Team Ogosokamaru: Trolling on a mission!


Misaki, Hiei, Hiroyasu

Date: May 5, 2013


Team Ogosokamaru is tasked to visit a farm in the Land of Fire to figure out what is eating the farmer's livestock. They are expecting to run into a wolf or other predatory animal. However, what they find is not exactly what they're expecting.

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team Ogosokamaru: Trolling on a mission!"

A Farm in the Land of Fire

An Uzumaki Chuunin can be found accompanied by Misaki. "Come on team, I got us a mission!" She says a bit bouncy, following the sighing Chuunin. "I can't believe they're still giving me D-ranks.." He muses, happy he could play it down to the Kumo nin. "Now I'm a glorified babysitter, but better than being a glorified farm-hand.." He sighs and turns around for the team to join round. "Alright.. mission is simple. You'll be camping out between cows and sheep… there's something eating them. So when it does… you wake up, and kill it… simple right? It's probably another wolf of something.." He yawns and is already dreaming of the nice warm tent he'll set up nearby. He'll let those Kumo genin handle it…

Hiei was just hanging around, not really doing anything productive. In fact, he was bored, mind-numbingly so. So when Misaki shows up talking about a mission, he's the first one to jump on the bandwagon. "Yosh! I'm in." He looks at the Leaf Chuunin and shakes his head. "We're not babies. So you're not babysitting. You're escorting foreign shinobi in your land. Nothing to complain about..sempai." He adds. Making sure he's properly geared up, he comments. "A wolf, huh? This should be easy. I wish they'd trust us with more important missions. My skills get rusty without a worthy opponent."

Hiroyasu siting on his boulder, taking the idle time to scribe more seals, he looks up when he draws the final chakra sealing symbol. "Mission?" if his ears could perk they would but alas they do not "Alright, I am more than satisfied to assist the farmers, they are the backbone of every village." he says leaping up off his boulder placing his sealing kit; brush pen, ink, paper back into the boulder, then hoisting it back on his back. "Ready!" he says with a smile and a waggle of his brow.

Misaki hobbles along next to the leaf Chuunin. Throwing Hiei and Hiro a brief glare. "Be glad I got it.." she hums to herself while the Uzumaki grunts. "D-rank missions.. soooo below me." He whiffs his red hair out of the way with an idle blow. His Uzumaki symbol at the back of his vest. "Lets go then!" He remarks before speeding off, Misaki trailing directly behind him.
A good ten minutes later they arrive at the farm. And while the Uzumaki goes to talking with the farmer he points them to the barn and fields outside. "There's the animals… go find a place to camp and handle it.."… There's already a carcass somewhere.. which seems to be dragged to he corner of the simple wooden fence, before having been eaten from and being left to rot.

Hiei smiles at Misaki. "I am glad. Sorry, if I seem ungrateful, I'm not." But he did want something that he could sink his teeth into. Picking up trash, cleaning up farms, watching animals, finding lost kittens, he was sick of it all. He didn't become a shinobi to do the bridge work that most people didn't want to do themselves. Once they arrive at the site, he turns to the Play-maker, aka Hiroyasu. He glances at Misaki before looking at Hiro. "Alright, so how do we want to play this. Set a trap and hope we get lucky, or stand watch and alert one another when something happens? Or both."

Hiroyasu shakes his head "We gather evidence, survey the area, so that we can take advantage of our environment. We need to know the idea place to camp, a secondary regrouping point, and anything which might assist us. I smell a corpse, if it was done by this wolf. I can examine it for clues, since I’m sure you don't want to go elbow deep into a rotting corpse, yotsuki-sama" he chides digging around in his pouches for some gloves, he better have some..

Misaki looks at Hiei and then Hiro. "Why don't we just wait and kill whatever it is that comes up?" Oh she's so simple it's almost funny. She nods while Hiei says something slightly more sophisticated. But when Hiro comes up with a whole wash-list of stuff to do she just yawns. "It's just some wolf!" She says… before walking around with her hands behind her head. The farm looks very iconic under the setting sun. She looks at the corpse and then the other way. "Ugh that stinks.." She says, nodding while Hiro offers inspecting it… "Yea - you - best do that.."

