Team Kasumi: AWKWARD!


Yoshomaru, Ryukishi, Kasumi

Date: July 29, 2013


Team Kasumi get to do what ninja's got to do!

Poster's note: this mission is not one which the Konohagakure mission board would have actually accepted, so it did not really happen IC. Foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team Kasumi: AWKWARD!"

A big village in the land of tea

Kasumi was more than curious about the result of her little test with Ryukishi the other day. She agreed to meet him at 6AM for training. Though plans changed a little bit. When he arrives at the training fields, he's sent to the village gates instead. Where Kasumi is waiting for him just inside the gates, idly chatting with the gate guard (Hyuuga..)

Yoshomaru got the same treatment, 6:20 AM sharp by the gates. Not a minute late! 'Bring your wits, body is optional' she told him the night before. So now she waits, 6:11AM…. Yawning to herself while already fantasising about things she could do to the Genin if they're late! Hmm, her sadistic brain is spinning while she quickly goes through their ninja cards. And then gazes at the mission she got for them. She grins midly. "Yoshomaru is - not - going to like this." She giggles while showing the mission briefing to the Hyuuga who chuckles as well. "Oh, I remember my first D-rank mission. Trust me, you're being kind!

Yoshomaru of course did NOT enjoy getting up so early. He was a night owl due to his habit of reading too much. He'd refrained from his father's notes lately though, it's not like he could use them anymore. That ticked him off too. Now though, he was heading towards the gate as ordered. He knew it was a mission, why else would his own Jonin be up so early too?
As he rounded through the gate, Yoshomaru waves towards Kasumi. There was something new about his face, a slight bit of confidence. A couple bags under his eyes gave it away, if she was clued in enough she may notice he has a little more pep in his step!….Then he saw the Hyuuga sanding there and turns around.

He still doesn't like Hyuuga after that whoopin' he got.

Not one for being late, Ryukishi is seen running up towards the gate of the village. The youth just bobbing and weaving about the obstacles in his path. Dogs, cats, and that one single senior citizen, which waves a fist at him as he barely makes it by. "Sorry, I dont want to be late!" He calls back, but the elderly person just waves him off and continues on with their day.

Needless to say, Ryukishi is overjoyed! It's his first mission, and it will be a grand one! (Hopefully) The boy carries all his basic supplies in two pouches on his belt. He also has the vial that Kasumi had left the other day. Knowing better than to imbibe the unknown substance, he did chance a smell. Whatever it was, it did not have the hallucinogenic properties of the first vial. He'll definitely be sure to bring that up with the woman when he has a chance to talk.

Kasumi welcomes both boys and doesn't say much. Not until Yoshomaru just turns around again. He had an annoying habbit of doing that! Kasumi sighs and flicks out a shuriken which flies around Yoshomaru's anckle, he'd feel the string tighten as his legs are pulled together and Kasumi yanks to trip him. After that she begins reeling the rope in. The Hyuuga however can't stop laughing! And in truth, it did look hilarious and that's putting it lightly! So she just drags him in until he's laying there in front of her. She also nods at Ryukishi. "So ehm, sorry for not giving you an easy start. Your tryout is going to be a mission." She giggles.

"No pressure." She then kicks Yoshomaru's butt (quite literally). "Say hello to your potential new team-mate." She urges him while having him look up at Ryukishi. "We're not leaving until you two get along, and we're working on a clock. So chop chop!" She isn't giving them any instructions on 'how to get along' on purpose. Training excersize? Certainly! Awkward? Most definetly! And Kasumi is enjoying every bungling second!

Yoshomaru actually lands square on his face…arms above his head. He knows exactly what happened. He knows exactly who's dragging him back. And he knows he can't do a clumsy thing about it. When he gets close enough, you know, from being drug along the can hear him growling at one point.
The kick makes him lurch up, grunting and he lifts himself in a push up manner. Dirt smeared on his face, his hair now dusty too, he looks up towards Ryukishi with a newly acquired "Die." glare that initially was for Kasumi. He goes to wave, but immediately puts his hand back down and looks over his shoulder at Kasumi.
"Waving is hard when you HAVE ME TIED UP LIKE A CALF!"
Yup, growling even more now.
And that Hyuuga got a NICE long glare too…before he drops down to his elbows so he can rest his chin while laying there on the ground. He's not getting up.

"A mission?" Ryukishi asks, his smile just got a little bit bigger. "Alright, we're going on a mission!" He calls out, pretty loudly given the time of day. A small leap of victory accompanies the shout of excitement. Though, he quickly adjusts his throat and nods. "I mean, I…would enjoy that very much." Though inwardly, the boy is as giddy as can be.

