Team Kasumi: A introduction going wrong


Akinori, Kasumi, Yoshomaru

Date: March 31, 2014


Short mission in order to stop a suicidal wave of critters from dying

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team Kasumi: A introduction going wrong"

Land of Fire - Cliff Face

Yoshomaru and Akinori were both asked to meet Kasumi on the cliff face outside of town.. Well, Yoshomaru was usually found with Kasumi so they travelled together. Conviniently since he wasn't allowed to leave the village on a whim. "So, you'll meet your new teammate today. Sarutobi, smells… But otherwise he's an a-ok guy as far as I can gather. Now try not blowing him up will you?" She says teasingly, ruffling Yoshomaru's hairs like she just don't careee~ … "Akinori, good of you to come. I would like you to meet Yoshomaru. One of your team-mates." She says with a smile. Taking a step aside to have the two Shinobi meet… "After that we'll get right to the mission… Or.. It'll get right to us. But you'll see…"

Yoshomaru sticks his tongue out playfully as his hair is ruffled, batting at Kasumi's hand. He was in a good mood today and it was showing. Frankly, he still had the mindset that Kasumi and him prepared for though. This teammate will have to prove they actually can stick around and keep up. He's used to seeing a revolving door. As Akinori comes up, he gives a wave at first but then hides his hands again.

"Doing well?"

Akinori steps into the scenario , this time not releasing a scent. His mouth is empty of any cigarettes but a tooth pick has taken it's place, his eyes are shut a bit as he glances towards the two."Sup…" His hand motions from one side to another, gesturing towards the couple. He twiddles with his toothpick within his gums, poking a bit around. He comes closer towards the two as he sighs…"Yea—… doing fine I suppose" his mind is a bit off, seemingly a piece of memory is stuck in his mind as he starts to pay more attention. "You called me over Kasumi?"

"Yes.. Yes I did indeed. Both of you. See the land of fire houses a particularly cute little critter. They kind of look like rabbits. But they're more fluffy and snuggle.." She explains, disappearing and reappearing with a small cage… Inside is a little lemming-like creature… "In addition to being the cutest things in the world, they also are extremely suiscidal. We don't know why but they just are.." She points at the cliff… "So, in about an hour the lemming migration will pass. And some.. if not all are bound to try and rush over that hill. We have been hired by some of the ecologist corps shinobi to stop that. Since they play an important part in our eco-system or something…" Kasumi clearly didn't care… Though the fluffy fluffyness was definetly appreciated. As the lemming was soon let out of his cage and got snugged by Kasumi… "Well, get to thinking. I'm supervising but this is your baby to accomplish." She smiles… "As equals." She reaffirms… Despite rank difference, she likes to treat everyone in the team equally and doesn't mind suggestions or ambition! Au contraire!

Yoshomaru pauses a moment. He leans towards Kasumi a moment, whispering out of the corner of his mouth.

"…Isn't he kinda tall and old?"

Yoshomaru's brow is furrowed a moment. Then he notices the little lemming. He raises his eyebrow higher when Kasumi gies them that warning. She honestly wants them to stop a rush of lemmings? As Yoshomaru just takes in a deep breath, he already gets that frustrated look on his face.

"You brought me to the top of a cliff?"

Akinori's gazes falls down on Yoshomaru. "So man, what you good with?" He removes his hoodie from his head, revealing his blonde spiked hair as his gaze widens a bit. He twiddles his toothpick with his tongue as he continues his speech."I'm mostly a Taijutsuist, I got some understanding of wind and fire ofcourse but that's about it. And unless you want to decapicitate the lemmings then we get another plan." He glances towards the cliff, looking down from it as he gives his brain a chance to analyze.

Kasumi chuckles… Sitting down on a tree stump. "Obviously I took this mission because I knew the solution wasn't going to be cut and dry. Working on your strengths is one thing. Now that your lifes aren't threatened it's a good time to work on your weaknesses too!" She giggles… "Plus, who does NOT want to save these cute little buggers?"

Yoshomaru seemd to ignore Akinori at first. He followed Kasumi, only becuase he was chasing after the lemming. He looks at Kasu once, and leans down…and claps right infront of the little bugger's face. He wants to see the reaction.

