Team Four Training: Cleaving Misunderstanding


Tosai, Daichi

Date: Unknown (log received February 16, 2011)


Of all of Tosai's team, his closest and yet hardest student to teach, is Daichi. They've had many occasion where he or his student have misunderstood each other. In this revealing look into Tosai's past, perhaps Daichi may understand what motivates Tosai behave as he sometimes would.

"Team Four Training: Cleaving Misunderstanding"

Gaza Plains [Land of Grass]



The plantation here is rather sparse. There are tall blades of grass and trees. Though they seem to lack a bit of nutrients and look rather pathetic looking. The soil here is still rather rough, but it is darker to signify it has gotten the proper amount of water lately. The grass itself rises to a foot tall if not taller, with the color being light brown. Giant rocks can be seen scattered about with weeds growing out from underneath. The canal still continues to flow its way through the area. It is murky and very shallow at this point however.


Training Day One…

This would be the start of it all. Tosai, was now focusing on putting his Genin through the rigors of on field preparation. It was needed. He had been a team leader for a long time, but until now, the young man had not the time, nor the method for truly helping his kids get stronger. That was until now. The Akimichi had been forming of his own three-man cell, and was determined to take the Taijutsuists he had under his wing, and form them into much, much more. Of course, his plans had not been to be selfish, but to nurturing.

So far however, his own mood, has been less prone to nurture, and more prone to massacre, and maim. The series of events back at his hotel room, had the large Chuunin still mad. Daichi, and his need to try and push the envelope on everything he did, was coming off as more annoying, than impressive. Meanwhile, Fuuka's excessive need to be loud, nosy, and over vain, as well as clumsy, only served as entertainment, instead of inherent dependability in the field. Tosai knowing now what he had to truly work with, was scared. Could he really manage to pull off training what would probably the most difficult students ever? Well.. That was where the issue had lied. He wasn't sure that he could.

That would not stop the Akimichi from first calling on Daichi, in his efforts to first ready each student one on one, before then working on teamwork as a unit. After all, it seemed easier to deal with the behavior of one kid, rather than re-experience dealing with both of the nut-cases' alone. He would have been waiting near a clearing, just to the northwest. Daichi would not find him that hard to spot. He was onto of one of the taller boulders, seeming in a deep train of thought. Tosai's face showed an expression of seriousness. Daichi could probably sense the mood would be the same.

Daichi glumly arrives at the site looking up at Tosai as he looked out with a stern look on his face. Training day one, Daichi would think as he would just look up at Tosai. It was then that Daichi would begin to wonder about Tosai, despite being his student Daichi knew little about Tosai personality. "Good day, Tosai-sensei," Daichi would say a bit abruptly as he didn't want to come off as odd staring at his teacher like that. He would rub his head out of anxiety and offer a smile. All while doing this he would wonder what was on Tosai's mind beyond training, "Well. I'm good to go,"

The Akimichi was shook out of his trance by the Mednin’s greeting. Blinking, Tosai looked down, seeing Daichi had arrived on time. Nodding to the boy, Tosai descends from his high perch, landing in a crouch before coming to a complete stand, just where Daichi stood now. "No you aren't.", would be said almost immediately, as Tosai would look to Daichi, and pat him on the shoulder. "First, a few things are needed to be said, before we start anything related to your physical training." Tosai would gesture over to the stone, and come to a seat, waiting on Daichi to follow him.

Daichi would shrug and follow Tosai. 'Wonder what he wants to talk about?' Daichi thought. Perhaps a bit absent mindedly Daichi would sit on the stone and cross his legs. Daichi would watch Tosai now, trying to determine what he was thinking by facial expressions or slight breathing patterns. Daichi would ask since he wasn't able to determine it "What did you want to talk about?"

Finally looking to the boy, Tosai would then say, "Not what.. But who." Tosai would pause a few moments before then taking out a scroll. It was a familiar looking one but only because it had been the same to contain the Butcher's Madness, the weapon for which Daichi had been assigned to train with. Tosai would sit it in between the two, and sigh, before his words would seem to come to use. "Daichi-san. You have been under my tutelage for the pass few months. Do you understand exactly what this entails?"

Daichi would think about Tosai's question for a moment. He recalls Hoii's advice and decides to be truthful with Tosai "Not the slightest clue," Daichi admits trying to hold back a smile. As the scroll sat between him and Tosai Daichi would find himself getting an eerie vibe. It was the same scroll in which Madness's Butcher was sealed. Daichi would glance at it then back at Tosai. He would save Tosai the apology as it wasn't appropriate right now. He would wait in silence to see where Tosai was going with this.

At least the boy was honest. Tosai would give Daichi that much credit. Hell, the answer would even provoke a smile upon the Akimichi's face. Tosai would then say, "Well.. you remember when I we first met, and I decided to recruit you? Back at the Genin Training grounds back home? I told you that one of the things that made me interested in you was that you reminded me of when I was a Genin, so to speak. That’s the thing though.. I never told exactly why that was." Tosai would then look to the boy as he would then glance at the scroll, and then back to himself. Tosai would say, "You can worry about this later. For now, I am doing what I should have done along time ago."

