Team Ogosokamaru: Competing with seals


Misaki, Hiei, Hiroyasu, Ogosokamaru, Daisuke, Naota

Date: May 4, 2013


Team Ogo is training, Misaki got pulled away for a revelation…

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team Ogosokamaru: Competing with seals"

Land of fire

In the distant sky, the sun shines its early favor down upon the green lands, floating upon the sails of the morning winds small clouds lazily meander about. The ground is moist from the fallen dew, the smell of sweet floral perfume as the morning flowers open to receive the days favor. A rabbit peeks out from under a log making it's morning trip to the lake, the tree's come alive in the light song of the morning birds whose chipper whistles and songs dance amongst the stalwart timber. A playful fog lumbering atop the dips and debits of the waking dirt.

Standing atop a boulder, in a pose befitting his appearance, Hiroyasu claps his hands together before moving to another pose, his usual attire sits on their makeshift lean-to, only the infamous lady killers are between him and world. -=Clap Clap=- signals the move into another poised kata, It seems to the watchful eye he is in the middle of pursuing Zen.

As Hiro works on stretching or whatever it was he was doing, Hiei was also working out. He had a fallen log, and cut it so that he had hand-holds. Currently, he's arm curling the log. He's wearing most of his gear, except for his shirt and his sword. His muscles bulge outwards each time he curls the log to his chest. The log itself is about 20 feet long and looks pretty heavy. "204…205..206.." And he's lifting it in conjunction of wearing his arm and angle weights. Anything to increase his strength. He looks over at Hiro and shakes his head. "What /are/ you doing?"

Ogo was acting strangely today. Not in a way that was uncomfortable, but he was actually teaching. Telling Hiei to do 200 reps of that log over there…. okay that was normal. But what came next was even stranger. "Hiei… Hiei! …. HIEI!" As Hiei passed 200 reps Ogo had to yell to get his attention, even put his foot on one end of the log and push down for a moment. "Grab your weapon." And Ogo would then take a few things out of his pocket, whilst skewering another log, tossing it up in the air off of his sword and cutting it to a point before it even hit the ground, in which it sank and stuck pretty sturdily. At least enough for what he was teaching Hiei. "Sword techniques.. striking twice and three times in the time it takes a normal sword strike. Speed and swiftness."

At that moment Ogo would slash several times at the log, and the top of the log would crumble… but it was in small pieces, not from drying or aging or termites, but in thousands of little cubes and pyramids and whatnot. Putting that puzzle back together would suck.
"And power. No grace whatsoever, pure destructive force." And with one swing, the bottom half of the upright log would cleave, and split in two pieces so ferociously that they pull from the ground and stick about one hundred meeters apart in either direction. He looks at Hiei. "Pick one, and we'll work on it today."

Hiroyasu peeks open a eye "I'm trying to concentrate, I'm focusing my chakra. Seals require more focus than most want to muster." before clap,clap and another pose. But what came next was at such a surprise that he loses focus of chakra and like using too much in tree walking he rockets off the boulder and into the lake, his feet dangling above the water.. 'Did sensei just.. no no.. must be my imagination.. a lesson? ' he surfaces with a sputter looking on as his world around him shatters into oblivion… "I think… I ate bad mushrooms for breakfast again.." he says wiping the water out of his eyes.

Hiei drops the log when Ogo calls his name. Then, when he begins actually teaching him sword moves, his jaw drops slightly. And that's when Hiro goes rocketing off into the water. He blinks. "Hey, Hiro, are you okay!?" He calls out to his bald buddy. Then, grabbing his sword, he nods at Ogo and stands next to him, mimicking his footwork and the way he holds his sword. "Hai, Sensei." Taking his stance, he performs the cleave move on a nearby log. He's got the power, but not the coordination, which means instead of a clean strike, his sword gets stuck halfway. He frowns. "You make it look so easy. What am I doing wrong?"


He was going to have to deal with Him.. Why did it happen? Growling to himself, he'd head for where the kumo nin were known to gather, to be able to train. The bloodied note was in one hand, the other resting casually on his bokken's handle. Approaching the group, he'd frown. There was only three of them. Whatever, Him was there and Kayaru would just deal with it that way, Him should take care of his team better anyways. Reattaching the note to a kunai, the same slit that it had been left in the body it was pulled from when recovered, he'd throw the kunai overhand at where Hiei and Ogo were at, slamming the note into the wood. It read:


These men died because of you. This team is your fault. You should of stayed gone. Now Kumo will burn for your interferance.

There is no signature.

Ogo says, "You just have to-" THe Kunai is caught by the handle, and the note read while dangling from the Kunai. "Hm." Ogo looks at the note, then at Kayaru, then Hiei, and Hiro. The little things he pulled out of his pocket were ten small spherical metal bells were, all of the tied together with about an inch of cord in pairs. He takes those, and puts them in Hiei's hand. "Throw them in the air. Cut the cords, make no sound. That will get you to a good level when you can get all five. I have to go check something." And with that, he looks at the log, and at Hiei, and reaches to almost effortlessly pull his sword from where it was stuck in the log. "Work on technique first, not power. That will come with finesse, oddly enough." And another look at Kayaru, "Let's go." And with that, Ogo was gone like he normally was. At least HIei got some tutoring, and Kayaru could try to prove to him that he is a problem… or whatever's going through that Chuunin Reizei's mind.

Hiroyasu drags himself out of the lake, only to catch sensei and the other Reizei run off, he shakes his head "Yeah I'm okay.. I meant to do it. Rock-it Jutsu, but the landing was rough. I will work on that" he says coughing into his hand before going back to the boulder he was perched on. "What Did sensei give you Hiei? a Bill for his tab at the ramen shop?" he sneers.

