Team Ogosokamaru: Misaki's first kill


Misaki, Hiei, Hiroyasu, Nori, Ogosokamaru

Date: May 1, 2013


Misaki made her first kill. Major ab-reaction. Note: ~ ~ = Bijuu talking

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team Ogosokamaru: Misaki's first kill"

Land of fire

Nori is headed back into the forest toward the waterfall. He haa more rope, and a horse with him. The horse seems to be following along with Nori without a bridle even.

Misaki is hopping through the trees, and when she hears a horse her curiosity is peaked, rushing through the canopy. She's been trying out her new claws on occasion. And that shows in the trees. She swung over a branch and locks her legs around one, dropping her chest down so she's hanging there inverted. "Nori.." She says, smiling. "Going anywhere?" She winces as if someone scolds at her. "Nori-san.." She corrects herself.

Nori looks up as Misaki comes through the trees and hangs there in front of him. "Ano…Misaki-san." He looks around, "All by yourself? No team?" Would he rather see the boys? Nori nods though and says, "I was going to gog grab that guy we left hanging. You bored enough to help?" He grins. The horse meanwhile starts lookijg skiddish around Misaki.

Misaki chuckles and nods faintly. "Sure I can tag along.." She moves about a little and then ends up on her feet, glaring at Nori and then his horse." Your horse?" She asks, keeping her distance. Always has been an interest, but something frightning as well. "So… you just left'm hanging.." She chuckles and follows along Nori, keeping a safe distance from horse-thing…

Nori shakes his head, "Not my horse. He is actually wild but we have a bit of an agreement. He doesn't seem to like you much though." Nori laughs and says, "Of course I left him hanging. What should I have done…come back all exhausted and try to bring him back? Nah. I'd rather be rested and him tired. I only hope some wolf or big cat didn't attack him." He grins to Misaki.

Misaki gazes at the horse. "You can talk to it?" She asks, squinting her eyes at the horse. "And why does it not like me…?" She then shrugs and leaves it, chuckling when Nori mentions just leaving him there. "He'll be ****.." She stammers, looking about.. "So there's big animals here too huh? Figures…" She smiles at Nori and casually walks with him. Her sense of direction isn't the best.

Nori says, "He doesn't like being taken control of. And I'm not sure why he doesn't like you. My guess is you smell." Nori blushes…"You smell to him, not me." Nori walks faster and changes the subject…"Ano yup, lots of big animals in the forests. Mostly not dangerous, but some are." And there he is up ahead, hanging in the tree…

Misaki follows along, frowning when Nori mentions she smells. Sighing when he says not to him. "Well he smells worse.." She says firmly, giving the horse a cross look. Gazing around. "Cool!" Is her responds when Nori says there's dangerous animals around. She looks at the man still hanging there. "Rise and shine!" She says with a light chuckle.

The man grunts with bis mouth tied. "Nori laughs. "I bet he's been awake for most of the night. It would be hard for me to sleep left like that." Nori looks to Misaki, "Mind cutting him down and catching him when I give you the ok?" Nori hops onto the horse, makes the Yamanaka seal and takes the man over. at the same time Nori flops over on the horse. That's why the animal is here. The gagged man goes loose and says merf-kawr. Was that an ok?

Misaki didn't seem to care much if it was, she's already hovering in the air, her neko-te rushing past the ropes… Wait, if I'm up here how do I catch him?" *thud*… "Oops.."… She glides down with a nice flick flack to boot and looks at the body she just dropped. "Sorry.." She smiles innocently, waiting for further instructions.

Nori groans as she lets him fall. "That's going to leave a bruise on both of us. You don't like to think through things before acting do you " He rubs his butt in his honesty. "Well, now I walk back with him. The horse will carry the real me…so…let's go."

Misaki chuckles when he groans. "Sorry!" She repeats. Carefully walking up to the horse, poking Nori's body… just under the ribs. "Poke… Poke.." Damn this jutsu is freaky! "Cool! I wonder if.." She slips out her claws, but quickly retracts them the moment the militia (Nori) reacts.. "Just kidding!" She hops into the canopy and looks around briefly, checking for anything out of the ordinary. Routine… or so she pretends. She's just going by instinct…

Nori heys, even as she pokes him lightly. When she takes the claws out, he says, "No…my body will not even react to pain, so please don't try it." He lets out a sigh of relief as she runs off scouting ahead.
And what she finds isn't exactly a good thing. They have an unwelcoming party. Nori, without being in his body, can't exactly do his usual thing. He's left with Taijutsu, which he isn't overly good at. The two men look to be a bit **** as they see Misaki, "Hey, give us back our friend and we'll let you two go peacefully." Yeah…right.

"You better scoot…" Satomi says firmly, claws crawling out of her gloves. "I'm only goin' to come down harder, you're far from home, if I cut you up they won't want you no more. So you better scoot!" She jumps off the tree in an acrobatic tripple corkscrew, smirking at the two in front of her. "I'm going to chew you up and spit you out like I did your buddies. One of them goes through life without cahoonas, is that worth the trouble?" She perks an eyebrow and crosses the nails, before splitting her arms with her hands by her hips. "You only have one shot, so don't miss your oppertunity to blow…" She seems utterly confident in the face of them two… Well ahead of Nori, making sure they can't even consider harming him… While she's not always as careful as she should be. She does seem to care. "Now, what will it be? Surrender… or die?"

The two men look at eachother and then at the girl, "Well, we would prefer if you surrender, but I don't really care if you die." Nori/man says, "Yeah, kick the **** out of her so that I can get out of here already." Is Nori trying to trick them into thinking he is their friend? They do raise their eyebrows at his voice, "I was in the cold all night. I've lost my voice. Where the **** you two been anyway…leaving me tied up in a tree all **** night." Seems Nori does know how to swear at least. They don't seem to know how to take him.