As Kasumi pulls the old tripper-roo on Yoshomaru, Ryukishi just watches intently. "Uhh, Hello there…" He seems perplexed at how to do this without seeming disturbed in some sense. Which he opts to go in the most friendly manner "Im Sarutobi Ryukishi!" His eyes close as the smile turns into a toothy grin. "It's a pleasure to meet you." He does little to actually help the other boy, other than trying to remain as bright and cheerful as he has been the whole time.

Ryukishi then stands back up, putting his hands on the back of his belt. Poking his pack, it then dawns on him. "Oh yea…" He says, openning the pouch and reaching in. "You forgot this the other day." He says to Kasumi, pulling the vial of purple liquid out. "I didnt want to chance someone finding it and ignoring the 'do not drink' message." He then offers the vial up. "It's not the same as the one you showed me, it doesn't cause weird colors when sniffed."

"I know.." Kasumi just calmly says while not untieing Yoshomaru. She just grabs the vial and passes it to the Hyuuga. "Make Nobo drink that if you want a laugh!" She whispers before looking at the two genin. Yoshomaru is being Yoshomaru. Kasumi is being Kasumi. "What are you looking at me for? You going to ask an enemy nin to untie you as well if they got you in a bind?" She giggles. "Do it yourself, or hop around for the rest of the day…!" Oh she was mean. "Besides, I'm here to teach. Team-mates are there to sooth your boo-boo's.." She winks at Ryukishi and hopes he got the clue. She winked without Yoshomaru being able to tell, so it would seem as if untieing Yoshomaru was his idea all along, if he gets the clue. ]

Yoshomaru would grunt, he already was curling over to undo the wires. He puts his fingertip to the initial strand. The sound of a firecracker goes off and the wire breaks at his touch, along with a puff of smoke. He would look up at Kasumi and stick his tongue out at her, clearly showing her up for tying him up.
He'd then hop to his feet, nodding to Ryukishi as he dusts himself clean of all of the dirt from the street. He would then offer his hand as a handshake, keeping an eye on Kasumi. He's looking for a reaction.
"Toji Yoshomaru, nice to meet you…Never drink anything she gives you unless it's tea."

Ryukishi looks to Yoshomaru, and nods. The youth taking the others hand in a handshake. "Nice to meet you Yosho-san." When the handshake is done, Ryukishi returns his hand to his side. "I agree though, don't feel like you have to shoulder anything. If we're on a team, we're in this together!" This Sarutobi may seem a bit sarcastic, but he's actually being pretty sincere.

Turning to Kasumi, he crosses his arms. "So, now that we've gotten all nice and friendly…what's the mission?" He leans forward a bit, more than eager to get it underway.

"Yea, I had a nice little encounter with one of her concotions. It was….odd, to say the least." Ryukishi is being pretty mild about that, since Kasumi literally made him trip balls for a few seconds!

Kasumi giggles while he tells Yoshomaru she made him sniff one of her liquids. "Hey, you smelled! A ninja should know better." She winks at Ryukishi and shakes her head. "Obviously I'm just kidding, you both can trust me when it really counts." She then gets on her feet. "The mission is actually really simple." Kasumi gets on her feet and walks off. They're in for a pretty long hike through the land of fire, she looks at both the genin. "Okay kids, lets make this contest! Running to the land of tea takes two days, we're going to do it in one!" Kasumi sharpens up and then begins running ahead, though she slows down when she moves too far out. So the two can keep up. "First one to need a break loses!" Kasumi muses. Keeping up the pacing with relative ease.

Ryukishi continues to follow Kasumi as best he can, but he isn't trained (yet) and begins to get winded after just a scant few hours. His lungs burn and his muscles tense uncomfortably as the group continues on. Try as he might, he think he'll lose this game! He tries to muscle on, but within the hour he reaches his hand foward, "Stop, I…I need a break!" He calls out, coming to a halt and leaning forward. His hands press to his knees, as he breathes in and out, trying to regain his breath. "Just…just a minute please." He huffs.

Yoshomaru was keeping pace, and a straight face. A straight face however doesn't hide sweat. It was almost a couple moments past Ryukishi makes his shout that he loses his footing and smears on the ground again. He keeps crumpled there, breathing heavily and almost wheezing. He has a low constitution, doesn't she remember that!? Of couse they did make good ground though. He breathes deeply…same trick his father taught him to catching his wind again.

