Team Shadowstrike: Brewing away


Satomi, Fudo, Atsui, Nori, Hiei

Date: June 16, 2013


Shadowstrike is tasked with taking out a distillery nearby, a fitting first mission. Though opposition proofed to be stronger than expected!

Poster's note: foul language filtered in obvious places.

"Team Shadowstrike: Brewing away"

Land of fire

Satomi is sitting on a trunk a few hundred meters out of Konoha. She would rendevouz with her team there. Since Nori is doing other things she sent for Kumo, asking for Yotsuki Hiei's assistance in this particular mission. Mostly to improve diplomatic relations and finally solidify that alliance! Anywhoo, once everyone arrives they get greeted by a nod and a thorough check of their equipment. Satomi is quite precise regarding that. "Okay you guys aware what a distilry is?" Satomi asks. Once everyone is here.

She begins handing everyone a folder she clearly made herself. With the help of Naota's drawing for the less reading savvy amongst the group! Outlining what a distelry is, where this one is. What the expected resistance is and what the mission is. "We're to destroy this illegal one, for two reasons. One because it could explode if they make a mistake. And two because it's illegal. Now we get one shot at this, we need to eliminate it completely, no one can get away with any equipment got it?" At the last page there's an outline of the leader. A mobster by the name of Teng-Zixhao. From the southern lands. "Teng is our secondary objective. He'll likely be inspecting the distillry today. We want him alive." Satomi waits and looks at the group. "Any questions?"

It seemed that it was time to go on a mission and Fudo had been summoned for such. He arrived with a nod and would recieve the folder as the explination was given. Destroy illegal distillery and capture the one in charge of it. Both sounded relatively easy seperately, but together it may have a few problems that won't be known until everyone is there. "Ah Hiei, I didn't expect to see you for some time. And hellot Atsui. Is this your first mission?" he'd greet and ask of them as they arrived.

Atsui would show up as well. A mission, an offical mission! As opposed to him sneaking out on one. He wasn't quite all bubbly and cheer, but he was definitely.. eager. That's a good way to put it. Listening intently to Satomi, he'd nod slowly. That did make sense for what she said about the place. He'd look over the information in the folder, looking to Fudo with a nod as well. "Ahh.. well.. sorta.. I mean.. I.. sorta.. well.. snuck out on a mission.. with Nori-san.. it.. wasn't anything like this.. we were just.. looking into, some, uh.. merchants.. for Konoha." Atsui would nod slightly at that, before looking to Hiei, bowing to him. "It's an honor, to uhm.. to see you again, Hiei-san."

Hiei had arrived from Kumo the previous night, so he was wide eyed and bushy tailed when it came time for the mission. He was on loan from Kumo, but he was very excited to be part of the Konoha group again. He extends a fist towards both Fudo and Atsui in greeting. He offers Satomi a bow. "It's good to see you guys again. I have to say I was surprised when the Elders told me I had been asked for by name. He shoulders Atsui gently. "Hey, don't be so formal with me. We're all friends here, right?" He listens to the mission parameters before nodding. "Seems pretty straightforward to me, Satomi-san. Destroy a distillery, and capture the leader. Pretty standard stuff. And I'm good at destroying things." He winks. Even though there was a playful attitude about him, once the mission officially started, that would go away.

Flick… flick flick. Atsui gets flicked again as he stutters. "Stutter again and I'll think of a very creative 'reward' for you!" She then turns towards Hiei: "Just one moment guys.." Satomi leans in and hugs Hiei in tightly. "Hey.." She chuckles and then looks at the rest of the group. "Right, now that we're all here I propose we go. Everyone seems to grasp the mission essentials. "Remember guys, stuff's flammable there, or if you're in some bad luck combustable. So lets keep the sparks and flames to a minimum until we're outside. They're set up in a cave about half a day walking. That means we'll do it in an hour."

