Team Chimera's Humble Beginnings


Sakuya, Yume, Genbu, Chouko

Date: September 7, 2016


Team Chimera, and those who might one day be a part of Team Chimera, finally get to meet each other. Pleasantries out of the way, a team exercise is enacted involving a single bell.

"Team Chimera's Humble Beginnings"

Beaches South of Kumogakure

It wasn't the best day for a swim, but Sakuya wanted to invite two of the three members of her yet formed team for a training exercise. That said, even though it was cloudy, that didn't mean that Sakuya did not have a secondary motive. Of course she was going to go swimming after she put her genin through hell! She might be a Chuunin, but that didn't mean she couldn't have fun afterwards! That is why Sakuya wore a bathing suit today. Indeed, Sakuya was laid out on a towel in bikini bottoms and a bikini top. The colors were most certainly black, with purple trim. She most certainly was trying to reduce the amount of pale skin upon her body too. Her Chuunin vestments and her outer clothing were folded up in a pile beside her, and the white snake Zuzu was coiled up over Sakuya's belly button. She would most certainly know when her students approached. After all, her senses were some of the most fine tuned among the Hebisuuhai in the village.
Yet, what exactly was Sakuya planning to do today in little more than a swimsuit? What kind of training would it be? Well… That's going to be fun in itself. For her. Not for her students. Sakuya slips her hands behind her head as she flicks her tongue out of her mouth to taste the air. "Not long now… Isn't it great that the wind is blowing in from the mountains?" She cools a little as she talks to her snake.
You desert everyone you're leading or following.

It's been some time since Yume was last on a beach, in fact, not counting where her recent missions have taken her over the sea it was one of the first times in years. The beach was a different climate than she was used to in the mountains above, and Yume had mixed feelings about sand. While she couldn't deny that it was relaxing feeling it between her toes, it did help make some very odd layouts of the ground when she relies on sound. Still, Sakuya summoned her and there was no doubt that it was ripe for fun possibilities now that she was getting close to being able to escape the grasp of the hospital until the next catastrophe. So, Yume packed the one piece that she normally took with her to the hot springs and set out to the beach to meet Sakuya. When she approaches, she smiles quietly and bows her head in greeting, "Good day Sakuya-san, Zuzu. Have you been able to see how the water is yet? It's quite a nice and mild day to be out here."

Yawning as he steps onto the sand Genbu reveals a full mouth of sharp teeth. He wears his normal attire as well as a lethargic expression as he scans the beach for Sakuya. "Why has she summoned me here?" Genbu wonders as he looks around. He figures that he'll be meeting his teammates today which he is not too excited about either. "Grouped up with a weaklings. Well it could be worse." he thinks just before he finds Sakuya. With her is another rather familiar young lady. Some Genbu knew and hated quite intensely. The worst imaginable came to mind but he could confirm nothing yet. A heavy sigh flows from the depths of his being caring nothing but contempt and agitation. He considers just turning around and forgetting all of this. Begrudgingly though he is curious. He exhales a hefty breath and trudges himself ahead. He shows up next to Yume. He does not bother with greetings or any formalities whatsoever. He looks to Sakuya in her bathing suit and Zuzu in bemusement. "Well…I'm here. What is it?" He avoids even looking at Yume as her mere presence already has him on edge.

The arrival of Yume was well predicted, but then again she found Sakuya easily enough didn't she? They are both sensors of different kinds, after all. With eyes still closed, she greeted Yume's arrival. "It's the perfect day. The sun isn't completely out, so I won't get sunburned, but I'll still get a slight tan~. It wasn't a week ago that relaxing on the beach was impossible thanks to the Storm Brigade… It has been long overdue…" Sakuya's eyes would slip open. "Genbu… At almost the same time…" Her serpentine pupils contract as she turns her head towards the white haired wolf. In rather short order, Sakuya raised her legs and pushed herself to her feet in a fluid movement, all while grabbing her towel and slipping it around her waist and tying it. She winked at both of her students. "Yamayuki Yume, please meet Genbu. Just Genbu. You're both team members. Selected by the administration." She could smell Genbu's reaction. This was interesting, and fit into her plans oh-so nicely. "You're both wondering why I brought you out here today. It's simple really. It was to test how the both of you worked as a team. I have seen both of you fight, but now I get to see how well you fight together…" Zuzu coiled around his master's waist, as his head disappeared beneath the beach towel, and procured a single bell. He would hold it tight in his head. "This… Is a bell. There is only one bell. Out there is an enjoyable day at the beach. Whoever gets the bell gets to go swim. The other has to go home. Sorry." This will require team-work, but… "When you are ready… Come at me…" Sakuya would walk over to a quarterstaff in the ground, pulling it out and spinning it expertly over her head. "If you can't actually get the bell from me, you both go home, by the way."