Daichi would listen to Tosai's words and recall the moment that he and Daichi became student and teacher. Honestly Daichi hadn't forgotten it, not once. In every fight it would come up and even while training it still pops into his head. But now Daichi would listen with interest as Tosai sounded as if he was going to reveal a bit aabout himself. Daichi was hopping this would help him better understand Tosai as a sensei and perhaps something more.


"You see.. You reminded me of exactly the way I was when I was a kid. Duhh, right? Well you see, that one statement, relates to many contexts. For while you may be tough, skilled with Taijutsu, and have a high amount of potential Daichi, there are a lot more things about you that if you don't learn about and now, then it could spell disaster… just like what happened to me in my own youth." Tosai's mood would seem to take sort of a further dip. For a moment, he seemed remorseful.

Daichi would look at Tosai sympathetically, as he could understand Tosai a little more. He saw Daichi like a younger version of himself, or a little brother. Daichi figured this would as good as time as any to ask Tosai "What happened? What is the…story behind Madness's Butcher?" Daichi asked. He would lean forward a bit obviously interested now "I know there is something strange about that blade, I can't explain it but…when I'm holding it I can fell something…vicious about it," Daichi admits. It does show in his fights with it however, the increased aggression and the hostile vicious nature.

He hadn't open himself like this in a long time. Tosai wasn't the type to do so. Sure, many recognized as a person with a lot of heart and compassion. However, Tosai was still not accustomed to something that people thought was so natural. What made this even worst, was that Tosai could not allow things that to show on a daily basis, especially in battle. It made for a seeable vulnerability for the enemy to exploit. Thus was the reason often that Tosai seemed so mean and so tough, even when it wasn't wartime. It was something he had conditioned himself to show. Was this the real Tosai that Daichi would see today? The man he had been, and not the man he had portrayed himself to be?

Tosai thought about this all, even as he would look to his tea, sipping as if it would get bring his mind out of the pitted feelings of regret he had held for so long. That’s when Daichi's words would reach him, freezing him dead. The question had finally come. "Hehe.. Took you long enough. Yet, I suppose that at one point, I took it for granted that you hadn't asked. Looks like you are learning to question things more deeply." Tosai would take a deep breath, and began to talk about it, though it was obvious that the nostalgia annoyed him. "That weapon has slaughtered, in the course of its use, over one thousand men, during the Clan Wars. It was tool of which I used, even at your age, to carve men in half. With it, and an endless unaimed rage, I became known as Chou Battousai.. The One Thousand Man Slayer."

Daichi was shocked a bit, the vicious feeling that the blade gave off was clear now. Murderous intent it was clear to Daichi now why Tosai had given him the weapon. Not only for physical training purposes but for self control purposes as well. "Chou Battousai?" Daichi repeated as he had heard that used before. Daichi could only think of one more question to ask, even though he knew it wouldn't be easy on Tosai "Why…why were you so consumed by rage? Is that what war is like? Just a bunch of rage and despair?" Daichi having a father that was killed in that war would become a bit emotional about the whole thing whenever someone brought it up.

"Yes..", would be said at the utterance of the name. Tosai would then hear the next round of question, almost seeming to have entirely no clue how answer. However, it had not been that he had no answer. The Akimichi was completely reluctant. "Rage, does not all the time, have a source. Sometimes, blood lust can be generated simply from the acts committed about you sometimes, if you are prone to violence naturally. You may actually remember how mad you got from one of my training sessions, when you felt my murderous intent. When I was your age, Daichi, I did not start out as a killer. My hopes had been to impress my clan, and take an imitative to lead, spreading its reputation, and becoming a better ninja. I wanted to exert the power that I had then upon all those who came upon us. However, the only thing I ended up doing was being caught in an endless void of violence. I lost myself in that void."

Tosai would then sit a minute, seeing that this was working Daichi up a bit. He didn't want to make the boy feel anything like pain or misery, or even sadness. However, Tosai wanted Daichi to understand, and from there, mature. The second of questions would be answered, only after Tosai would pat Daichi, calming him and beckoning him to listen carefully. "Wars are not fought all the time because men want to cause harm. They are often threats of the use force, when negotiation and compromise have felt. It is only when one side refuses to give in to the other, that fighting actually becomes a war. Rage, despair, sadness, are only by-products brought about when war is at its worst. People to suffer brutally, both emotionally, and naturally. As ninja, we are supposed to be numb to all those things, able to kill, and obey orders without a second thought. However, one can not help but be effected by the kind of trauma, and pain, physically and mentally that war brings."