"I plan things out. And if I'm right about this, we won't have to do much work…I'm good at everything."

Akinori closes his eyes, grunting as he does so."Okay, that's gonna be a problem." He walks over towards Yoshomaru, lowering himself down to his level as he tries to maintain eye contact." You and me… are going to have to work together, you're not good at everything. That's a lie, luckily you're in a team and I possibly am stronger in several areas then you are. So do us both a favor and drop the smug attitude before you end up failing this mission for us… Got it?" He raises himself again, sighing. Man this is something I don't want to deal with… wiserodent."So I ask again, and this time I would like a appropiate and respected response. What-are-you-good-at? We need to plan accordingly and together, there's no I in team so we better start working."

Kasumi looks at the two and sighs… Like two flipping chickens in a pen. "Yoshomaru meant to say he could accomplish anything if he sets his mind to it. Which is very much true. And what Akinori meant to do is make a statement, not a demand." She looks at the two and pauses. "Now quit your bickering or I'll put you both in a genjutsu which will have you walking funny for the rest of the week. Capisch?" She gives them both a strict stare. "Akinori. Yoshomaru has more experience in this team. That counts for more than a rank. I said, equals. So, yes, it's very much true everyone's good at something and that we'll need to compliment eachother's skills. So you put that well, there is no I in team. So please, instead of banging your heads together put them together to achieve a common goal…!"

Additionally, Yoshomaru's test comes out as expected. The little critter is startled and huddles back into Kasumi's protective arms… Although, it has a side-effect. Since the suiscidal critter curiously perches up and then actually - walks towards - Yoshomaru's clapping hands… seemingly to investigate! Akinori, he's more of an adrenaline junky than you are! Who would have figured! "Relax. Both of you."

Yoshomaru by now has begun to pick up rocks, and looking around the area of the cliff itself. He saw what he hoped. The 'wiserodent' comment was ignored, and even the tension of the air was ignored. Even though he was just told to work as a team, he's still doing it on his own. He's just so used to it. He walks to the edge, looking over it to see if they were on an outcropping or something solid. He was happy to see it was solid. After a moment or two, he nods to himself…and starts throwing pebbles everywhere within reach. Literally, anything he can pick up he starts throwing it all along the line of the cliff.

He made sure one was aimed right at Kasumi's location.

Someone with sharp eyes would notice that smaller pebbles were being thrown deep into the tree line, far from the cliff edge. Larger ones almost were right on the cliff edge itself. He was making a…network?

He still bent down to poke the critter right on the forehead. That -may- traumatize Kasumi.

Akinori places his hand onto his face, shaking his head. "I don't know what you're trying to do but atleast try to explain it." He places himself next to Yoshomaru, glancing towards the so called network of his."What are you planning to do with these pebbles"

Kasumi now stays silent. She would intervene if she had to. But for now she let the boys handle things. Hoping they would come up with something together. Since Yoshomaru has such a one track mind. She hoped the extra challenge from Akinori helped him explore multiple avenues!

"Anything I touch turns into a bomb."

Yoshomaru raised his eyebrows a moment as he looked up far from where they were standing. He was still throwing any rock he could deep into the brush. He had literally peppered the ground with tiny little pebbles at almost circular patterns. Kunai throwing was hard compared to this. As he slants his head a moment in thought, he gives a sudden nod and sits right down on the edge of the cliff.

"If they don't follow the deep brush pops, they'll start coming this way…then I'll start popping more in a web to guide them away. If that fails…I start blasting hard. And if that fails…I will just blow everything up."

Cold but true.

Akinori glances towards the rocks, nodding at the statement of Yoshomaru. "So you want to scare them off? That'll work for 10 minutes untill they figure out they don't die from it." He gazes into Yoshomaru's eyes." Hear me out, if we use your bombs we can create a small trenchline which can only be exited from the way they came. We'll make a small curve from the way they came and make it high enough for them to not being able to go down there. After that we'll cover the edges forcing them to return back down and find another way." He looks up in the air, taking a small breather as he examinates the area he would need to cover.

