Team shadow-strike: Training the Uchiha


Hinotori, Satomi, Naota, Fudo

Date: May 4, 2013


Fudo has to account for himself during a team training!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team shadow-strike: Training the Uchiha"

Land of fire

Satomi was found in the Uchiha village again. Though not looking for Hinotori this time. She knows he can be found near the windmills. Instead, she's looking for fudo. * BANG BANG BANG * "Fudo wake up, time for training. No buts, lets go!" She chuckles and waits for him to open the door. "Two minutes.." She gives him, before turning around and leaning against the so iconic Uchiha village walls.

When he arrives, if he arrives she silently walks him out of the village. "So, I did some talking. And, I thought about what you told me at … the cliffs a while ago. When you explain it's straining your eyes. Or… when you use them so much they're bleeding? I was a bit concerned so I asked around." She walks him to the windmills. Even if he's reluctant to.

"So, I hope you're ready for a day of exausting training? Because I'm planning to wear you out, till the point I have to carry you home!" She chuckles and gives him a sidewards hug. She doesn't care that he seems to dislike him. She tops it off with a ruffle over his hair. A big sister thing, slightly protective. But also something that underlines her authority. And he seems to tolerate it. When they arrive at the windmills she takes a moment to find Hinotori in the field they trained at the other day, waving. "Look what I found… can I keep it?" She says jokingly, pushing Fudo towards Hinotori a little rougly, before leaning back against a tree. Part one be Hinotori explaining and demonstrating, that means she can relax for now…

Fudo almost seemed to expect for his sleep to be interrupted, so as Satomi knocked… well hammered at his door frame, he'd open the door and step out immediately. He didn't say a word as she explained the situation, yawning lightly as he moved where ever she was taking him. He'd glance at her as she spoke of exhausting him, rubbing the sleep out of his eye lightly as he nodded. "Fine by me." Fudo would say to her in reply. Her… physical assault of ruffling and hugging and pushing was taken with… stride. Perhaps he wasn't awake enough to care, or perhaps he'd gotten over it. "Hello, hinotori." Fudo stated as he inhaled deeply, not entirely sure how this was all going to go with Satomi being the one leading the charge this morning.

While Satomi and Fudo are making their way to the windmills, Hinotori has figured he will keep coming to the windmills for training for now until thigns changed and he sees how the team is working. Having been thinking about what he is working on, and well the occassional eye burning, Hinotori has taken a break from training and decided to take a bit of a break and sit up on top of the windmill.

Well it's not long until Satomi and Fudo make their way to the Windmills, and as he is called and greeted, the Jounin falls from the windmills, only to vanish and reappear on his butt on the ground. Rubbing it and growling, "That hurt!" he hollars as he looks up and laughs when he sees the two. "Oh Hai!" he says waving and still rubbing his lump. "So hows it going Satomi-chan and Fudo-san?" he asks.

Satomi chuckles quietly while Hinotori shows even jounin can be clumsy at time. Satomi passes him and winks before her right hand lowers to give him a smack on his sore buttox. "Go get'm tiger.." She says jokingly before jumping up and sitting down by a nearby tree, stretching her legs while laying back against its trunk. Gazing idly at them two interacting for now, making sure she's within earshot. It's interesting stuff really.

"I am… fine." Fudo would reply to Hinotori as Satomi fondles him as well. No respect for personal space, that one. "I am curious… as to what Satomi is plotting. Are you going to tell me, or simply show me, Hinotori?" Fudo would ask as he looked towards the young Jounin. Either was fine enough, but at this point he wanted to know what he was summoned for.

"Eeek….!" comes from Hino as he gets fondled, but he grins and swats Satomi on the rear as she moves back. Looking to Fudo, "Umm…a bit of both." he says to the young genin. "I'm not the best teacher, but I do what I can to help. So please tell me a bit about what happens when you activate your Sharingan?" he asks. Looking around, he walks over towards the same tree where Satomi is sitting and he sits down below it and gestures for Fudo to follow him. "Don't hold back anything."

Naota was searching for another good place to train. Why not? It's worth noting that motion was harder to draw then not, and the windmills were always in motion. The logical conclusion then was to use the windmills to train at. As he'd approach the clearing, he'd note off to the side a small group of people gathered together. Musing and nosey, he'd veer in that direction, realizing only after he got closer that it was part of his team. Holding his tablet close to his chest, he'd look at all of them, waving in greeting with one hand if he was actually noticed.

