Team Ogosokamaru: The Princess and the Blade Pt. 1


Hiei, Misaki, Kayaru, Hiroyasu

Date: May 18, 2013


Team Ogo Plus Kayaru, are tasked to escort a member of Damiyo's family while they visit. It starts off in typical team ogo fashion with near failure!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team Ogosokamaru: The Princess and the Blade Pt. 1"

Land of Fire - Fire Ferry Docks

The elders of Kumogakure are surely having their hands full of late. Without a Raikage to actively take control of Kumogakure, people see a weakness in the military power. Foolish, but assumptions tend to be. As such, the assassins have been hitting the lightning Daimyo's defenses. With his request, there has been a transfer of some nin to help defend him, however, there has to be a way to stop it.

The family of the Daimyo got scattered to different locations. Sent via boat in a long about route, the cousin of the Daimyo was sent to the Land of Fire. A group of Kumo nin, already dealing with some internal affairs got assigned to deal with it. Specifically, Kayaru got told to grab the kumo nin that were ambassadors to Konoha and weren't dead and guard the cousin. It was actually a plot.. bait to lure out the assassins to try and end the issue by finding the source. However.. only Kayaru was to know that. So it was, at Konoha's gate, the 3 genin under Ogo's team got a missive stating that Kayaru is leading them on a mission, they had 5 minutes to prepare and show up at the gate.

Hiei was standing on the balcony of his dwelling, there are paints and a canvas in front of him. Looking out at the horizon, he is indulging himself in one of his guilty pleasures. As he strokes the canvas with the brush, a message arrives for him from Kayaru. After reading it, he sighs lightly and begins to get his gear together. Within five minutes, he's standing at the front gate clad in his traveling cloak. He runs a hand through his white hair and looks around for his teammates.

Hiroyasu was lazying about in the branches of a large tree, he enjoyed the outdoors, his boulder resting at it's trunk. There is the song of wings flapping, and a call which wake him from his daze. He whistles and a swoop of wings breaks through the canopy, carrying the message to gather. He adjusts his headband which he had been using a light block, and leaps out of the tree making short work of equipping his rocky friend and running off to join his party at the gate.

Misaki was found sitting at the gates, completely dressed up it seems, ready to go. She got the message and didn't even bother checking her equipment. Effectively, she forgot her kunai. But she doesn't know that.. so she's innocently relaxing by the gates, waiting on the next instructions.

Kayaru studied them when they showed up in their 'ready' gear. Eying the boulder, he'd start to say something, pause, then shake his head. "Alright. We're assigned body guard duty. The cousin of the lightning Daimyo is here for three days. We're to meet her at the peer, guard her around the clock, then make sure she gets on the boat and leaves as safely as she came here." Kayaru would pause a moment, gathering his thoughts. "We're in use because they don't see a high potential of an attempt on her here. That does not mean it can't happen. With the assassination attempts in the Land of Lightning, we will need to be on high alert." Kayaru would frown, looking at each of them. "Understood?" Enough time given for a response to be given by each, he'd turn and start walking down the road for the port. "We have 3 hours until she arrives. It's a 2 hour trip, let's go."

Hiei listens as Kayaru outlines the mission for them. Once he's finished explaining, he nods. "Understood." And follows along without any other questions. So they got this assignment because Kumo figured that the chances of her getting attacked here was low. How refreshing..underestimated again. It doesn't sit right with Hiei, but a mission was a mission, and at least the elders of Kumo remembered that they were actually here. Looked like it was going to be another one of those boring assignments.

Hiroyasu nods "Understood, standard dignitary escort." repeating the mission in concise words. Before looking at Hiei and Misaki "This also means we have be on our best behavior as a slight against the Daimyo's family is a slight against him.. understand" he says the last part with rising tone somewhat sing-song and condescending, they were barbarians after all. "Right Hiei, Right Niisan?" he adds again as he walks along with them.

