgakure Shinobi. She slowly stands and walks over to sit next to Genbu or Yume. The girl unconsciously seeking the comfort of one of her teammates to calm her nerves.

Yume remains on a side of the ship, sitting on a railing and looking out across the sea. She chose to supervise this side of the ship, while letting the others watch from other directions. Thankfully she has been learning how to expand her uses of tree walking and a relatively solid layer of chakra was helping to keep her from losing her balance and preventing her from falling off into the water below. Her eyes are still bound for the time being, but she still uses her finely tuned hearing to use the sound around her to her advantage as a sonar of sorts. Not to mention Yume was trying to make sure that she was constantly aware of the chakra signatures of the people around her; whether they were simply the faint signatures of her team or just the crew. They may have little use for now when it comes to tracking enemies, but it could help her confirm to herself that everyone is accounted for should the worst happen. She looks over her shoulder and nods her head when Sakuya speaks up and imparts some history onto them. "I recall, yes. If nothing else, I remember it being taught within the academy. It is a good tale to help us remember to remain on our toes, either way." Her head turns as if to glance over her shoulder when she notices Chouko's nervous fidgetting, "Is everything alright, Chouko?"

"I've read about it. Vaguely I recount discussions that I was too young to concern myself with." Genbu answers Sakuya looking off out at sea while he leans over the railing. He notices she's on high alert. Out of the team Sakuya is the only one Genbu recognizes and respects and both warrior and individual. He heeds her tale keeping his senses about him. Genbu looks about noting the destruction left over from the Wave Conflict. It must have been a mighty war. He can only imagine some of the techniques used to tear the land and sea asunder. Though he would not admit it he is excited to be on his first potentially threatening mission. Both anxious and eager to distinguish himself he welcomes challenge. His gaze remain outcast. But he turns his head when he hears Yume speak to Chouko. He would stare briefly observing the two before scoffing and turning back around. What could he say about the two that he hasn't already said before? He only hopes they do not inhibit him or rather…he is determined not to let them do such.

Sakuya's eyes would look over to Chouko, she had been very, very quiet for the entire trip. Maybe it was that she did not have her sea legs yet! She has to keep her eyes on the water, and her two students who understand the value of history tell her that they have. Excellent! She would have to lecture Chouko. That's what you get for graduating early… You miss out on all the history of the world. "We won that war. Barely. We had a lot of ships. Shinobi can walk on water, but that tends to be draining on chakra. Thus, ships were what won the war. Our fleets massed against a Kirigakure outpost, and we cut off their supplies. We effectively drove them out of wave country partly because of starvation. I bring this up because a part of being a shinobi is recognizing when you can win a war not by having the strongest shinobi, but by… … … Yume… I need you to reach out your sensory ability over to the fishing vessel south of our position…"
Off in the distance, a fishing boat seemed to harmlessly bob among the waves. Upon it were two individuals. One was a rather large individual, with a rather stunning beard. Quite large. He must have been rather old and rather wise. "Well. who are they? It's a single ship. Looks heavy with gold. I can see how deep it is in the water. It's clearly filled to the brim."
The other individual, a smaller man would be observing the ship using a crude spyglass of a sort. "… I don't know… Are those Hitai-ate? One looks like she's manning artillery… One has… white hair… I think? She's on the left railing… One looks asleep. There's another one. I think… It's a shinobi squadron…" - "A shinobi squadron, huh? … Not going to get that one easily." The larger man said as he stroked his beard. "Not like we have a choice though. Fishing doesn't bring in any sustainable money anymore… Can't make a living in the Land of Water these days…" The larger man brought his hand into a seal… Making it very clear that chakra was being channeled…

Chouko's mind was in another place. She didn't feel well being near the Land of Waves. She walks over and looks up at Yume, frowning. "I will be okay." She says in a tiny voice before turning to stick her tongue out at Genbu. She then just goes to lok back out at the water. She is getting close to the land where her mother was born and she did not like it. Her eyes slowly look to the Fishing boat behind them. She can't see much so she just turns to look at Sakuya nervously.