Yume turns her focus to Genbu, raising a brow curiously as she considers just why he might be here. A hum of curiosity quietly escapes her when he reveals that Sakuya had beckoned him here too. This had a number of implications brought up as to why he could have been beckoned here by Sakuya, and any number of them could prove interesting. Still, she gives it time for them to play out on their own, afterall she didn't want to make any broad assumptions. "Good day Genbu, here to enjoy the beach as well?" She wonders to hin in a friendly enough way, despite the fact that she can most likely note his avoidance when he doesn't look anywhere at her when speaking to Sakuya. She lets Sakuya speak to her before an amused smile plays on her lips. "I see, well, it will be a pleasure working with you then, Genbu-san." She takes a moment to offer him the slightest bow before she straightens up her posture. She notes some of the muffled jingles of the bell and nods as she considers the challenge. Retrieving the bell from someone as ahead of their training as Sakuya was one thing, but she doubt that Genbu would make collaboration easy on her. She would have to find a way to work with that or to use it to her advantage. These 'stakes' were high afterall, Yume did come already wearing her swimsuit and anticipating a day at the beach. She couldn't let Genbu ruin that by playing the lone wolf. "Alright Sakuya-san, I believe I understand the task." She takes a deep breath and reaches up to undo the bandages binding her eyes. They remain closed at first to adjust to the brunt of the daylight surrounding them, but when they open they do appear more attentive than before. "I am ready, when you are Genbu-san." She turns her head to glance over him and observe his own preparations as she eases into a loose but poised fighting stance.

"As I feared." Genbu growls looking over to Yume. "Curse the fates." he looks away from her having realized the worst case scenario. He tries to focus his attention on Sakuya ignoring Yume until Sakuya gives them an explanation of what they're doing at the beach. Genbu scoffs and smirks. "That it?" He has no intention of swimming or anything of the sort. The opportunity to go at it again with Sakuya is all the incentive he needs. There is one issue though. He looks to Yume for once making eye contact…or attempting to rather. "Just stay out of my way or you'll get hurt too." He cautions her, just once. The listless look over him fades away and an aura of bloodlust comes over him. His focus goes to Sakuya but breaks away briefly when Yume starts removing her blindfolds. Genbu glances over to her. Her eyes were mesmerizing. Genbu couldn't look away. Those eyes are unnatural. The Kekkei Genkai Sakuya mentioned. He suddenly recalls Yume's full name.
'Focus.' he reminds himself looking back to Sakuya. 'Don't concern yourself with anything but your prey.' he repeats his teachings in his head. Genbu relaxes his body and crouches down to all fours. His Ki circulates throughout his arms and legs. He exhales once loosening up his joints. He intents to take the bell quickly and without any help or interference from Yume. Though focus and bloodlust fueled him there is a third factor pushing him in this exercise. He glances to Yume for a split second. 'I will not lose to her.' he assures himself.

Sakuya would giggle a little as she heard Genbu throw a small fit having to work with Yume. Sakuya liked fighting Genbu one on one, and Yume was revealing a curious technique she had never seen before. "I see… I get to witness the power of the Yamayuki's visual prowess. Excellent. Very good Yume." She had the advantage only because neither Genbu nor Yume would work together to corner her. "It will be a fun relaxing day at the beach alone." Sakuya already admits as Zuzu coils around her arm, holding the bell at her ear. Nejigan and a Beast Fist user. Sakuya's senses might be able to barely track Yume's ninjutsu, and as long as she can balance dodging Genbu she will have the advantage. Sakuya stops spinning her staff, slipping it under her arms. "… Wearing a bikini in combat… I think I might need a replacement after this…" She bets silently to herself. It was almost as if she was not paying the two any attention anymore.