Satomi only smirks as she get swatted by Hinotori, jumping up once them two come round to sit down by the trees. Hinotori always does this. Oh well, she can't so it's good he does it. She lands in the trees and sits down on a thick branch so she can look down and hear them. But much like a psychiatrist, can not be seen without trying. When Naota walks up she waves from the canopy, wondering if he can see her at all. "And tell him the whole story.." She adds firmly. Smiling after that.

"I am not… sure what you are after." Fudo stated as he followed Hinotori as instructed. "I see… the way people move with more clarity. I see the way their chakra flows through them and changes based on hand seals or will or… being symbiotically posses. I see truth." Fudo would explain relatively shortly as he gazed upon Hinotori. "It may however not be the whole truth quite yet. But it becomes clearer as I grow to master this genetic talent."

"You hush." he says to Satomi, now that Hinotori is talking with Fudo. As Fudo continues on, HInotori listens, the biggest thing he always do is try to listen. Taking a breath, "I like your perspective of how you use our talents, but in all honesty thats how i see things sometimes myself." Rubbing the back o fhis head, "Do you remember when your Sharingan first activated?"

Satomi trusted Hinotori in this. In fact, she just relaxes and closes her eyes now. Listening in closely. If Fudo would not tell Hinotori about the strain he mentioned to her. Or the bleeding she would step in. For now she just relaxes quietly, watching the discussion going on, occasionally giving both of them a look. "Such fine men, the Uchiha.." She muses to herself softly, making bulge sure nobody but herself can hear. Hey, if you guys do it why can't we?(TM)

Thinking about it for several long moments Fudo at first could not remember at all. It escaped him entirely… until his brows furrowed deeply for a moment. "When I found out that my parents are dead." Clenching his fists again, Fudo would look away a moment. Such anger at the fact that he'd never truly know them, only finding left over peices and bits of history and second hand accounts. Their passing before he ever realized who they are… and the life he has lead because of it. Because they left him with someone else instead of took him with them. Instead of staying by his side… they left him alone in the world with strangers who would sign him away the first chance they got. Gritting his teeth, his chakra would begin to flow already at the intensity of his remembering from such a simple question.

Keeping his relaxed composure, Hinotori waits on Fudo and once he starts to remember, Hinotori would watch as the young genins memory click. Sighing at the revelation that his activated similar to his. Watching his face and his fist clench, Hinotori watches as Fudo's chakra begin to flare and his anger rise. Placing his hand on his shoulder for a moment, "Come here." Hinotori says as he stands up and if Fudo looks to him, Fudo will note that Hinotoris honey colored eyes fade and his Sharingan is activated. "It seems you and I have a bit in common on how our eyes have awakened." Lowering his hand, Hinotori lets out a breath, "Mine activated during the Clan wars, my team that I was with were on recon and we were ambushed. Almost every member of my team died all in a instant, all but two. Thats when I was able to finally see all around me." There is pain in his own face and eyes but then it fades. "I don't like how are talents come, but it is what it is. But what I've learned is that we don't allow our anger to over take us."

Taking a moment again, "I'm sorry for the loss of your parents, losing them is hard even when you don't know them all that well. From what you've told me on that briefing you, Yuzuna-chan and I had. Your searching for clues. I do want to take this time to apologize for not being around much to help, and I do want you to know, your not alone and that I still want to help and I know my cousin who's taken you in wants to help." Looking to Fudo in the eyes, "Let your anger fade, don't allow it to cloud you and consume you Fudo-san."

Naota would move closer, keeping quiet while Hinotori talks to Fudo. This looked important and he wasn't going to interfere, that's for sure. Instead he'd hop up into the tree with Satomi, finding his own branch to stand on as he'd wave her way again, then got to work drawing. A simple adhesive applied to the tablet let it attach to the bark of the tree and from there he'd draw with both hands, front and profile of Hinotori and Fudo both. He was fast, although slower than his normal as he was doing two seperate images at the same time.

Satomi is relaxing against the tree when Naota hops up. She just gives him a nod before closing her eyes and playing a game of Shogi with herself. Perking her eyebrows and cursing her last move in her mind after being distracted by Hino's revelation. She nods when he gives Fudo the same advice she did. Hoping maybe now Fudo takes it to heart.