And there she goes, running off down the road. "Line formation, Atsui at the back. Hiei at the head. Fudo in the middle. I'll run parallel." She disappears, but they know the direction. She wanted to keep an eye on them and let them handle most of the mission. She just kept overwatch. When they're underway for about an hour. Satomi shows up and points to a ridge. "That's perfect. Atsui take point and sneak a peek. You should be able to see the cave from there. Keep your head low. And then use your eyes to see howmany guys are inside. And try to spot the leader as well, the details of his body type are in the folder. So feel free to study it properly before looking. Don't linger too long either, they're bound to be watching this ridge closely since it's the best vantage point." Yep, master tactician at work here!

Atsui sees two guys guarding the cave. Three more guys inside. Along with quite a bit of equipment. There's also a back exit of the cave. And the equipment stretches from start to finish. At the other exit are two more guards. All of them armed with katana's, tanto's and clubs.

"Fudo, if he's not there, it's about fifty meters. Do you think you can send a fireball into the cave? Like deep enough to cause an explosion?" She then turns towards Hiei. "I'm going to be using you to take point in a moment. If he's in there, I'll need you to rush in and out, nab him. When the guards close on you we show up. That means you'll need to suckerpunch him down in one hit. Think you can do that?

After they arrived and the orders were dished out, Fudo would simply nod. "I don't need any flammable materials to blow out that cavern." he'd state in answer to Satomi's question. Though…. getting closer wouldn't hurt… he had an idea for all of that. "Atsui…. if you could give me a lay out of any twists and turns from front to back of that cavern, it would be most… useful to me." Fudo stated with a smirk.

Atsui would wince, although Satomi would find that the headband for Konoha was now covering the initial place she had picked to flick. He didn't say anything else. While Satomi thought the simple application of that response would help him over come the studdering.. well.. it might.. but he had plenty of years of dealing with it to hash out, before it'd just.. go away. Either way, stopping with the others, Atsui would listen intently to Satomi. The folder opened again, he'd stare at the picture, memorizing it, before it'd get handed off. "Ok Fudo-san." Short, no studder! maybe that's an answer… Quietly, or at least as quietly as he could, Atsui would sneak up to that ridge. He already saw some of the people, but getting closer let him see more. Laying down on the edge of the ridge itself, he'd focus himself, pushing harder on his byakugan to sweep the cave, trying to get a good scan of the length and any jags in it, to give back to Fudo, before he'd start back to the others.

Hiei nods to Satomi as she outlined what his part in this mission would be. "Sucker punch him and bring him out. Shouldn't be too difficult." Hiei had changed a lot since leaving Konoha several months ago. Aside from growing three inches and putting on about twenty pounds of muscle, he had become much more comfortable with himself. And he had the Konoha nin to thank for that. He makes a series of handseals with his fingers. "Release: Rapid Movement." His body would be surrounded by a light blue chakra aura before it dissapates. "I'll also need directions on the quickest route to the leader as well, Atsui-san." He smirks. "And the last time we saw each other you were worried about not being useful. Look at you now." He leans forwards and places his hands out behind him, getting ready to sprint. His muscles were coiled and ready. "Ready to move on your order, Satomi-san."

Satomi nods. Waiting for Atsui to

Satomi nods. Waiting for Atsui to do his thing. She watches closely, happy with the communication. "Don't feel pressured Atsui. Just tell me what you - can - see. No need to focus on things you can't see. Focus on the things you - can - see." Satomi knew she needed to keep his moral up if he doesn't make it. "HEY, saw that?" Says one of the guards. Atsui suddenly feels a hand on his back, Satomi dragging him back a meter. "Hush.." She hisses at the group.

"Go check it out.." … "I got it.." Says the man. "Fudo, remember the detainment combination?" Satomi whispers to him. Waiting for him to nod. "We're doing it, but silently and without Naota. I hold him down, and you take him out, drag him to the group. Then henge into him, get on the ledge and wave at the other guard without saying anything. I need you to do it quickly, use your sharingan." She then looks at Hiei. "You and Atsui tie him down once he's down. Gag him, and loop around the cavern. Look for a back exit and wait on my signal." She nods, waiting for everyone to nod as well. And just in time, the man shows up, though the moment he shows up Satomi's shadows find his body. She quickly covers her own mouth so he does the same. Oh the merits of the shadow imitation!

