Team shadow-strike training #2


Satomi, Naota, Hisoka

Date: March 6, 2013


Team Shadowstrike comes back together for another training. Naota wants to try out a new technique, and so does Satomi.

"Team shadow-strike training #2"


That afternoon's sun saw Naota showing up at that training field. It looked relatively clear, which was good for his purposes. Having sent a message out to Satomi, he requested her assistance, as team lead, to evaluate his new research and to verify it's additional capabilities within their use as a team. Quietly gathering himself, he'd stretch and focus, preparing for the spar he figured that was going to follow as part of the assessment. May as well be prepared.

Satomi appears to arrive at the field with a wave. "Yo!" She says, smiling warmly. In truth it's a simple clone, while Satomi is pressed up against a nearby tree. Hey they're Shinobi, time to suprise Naota. It's her strongest weapon anyways. Her mind… She's wearing her regular chuunin outfit, and seems ready to go at Naota. "Ready when you are." Satomi says, while getting into position, waiting for Naota to acknowledge the challenge and focus on the clone, before she strikes. Throwing one shuriken from the tree-line, already making the seals for a shadow-bind while they fly. Trying to catch Naota while he's still off-guard.

Naota would wave towards Satomi with a smile and a nod. "Greetings, Nara-san. I am indeed ready for our training session. I have some new seals I'd like ot be able to try with." He'd catch, only belatively, that shimmer of a kunai coming his way, the immediate response is that most basic of defenses. The seal barrier springing to life about him was that rapid of a response. Of course, the blade would deflect from the barrier, but it caught him with that follow up strike, the shadow slipping through that barrier to latch on to Naota, stopping him short from being able to do anything else. After a moment, the barrier drops and Naota was full and truly stuck there. "That.. is interesting."

Satomi smiles, while standing up. "Naota-san, always keep your guard up." She explains, like she heard her sensei explain her over and over. "Unfortunatly we're not on a straight battlefield." She states, while making a new set of seals, engulving herself in the nearby shadows, Naota would immidiatly feel the bind become stronger.

"Now, lets see how strong your chakra is." She says with a sinister smile, before making a new seal, her shadow slowly curling along Naota's body, a shadowy hand begins to slowly shape around Naota's throat. "Sorry if you don't even get to try your wind-seals.." She says with a low and sinister grin. Her smile might be great, but she fights like a bitch, no mercy policy with her.

Gritting his teeth at that hold of the shadows tighten on him, he'd focus himself while she talked. Staying silent as the shadows start to tighten about him, he'd gasp for air, finally managing to break free long enough to flick one seal forward. A simple little paper that had a massive wall erupt between them, stretching that shadow too far to break it's hold on him, causing him to collapse, coughing. The barrier would drop after a moment, Naota slowly getting back to his feet. "I.. thought.. I was.. I will.. have to keep in mind.. shadows.. in calculations."

Hisoka showed up for this team training session after Kurokane woke him up and reminded him. He actually wore himself out the day before with training. Hisoka wasn't one to call it quits easily but even he knows when to stop before he does serious damage to his body. Hisoka yawns as he walks towards the chuunin training grounds. The path was lonely and he could smell Satomi and Naota ahead. Kurokane barks at Hisoka posing a question. "Nah I don't think she'll be too mad that I'm late. Even so, it might be too much work to scold me. I think I had her wrong, she's actually kind of swe-" Hisoka comes to a halt when he spots Naota entangled in shadows. A sigh of releif almost came when he saw Naota escape but then a wince when he saw the neck bind connect. Kurokane looks back to Hisoka. Hisoka looks to Kurokane "Well….she's sweet on you anyway." Hisoka looks back to the duo "Hey! Sorry I'm late."