Fudo followed Hinotori with his eyes, his gaze hard as he listens and measures Hinotori's words and actions. The story of fallen comrades, right before his eyes, a helplessness that was drawn out of him to make room for the power to survive, and to never allow for it to happen again. Fudo's face was of stone as he watched Hinotori for a long, silent moment after, hearing how he should let go of his anger right after being told that the talents were shamefully drawn from such deep emotions. Fudo would grin suddenly, his eyes blazing crimson as two tomoe rapidly circled each and he stared at Hinotori wildly.
"Why not? Did you not just admitt to our shared talent being directly connected to that pain and hate and sadness? Have you not just admitted to yourself, that your own power, your own ability to endure such a fate of those you were close to comes from the darkness that remains after what is important to you is stripped away?" Stepping forward and tilting his head just slightly, his grin would deepen, stretching across his features. "Tell me, Hinotori, would you have prefered to have died along with them? Would that have satisfied you? Did they get away with it… or did you find them and punish them? Did you make them pay for what they did, or were you convienced that they should be forgiven because that is simply the way war is?"
Fudo would raise his palm, finger tips curled slightly as his grin faded in to a knowing smirk. "These eyes see the truth. And I am not done finding out what I need to know. Not even close. Are you here to convience me to stop looking? To give up? Or better yet… to rely on the perspective of others in order to keep me in check, restrained from my own answers about my own family." He clenched his fist again, and looked none too pleased as he stated, "Are you trying to hide the truth from me? You were here when my father took this village. Are you trying to hide the truth from me!" he snapped at Hinotori.

This is all like Fuyu all over again and again he will rise to the challenge that is being brought to him as he looks to Fudo who has now began to activate his Sharingan. A slight seriousness come to hsi features as he looks at Fudo who speaks to him about thier power. "Power is power, and to help you understand what I've gone through and what other Uchiha have gone through when their Sharingan activated." he pauses and watches the cocky child. "Yes, the Senju died by my hand, but in turn if it wasn't for anotehr group that was monitoring us, only made in time before I was struck down." he states. "I did what anyone would've done and that was fight until my last breath."

Hinotori isn't a stranger to this, every Uchiha thinks their talents is so different from others. "But Id idn't allow my anger, hatered or blindness to kill me from the inside. Yes I was mad, yes I admitted that our abilities come from darkness, but I've never allowed the darkness to claim me like I've seen it done to others." As Fudo tries to continue onwards with his smirk, he shakes his head, "Be careful on what truth your trying to see, don't let it be one you want to see for yourself and not the true, truth Fudo-san." A small chuckle comes from him, "I've seen too much and done to much during the clan wars that I'm not proud of, but I've learned to be better then that. Which is why I still do what I must to help protect our village and clan. You don't need darkness within your heart or have it controlling your actions. As for Rain you speak of, I've only met him once." he says as he looks to Fudo. "I was here when he took over the village, I and others only watched but then while I was away the village was reclaimed by Fuyu-sama who was Hokage for a short time until Hokage Senju Hashimarako came back to reclaim the title. As for knowing he was yoru father I didn't know that until you just told me."

Watching Fudo, "So hiding the truth from you, I didn't even know the man even had a child." During this whole time Hinotori hasn't allowed his tone to change from his calm and casual tone, well it has come a slight bit serious but still he is keeping his composure.

Satomi twitched at attention when the boy snapped. She was half happy. She truely wouldn't know how to deal with this on a mission. So she's happy it can occur in a controlled enviorment. And she's calm because Hinotori is. She had her hands together in a bird seal, but turned out not to need to use her shadows. She would have if she had to. She doesn't show it, but she has become significantly stronger in a short while.

And she was pretty confident she could blast Fudo if she wanted to. For now she relaxes, her hands slowly separating while listening to Hinotori share his wisdom. She agrees with everything he says. She could not believe they were thinking so much alike! Why did he never tell her this? They have so much more to talk about now… She had to resist the urge to just jump down and knock Fudo out to do just that!

Naota goes to say something. It was.. facinating, hearing this inside of the village. Musing to himself, he'd stop before any utterance of sound escaped him. This was a personal thing. It was a clan thing. Naota wouldn't even bother writing about it as.. well, the censors would cut it out before it got anywhere anyways. Besides.. if it was known he told, would he be avoided in the future? Shaking his head, he'd keep to his drawing, more and more detail put into the images as the two faced off against one another. Trying hard to capture the essance of that emotion that was displayed by both.