Nodding a bit as his sharingan would activate, Fudo located the guard easily as Satomi snared him. Slipping behind him, Fudo would crack in to his neck and spine sharply with his elbow before pulling his hands back to roll the man's body back and away. A quick glance and a hand seal would have him henged as the guard, stepping over to the ledge where he would wave towards the other guard and then shrug a bit, indicating he'd not seen anything. He would then return and pull out some razor wire to start binding the downed guard.

Atsui frowned, he couldn't tell, at least not from this distance, who was what within that cave. Worse.. it seems he poked his head a little too far out, causing issues for the team. Sighing quietly, he'd keep still at Satomi's assistance, a small nod given in response as she would help take care of the man coming out. Squirming back, he'd crouch down low where Hiei was at. As Fudo and Hiei worked on the man, binding him, Atsui cleared some dirt and then with a finger quickly drew a fairly accurate map of the cave. X's were used for the position of the chakra signatures he saw, the machinery just a double line along the wall. "That's.. that's it. There's.. two guards in the back.. two at front.. three in middle.." He'd shake his head with a small sigh. "I couldn't.. tell who was who.. too far.. It.. it was just chakra signatures." He'd look over to Hiei and when the other teen was ready to go, he'd run off with him, heading for that back of the cave. Ok, so maybe not so good at sneaking around, but hey, he could at least give them information in general of the place!

When they get done tying up the guard, Fudo moved to Hiei and tapped him on the shoulder. "See you on the other side." he'd say, handing him a kunai and showing him the glint of razor wire before he'd toss a shuriken towards a tree and have it wrap around the trunk. "I expect to get that back."

Hiei murmurs, "Nice Fudo." He'd take the Kunai and nod. "You will." After Fudo does his thing, he rapidly ties the man up, and then gags him with a strip of cloth from his own clothing. When Satomi changes her orders and wants him to loop around to the back of the cave to look for a backdoor, he nods faintly, indicating that he understood. When Atsui starts stammering again, Hiei places a hand on his shoulder. "Let's go." He runs a little slowly at first, to make sure that Fudo's misdirection had taken hold before he accelerates slightly, moving around the outside of the cave while looking for something resembling an entrance. No matter if he found anything or not, he'd wait on Satomi's signal before doing much of anything else. All this sneaking around didn't set well with him, but when in Konoha, you do as the Konoha nin do. He would much rather go in through the front door, beat up anyone that steps into his path and then drag the guy out while kicking and screaming. He knew that if Misaki was here, she'd agree with him.

"Good, we'll corral them, make them flee right into Atsui and Hiei. Once they're out we blow up the cave, and then show up to support the second team." Satomi quickly formulated a plan and points at the cave entrance. "Go there, knock out the second guard…." She smiles. "Make a fire, and walk to the cave entrance. Start counting loudly from five to one while clearing showing them the fire. Wait for them to run out, then blow everything the beer up. She presses her ear, her intercom activating. "Atsui, I need you two to take out the guys guarding the cave, silently preferably!" She muses. Then closing off the intercom. "Gogogo.." She says at Fudo. Knowing he's henged and he can likely take out his guard while the guy doesn't even have a clue!

Inside the cave, two of the guards are just grunts. The third (wearing exceptionally evil colors, he even has a cane!) is seated in a chair, clearly the boss! DUN DUN DUNNNN

"Good, we'll corral them, make them flee right into Atsui and Hiei. Once they're out we blow up the cave, and then show up to support the second team." Satomi quickly formulated a plan and points at the cave entrance. "Go there, knock out the second guard…." She smiles. "Make a fire, and walk to the cave entrance. Start counting loudly from five to one while clearing showing them the fire. Wait for them to run out, then blow everything the beer up. She presses her ear, her intercom activating. She waves towards Atsui using the signals they practiced. 2, kill, silent. Clear enough? "Gogogo.." She says at Fudo. Knowing he's henged and he can likely take out his guard while the guy doesn't even have a clue!