Yume would take her time listening to Chouko and Sakuya both, taking in the moral offered by the past. Yume was one who understood that if you did not take the time to understand the past, them you could be the one doomed to repeat it. At least, she would have been ready to take in and mull over the lesson of one's brain overcoming pure force on some ocassions, until Sakuya's order to her proves to hold priority for the Yamayuki. "Hai, Sakuya-san." Yume says, reaching up to undo her gauze and let it fall onto the deck of the ship as the strength she gathers swells in her chakra and around her eyes as she attempts to broaden her awareness. The shape of the fishing vessel manages to become clear and that is where Yume extends her focus to try to learn more of the pair lingering on the small vessel. She stands up from the railing and frowns quietly to herself as she walks along the edge of the ship to be better positioned towards the south. "Shaped like two adult males." Yume reports over her shoulder, and she frowns quietly to herself. "I believe they are speaking…but that is based purely on the vibrations countering my own. I cannot garner what they are speaking about." When the large one stands, her frown tenses and she relays, "One is gathering their chakra, Sakuya-san. Your orders?"

Genbu seems to be tuning a lot out but when he hears a certain tone come over Sakuya's voice he taps a sharp nail on the railing. "Hmm?" he looks back to Yume. His sense of smell and hearing wouldn't do much on the seas. Yume has…strange eyes, but even more prevalent is the fact that out of the three genin she is the most knowledgeable and familiar when it comes to chakra. Genbu would have to concede and agree that her abilities best fit the situation. Still he did not expect much of her. He would look to the modest fishing boat in the distance. While Genbu has zero aptitude for sensing chakra whatsoever he thrives in battle and carnage. Hostility. Malice. Aggression. These are what he was immersed in from childhood. He can feel it. He smiles softly. "Hmm~" his tone somewhat inviting.
After Yume gives the assessment on the small vessel behind them Genbu smiles. "Finally." He stands up straight and walks further along the railing sliding his claws over it as he does so. His body flourishes with Ki and a small hint of blood thirst teems in his silver eyes. He wasn't even listening for Sakuya's orders. He could only think of the thrill of a battle possibly breaking out soon. But a wayward thought plays on his curiosity. When hunting one can feel the fear of their prey. It is almost like a scent to Genbu. He looks to Chouko briefly losing the hunger for battle. He moves towards her and sighs "What are you doing? Prepare yourself you whelp." he snaps. "Honestly." he complains before looking to Sakuya for orders. Though she had put a damper on Genbu's mood it is quite fortuitous as it got his attention. He somewhat patiently waits for Sakuya's instruction.

"Chouko-san…" Sakuya said as she listened carefully for Yume's situation report. "I'm going to need you to remain behind myself and your peers. Not because I don't have the utmost faith in your ability, but because we have no idea what this person is capable off. I am not taking my chances, however." Sakuya said as she began to draw her bow back. Chakra would be slipped into the string and bow arms to loosen them, and make drawing it back easier. Genbu was giving sound advice to Chouko in her stead. "I'll leave it to you to whip her into shape, Genbu-san." Sakuya's tongue flickers out as she holds her fire to see just what the individuals in the boat far off do. "Honestly… I didn't teach any of you how to adhere to the water's surface… I'm a terrible sensei…"
"Suiton: Ribasu Suichi! (Water Release: Reverse Water Column)" The more elder man had perfected a technique he used for advanced fishing, that sunk the water around the boat to capture it. What happened on Sakuya's and her team's end was that the vessel began to sink. Yet it was not sinking underwater. Rather, they found themselves surrounded by a circular wall of water… "We've got them imprisoned… Go. Start your attack."
That's when the younger man would jump into the water, and swim over to the column. He swam rather fast, and while his chakra was nothing like the larger man's he still had some skill. His face would push out of the side of the water column. "Yo… You're being commandeered. Do you see our prowess? You're outmatched. So, give us all the gold on your ship!" Gold? They had no gold… They had… Bricks… granite bricks…

Chouko coughs a little when Genbu walks over to her and calls her a whelp. She just puts her hands on her hips and sticks out her tongue again. "You're cute." She teases before returning her focus to Sensei. "Hai Sakuya-Sensei." She says, a little disappointed. She wants to fight and proove herself, but that time will have to come later.

