Team shadow-strike training #1


Satomi, Fudo, Hisoka, Naota

Date: March 22, 2013


Team-shadowstrike comes together for a training session

"Team shadow-strike training #1"

Land of fire

An informal request for training arrives at the team shadow-strike members sned out by Satomi, who can already be found in the Chuunin training area. Warming up, stretching, doing push-ups. All physical activities she's not used to doing too often or so long. Sweat's already trickling down her forehead. "Hundred-ten…..Eleven…. twelve…" She sighs through her pants, she arrived thirty minutes early to do some extra physical training.
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Glasses adjusted at the formal request for training, he'd study the note for a moment. Hmm. Well that's an intruging side effect of being on a team.. working with others? Shrugging slightly, Naota would head out to the requested location, looking about curiously as he'd step out onto that chuunin training fields. "Yes.. yes I see. Very interesting." He'd speak quietly to himself for a moment, nodding slowly, before moving onward. He'd pause, watching Satomi in her training before he'd move closer, lifting a hand in a wave. "Nara-san! I came as you requested.. We are going to try training together? I have to admit this is the first I've attempted a physical training interaction with anyone.."

Satomi finishes another ten before replying, not looking up, being pretty certain she wouldn't be able to keep that up. "Yes… physical interaction.." She says, a bit awkwardly in her choice of words, chuckling to herself. "Better get used to it, since we'll be doing this a lot. I have a couple of ideas we need to work out as well." She says, before rolling over. Her rest rapidly rising and falling. "Hundred fifty, thats five more than last time." She slides her arm along her forehead to whip away some sweat, before getting on her feet. "Howmany can you do?" She asks Naota curiously, knowing it probably wouldn't be a whole lot.

Naota watches Satomi, suddenly blushing and looking away when she rolls over. "Ahh.. I uhm.. 100 pushups. I do 300 situps. I can also do about 100 pull ups. My normal morning routine does each of those per set, however I should probably increase those amounts as they do not really push me any longer." He'd muse for a moment, finally looking back over to Satomi. "So.. does that make you the bishop?"

"It makes me the lazy nara with the tiny arms.." She giggles while brushing some dust off of her clothing… "If only Hinotori is ever here on time…" She complains, while coughing, before getting her composure back. "We'd have a shadow-clone to practice on. Lets theorize for now then." She says, before sitting down on a thick tree-stump. "I want a tactic in place we can use for detaining, for escorting and for assasinating." She says firmly, glancing at Naota. "In our squad we have a Nara, Uchiha… someone with seal mastery and probably an Inuzuka." She then pauses for a moment. "We make the Inuzuka the rook if we play Anaguma. But I want to be more flexible than that." She sighs, before brightening up a little. "I got it!" She says, while crossing her arms, head angled to the side. "Naota… what are walls used for?"

Naota ponders that question, walking over to sit near her as well. "I can do scroll work as well.. not just seals.. As for walls.. they are used for defense, containment, redirection and interruption." He'd smile with a small shrug of his shoulders. "They are relatively flexable. With the earth walls I can also turn them into an attack as well.. so at least with me they are fairly dynamic."

"That's the thing, any wall can be used for attack." She says, while pausing. "Let me rephrase. Anything can be used for an attack. The walls around Konoha protect us from outside. But the walls of a prison serve to keep someone inside." She concludes, while getting up. "Howlong would you need to make a tight wall around a circumference of about three feet?"

Naota slowly gets to his feet, mirroring Saota. "Hmm.. mayhap.. two seals. Small alteration.. I could do such with either one throw of two kunai, or the placement of two seals within the ring. Indeed.. if those of the team carry my seals.. I can extend the reach of my abilities to the distance they carry it to.. as for speed.. Most seals I have premade. I can draw relatively fast.. let me see something.." He'd reach into a hip pocket, pulling out two seals from there. That pen pulled from a different pocket, he'd carefully hold one, then the other, small alterations made to the calligraphy enscribed on the paper. A final nod given and he'd step back a few steps, tossing them out to the side. "This.. may work. You may wish to stand back." Focusing himself, a momentary burst of chakra is sent surging through the seals he altered. One of them has the ground around it errupt into a curved wall around that spot, pretty close to the diameter that Satomi mentioned. The other one however, had the earth barrier start, then shatter, sending shards of rock all over the place. Naota would nimbly avoid the fragments before getting hurt. "It'll take some fine tuning of the seals.. but.. that fast, relatively."