Misaki looks at both of them, and as the most terrible actor in the world she just sighs. "Okay, you look big and strong and I'm just a helpless little girl.." She jumps back up into the canopy. "Later.." She tries to hide a few trees down the line, keeping a good keen eye on what's going on. And… more importantly, on Nori's body.

The two men look between Nori's body on the horse and the man Nori is holding. "That was…a little weird. What's with the dead body?" The Nori/man shrugs, "I think the girl got him too. Don't know." They look between Nori's real body, the man, and then back up into the trees. "I don't by it. That one little girl wasn't holding you all by herself if she's afraid of us. Go find her and kill her." Nori sighs internally and just says, "This isn't worth the effort of the illusion. **** it." Nori/Man moves forward to attack one of the men, hopeing Misaki will follow along. Nori/Man throws out a punch and a kick.

"Action time?" Suddenly the sun shades out, and when everyone looks up two claws are already coming down on the man Nori isn't attacking, digging into his shoulders while she lashes out a kick at the man she isn't stabbing..

Nori/Man hits once but manages to get blocked the second time. The target looks confused that his friend is now attacking him, "What is going on Osamu-san?" Nori blinks, "Oh, is that me? I'm not quite in my right mind." Nori/Man smiles and continues the attack as Misaki sneaks in a kick. He throws out a round-house kick and follows it with a spinning heel-kick. Meanwhile, Misaki's partner tries to dance around her attacks but is cut up pretty well. He bears the pain of the now bleeding claw marks and goes into a rage, attempting to haymaker Misaki.

Misaki was getting a little overconfident. She managed to push in some pretty painful stabs and didn't expect the man to muster the strength to bash her around. She gets caught on her way down and is send flying back a few meters, though she makes a backflip and sticks her claw into the dirt, which slides her through one more yard before she comes to a full stop. Some blood trailing down from the corner of her mouth. "Ouch.." She says, running her hand past her mouth and WHAT THE ****? The wound is GONE? What just happened?

Nori/Man watches as Misaki goes sailing and hits the tree. In fact, all three men kind of stop and watch that. The one bleeding guy actually blinks as he connects. Usually haymakers are wild because of all that power. The focus from getting hurt must have helped. When Misaki's wound disappears, Nori attacks while the two men to try to figure out what just happened. Nori, standing still, throws out a heavy hand to his opponent's temple. The man gets hit, falls to the side, and Nori is left standing there with his fist and arm out in the air. Wah-wah-wah.
Misaki's opponent grunts as she regenerates and rubs his eyes. He probably thinks he is in a genjutsu or something. "This isn't worth it. I'm not paid enough to put up with this bull." He holds his arms up in surrender. "I give up." Nori/Man says, "He's all yours Misaki. He could have left when he wanted to."

"Wanted t-" Before he can even finish his sentence a lash of blood splatters all over him. Misaki stabbed her fist into the man's throat. her claws portruding out of the back. She slips her fist back slowly… "That… will teach you for hitting a girl…" She's covered in blood. Even Matatabi was shocked by this sudden change. ~ Misaki-kun what just happened!? That man SURRENDERED!?

~ Misaki ignores Matatabi and tries her fists. "Server you well…" She says while the man dies a horribly meaninglessly painful death. Drowning in his own blood, since she punctured his wind-pipe cleanly.

~ At least end it Misaki-kun! ~ Misaki just stares at the man dying. Half in terror, half in anticipation. It's her first kill…. And she seems to be ****. Scarily so, all those frustrations of the past years just came dripping out in this one, cruel stab… "I warned him.." She says to no one in particular. ~ Misaki-kun, this is NOT how I taught you! ~ Misaki is completely unphazed by the lectures she would normally happily listen to.

Nori sits there as Misaki goes and stabs the guy in the throat. He didn't think she was going to kill him. He figured she'd beat him a bit and tie him up, but…all that blood. Nori just sighs and looks down at the guy he punched. The man is slowly coming to. Nori/Man gets the jump on him before he is fully concious and starts tieing him up. Once done, Nori/Man points him to look at the scene, "They only needed one of us alive. They still have me, so don't **** her off or she'll kill you too, got it? Come along quietly." Nor looks over to Misaki and calls out, "Hey…you ready to go?"

She just looks at her bloody hands and blinks. Half listening…. though shut off from the world around her. When he says lets go it hits her in slow motion. She slowly walks down the path in the direction they were facing. Not even saying anything back to Nori. Looking and behaving more like a zombie than a human. ~Misaki-chan? Misaki… MISAKI~ *ZHwaoowp* She shakes her head as everything suddenly hits her.. "I'm ready yes…" She says, gliding the claws back into her glove. Gazing at the ground without saying a word… everything just poured out at once… All the hate … she thought it would be gone… it only got stronger. She wants to do it again…. And again… Her fist is just itching for it… And that's visible, she balls it and seems tense. And pale…

Nori/Man and their newly tied up acquaintance walk ahead of Misaki. The horse takes up the rear with Nori's body…a long ways to the rear in fact. He doesn't entirely like Misaki, and all that blood isn't helping. It is almost hard to tell that the horse is still following them.
Still, after a bit, they manage to get to the point where they can see the main gates of Konohagakure. Nori/man asks if Misaki wants to clean herself off before entering the village. Whether or not she does, he heads into the gates, checks in, and the Jounin at the gate take the prisoners for interrogation. Nori returns to his body on the horse, and rides off.


Recovery Bay 1 is filled with passages marked with numbers leading to individual rooms be it a shared room or private rooms for patients. Medical Ninja wander around the alleys entering and leaving rooms on a frequent basis, however the essence of visitors and patients walking around is more frequent. The beds are comfortable with thick mattresses and blue sheets. Two pillows are seen on each bed as well as a television, two wooden chairs next to it and finally a simple coffee table next to the bed. Charts of the patients condition are placed at the foot of the bed where Medical Ninja review and update cases. Each room has a view from the outside as well as a pair of curtains. This bay is kept clean and proper at all times.