Hiei chuckles. "You and your strange jutsu." He shakes his head. "Sensei gave me a training tool. He says that it's supposed to show me how to wield my blade with more finesse. When I can do that, the power automatically comes with it. So he says. But it's more than I knew when I started, so I'm appreciative." He turns to look in the direction that Kayaru and Ogosokamaru went off in. "I wonder what that was about. I didn't get a chance to see the note that Sensei got."

Hiroyasu shrugs and closes his eyes "Probably a clan thing, Or he showed him the bill at the ramen shop and they left town instead of paying it. Sounds like something Sensei would do to us." before going back to focusing his chakra inward, -=clap clap=- strike a pose. "Have you seen Misaki yet this morning, I was waiting for her before starting breakfast. I think we should eat our meals together as often as possible." before -=clap clap=- bust out a new pose.

Hiei shakes his head absently at Hiroyasu. "No, I haven't seen her yet, but I do agree that we should eat our meals together from now on." He continues looking in the direction that they left. He was confident that if he shed his weights, he could maybe keep up. But he wouldn't want to leave Hiro behind. After a moment, he shrugs to himself. "Yeah..ramen bill. Right." He says towards Hiro before pausing. "You know, Misaki should be here..or at least on the way by now. She's a girl, you know they probably take longer getting ready to leave than we do."

Hiroyasu says "don't fall prey to Konohagakure sexism, Yotsuki-sama" -=clap clap=- a strange new revealing pose "Besides today, that is the first I have ever seen Sensei being our Sensei. So we will need to form out team bonds and plans without him, and people are more comfortable during meals. " -=clap clap=- Another pose in his coveted lady killers. "What do you want for breakfast anyways?" he asks peeking an eye open at Hiei.

Hiei laughs. "You don't really think I believe that, do you?" He looks back over at Hiro. "I was joking..but I am a little worried. I hope she didn't have an..incident and is like sleeping in a tree somewhere only to wake up with no memory on how she got there." He exhales softly before holding up the bells and tossing them up into the air. He holds his sword and strikes at it, only to hit one of the bells and it sounds off. He frowns. "I didn't realize this would be so difficult." He shrugs. "Whatever you want to make for breakfast is fine with me. I'm not a picky eater."

Misaki was a little late this morning. She had been training with Matatabi. And that had to be done in secret. The burning cat realized that holding back only ends up in uncontrolled explosions. To combat that him and her have been working hard on learning to control the chakra spilling over. And it felt great!

In addition to learning to work with the Matatabi's chakra she's been working hard on her taijutsu in general. And that started showing. Now she was done training she finally arrived. Waving at a small distance.

"Hey!" She yells, jogging up to her team. And…. woah she jumps up and blatently hugs Hiei. And … nope she isn't done, she's about to hug Hiro as well before she realizes what he's wearing…. her widespread arms changing comically to a high five. "High five!" She just says, before crossing her arms. "So… you two packed?" She asks, cocking an eyebrow at each of them. She seems brewing with energy today. Can only mean she actually had some sleep.
From afar, Kayaru (Bolt) laughs. "I"m using the same world for Kayaru and Naota. Ataru is busy so that was my backup world for Naota.

Hiroyasu breaks his pose to return the high-five, you never leave a friend hanging. Before -=clap clap=- another compromising pose "Are you hungry? We were just talking about what to make for breakfast" -=clap clap=- Decency compromised! "You seem happy.. did you and sensei eat anything strange or offered any candy from a stranger?" he asks trying to deduce it's origin.

Hiei prepared to throw the bells back into the air before he is assaulted by a small girl. When Misaki hugs him, he omfs slightly from her strength. Then, he smiles. "Morning, Misaki-chan." Before she releases him, he pecks her on the cheek before she moves to greet Hiroyasu. "We were just wondering where you were so we can eat breakfast." He pauses. "You're in a good mood today. First Sensei actually gives me pointers about training and now this." He shares a conspiratorial look with Hiro before raising a white brow slowly. "Clones? Or transformation jutsu?" He asks, speculating that their teammates may have been replaced. Of course, there is a smirk on his face indicating that he's teasing.

"We're eating both clones AND transformation jutsu's?" Right back at ya! She smirks and rubs her cheek after he pecked her. She was - not - ready for that. But after trying to figure out if she should freak out, blush, smile or return the favor she just smiles. Waiting for him to be distracted and look at Hiro before he gets one back. Stretching a little. She grabs her stomach which growls at the notion of food. "Aye sir!" She smiles at Hiro. "I'm hungry, got up early to train. And… well, I can do the fasten off thing if you prefer it?" She gives Hiro a grin. The fact that it's a sunny summer day probably also helps to brighten up her mood.

Humming quiletly, Naota would wander along that path towards the lake. The shadows with the breeze from the water was always a wonderful sensation. He'd ponder for a moment before shrugging to keep walking. His tablet was on his back for now, a pen behind one ear as he'd push his glasses up. Pausing, he thought he heard voices off to the side. Looking in that direction, he'd head over that way, the area revealing the three kumo nin with one of them being in.. less than.. fully clothed. Confused, Naota would press on, lifting a hand in greeting as he'd approach them. "Ahh.. Good morning Kumogakure nin. I had heard a bit about you guys, but didn't know you were in this area. How has the morning been so far?" Yes, Naota has been listening to what's gone on with the group he escorted to konoha it seems.

Hiroyasu adds "Mind swap" to the list of conspiracy theories before -=clap clap=- and bringing his pose into the one legged prayer. His silence is but a moment before he breaks it and hops off the boulder "For a moment, I felt one with the world. My focus is so sharp, I could cut steel!" he chortles raising his hand skyward in a boasting pose. "Oh no, I bet those taste terrible. I was thinking more like Omelets and Miso. Breakfast of Mountain folk!" he busts out another pose. Before looking around "Misaki have you seen my pants?" he asks scratching his chin. "Nevermind! I see them" he says walking over to the lean-to where he put them, throwing them over his shoulder he stops to wave to Naota, a face he hasn't seen they were escorted to the land of fire "A Pleasure to see you again!" before leaping into a bush. half a minute later he escapes its leafy embrace mostly clothed, he is buttoning his shirt. "Join us for breakfast, Sempai?" he asks putting a log on the small fire to breath new life into it.