Hiei, who has been working with Hiro a lot longer than Misaki, knows his ways. "We need to get the lay of the land so we're not bumbling around in the dark when this wolf really does show up. Also, there's no telling what direction it may approach in, so finding a relatively safe place to set up camp is also important, or we might get eaten in our sleep." He points towards the far side of the farm. "I'll start over there and work my way back to here. Then I'll brief you guys on the terrain in case we have to give chase over that way or something. I would suggest that Misaki start on the other side of the farm opposite from me and work until we meet up. That frees Hiro up to thoroughly examine the corpse, and take his time doing it." He raises a white brow towards his teammates, wondering if they're following the same line of logic that he is.

Hiroyasu says "Oh yes, let's just bumble around like idiots making our Sensei and Village look like incompetent barbarians.. or.. follow me here. We look like we know what we are doing and they might assign us to better missions when they see that we aren't just going to stand around day dreaming." before sliding a hand into a glove, then the other. "It's pretty bad, I don't think I can find much but we won't know until I try. I'm a field medic not a mortician" he says looking at the bloated corpse, looking his eyes first looking for clues, claw marks, tooth groves, stray teeth, weapon marks anything capable of being salvaged from the mess of flesh and decay.

Misaki nods and hops across the house, pretending to be paying attention to the lay of the land. In fact, she's already bored. ~ As a cat… I can say he's probably coming from there… ~ Somehow Misaki knew exactly what way to look. She hmms. "He's a wolf not a cat.." She says out loud now she's further away from the group. Matatabi just grunts.
Hiei is in for trouble! A little goat has taken a liking to the white haired boy. The thing walking up to him and rubbing its body up against his leg. Until suddenly he gets up and tries to chew on the bottom of Hiei's shirt…. and.. uh oh, it's mother is right there… and CHARGING!
Hiro gets a good look at the corpse. At first glance it just seems to be eaten out of its stomach… quite barbarically so like a wild animal would. The teeth marks are at closer inspection of an omnivore, not a carnivore like a wolf…. also, at a touch Hiro can quickly notice most of the things bones are broken. Like something smashed it around. Also… it's littered with maggots and flies already. And the stink is horrid!

Hiei uses a series of leaps to move over to the far side of the farm. He begins walking around the perimeter, taking note of the terrain, if there are any holes in the ground, or small hills that might trip one up if they're moving through the area at high speed. He feels the nudge against the back of his legs at first. And when he looks down at the little goat, he smiles and reaches down to pet it. "Hey there, little guy. can't eat my shirt. I need that." He chuckles, trying to gently get the goat to leave his shirt alone. And that's when he hears the sound of hooves from behind him. Even though he caught the movement out of the corner of his eye, his body is already in motion. He leaps high, spinning like a top until he hits the ground, legs apart and hand on the ground to balance him. "This must be your mother." He says while eying the goat. After facing the Goat-Ogre, these guys were nothing. "I wasn't hurting your baby. I promise!" He didn't know if it understood him or not.

Hiroyasu gathers all the information that he can with his limited toolkit of skills and training, looking around he can see that they are going what they should be, or at least making appearances of it. "I can't understand, how someone would want to do this for living.. Morticians are twisted" he says to himself trying to remove the gloves without getting anything on his hands. "How's it going guys!?" he asks.

The goat-mother seems satisfied with Hiei backing up. Slowly strutting off. Hiro however gets greeted by a cow three times his size. "MOOOOOOOOO"…. Right…. The cow just stares at him with those pinball eyes as if he's sucking out Hiro's soul. Misaki is laughing her club off, rolling around in the grass after seeing Hiei struggle with the goats. But she as well gets a lick in the face from a sheep. "IEEH!" She says, pushing the thing off of her and walking off. "God I - hate - farms!" She says… while looking at Hiro. "Do tell what you found?" She says, walking up to Hiei and giving him a nice sheep-tongue-tasting peck.

Hiei completes his task and ughs when Misaki gives him a sheep tasting peck. "Nasty." He frowns. "Well, after goat attack, I was able to find that the ground is pretty stable over there. It is a little warped in places, thanks to the cow prints, but you'd have to not be paying any attention at all for that to mess with your footing. I did find a small clearing with some trees that would be great for a camp. I do suggest we camp off the ground though." He frowns again. "Cow patties." He elbows Misaki playfully before looking back at Hiro. "What's the verdict, doc?"