OOC Note: This location boosts healing over time for those who are injured.


"Ma'am, you can't go in there like that… MA'AM!" *Barge* the door opens up and Misaki walks in. Her eyes are wide, there's a thin stroke of blood over her face. Her white dress is also stained in blood that upon further inspection isn't her own. Her right fist is soaked in gory sticky dark-red and thick blood while she stares at Hiei. "I heard you were in here and wanted to see you…" She says, she sounds monotone.. more than usual. As if abscent-minded. A nurse is behind her and bowing at Hiei. "Sorry, we'll get her out as soon as possible.." Misaki just ignores the lady… "What happened?" She says to Hiei, completely unaffected by her own condition. She mentally blocked what just happened out. Everything around her echo's… people move in slow motion. Things feel heavy. She thought that doing this would pour out all the hate and anger… and instead, it only amplified it. Her fist is clenched… Itching to stab something again.

Hiei is sitting up in bed when Misaki barges in. He's staring out of the window when helooks over and waves away the nurse. "It's fine, you can let her through." He replies to Misaki when she asks what happened, "I sparred with Uchiha Fudo. It's nothing serious, but I've got cuts, scrapes, and bruises." He pauses a moment, staring at her. "What the **** happened to you? Why is there so much blood?" He asks and then narrows his gaze slightly. "If Sensei sees you like that, he's going to have a goat. He's already gunning for me because I disobeyed him."

White haid and two eyes slowly rise up from the stairs in front of the Konohagakure hospital. He heard some commotion in front of him before he got here, and could only assume it was his genin that were causing the ruckus. Or at least he assumed it was. When he got to the counter, he heard a nurse complaining about a girl just walking through and into a patient's room. Ogo asked where Hiei was, and was pointed directly to the room in question of ruckus. Ogo nodded and stopped just outside the door, standing against the wall just outside the door, he listens to the conversation for now.

Misaki doesn't even seem to listen after her question. "Hu-uhmm oh?" She just makes random sounds. She didn't even hear him. Looking out of the window. Even when he squabbles about sensei she doesn't seem to hear. ~ MISAKI-KUN ~ She shakes her head and is dragged back into the now, looking at her bloody, sticky hands. "Oh… I…" She wants to cry… But she can't… tears just don't come out. It feels so frustrating. Like she could implode any moment. ~ Misaki-kun focus! ~ She's completely out of it. In her current state she would be better off at an insane assylum.

She doesn't see straight, she can't focus. She can't hear anyone. She's in that state of oblivion… All those emotions bunched up in one go which resulted in the brutal murder of… a guilty militiaman just outside of town. He assaulted her and Nori, a given. But he surrendered. She brutally and.. more importantly, cruelly slaughtered him. Driving out all of her emotions in one go. It had the opposite effect. And right now she's trapped in that rouse. Her ears are ringing when she looks at Hiei and gasps. "Hiei? Are you okay!?"

Hiei simply looks at Misaki when she asks him the same question that he just answered. Tossing back the covers on the bed, she can see that his injuries aren't serious. There are some bandages on his upper body and on his left foot. He walks over to the sink and runs some water. He dips a towel into the water and then walks over to Misaki again. Taking his finger, he taps her on the forehead to get her attention. "I just answered that question. You asked me a few seconds ago. I got a little banged up while sparring Uchiha Fudo. It's not serious and I'll be fine in a day or so. The wounds are superficial." Taking the towel, he gently takes her hands and begins to clean the blood off. "I'm more concerned with what happened to you. I know this blood isn't yours." He frowns. "You're withdrawing and shutting me out, again. You said you wouldn't do that anymore." He reminds her of the promise she made at the hot spring.

Ogo's brow furrows as Hiei and Misaki talk within the room. Misaki seemed stranger than normal to Ogo right now. Something definately wasn't right.
Might as well..
Ogo took a step to the side, and stood in the doorway, taking in what they were talking about. "Hiei, you're up. I came by earlier but you were sleeping." He walks in, almost past them, but looks down at the towel, then keeps walking to the window, staring out of it. "What happened, Misaki?"

Misaki seems completely oblivious to what Hiei says to her. She did make a promise. But right now everything is shut out. ~ Misaki-kun WAKE UP ~ She blinks a few times. "Eh…" She's closer to a zombie than a human now, even as Hiei begins cleaning her hands. She doesn't flinch or blush like she normally would either. She's covered in blood not hers. Things are rather obvious.

When Ogo enters the room she's even less responsive than usual. Yes she never gave him much value, but she did at least respond to him. Now, she just blanky stares ahead. Her head entirely empty. Even when Hiei tries to wake her up. Completely in the clouds, but in a bad way.

"I euhh.." She says as a responds to Ogo, though it's completely instinctual and automatic. No real consious effort behind it. Things are settling down in her mind. Images of the man she killed less than an hour ago… Punched him in the throat while he surrendered, claws going all the way through and out. The stabs into the chest… The blood… the gore… The emptyness afterwards… the hate, the pain.. the anger, she wanted to stab something again, her right arm tenses up significantly and her eyes twitch, while they're open the pupils seem to move just slightly, the color shifts ever so slightly, but then they snap back. As if she's boiling on the inside. She's tensed up completely. Her right arm itching to stab something… anything…. Just to get rid of that feeling.

Hiei glances towards the door when Ogo comes in. "Sensei." He says by way of greeting before continuing to clean the blood off of the robotic Misaki as best he can. Once he finishes, he throws the towel into the receptacle before returning to his bed and sitting down on it. He looks over at Ogo. "I can't get anything out of her when she's like this. It's pretty obvious she's been in a fight. She just walked in here…and has been like this since." He shrugs with a slight wince, feeling pretty helpless at this point.