Satomi takes a step back before shielding her face from rock fragments with her arm. "Not bad…" She says, before turning. "Shadow-detainment technique #1." She says, before pointing at her make-shift target. "We have our ranging rook make a distraction, so either the Uchiha or the Inuzuka." She says, before making a set of seals. "Then I come in and shadow-bind the target." She explains, while nodding at the ground.

"Now I'm vunrable, so you'll protect me with your seals." She says, while her shadows curl around a make-shift target. "Then, you move in covered by the Uchiha and Inuzuka on your wing, while you prepare your seals, you have a margin of about five to seven seconds before my hold will weaken. Especially on a stronger opponent. So seven seconds to create a wall. But note… I want you to keep a hole in the top open about the size of a fist" She says, holding her shadows in place without any effort. "And I want the inside of the wall to be rigged to be electrified." She then says, before nodding for him to begin the practice, not expecting it to be perfect at all on the first run. "This way we can weaknes the opponent in detainment by administering shock, which should remove his muscle controle. The hole allows me to keep my bind going, and if the opponent is particularly troublesome. The Uchiha can use his fire style to turn our detainment into a flame-oven."

Naota would blink, frowning at the requirements. "Mmm.. combining the earth and lightning will be tough.. That'll require more seals.." Thinking for a moment, Naota would study the situation then move, 4 seals would be thrown, the first was a modified earth barrier, shaped to make it arch over head, instead of a straight up wall. This was used to cover Satomi, as well as give her more shadows to work with. The other three were two walls, these barriers indeed going straight up and down on either side of the target. Strung between them were binding cords of metal, the electrified pulse between them arching rapidly from 'target' of that makeshift dummy to metal and back. It would go on for a few moments, before the lightning chakra would fade out. "It's.. not exact.. as I have to work on the modifications, Nara-san.. but, that'll be what it looks like once I have the altered earth barriers done."

She nods for a moment, before sitting down. "Okay we have established detainment tactic one. We'll practice it next time…" She says, before looking at him. "Can you make explosive tags?" She asks him, before holding out her hand. "I need about twenty, strung equally spaced to a string attached to a kunai." She explains, before pointing at the dummy. "Same idea, only this time we'll use pure fear, we built a closed wall around the target. If he knows he has explosive tags around him… And they blow while he's inside that earth wall he's done for, no matter how tough he is." She explains, while crossing her legs. "The Uchiha his Sharingan should help with the precise binding of the tags. So the idea remains somewhat the same." She explains, while pointing at a tree. "Wake me up once the rest arrives?" She asks him, while jumping up.

"Easily. That was actually my first seal I wrote.. I almost blew my own foot off.. got a scar too.." Naota would trail off a moment before smiling sheepishly with a shake of his head. "A long story.. anyways.." He'd think for a moment before nodding and pulling out one of those scrolls. Carefully unrolling it, he'd plant a hand on the edge, charging the chakra into the paper. With that *POOF* of smoke, a coiled wire that had explosive seals strung out every 5 inches would show up, it looked to be about 50 feet of wire. "Would this do for what you are desiring to do, Nara-san? Err.." He'd blink, looking at Satomi while she'd go climb into the tree to rest. That.. ok.. Shaking his head, he'd leave the tools there, moving to sit under the shade of the tilted wall he had created.

Naota would be scribbling in the dirt before him, using a small stick to make various scenarios before him while he waited for someone to show up. Glancing up at Fudo's approach, he'd stand to his feet, immediately bumping his head on the earth barrier over him. Wincing, he'd duck, rubbing the back of his head as he'd step out of it's shadow. "Greetings, Uchiha-san. Nara-san said to wake her once someone showed up.." He'd walk over towards the tree that Satomi was in, looking up at her to decide how he was going to do that. Shrugging, he'd finally just hop up there, walking on the trunk of the tree to stand beside where Satomi was at. "Nara-san? Satomi? There's someone here now.."

Her eyes are open, her hands together making a seal, smirking while slowly sitting up, her shadow rapidly slipping down the bark of the tree, speeding off towards Fudo, mingling with the shadow underneath the coiled earth barrier, using that to extend even further. Trying to mingle with Fudo's shadow, using the element of suprise. "Fudo-kun…" Satomi says loudly… "You're late."