Hiei laughs at Misaki. "I'm afraid I have to agree with Hiro. I don't think those will taste very good." Grabbing his shirt out of the lean to, he pulls it over his head and fastens the claps to hold it in place. Then, he attaches his forehead protector before leaning his sword against the inside of the lean to. He lifts a hand in greeting to Naota. "Naota-san. Good to see you again." He stops moving for a moment, as it registers that Misaki kissed his cheek while he wasn't paying attention. Filing that away for later, he busies himself with helping Hiro get things set up for breakfast. Taking his sword and securing it to the small of his back, he draws it and with a few quick slashes, cuts some old logs into usable pieces of firewood. He stacks it up and then makes a hand seal. "Lighting Release: Zap!" A bolt of lighting extends from his fingertips to light the wood. It's not long before it's a roaring fire. "Fire's ready, Hiro." He then turns his attention towards Naota. "I'm curious though. What have you heard about us? I promise we've been trying to keep our noses clean." More or less, if you don't count Hiei's bad habit of wanting to spar everyone he meets.

"So cool!" She says, while standing a little away from the fire. "I have a jutsu I have been dying to try! But … I needed a fire for that. Do you mind if I try it?" She says, standing back and looking at Hiro and Hiei. "Though you'll need to make sure you're not too close to the fire." She adds. "It's safe.. I … checked." She noddles a few times. Pretty sure it's safe and she just wanted to show the team something she's practicing. She winces as he asks about what Naota's heard. Uh oh… she tried to behave. But her memory has some holes in it. If anything bad comes out now she'll be toast.

Anyways, when the group isn't close to the fire she gets ready. And.. doesn't make a seal? She just breaths in while tapping into Matatabi's affinity for fire naturally. "Spirit fire ball." She blows up her cheeks before a small blue flame with a black flame on the inside rolls out of her mouth and slowly, very slowly flies in the general direction of the fire. Untill suddenly, when it gets closer to the heat the flame bursts into eight seperate smaller flames that fly towards the fire like heat-seekers, before settling down on the wood, sticking to it for a moment. The colors changing from blue to a regular fire now that they're mixed with fire. "It's still not perfect, but a pretty cool jutsu, don't you think?"

Naota would chuckle with a shake of his head. "Oh no, no nothing like that. You all have been excemplimentary. An honor to know fellow ambassadors, honest." Naota chuckles with a shrug, backing up dutifully at Misaki's interesting display. He'd ponder, staring at the fire for a long moment, before finally shrugging. "Sure. I would not mind some breakfast. It's been a long morning." Pulling out a scroll, he'd roll it out and with the press of a finger *POOF* his rock he normally sat on would appear, allowing him to happily sit on it. "So what happens to be for breakfast?"

Hiroyasu watches as they both mistreat his poor fire, "I hope that doesn't leave anything foreign in the fire. I don't want our omelets to taste jutsu'y." before slapping him hand on the handle of his pan "Pan-in-fire, to make delicious food jutsu!" he shouts pulling out a jar of congealed bacon dripping putting just a little in the pan. "I think we can see who has the superior jutsu" before rummaging around in his boulder for ingredients "Eggs, herbs, vegetables, left over smoked bacon" he mutters to himself putting them on his cooking stone. "Omelets, with miso!" he says with a chipper tone before going back into the boulder pulling out a kettle and tossing it to Hiei "Water please!" he says before using a kunai to chop the vegetables and herbs into a salsa almost. Before cracking the eggs into the pan using the paper seal in place of a spatula, it's paper wreathed in blue chakra as it's hardened into the shape he wants.

Hiei catches the kettle in his hand and then watches Misaki demonstrate her flame jutsu. He looks back at her with a surprised look. "That was amazing, Misaki-chan. I had no idea you had a fire affinity. Nice." He pecks the girl on the cheek before speeding off towards the lake to fill the kettle with water. He's gone maybe a couple of minutes before he'd appear back in camp with a slight draft in his wake. Setting the kettle over the fire, he comments. "There's no such thing as food tasting jutsu'y, Hiroyasu. I've used lightning to light our fire several times." He smiles at Naota. "That's good to hear. We've really been trying to stay as low key as possible and help out where we can. All in the name of good relations, of course." Afterwards, he sits down in the lotus position underneath the lean to. He looks at the rock that Naota sits on and asks. "How is it possible to store things in a scroll like that, Naota-san? If I could figure that out, training with sensei would be a lot easier." He smirks.

Misaki smiles widely as they admire her jutsu. She thought it was pretty cool as well. Especially since she could use the fire to show the heat-seeker aspect of it. When Hiei disappears with another peck she blushes. Not sure if she wants more or him to stop that. Instead she just sits down. "I don't know why it's blue or why it does that. I just… was watching Fudo make fire and I copied him… that's what came out. Her stomach churns at the smell of Hiroyasu's signature jutsu. Maybe it isn't too late to switch boyfriend? Would Hiei notice? She chuckles at that thought, joking around with herself. Before taking in the view.

Naota looks down at the rock, before chuckling with a shrug. "It is dependant on the variation of the gridwork dealt across the surface of the material you're using for the storage of the material. This is of course cumulative with the reactionary secondary placement of the symbols in relation to the seal of the surface to express both depth, and power required for said sealing.. Ahh.." Naota would muse a moment. "Hiei-san did say that you did seals, right? It's a difference of instead of channeling power through the gridwork of the seal, you're creating a.. well.. hole, of sorts. It can be done to anything, with the proper writing impliment."