Ogosokamaru nods. He already knows what's going on. He's seen that kind of look before. Only the other time the person didn't have a tailed beast nice and neatly packaged inside of them ready for detonation of they felt like it. Ogo was wary, so he went to the door, called down a nurse, pointed out Misaki to her. The nurse dissappeared back down the hallway to get things ready.
"I'm having her admitted. You'll still be able to see her, since you're both patients, but you can't be in the same room. Neighbors though. I'll be around to keep an eye out if anything goes… crazy. Hiei, keep her company for as long as you can." After Ogo dissappears out the door again to keep his lookout, the nurses would enter to assist with getting Misaki into the next room.. hopefully without a fight.

Misaki is completely still, untill she spots Hiei's pillow. She quite firmly pushes him aside and flexes her fist, letting the neko-te pop out of her glove, before stabbing them deeply into the pillow again and again. Ogo is done at this point and Misaki is sighing, finally tears manage to stream out, when she's done and feathers are all around the room the nurse what was about to pick her up gasps… Misaki turns around… The claws slinking back into her hand while she reaches for the window, pulling it open.

Indeed, the nurse in the door made her feel like a cat caged in a cell.. Her instinct taking over while she jumps down from the second floor, actually fast enough to run down the wall and jump at the last moment, rushing down the streets. ~ MISAKI-KUN WAKE UP! ~ She doesn't hear… She accidently bumps into someone who drops a pot he's carrying which breaks. He spot Misaki and her bloody dress and he gasps. Misaki had it worse, she was running so fast the colision send her flying, gliding over the path while kicking up dust, creating lightly bleeding wounds all over her arms and legs, and small tears over her dress. She then continues sprinting towards the forest, Hiei could probably catch up to her.. if he really tried.

Hiei slides down off his bed onto the floor when Misaki pushes him aside so that she could murder his pillow with her claws. "I knew her buying those was a bad idea…" Then, when she opens the window and jumps out, he frowns. The words of Ogo sound off loudly in his head. 'Keep her company for as long as you can.' Hiei sighs, "****." He doesn't bother putting his shirt on, or grabbing any of his gear. If he did, he'd loose her. Leaping out of the window himself, he takes off at a sprint to catch up with her. He holds his arms out to the side and leans forwards to cut down on wind resistance. He wasn't nearly as fast as Sensei…but he was fast in his own right. "Misaki-chan…" He did promise her that as long as he was alive, she would never walk the world alone. And he meant it.

Misaki is rushing through the streets, only slowed down because of people she has to avoid or occasionally bumps into. She's headed straight for the treeline. Trailing ahead of Hiei, and unless he changes his game, nothing changing that. Each minute she gets further and further away by her own speed alone. Amplified by whatever rage she was building. At one point she really manages to build some distance, though Hiei can keep her within sight since they're out of the village by now. So as long as she stays on that path -****… She turns and heads into the forest. Her claws are out apperently, because trees you pass occasionally have claw marks in them. Though that too stops at some point. A flash of white fabric in the distance. Hiei's about to loose her in the forest… She's just faster…

Hiei zigs and zags through the traffic of the streets. Because he's attempting to avoid people, it's slowing him down. Once they reach the edge of the village, he hits the release for his arm weights and then leaps into the air, removing the ones on his legs. Once his feet touch the ground again, his speed increases. He had to catch her. There's no telling what would happen to her, or what she might do to herself in her current state. He clenches his teeth as he digs deep to find the necessary speed that he knew was there.

Misaki rushes through the forest, at first you don't seem to catch up at all. But then she struggles, her head isn't there entirely and the trees are in her way… totally do that on purpose! He manages to reach her at this point, and when she hits a clearing she stops. Spotting Hiei, grunting in frustration, looking at him while panting, slightly out of breath. She doesn't say a word. Her eyes still have that hazy dead-ness over them, and her claws are out. She just stares at him…

Hiei slides to a stop when Misaki does. His breathing is a little heavier than normal. Afterall, he just did an all out spring to catch up with her. He holds his hands up to appear harmless. "I don't know what's going on. But I want you to know that I'm here for you. Please..tell me what's wrong. Maybe I can help." She still had that blank look on her face, which means that she probably isn't even listening to him at the moment. But that didn't matter, he'd just keep talking.

Misaki looks at Hiei; her breathing is heavy but steady. She just pants and stares at him. He can see the hate in her eyes. This isn't her… well it's her. But she has been hidden under a layer of confused, angry, distant and egoism. Now that this hate managed to burst out things turned far uglier. She managed to divert it from the village, part of the reason she went to the forest. And she hates the fact Hiei followed. That little bit of her doesn't want to hurt anyone. But she's barely in control. "Go….. AWAY.." She says … it's a slow and low voice that's also new… Filled with anger and hatred..

Hiei shakes his head. "I can', I won't go away. This isn't you and despite what Sensei said, I could never leave you out here on your own. Please, come back to the village with me. We can talk about whatever it is over a bowl of ramen." He takes a few steps forwards. He's not afraid of her. He was never afraid of her when she gets like this. Not even that day when she was kicked out of the Uchiha village and pretty much snapped.

Misaki looks at Hiei and sighs. When he moves towards her she sets a slow step back. She can barely recognice him. ~ Misaki WAKE UP ~ Her eyes open up and for the first time do they move. She blinks repeatedly. She looks around, slightly confused… "Hiei?" She asks… a tremble in her voice. "Why am I here… Why are - we - here?" She sounds frightened by it… But at least she seems to move less limbered and more human now. She retracts her claws automatically, flinching while looking at Hiei, notiicng he's not wearing a shirt and is bandaged up. "OH **** did I do this to you!?" She places her hands over her lips, before looking down at the blood on her dress, she slowly drags her head up to look at Hiei, before she faints, suddenly collapsing and hitting the ground pretty nastily unless Hiei would sprint up to prevent it.

Hiei doesn't say anything as she slowly comes back to herself. However, when her knees buckle and she begins to faint, he rapidly moves over to catch her just before she hits the ground. He transfers her to his back, draping her arms over his shoulders and holding her up by placing his hands underneath her thighs. He sighs. "Misaki-chan. What am I going to do with you? We can't keep doing this.." Then he begins to jog back towards the village. He'll take her back to the hospital and have her admitted to her room.