"It seems to me, that you are mistaking maknig your own luck with sheer dumb luck. What ever group saved you, didn't save your friends and comrades, now did they? And no, you didn't do what anyone would have done, you murdered to make sure the last breath was in fact your own. You sought revenge and survival, and it guided you to that next breath, and the one after that, and so on." Fudo stated as he looked at Hinotori squarely. "Allowing the darkness to claim you? Is that truly what others do… such foolishness. Everyone in the world has darkness. Being an Uchiha doesn't make that any different. But ignoring it is also foolish. Using all that you are, is the only way to be all that you are." Fudo put his hands by his sides again as he continued to watch Hinotori.
"You should remember those words, about being careful about what truth you are trying to see as well." Fudo's demeanor was once again calm and controlled, as if nothing had just occured. "I choose my own fate. I always have, and I always will. Darkness stands no chance at corrupting me and making me bend to a will outside of my own, nor will the light blind my approach and cajole me in to unfulfilled and meager satisfactions. That is my ninja way." Furrowing his brow a bit, Fudo would sigh however, "It seems no one knows anything about him. How does someone do such things and yet be unknown? Did he just silently go around conqueoring villages at random?" Fudo simply chortled very lightly to himself, merely a silent shaking of his torso for a moment as his hand was over his face, closing his eyes.
"And it seems that I was just as unknown if not more so than he was, in the end. My existence is an utter surprise… and I hope that you all will leave it between us. It is not something that I desire for the whole village to know about. All the people that need to know, know now." Fudo said with a slight smile. His eyes would turn towards Satomi for a moment, burrowing in to her deeply with his momentary glance. "I am surprised at you however." he would say, and not mention why that was before he'd turn and start walking away. "If that will be all…"

"War is murder, fighting for the sake of fightin to decide who is right." he tells him. "And you know what yo may be right, I did kill. But in the end I learned more about myself at that time, and thats what helped change me to hate war. But I still fight because I know if I don't something worse can come." Bump almost the same knot conversation he had before, but still there is a difference. As Fudo continues on, Hinotori quiks his head to teh side still listening to him, he easily see why he is insightful, but also there is a bit of danger as well. "Darkness can be tricky so I wouldn't say it would never claim you." A playful smirk does rise to his lips as he basically states that dark and light will not trick him. Hinotori has heard this before by others not of his clan.

"Now as for Rain, I honestly don't know much about him and your right, how can no no one know of him. I think there is only one who knows more and unfortunately she is gone." Having not forgotten what the rest of Fudo was saying but now that they are moving on, Hinotori continues to keep up, "As for that, do as you need, but you aren't alone and that you have people who are willing to help. Besides your right, it' snot the whole village problem, this is something your trying to go about and I only know hwat you've told me, as well as Yuzuna-chan and Satomi-chan. I don't know who all else you've told but I've not gone back on what we talked about." he says trying to get him to know that he did say he will be there for him. "But don't assume that people are keeping things from you, because you risk alienating yourself." Quirking a brow at him, then looking to Satomi, "What?" he asks. "And no thats not all. But if you want how about you meet me later on today, I want to see how your using your Sharingan. We can do that in the village, I know of a place." he tells Fudo.

"He isn't done…" A firm voice says from the tree. She managed to swallow away her irritation. The professinal sempai woke up. She made a couple of seals and her hand is covered in dirt. When Fudo begins walking away. "You will leave when I say you will leave. Then, with respect you will bow to your sensei and sempai, before bidding them a good day." She corrects Fudo. While sure he might have some drama to go through, this behavior was unacceptable. Especially after all the understanding she showed him.

"I'm going to tell you the same thing I have told Hisoka. Time to man up.." Four bullets race past his body into the ground, while one, made specifically soft shatters around his shoulder so he can feel a thud. She wanted him to turn around. Not to hurt him… not yet "Now, while light and dark might not trick or control you, I beg to differ." The shadows around her are twitching and bending, it's clear that she had activated her shadow form. Before they all begin racing towards Fudo.

"Now, I said you would be training today untill you were so tired you collapse and I have to carry you home. I wasn't joking. And even if plans are changed. They will be upon my agenda, not yours." Fudo, upon turning around can see Satomi her shadows shooting over the ground, rapidly flying his way. When and if they reach him, she solidifies the bind and just holds him there.