Hiroyasu says "I found a cow, rather it found me. A Fine specimen of cowy-ness. And alive" using his amazing mind-blowing powers of observation and deduction. "Oh you, mean the dead one. A Little, If this was a wolf then it had to be massive. It takes a lot of force to pulverize bones like that more akin to crushing it with a boulder or hitting it with a war-hammer, the teeth marks seem to be less uniform, so it's probably eats all kinds of things plant and meat, but wolves eat anything they can find so.. Cause of Death is Inconclusive. " he says with a frown.

Misaki giggles at his little observation and just nods. "Camping out it is.." She says, while looking at the trees Hiei points out. "I could also just… not sleep?" Alas… as night passes Misaki is snoring against the a tree on a thick branch. Whomever was awake at the time… which wouldn't be Misaki.. would hear a crack before a sudden small herd of animals moving quickly. It was pitch black dark outside, so definitely hard to see. Until suddenly * BOOM, crack, whimper * something was going down in the farm… movement can be seen further down the grass field. Something was laying on the ground… probably a cow… and something else was… towering over it? From a distance it… looked humanoid.

Hiei is laying across a branch..he's supposed to be on watch, but his eyes were getting kind of heavy. He sighs a little and glances over at Misaki. How was he supposed to hear anything with that racket going on next to him? A loud racket is heard and he perks up. Squinting he tries to see what's going on, by this time his eyes have adjusted to the dark as best they could. Something was definitely out there, and it didn't look like a wolf. He shakes Hiro first and then Misaki. "Hey. I think I see something down there!"

Hiroyasu says "I'm awake… who could know.. /the excitement/" he says air quoting the last part to Hiei. "Lets go, you two upfront. Left/Right attack, we want to give it only 1 direction to flee.. A Trapped animal is dangerous so let's give an escape route even if we don't plan to let it go.. I'll cover the parties flank, use what you learned in the daytime. Night time hazards are harder to spot" he says leaping up and leaping off the tree, he would wait for them to do as instructed, maybe?, before doing his part, he pulls several seals in preparation.

Misaki flails when she is woken up. "I"M AWAY!" She says a little loud, before whispering: "I'm awake.." When Hiro runs his strategy she's still half asleep, though listening. "Charge it.. got it.." She says, before hopping off the tree… appears that she's about to take it head on… she yawns while flicking out her blades. "I don't know why you are… but - not - cool!" She says, while lashing out with her claws twice, trying to catch the big troll… with putrid green-brown skin, a large head with swellings and proportions way off… and a piece of cow in his mouth lifts his large moss-clad arm to block her claws.

Hiei nods at Hiro's strategy as he hops out of the tree to implement it. He runs alongside Misaki until they almost get to the troll, then he veers off to the side. He waits a second for her to attack first and move out of the strike zone before he leaps into the air, extending a leg towards it.

Hiroyasu shakes his head, he planned on her not following his suggestion, and it seems that Hiei did as well as he altered the plan.. accurately but still. "Why do I even try.. I need reassignment to a team better mentally equipped" he mutter to himself slightly irritated before bringing his palms together into a prayer steeple, with a stomp of his feet, the dirt quivers beneath him and the ground cries up tears of rock and gravel which form into sharp bullets which rest on his fingers, he breaks prayer steeple he flings his hands forward like chops and the earthen spheres launch from his fingertips with a small trail of blue chakra.

The beast turns his arm to block Misaki her strike which she curls around it, a flash of blood splatters as she caught it in the face… however, Hiei's kick was caught by its arm, and so were the bullets. "Ieuw.." She says, while widening her eyes… the troll also block Hiei's kick with his other arm, and then turns his body to deflect the bullets…
Misaki blinks while its arm comes down at her and sends her crashing across the grass, leaving an earth trail… Her face is bruised and her lips bleed…. she needs a moment to get rid of the daze… "Oniiii!" She grits between her teeth, looking at what the stone just grunt-smacked her.