"Thank you, Sakuya. My techniques are still sparse…but I cannot deny there is some improvement shown." Yume continues to watch Genbu with a calculating look in her eye, before she decides on something to get his attention, "I don't think that you could hurt me if you tried, Genbu-san. So please, don't worry for my sake. I'll be quite fine." Yume muses, still attempting to wear the amused smile that she knew Genbu liked to hate so much. It might not be the best method of ensuring Genbu didn't ignore her outright, but it was something to start with. Afterall, even if she was a partial target of his, there were ways that she could direct his energy over to Sakuya and improve upon it herself. With the wolf prodded, she can't help but blush momentarily at Sakuya's thought. "I will do my best to avoid damaging your bikini, Sakuya-san." Once that awkward formality is put out there, she springs into action and runs around to flank towards one side of Sakuya as she forms a seal and propels a blunt wave of sound through a shout emanating from deep within Yume's chest, in an attempt to throw off Sakuya's balance right away.

"Is that so? Well after her I'll come for you." Genbu snarls with a bloodthirsty grin. Yume's words fuel the fire inside the wolf even more. He would have to leave her for later though. Chasing two rabbits at once would yield nothing. Genbu reassess himself. Having the sufficient level of anger the boy could fight at his best. Genbu had allocated his senses towards combat and the bell. Speech and the like were nothing more to him than noise to be blocked out. He watches Sakuya waiting for a hole in her guard. While she went on with Zuzu, Genbu would almost be fooled into seeing an opening. He wasn't that foolish however. He steadies his breathing until it's barely noticeable. Almost motionless now he comes to realize that Sakuya is too refined of a warrior to leave such a blatant opening. He'd have to make one. His claws sink into the sand. It's troublesome that the sand is so loose. It'll inhibit mobility control. Still Genbu lets his claws sink before taking off blurring out of sight as he darts to the left. His body shifts and leans as he propels himself around. He's slips into attack range and gradually speeds up. Locking in a speed he doesn't attack. He waits until he feels the time is right. Without warning Genbu goes for Sakuya's exposed legs. While aesthetically pleasing a bathing suit leaves too much out in the open. Rapidly with his claws he attacks each of Sakuya's legs seeking to limit her mobility. A shrieking noise is heard as he does so. It doesn't throw him off as he figures Yume must've done something but he doesn't concern himself with her now.

Sakuya watched as Yume forms a seal she had not seen before. Yet, if she knew anything of the Yamayuki's technique from Nozomi she would know that many basic Yamayuki attacks strike outward from a cone from in front of Yume. The width of the cone is dependent on the shinobi, but if she can get out of that range she would be in okay shape. That's why she didn't bother dodging backwards, but instead jumped and rolled into the sand to Yume's left, putting her out of the technique's broad scoping area of affect. "That's from you, and…" Where did Genbu go? … Oh… Right in front of her. Just as she had slipped to her feet, Genbu was right there in front of her. He was low. Sakuya narrowed her eyes as she planted her staff into the sand and jumped up and over Genbu relatively swiftly. It was close. She had to move faster than she was used to in order to make -sure- she wasn't hit. "My, my… Using Yume's attack to follow up with your own… It almost worked…" Sakuya, back turned to Genbu due to how she vaulted over him, would turn and swing her staff in a way familiar to Genbu. She had used it on him before. A swift trip before she thrust her polearm into his back… She then dashed backwards, putting her back close to Yume as she brought her blunt pole backwards behind her to strike her shoulder… Sakuya relied upon all her senses to keep herself one step ahead of her students. She didn't expect they had so much strength so quickly. "This… This is impressive, you two."