Daichi doesn't understand Tosai's explaination on rage completely but from what he could understand it sounded as if his rage had no origin, it just sprang forth from good intentions and ambitions. Daichi frowned a bit until Tosai touched his shoulder, looking up Daichi's eye began to reflect a bit of disgust and anger. The world was ugly and it upset him, then Tosai would speak. The hate fades and Daichi settles down a bit, his eyes locked on Tosai and his mind trying to fully understand what he was describing. "But we're still human aren't we!? Ninja or not it's too much to ask. Ninja have more power than regular people but that power should be used to save people…not harm them right?" Daichi's question was also aimed at himself as he wasn't sure what being a ninja meant anymore.

"We are indeed. A fact that I have stressed even in discussion with many that I know. However, in many ways, the same philosophy of suppressing one's emotions, is strategically sound. Surely I agree with what ninja should do.. However, I can't control alone with what ninja will do, Daichi-san. But do not despair, Daichi-san. Believe it or not, the hope for change lies in ninja like you and Fuuka. Young kids of the next generation, who do not wish to take the life of a fellow man. Ninja, in this new world, are now being used as protectors, a militia meant to serve the agenda of the Daimyo of our lands. It all depends, on how /you/ choose to serve, Daichi-san." Tosai would come to a stand, before he would then gesture Daichi to walk with him.

Tosai would then say, "As for the rage, I can not truly say that it has no source. For myself, it truly came from my clan's not accepting of what I did. I was blind, and in the end, so had my anger. However, I suppressed the reason for all that I was mad for, and in the end, the anger and rage I extended, was pointless." He would then turn to Daichi and say, "This is why I say to you now.. When you fight, think first, and keep you emotions at bay. Sure, you are offensively mighty, Daichi. I think that is what I like about you most. However, as a medical ninja, you need not to take risk. You are the one meant to survive, when the front lines have failed, for if you do not, then who will be left to heal?"

Tosai would then look to the horizon from where they stood and say, "That good within you. That is what I believe is your nindo, Daichi. Do not let it be clouded by a search for power, or an insatiable rage like I did. Before you take a life.. Save one. Before you rush off into battle, lead through the making of wise decisions, and good thinking. Watch you opponent, and listen to him as deeply as every friend. Respect him, and at the same time, do not underestimate him. Be accurate, concise, and have a heart for people. Do not make the mistakes that I have, trying to simply impress those whom are over you."

Daichi agreed with Tosai completely, change was in the hands of his generation. The future was dependent on what kind of ninja he would become, and it was here Daichi would ask himself what kind of ninja he would be. His good intentions and positive out look on life were gifts and teachings from what he could remember about his mother. Daichi finds himself smiling with hope as Tosai speak of nindo and from within he finds a light that seemed to put his mind at ease. "Tosai sensei," Daichi says as he comes to a stop. His fist tighten and his eyes water a bit as his smile grows larger and larger. He couldn't speak as he was overcome with emotion but it was clear he had something to say.

Even now, Tosai was enjoying his own words. At the same time, he mourned not knowing all these things at a time worst than now. Perhaps it was as Monki Ki Kokezaru always told him. 'Life brings experience, and those with experience, teach.' He would look to Daichi as he seemed to be a bit overcome with emotion. It looked as though Tosai, had reached the boy. Tosai would pat Daichi on the head as his name was called, and say, "I know you probably got something on your mind, however, please listen alitte further, my friend." Tosai would lift his hand and say, "Keep yourself vigilant. At the same time, be patient. Things come with time." With that statement, he would hold up the scroll containing the Madness's Butcher, reminding the boy of his goof.

From there he would crouch in front of him, unrolling the scroll, as if to show him how to unseal the weapon he had sealed. He would point to the scroll and say, "Ever scroll, has both a seal command, and a release command. You did well, but the only thing you neglected, was a release command. It isn't needed to extract the weapon though. It just makes it easier than this." Tosai would then began to hand seal. If Daichi counted, he would note that Tosai had went through at least about fifteen hand seals, all in quick succession, before the scroll would poof, revealing the larger cleaver. "Otherwise.. good going. All you need to learn now, is the other more complicated layering patterns of the sealing, and then you will be set to go. We can do that back in Konoha. No pick up your weapon.

Daichi gets it together and watches Tosai unseal the cleaver. He counted 15 hand signs, he didn't know exactly which hand signs he saw but he was sure there were 15. Daichi nods and takes Madness's Butcher, the feeling was still there. The intent was still there and Daichi sighs as he hoists it over his shoulder. "Ok," he says as he begins walking forward "I'm homesick anyway,"

"Indeed. Until then.. I think we can call it an end for today. Perhaps even get a bite to eat. After all.. If you are going to be trained as my Genin Sempai, then I suggest that you be well fed, and well rested for tomorrow." Tosai would then began to walk to the path toward the village, leaving up to Daichi as to whether or not he was going to follow.

Daichi would smile and follow Tosai "Sweet, I'm starving," reunited with the cleaver Daichi couldn't help but feel a bit curious about what would be in store for him tomorrow. Daichi had never felt more motivated to train however, after all the world wasn't going to change on its own.

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