Kasumi grins and squats on a branch while looking at the two genin. "Looks like its a draw." She muses. And ofcourse she remembered his constitution, why does he think she ordered him to exhaust himself in the first place! "Stand up straight, it helps you breath." She says, looking looking ahead. "We're two hours from the border, we'll be there by nightfall. For now, you both have thirty minutes to break. Feel free to roam around, find a pond… take a nap, take a bumble… You know, the usual." Kasumi keeps her eyes peeled on the surroundings. While it was unlikely that there's any threats around here, she was still responsible. Without alerting the genin she scans the parameter.

Yoshomarruuuu….doesn't move a klutzy inch. Instead he continues to breathe heavily, in his own little world as he attempts to get his breath back. He's ignoring her because he also can't feel his own legs, so he's definitely not budging. A few moments go by before he sits up finally, but doesn't stand.
"She's a slave driver, Ryu…"

Raising a thumb up, Ryukishi continues to breathe heavily, " it." He informs the others, and stands up. Once the Genin is good on the oxygen factor, he looks around. While Kasumi is better(very much so) at scanning the surroundings, Ryuk doesn't want to get caught with his pants down!

Reaching to his pouch, the youth pulls out a small waterpouch. "Here drink this…" He offers, even as Yoshomaru. "Just a sports drink, get some of your energy back up." He then laughs, "Yea, maybe…" He shrugs a bit. "I guess Im just a bit more stalwart, when it comes to cardio?" Sure, Ryukishi was winded, but it didnt take him too long to get back up and running. "Besides, this is good training!"

So entering the last ten minutes of their break Kasumi hops down from her tree. "Theory lesson time with Kasumi kids." She jokes while looking at both of them. "I'm going to explain something to you now.." She says, okay… maybe she needed to get used to the roll of team leader as well. "So hush.." She orders. "When we get tired, our bodies feel slow and we're out of breath." Kasumi explains. "That's the feeling you have now, it's as if your limbs are made out of lead, but what actually happends?" She smiles and sits down in front of the two in a lotus position, hands on her knees.

"It's actually quite simple, when we use our muscles, they produce a certain liquid. This liquid is slightly toxic, and when it settles into your muscles, they become painful. Ironically, to combat these liquids, we need to move." Kasumi giggles. She then looks around at the two. "Why do you think we're gasping for breath after a sprint?" Kasumi pauses. "It's because Oxygen is needed to respirate." Or something, Kasumi tried to recall the lesson she got herself all those years ago. "Basically it means, the more oxygen is in our lungs, the faster we create new energy to be able to go again!" Kasumi then stands up. "You guys got two minutes, so take a good deep breath and get ready for a two hour jog!" The sun was going down now, things chilled down signifnicantly. She wanted to be at the location of the mission before nightfall.

"Nah..that's okay."
Yoshomaru has a thing against taking things from others. Another tip from his father, never do something where you may owe someone. He seems to be doing fine himself for now.
"I just was up too late again, I can't sleep at night very well…My brothers are much more fit than I am."
Yoshomaru sits back on his hands, breathing slower now as he looks up and around for Kasumi, narrowing his eyes at her.
"She's tough, but she does take care of you if you're down or hurt…She's weird, but she reminds me of my mom too."
When she comes down later, he's back on his feet by then. He raises his eyebrow some at her explaination. He tilts his head some, and then almost says 'acid' but quiets down. He just nods some at Kasumi, and without missing a beat he's starting his own pace in the jog.

Ryukishi waits a moment to see if Yoshomaru takes his waterpouch, but it seems that he wont. Shrugging to himself, the boy takes a drink from it. A couple of gulps and a sigh of enjoyment. "Ahh, much better…"

Turning his head, the boy listens to what Kasumi has to say. She seems pretty knowledgable, so, it stands to reason that she's not making things up. Ryukishi just nods, "Ah, I see." He agrees, when she explains how the lactic acids build up in the muscle tissue. "So, we want to keep moving…" He takes a moment to digest this, and just nods. "Right!"

Following Yosho's lead, Ryukishi starts to get a pacing going. Breathing in and out, the boy seems to want to set up how he'll run. It may help him keep up without having to take a break.

Kasumi runs up next to them this time. About halfway through Kasumi slaps Yoshomaru on the back of his head. "Your team-mate offered you a drink, why didn't you accept? He was smart to bring one… Where is your sportsdrink?" Kasumi was a harsh teacher, but it was all to make them better. "Now turn around and go ask him for a drink or you're not drinking a single droplet until we're back home, understand?" She didn't know he was afraid to 'owe' something to someone. But he's in a team now. He owes his life to his team mate and visa versa, though he might be a bit too young to realise. Another lesson for another time.

