Team Judgement Forms


Senju Daisuke, Uchiha Kirin, Hyuga Uma, Uchiha Hinotori

Date: Feburary 19th, 2010


A team formation ceremony-event held within the Jounin training grounds.

"Team Judgement Forms"

Inside Konoha, on the open expansive field of the training grounds

Today is somewhat of an eventful day in Konoha, the most aspiring shinobi whoms application were passed..have assembled at attention en masse at the Jounin training grounds, each caste seperated by their rank. A column of genin and chuunin respectively facing forward, eagerly awaiting to be called forth or not by the panel of Jounin and senior Chuunin shinobi..who are also standing side by side facing the large mass. The sun shines through the trees, it's position in the sky would concede the time, about mid-day.. surrounded by the otherwise blue blue sky.
Kirin stands at attention, though he stands out like a very sore thumb..most of the Jounin present are all wearing the standard military issue vest; while Kirin sports his ceremonial trophy armor..his arms crossed. Shifting his eyes to the right as they move into his peripherals, Kirin silently watches on as other Jounin step forward as their turn comes..calling out specific names of shinobi gathered..and leaving the field with them, a newly formed team. Before long, the person right next to him steps forth and takes their pick..and then, it's Kirin's turn.
Kirin doesn't hesitate, having waited here long enough as it is..his takes two confident steps forward, his arms uncrossing as he breaks into motion to fall at his sides. "Konoha shinobi," he intones loudly over the croud..breaking the latent tradition of soft spoken words, and silence. "Who of you does not fear death?" Kirin scans across the faces of all before him. "Who of you are determined not to fail, who of you stands out among the culmination of your peers? You know who you are. Step forth!"

Hyuuga Uma finds herself in line with her hands crossed behind her back. It's rather warm, and standing in the sun while teams are chosen caused a faint line of sweat to form above her brow. Yet she remains still. As Chuunin and Genin alike are chosen, Uma stares straight ahead, little worry to wether or not she was going to be chosen. Chances are she didn't want to be chosen anyways.
When Kirin steps forward, Uma breaks her gaze from the back of the Shinobi's head she was staring at. His words touch her yes. She was not scared of death, infact she embraced the concept, but this doesn't cause her to step forward. No. Nor does the question of which shinobi was determined not to fail. She of course could not fail. It was not in her vocabulary, yet she doesn't step forward. Uma stuck out like a sore thumb in skill and reputation. If she was going to be picked, destiny would let her know.

Daisuke had gone along with information given to him by his best friend that if he attended a 'school-yard pick'em' event in the Jounin training grounds he may be able to get on his team. And so the chuunin followed his friend, Hinotori, to the Jounin training grounds and lined up with the rest. Looking over the Jounin and senior Chuunin, the lone Senju boy didn't see too many inspiring prospects but as the time of Kirin's speech rolls around, he feels somewhat pulled to step forward, being one who makes it a habit of standing out in a crowd and never giving up but his head turns to Hinotori to see what he does. "Is that the one, then?" he whispers to his friend, leaning over closer so that his words go unheard by the rest.

Having been told that he needed to attend a gathering today, Hinotori had made a point to leave home early. Though as he did he was greeted by his best friend Daisuke. Not knowing what to expect the two walk to the training grounds to what appeares to be a large gathering. Hinotori was impressed by the number of Jounin and Senior Chuunin, "Something is going down." he says as they were all put in line according to their rank. Hinotori notices that Daisuke was one of few Senju here today, this put him on edge a bit. As the proceedings begin and people were called upon to leave with either a Jounin or Senior Chuunin, Hinotori notices there weren't a lot of people left. He was begining to think they wouldn't be picked but when Kirin begins to speak, he chuckles more to himself then to anyone around him. He notices Daisuke step forward, he smiles and steps forward to. "Dying is apart of what Shinobi do. We give our lives in the protection of our village and allies to make sure our enemies never breech our borders. I'm afraid to die, but will give up my life to save those I cherish." he states. The words come from him easily, something that he was already aware and knew in his heart. He stands side by side with Daisuke then waits to see if any others would come stand with them.

Kirin stands vigil, and only the wind would be left to blow over the field..blades of grass all pull in the direction of the winds beckon..leaving a silence in the air that all but carries away on the breeze. Staring ahead, Kirin notices the unrest in a few, the contemplative faces of many..and the determinated expression of even fewer. It's alot to ask of someone who has been trained as a military asset the majoity of their lives, if they remember their own mortality..and to question whether or not they have what it takes to trudge on..through such a pressured existence. "We will all die one day. But now now, and when the Reaper knocks on your door, I want you to answer, I want you to smile. And by will, and perhaps destiny.. turn him away. We are the shield, to death, and your life may rule the fate of many." Kirin sighs lightly, his words often going unheeded..especially to so many different individuals, with their own points of views. Closing his eyes lightly, Kirin silently waits.. for anyone to step forth. And then, as Hinotori does..along with Daisuke, a light grin spreads onto his face..his eyes opening to look at Hinotori. Stepping forward, Kirin places a hand on both Hinotori and Daisuke's shoulder very lightly..taking another step, he would lightly encourage them to face the masses with him by gesture.
Kirin scans over the crowd, though despite all of the expressions he sees..the body language, so familiar..uncertainty, Kirin spots a familiar with a look that stands against the others. His eyes on Uma, Kirin continues. "Hyuuga Uma." - "Why do you hesitate?" Kirin asks blatantly, causing the remaining shinboi at attention to all give or take shoot a glance her way, earning curious stares from some.