Hiroyasu nods his head "Makes sense, A void in the medium where matter can exist just on the verge of being expelled just needing an Iota of chakra to activate. Sounds like a something I should research, Eventually." folding the egg over into a pocket of steam, when hiei gives him back the kettle he pours the ingredients into it and sets it in the fire. "a couple of minutes on the soup. I've been told by many that your application of Seals is second to none, so it's not a surprise that you exceed their descriptions" he says using the paper to flip the omelet again before says "Almost burnt it" he says ejecting the paper seal from between his grip as it begins to turn ash in the air. "Paper just can't handle the extended pressure of chakra. I wonder if the medium affects it's chakra qualities.. like stone should withstand more abuse" he muses himself.

Hiei looks at both Naota and Hiroyasu with a blank look on his face. He knew they were talking, but he wasn't sure what language they were using. With that look still on his face, he leans over to Misaki and murmurs, "Misaki-chan…do you have any idea what they're talking about?" Naota wasn't making sense…much how Hiro didn't make sense when he went off on a tangent about chakra control and seals. The Yotsuki clansman scratches the back of his head faintly, still looking between the other two. He blinks when Naota asks him a direct question. "Uh..hai?"

Misaki looks at Hiei and just shrugs. "It usually sounds like jibberish to me. Now it's just particularly jibberical jibberish." She smiles while givign Hiei a look. "I eh, want to tell you and Hiro something later. On our way back to Kumo. Or if the group is delayed. Maybe later.." She places her hands in her lap and relaxes a bit, enjoying the sunshine. "Howlong till dinner's ready Hiro-bo?" She waggles her eyebrows while trying to mimic him, though it looks so failed she makes a mockery of herself rather than him. She does have a smug sly grin on her face.

"I thought it was breakfast?" Pondering, he'd study Misaki a moment. "My apologies, Madam, I do seem to have forgotten myself as we have not met. I am Rankoro Naota. I take it from your look that you are part of the Kumogakure group as well?" He'd smile with a small shrug. "We were just discussing the variations on seal deployment to change it from a positive energy feedback loop into a negative compasity seal that can store material." Chuckling lightly, Naota pushes his glasses up. "Although I guess if you have not studied such things it can be a bit overwhelming.."

Hiroyasu nods "Breakfast is done now, Dinner is several hours away.. but I was thinking pot roast with fixing's, potatoes and meat gravy. I was going to see if I could get some fresh bread, The farmers have been very nice to me lately, I've been removing rocks from their fields in exchange for food stuffs." he says before cutting the fluffly egg into fourths with the larger portions for his teammates and guest, giving himself a smaller but choice portion. "Now the miso!" he says pouring the kettle into some earthen-ware bowls and handing it to them. "Enjoy!" he says before looking back at Naota pushing his own glasses up on his nose "I can tell this going to be intellectually stimulating. A good change" he says with a chuckle.

Hiei nods to Misaki and then shrugs faintly. It was gibberish to him, too. Attempting to follow the conversation between Naota and Hiroyasu made his brain hurt. So, he simply gets some food and focuses on eating it. As his habit, he devours his meal quickly and efficiently. For some reason, he's been hungrier lately than normal, it must mean he's going through a growth spurt or something. When the topic of intelligent conversation comes up, he eyes Hiroyasu with a slightly raised brow. A vein begins to throb slightly on his forehead as he continues looking at the other ninja for a long moment. Then, deciding not to make a deal out of it, he goes back to eating.

Misaki chuckles while getting her food. "Sorry, slip of the tongue, arigato!" She says, before munching away at about Hiei's speed. She smiles while he reacts, squeezing him in the thigh. "Want to go punch eachother in a minute?" She says with a grin to counter that smart-talking going on, on the other side!

Misaki chuckles while getting her food. "Sorry, slip of the tongue, arigato!" She says, before munching away at about Hiei's speed. She smiles while he reacts, squeezing him in the thigh. "Want to go punch eachother in a minute?" She says with a grin to counter that smart-talking going on, on the other side!

When Naota adresses her she looks up and smiles. "I am Misaki.." She gives him a respectful nod before refocussing on Hiei.

Naota smiles with a nod. "A pleasure to meet you, Misaki-san.. I.. take it you are more inclined towards the taijutsu aspect of shinobi work than the ninjutsu side? Although it was a facinating demonstration of a variation of the fire control system that you had set up." He'd look over towards Hiro then, "tell me, have you been able to start exploring the relative abilities of positive feedback calligraphical drawing? It's very impressive in action, to be sure."

Hiroyasu looks between them as they seem to fizzle at the intellectual speak "A Spar is a lovely idea!" he glances at Misaki and Hiei cupping his hand "Don't tell Sensei" he whispers before looking back at Naota "Unfortunately not, I have only had time to experiment with the training ones provided in the training areas. I have to split my studies between ninjutsu and medical so I'm not free to run in a single research direction. But I think they are a natural evolution of my studies." he says carefully eating his meal without looking like a hungry boar as his teammates tend to.

Hiei gets a second helping before nodding to Misaki. "Sounds like a plan. I vote we all spar. We can even be on teams…" And then he's stuffing his face again. It could be that his appetite has increased because of him beginning to understand and use Nintaijutsu. It burned a lot of calories afterall..and would explain why his clan members were much heartier than most. Except for that Konoha clan that look overweight but can mess you up real good if they got blocked off. "Just…let me finish this bowl and then we can get started." He smiles at Misaki first and then Hiroyasu. Sparring is a language that he understands!

Misaki chuckles at the little dynamic there, perking an eyebrow at Hiri getting excited over a spar? Who is this guy anyways? And what did he do with Hiro!? While she gives him the - I'm thinking about you - gaze she pokes Hiei in the side with her elbow. "Hear that, we're sparring!" She stands up and lets him finish his bowl, flexing her fingers a bit. "Thank you for the meal Hiro!" She says, already psyched to get to sparring!
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Pondering, Naota would finally finish off his food and nod, getting to his feet himself. With a touch to the scroll, his rock would be sealed away again, returning the scroll neatly to one of his pockets. Looking between them, he'd chuckle lightly. "Alright.. so a spar. Well then, are we going to just go free for all or is this going to be a team match? My particular setup is such that I can adapt it to be interactive with others with me.. up to three others." Naota would move over to a more cleared area, stretching slightly as he'd mentally warm up for the potential conflict.