"Don't…need it…"
Yoshomaru says that between breathing. He keeps focused, eyes narrowed. He was doing it again, same thing she caught him doing in the Jonin training area. He's needlessly pushing himself. He looks up at Kasumi, and boldly shakes his head no. He gives an impish grin afterwards.
"I can take it, we're almost there…"
He was thirsty, but he just simply wanted to strain himself to grow faster. His mind was his best tool, but his body needed work and he knew it. He narrowed his eyes after her challenge, and then that defiant glare appeared.
"Challenge accepted…"
He looks back though at Ryukishi, actually making sure he's able to keep pace and not tiring out.

"Yosho-san, You dont need to shoulder this by yourself you know. We're a -team- on a mission. We have to be able to help each other out. The mission is only a real success if we /all/ succeed."

Though Ryukishi isn't gonna beat a dead horse, if Yoshomaru didnt want a drink…then he didn't want a drink. While jogging in place, Ryukishi put his waterpouch away. "It's fine Sensei. I dont want to make him do something he doesn't want too." He tries to diffuse the tension between Kasumi and Yosho…but is probably failing horribly.

Kasumi sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose. For her doing, knowing Yosho, this wasn't even tension. So Ryukishi had the best intentions, he just misread the whole situation. "You know, if you don't have enough water your vision will blur and your BRAIN will stop FUNCTIONING so clearly." She also knew exactly how to pressure the boy into wanting something. Or at least, she had a hunch. He knew stiff well his brain was his most important asset. "SO if you want to wait another twelve hours minimum, including a run back like the run here, without a single droplet of water, be my guest. But when I mean no droplet I mean literally none!" Kasumi gives Yoshomaru a brief stare. It wasn't a challenge, it was pressing his nose into the facts. They were about thirty minutes out from that village now. "This is the land of tea, by the way." Kasumi says while they pass a certain tree she apperently recognices.

Yoshomaru would growl, finally admitting he would take a drink once they slowed down. He looks ahead at the village they are heading towards…and his throat was already dry. She kept mentioning enough that his body was reacting. That was annoying. He does though look and notice her reaction, raising an eyebrow. He asks it in a way that he knows she won't catch on.
"How do you know that so quickly?"

He looks back at Ryukishi, shaking his head but he actually gives a thankful grin.
"I"ll give it a try once we get to where we are going…"

Ryukishi just hangs back in the run, letting the two just make little verbal jabs at each other. He knows that they aren't really fighting or getting angry, it was just a bit odd. Like they were brother and sister. The whole scene however, was just a tad on the funny side, eliciting a small chuckle from the genin. Atleast on this run, he had a show!

When Yoshomaru spoke to him, Ryukishi just shifted his gaze towards him. "Oh, sure, no problem!" He smiled and nodded.

"Though I have to agree…" He continues, calling ahead to Kasumi, "How do you know where we are?"

Kasumi shrugs and looks at the ground. "Experience, look down there." She points at the base of a tree. "Those purple flowers?" She breaks. "Todoba-nakiwishu" She says. Apperently the name of the plant. "Tastes sweet, great for tea. And can be turned into a mild poison if you grind it, a neurotoxin to be exact.." Kasumi pauses. "Anyways, they can't grow without a nearby big source of water, which means lake Wushu is near." She looks around and points to her right. "I recon about there." She then looks at the two genin. "Considering how far we have been travelling and for how long…" She looks ahead. "I would recon the treeline stops…… Now.."

Three seconds later Kasumi stops at the last tree of the forest. She's clearly quite familiar with the area. Right in front of them is a village which is walled off. "Come on, I don't like the security checks here. Way too gropy!" Kasumi muses while reaching into her pouch until she finds a small blowdart pipe. Slipping a miniature blowdart into it and looking at the guard on the wall ahead. *thud* Kasumi blows and the man gets a sleeping dart lodged into his neck, which causes him to collapse instantaniously. "Don't worry, it wont hurt him… Just a good night's sleep." She muses while jumping up and over the wall, rolling on the ground and adjusting her dress. "There.."

Yoshomaru's eyes were pretty much bugged out when she nailed the guy with a blowdart. He immediately caught wind that something just wasn't up normal. They weren't here on good terms? As he vaults over the wall too, he lands beside her and crouches down just out of habit.
"Um…why are we here again?"

Ryukishi follows the other two, vaulting over the wall, and landing silently on the other side. Though things changed just a bit in his overall demeanor. He was quiet now, and his eyes were wide and always looking about. This is exactly the way his parents told him to react when the mission had officially begun. Letting Yoshomaru address the questions, the genin just waited for a his orders.