Kayaru would shift his bokken a little on his belt, bringing that katana hilt to the fore. His hand resting on it casually, Kayaru set a brisk pace, although nothing akin to what Ogo might push them at. There was no running, or exercises, or anything like that. Instead it was just a relatively quiet and straight forward trip. As they'd get closer to the port town, Kayaru became a little more anxious. With the potential of assassins who are dissidents against Kumo and the land of lightning in general, it was hard to keep track of quite so many people around them. His face furrowed into a tight frown as he'd make his way for the docks. Hopefully this use of the genin would show those whom threaten their home land they can't beat even the lowest ranked member of Kumo.

Hiei punches Hiroyasu in the arm. Hard. "Baka. Like I don't know that already. Misaki is the one with the temper and is also notorious for threatening to kill people on a whim. I at least know how to treat people." He cuts his eyes over at Misaki and then smirks faintly. "I'm just wondering how old she is, and if she's cute."

Hiroyasu shakes his arm "You can show your disdain in ways other than hurting my arm. Yotsuki-sama. What if I can't use Seals now? Before an important mission because you couldn't contain yourself" rubbing it gently before looking over to Misaki "I'm sure she will be spectacle of manner and poise" before thinking about it "Good, questions.. Maybe I should make sure I look my best" he licks his thumb and rubs his eyebrows.

Kayaru blinks, glancing back at the two as they'd start.. primping themselves. Really? "Really?" Yes, it did cause him to ask. Shaking his head, Kayaru would look around a moment, before looking back at Hiei and Hiroyasu once more. "We're here as guards. Not courtiers. Our attention should be out, not inward. Plus this is Kumogakure giving their best step forward in a hard situation. You're representing our village. Act it." With one last glare, he'd turn back and finish leading that way to the dock. They'd get there in time to see a commotion start on one of the dock piers. It seems a boat was there early and it was causing issues in the dock master's schedule. A closer look would show the royal seal of the Land of Lightning Daimyo on the boat. "We were too slow." Kayaru would head that direction, going on alert as the argument between dock master and captain got more heated.

Hiei comments to Hiro. "I didn't break it. Suck it up." He then raises a brow towards Kayaru. "We are putting our best step forward. We don't want to meet the Daimyo's cousin looking like vagabonds, Sempai. That would look bad on not only shinobi in general, but Kumo shinobi." As he talks, he makes sure his hair is as spiky as it always is. When he hears the arguing, he walks towards that way as well with his arms behind his head, looking all casual with a cocky grin on his face. It was time to play his part.

Hiroyasu says "Not to mention, that we are mostly being watched by several parties. Our nonchalant behavior acts to insulate our true intentions from prying eyes. Standard misdirection" he cups his hands over to Hiei and whispers "But if she's hot, I call first dibs" completely blowing away the seriousness of his first statement. "Or the boat is early, we should have left earlier to compensate for this." pushing the glasses up on his nose.

Misaki was walking along the group, keeping surprisingly silent for her own doing. When Hiei asks if she's cute she frowns… guess she deserves it. She baps Hiei on the stomach. "Go wonder that in your own time!" She hisses, looking at Kayaru. "Nanda?" She asks 'why'… "Why do we have to protect some royalty. Can't they protect themselves? What's the harm in getting some self defense lessons.. I think this is stupid." She sighs and crosses her arms. She wasn't aware of the assassins or the ploy or anything else. She simply wasn't listening. "I wanted to go to the hot springs today! And you ruined it!" When they reach the docks she blinks… "Oh great she owns a boat.." She crosses her arms and lets the rest run ahead… royalties.. authority.. really, could all go jump into the sea for all she cares.

When Hiro calls dibs she grins. Ignoring his comment on leaving earlier. "Or royalties should stop acting like they rule the world!"