A good way for Genbu to take her taunt, Yume would think to herself. It would mean more for Sakuya to put up with in the end. She had to say that Genbu's own changes were surprising in and of themself. It was astounding what his martial teachings were able to accomplish on a physical level. His very form was surprising in and of itself and didn't really read the same as many others did to her. The thoughts were quick and fleeting as she tries to keep on track of where Sakuya lands through the sonar now surrounding her with every sound and vibration happening. It's enough to detect the blunted arrow cutting through the air on its way for her and she tries to form some seals midrun as she shouts. The hefty arrow and the way Sakuya likely accounted for her momentum is enough that the arrow clips her hip anyway and she hisses as it causes her to stumble. She frowns to herself and doesn't let it distract herself too much before attempting to approach Sakuya again opposite of Genbu. She leads the charge with another yell, but also tries to catch Sakuya off guard with a strike to the shin from her cane.

Genbu curses softly after his last attack is evaded. He feels her over him. She has the positional vantage. Her staff came too quick for him to intercept and he is tripped left helpless again before being pummeled by her attack. He reflexively pops up off the ground less he'd remain a sitting duck down there. The hit was hard and made direct contact. Pain is but a teacher to Genbu though. The fact that he suffered it meant that he has yet to learn the lesson. "I missed." Is all Genbu has to say. He smirks looking to Sakuya and Zuzu. Yume's defensive action seemed just as ineffective as his own. "That's ninjutsu…" Genbu murmurs trying to grasp an idea on how Yume's worked. It took only a moment for him to reject his thoughts though. 'Gah! What does it matter?' he forcibly immerses himself in the exercise. 'Focus on her.' he crouches back on to all fours. Yume is closer to Sakuya so Genbu has to wait for her attacks to finish. The way the scream worked seemed simple enough. Sakuya should be able to anticipate it easily which means she might react early. Genbu grins and gets ready to pounce. Once Yume struck with the cane at Sakuya's shine. 'Perfect' Genbu thought. He leaps in and attacks high with a powerful flying knee to Sakuya's temple. As with their last bout Genbu attacks as if he intends to kill with each strike. After he lands he maintains the offensive darting off behind Yume, vanishing from Sakuya's direct view. He emerges in a flash just as one would lose sight of him and bares his razor claws at Sakuya's waistline.

What?! Sakuya is testing Yume and Genbu but didn't ask Chouko to come along? Chouko had been sitting in one of the bushes watching the fighting go on. Untill she decided that she would steel the bell, and therefore prove she is far beyond that of a student. (The idea of impressing her snake like was a great plust too.) But how? She had watched the fight long enough to realize that Sakuya was probably going to win in a fair fight…so the only solution was to make it not fair.
And with that, Chouko prepares, before slowly stumbling out of the bushes…she seems to be in Kimino soaked in blood, She is doing her best to stagger and look like someone much stronger attacked her. She then looks over to the two genin, attacking her teacher. She wants to send them a message but she cant. So she keeps walking out into the beach. "sakuya-saaaaan…." She calls out in a hurt voice, before collapsing face first in the sand.

Simple dodges were used for Yumi once more. She was certainly close enough to get struck by the cane, especially after the yell. She was close enough to Yume's mouth that she didn't need to dodge far to move away from the expanding sound wave that left her mouth, and Yume's physical prowess was still being worked on. "Good, good. That yell was louder." Sakuya commented. "You're both taking me very seriously." Her eyes shift to Genbu, who was attacking her with the same sort of vigor. Only, he predicted that she was moving to the left of Yume. She did that twice, after all. It appears as if she was purposely dodging Yume to the left, which obviously left Sakuya open. Zuzu's head seems to jiggle a little, as if reminding the genin what the objective was. «Sakuya, they're more interested in harming you! It's hilarious!» The serpent said under cover of genjutsu.
Sakuya focuses hard as Genbu's flying kick went over her head. Perhaps ducking added an extra opportunity for Genbu, because it limited the amount of actions she could use, and thus came the claws. At her waist! That could have absolutely shredded her bikini bottoms and the towel that hung at her waist! thank goodness Sakuya knows the feel of those claws, it challenges her to move away quickly… To dodge the rather hard to dodge double strike, she made a gambit to simply fall backwards onto her back. This made it so that those claws would pass right over her, and would set her feet in position to retaliate as he lunged overtop her slightly…
She would wiggle her toes and press them upon Genbu, seeking to kick out with both of them at the same time. It would push him off and give her the chance to get back on her feet. "You must learn to be prey before you can truly grasp being the predator, Genbu. All predators are born into forms that are soft and easily killed, and survive predation before they are able to become the apex themselves. That is the very same lesson I had to learn myself when I was a genin." Now was the time to hold back a little, for the purpose of this lesson wasn't to step all over her genin's pride as warriors, but to test their moral compass and their ability to stick out for one another when the time came. Teamwork over individual prowess… Could they do it? Or is Sakuya's students going to find themselves needing more team-building exercises? Either way, it seems the two shinobi were going to get additional help from Chouko, who clearly is tugging on Sakuya's more motherly attributes. "Chouko!?" She asks. "What are you doing here!?" She was planning on preparing genjutsu, but it seems the third eventual member of the team was attacked. Sakuya dashed over towards her and dropped upon her knees… "Are you okay!? Hold on…"