Noticing the earth barrier before he was told… somewhat, as to what the situation was, Fudo would nod towards Naota and say, "I have not seen you since my first mission." as a bit of a greeting. He sort of didn't like being greeted as an Uchiha, seeing as as far as he was concerned he'd been one all of five minutes, but… it was the reality of his situation. As was being yelled for… and then… paralyzed. Fudo would furrow his brow for a moment before it seemed that Satomi knew something about what was going on. "Shadow Imitation…?" he would ask with a bit of strain to his voice.

She calmly glides down the tree along her shadow, keeping him in place by knowing the ways the shadow move, before she faces him, their shadows copying eachother. "The one and only." She says with a smirk, while looking at him. "Got a good excuse?" She asks Fudo, while slowly walking up to him, a little less than half the distance, knowing he would bridge the same. "You know why I carry this here?" She asks while pulling her chuunin jacket open, the metal of her kunai shining in the sun. She then reaches down to her pouch where most nin keep their kunai, and with good reason. She grabs for a kunai that's not there, holding it by her throat, smirking at what Fudo does after that. "Hmm…Better be a good one." She hisses with an evil grin.

Naota would raise a brow at Satomi as she reached out, using the earth barrier that was tilted to get Fudo. "Mmm.. is that necessary, Nara-san?" Shrugging, Naota hops down to the ground behind Satomi, watching as she semi-threaten Fudo. Raising a brow, he'd ponder a second, before giving a small nod, one seal taken from his own pocket, he'd flick out out onto that shadow between Satomi and Fudo, the sudden spark of lightning a flash of light that would potentially disrupt the shadows at that point. That is, of course, if the spark is enough to disrupt that control. Either way, he'd walk towards the two slowly, frowning. "I don't think that's really necessary, Nara-san. I'm sure that there is a valid reason for not being here on time. Afterall, isn't Hinotori-san still absent?"

As Fudo is manipulated and made to do Satomi's bidding as more than just orders from a superior, He would watch her carefully. She used her shadows to move around while making ihm move like her. Thus she could remain mobile while controlling someone else. Certainly a crafty way to approach the immobility problems the shadow manipulation techniques tended to have. Though it does have some draw backs due to light conditions. He would move towards her as she moved towards him, and was forced to grasp a kunai to use against himself, though his eyes remained calm. He only knew of two ways to defeat a jutsu like this once snarred, and at the moment he was incapable of either. Naota's interference however would allow him the moment to throw his held kunai at Satomi, not hesitating for a moment to take advantage of the opening as he'd attempt to leap away, back flipping to keep his shadow from the ground if he was fast enough.
"Don't interfere." She says calmly, while her shadow breaks and reconstructs, Satomi anticipating the thrown kunai, her own shadow drawing back and covering the impact location, the weapon simply bouncing off the shadow. "Childs play." She hisses, while her shadow twirls and curls all over the battlefield trying to build a new connection with Fudo's… once she notices she's getting range issues she blows out.

"Good thing I train for this.." She states while she becomes engulved in shadows, her shadow shooting out to all shadows around her, absorbing their range into her one shot attack, quite a potent move. "Shadow form.." There's a reason she was usually first in class when it came to ninjutsu. "Gotcha.." She whispers, while her shadow splits up and speeds off towards Fudo from all directions. In her mind she's extremely proud of her squad. That's the spirit! Is what she wanted to yell…

Keeping his tumbling up, Fudo would have tried to moved outside of her range, knowing that there was a limit depending on certain criteria. However that plan had to adapt when she spoke of training for it, and took a shadow form to to speak to increase her range as well as the magnitude of her jutsu. That was quite inventive as well. Even with his body bounding as it was, he wouldn't be able to keep away from a jutsu like that for long. So in mid flip, he would draw his sword and slam it in to the ground, grasping it and curling his form in to a crouch on the pommel of it with a careful balance. Smoke bombs would be tossed around the ground beneath him, causing an area of cover where he was at before Fudo's form would emerge from above the smoke, leaping out towards Satomi.