"A mission…" Kasumi says, no more silent than she did before they crossed the walls. And she just blatently walks into the streets! "And yea, ninja aren't welcome here. Neither are weapons." Kasumi explains while walking into the crowd. "The best stealth, is occasionally no stealth." She explains while walzing with crowds of people buying last minute stuff from the market. "It's why I wanted to be here before nightfall." Kasumi explains. Now it's still busy, they indeed just blend into the crowd. At some point the road branches off and Kasumi takes a turn as if she just belongs. It's apperently not her first time either. They reach a big wooden house with smoke rising up behind it. The… bathhouse?

Kasumi grins at Ryukishi and Yoshomaru, a boy a couple of years older then them is sitting on a rock outside. "Ah, so glad you could make it!" He says while handing Kasumi a light pouch of … money probably. "Sure thing, Konoha at your service." She says while crossing her arms. "Now, I brought two of Konoha's finest to solve your little issue, so feel free to explain to them." She grins, now this… was going to be good! She didn't brief them for a reason!

"Okay, so this girl… I'm in love with her! And … When I asked her out on a date she said no!" The boy paused for a second. "But I won't let that stop me!" He explains while showing them both a picture of a relatively pretty girl, she looks to be sixteen. "This is her.." He explains. "She always takes a bath here at about this time, she just walked inside before you guys arrived." He explains. "I want you to find out where her locker is, open it up and steal her diary!" He pauses. "She always takes it with her.." His eyes then shift.. "Not only that.." He says. "With her diary I will conqure her heart!" He whispers. Then he looks at Kasumi and he blushes. "I also want you to get me her underwear… for ehm, not for me I needed to eh… do something with it." Obviously it was for this pervy little stalker!

"Well boys… I'm a girl so I can just walk in there, where's the fun in that!" Kasumi says while nodding at the building. "You guys have until she walks out of there. I recon that's about two hours." Kasumi says with a grin. "Chop chop, clocks ticking!"

"You are on underwear duty."
Yoshomaru says that without missing a beat, right at Kasumi. He twitches his eye in the highest level of annoyance he's reached in a while. He wants to punch the client already. He even brings his hands up and pops his knuckles subconsciously before making a few grumbles when Kasumi says it's all on them. He looks towards Ryukishi with sweat beating off his forehead.

"….Flip a coin?"

Ryukishi as before, continued to follow Kasumi and Yoshomaru. He straightend up however, and acted a bit more like the crowd. Kasumi dropped a huge hint, as she mentioned that they need to be more or less non-challant. Regardless, his silence continued up till they met the contact by the rock.

He listened

He made faces as the story was explained.

Ryukishi wanted to almost slap the guy for being so darn creepy. "You…you want us to get her underwear and diary…" His eyes went into a squint. "So this…would allow you to conqure her heart."

Thats when Yoshomaru. "Flip a coin." He agrees.

"How about flip a burger while you're at it?" Kasumi says while pushing both genin towards the door of the bathhouse. "You'll go in together, figure out what locker it is together, open up said locker together, and come out with the stuff, together." She looks at the client. Before leaning in and whispering. "And remember, client is king. Unless it's something concerning life or death, something we simply can not do we shall complete the mission without missing a beat. Or complaining!" She pulled both their ears and knocked their heads together before pushing them closer to the door of the bathhouse.

The front door is a double door, it leads to a square room, right in front of them is a reception with a lady behind it who accepts payments to enter. 5 Ryo…. Then girls go left, guys go right into their respective changing rooms and then after that outside to the springs. Seperated by a wooden wall. Simple enough?

One issue though, all lockers look exactly the same! So to find out what's her locker… The will need to figure something out. In fact, getting in will be the first challenge. "You sure they can do it?" The boy asks Kasumi a bit hesitantly. She giggles. "Ofcourse they can! They are Konoha's finest.." She leans in .. "Aren't you?"

Yoshomaru growls even louder when he's pushed. He just makes a slight mutter before glancing up at Kasumi with total bitter hatred. She was right. He despised doing this. He would look at Ryu and just groan. He knew he couldn't get out of this. Immediately he was already processing what to do as he looks at the door itself…and twitches his nose as the boy asks a stupid question.
He eyes Kasumi when she leans in, and eyes her harder.
"Do you -want- me to blow the place up?"

"Ow!" Ryukishi says in a hushed tone as Kasumi pushes his head into Yosho's. He just rubs the side that collided. Not wanting to leave Kasumi unanswered, the boy looked towards the woman.

"You're sending us in to get a diary and underwear…" Ryukishi makes a face and then just guts up. "Of…of course, we were…we were trained for this sort of thing." Ryukishi wasn't really lying, as covert-ops and information gathering was part of Shinobi life. It's just sometimes, this job just gets really weird and really dirty. Ryukishi has many years of learning this lesson it would seem.