As Sakuya keeps dancing out of her and Genbu's way, she frowns quietly to herself as she tries to account for what to do next. Chouko stumbling out does have her briefly turning her attention to her and the frown can only deepen. She had come no where close to sensing anyone or anything near enough to do that sort of damage nor to cause any sort of scuffle, even with her Nejigan activated. She glances off to the distance, before looking back down at Chouko. Something did not sit right with Yume, there was the chance that Chouko, a tiny and frail student could have crawled her way to where they happened to be but it was a small chance. So, she takes her time in approaching Sakuya and Chouko both. "Yes, are you okay?" Yume wonders down to Chouko, "A tumble down the mountain? A run in with a bear? Perhaps a wolf?" As she tries to feign some interest while remaining attentive, her mind does not stray far from its goal and while Sakuya is distracted, she attempts to grab at Zuzu to pry at him to try to pull him off of Sakuya and toss him on the ground to leave him on his own without the protection of his companion.

Genbu blocks Sakuya's attack but she's still able to do what she intended. Genbu growls frustrated and growing in fury. Her words rung true but Genbu liked to think of himself as past the stage of the fledgling predator. He would try to keep up his attack but the arrival of another halted the entire exercise. Genbu looks over to Chouko with a bit of curiosity. Her ploy is rather convincing but still it's clear it's a ruse. Genbu folds his arms and sniffs the air. This deception must've meant that this newcomer must be the third teammate. Genbu doesn't know what to make of her. He takes the time to think. He'd forgotten the purpose of the exercise was the bell. Hearing it jingle he's reminded. He also thinks even further into the exercise. Why is there only one bell? The exercises stresses teamwork yet theoretically only one may pass. Genbu mulls over that as he lets the scene before him unfold. Sakuya's back is to him. He moves closer just in case an opening is provided.

Chouko coughs gently and tries to help herself up to rest against Sakuya. "S-sakuya-san…." She whimpers… the girl seems to be bleeding quite a bit, more then normal. The crimsion liquid starting to pool. Her sky blue eyes looking up at Sakuya, trying to draw out as much sympathy as she can. Be it maternal or romantic…whatever it takes. She slowly raises a feeble hand, coughing and sputtering blood over her chin. "Zuzu-san…you are hear too…" She says weakly before returing her gaze to Sakuya. "Sakuya-san….please forgive me…." Her look of pure pain quickly switches to a sadistic grin. "I had to lie to you again." She says, as the blood pouring out of her body and the blood pooled on the ground, mixed with hard sand, starts to rise off the ground rather quickly. CHouko screams in pain as she tries to push more blood from her body, forming a cloud over the two, before the blood, turning into sharp hard needles begins to fall on the girl,her teacher and the snake. She jerks her head back towards the two Genin and screams "Both of you! Grab the bell now!" She hopes the attack has grossed out and shocked both the snake and Sakuya so she or the two genin can grab the bell.