Her hands quickly move together while seeing him, in total calm. "Nice try clone." She says, while casting her genjutsu, disappearing in thin air, meanwhile using the genjutsu to sidestep watching closely to see if there is an impact or not, if there is she uses the moment of confusion to just give him a knockout jab on the back of his head, if it indeed is a clone she would grin, knowing that smoke works two ways, stepping into the shadow of the curled rock wall, melding down into it while watching closely her hands together to immidiatly cast her shadow imitation again, while actually calling on a little chakra. That kid is making her focus… Nice!

Naota would watch interested in the interaction between Nara and Fudo. Watching her retreat into the shadow of the tilted barrier, Naota would ponder. "Ahh.. Nara-san.. you said no interference.." With those words, he'd motion, ending the chakra in the seal that was keeping the barrier up. It'd retreat back into the ground, of course that meant it took it's shadow with it, leaving Satomi to scramble as she had to. He still wasn't sure if he should get into it or not, they seemed intent, so he wasn't really wanting to disrupt that.

The smoke couldn't last forever, and it was likely that Satom iwas either keepnig her shadows at bay, prepared to strike when the smoke cleared, or waiting in ambush else where instead. In either case, the plan was the same. Though Naota would not give Satomi the edge, and the mere act of deconstructing his earth barrier was indicative of Satomi's location now. As the smoke began to wane, shuriken were thrown from it towards Satomi's last known location just prior to Fudo's body bursting from the smoke that remained towards Satomi at full tilt, kunai in hand as he'd hot foot his way towards her.

"D'aw.." She says, while simply getting on one knee, making a set of seals. "You never fought against a Nara did you?" She says, while her shadow suddenly, and quite rapidly lashes forward, right into the path he's moving on, she anticipates him jumping up, doing the same, kunai drawn to block his shuriken while digging her foot into his stomach. She wasn't an expert on Taijutsu, but still a chuunin, it's not a title they give away for free. She then turns, clenching her arm tightly around his waiste midair, counting on the fact she knocked out all of his air, but instead of continuing her assault she holds him tight, breaking his fall with her own body, landing on her feet and gliding a few inches through the dirt to avoid any damage, holding her body between Fudo and the ground. "Well done.." She just sighs, winking at him.

Fudo would keep his sharingan intently on Satomi as she evaded his shuriken. The block of his kunai seemed to catch him off guard as she kicked him in the stomache and causing him to launch a bit in to the air before she catches him and lands with a slide. As she congratulated him and winked at him, he seemed to be unconcious for a brief moment before:


Satomi would be hold the sword she granted him. The one that he had been balanced upon when the smoke cover was created. Which means… there he stood in the last remnants of the smokethat was disappating in the air. Fudo's crimson gaze would stare at Satomi craddling his gift as he would state, "You've never fought against an Uchiha, have you?" quipping quite sharply at her as he watched her. "Unfortunately, I am all out of tricks. I may have been able to fool you with another clone, but it was a long shot."

She smirks while holding the sword up in front of her head, before sliding it down to the ground. A common swordmans greet. "Well done Fudo-kun." She says, followed by a little bow. She then turns the weapon back towards Fudo so he can retrieve it. "I'm sure you had a good reason to be late."

However, the moment he reaches for his sword: "POOF!" A clone? Satomi suddenly glides up from the shadow of a tree right next to him, already making the seals to bind him in place. "Shadow-bind jutsu!" She says, before walking up, holding the sword above his head executioner style, then stopping, letting her shadow glide back. Sticking its blade into the dirt next to Fudo. "Never let your guard down." She lectures, before messing up his hair. "Regardless, well done." She says, before turning towards Naota. "As for you." She says, slowly walking up to him. "I had high hopes.." She then suddenly smacks the back of his head with her open palm. "But why stop helping? You're his squad-member! Teamwork above everything, got it?" She says firmly, looking into his eyes before smiling, breathing in deeply and then out, letting her brewing chakra calm down a little. She did notice Fudo calling himself an Uchiha, her heart leaped for a moment. Talking about making progress…

"Now that training session is over, we can go back to business. Team-tactics!" Not noticing the approaching Inuzuka.

Naota would take a step back, then blink, stumbling slightly at the hit. He'd rub the back of his head. Man.. first the rock, then the smack. "Oooww… I stopped helping because my squad team leader told me to not interfere. So, do I help a squad mate, or do I listen to the leader that is suppose to be in charge of keeping us safe and focused on the action we're doing?" That said, he'd look over to Fudo and shrug with a sheepish smile. "I guess I was suppose to help. I do apologize, Uchiha-san." Naota would look back to Satomi at her comment about the team tactics, nodding slowly as he'd follow her.