The troll turns after having smacked Misaki, aiming a kick at Hiei's body, followed by a deep breath in before he spots some glob towards Hiro. It smells and looks to be slightly smoking! Not safe…

Hiei is surprised when his kick is blocked. Wolves don't block kicks, but Trolls do. When the massive thing kicks out at him in return, he leaps into the air, planting his hand on the things leg and catapulting himself upwards and over it's head while flipping. He lands on the ground behind it and reaches behind him, drawing his sword. "Yeah, definitely not a wolf. But we need to end this quickly." Turning around, he charge it again, but just before he reaches it, his body blurs from sight, to appear a few steps past the troll, having already made his attack, though it might not have been visible with the naked eye.

Hiroyasu is smacked right in the face with the toxic substance and his face begins to smolders and falls backwards before *boomfp* a cloud of smoke swirls into the night air, craft one that baldy. "Yes, I can say without a doubt, it not a wolf Hiei!" before sending a double volley of earth shaped bullets from his new position, still covering the rear flank of the party.

Misaki gets up to see what's going on, and the troll is in trouble. Not only does Hiei cut him up pretty bad. Hiro soon pelts him with bullets… the thing is bleeding heavily and falls down to a single knee. "Finish it!" Misaki yells at Hiei. The beast is helpless, available to execution or capture. Misaki only now got onto her feet, removing some dirt off her dress while her wounds begin to heal.

Hiei turns around, spinning his sword in his hand. He walks up to the beast and raises his sword above his head. He seems to wrestle with a decision briefly, it was the expression on his face. He shifts his gaze towards Hiroyasu for a moment before turning it back to the monster. The sword whistles through the air as he aims the blade at the thing's neck. "Die."

Hiroyasu catches the glance, "Now he has a moral quandary.. not with people but a troll." he growls with a shake of his head as Hiei acts as the executioner and despite his poor form and squeamish strike it lands a /true/ strike. "I Guess that is to our mission parameters, eliminate what is killing the farm animals" but he seems conflicted as to whether it might be of use for science. "Everyone, take a moment to survey the battle-field. Identify secondary targets and be wary of reprisal." adding his stratagem regardless of whether they listen or follow it. He tried

"It said… one troll." She comments, watching the things head roll. "If they want me to search more they're going to have to pay extra!" She sighs while walking off stubbornly. Headed to where the Uzumaki was camping out to wake him and inform him of a mission complete. She doesn't even listen to Hiro squabble about post-mission antics… pfft, who does that!

Hiei comments while looking down at the troll. "I'll do a sweep of the perimeter. The troll could have a mate or even young-lings nearby. This farmer doesn't need to be the subject of it's feeding frenzy anymore." And then he's gone, to do exactly what he said he was going to do.

Hiroyasu shakes his head "Missions aren't something which just happen in the exact wording. At least not real missions, where the situation can change." before helping Hiei in scouting the perimeter, since Misaki seemed not able or rather capable. "You see anything?!" he shouts from his own position.

Lucky for both of them, there's nothing to spot. Just nothingness. And soon Misaki appears with the Chuunin, who conveniently seals the ogres body in a piece of paper…. WOAH! "Okay job well done… See you back in the village." The chuunin says, throwing Misaki a light pouch of money. "Eh… this has - got - to be half of what we're supposed to get!" She complains, after which the Uzumaki grins. "That man has to buy a new cow.. remember?" He points at the dead cow.. She sighs and face-palms. "WHY DOES IT COME FROM OUR HALF!?" She complains, but the Chuunin is already gone.

Hiei calls out, "Nothing here, Hiro! I think it was acting alone. I haven't seen any tracks other than the ones that it made, so I don't think the farm is in any danger from being visited by it's mate either." He lands in a crouch near Misaki and looks at the departing Chuunin. "If we were ambassadors, I'd teach that guy a lesson." He comments, mostly just because he found the situation irritating. "I don't care if he's got to buy a new cow. We were supposed to be dealing with wolves, not trolls. Loser."

Hiroyasu returns the call "I did not find anything either!" before moving back to regroup with his teammates. "If we could salvage that cow, for meat and hide. We could make 3x or 4x the difference that Chuunin /stole/ from us. He didn't even do anything!" saying to his teammates quietly. "Can we ask wait and ask the farmer if he minds!" asking his team.. you know good ingredients are hard to find.

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