He doesn't even get the chance to jog very far, by the edge of the clearing she wakes up and digs her feet into the ground… "Hiei?" She says, opening her eyes and looking at Hiei. Upon noticing he's shirtless and holding her like this she immidiatly tries to break contact and stumble back, blushing crimson red. "What the ****!?" She says, while leaning back up against a tree, staring at Hiei.

Toshiba Forest - Clearing [Konohagakure]

A circular opening at where when the moon is full perfectly shines and lights up this clearing. Surrounding this clearing are thick and tall trees with branches extending outwards. Further inside towards the center there are long patches of grass and several flat rocks one can sit on when resting. There is one single rock formations extending towards the west and back into the forest.

Animal life here are snakes slithering in the grass looking for squirrels or birds as prey while spiders can be seen within the tall grass and rocks. In the sky it is often that one or two eagles might be seen circling the area looking for rabbits. Finally, the rare deer comes here to feast on the grass while rumors of a predator lurking in this area is also known.


He doesn't even get the chance to jog very far, by the edge of the clearing she wakes up and digs her feet into the ground… "Hiei?" She says, opening her eyes and looking at Hiei. Upon noticing he's shirtless and holding her like this she immidiatly tries to break contact and stumble back, blushing crimson red. "What the ****!?" She says, while leaning back up against a tree, staring at Hiei.

Hiei moves away from Misaki and turns around to face her. "I need to take you back to the village, Misaki. Sensei wants you to spend a few days in the hospital. You came to visit me, and you were covered in blood. You stood still like a zombie and mumbled a lot. You asked the same questions over and over again. You murdered my pillow in my room and jumped out the window. I gave chase and you told me to leave you alone, which I didn't. Then, you looked at me weird and passed out. Now you're acting like you don't remember any of that." He crosses his arms over his chest, the bandage on his abdomen begins to turn crimson from the wound. "Now I'm wondering which of your personalities that I'm dealing with now."

"Bull**-" ~ It's true Misaki-kun.. ~ Misaki gasps and looks at Hiei. "Did…did I do that?" She says, pointing at his bandages! "Oh my ****… we need to get Hiro here… or get you to the hospital!" She looks around a bit frantically. "SORRY!" She says, bowing deeply as if it's she who caused that injury. It appears her mind went into some self defense mode. One that blocks out her murder. To her now, there's total amnesia since this morning. All she knows is what Hiei just told her, and by her appearance she must draw her own conclusions. "But… why the hospital? I feel fine!" She says, pointing at herself. "You need to get to a hospital!"

Hiei sighs. "I was /in/ the hospital until you came in all zombie like and destroyed my pillow. I managed to clean off the blood that was on you. I think Sensei has an idea what happened and he wanted you in the hospital more for mental reasons than physical. And I tend to agree with him. You're self-destructive, Misaki-chan. And even though I understand that things from your past hurt you and you feel alienated, this?" He motions around them. "Was not in the job description when I made the decision to become a shinobi. I feel like I have to walk on eggshells around you because I never know when you'll loose control." He exhales softly. "I'm this way because of my spar with Uchiha Fudo. You didn't do this to me, so stop stressing. My wounds are mostly superficial." He runs a hand through his hair. "If me going through all of this with you isn't a sign that I care for you, then I don't know what is."

Hiroyasu rushes out of the village, following the trail of devastation to where the two are "Hiei! Hiei! Sensei wanted me to bring you, your things. He didn't seem pleased.. well less than usual.. or.. uh.. he looked different." before looking at the wound, "Did you attempt to treat yourself again?! I thought I told you!" he shouts throwing the bulk of the tools at Hiei's feet. He takes a single glance at Misaki before looking back at Hiei "Let's salve and redress that." he says reaching for his handy-dandy medkit!

"Oh Hiro thank god…" She says, happy he didn't make her respond to Hiei. Frankly she didn't know what to say. Her mind and memory are blank. She doesn't even know what happened today. "I'm FINE!" She says… like ****, she's not going to spend time in the hospital. That's for sick people. "Mental health!? Did HE Say that? He's the one who needs to get his head checked out!" She crosses her arms stubbornly. "PFft.."

Hiei looks relieved to see Hiro. "Hey, buddy. No, I didn't attempt to dress it myself. I was in the hospital healing up nicely before I had to jump out of a window and spring through the village to catch this one before she did something stupid." He points at Misaki. "And you're not fine. If you were fine, I wouldn't be out here right now, bleeding from my stomach." He sounds more than just a little irritated right now. "You're going to at least spend a day in the hospital because Sensei ordered it. And if you refuse, I will drag you back there by your ankles myself." He looks at his feet and then smiles. "Hey, thanks Hiro. I can at least put my shirt on after you redress this wound to keep the infection out."

Hiroyasu nods, setting the boulder down. "I saw the carnage in your room, blood everywhere and shredded linens. Oh which we will have to pay for.." he dawns upon him "maybe that is why he looked like he was going to tie rocks to our feet and hurl us into the ocean. I'm sure he'd claim it was 'advanced' water-walking training" he mutters before pulling off the old bandage, examining the wound "You should learn to dodge or block swords better. At least it seems to have been sharp, which actually helps me." he says while preparing the salve which is a mix of powder and an pungent oil when mixed it forms a thick gooey paste. "This is going feel amazing.. so you know" he says before just slathering it on with large globs, and he lied.. it doesn't feel great.. at all.

Misaki watches Hiro get to work. A little jealous she couldn't smear that on.. wait what am I thinking.. she blushes crimson red. "No hospital!" She repeats, crossing her arms stubbornly. "I'm fine… sensei can go fall from a tree or something.." She sighs and sits down against a tree, relaxing… "And I'm paying for the pillows.." She says… a sudden flash through her mind. She remembered something. Though… not of the murder. Before. "****.. I have something I need to do… I'll be back in two minutes." She says, getting up and rushing off. "Just Hiro treat you I'll be back!" She says, before disappearing into the forest…

Luckily for them she does actually return in three minutes or so. If she wasn't stopped before.