Fudo did in fact come to get his sword once again. He may have used it as a decoy, but it was tactically sound considering the circumstances. However, as he was not using his second tomoe, he would not have suspected the clone at all, and thus was fooled in to a full strength shadow binding. Being forced to his own execution as it were before the blade was grounded next to him and he was lectured and ruffled. Shaking his head a bit and straightening out his hair as Naota gets the rest of the lecture, Fudo gazed at the blade i nthe ground for a long moment before taking it back up, wiping it clean slowly, and then resheathing it. During this however, he would notice that another was approaching.

With a slightly withholding gait Hisoka enters the training grounds. From a simple inspection or glance one can see that his right ankle is injured which explains the limp. Kurokane isn't at his side but in front of him walking quickly forcing Hisoka to exert himself to keep up pace. "You're still not talking to me? Come on! I said I was sorry. He was asking for it….he poisoned me." Hisoka pleads with Kurokane. The ninken ignores him and walks right up to Satomi eager to receive her hand. Hisoka meanwhile was meaning to explain himself but was too upset about Kurokane to properly introduce himself. "Fine then." He waves dismissively at Kurokane. That's when Hisoka greets everyone "Naota, Satomi….new guy." he waves slightly. "What did I miss?"

Satomi bends through her legs, petting the ninken eagerly. "Oh hey look who it is!" She says, focussing on his dog a few seconds before looking up. "Not much, warming up." She says, while winking at Fudo. "You're injured?" She says, while pointing at his ankle. "I'll bear it in mind.." She says while rubbing the ninken underneath his chin. "I'll need a moment to discuss something with your owner and then I'll be right back with you." She says to the animal, smiling at it warmly. "Don't worry I won't hurt him - too - much." She winks as if the animal understands her… she's good with animals.

"Naota explain Fudo Shadow-detainment tactic #1 please." She says while waving at them for a moment, walking up to Hisoka, grabbing his arm and dragging him out of hearing range. leaning up against a tree.

"You have received an invitation to my team, but before I let you in we're going to make a few things very clear.." She says firmly, glancing at him with firm eyes she has barely shown anyone before. "You have a good reason for the brutality in your way of doing of our last mission?" She hisses, loud enough for him to know she's serious, soft enough so the rest of the team can't hear.

Naota would watch Hisoka, a friendly nod given to the Inuzuka in greeting. Attention turning to Satomi, he'd smile with a small nod. "Right. Understood." Looking to Fudo then, he'd pull out his drawing scroll and that pen to start drawing. "Ok, so the tactic binding number one thing that Nara-san is talking about goes like this.. You or the Inuzuka that Nara-san says may be joining us, is to draw distraction." He'd draw an x in the center of the paper, then two arrows that curve close and then away from the x on either side. "This distraction is to pull attention away from the shadows. The binding done by Nara-san." This was shown by three wavey lines approaching the X. "Then, I step in.. I use a mix of earth and lightning seals to encircle the target. The walls of the dome will have a lightning attunement to it, causing shocking effects, potentially sapping them of strength. There will also be a hole in the top, to assist with maintaining the shadow bind, as well as allowing you to roast the inside with fire, if it comes to that."

Not knowing Hisoka's name, Fudo would simply greet him with a nod. Though he may have done it any how all things considered. Naota would grab his attention and explain the plan as well as draw it out for him. Fudo would nod as he'd repeat the jist, "Distract, detain, capture, neutralize." Fudo rubbed lightly at his chin, considering the dynamic of it all. "So your seals allow for you to layer elements like that… even opposing ones? I suppose that makes sense since it isn't merely chakra nature at play. Still, a unique combination"

Hisoka glances down to his ankle "Y-yeah." He then glares back at Kurokane who simply turns his head and enjoys Satomi's petting until she leaves to speak with Hisoka. As he's yanked along by Satomi Hisoka wonders what in the world she wants to speak with him about. His curiosity spiked when she finally mentioned the brutality displayed on their last mission. Hisoka ponders for a moment then snaps. "Oh you mean the dismembering." He shakes his head "I don't have a good reason, no." He states truthfully. "You wanted me to distract them so I did." Hisoka adds. "I'm guessing you didn't approve?" Kurokane can hear the two from over where Satomi left him. The ninken calmly takes a seating position but seems to sink his head in disappointment after Hisoka's answer. Kurokane yawns and starts making his way towards Hisoka.