"Got that?" Yea… he just had a heavy conversation. But she wasn't going to let him use that as an excuse to disrespect both Hinotori and effectively herself. Sometimes a child needs a strict parent. And while he has no parents, she's filling that role today. "So, now that we're stranding here, got anything to say to Hinotori before we begin sparring?"

Naota looks up as Fudo and Hinotori stopped talking, pausing in his drawing, he'd frown, it wasn't done. He wasn't fast enough. A small shake of his head, the pens would get put away as he'd pull his tablet from the tree's bark. Cleaning the adhesive off, he'd look between Satomi and Fudo, pondering. This didn't feel right to him, but that didn't mean he was in a position to intrude. Afterall, Fudo was his own man, he had that choice to make, right? Then again.. Satomi could be a little scary sometimes with how fierce she is. Shaking his head with a small sigh, he'd hug that tablet a bit closer, watching them intently.

Fudo's attentions were grasped by Satomi quite literally as she would lightly assault him in order to earn the attention, as well as scold him for his words and actions. He was of course notified enough as to what Satomi was doing that he was able to begin to move out of the way of it, watchin the trajectory of the shadows as he'd manuver with only as much effort was necessary, but Satomi would have predicted this and flanked his movements. SOmetimes it didn't pay to be overly conservative. Thus, Fudo was indeed snared. "Words are cheap." Fudo would say in reply to how he was suppossed to respond to authority. "Or had you not noticed the conversation that just ended? The fact that i tell you all about my business should be enough, shouldn't it? Or do you demand more?" he would ask then.

Quirking a brow up at Satomi wondering if she was going to allow him to leave, guess he was correct, she wasn't. He looks back to Fudo as he tries to evade, his control isn't all there but still his reactions are good. "Alright calm it down." he states to Satomi then to Fudo, "Today is a training session, but I"m glad we did get to talk, I've wanted to talk with you for some time now and get to know you. But only when you want Fudo-san." Looking to the young genin, he then turns to Satomi and blinks a second. "Fudo-san you don't have to tell everyone everything adn we aren't demanding you, but if there is something else you wish to tell me let me know so I can help."

"Wrong…" She says as Fudo talks to her instead of Hinotori. When she looks at Naota for a moment, changing her seals and hopping down. "Don't interfere, not while I'm lecturing." She slowly walks up to Fudo, staring at him for a moment. Before her right hand comes down at his face hard *SWAT* … that would leave a mark. An open hand smack to the cheek. She stands in front of Fudo while her bind turned into an imitation. "Shadow-imitation technique, succes." She turns to face Hinotori, so Fudo does the same.

"I'll show you… Fudo." She explains, bowing deeply, watching him do the same. "Thank you for the lesson and wisdom, Hinotori-sensei." She says, before turning her head a bit towards Fudo. "Now, hands and knees, hundred pushups for starters. Make a peep of protest and it multiplies by ten." Who's this drill-sergeant and where did she leave Satomi? She lifts her shadow bind now, so Fudo can move freely.

The strike landed crisply on his face as Fudo was helpless to do anything about it, he simply looked at Satomi as she struck him and didn't waver. Fudo would be forced to bow as well, but he was not able to be forced to speak in such a way. He did however say, "I do appreciate you sharing your view on things, but aside from my inability to help it, I bow to no one. It is not how I was raised, so to speak." Fudo would state to both of them simultaneously. When he was released in order to perform his commanded exercises, he did consider whether he was going to do so or not. He hadn't questioned it before, but there was a difference between training him and attempting to discipline him and he was not sure where he fell on this particular matter quite yet.

"STOP!" is said quickly. But it's after the fact, Satomi has already had Fudo do as she willed him to do. Looking to the Nara for a long momen tthen to Fudo. "You both are rock heads." he says as he looks between the two then over to Naota. "Hi." he says as he waves to the other genin watching. "Your not bowing to anyone, your showing respect to your senseis. Granted I wouldn't have done what you did but I do understand why you did it Satomi-sempai." she is his colluge. Sighing a little bit, and once Fudo is released, "Now, Satomi-chan is correct though Fudo-san, regardless of anything you do show respect to those who are training you, but it shouldn't be forced." Smirking alittle and is surprised at Satomi, "Anyways, I'm here to help train and thats what I will be doing, Satomi-sempai is your leader of your team, you show her the respect she has earned and in turn she will also show you respect." Now speaking loud enough for even Naota to hear. "Now, she does have training set up and I will be watching and helping as I see fit." Looking to Fudo for a moment as he tries to sort things out, again Hinotori's voice isn't raised at all, quite cool and calm.