Chouko's life meant very little to Genbu. He does not know her and even if he did, he would not lose sleep if she died. But the young man sensed that something was awry. He's been around his share of dying individuals. When the trap is sprung Genbu looks in alarm as Yume manages to seize Zuzu. His shock is short lived however. Genbu sighs having not expected the ploy to work. Zuzu's entrapment of Yume got a chuckle out of Genbu. Rather interesting though to see this new one manipulate blood in such a way. He could not deny the fact that he became curious in the newcomer. "This has gone on long enough."
"If this exercise is to get us to work together then why is there only one bell?" Genbu asks walking towards Yume, malice clearly pouring off him. "I have no idea but…" Genbu dashes in at Yume and Zuzu. His claws were primed to eviscerate Zuzu. "Why wait that long?" Genbu sneers. "You're in the way worm." He smiles "Oh well. Can't be helped." He glances back to Sakuya to see her reaction. Genbu doesn't know hesitation when it comes to the fight. He slashes twice at Zuzu just as he would Sakuya.

Chouko sighs and stops the blood rain, before doing a roll back and closing her eyes. Slowly her cuts seem to heal…well at least most of them. Before she gets an idea…perhaps if her charms didn't work well on her teacher, but the snake…the snake seems to have rather pervy eyes. She slowly moves to make sure the serpant has a view of her, before grabbing the bottom of her kimono and starting to pull it up. "Zuzu-san…" She says in her best attempt at a sultary voice, as the kimono goes higher and higher, past her knees…stopping right before it would show off her panties. "Zuzu San…" She repeats. "If you let Yume go…I will give you a peak."
COMBAT: Chouko finishes her turn.

The snake provides further insight to why he is the way he is when Chouko attempts to distract him. "Kehk. Unlike Ssaaakuya, I am not an idiot who falls for stupid tricks. You will not distract me with such things! Your breasts are far smaller than I care for, you're actually quite flat!"
It was distracting Zuzu, though, wasn't it? After all, he didn't see when Genbu attempted struck the scaled beast. His claws scratched his… beautiful scaled body! It also caused him to cough the bell up, projecting it out of his mouth altogether, and loosening him enough from Yume that she could easily get out of his coils… That's two hits… One hit left, and the bell was theirs. Sakuya would intercept the bell in mid flight, landing upon the sand and jingling it. "You're all close… I admit this exercise needs… A little refinement…"

Yume would narrow her eyes at Genbu as he draws closer with that primal, blood thirsty look in his eyes. She attempts to stumble backwards to the best of her ability and warns Genbu, "Genbu, you do remember who he's around, don't you? Your teammate? This would be a very low down, dirty way of hurting me." Somehow she manages to try to squirm so that Genbu's claws hit only the snake loosening its grip. Yume stretches her arms and tells Genbu, "I am just going to assume that was exactly what you intended." Still, she does inwardly sigh and attempts to work through the strain in her voice to tell Chouko, "You do…need to work on your manipulation, Chouko. You are far too…young to resort to such tactics. Now, where is that bell…" She looks around until she notices the bell is in Sakuya's possession. She starts to run after Sakuya to try to lead with a false strike to her stomach as her other hand would try to grab the bell from her.

Zuzu's scaly hide is tougher than Genbu would have thought. His claws did not penetrate as deep as intended. It turns out to work in his favor though. Genbu's eyes go towards the bell as it is coughed up from Zuzu's mouth. Once it falls into the hands of Sakuya Genbu grins. "You got off lucky runt. Stay out of my way. You work better from a distance anyway." he says towards Yume but the same went for Chouko as well. He flashes Chouko a threatening look as well. He lowers into a crouching position and for a brief moment his muscles swell. Yume's attempt irks the young man as she's blocking his line of sight. The Lone Wolf Fist did not allow for excuses thankfully. Ki fueled muscles launch Genbu off at alarming speeds. Expediently gaining in speed he closes in on Yume and Sakuya. He breaks to the right of Yume and encircles her and Sakuya. Blurring in and out of sight Genbu keeps moving intentionally fluctuating in velocity. After Yume's attempt Genbu would promptly move in. "Move aside!" He actually warns Yume as he comes between her and Sakuya claws at the ready swiping at Sakuya and the bell.