Satomi pauses for a moment, hearing his words. "They were no match for us, and you knew that damn well from the moment we engaged." She says again, trying to think how she'll explain this. "Listen, they might have attacked us. They might have been criminals yes. But these guys deserve jailtime, not an hour of torment while they limp around without arm. Not only did you go too far, you also disrespected someone else." She says, pausing for a moment.

"Did you for a moment stop to think about their families? Their sons and daughters who might live in poverty. Maybe you cut off a man's leg, who was nobody but a father trying to feed his daughters. With nowhere to go… These are the people that bandits prey on." She says calmly. "And then again, sometimes the family doesn't know of their career choice. You did not grant them the honor of an open cascet." She then grabs his chin, forcing him to look at her straight. "So lets get one thing straight, from now on… inside my team and outside you'll think before you go on an onslaught like that. Because I won't have it." She glances at the ground, lost for words for a moment. "Unless it's a matter of life or death. If it's an neccesity it's a different situation. But something like last mission was unnecaserily cruel. And if you don't refrain from behaving like that, you won't be able to trust your own shadow." She might not be able to manipulate fire, but if you wouldn't know better it'd look like she's about to roast you through a fire jutsu coming right out of her eyes. "Got it?"

She then sighs, letting go of him and patting his shoulder, needing a moment before smiling warmly again. "Other than that, I applaud you for your skill and am more than thrilled having you in the team, I asked for it for a reason." She says, her voice and demeanour completely shifted in a matter of seconds. "Sorry for being so firm with you, I just had to make one thing very clear." She glances at his dog who approached, leaning down to scratch him behind his ears. "It's all good buddy, solved now.." She says, while nudging her head towards the training area. "Come on, welcome to team shadow-strike! Lets meet the team shall we?" She says, while dragging him along to the field, careful not to force him to use his ankle too much.

Naota would give a firm nod in response to Fudo. "Yes. Yes indeed, that is it exactly. Distraction, detainment, elimination, if needed." He'd finish the diagram by circling the x. The drawing was perferated at that edge, so it was free of the scroll and allowing Naota to offer it to Fudo. "We practiced it a little at the start. I am able to combine seals by having the seals in the same place at the same time. Then it's a matter of firing them off in the proper order. Like if you were to try and throw a fireball and put a shuriken in th middle so they can't see it coming? Same sort of thing. Timing is everything with the seals." Naota would trail off as Satomi and Hisoka approached, a formal bow given this time. "Everything then is ok now?"

Hisoka was rather speechless throughout Satomi's chastising. He couldn't get a word in during and when she finally finished there was Kurokane looking at him eyes giving him warning. Hisoka swallowed once and listened to his partner this time. "Understood." he states. After that Kurokane barks before Satomi starts petting him. It seems Satomi was a 'take charge' kind of person which made her well suited for the leader role. Kurokane returned to Hisoka's side, eyeing him as he was dragged to meet with the other team members. "Sorry." Hisoka mumbles. "And thanks…" Kurokane's tail wags jovially and it seem he and Hisoka were on good terms again. "I've met you and Naota already. In fact…I…I…remember that Fudo kid too I think. He's the one who was punching that post so hard his hands bleed right Kurokane?" he looks to his ninken for confirmation.

"As Naota probably explained Fudo, we're working on Shadow-detainment techniques one and two. Each one with a lethal alternative." She adds, pointing at the make-shift target down the training area. "Naota could you explain technique one to Hisoka-san again while I try something?" She grabs Fudo aside, along with the ninja-wire littered with exploside tags. Starting to count them. "Okay Fudo, I want you to use your sharingan to get a sharp look over the situation, in technique two there'll be a lot of chaos. I want you to use your smoke-bombs in conjunction with a medium to tie an opponent up with ninja wire which is littered with explosive tags. The opponent can't move at this point due to my shadows. Naota will create a closed stone wall around him after he realizes he's close to being blown to bits." She then adds, marking the areas with her hands. "So if he blows up the explosion will be amplified." She explains. "Restraint is done by fear in this tactic." She explains.