Being the center of attention suddenly, one might expect Uma to be embarrassed, or perhaps expect to see the girl blush and look down. There is no such reaction from the Chuunin. Her whitish eyes lock on to Kirin's and she speaks aloud, "I do not hesitate. Nor do I fear death. I was raised to embrace the idea infact." There is a pause as she articulates her words, her petite hands remaining clasped. "I did not step forward for I feel if I am to join a team, then my actions will speak louder than words." With a shrug, the Hyuuga Chuunin glances around at everyone, those piercing eyes giving off, for the first time, a look as if to say: 'what the hell are you all looking at?'

Daisuke chuckles inside his head as Hinotori steps forward, in his own way answering the question Daisuke asked of him. He figures he must be mad volunteering for an Uchiha-led team but he steps forward with his friend. As the jounin puts his hand on the boys shoulder he wonders if the Uchiha will reject him though having been encouraged to turn around and face the rest of the group quickly brushes that thought from his mind. Perhaps things won't be too bad and his friend was there with him, right? He stands there proudly on the other side of Uchiha Kirin as a few Senju give him an odd glance and focuses his attention on the white-eyed girl that Kirin speaks to. A boyish smirk creeps up his cheek as the petite girl gives off an icy look to those around her, he could see working with her well enough. For now the Senju chuunin remains quiet and lets the jounin do what he wishes in his recruitment.

Returning the smile Kirin gives him and Daisuke. Hinotori turns around with Kirin and Daisuke, he looks to his friend and gives him a congratulating smile. He scans the crowd and looking to those Senju who are making faces at Daisuke, then to Uchiha who are also making faces. Hinotori steps forward just a little, still not over taking Kirin. Eyes narrow slightly as he looks at those accusing eyes of the rival clans. Some stir others just roll their eyes, a smirk comes across his face. His eyes turn to look at Hyuuga Uma and when she speaks, he smiles. He waits to see what will happen next.

His eyes fixed on Uma, the glances earned from her peers doesn't escape his notice..nor does the reaction torwards Daisuke and Hinotori; Hinotori would make a point to show his notice and feelings, Kirin would seem as if his entire world was focused on Uma as she replies. Inwardly pleased with Hinotori's attempt to stick up for his friend, "I know who you are and what you've done, and thus I can make a projection to your abilities, even if you have secrets..I can account for those, too. Stepping your initiative, I might have already selected you. But what is your choice?" Kirin would say this keeping his light smile that appeared earlier..his eyes narrowing ever so lightly, wondering what the young Hyuuga's response might be.

"Uwaaahhh! Millooooo~! Come back! That's the Jounin Training area!" The cry of a small boy can be heard, and sure enough, the appropriate vision can be seen of what has happened. Milo, a hairy black pup in its infancy, is out-running an Academy Student! "Come back, come back!" Chasing after him with all his might (which isn't very fast), Itagaki closes the gap slowly, able to make use of his longer legs. Either that, or the nin-pup just got tired from its sudden exertion. Diving down onto the ground to close the final gap, the Inuzuka clan member lifts up Milo a little bit so that his legs cannot touch the ground. At this point, he's actually quite near the gathered shinobi. "..oh no. Now we're in trouble, Milo! You've done it again." The comment is made with an 'aroo?' sort of growl from Milo, who in turn is placed on top of Itagaki's dark hair.
Slowly yet surely, he makes his way to the side, escaping notice from what must be Jounin as best he can. "Sorry to disturb you, Senseis. Sorry sorry." He murmurs, bowing his head a bit.

The words weigh heavy on Uma's mind. Having fallen silent for a long moment, some might begin to gain hope that they might be chosen instead of the Hyuuga, but the girl steps forward at the last moment, "I will join your team, then, Kirin-sama." She doesn't quite smile, but the slight crinkling of the dimples around her cheeks might give the illusion of mirth. Her hands uncross as she joins her new team, her eyes darting from each member, then back to Kirin. "I've a subordinate that I must mention. Hyjinko-kun is a prominent Genin.. for a Genin, and I've promised him that I'd train him to the best of my abilities. He could be an asset to the team."

Daisuke stands silently, watching the interactions between Uma and Kirin. At the mention of secrets, Daisuke looks amused, having never had the pleasant experience of a 'good' secret, wondering what Kirin meant by accounting for secrets. Once Uma states her intention to join the team, the red-headed Chuunin looks over the three other members, his first official mixed team under a Jounin since the birth of Konohagakure. "Well, this should be fun." he states simply, grinning to Hinotori as he stretches his hands out enough to place them behind his head, his grin expanding into a toothy smile to Uma.