Inside the cave, two of the guards are just grunts. The third (wearing exceptionally evil colors, he even has a cane!) is seated in a chair, clearly the boss! DUN DUN DUNNNN

"Good, we'll corral them, make them flee right into Atsui and Hiei. Once they're out we blow up the cave, and then show up to support the second team." Satomi quickly formulated a plan and points at the cave entrance. "Go there, knock out the second guard…." She smiles. "Make a fire, and walk to the cave entrance. Start counting loudly from five to one while clearing showing them the fire. Wait for them to run out, then blow everything the beer up. She waves towards Atsui using the signals they practiced. 2, kill, silent. Clear enough? "Gogogo.." She says at Fudo. Knowing he's henged and he can likely take out his guard while the guy doesn't even have a clue!

Inside the cave, two of the guards are just grunts. The third (wearing exceptionally evil colors, he even has a cane!) is seated in a chair, clearly the boss! DUN DUN DUNNNN

Nodding and inhaling a bit, Fudo made his way from the ridge down to where the other guy is. The other guard asked. "What took you so long?" Fudo would reply, "Had to go margarita on an ant mound… the fire ants are annoying out here." The other man would begin to laugh a bit as Fudo formed a hand seal causing the man to go "Wha?" before he was on his knees and then kneed hard in the face. Raising his gaze, Fudo would begin to step in to the cavern as he'd form a few more hand seals and fire off a ball of condensced flame in an area that the machinery was not located due to Atsui's intell. "You have Five… second be Four…. I roast all Three… of you goons in Two… ash with just One…" he'd let them have just barely more time before he'd yell through the cavern, "Fire Release: Dragon Fire Jutsu!" sending a large, powerful gout of flame i nthe direction of all of the flammable, volatile materials. Hopefully, they knew how to count.

Heading for that back of the cave, he'd help lead/point the direction of it's opening to Hiei. The guy was faster that Atsui, but he had one thing to almost put him on level with the others.. information. Eyes narrowed in concentration, Atsui would hold up two fingers, one on each hand, he'd point with the left hand at Hiei, the right to his own chest. As they got closer to the guards, Atsui would go for the right guard, coming in with that blur of leaves to strike at his chin, following up with the palm strike to the chest for the stun, before rapidly firing through those 32 points to start shutting the man's chakra network down.

Satomi watches it all unfold. Keeping overwatch just like she said she would. All three outer guards are easily disposed off. Having the element of suprise is certainly nice. Though when she sees how Fudo plans to solve the cave issue she can't help but shudder. "No no no.." She rushes up for Fudo, who suddenly gets tackled out to the side of the cave. And just in time, because while he breaths fire into the cave, where does the air go? Right, back out! Backdraft! Along with the explosive material, Fudo would have been fried. But now he's safely on the ground, slightly bruised up though, Satomi as well. Her arm has a few cuts and bruises. At least they're both safe. Lets hope they stuck to the outside of the cave on the other side!

By now two guards pour out of the other side of the cafe, along with the head mobster with his black and red suit. "Ale!" He says while beginning to sprint off as each guard engages Hiei and Atsui.

5t "Lets loop around." Satomi says, quickly running around the cave with Fudo. Pointing at the guards who are engaging Hiei and Atsui. "Go help Atsui. HIEI TAKE THE RUNNER!" She shouts. Jumping up in a tree and relaxing. Like clockwork! This seems to be. When Fudo arrives he gets a Katana slashed his way. This guy's good! Atsui gets pounded at with physical combinations by a taijutsu expert. And the boss, man he runs fast!