Hiroyasu shrugs finishing his soup with a ginger flip of the bowl sitting it down, and wiping his lips "Whatever works for everyone is fine with me." he says, the idea of sparing was really that appealing but the research of another whose sealing techniques rival his own is worth some pain. "Your welcome Misaki, I hope you join us for every meal. We tend to have about 6 daily" adds as a thing of note, before moving to join them in the clearing.

Hiei tilts the bowl to his lips and slurps up the rest of the contents. After putting the bowl down, he's on his feet along with Misaki. "The way we train, we need six meals a day just so we aren't starving ourselves." He inclines his head. "As always, and excellent meal, Hiro. Arigato." Then, he follows Naota over to the clearing and begins some stretching exercises to loosen up his muscles. It had been a little while since he had worked out and he was a little stiff. He bounces in place, flailing his arms slightly to loosen his shoulders. As always, his weights are firmly attached to his arms and legs.

"I try to eat, though six times a day… feels disruptive almost." She smiles and just hops around because she's excited. "Okay.. lets go, rawr!" She runs past Hiei and pokes him in the side when he stretches, such a troll! She giggles quietly, walking up to the clearing. "So, what's the plan!?"

Naota would gather himself, focusing chakra as he'd crouch slightly, pockets on his knees would have seals pulled from, scattered into a ring about him. There was some room to move within it, but it was a complete ring about him. Nodding slightly, he'd straighten up with a smile. "Considering I am a chuunin while you three are genin.. how about we go a few rounds of you attempting to hit me. We'll call it after.. two rounds? Or if one of you does manage to tag me.." He'd look between them with a smile and shrug. "A good test for me and for you as a team, agreed?"

Hiroyasu nods his head "Sure, a game of tag it is." it had to be offensive.. curses his only shortcoming. "Let's try to overwhelm his defense's!" he says burying his hand into his sealing pouch and retrieving three paper seals flicking the three in rapid succession giving each a strong blue aura of chakra as they fly.

Hiei slaps his face to get himself in the mood. He looks over at Naota and nods. "Sounds fine." When Hiro comes up with the idea to break his defenses, Hiei nods. "Sounds like a plan, Hiro. Misaki-chan, take his left side, I'll take the other." He withdraws two kunai knives in the palm of his hands and runs towards Naota. He fires first one, then the other before leaping into the air and spinning like a top. After three rotations, he kicks out with his foot in an attempt to breach Naota's defense.

Misaki stays calm before watching Naota's defenses respond to all the attacks. Slowly turning into action once Hiei's kunai pass. She rushes up, aiming a flying kick towards Naota. Whatever it would hit, she uses to leap off of, she already buried her hands into her pocket, using two hands full of shuriken, throwing them in a small cloud at Naota. When she hits the group again she squeezes her fists and slips the nekote out of her gloves, flicking the blades on each side. "Watch this!" She says, bracing and with the sound of metal cutting into something she appears behind Naota. Turning around and doing the same thing again but towards the other side, utilizing her speed and Nekote in a more advanced assault than she usually uses.

Naota chuckles lightly as they'd try to overwhelm his defenses. The ring would glow softly, every single seal he put out becoming charged with chakra as he prepared. While they would assault from each side, a barrier of earth would errupt from the ring, stopping the attacks in their tracks. Each one on their final attack, would come away with their own seal, a sparking seal that would flare, hitting them with that lightning.. enough to tingle, like putting their tongue to a battery.

Hiroyasu flips up a piece of paper and a blue swirl of chakra burns outward, the lightning even in it's weakened state pierces through the wall striking him in the chest sending a wave of chills. "I think I got some faulty ink" he complains before trying his last attack again. "I swear this ink better be right" he shouts flinging out a cloud of blue seals.

Hiei attempted to dodge the lightning, but it grazes him along the shoulder. It does cause that tingle like it does when he handles the element himself. He laughs. "It tickles!" He smiles. "Naota-san, using my own element against me. Nice!" There is no counter attack from him as he watches Hiro launch his paper.

Misaki squints her eyes while she noticed her assault merely hit his barrier. "Interesting defense…" She states, trying to roll out of the way before she feels the tingle in her arm, smiling at Naota whil realizing he's holding back. "You guys okay over there?" She says while pulling out two kunai, throwing them at Naota, followed by another rain of shruriken as fast as she can so the rain of metal doesn't stop. When she runs out of shruiken to throw she pops out the nekote, again aiming two slashes at Naota as fast as she can.

Feet shifting slightly within the center of his ring, he'd flash a smile towards Hiei as he'd prepare for the second set of attacks. While Hiro and Misaki both threw things, he'd form a hand seal, certain seals in the ring flaring to life, blowing all of the items upward, getting caught in the tree branches above. As Misaki charged him directly, he'd do one more hand sign, one last seal shimmering into that chakra barrier that deflected her attacks away from him. Panting softly, he'd laugh while holding up his hands. "Ahh.. my my.. that's exausting work! That.. that would be round two, yes? Good.. you guys would of had me soon.. I could not keep up that sort of pressure without having to take one of you out.. and against three that wouldn't of been possible.." He'd chuckle with a shake of his head, gathering those seals up from his ring. "Very good job. We should do this again soon, I'd like to see how I fare after I work more." With his seals gathered up, he'd smile with a wave to them, before heading back to town.

Hiroyasu seems floored by the varying use of skills "I counted 3 distinct elements, that's not even possible.." scratching his head for moment before looking at them "Is it?" he asks seeming completely lost. "I need to research more" he mutters look at the other two.