Yume's gaze patiently lifts up to calmly observe the wall of water that spouts up to tower before them, but she does listen to to the others. She smiles quietly to herself and while it is not the traditional sense of unity, at least there was some there. "I'm…not certain whether or not this is good or bad news, Sakuya-san." She tells Sakuya over her shoulder, "But I have been studying a bit ahead of the class so to speak…it will not be a worry for myself. I believe that I could help support Chouko at the very least if we end up away from the safety of the ship, but I believe Genbu is too…large for me to consider carrying easily…" When the man peers his head out through the water, Yume shakes her head slowly. "I'm afraid that will not be possible." Yume tells the man, "There is nothing important aboard this vessel, but your intentions alone are your undoing. But you and your companion will have the chance to surrender and turn yourselves in after seeing our own." She forms some hand seals of her own and directs a screaming burst of sound directly to where the man speaks to them from. This is in part to hurt the man, but in another part to help dispel the barrier of water itself with the vibrations.

"Whip her into shape?" Genbu repeats looking to Chouko who is sticking her tongue out at him after calling him cute. He is thoroughly left in complete bewilderment as to what goes on in Chouko's head sometimes. He's at a loss for words and just turns away from Chouko. "Just stay behind me, and prepare for a fight." he groans figuring that's the best spot for Chouko. Genbu smiles once they end up surrounded by water. He then frowns however when Yume says something about him being too large to carry. "Don't touch me." he warns once to Yume. Apparently he'd rather drown than be saved by her or anyone else for that matter. The man poking his head through the water had Genbu's attention now. Finally the enemy reveals themselves. Yume's long drawn out warning bores Genbu. "Surrender?" he repeats as though the suggestion disgusted him. Genbu observes the man for the moment to see how he defends against Yume's attack. He fights a grin and squeezes the railing raring to go. But the amount of water between he and Genbu did serve as a problem. Though Genbu is eager for a fight he's not blind or in the least bit foolish. "Just gotta get to him."

"Chouko! We need your range! I'm going to drag the individual trapping us a little closer! Zuzu, attach the rope!" Sakuya called out a she aimed carefully at the lower hull of the ship. "These aren't harpoons, but it will hit… I know it." Zuzu would slither around Sakuya's arms with a rope in his mouth, and hook it on with ease. "Simple task… When you get serious, tell me." - "Right." Sakuya loosed the arrow, an arrow with enough power to nearly break the older man's jutsu. It rapidly moved until it sunk into the fishing boat. Sakuya would then begin to pull the fishing vessel her way. "Genbu! You're strong! Help me with thus! I need your power." The fishing vessel was not going to budge with just her strength alone…
Meanwhile, Yume's sonic blast hit the man with a fair amount of power. "G-goat it! It was loud enough to penetrate the water? W-what kind of ability is that!?" He asked as he brought his hand to a seal, though the giant harpoon of an arrow nearly clipped him as well. "Dragon wings… I guess I need to get serious!" He brings his hands into a few seals before calling out from the water pillar. "Suiton: Fuka-sa denka!! (Water Release: Depth Charge)" It would be powerful enough to spray all of the shinobi on board, as well as the sailors, with highly concussive blobs of water that exploded from the sides of the depths. "W-wow… That actually worked… Pretty neat… HEY OJI-SAN! IT WORKED!" - From afar, his father called out. "Shut up and disable them already!"

Chouko smiles as Genbu jumps in the way of the attack to counter it, the girl smiling with joy and wonder. "Thank you…Genbu-san…" She whispers before nodding. She quickly grabs a Kuni from her training supplies and slits her palm open. "Okay, trying to lay down some support." She yells, before holding her hand up, her charkra powered blood gushes out of the wound and up into the air before turning into a heavy red cloud. With her other hand she directs the cloud over to the gathered ship, before gesturing with her hand and forcing the heavy cloud of red liquid to rain down like needles.