"I need one of those pictures of her." He asks the client. "I have an idea…"

Kasumi grins and hands the boy a picture of the target. "Here you go Sarutobi-san." She leans back. It was part of being a Shinobi. And this was exactly the kind of D-rank jobs genin get! He was lucky, the second option she could pick was unclogging mister Tang's toilet piping. And mister tang's bowels were legendary! She might just tell them that if they keep up their protest! "Well?" Kasumi says while tapping her foot on the pavement a little impatiently. This is also a genin's job for a second reason. If they get caught it's not some Shinobi on a mission. No it's a curious innocent kid, who happened to be doing something dirty! A funny anacdote for at the dinner table, not for the city council's table! No these genin were perfectly suited for this mission!

Ryukishi takes the picture, and motions to Yoshomaru to follow him. "Any ideas, Yosho-san?" he asks curiously. "Im only coming up with using Henge to appear like a woman and go looking for the locker…" The boy can't help but press his palm to his face.

Then something hits the boy, and he looks ahead for a moment. "Actually, I may have an idea…"

His eyes shift back to Yosho, "That is unless you have something as well?" He'd rather hear every idea before attempting this fiasco of a mission!

Yoshomaru would make a low groan. He looks as forlorn as ever right now as Kasumi keeps urging. He would have done it already if she just shut up. He looks over at Ryukishi and nods some, motioning for him to follow. He gives a slight smirk, he has an idea.
"Let's just go look around inside first, hm? We should take off our bands too…don't want to look too much like Nin."
He hears Ryukishi's idea though, nodding some…he's already planned something similar.
"Let's go in and simply find what the workers wear and look like…Rather than boaderline crossdressing, we can just blend in instead without looking random or foreign."

Ryukishi then nods to Yoshomaru, "Good idea." He says, following his fellow genin. Reaching up, he takes off his band, and quickly stuffs it into one of his butt pouches. "Hopefully we'll be able to do this pretty quietly and discreetly." He hopes

Without much more to say, Ryukishi follows Yoshomaru into the Bath House.

Yosho nods, and actually immediately scans the area itself. He doesn't see a worker at first, and he immediately frowns at that. That doesn't make it easy. He does though eventually see an old lady come out from behind the desk, too short to be seen over it from their own heights. He bows to her, smiling as if he's a customer. He's putting that face on.
"Hello! We are just here looking for part time work…"
The old woman doesn't say anything…she keeps giving a long and rather annoyed looking glare. He then catches on…he looks like a 'delinquent' to her. He would just look at Ryukishi, and motions for a bit of a hand with the old biddy.

Ryukishi just watches as Yoshomaru as he attempts to convince the woman that he wants to do some part time work. With a simple nod, he adds. "Yea, surely you can let us work for a little bit of Ryo? I wouldn't mind some extra money to buy some candy with."

Ryukishi attempts to use his tender age and cuteness to blindside the old woman. "So please? Can we do something to help?" He adds a bit of a whine to his words, hoping to pull on some heartstrings.

Kasumi relaxes outside. She had a plan B but prefered to see the genin figure it out on their own. So she let them pioneer this mission. She giggles while seeing the two genin trudge along inside nervously. A, they go for the ruse! Kasumi would probably personally go for pickpocketing the girl as she came out, or snatch and grabbing her purse. But this works.

So now they're inside the somewhat older woman sighs. "Normally I don't do this…" She says while looking at the two kids before pointing at a door hidden in the wall somewhere (clearly not for customors) … "There's two mops in there, go clean the male locker rooms." She clearly recogniced they were both male. "IF you both do your jobs right, there'll be 20 Ryo waiting for each of you!

Yoshomaru nods some, then seems for it for the moment. He gives Ryukishi a victorious nod as he heads into the male locker rooms towards the mops. He looks back to Ryukishi a moment, whispering to him.
"We have to do this stellar, and quick…We'll then opt to do the other locker room blindfolded…"

Ryukishi just looks around the mop room for a moment, and nods. "I dont think she'll let us do that. I mean, she may think we'll get hurt…or we're just lying to see the girls." He does waggle his finger, "However, we now have the advantage."

Ryukishi peeks out of the room, and watches the old woman. He waits till she gets up or goes to the bathroom. "Ill henge into that lady, and just go looking. That way, I can get into the woman's side without questions. Plus with you working, it will make it look like we're mopping like we're supposed too."

Kasumi looks up and whistles idly. The woman indeed walks around to do thing. Getting fresh towels, working with customors. Checking on the baths. Plenty of oppertunity to sneak past! Right now she's off and passed the guys in the male locker room, clearly walking a round at the male baths while reminding the guys of their remaining time!