Misaki sighs and slows down a little, collecting her weapons and putting them back where they belong. "I'm going to do some more training." She says while heading in the general direction of the forest. "Thank you again for the meal Hiro-san!" She bows at Hiro before jumps off and heading off to do some training by herself.

Toshiba Forest - Clearing [Konohagakure]

A circular opening at where when the moon is full perfectly shines and lights up this clearing. Surrounding this clearing are thick and tall trees with branches extending outwards. Further inside towards the center there are long patches of grass and several flat rocks one can sit on when resting. There is one single rock formations extending towards the west and back into the forest.

Animal life here are snakes slithering in the grass looking for squirrels or birds as prey while spiders can be seen within the tall grass and rocks. In the sky it is often that one or two eagles might be seen circling the area looking for rabbits. Finally, the rare deer comes here to feast on the grass while rumors of a predator lurking in this area is also known.


Misaki headed deeply into Toshiba forest. She wanted to train with Matatabi. And being a closet Jinchuriki, well that meant doing it in secret. She doesn't know there are others. Not about telephathic abilities of tailed beasts. Matatabi actually made her believe he's the only one. So there she is in a forest clearing far enough away from Konoha so she can safely go on a rampage should it happened. She only just started learning controlling this leak. And pouring more than just a trickle meant she lost consious control. So … practice, practice and practice!

Right now she's standing by a set of trees, assaulting them with her Nekote untill she's tired. And when she gets a bit tired she taps into the Matatabi's chakra, following his instructions and guidance. When she opens her eyes again they're glowing and of two different colors, the faint blue hue surrounding her while she suddenly goes at the thing with renewed stamina and double the speed. Unaware of the ripple and disturbance she's spreading over the forest. "HEEYAAARAAH!" And she passes a tree… nothing seems to happend, untill the entire thing suddenly falls. Yep, she cut clean through.

<Konohagakure> Greased lightning Misaki says,
"IC Very adaptive sensory nin (B+ or C+ if you're in Toshiba) would feel a ripple in chakra originating from deeply inside Toshiba forest. It's faint, but definetly foreign IC END"

It was almost impossible not to feel the release of a Bijuu's chakra for a Jinchuuriki, which is why Daisuke found it interesting that such a familiar, yet not familiar at the same time, presence was felt. Having been training in the rocky forest area like he usually does to reduce the carnage of the foliage, the young Senju jounin is able to feel Misaki as she lets Matatabi's chakra leak from her body. At first Daisuke wondered if Kaito was training and something had gone amiss, but this was different, and Son seemed ager to check it out.
Making his way into the clear, Daisuke walks out from the treeline and turns, looking around the area until he lays eyes on a young girl, someone he didn't recognize. "Was that you making all that noise?" he asks politely of the young girl, silently walking over towards her and the fallen tree.
<Konohagakure> Soren has disconnected.

Misaki was shadowboxing in the clearing, though moving fast enough to be able to jump up and again mid air in another direction by turning aethletically. When she comes down she hears Daisuke's voice, immediatley rushing with her back against a tree, her nekote buried in the wood. She blinks a few times, her colored eyes fade quickly and so does the hue. "Ehr… hai, I am sorry if I disturbed the village. I thought I was far out enough!" She rolls her feet around nervously. He didn't see her do what she did, did he?

Daisuke carefully looks over the girl as she acts all nervous, figuring he may have startled her with his sudden appearance. He decides to lighten up the mood at bit while Son is working something out. "That's ok. The trees around here are constantly regrown thanks to our Hokage. Sometimes I think for every one I fell two more sprout up. You must be new around here." he says, nodding his head towards the wristband he notices on her arm. "From the Kumo group that I hear is in town. I guess that makes sense." he says. He remembers back to the previous chuunin exam where his poor opponent had actually struck up a conversation with him prior to the survival round fight, and the things she had mentioned about Kumo. 'Figured it out.' he thinks to himself, getting a grunt in response. "I had heard the rumors that the Kumo nin were under pretty strict orders by their sensei and always trained as a team. I guess sometimes you just need to 'get away' from the others in order to 'stretch your legs', huh?" he says, his eyes looking amused.

Misaki gives Daisuke a nervous glance, before sighing in relieve as he seems to not have noticed. Just bad luck… "Ehr, yes I'm from Kumo." She shakes her head as he says she's under strict orders. "We are, I just…" when he mentions getting away from it all she nods. "That.." She comments, retracting her nekote (cat claw glove) She stretches to underline that. "Just stretching in the forest." She tries to sound casual… to the point it's almost comical. ~ Misaki-kun, relax… he didn't see. Just wait for him to leave and we'll continue ~

"Quite the unique weapon to use, I don't believe I have seen a user of the Nekote in action." Daisuke muses, trying to keep the girl around until Son was done. He chuckles as Misake says she was just stretching, looking over the the tree that was sliced. "I would hate to see your training if that was just stretching. We wouldn't have a forest left." he jokes, trying to lighten Misaki up a bit. "I'm Daisuke, by the way. Senju Daisuke, if you care for those clan things at all, though I prefer just Daisuke." he says in introduction, thinking at least he would get her to stick around awhile if he introduced himself.
Finally from within there came an 'ahhhhh' as a realization was made. Daisuke grew somewhat excited as he had been when he first met Tsun and Misaki and even Kaito. 'I'll handle this, kid.' he was told, meaning just smile and act friendly. "What kind of training were you stretching for?" he asks again, as Son interjects within Matatabi's realm, his ever deep voice easily recognizeable to any of the brothers and sisters. Hello, Matatabi. It has been some time.~

Misaki looks at him for a moment, finally relaxing slightly. She even smiles a bit when he makes that comment on her training. "Yea and you know it!" She adds confidently. When he introduces himself she just nods. "I haven't met a Senju before. I am Misaki. My family name… - doesn't matter." She sighs… all of her family is gone. To who knows where. In truth they're dead, but she doesn't know that yet.