"If it truly came down to it Genbu, I would drag you through the whole sea by the scruff of your neck to keep your engorged head above the water until I keeled over from exhaustion or you knocked me out yourself. Like it or not you drowning is not an option." Yume tells Genbu after he warns her, and she does not seem to feel like entertaining the idea of leaving him out there in the slightest in event of an emergency. When the scream hits its mark, she nods her head once in satisfaction, though the son's words do not give her much hope in their willingness to surrender. When the water starts to spray and crash around them, she does what she can to muster up another shout that helps to repel the spray of water from her and any sailors that might happen to be at work behind her and the shield of sound.
Unfortunately a frantic shove to her back by a passing sailor trying to man the deck causes her voice to cut short and some of the water does hit its mark and makes her fall down from the railing. Though she does splash into the water, it seems easy enough for her to place her palms on the ocean waves, so that she may pull herself to stand on its unsteady surface. She grimaces mildly before her eyes open back up with the sting of the ocean water still set into them. While the ship is drawn closer by the combined efforts of Sakuya and Genbu dragging it by the rope connected to the arrow, the pair are close enough to her that she can run on the water towards them and prepare another scream that is directed towards the son once more. The sound would send up sprays of ocean water with it as some of the vibrations are having to push through some of the waves she's dealing with. After that, she dives back down beneath the surface to prepare a more hidden assault on the pair this time.

Genbu looks at the attack that is mounted against him and is rather unimpressed. His eyes drift over to Sakuya as she calls out a command to him. He grunts and looks to Chouko then to the decending water that threatens to shower them. She is most useful from a distance, that much is undeniable. "Yeah, in a second." he answers Sakuya. He dodges the cascading attack and moves to cover Chouko. His arm enlarges bludging with muscle before he releases at powerful swipe that scatters the water. Ignoring Chouko's thanks he would then look to Yume. A small grin comes to his face as she seems to take damage. "Stay sharp. You're my prey, remember?" he reminds Yume. He then leaps up to aide Sakuya. He walks over to her looking out at the vessle beyond "Hmph. He's mine. Don't interfere." he tells her before taking hold of the rope. His muscles enlarge again as he yanks to aid her.

Sakuya recognized the beginnings of real teamwork. As an instructor, she was proud. However, the sailors were actually starting to panic. They had, for the most part, moved below deck to let the shinobi handle the problem. A few individuals seemed to be running about. They were even interfering with her shinobi's attempts at defending. She herself didn't need to move too much to dodge. His attack was wild and unpredictable, but it didn't seem to have any pattern. It seemed as if Chouko's covering fire did actually distract the individual in the water wall. It also started to turn the water red. This was the perfect chance for Yume to slip away unnoticed, even as her other jutsu fails. It was loud enough to cause ringing in the young man's ear. "Good eagle. Thankfully, I'm a genius… Wait… Where did she go?" Where was Yume?
Meanwhile, the elder fisherman seems to have focused some of his chakra to keep his boat from capsizing down in the well. "Not going to work, Kiddos. I'm a bit more experienced than you think!" Yet, Sakuya's intention wasn't to pull the boat off. It was to provide a bridge for her more violent student. "Genbu…" Sakuya would call. "I can walk on the surface of the water, but you can't. I assume. That's why this bridge is here. Run up, and take him down!" She ordered. "I'll be up in a moment…" Yume's presence was unknown, but she had a feeling she was planning something. "Chouko, good work. Now it's time to undo the trap!" She would wait for Genbu to walk up the length of the rope if he had the skill. That would bring him into hand to hand range of the big one.
"Not so fast! I'm not letting you go anywhere!" The younger man would place his hands in a seal as fas as he could. "Suiton! Mizuhashira (Water Release: Pillar of Water)" Whether Genbu tightrope walks or not, pillars of water would attempt to strike him. Repeatedly.

Chouko considers, she isn't going to be able to use her blood rain again or it would hurt Genbu. She thinks for a few moments, looking back to Sakuya, before calling out "Forgive me, Genbu-san!" Before running towards the smaller boat, and jumping in the air to let loose a barrage of Senbon right at the fisherman's son. "Yaaah!" She calls out. SHe isn't trying to cause much damage but at least some and enough to distract Genbu's burly target.