Satomi sighs, glancing at the barrier. Focussing her chakra before jumping up, stone covering her fingers, taking aim at Naota before grabbing her arm and shooting the bullets at her opponent. releasing her shadow-form mid air, launching a kick at Naota afterwards, followed by an athletic flip to try and throw him into a nearby tree before she comes down onto the ground, planting her fist into the dirt while catching her breath. One then glancing at Hisoka just for a brief moment, before refocussing on Naota.

Naota would pull up that scroll from one pocket, a charge of chakra into it deflecting that earthen bullet easily. As it fluttered to the side, he'd plant two seals before him, the first one striking out before Satomi could get close with that jump kick, he'd try to charge the second seal.. only to not have enough to do it! Panicing then, he'd try to scramble away, only to get knocked flying, rolling and tumbling on the ground off to the side. Panting softly, he'd get to his feet, gathering himself as he'd rub at some blood at the edge of his lip. Chakra would flare through him, as he'd shake his head slowly. "You.. you caught me off guard.. but now? Now.. you won't get through." Naota didn't seem to notice Hisoka, his chakra gathered in his core as he'd focus himself, eyes narrowed in preperation for the next assault.

Satomi notices Naota deflected her bullets so expertly, gritting her teeth while seeing the spikes rush towards her. Too late to dodge, she gathers whatever juice she has left, forming the shadows around the point of impact to at least ease the damage, grunting while the stones pieces the skin on some locations, also damaging her jacket. "Nice move." She says, while focussing and gather her chakra. Eyes never leaving Naota.

Hisoka blinks as the two continue on. He blinks "Looks like they're well into it. Well it gives me the opportunity to see what they can do." Hisoka says with a grin. Kurokane takes a seat at Hisoka's side. Hisoka chuckles at Satomi's strikes "I think she's better off with her shadows….he's gonna make her pay for that first one." Sure enough Naota countered and it was well placed. "What's he doing? I didn't even see any handseals." Kurokane barks directing Hisoka to Naota's seals "Elemental seals! I didn't think that was possible!?" He remarks. Kurokane just shakes his head and contiues to watch. Both Satomi and Naota seem to be fully charged and ready to play a bit more seriously. Hisoka takes a seat now and rests his one hand on Kurokane's head.

"Like it? Try this out then.." A kunai flicked out this time, it was an explosive tag to blow up off to Satomi's left. As she'd be forced to deal with it, that second seal, hidden in the shadow of the kunai would go off, a sudden violent uplifting wind from the seal knocking Satomi up into the air. As she'd come down from that strike, another earthen spike would be slid into place, that spear of earth launching out of the ground to tag her with it again.

While Satomi manages to replace with a nearby stump she does get caught by suprise by the wind-seal. Not being able to see the type of attack causes her to lose balance, which means getting a nasty hit from the earthen spike. Satomi growls, while making a set of seals, aiming yet another hand of bullets towards Naota, before suddenly twisting, making the seals for a shadow-body-bind, which rapidly begin wrapping towards Naota.

Naota wasn't sure who was more surprised the seal worked.. Satomi or him. He'd stand up. "Well that was.." And then the earth bullets came. Cursing himself mentally, he'd throw down an earth seal.. only for it to be the strong seal, the spike mayhap stopping one of the bullets, but the rest got to him. Stumbling back, he'd then throw that earth barrier, only by then it was too late. Caught within the shadow bind, he'd once more be stuck. Sighing softly, he couldn't even push his glasses up as he struggled. "Ahh.. Nara-san? I.. uh.. got to try out the wind seals.. I don't.. really have anything else.. and.. probably should get checked out after those bullet things you did hit my ribs."

Hisoka whistles at the exchange in attacks. Earth and wind sling back and forth along with shadows now. It is quite spar. Both Satomi and Naota look to have taken sufficien damage. Hisoka shakes his head when Satomi catches Naota in her shadow binds. "Damn those things are tricky." Kurokane barks. "Yeah that is true. Why isn't Naota trying to dodge? He can't be that slow can he?" Hisoka looks to Kurokane. Kurokane continues to watch though. The spar seems to be winding down but he thinks Satomi is going to walk away with the upperhand here. Naota looks to have taken a bit more damage than her. "Gah makes me upset I showed up so late." Hisoka grins "That looks like fun."