Yoshomaru glances at Ryukishi, nodding at him.
"I'll distract her, you take a 'break' and 'head outside'."
Yoshomaru smiles some, what he has planned definitely will work. He would make a couple sounds of clearing his throat before standing up and giving a call to the old woman, trying to get her attention.
"Mam, mam?"

Panty/diary mission is go! Ryukishi just watches as Yoshomaru gets the woman's attention. Though he acts rude, he makes it as plain as day. "Im gonna take a quick break, Im going outside." He announces, and goes to put his mop away.

Though as soon as he is in a private spot, out of the sight of both customers and workers, he gets to work! Recalling to the best of his memory, Ryukishi begins to channel his chakra. "Henge." He speaks, and a puff of smoke envelops his form. Hopefully he had transformed into a good enough look a like!

So the woman looks at Yoshomaru and blinks. "Are you done mopping dear?" She asks him, clearly not even listening to his words while heading for the locker rooms. "Lets check out the work you two did.." She says while smiling at him, a fake 'I'll just go get rid of you now' kind of smile.

Meanwhile his partner faces nightmare. Twenty locked lockers. One woman was changing at a slug pace…. No way of knowing what locker was the right one! Not now anyways!

Yoshomaru shakes his head, and the moment Ryukishi is gone he is waving the woman over faster. He looks distressed for the moment.
"My partner snuck off somewhere! He learned some kinda magic trick from my dad and now he's sneaking around somewhere. I knew it was a ba idea showing him it too, I don't know where he's gone!"

Yoshomaru had a whole half of the plan he didn't let Ryukishi in on. No, he wasn't bait, but he was about to be as devious as his brothers.

Ryukishi doesn't hesitate, he knows what he has to do. Though he does sweat a bit, even disguised as the older woman. He did anticipate the whole locker issue, and created a strategy for it. Making his way to the actual hot spring/pool, he steps out and looks around. DEM WOMEN! Oh yes, his tiny little mind barely works, as he looks at all the women near the pool. oO(OH SWEET HOKAGE)Oo He thinks, and shakes his head. He's gotta stay on the objective.

Taking a moment to center himself, he looks around for the girl in the picture. Once he does locate her, he walks over. "Ma'am you're time is up." He informs her, "Im gonna need you to go get your things." He tries to do this with a smile and closed eyes. The smile to disarm the lady like it was simply a mistake, and the closed eyes to keep him from getting off mission.

The woman follows Yoshomaru with a bit of a concerned expression. "Do you know where he's gone?" She asks.

Meanwhile, Ryukishi turns to the target and apperently asks her to move out of the pool. However, his henge wasn't perfect and his normal 10 year old's voice occasionally peeped through enough for others to notice. The girl gets up (she's gorgeous!) And shakes her head. "I still have ten minutes!" She argues… Before looking at her. "Ehm, nana, your voice is off, are you okay? You falling ill again? Do I need to call the doctor?" Uh oh… The woman is her grandmother!

While his voice may falter just a tad, this is actually a good thing. Ryukishi nods, and adds a bit of scruff to the voice. Though even his plans start to shatter as she stands up. oO(Flounder you Kasumi)Oo He thinks, before continuing with the ruse. "My, yes, I've been feeling this way all day." He adds a small cough. "Would you kindly help me goto a medical center. I feel…" He coughs a tad, trying NOT to sound /too/ sick. "A bit faintish."

OH MY LORD, He hopes she'll just get going or go back into the water. ANYTHING at this point. If all goes as planned, she'll take him to her locker and get ready to /help/ take Ryu to get a check-up.

Yoshomaru would shrug, then look even more concerned.
"He could be anywhere, its a trick ninjas use to look like anything they want to! I mean, dad said he used it once to peep on mom…but…no…"
Yoshomaru's face goes a fake pale color.
"You don't think…?"

"They'll get it done." Kasumi reassures the kid on the stone while peeking inside. What were they up to! Their two hours were almost over!

The woman follows Yoshomaru and blinks. "Ninja!?" She asks. "I need to inform the town guard right away!" She says. Taking up a brisk pace. "Do you think he went to the woman's side!?" She asks while her eyes go wide, staring at Yoshomaru!

Meanwhile the concerned (and butt-naked) girl rushes towards the henged Ryukishi, grabbing him and holding him up with her body, slowly walking him to the dressing room. "Come on, nana, I'll get you to the doctor.." She says. "I just need to quickly dry up and put some clothes on!" She muses. Putting a towel on once she's inside the locker room, rushing for her locker. Hah, the third from last! She flings the thing open and looks at her nana to check on her. Right there, her clothing and the diary!