Yume doesn't answer Genbu's reminder, it would be difficult to pinpoint her shape at all while she's beneath the steadily rolling water below. Fluidly she attempts to swim closer to the back of the ship along the side, hoping to surprise their would be assailants with an attack from behind. After forming the needed hand seals underwater, she starts to carefully pull herself up from under the surface, her jutsu taking away all of the sound of her breaking through the surface and dripping water. As she sets foot onto their small vessel to board, and even though she still does her best to keep things silent, the father still might be able to tell a change in the way weight is distributed aboard the ship. She doesn't leave him much time to think about this, and her hands rise up to fluidly transition through the seals before letting an eruption of sound escape from her lips to try to overwhelm the older bearded captain and break his focus. Afterwards whether or not he can still hear her, she'd say to him, "Leaving him to do all of your dirty work? Pathetic and tedious. Now surrender like I requested before, and perhaps the land's laws will show the both of you more mercy than we will. We have better things to focus on than you." She would drop down and attempt to surprise him by trying to sweep his legs with her cane while he was still disoriented.

Genbu hadn't realized that was Sakuya's plan all along. He smirks. Though the thought of being unable to traverse water did bother him slightly. However the larger man would become the outlet for his rage so he let the inferiority fuel his anger. He leaps onto the rope. While water and tree walking were beyond him his balance is impeccable. He starts dashing quickly towards the now anchored fishing boat. He evades the first pillar narrowly keeping his balance. Chouko's attempt just irritates Genbu more. "Idiot. You'll only make yourself a target." he snaps looking at her. A pillar rises and makes direct contact with him before he can dodge it. He's nearly thrown from the rope but his grip saved him. Swinging he evades the next pillar and manages to get on board. He lands growling and furious. Being able to finally challenge his attacker the genin is excessively furious. He rushes in but stops when Yume mounts her offensive. He blinks curious as to how she got over here before him. This left Sakuya and Chouko to deal with the younger brother. Genbu though isn't pleased to see Yume. He launches a fury of strikes rushing the man and pressuring him back after Yume's initial assault. "Stand aside!" he yells at her.

Chouko's attack didn't need to hit to complete it's purpose. She only needed to keep the fisherman's son at bay. So even if the attack plinked against the wall of the watery prison, it helped distract the boy quite a bit. All the while, the elder man was being assaulted from two sides. "Hmm? Wait… Where did the girl go?" He asked, as he looked around, seeing Yume surface. He raised his hand, breaking the seal that sustained the sinking column. Of course, he also knew one-handed seals, so he was able to maintain it to create a second jutsu to create a water wall to defend him from Yume's attack.
"Aha! Surrender? No. That's death, girl. I'd rather die than go to jail for the rest of my life." It seems as he was holding off Yume's attack, and blocking her sweep with water, Genbu attacked him from the other side. "Wha!? You made it up! WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE, SON!?" He had to break his other seal to defend against Genbu's attacks. Unfortunately, his level of jutsu surpassed the techniques that they used against him. Still, the justu he maintained could not be sustained given he had to use both hands to defend. Suddenly, column of water was shattered, and both Sakuya and Chouko would get splashed quite heavily as the water starts filling in the gap rapidly. "You kids… Da$& it!" The man would attempt to dispatch Yume and Genbu the old fashioned way. "I was once a Chuunin of the Hidden Hotsprings Village, before I retired… I still have skills that will keep me going! Watch!" He would make independent seals, and would raise both his hands out to his side. Water began to surround both Yume and Genbu. "Water Release: Water Prison Jutsu!" This would trap them in spheres of water, but alas, splitting the technique made it far easier to dodge.
Meanwhile, the ship was finally raised to the top, and barring Chouko and Sakuya getting washed off, the son would also be on deck. "Woah… What happened?" - "I'll tell you what happened." Zuzu was coiling around the man to capture him. "You failed. I hope you like rotting in prison, cur."
Sakuya looked over to Chouko. "Are you all right? I need you to watch this one with Zuzu… If you can strike from afar, do so, but be careful. It's a far target." Sakuya would jump off into the water, walking across it as she headed over to assist Genbu and Yume…

Chouko looks up at Sakuya and nods. She won't talk back, so she simply sighs when her teacher leaves, before heading back to stay with Zuzu.She looks very angry, turning to the snake and sighing. "Zuzu-san…" She laments, before just hanging her head and starting to cry, burying her head in her hands as she waits and hopes for her teammates. "I am so useless…" She mumbles kicking her feet before taking a deep breath and standing up. "I can't even help them…"