Naota pushes his glasses up, pondering as he'd look between Fudo and Satomi for a moment. A small smile flashed in Hinotori's direction, he'd look down at the picture, shrugging slightly as he'd seperate Fudo from Hinotori on the page, taking the image of both a frontal and side view of Hinotori in that one flash moment of pain he had shown Fudo. The paper is offered without a word, then Fudo got his own paper offered to him, another of those emotional filled moments included into the page before stepping back. "I guess that means physical training."

Satomi gives Hinotori a brief glance. Smiling and nodding. "I'm not making you bow out of submission. You're a friend first and foremost Fudo. One I have sworn to protect. Now I'm protecting you from yourself. Learn some humility. It will be a skill you will cherish for the rest of your life." She gives him a gloomy look. "And for your sake, if you can't learn humility. I will show you the consequences of being unable to. So you can rethink that." She crosses her arms and simply waits for him to commence his pushups before waving Naota over.

"Now, this is a team training. I want you to write an earth wall seal that will not last longer than thirty seconds. Other than that, hold blank seal papers handy and a pen. When your wall is up, you have those thirty seconds to write nine lightning seals and pour chakra into them, and one seal of a foreign element. One you're not good at yet. The rules are as following. You can not make a new seal before the other is stuck to the wall and activated. And the foreign seal must be made first. It doesn't have to be spectacular. A whiff is enough. But it has to react." She waits for him to grasp her assignment before refocussing on Fudo. "Switch to one hand." She says if he started, after ten push-ups."

Though Fudo currently felt her actions contradicted her words, it wouldn't harm him to participate in the training any way. He would lower himself in order to begin the push ups, keeping his back straight and his arms properly angled as he'd perform the task repetitively. However, when he was told to switch to one arm, he'd shoot up with both hands, landing on one arm as he lowered and continued to perform the push ups, slower but steadily.

Naota hesitates a moment, nodding slowly at her request. "Ahh.. Satomi-san? While I understand what it is you are trying to do.. if I put a foriegn seal I don't have a good grasp on to a wall of chakra and activate it.. it'll probably blow up the wall.. and.. well.. I have fire, water, left.. so either flood the place, or start a conflaguration that I would not be able to stop.." He'd shake his head slightly. "If I can skip past that? I'd be more than happy to do a mix of the lightning and wind seals instead. I still need to continue the rapid creation. I don't wish to harm the village."

She perks an eyebrow and nods. "I will trust your assesment. If it proofs to be easy, double the amount of seals you have to do." She places her foot on Fudo's lower back. "Back straight Fudo-kun, no slacking. Not on my watch." She actually forced him to go all the way down, and then up. "Good you can return to both hands." She says after sixty pushups. After ten more she orders him to do the last twenty on his other arm.

"As for my practice.." She says, making a single seal. "Shadow-sewing!" She smiles, while she notices she's getting better and better at this. She makes a new seal and fires some bullets straight up in the air. Waiting for them to come down, while trying to use the shadowy spikes that float around her to crush them. Practicing precision and control. She's not quite there yet. But it's getting there.

Fudo continued his grueling physical challenge in silence as he is made to push more weight from the ground tha nhis momentarily and then allowed to go back to the norm, eventually having to push through another set of one handed push ups with his other arm. Weakened from having doen so many prior, he had to push himself through the last set of twenty, which was obviously the point, but that knowledge didn't make it any easier.

Naota would push his glasses up with a small nod. "Yes. Yes I see, very well." Gathering himself, he'd kneel on one leg, the other set for the tablet to be flat on. Flexhing his fingers, Naota concentrated, then began his own exricise. That first seal was pulled, modified and thrown out, the pillar of earth flashing upward from the ground to slowly start sinking. Instead of using his premade seals, Naota then started with both hands to draw wind and lightning seals on his tablet, flashing one, then the other out to the pillar and with a single sign from him, would have the lightning lanced wind burst go off. He'd get through 6 of them before the pillar collapsed, leaving him frowning at the pile of tattered papers and rubble.