Kasumi nods slowly. Now there's a voice of reason. "You guys have about an hour before they're on their way.." Kasumi explains.. "Oh and if you blow this one up Yosho I swear I'll make you eat one of those pebbles and blow it up…" She throws him a heavy squints. Nobody takes snuggles the Lemming! "I will call you snuggles!" She says, putting the Lemming on her shoulder.. Which results in the thing climbing on top of her head and nearly jumping, if she didn't catch him in time! "Haha! You suiscidal dummy!"

Yoshomaru would flick his fingers once, causing just the fur on the little critter's forehead to suddenly pop like a tiny sparkler. It was just for fun, he didn't put a huge charge in the little guy after all.

"I considered the trench. They are limber and fast, they'll jump over it or run through it. They also are naturally curious, I don't intend to scare them but make them dash after the sounds in a curve away from the cliff. If I wanted to kill them, I'd just let them jump and save my energy."

"I don't know how you imagine a trench, but those things won't jump over a trench the height of us. Well I say us but I mean ofcourse me." He motions his finger around the area, indicating some elements as he continues his speech." If we create the trench from our side with my size, and we'll have a really low slope going their way then they have no run way and no way to jump over. It's just a way of making it correctly." Odd enough, he makes a few good suggestions and makes his plan reasonable ofcourse that's what he thinks of his plan. He glances back towards the critter as he examinates the small pop. "Make a note to yourself to not do that to me."

Kasumi giggles at that.. "Hey, don't hurt him! I wasn't kidding Yosho!" She teases… "I like Akinori's thinking here Yoshomaru. It's quite a permanent solution." She smiles. "Though, how would you dig the trench within an hour?"

"He's a wind user…he can carve it out of the ground with the proper technique."

Yoshomaru being snippy again. Of course he felt his idea was better, only because he had already put effort into it. He just raises one finger, and then draws in his mind an arc along the ground with it.

"Plus…I don't like the idea of carving down into a cliff we're standing on, and then me beginning using my own stuff."

Yoshomaru grins though, Kasumi would have caught on by now he may be up to something else. He was, he had a backup plan. His Genjutsu.

Yoshomaru's eyebrows then go up, and looks up at the both of them.


"Dig the trench. Just make sure the dirt is piled between the trench and the edge of the cliff. Make sure it's high and curved outward."

"Who said digging. Replace those pebbles in a line and let it go boom, afterwards we'll shape it furthermore. Right now we need to work fast on getting a rough shape." He sighs, as he shakes his head."Also, the fact that you're cute attempt on reforming my idea which is just basically my originally idea is—… hilarious." He walks over towards the pebbles, starting to create a U-shape as he tries to keep a decent spacing in between. " I hope you can do a controlled detonation, otherwise we're going to fall through our death."

Kasumi was… semi happy with their plan… "There's also plenty of trees there. Cutting it shouldn't be an issue for your chakra blades right… Akinori? And big strong men like you two would have - no problem - stacking a few logs by the edge of the trench to increase it's height without taking precious earth away from a cliff… We are, as you guys so aptly observed, on a cliff. Explosions might not be our best policy here…!"

"That's kinda why I kept saying we shouldn't be blasting or digging up here. Leading them away with sound is more humane and easier for me."

Yoshomaru sides with Kasumi immediately only because he didn't feel like revealing how controlled his detonations really are, yet. Even Kasumi hasn't seen what he's been up to lately.

"Just stop them from coming too close by blowing them back, if they even make it this way."

Akinori's head turns a bit red, withdrawing his Trench knife from his pocket as he walks to the forest. He fills the blade with his chakra as it's range and force extend, he cuts down several trees with several swipes… leaving several long logs behind."Anybody minds collecting these logs so I can cut them into nice pieces or are we just gonna stand there watching the moon rise up?!" his grunts are heard clearly as several trees fall down from their stump.

"Me? I'm enjoying the view with Snuggles…" Kasumi says, relaxing back and -forcing- the two to work together despite initial frustrations. She's sure that when fur hits the fan they'll cooperate.. "They're not great climbers nor do they jump upwards. So getting it set up is relatively easy." Kasumi says, looking at Yoshomaru for a moment. "Issue with that is that they're drawn to the explosions. So you can't know if they'll just run off the cliff anyways."