Yume watches Genbu's every move carefully, watching to see how the bearded man reacts and so that she may be more prepared when the need to defend herself should arise. "I'm afraid not." Yume tells Genbu, shaking her head. "We will have to try to handle this together." Still, her eyes briefly drift over to the younger brother to see if he is phased at all by any of their attempts before. She smirks quietly at the man's decision and chuckles to herself. "I see. Then you both are doomed then." She forms two hand seals and shouts to disrupt the water before it has a chance to surround her, and she attempts to drive back the fisherman with another scream. Thankfully since Yume can control these sound waves from afar, Genbu still has plenty of room to fight hand to hand with the man with only a slight chance of damage to his ear, and Sakuya has the safety of potentially boarding to assist them. She doesn't let her eyes stray too far from the son, just in case he decides to try to swoop in and assist his father.

Genbu finds his attacks rendered useless against the man. The idea of working with Yume to defeat a strong opponent disgusted him. "I think not." he snaps back at her. Genbu's fury is now split between Yume and their common foe. Clashing within he struggles with what he was taught and what needs to be done for the sake of the mission. While attempting to come to terms with this he finds himself on the receiving end of the fisherman's jutsu. His movements showed signs of hesitation and wasted effort. Genbu sits suspended in a prison of water. He hadn't taken much air before becoming entrapped. Silently berating himself he burns with anger but he can't seem to focus it. 'I'm not weak. I don't need help.' he thinks as he looks to Yume. He has not received help before, even when he needed it, he would not accept it now. His eyes shut as he's come to a decision. His eyes open reaffirmed and filled with excitement and blood lust. "A monster fights alone."

Sakuya arrives moments after Yume's attack, which manages to break through his sustained water-wall after his failure to capture the girl. Sakuya would land upn the edge, unable to hear Genbu from his prison. The water reduced any sounds to undetectable levels. The man seemed to stumble, and nearly let go of the hold he had over genbu. The circular blob of water holding him suspended above the ground weakened slightly, but it was not enough…
"Enough." Sakuya said as she brought her hand to a seal. "It's over. Perhaps at one time you were a fantastic shinobi, but at this time you are outmatched." Sakuya would attempt to indoctrinate the man's mind with the imagines of serpents crawling up his form, seemingly guiding his movements and driving his hand out of the water prison. Moments later, said snakes would all bite him at the same time, driving a venom deep within his veins. Sakuya's eyes narrowed. To everyone around him, would simply appear to stop. To those who could not witness the genjutsu working on him, he simply screamed out in pain as the venom painfully washed over him. A venom that was all in his head, of course… "Genbu… Yume… You've done well!" Sakuya said with a smile of enjoyment, partly at the man's suffering, partly at how wonderful her students handled the situations. "I'm going to have a great words to write on the report about you both."
"Hey, girl…" The fisherman said a moment to Chouko. "You can help me!" He had been slowly wiggling out of the serpent binds, and finally he managed to free his hands enough to make a seal. "You can help me by taking a swim!" Suddenly his body turned into water. Alas! It was a water clone! He appeared behind the girl, and placed his hands into a seal. "I'll kill you… With my ultimate attack! Water Release: Water Clamp!" Water would slip up from the ocean, and would quickly try to slam into the girl!

Chouko lets out a shrill squeak as she watches the man disappear only to appear behind her. She squeaks as water closes against her. She quickly covers her face, the water only hurting a little, but still hurting. She slowly looks up, but something has changed. Her eyes are not half closed. No they are wide open and filled with rage. "That's it!" She screams, spinning around. "I'll show Sakuya!" She screeches, before raising her cut open palm. Blood gushes forth in a shower of neeldes. She is attacking at a point blank range. While the barrage of blood hits, she runs towards her opponiate, drawing a kuni and attempting to stab him in the throat.

Yume takes a step back from the man and watches as he falls, his mind locked in the genjuts. She nods at Sakuya graciously after her praise, before looking over at the son that's left on the ship directly attacking Chouko. "One left. We should do what we can to secure this one, before interfering." She reminds, not leaving too much time for more pleasantries as she kneels down and withdraws an emergency length of rope from within a pocket of her cloak. She attempts to tie the father up, and takes to the tightrope left between the ships to climb back aboard their own. Though she does not stop Chouko from attacking the man in her own way, she attempts to scream and throw him off of his balance with the sound waves of the assault. She gives Chouko a quick glance to make sure that her injuries are not too severe, before she looks back over to Sakuya and Genbu to see whether or not they are in tow.