Kayaru sighs. "I'm surprised he hasn't killed them yet.." Half said, half muttered, Kayaru would stride up to where the two men were arguing. Looking between them, he'd ponder for a moment. "Hiei-san. Hiroyasu-san. Check the boat for assassins. start at the bottom." He'd glance at them with the order, then look over to Misaki. "Misaki-san. Go to the royal quarters, assess the delegate’s status and get her top side with necessary materials for a 3 day stay." Kayaru's arms would cross as the dock master would try to involve him in the argument of why they couldn't debark yet, the chuunin quickly winding that argument along in their favor with curt words.

Hiei smirks faintly as Hiro explains to Kayaru why sometimes their antics seem comical or inappropriate. The two Kumo nin were masters in the art of misdirection. He doesn't react to Misaki's hit to his gut. In fact she'd find that striking him there was similar to hitting concrete. Thanks to Atsuro's training regiment, Hiei's physique was much larger and more defined. And he's grown three inches since coming to Konoha. When Kayaru issues his orders, Hiei nods once. "Hai." He smiles at Misaki. "They're royalty. They -do- rule the land." Leaping high, he lands on the deck of the boat, and once Hiroyasu joins him, he would head below deck. His demeanor has already changed now that a clear path has been set before him. He's much more cautious, his eyes searching for anything out of the ordinary as he moves.

Hiroyasu doesn't waste the energy in a fancy leap, he uses the gang plank like a normal person. "I thought we decided she got a leash on missions?" to Hiei before disappearing down below to search the lower decks for miscreants. "Niisan better not make us into fools, we will be cleaning up after mountain goats on mountain trails for the rest of our career if she continues.." he mutters to himself, before going full hiro mode and analyzing the environment for information.

Misaki slowly strolls up, mainly keeping her eyes on the docks. "Stupid royalties with their stupid boats!" She sighs and looks through the crowds, keeping one eye focused on the boat. She's simply ignoring Kayaru's order. Waltzing over the docks like nobody's business!

Kayaru would break off the argument as he'd notice that Misaki was wandering the dock instead of doing what was said. A small nod asking to be pardon from the two men, that bokken would get grabbed in that flash of movement. They may have a slug it out later, but for now, that shot was aimed right for Misaki's rear in one heck of a paddling by the wooden blade. "I said, Get on the boat and check the status of the dignitary. Now." Glaring at her, the bokken was already sheathed and that katana blade's hilt was grasped as he'd wait. Either she'd blow up or she'd listen, but he wasn't going to deal with her not behaving when on the mission it seems.

Hiei and Hiroyasu would get to the bottom of the boat to find there wasn't much there, most of the cargo was still in place due to the issue with the dock master, making it hard for anyone to easily hide. As they cleared the bottom of the boat and went for the next floor, Hiroyasu would spot something.. A further investigation would reveal it to be a summoning jutsu seal that looks to have been set off. There wasn't anything around that seemed to have come from it, however both of them would notice that something seemed to be rocking the boat a bit more. If they have any experience at sea, it'd feel almost like a melee was going on somewhere.

Hiei frowns as he moves throughout the bowels of the ship. He keeps looking around, but he's not finding anything it seems. He moves from the cargo area, up to the next floor. He doesn't see the jutsu seal, but he does feel the increased rocking of the boat. He bends his knees slightly to keep his balance while holding his arms out to the side. "Feel that?" He whispers out loud.

Hiroyasu's first inclination was to shout for Hiei, but it occurs to him not to alarm who and what it was that had been summoned, he moves up to the next floor and looking out for anything out of the usual along the way he meets up with Hiei, cupping his hand he whispers into his ear "There was a hidden summoning jutsu, it looks like it has been used. We need to move quickly, I hope that niisan has secured the dignitary the plot may already be in motion. We Need to move quickly to find the threat!" before breaking from Hiei and continuing their quick ascent and search, pulling out several seals and keeping them pressed between his fingers, in preparation.