"Ehrm, just… training." She says, trying to deflect the question. She winces a bit at the intrusion. But doesn't seem to know how to place it.. or what it was exactly. Matatabi's realm is a well kept garden, a huge field in between well kept blossom trees, on one end is a mansion… simple and sober. In the middle of the field is a white line. On the other side a huge castle.. or fortress rather. Multi-layered. Matatabi is laying down in the first courtyard, fitting just perfectly. Though he quickly gets up as he notices the intrusion: ~ SON, what are you doing here!? GET OUT ~ He says firmly, getting on all fours and glaring at the ape with his both seperatly colored eyes.

"It's no big deal, we only just got out of the Clan Wars, I tend to avoid the 'clan or family' topic altogether. Though if you meet any Uchiha you will find them to be just the opposite, prideful sons of …" Daisuke says before chuckling. "Misaki. That is a cute name. What is your role in Kumogakure, Misaki? I hope whatever it is you find this trip to be helpful to you. I know any trip I get to go on is a big deal so I like to make the most of it." he confirms with a nod.
Meanwhile inside Matatabi's realm the projection of Son looks around, hmph'ing at the somewhat humble landscape, though the castle does interest him. He isn't there for fun and games, and his projection doesn't move, but he can freely talk with the fellow Bijuu. Matatabi's immediate hostility gets a thunderous laugh from Son, who finds it humorous. His golden eyes look over Matatabi briefly before confirming, You haven't changed. And if you wanted to be more secretive, you shouldn't let your chakra stream out of the girl like a river. You do realize where your host is visiting, right?~

Misaki looks at him and just nods. "I met two Uchiha. One of them was eager to hurt me. The other was friendly… and I think he saved my life." She's refering to Fudo and Hinotori. She's not sure what's going on inside of her, but Matatabi's chakra is … less controlled… As if he's distracted. She blushes as he says she has a cute name. "My role … ? I ehrm… I'm…" She recalls the Raikage telling Kamen Rai da her role while she was sneaking about. She sighs… "I'm an asset.." She sounds rather sad about that.. no angry? Or a combination of both? She clenches her fists.

Matatabi stares at Son. ~ And you haven't changed either… ~ Matatabi says back. Not moving himself, much like a cat would. Just staring while gauging the situation. When Son comments on his chakra Matatabi sighs, nodding at the white line in the middle of the field. ~ Have you seen the seal? Soho no goi, mutual agreement. ~ He doesn't explain further. ~ Where my chakra goes isn't always up to me. I try to hold back what I can, but… things are going on and she needs to learn to work with me. I am well aware where we are, Son Goku-sama. And where I come from, we knock ~ Matatabi actually smiles while giving Son some of that good old etiquitte lessons. ~ Now, begone before she closes her eyes and joins in, she's not aware there are others.. And I'm not planning on telling her either. So go, before I make you go! ~ He does sound protective and rather brash! Especially for his doing. Does he actually care about his Jinchuuriki?

"I could probably guess the one that saved your life was my brother, Hinotori. That is how few Uchiha there are out there that are both nice and heroic. Know that he learned all of his heroics from me, it's a slow process by I'm training him to be more Senju and less Uchiha." Daisuke says, pointing a thumb at himself when he says where Hino learned everything he knows from and chuckling at the end. "An asset huh. I've heard that one before. You would think that being an asset to your village was an honor, that they would be less without you, but it isn't always the case, now is it?" he says, seeming to know a bit. "Then again all ninja are tools for their village, so we all are slapped with a label and sent out to fight." he muses.
Son, meanwhile, seemingly lost interest for a moment as Matatabi talks about sharing and caring. If it wasn't for Daisuke's strength and that of his aunt, he would've long since taken over this place, like most Bijuu long to do. Always the soft one, Matatabi, and.. he says, pointing a giant finger at the burning cat, That is Goku-Ou-sama, you know that. While king of the Jungle was merely one of the titles given to him by their 'father', King was enough of the title for Son to live pridefully with. I'm not going anywhere, and I plan to tell your host everything…. or rather, my host does. You see Matatabi, we have achieved a unique contract between us, where I am free, he is free, and we tag team anyone who gets in our way. I find it surprising that you wouldn't welcome starting your newbie host off in this direction and perhaps breaching this demeaning white line you have here.

Misaki looks at Daisuke. Nodding while he talks about his brother? Wait what? Brother?! She shakes her head a bit. "So an inter-clan marriage.." She concludes. It would make sense. "I'm sure you deviate more towards your mother then!" She giggles quietly, recalling Hinotori being a whole lot more calm and collected. Yes… definetly papa's boy. "So that makes the father an Uchiha.." She turns her head a little at Daisuke. "Though, that would not explain the difference in last name.." She's a bit confused now and decides to leave it for what it is. When he speaks about being an asset and that being an honor and everyone being labled she shakes her head. "Ninja choose to serve their village… Me, it got chosen for me." She crosses her arms a bit stubbornly.

Meanwhile Matatabi closes his eyes. ~ A king, does not deserve his title, if they do not behave king-like. You wouldn't know how to behave properly as a servant. Let alone a king. ~ Matatabi gives Goku a serious glance. He knew how to push his buttons. ~ Learn to serve before you lead is one of those sentences humans use… Very fitting, don't you think? Though it seems your Jinchuuriki has full controle over you. Maybe you - are - learning to serve. ~ Matatabi chuckles, trying to get Goku to focus on his own issues instead of stirring them up here. Closer inspection shows those layers of his castle hold back significant amounts of chakra. A manifestation of Matatabi's efforts not to share his chakra. There are trickles flowing over the lowest layer, especially now. Probably why Matatabi isn't moving. He's focussing hard on controlling the spillage. He closes his eyes. ~ Misaki, you might hear some things that will be new to you. But don't worry, I will explain later. Whatever you do, keep your chakra under control, okay? ~ Misaki gets the message and nods, blinking a few times while wondering what the endorsement Matatabi is on about. ~ Son Goku-sama, leave now, or there will be consequences. ~