Sakuya joins the fight now and her methods spare and free Genbu from his water prison. She then goes on to incapacitate the man somehow. Genbu isn't quite sure what's come over him but he knows Sakuya has something to do with it. There he sits looking to an opponent that was not felled by him. "Snakeit…" he curses. His eyes dart to Yume then to Sakuya. "Shut up." he tells Sakuya. "That was disgraceful." he stands clearly frustrated. His performance was beyond unacceptable. Anger has a hold on Genbu now. He looks to the man but knows he would get no satisfaction from striking him down after he has been seemingly defeated by Sakuya. It is growing painful though to keep this anger inside. He begins to shake visibly with rage. Biting his lip and drawing blood his silver eyes seethe with malice. Chouko's scream draws those eyes her way. She is under attack. Before he could rationalize what is going on really he speeds off.
Genbu is not rushing to Chouko's aid. He's being directed by his rage at the son. He's low and picking up in pace as he approaches Chouko. He's so livid he doesn't even see Chouko anymore. He is otherwise ignorant to Yume's offensive sound wave. He is solely focused on ripping the fisherman's son to ribbons. This burning anger pained the young man. He could not contain it any longer. His claws rend and tear up the deck as he darts and dashes blurring in and out of view. His eyes leave phantom silver streaks as he goes around Chouko to follow up on the son. His claws hungry for blood are poised to rend as he attempts to shred the man.

In honesty, the fishing boat has reached the side of their own vessel. Sakuya witnessed the fisherman's son get struck with Chouko's attack, not having it in him to dodge any longer. "Okay! Okay! I give up!" He would call out after Yume's scream also further knocked him off his feet. Shirt soaked in blood, Kunai wound to the throat that nearly killed him, Scream pushing him to the floor. "I… I concede… Please…"
Then came Genbu, whose actions end the life of the son. Sakuya couldn't react in time. The boy would be slaughtered helplessly by Genbu's claws. His father would stare, mouth opened as he struggled at his bind. "No! Umaya! You… No! L-lion you shinobi! W-what gives you the right to kill him! We only wanted your gold, not your lives!"
Sakuya seemed… a little defeated. Genbu was more relentless than she had previously thought. A wolf. One that needed to be reigned in. She stepped aboard as she looked at the unbreathing corpse of the man Genbu had finished off. "… Team… I…" Yet, she kept silent. He truly brought it upon himself. "I'll have the sailors help drag the fisherman to the deck…" Sakuya was simply unsettled by Genbu.

Chouko slowly puts the Kuni back in her pocket after the flurry of attacks from Yume….and then Genbu. "Genbu!" She screams out! "You killed him!" The girl drops to her knees and then looks up at the boy. "T-that was…." She seems shocked before giving him a nervous smile. She slowly tries to stand back up and runs over to hug Sakuya. She was shivering, a bit scared by what happened.

Yume quietly watches Genbu as he seems to decimate the body long after its cries for help have fallen silent. As she watches, she lets the energy she gathered be released as she comes to relax. It does not take her long to find a new length of gauze to tie around her eyes now that they are no longer being assisted, and she nods once at Sakuya. "Understood. Let me know if they need help." And that is all Yume really says on the matter. She does not look very phased beyond the calm mask she wears, and when she returns to her railing to sit, she does draw her flute from her belt. She shakes it out over the side of the ship to free it of water, before bringing it to her lips to play a soft and quiet melody as they wait to reach where they were to deliver the cargo.

Dead? Dead doesn't mean stop. Genbu continues fueled by his rage to keep tearing at the son until his anger is sated. The blood and viscera build up beneath his claws as he continues. Blood sprayed and continued to do so until he nearly painted his face with it. He only stops when he has nothing really to claw at anymore. His rage sated he comes back to his senses. Once again aware of his surroundings Genbu can hear Chouko. He notes Sakuya's expression and can see that Yume has removed herself fro the scene. It took him a few moments to realize how exhausted he is after that moment. He turns sharply to go below deck.

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