Misaki looks at that blade coming down at her, hopping up high while trying to dodge it…. before coming down. If she got hit she would rub her rump, before strolling to the ship… "Nobody to guard the docks.." She hisses at him, as if that was her plan all along! She sighs and walks into the ship, on her way to where the other two are. "What's… where's the princess?" She asks, looking around to where Hiei and Hiro is. Though… not really quiet about things.

Shaking his head, Kayaru would return to the argument, finally getting the dock master to agree to let them port early.. 10 minutes early! Well.. it was a long argument. He'd start for the ship as he'd finally note the extra rocking as well. Hiro and Hiei would of course run into Misaki coming down below decks, the royal quarters being next to the captain's quarters on the top deck had Kayaru heading that way. "I really hope those three aren't the ones rocking the boat." They wouldn't find anything else blow the decks, leading to just the upper deck front storage, captains quarters and the royal chambers. There was a surprising lack of sailors on board too, for the captain arguing about trying to get docked, where was the crew waiting to do the actual docking of the ship?

Hiei is still working his way up. He nods at the information provided by Hiroyasu. "Odds are, whatever was summoned is probably attempting to get the girl. We need to get up to her quarters now." He begins moving at a light trot, still taking in his surroundings as he goes. When he meets up with Misaki, he comments. "Miso, what are you doing down here? You're supposed to be above deck checking on the girl." He waves a hand. "Nevermind. Hiro and I are heading up there now. Come on." He brushes past her and then pauses to get his balance again. "We're in port. What the edge is rocking this boat so much?"

Hiroyasu says "Hiei, I haven't found anything down here. Lets move to the upper deck. Also where are the sailors?" before he sees something that he shouldn't "NIISAN, By the goat-ogre what are you doing down here!? Hiei, I am not kidding about the leash anymore.." before turning on a dime and running up the upper deck, if Misaki had not secured the escort than this mission has failed before it began, the angry in his face was no secret as his entire face is beet red, the veins throbbing out of his forehead.

"I'm here aren’t I?!" Misaki growls at Hiro, rushing up the stairs and past him, disappearing into one of the many hallways while she now works at her top speed. He wanted her to be involved.. well here she is. "OH MISS ROYALTY!" She says *BANG* Her shoulder used to barge a door open. "Your babysitter's here!" She yells out of the top of her lungs. Clearly not aware that something is…awry!

Misaki would burst into the room of a girl, about her age, trying to fend off 3 older men with katanas. The girl had a kunai and seemed to be doing well enough on her own, but the men had reach and were pressing their advantage. All 4 looked at the door in surprise. One of the men turned to face Misaki as the other two tried to press the attack harder. "'et outta 'ere girlie! ain't none no how yer concern!" The other two would show up just in time to see the girl being attacked launch her kunai at the throat of one of the men, disarming her, killing him…. yes, she was hot too.

Hiei is only a step behind Misaki. His eyes quickly survey the scene and then he comes up with a tactical move. "Get down." His hands begin forming seals as he comments, "Get her out of here, we can fight them better on the deck!" Manipulating his chakra, he says, "Ninja Art: Lightning Needles!" As the needles form around his body, he would use the technique as an area of effect, attacking the two remaining men. He would roll out of the way so he's not in the way of Hiro.

Hiroyasu not being the mainline fighter would run to the VIP, "Come with me, If you want to live!" before reaching out his spare hand while his other was filled with seals between his fingers. "Misaki, Hiei.. we need someone to interrogate so try to leave them in a largest enough piece to question." before he tries to escort the princess out of the closed in area, he would however seal the door with seal barrier if he can get out and have the time to do it properly.

Misaki did actually mesh with with Hiei fighting wise, so when he tells her to get down she does… grabbing a set of shuriken and tossing them at the calves of the assailants after Hiei's attack has made its impact. Making sure to throw well out of the way of the princess…. She then gets up and rushes up, knowing the princess is unarmed, crossing her arms in front of her chest while jumping up, aiming back back onto the princess to push her into a corner while her body presses against her to pin her there and take any possible impact. Using her nekote to try and block their weapons should they decide to use them. By doing this she goes straight through Hiro should he remain in the way. There's still assailants around so she made a split second decision.