Hiei comments, "What did my poor pillow ever do you to, Misaki-chan?" As for her going back to the hospital, he'd let Sensei handle that. The **** needed to earn his pay anyways. This was his team, and dealing with angry and defiant Misaki was above his pay grade. He watches her run off..again..without even bothering to tell them where she's going or what she's doing. He comments to Hiro. "I don't think she has any respect for us, sometimes. She just goes off and does as she pleases and be damned the consequences to anyone else." He screams, loudly, when Hiro applies the salve to his wound. "arch, you ****…you told me it wouldn't hurt!"

Hiroyasu calms says "If i told you it would hurt, why would you let someone hurt you. think about it." he says wiping off the excess with the end of the old bandage before rewrapping it with a new mint condition bandage from his kit. "It's apparent she does Respect anything Hiei, Her actions hurt us more than her, it's not like we can just heal our wounds in a matter of minutes.. She places too much emphasis on the wrong things. You know sensei is going to break our arms or legs right? he says pinning the bandage during the time she disappears. "Please do not, exert yourself. Your lucky you didn't rip or tear the wound. So close to your vitals that you could have bled out in a matter of minutes" he says wrapping up the old bandage and storing in a pouch to be disposed of later.

Misaki returns two minutes later, carrying a simple sack over her shoulder. When she arrives in the clearing she tries to smile. "Sorry.." She says… "For running off…" She places the sack down in front of the two of them and takes a deep breath. As if nothing happened today. "So, I made some extra money by doing work in our off hours. I helped around the village to safe up….. And when I went to buy my Neko-te.."

She reaches into the bag and takes out a small sheath. It isnt decorated, but it definetly has a blade in it. Its called a Wakizashi. She slides it out and shows the sheath to Hiro and Hiei. "It says, in red…: When you sacrifice your life, you must make fullest use of your weaponry. It is false not to do so, and to die with a weapon yet undrawn." She smiles and tries to hand it off to Hiei. "I bought it for you…" She tries to push out a smile.. "It just.. needed a bit of tempering so it took a few days. I would have gotten it earlier. I got word this morning that it was done.."

She urges the weapon towards Hiei. "It's made for a dual blade style of fighting. But it can also be used as a backup. It's quite versatile. And, you'll get a good chance to try Konoha steal. I didn't have a lot of money so it's not the best of the best. It's not decorated for one. But the balance is good… or so the shopkeeper told me.

And indeed, the balance is pretty good and the weapon is sharp. It isn't a masterpiece but certainly worthy of the title sword. She then reaches down into the sack, and smiles at Hiro. "Buying something for you was more difficult.." She explains, before pulling out a black.. box? "This is a… stamp.." She says quite simply, handing it to him. "You can use a knife to cut away in the stamp, and create your own shapes. Or well, you can make one. And then, you press it onto ink… and on a piece of paper. And that way you can really quickly make a lot of seals.." She urges him to take it and look at it. "I hope you like it, it was difficult finding something.." She tries to smile again.

"I… worked really hard to afford this.. and am a little broke, so will need to see how I work out those pillows. The mister at the shop gave me a discount because I bought it as a gift.." She smiles at both of them. "Sorry for being such a nuisance… I'll try to improve! This is my… sorry and .. thank you gift…" She bows her head and frankly expects to be scolded at. She hasn't given anyone a gift before… especially not just because… or, to make up for something. So she's nervous and blushing.

Hiei works to control his breathing after screaming. He eyes Hiroyasu for a minute. "While I can't argue with that, Hiro, I'm still kinda mad at you for telling me that it wouldn't hurt." He looks over as Misaki shows back up bearing gifts. He reaches down to put his shirt back on, and then the rest of his gear, including his belt and his sword. He raises a white brow casually as he takes the blade from her. He pulls it halfway out of it's sheath so he could inspect it closer. He offers her a smile. "Thank you, Misaki-chan. It's a nice and thoughtful gift." He murmurs, "Konoha steel, huh?" For the moment, he would slot it next to his other sword. He hasn't decided whether he would actually use it, or perhaps put it in his room when he returns to Kumo. He runs a hand over his face as the pain in his abdomen begins to subside a little. "You really shouldn't have gotten this for me. While I'm very honored, it wasn't necessary." He turns to face her. "I care for you deeply..I think you know that. But at the same time you make me very angry with how you treat things. The mission we helped Nori-san out on. The way you completely disregarded what we were planning to go down and 'take care' of things. Even when I stepped in to stop that guy from kicking you in the head, you were ungrateful for my help. It feels like you actively do things to place yourself in harm's way as an excuse to all wild and violent, being belligerent towards Sensei. Do you realize the more you **** him off, the worse things are for Hiro and myself? Sensei believes that a team fails and triumphs together. If one of us gets into trouble, /all/ of us pay for it. You are a shinobi. You're supposed to be a professional." He stands up and dusts himself off. "Whether you listen to me now, or choose to ignore me, this is the last time I will ever say anything like this again."

Hiroyasu accepts his gift graciously and bows in respect as proper etiquette would dictate, "I accept your gift happily, but it was also not nessecary. Please do not trouble yourself in the future." he brings his hands into a prayer steeple and bows again before sliding the stamp into an empty pouch, of which he has many now that he has forgone his arsenal of metal for paper. He cleans up about the area, mostly making himself scarce while Hiei and Misaki deal with their lovers' issues. He pulls out the old bandage and attempts to bandage a tree. "You poor thing, such a terrible injustice" he says in his usual bed side manner.