Oh the stories that the Sarutobi would have after this. He's basically in groping range on a -beautiful- woman and can't do anything about it!

Ryukishi keeps up the act as best he can, with a buck naked woman infront of him. He leans lightly onto the locker. "Dear, would you mind grabbing me a towel?" He asks, coughing a bit and pointing at the towel rack at the end of the locker room. "I just need to wipe my head…Im a bit flushed." Indeed, even the henge transformation's cheeks are flushed. Ryukishi BETTER be getting the praise for what he's endured!

"Willing to bet! Our dad learned it from some travelling guy, and it's really cool…but we need to go see!"
Yoshomaru urges the old lady towards the woman's side. The whole key to this is, ironically, getting caught. He turns, starting to run towards the woman's side…grinning all the while.
What was he really up to?

So… Here starts the awkward:

The girl headed for the towel rack, about to pick up a towel while the real nana shows up! "Musi?" She asks her daughter while seeing… herself!? …. "IMPOSTER NINJA!" She yells while sprinting at Ryukishi. Trying to smack him over the head with real nana-like hits. Meanwhile the locker is exposed with target goods within grabbing range! Kasumi meanwhile hears some ruckus inside and facepalms. "No worries, I think everything is under control!"

Ryukishi freezes like a deer caught in headlights, and does the only thing he can think of in this moment. His arms launch forward and he grabs EVERYTHING he can in that locker. "Im sorry about this!" He calls out, and quickly jumps onto the tops of the lockers. It's a crazy scene, and old lady yelling at herself, which is basically going all crazy Shinobi style ontop of the lockers.

Ryukishi doesn't wait, and begins running towards the exit as fast as he can. In the heat of the moment, he hopes he was able to grab the clothes. He knows he has the diary, but the clothes were all jumbled together!

Yoshomaru runs -WITH- the lady in attempt to beat up Ryukishi. The fact was though, he was predicting what would happen next. The young woman would cover up from being seen by a guy. Ryukishi should fre-….Or grab at the whole bundle. He didn't count on that. He didn't count on that at all. Yoshomaru's eyes go wide and then claps his hands together once, causing a resounding -BANG!- sound, loud enough to sound like the roof is going to collapse.

That's his own personal cue as he bounces up in the direction of Ryukishi…and holds his hands open as if to catch the bundle? No, he was diving for the diary itself.
He refuses to touch dirty underwear, even if it is a girl's.

"See, I think they're on their way n-" *BANG* "Uh oh.." Kasumi says while grabbing the kid and simply mounting him on her back. He holds on for his life while Kasumi gets ready to sprint. "Use the alleys!" She says while waiting on the two of them to rush out of the bathhouse. Skitting through the now pitch-dark alleyways. When they're finally safe, Kasumi puts down the client and looks at the boys. "Please tell me you guys got what was asked of you.." She glances at the two nin with a serious expression. "If you do, hand it to him and say goodbye!"

Yoshomaru is pretty much dashing at full speed, panting hard. He looks at Kasumi and shakes his head no, pointing with his thumb to Ryukishi. He's signaling that he has it still, and now is blazing full speed towards a nearby wall…running straight up the side of it and onto the roof.

Following Kasumi as an old woman, it's quite a sight to see his henge running around…well, like a 10 year old. He does as he's told, tears streaming down his face as he runs like a crazed person! "I saw EVERYTHING!" He proclaims, as he bounds into the alleyways.

Once it seems the group is safe, Ryukishi offers up the bundle of clothes, "I got the clothes…" He says, and poofs back into his normal self. "I got more than her underwear too…" He sniffs, as this mission was scary for him. The diary lies on top of the pile.

"Good, in that case… Mission complete." Kasumi muses while smiling at the client. "Good luck with ehr, getting her heart and all." Kasumi points down the alley for the genin to follow. Soon they find themselves on the other side of town at a resort! It was beautiful, an expensive hotel it seems with hot springs in the back, and giant rooms. "I reserved ahead." She explains with a grin while walking inside, placing down the pouch of money they just earned. "Hi, we have the room for three." She says softly. The woman behind the desk nods, and hands all three of them a nice and warm (freshly ironed) bathrobe! Kasumi slips it on right away over her clothing and heads for their room. Inside, a low table was set with a feast of food. "Well guys, congratulations on your first mission…. Enjoy, we leave tomorrow afternoon at one PM!" She grins while disappearing from the backdoor, slipping out of her clothing and dipping into the female section (their private spring was also walled off through the middle) of their own private hotspring. Out of sight of the two genin obviously!

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