"Flat my…Augh." Chouko mutters, before slipping out of her sandles to better fight. She slowly watches the bell fly through the air ahd her Sensei's hand. She stays still, trying to come up with a plan before frowning at the look she gets from Genhu. "Seeeeeeeeensei! He's being mean to me." She whines in a mock upset voice, watching him run in and attack. Chouko sees the two running in and attack, she needs to act quickly. She quickly grabs one of her kunai and slices open her arm, pushing the blood out into a large cloud, before sending it to shoot down like needles on her teacher.

It wasn't all bad for Chouko. She might be flat, but something else good was going to come of things. First off, Yume would strike out at Sakuya, honestly. Sakuya struck back just as honestly, though it was before Yume could connect with her chuunin sensei. Seems like this was honestly going to be another unsuccessful. It was Genbu that drew the final mark. Good for him. He truly was something else. At full speed, Sakuya had trouble keeping up with him. She wasn't prepared to dodge such an attack, and in the end she might have dodged his claw, but the string connecting her finger to the bell was severed! The bell would fly off, and Sakuya's eyes would follow it.
… The bell… Flew off and landed right in front of Chouko… Well! It appears that Chouko was going to enjoy a day at the beach… Of course… That also meant that Yume and Genbu were going home. A exercise involving teamwork that just didn't seem to promote teamwork at all… Just tears and unhappiness. "I guess I'm beat… Congratulations."

As Sakuya tries to strike her back, Yume lets out a scream directed at her. The sound is actually quite strong, like a gust of wind being blown against Sakuya's fist until it's deflected off of its original course. She glances aside at Genbu and does step a little to the side to avoid the worst of Genbu's strike against Sakuya. She had to give it to Genbu, that he was far better in close quarters than she's managed to be yet. She'd have to keep working on that at some point, but there was still one matter to think of first. Her eyes dart over the beach until they end up on the bell before Chouko. Well, there was the winner so Yume relaxes from her fighting stance and smiles quietly to herself. "I see, well done Chouko." She looks over at Sakuya, "That was an entertaining exercise all the same. I will head back. And I will try not to be attacked by Genbu on my way back to the village." She closes her eyes and the corners of them squints as the clarity leave them. She has to retrieve some fresh gauze from her satchel, and she tries to retie it around her eyes as she heads in the direction of the trail back to the village.

With the bell severed and at the feet of Chouko the exercise is over. Sakuya's admittance of defeat settles it. Genbu's body gradually relaxes. He almost seems to shrink upon closer inspection. Genbu sighs and tucks his hands away in his pockets. His more docile unenthused expression returns. He shrugs and starts for the trail that lead back to the village. Between having met the other two members of his team and getting to combat with Sakuya again he's had enough excitement for the day. "Whatever." he groans. The exercise was fun but he'll be damned before he admits it.

"Wait! W-why do I get to stay at the beach, Sensei!" Chouko calls out nervously, running over to Sakuya. "T-they did just as good, none of us could beat you on our own…S-so…" She stomps her foot and holds out the bell. "I am going to go study too, because if they didn't win, I didn't either." She doesn't wait for Sakuya to take it, she just drops it and tries to chase after the other two. "Guys! Guys! Wait for me! Let's all get mochi after we finish studying! And Ramen! On me! The top shelf stuff too!" She runs after the two, with a happy smile on her face. She doesn't feel like she helped much but for the first time, she felt like she was part of something better then herself…a team, and how exciting is that?

Well… That actually went pretty well. Sakuya reached her fingers to her lips, tapping them a few moments in thought. That really was a good show of sport. It was supposed to be a team exercise training. Sakuya was pretty happy. "I'll see all three of you tomorrow afternoon. For Lunch. My treat. Least I could do in place of you giving up your time to go to the beach, Chouko-san…" Sakuya turned towards Zuzu, walking over and crouching down by him. He was bleeding a little. He was writhing in pain, too… "This is the first time you've ever been targeted… Yes, all those times I get cut? They do hurt…" She straightens up and pats her hips. "Time for swim!~"

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