"And I'm trying to keep focused so I can tell when they're on the way…And I'm not trying to scare them away!"

That part got in Yoshomaru's skin quick. They immediately take it for face value every time, and he hates explaining himself.

"It's a web network of pebbles…each one with enough pop to create a sound but not burn me out. I can make as many as I want to this way. When they start drawing near to the cliff, I pop the ones behind them to draw them back into the brush and then pop in a line away from the cliff. Pied piper, if you will…"

"That's a temporaily solution, we're looking for a permanent one. You're helping or I am throwing these logs at you!" His face starts to become a bit more red, due to annoyance aswell as the hard labor he's performing. He glances around, wiping the sweat of his forehead.

Kasumi sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose. "These guys." ….. "Yes, I got your plan Yoshomaru. But you're in a team now. And I know the team hasn't exactly been stable. But please give it a chance? Akinori actually has a great plan. Yours is great too, but his offers a more permenant and failsafe solution." She tries to do this diplomatically. "Again, at least - try - to get along will you guys? And Akinori, stop threatening him…"

Yoshomaru would narrow his eyes a moment. He would then clap his hands once…and any pebble in the distance that he may have thrown goes off at the same time with a dull pop. The ones remaining? They're in a solid straight line as Akinori mentioned. Yoshomaru would have his hands infront of him by now, eyes closed and beginning to form handseals. He's focusing on what chakra is left in what remains.

"I'll take care of getting it started."

Akinori glances over to the small explosions, shaking his head as he really regrets his decision… What a team. A leader who basically can't keep discipline over a thirteen year old and a thirteen year old who thinks the world revolvs around him. He should've just created his own team… Nah—. too hard to manage for now. He grabs a log, throwing it infront of Yoshomaru as he shouts. "Have fun."

He slowly places himself down against a log, placing his head back as he spits out the toothpick. He places a cigarette inside his mouth as he ignites it, quickly taking multiple drags as he soon starts to pollute the air with smog.

Kasumi sighs and looks at Akinori… "On your feet and get those logs in place… We don't have much time left…" She even kicks his side if he doesn't get up. Kasumi throws Akinori a furious look. Upon which he might get a very uncomfortable feeling down below… In fact, if he doesn't get up… That feelings grows more and more uncomfortable… "I mean it…"

Confused at first, Yoshomaru pushes back away from the log. He blinks a few times before looking back and forth between Akinori and Kasumi. He frowns again, he doesn't want a failure on his record. He's not strong though, not physically in the least, and his techniques only revolve around maneuvers. He looks at the log a moment before grabbing a rock shard off the ground, and simply holds it in his hand for a while before shunting it into it.

Pop. The log splits in two as the wedge detonates.

Akinori slowly gets up, not giving a single flying hoot about Kasumi's facial expression. "I was told it was a -TEAM-. The fact that I had to waste half an hour to know it's not so much of a team but instead a kindergarten led by you is a embarresment for me." He places his arms underneath two logs, carrying them infront of Kasumi. "If I ever notice this same type of nonsense again, I -will- remove myself from your team. It is not worth my time nor my potential to run around trying to influence a kid." He throws them towards each end of the wedge, continuing to form a wedge covering the entire cliff. He continues to drag onto his cigarette as a dark gray mass forms around Akinori's facial area.

Kasumi sighs… looking up at Snuggles on her head… "Seems like we have our work cut out for us…" Followed by a meep from the critter… Yea… AT LEAST HE GETS HER! "Guess we'll need to find a way to knock the smug out of both of them during training… At least they're working together? I thought maybe having a common enemy to complaint about would work, but alas… They don't even unite against MY antics… May as well help.." And with that, Kasumi also moves to help the trench and wall along. Their combined strength made it take a few minutes tops… Just in time for the big migration! "Phew.." Kasumi says, a bit of sweat dropping off her forehead… "Another mission accomplished for team Kasumi!" She smiles… "See you guys tomorrow morning at seven. No later, in the forest. We're doing ninjutsu-training. Again, don't be late.." WIth that, Kasumi makes a seal and poofs, disappearing… Leaving the two to bash eachothers skull in or make out on the cliff side.. Whatever floats their boat.

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