Misaki looks at both of them. "No.. no I had to make it up to you. And I understand. But please, I'm trying really hard! It's just so difficult!" She curses how difficult she finds this all. Staring at the ground. "It feels like I'm trapped and I can't get out!" She doesn't exclude Hiro, talking loud enough for him to hear… Lovers issues come later. This was a team sisue

Hiei shrugs. "I don't see what's so difficult. You treat other people with respect. When Sensei gives you an order, you follow it. Instead of going off and doing things on your own, you stick with the team. I don't understand how feeling trapped factors into this. These are things a first year academy student could do."

Hiroyasu says "You don't need to shout, I can hear you just fine." tying off the bandage before looking at it intently "Makes your trunk look fat" he says rubbing his chin for a moment. "You don't know difficult, not truly. Your problems only seem large in your mind because you don't considered everyone else as we do. before idly picking up some moss "Green is definitely your color" he says trying to stick it onto the trunk of the tree."

Misaki giggles as Hiro goes about his antics. Not sure if he tries to cheer her up or… just… is himself. "Okay.." She just concludes, taking what he says for granted, looking at Hiei. "It's harder than that… trust me.." She gazes away and grabs her stomach. Half wanting to tell them what's also the issue… And her other half screaming for her not to!

Hiei walks over to tap Misaki on the temple. "Only up here. You are your own worst enemy." She probably didn't realize that her reluctance to trust is the reason why she's in so much mental anguish. Some things were just not meant to be bottled up. He walks over to Hiroyasu and extends his hand, feeling the top of his bald head. "Hmm. No fever." He peers at him for a long moment. He never could tell when Hiro was being funny on purpose, or just being eccentric Hiro. Maybe being smart was a fine line from being insane.

Hiroyasu says "/It's always harder than you know/, people use that line when they think their problems are somehow greater than others. I explained to Hiei once that despite people's protesting, They are simple little fragile things wrapped in a shroud of delusions. I'm special, I'm unique, what I know or see or feel no one else can understand because /I/ experienced it. Except that everyone else has eyes, ears, hands, hearts, minds, and perhaps even a soul. Nothing is so unique that it's beyond understanding." He adjusts the bandage belt and moss skirt on the tree trunk, "The other tree's are just jealous. Don't listen to them, you are beautiful." he says stroking the trunk, he eyes Hiei's hands but makes no attempt to rebuff him.

Nori comes walking into the clearing. He stops as the spots everyone and blinks. "I really need to check my sensing technique. It keeps drawing me towards you guys I think. I thought I had a skill for sensing chakra, not a kumogakure shinobi magnet." He chuckles and looks around. "What all is going on?" Nori spots Hiei's hand on Hiroyasu and raises an eyebrow, "Feeling sick?"
As Hiroyasu goes into his little rant, Nori smiles, "But the individual is unique. What we experience might be shared and common to all, but we are all still different and special. Otherwise, why wouldn't I just kill you since you are so similar to me? In fact, you even talk to trees like I do." Yup, he does. It is even in his BG…

Misaki gazes at the group and sighs. "If only it were so simple.." She says, even when tapped on the head. "I think it's more like.. down here.." She points at her stomach… "And here.." And then her heart.. "My brain plays a suprisingly small role. She chuckles at the group, and … to her.. she's speaking the truth. She's far from over her trust issues. But baby steps.. lets just hope Hiei doesn't mean it when he says last time…

Hiei peers at Hiro once again after his great logical speech. And then the decent back into madness when he continues talking to the tree. Removing his hand from Hiro's head, he smiles when Nori comes in. "Hey, hey. Nori-san." He offers the other shinobi what has now become his customary greeting for him. A high-five. "How did the interrogations go with those guys from the cave the other day?" He looks over at Misaki but he doesn't say anything. He had already said as much as he was going to say. Instead, he draws some shruiken from his belt and beings to toss them at a nearby tree. Mostly for lack of anything else to do. What else he's got to say to Misaki would need to be spoken in private.

Hiroyasu looks up from what he's doing "It's a philosophical debate, so there are no right or wrong. And your welcome to do it, but I will have to pencil you in.. because Sensei has me booked for eternal torture, I can squeeze you in between old age and natural causes. It's a tuesday, I think" he rubs his chin. "Yeah it's a tuesday." before looking at Misaki quixocally before looking to Hiei then back to Misaki "I'm not going waste breath, on it. Maybe it will strike you funny one day and enlightenment will follow." Before turning to look a Nori "You talk to tree's? How strange" before nodding with Hiei "Yes, yes.. The Mission" his voice going from happy hiro to stonewall bad**** of the 9th dimension (tm) hiro.

Nori gives Hiei another hi-five. Apparently that is their go-to greeting now. "Oh, I am assuming they went well. I don't really do the interrogations yet, but as soon as I've been made into a Chuunin, I fully expect that I'll be made a part of the Intelligence division and unleashed upon people like that." He chuckles.
Nori studies Misaki for a bit and asks, "You doing okay there Misaki-san? You seemed…a little off earlier?" Nori doesn't go into the details as to why exactly. And then he turns to Hiroyasu, "I talk to the spirits within the trees. I could show you them at some point…" He smiles at that little bit, as if there is some hidden joke there.

Misaki looks at Nori. "Me? Off? When?" Her dress is covered in blood but she seems to just ignore that. Or block it out. "You only just arrived, I'm fine!" She says a little annoyed. "Why is everyone behaving like I set off a bomb or something!" She crosses her arms a little annoyed. Looking between Hiei, Hiro and Nori. "Tree spirits?" She asks curiously. ~ No such things.. ~ Matatabi firmly notes. .. You atheist… she thinks back. Before looking at the tree curiously. Then she diverts her gaze at Nori. So you're the only one? ~ Yes… ~ She pokes the tree and then looks at Nori. "I don't think there's spirits in here.."