Nearly burning a hole through Uma with his stare, Kirin grins at her inital reply at length..this is afterall, what he was counting on happening..and his grin very well hints to his satisfaction. Kirin nods lightly after her approach and statement, moving over to Hinotori only to whisper something quielty in his ear..which would earn a grin and a nod from the younger Uchiha. Afterwards, Kirin would take a few steps torwards the open field away from the mass of shinobi. "Alright team, follow me." he says calmly, "Don't worry, you'll all be dismissed after I say one final a slighty more private venue. Slightly." Kirin gestures lightly with his head in the direction of the field..heading that way in a walk, just then..a black pup would dart out into the field..being chased by its owner, a certain Inuzuka student. Kirin raises an eyebrow lightly, causing a mild disruption in the ceremony process, though not too much, a few stares and the almost looks as if one of the nearby chuunin ushers were going to take charge, but see Kirin closer to the situation..and more or less assume he's going to handle it. Kirin smiles at Itagaki, "No worries. This event is almost concluded, but you should watch your friend more closely." Kirin says to Itagaki as he apologizes, turning around to look at his newly founded team as they might have followed.
"From this point on, you can call yourselves members of Team Judgement. We will take on the harder assignments at times, I look forward to getting to know each of you. Our teamwork is essential to our success." Kirin glances to Daisuke, "Daisuke, please know that we are allies now, as Konoha shinobi. Don't worry." Kirin would smile, his eyes shifting to Uma. "You made the right choice, life is full of choices." - Lastly, he nods to Hinotori..and Hinotori would return the nod, seeing as how they are members of the same doesn't seem out of the ordinary.

"Oooh.. Milo, they're forming a team!" Safely out of harms way on the edge, Itagaki sort of crouches on the ground, opting to stay there for the moment and just wait it out. "Amazing.. even though they look to be stronger than Genin, they're forming a team anyway. That must be the strongest team in all of Konoha." — "Woof." It seems that the puppy agrees, who sniffs at the gathered nin. "Ssh, Milo. Have to be quiet so we don't disturb them. They're probably on a mission to.. I dunno. Bring down those evil ninja in the Mist! Or..or.. to save a Princess!"
With Kirin acknowledging him, Itagaki can only nod a little bit. "A..Aah.. Okay." Curiosity sticks to him though, with the Inuzuka sticking within earshot as the group continue to discuss things. Team Judgment! So cooool!

Whatever secrets Uma retains is totally mysterious in every single way. She follows after Kirin, ignoring the student for now. She was very militaristic, to the point of hardly acknowledging those of lower rank. The piercing gaze from Kirin seems to be met with a similar gaze. A natural gaze that comes along with the Kekkei Genkai of her clan, despite the Byakugan not being active. She listens intently and grins. An actual GRIN. "Team Judgement? Awesome name." As the details are given, Uma's grin widens a bit more, "Thank you! Finally.. challenging missions." As to making the right choice, Uma nods, the grin fading lightly, "It is a choice I did not make lightly.. though I have faith in our team. Two Uchiha, a Senju and a Hyuuga? Sounds like a deadly force to be reckoned with."

Team Judgement, Daisuke thinks to himself. The name seemed pretty cool, though he wasn't too sure of whom he was going to be judging, he was hardly one to judge others. "Hm?" he says as he looks up from his thoughts as the Jounin addresses him, making sure there were no awkward feeling between them. Daisuke smiles and nods his head in acceptance of Kirin's words, "Thanks, I look forward to it." he says as his gaze moves over to the young academy student who entered the Jounin training area. His smile stays on his lips as he watches the boy, so carefree at the age most of them were already fighting and killing for their clans. "I'm ready to do what I must to keep the village and it's people safe." he says to Kirin.

"Team Judgement." he says almost in a monotone fashion. He weighed the name and smile briefly, "Good." he says. He looked to his best friend, then to Uma, and lastly to Kirin, "Alright, we are a team. We are one, no one is left behind no matter what." he says as he looks to them. Memories of the people he teamed up with before during the war seems to manifest in his head, but he shakes his head for a moment. "So Kirin-sama, dinner on you?" he asks smiling. "We need to better know one another, granted Daisuke knows as much of me as I do of him so that means we need to get to know Uma-san." he smiles as he looks over to the Hyuuga female. "I'm Uchiha Hinotori, Chuunin." he introduces himself and bows his head to her.

Kirin looks up at the sky for a moment..very contemplatively, almost as if he sensed something at first..or maybe was alerted somehow. "That's the purpose of this team, and I gaurantee as much." Kirin says approvingly in response to Uma, his eyes falling to Daisuke. "That's the spirit. And ontop of that, I'll make sure all of you are safe..this is all apart of our teamwork, that starts today." Kirin looks to Hinotori, nodding lightly in approval. To the mention of dinner, Kirin smirks. "You beat me to it, we'll work on making sure that happens more often than not, Hinotori-san." Kirin half-turns to face Itagaki, well aware of his presense. "You're welcome to come along, too." Kirin would start walking torwards the inner part of the village. "All dismissed! Though, you are required to be well rested and well fed at all times.. and ready to leave at a moments notice. Your first team assignment, is for me to buy you dinner. Lets go!" Kirin would call out as he continued onwards.

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