"My father is dead, when I speak of Hinotori I am speaking as brothers, the closest bond you could have to someone without actually being related. Hintori is of his clan, I am of mine, and our clans are world-renown for our conflicts with one another. Throughout that, we were able to be friends, perhaps a sign of the future of the relations between the two clans, or perhaps an oddity." Daisuke explains, shrugging at the end. "Either way, believe me when I say I can probably relate to the life you have lived up until now." he adds, watching Misaki's reaction.
Son scoffs, merely dismissing the attempt to rile him up, knowing that a few of his kind love to push his buttons. Call it full control if you wish, but we are of a true mutual agreement, not some seal that forces it, Matatabi. You can sit there all you want and constantly worry about your chakra leaking out of your host, while I sit upon my throne with not a worry in the world. Your pretend palace bores me, so I shall leave and meet your host to see if she is more entertainment than yourself. With that Son's image leaves the inner sanctum of Matatabi's 'cage', returning to Daisuke to fill him in.
Daisuke looks positively thrilled for some reason, which would probably confuse the casual onlooker. His eyes sparkle as he looks at Misaki with amusement. "Getting straight to the point, I would like to reintroduce myself to you, and if you feel comfortable at all reintroducing yourself to me, then I would more than welcome it." he says to her before bowing low in respect, almost a goofy way but still a bow. "I am Senju Daisuke, nephew of the Hokage, and Jinchuuriki to the Four Tailed Monkey King, Son Goku. I am very pleased to meet you."

Misaki casually nods while he speaks of him being brothers in the sense of brotherhood…. She didn't truely understand. But just wanted him to leave and nodding seemed like the best idea. When he mentions he can probably relate to her she shakes her head. "I doubt it.." She says, envying him for the fact his father is dead. "Your father is dead, mine decided I wasn't worth having anymore and just left, with my mother.." She stares at him for his reaction in turn. "And instead of letting me look for them I was kept inside of my own village as some hostage!" Kghss..

While Son gives it right back at Matatabi he just relaxes. He was above this kind of scolding and new that it's just pressing more buttons to be ignoring Goku. ~ Leave… ~ He then says again as Goku mentions leaving and speaking to Misaki personally. When he's gone Matatabi gets out of his castle and lays down on the field, bracing for impact.

Misaki looks at Daisuke and his sudden change of behavior. Blinking as he does his reintroduction. Gritting her teeth, whispering: "I thought you said… there was only one." She widens her eyes at Daisuke. The faint blue around her living up slowly again, then dying down before coming back. Misaki clenches her fists. ~ I might have not been entirely truthful. I was trying to protect you! ~

Misaki shakes her head. "And Senju Daisuke, nephew of the hokage. What do you want from me? I think you're mistaking me for somebody else…" She looks locked, she's not sure why either. She hasn't ever told anyone of the fact she housed a big ass tailed beast cat thing. And now there's more. One with four tails!? WITH A NAME!? And a host… LIES.

Daisuke watches as Misaki reacts, figuring she would be a bit shocked, and guessing probably a bit angry with information she didn't know already. "I am speaking to the Two Tailed Jinchuuriki, and I have known that you were a Jinchuuriki since you leaked your chakra all over the forest earlier. I make it my goal to know and form relations with each of us out there in the world, because if any of them have lived the life that I have it is important to reach them before it is too late." Daisuke says as he sits down on the nearby log and sighs. "Your father and mother leaving I can also relate to. After I was chosen to be the host my mother basically ignored and disowned me, blaming me for my father's death. I grew up in hostility and hatred and had no idea why everyone looked at me the way they did. I certainly didn't choose the life. Your story, and that of the others I have met has been very similar, in a broad sense of course, no two people will ever live the same life. But there are some, as well, that have not been subjected to such a life. It is my life's duty to meet us all and make sure we all get through this to the point that you will never have to worry about your chakra leaking out or your temper releasing your beast on others." Daisuke explains in a calm and collected voice, though the firmness of his resolve easily shows within his expressions and voice. He left the name of her beast out on purpose, he knows that Goku and him formed the beginning of a bond once they were able to share such information together, and wasn't going to be taking any of that away from others in their path.

Misaki just listens in silence while Daisuke explains all that. She's tensed up all right. But not going into a rampage. Especially when he tells of his parents does she seem to relax a little. "OTHERS!?" She says then, when he mentions others. ~ Misaki-kun, yes.. others. I'll explain later. When it's time. ~ "No explain NOW!" She yells, partially at Daisuke, partially at Matatabi. Matatabi just sighs while the blue hue around her seems to have locked in place. "YOU KNOW NOTHING!" She blinks and her eyes changed colors while a tear dribbles down her face. One of her eyes turned bright blue while the other becomes a stronger yellow.

"Am I going to explain the general idea to you, or shall I let your Bijuu do it? I don't mind either way, I have imposed on his chosen secrecy enough, though I am confused as to why he would keep this from you. With what we suffer through, perhaps knowing others are out there going through the same thing could help just that tiny amount that we need to get through the day. I will let you work it out, and if you have any questions at all, that is why I approached you." Daisuke says, again keeping his voice calm and collected, letting Misaki know there was someone here who could relate and perhaps answer those questions she has grown up with that others couldn't even fathom.

She shakes her head vividly. Sitting down on the stump of the tree she cut through. She didn't want to hear anything anymore while she was working on keeping her chakra under control. It's hard work, combatting your own chakra and that of a Bijuu. And very exausting. She just seems to shut down while luckily the faint hue dies. And she's…. asleep? At least, she doesn't move much. She wakes up in Matatabi's garden.

"You have something to explain… And I want to hear it all." She puts her hands on her knees, seated with her legs crossed. Staring at the cat who's happy she managed to control herself this time. Starting to tell her the story… the full story.

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