Satomi calmly turns the shadow-bind into a shadow imitation, carefully walking towards Naota, about half-way through, which means he walks the other half. "Carefull now." She says, while releasing the imitation, immidiatly taking a step forward to catch Naota carefull not to press any bullets further in, before bending through her knees and putting him up against an earth barrier he set up earlier.

"That was… intense." She remarks, before reaching for her pack, opening it up. "Stay…" She hisses, while taking out a bottle of water, before checking out Naota's clothing, trying to figure out if any bullets went through his skin, or if he has any severe bleedings. She herself is bruised and bleeding mildly from spikes hitting her, but nothing she can't handle. "You okay Naota?" She says, leaving the suffixes out. "And call me Satomi.. I told you that before!" She remarks, only now looking over her shoulder to give Hisoka a nod, smiling. "Come on over!" She says, before grabbing some bandages and gauze.

"Okay don't move too much." She carefully and shamelessly slides Naota's shirt off, checking to see if any bullets went through, before she begins stopping any bleeding, while tactfully beginning to wrap bandages tightly around his waist. "Don't move.." She repeats, while she tightens it properly around his ribs. "There… that should hold you together on the way to the hospital." She quickly sticks on small patches of gauze onto his more severely bleeding wounds, making sure the bleeding stops for the most part. She's working firmly, and probably hurting him lots while working. But you know what they say, soft healers leave festering wounds! She smiles, before sitting down next to him, sighing, offering him some water. "We should do this more often." She chuckles. "Are you okay?" She asks him, while giving him a bit of a worried look, especially checking his throat. "I was trying not to crush your windpipe with that neckbind… how did I do?" She giggles innocently, reaching out to pet Kurokane a little.

Naota was moved.. not that he had much choice in the matter. What struggling he may of done was weak anyways. To his dismay, when she released that hold on him, he did all but fall on top of her. staggering with a horse and brief cry of pain. Taking a ragged breath, he'd stumble back with her, sitting down with his head against the rock, eyes closing to try and force away the pain.
"I.. agree. However.. next time.. I'll come in here focused to start with.. just.. because such attacks.. hurt." He was indeed bleeding, although fortunately none of it was deep, quite a bit of bruising however, even potentially a cracked rib. He didn't comment on her lifting his shirt, afterall, they had been in the hot springs together. Other than a few winces, he wouldn't say much. "It was.. painful.. I will be ok Nar.. err.. Satomi-san.. honest." His eyes opened then with a wane smile. "I came here.. expecting to get beat up.. I just.. expected to start on even footing.. not an ambush." Chuckling, he'd immediately wince and hold his side. "Ahh.. right. I think.. I'm going to go to the hospital now."

Once the fight is over Kurokane moves over towards Satomi. Hisoka rises with a grunt and dusts his back off. Hisoka smiles "That was nice. You two are really something. Though Satomi you have no right to call me ruthless or brutal anymore." Hisoka comments with a grin. He looks to Naota "Hey I wanted to ask you how is it you're using elemental seals? I was fairly certain that wasn't possible. At least that's what I learned back at the academy…granted that was a while back. But my instructor kept drilling that concept into my head." Hisoka asks. He notices Naota is injured and probably should get to the hospital but he was very curious.

"Lets worry about that later, I'll walk Naota to the hospital to get checked out, I'm sure your nose smells this as well." She remarks, nodding at the genin training area. "Lets get Naota checked out before the Akimichi barbeque. Wouldn't want to miss that!" She remarks, stomping Hisoka in the stomach. She's kind of weak so he would feel it, but not enough for it to hurt. "And don't call me ruthless, I'm respecting him by not holding back too much!" She explains, while slowly moving Naota's arm over her shoulder, beginning to guide him towards the hospital.

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