Hinotori on the other hand hops back a few steps and sits down watching, he's not had a chance to see Satomi in action and well this is quite intriguing. Shaking hsi head at whats going on with Fudo, that he turn shis attention to Naota as he begins working on seals. "Naota-san may I ask what is your specialty?"

Satomi got four out of five bullets. She caught the last one in her hand after her spike misses. Without looking she taps Fudo with her foot after he completes a hundred pushups. "Another hundred…" She simply says relentlessly. "Same pattern." She adds, again shooting five bullets up before activating her sewing. She placed her foot on Fudo's lower back again to straighten him out.

"You're doing pushups not bunching the ground, straighten up…" She says firmly, she could feel the strain leaving his back as it would with everyone. Waiting for it to pop back before she rises and falls with him with one foot, while looking up and tagging the bullets with her shadows, focussed on two things at the same time. She could be doing ten. "Howmany did you get Naota?" She asks, kicking Fudo's right hand away the moment he did ten pushups. Careful not to hurt his hand, but the message was clear.

Continuing to remain silent as he does more push ups, by the time he reaches his single arm push ups again, he stops on the ground. Well almost o nthe ground, he was still propped up on his arm, but he was low, and he wasn't going back up it seemed. "That is all I am capable of doing." Fudo would admitt as his arm shook quite a bit before he rolled on to his side. Muscle fatigue had set in silently, his face straight the entire time as he refused to show anything but that to Satomi at the moment. Still, his eyes closed in the pain of his msucles being strained beyond their limit for the moment.

Naota would shake his head slightly. "I got 6 of each, Satomi-san." Looking over towards Hinotori, he'd smile with a small nod. "Of course. I am an elemental calligraphist. Or in simpler terms, I use seals with elemental abilities in them. I currently can scribe and successfully control three elements. I am working on a fourth.. but it is taking time and a lot of patience." Gathering himself again, he'd do it once more, throwing out that earth wall and this time tried to push himself more to get the seals out in tandem and arching off the wall. Practice did help, he got up to 7, but still far from the 10 each total he needed.

Looking to Satomi and Fudo as they train, he shakes his head, "Lazy cheater." he says lowly but possibly loud enough for Satomi to hear him. He chuckles a bit then looks to Naota as he explains what his specialty is. "Wow, thats pretty impressive. I'm working on Water Jutsus now, seems I have both my strong and weak element affinity." he states a bit annoyed, but there is a faint grin on his lips.

Satomi smiles and looks at Fudo. "Good… stand up.." She says, while waiting for him to stand up, if he doesn't she would grab him by the arm and put him on his feet. "Now, squats. Fifty for starters." She knew pushups drained the entire body. But there sure had to be some juice left in his legs. And she was trying to make a point. After he started she would seize her own practice and watch them two. "Now… defend yourself." She says, while standing in front of Fudo. Waiting for him to be doing squats. The moment he's straight up she threw two simple straight punches at his chest. If he didn't block, they would hit. Not hard, but eventually that'll bruise.

The squats, at first, were almost a relief for Fudo. However, it wasn't without some strain, and it did begin to build prior to Satomi using the opportunity to attack him to keep him sharp, challenge his balance, and make him strain even more. He was able to see it coming, obviously, but that didn't mean he had all the time i nthe world to react, and seeing as his legs were planted, he only truly had one option, to take it. So he took it as best as he could, moving arms in to the way, even rolling his torso in to it to deflect the impact more as he timed it with his other movements, making it as little strain as possible.

Naota smiles towards Hinotori with a nod. "I'm seeking to actually use the water seal next I believe.. It is fluid like wind, strong like lightning and graceful as a mountain. It can also pressure just like that mountain on top of someone. A cumulation of different factors into such." Chuckling softly, Naota would get ready to do his own repetition again. He was making sure the slow pile he was building of rubble was away from Satomi and Fudo, so he wouldn't hit them.

Satomi smiles after Fudo completes his excersize. Either carrying home if he faints. Or walking off with a silent wave. "If you want to thank me, I'm free tomorrow, take me out for ramen." She chuckles before strolling down the road.

Hinotori stands up and stretches out a bit as he sees the training going pretty well, "Well I think I'm going to work with it in my taijutsu style or create a secondary one, something about the water gives an calming affect which is pretty nice." he grins.

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