Naota nods in agreement to Satomi, before smiling to Hisoka. "Inuzuka-san." He'd once again pull out that scroll, repeating the same drawing as he did before. "Alright. So the idea is that you and Uchiha-san will distract the target." The x was marked in the center of the page. Then the two arrows made, curling towards, then away from that x. "This is to distract the target from the shadows of Nara-san." He'd nod in Satomi's direction, the wavey lines drawn in an approach on the x. "While the target is bound, I step in.. I use my seals to create an earthen dome, containing them in the center as well as electrify that core. This allows both for draining them of power as well as leave an opening wide enough to enforce the shadow bind, or if necessary, immolate the interior by Uchiha-san's fire." He'd circle the x then. Showing the picture to Hisoka. "Do you understand?"

Kurokane whimpers indicating that he doesn't remember too clearly."I think so." Hisoka waves once again to Naota and Fudo after Satomi introduced him. "Hi. This is Kurokane." He gestures to his ninken. "Well…you certainly don't waste any time." Hisoka comments to Satomi. He looks over Naota to see this plan. It seems simple enough "So…that 'x' is the target right? And the arrows are…me and that kid over there?" He asks. Hisoka then moves on "Squiggly lines are Satomi-san's shadows got it…then you basically trap the guy." Hisoka nods. "I think I got that. Apparently though I can't lop the guy's arm or anything off while I'm distracting him." he makes a snide remark regarding Satomi. Kurokane then kicks Hisoka's ankle, the injured one, and barks softly. "Ouch. It was a joke." Hisoka remarks before kneeling down. "I got it."

Satomi holds up several weapons which can be used to wrap the lines and such around the target. Shuriken, specialised weapons. Kunai… she even used a weight to create a lassoo of the wire to use physics to wrap the wire around the target. "Ugh…" She scratches the back of her head. "I don't suppose any of you two have … She then stops. "Nevermind we got it.. or rather, I'll leave this for Fudo to figure out." She says, while rejoining Naota and Hisoka.

Naota would look over at Satomi's comment, a small nod given and he'd pull a scroll from one of his pockets. Unfurling the entire length of the scroll, he'd let it settle to the ground, face up as appropriate, then focus himself and with a multitude of those *POOFS* a wide variety of thrown weapons would show up in different groups at different spots along the scroll. "I carry a lot of thrown items, to cover the potential of having to deliver my seals at range." Smiling, Naota would look back over to Hisoka. "Yes. The x is the target. The arrows are yourself and Uchiha-san. The wave is from Nara-san and the circle is myself.. It is also inducive of obtaining information easier if they are not dealing with shock of blood loss." Naota would look down at Kurokane at the kick, a small shrug given before looking to Satomi again. "Currently my limit is lightning and earth seals. I do have plans to learn more, as I can, Nara-san."

"It's more than enough right now.." She says, while sitting back down on her thinking stump. "Okay now for the fun stuff… we have the detaining part covered." She says, before turning towards Hisoka. "Any ideas on how to combine our abilities into a kill as much as possible as fast as possible machine?" She intentionally asks him, to each his strength. She realizes that as well as anyone. And she never forbid killing… just useless mutilation.

Hisoka rises after the pain in his ankle fades. He sighs and rubs his neck with his one arm. Hisoka nods to Naota "Yeah I gathered that. Just a joke…" he looks back to Kurokane. They both turn when Satomi joins them. "Uh sorry to leave so shortly after arriving but I gotta get going. Some ass poisoned me while out on a mission." Kurokane barks commenting on Hisoka's statement. "They don't need to know that part." Hisoka quickly replies. Kurokane huffs and lets it be before walking off. Hisoka blinks quickly "Uh…crap I think he's mad at me again." Hisoka looks back to Satomi "Sorry uh no ideas come to mind right away. I kind of have an idea what you guys can do though." Hisoka starts after Kurokane "I'll think about it though, sorry gotta go." He heads after Kurokane now.

"Lets call it a day then, we made quite some legway!" Satomi says before jumping up into a nearby tree. Playing a game of Shogi in her head.

Naota would recover his weapons, rolling the scroll up with a firm nod. "I concur." The scroll put away, he'd wave to the others before heading for the entrance of the training field. It was interesting seeing a bit more of the harder side of Satomi. Very interesting indeed.

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