While Misaki would attempt to get ahead of Hiro to body check the princess, due to her throw first, which helped to get the men to clear space from the princess, Hiro got in to help her out. She’d humph at him, promptly attempt to steal one of his kunai and go after one of the attackers. "You all are late." Would be her cold response, pressing the advantage the lightning needles and shuriken presented by harrowing one of the men with the katana further. The other got annoyed at the kids throwing stuff at him and would go after Misaki, going to thwack her solidly with that katana as she tried to go past before taking off after Hiei at the door to deal with his lightning needles. "come 'ere ya lil.." the growl trailed off into garbled slang that if they spoke sailor would probably translate into a litany of curses. The men were surprised, but they were recovering and starting to press that attack back on the genin.

Hiei backs out of the doorway, taunting the man running for him before he stops backpedaling and darts forwards, attempting to drive his elbow towards his gut. He aims a palm strike towards his thigh, using the soul-strike technique. His goal is to shatter the bone in his thigh. He was pretty sure Misaki and their 'charge' were going to kill the last man. Heeding Hiro's suggestion, he only wanted to incapacitate this one so he can be questioned later. He tops off his combo by aiming a spinning back kick towards his gut. "You should never have come here." He comments in a cold voice.

Hiroyasu, it seems in the throws of having to deal with another firebrand as if they needed 2, he throws one of his seals at the man that Hiei had attempted to down he brings his hands together and says "Capture Barrier!" activating the seal in it's capture form, sealing the man they wished to interrogate safely inside. Before releasing two seals which burst into blue flame and fly through the air like kunai at one of the remaining targets. "she won't cooperate, so prepare for active shifts in strategy.. Hiei" he says before going to replace his empty fingers with paper seals.

Misaki grins, her nails striking out of her nekote while she goes straight at the assailant! She ducks and weaves under his blade, aiming some nasty stabs at his gut. She ignored keeping them alive, her stabs were aimed to kill… good thing Hiei was listening to Hiei. Her eyes follow Hiei's attacks, dodging them to allow them to hit, following up by a limber roundhouse kick at the man's chin. "NEXT!" She hisses….

It was intense.. but brief. The two girls did indeed finish off the one assassin, a single cut managing to strike Misaki in their flurry of blows. The other man, busted thigh causing him to lose that attempt at fighting, would be caught by the capture seal. Leaving the one whimpering in the seal as Kayaru would show up. He'd look at the others, the princess who seemed quite proud of the fact that she killed two of them and the captured assassin. A small nod was given then. "Alright. Let's get her into the hotel. They're going to unload the ship and try to find the crew." He'd glance at the men, before looking to the others with a small nod. "Good job." With that, he'd grab the man held in the seal barrier, throw him over a shoulder and walk back for the main deck. Seems the genin weren't so bad after all.

Hiei visibly relaxes once Hiro's barrier forms around the thug he was fighting. He glances around, checking the status of Misaki and the princess. Seeing that they have everything else under control, he offers Hiro a thumbs up sign before pulling his cloak around his body again. He pulls the hood up as he smirks towards Hiroyasu. "Hey, Hiro. She -is- cute." When Kayaru offers them words of praise, he looks confused. Ogo never does that. Shrugging slightly, he follows him towards the docks.

Hiroyasu pauses for a moment about to render the usual apology that was needed at the end of their missions but when met with praise, he is dumbfounded. "thank you, Kayaru-sempai." before taking a moment to survey the scene, it looked look like a team ogo battlefield, wanton destruction, ignorance spilled everywhere over everything. "Let's hope an interrogation team can reveal important details from the prisoner. Excellent work Hiei, on giving us a possible source." to Misaki however his looks is of contempt and bitter hatred before turning to join the rank and file heading to the hotel.

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