Hiei walks over to the tree to retrieve his shruiken. If there were tree spirits, he just killed them. He looks over at Nori. "I think that'd be awesome for you. That mental thing you did would be perfect for interrogation. But as always, Nori-san, if you need the assistance of the Kumo nin, you need only ask." He shifts his gaze between Nori and Misaki before saying. "Then maybe you can shed some light on this, Nori-san. Misaki-chan came into my hospital room covered in blood and acting like she had seen a ghost or something. Even now, her dress is bloody though she acts like it's not." He spreads his arms slightly. "We really need to know what happened so we can help her deal with it. I've already spent the last few hours dealing with her latest melt-down."

Hiroyasu pokes the tree trunk "Spirits…" before eyeing it carefully, "Yes, an explanation is probably needed, normally I'd analyze the situation but it's difficult due to external difficulties." Before looking between them all, this was much too serious to his liking, much too serious indeed.

Nori smiles at Misaki and winks, "Like I said, perhaps some day I'll show them to you. I can summon them. Them, as well as the ancestor spirits, if they are around." Nori looks back to Hiei, "Don't worry, Hiei-san, the tree spirits won't die from a little needle prick of a shuriken." He chuckles.
Nori then goes deathly quiet. "It is not my place to say what happened. When she is ready, she will tell you herself." He bows and then says, "Gomenesaigozaimasu (a really formal apology)." Nori unbows and looks to Hiroyasu with a frown. He then eyes Misaki.

Misaki now looks at Nori, utterly confused. "Wait.. something happened!?" She seems to ignore the comment on her bloody gown. "WHAT HAPPENED NORI!?" She's the one asking now.. firmly, even a little angry. ~ Misaki-kun, tone… ~ Misaki sighs… "Sorry, what happened Nori?"

Hiei replies. "I don't care who's place it is. Nori-san, you have to help me, help her. She doesn't remember, it's obvious that she blocked it out of her already fragile mind. I can't keep dealing with her meltdowns every time something happens. First the Uchiha village, and now this. I'm a freaking shinobi, not a miracle worker or a councelor. Either we get this all out into the open right now, or I'm walking. Because I..CANNOT do this anymore. It's destroying the team dynamic and I'm tired of Sensei looking to me to keep a lid on it." Hiei pretty much comes off as an exasperated thirteen year old. He brings a hand to his head and closes his eyes, his knees wobbling slightly as he places a hand against the trunk of a tree, as if holding himself up.

Hiroyasu nods "Hiei, don't be rude to either of them. While I agree with you it is no excuse for rudeness." before bows to Nori "forgive forgive, he is not used to this stress, with his wounds and loss of blood. He is easily offensive. " he bows his head again before turning to Hiei and handing him a small canteen he keeps "A cool drink, will calm your nerves. Take a moment, take a deep breath." he points to his chest "Are you feeling any tingling or warmth?" he asks doing his duty as a medic first.

Nori errs as Misaki is the one to ask what the heck is going on, "Oh, eh, well then. If that is the case. Misaki-san killed a guy today in what was sort of cold blood. The guy had surrendered and I told her to do with him as she would since she gave him the chance to surrender first. He surrendered and Misaki killed him by shoving her claw-glove-thing into his throat. After that she went silent to the world for a bit and then was sort of dead to the world but moving." Nori shrugs. Nori shrugs to Hiei after he's said that and then asks, "Is there something wrong with her?" It is an inquisitive question more than a worried question. "I mean, she took a hit today and it healed immediately. Just odd…" He shakes his head. Nori smiles to Hiro, "It's fine."

Misaki looks at Nori when he explains. "I… didn't!" She urges, shaking her head. "No I didn't! I was… I was…." She closes her eyes, and suddenly it hits her. It hits her hard enough for her to fall onto her bum. "Oof.." She says, while the images snap back into her mind… "Oh…" She blinks a few times, but manages to take it… A tear rolling down her cheek… "B…but why!" She says with trembling lips, throwing Nori an accusatory glare. "Why didn't you stop me!?"

Hiei takes the water from Hiro and leans against the tree. When he's asked if his chest has a warm feeling, he nods. "Yeah. Tingling and warmth." He drinks the water and takes a few deep breaths. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to raise my voice." He looks over at Nori when he says that Misaki murdered someone in cold blood. Then he looks back over at Misaki and frowns. "Why didn't he stop you? What are you, six? You're responsible for your own actions. You should have stopped yourself." He hands Hiroyasu back his water before turning to leave in the direction of the hospital. "Take responsibility for your own actions.." Hiei is in pain, he's upset, and pretty surly at the moment. He was going back to his hospital room, get some food and drink and sleep until the pain went away. "Thanks, Hiro." He says as he continues to walk.

Hiroyasu clears his throat and raise a finger in protest "Because he is not your keeper. As Hiei eluded too." before turning to Hiei "Please tell them that your are experiencing those sensations, you need a light antibiotic!" he shouts before turning back to Nori "Her actions have painted us poorly, please forgive us. I know that your mission may have been affected by her and If there is anything I can do to remedy it. I shall not hesitate" he bows his head in a mighty fury.

Nori shakes his head, "I didn't have time. You went from zero to a thousand in like, half a second." He eyes the others, "Besides, its not like the life of a shinobi is without killing. And, to be fair, he did say he was going to kill you if he won, so I thought you were just doing to him what he would have done to you." Nori nods to Hiei too, "That is still not an excuse. If I had the option of holding her back, I might have considered it…but truth be told…the guy didn't need to be kept alive for the mission's sake, so I wasn't too worried about it." He does seem to note that no one answers his other question about if there is something different about her. Nori bows again to Hiroyasu, "It is okay. She will learn in time." Nori is only like, 11…and he talks like he's 40. Odd, odd, little boy.

Nori actually bows and states, "Actually, I was just passing through. I am needed in the village." And with that he runs off.

Misaki sighs and gets up. "Thank you… Hiro… Nori.." She walks away a bit abscent mindedly. Giving the illusion she's headed for the hospital. Instead, she's going to the zen gardens…. to sleep, she's exausted and know she'll fall down any minute now.. better do it somewhere peaceful.

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