And just as Fudo is about to turn and walk away without looking…. he gets tackled by Staomi and tumbles out of the way of the back draft that he'd of maybe just barely gotten away enough from like a baws… Grunting a bit at being side swiped, he just dusts himself off and goes to assist the other two around the other side. As he arrived there, a slash comes his way, but he sees it quite clearly. However, his chakra is quite low, thus when he causes the man to lesson his resolve i nthe strike ans slips in to his guard, drawing his sword to slash at the man as he passes by, his sharingan is gone for now.

A taijutsuist, attacking a Hyuuga at close range? That was.. foolish, at best. The strikes were nimbly avoided, like the boy could see what was coming in cleanly, smoothly, dodging inside of it. The man was within that eight trigrams range and he was going to have to deal with the results. Those strikes began, at such close range, there was most likely no way he'd avoid all of them, two into four, into eight into sixteen. Pushing the man back, the strikes went even faster, thirty two into sixty four hits! It seems that Atsui, the genin who wasn't sure of himself, could push out that rapid fire attack that was known for the Hyuuga. "Eight trigrams sixty four palms!" He'd watch the man attentively, figuring the collapse of the chakra network should put him down, or at least stagger him severely.

Hiei took on a fighting stance when the guys started coming out of the hole. But then Satomi told him to go after the runner, so he turns on his heel and then rockets off while kicking up dirt in his wake. He withdraws a kunai and throws it towards the man's upper thigh. She wanted him alive, but she didn't say unscathed. "Stay down and you won't be hurt. Try to run again, and I'll kill you."

Satomi keeps an eye on everything that happends. Fudo's subtle strike hits a wall. When he looks on the ground he finds a barrier seal! Hm, what a move! A sudden hiss while the seal collapses and the man aims to smack a paperbomb on Fudo's face while retreating with a body flicker.

Atsui doesn't have it easy either. The guy he's after moves so fast it appears none of his strikes hit home! "He needs to get faster.." Satomi whispers to herself. Shifting her gaze at Hiei. She might need to help him. But she'll let him sort his own issues for now. The boss drops on the ground as if Hiei hit him in the thigh. In truth he dodged it elegantly. When Hiei is close enough. "Okay I yield…" The man says. Before suddenly he twirls like a breakdancer. His feet going in the air first, swirling around while sending lines of fire at Hiei. Firetai! He does two kicks like that and gets on his feet. "Alright boy, you and me.." He says.

That was a fast barrier indeed. Fudo would smirk as the man seemed to have at least some talent. His gaze shifted to see the paper bombed, narrowing his eyes a bit as he would spin out of the way, tumble to the side, and raise his gauntlet to take any debris that came to his face. At the same time, he draws a fuuma shuriken and launches it towards the man, sending it to seek it's target as he himself would leap in to the air and try to somersault over him. He pulled the wire then sharply, not trying to direct the attack any more, but instead trying to garrote him from behind as he dashed forward with a low thrust, rising up towards his upper back with a sudden, rapid raise of the blade and Fudo's form with it.

Atsui gritted his teeth. Once again he was stuck with this.. this mess! They would avoid what he did, they would be faster, like he couldn't aim right, he couldn't finish them. Shaking his head, he'd continue on, a palm aimed at the man, he'd strike out with that juuken, following it up with a genjutsu that would make the man feel like his entire chakra network had simply.. stopped. Atsui followed it up with another juuken strike, to send him stumbling away.

RPCOMBAT Hiei took 284 damage.

Hiei was surprised that the man was actually a fighter. The first fire kick burns him on the shins, but the second one he managed to dodge on pure speed alone, leaping into the air and backflipping. When he issues Hiei an open challenge, the Kumo ninja smiles. "Awesome. I was hoping you wouldn't be easy." His fingers form handseals before he says, "Release: Lightning Movement!" A bright blue aura infused with lighting surrounds his body as he completes the nintaijutsu. Gripping his sword again, he attacks with the blunt side of the blade, aiming for the base of his neck, then he spins in place as lightning flows down the blade once again before he attacks.

Atsui gets to his guy this time, he managed to be just a tad faster! "Right.." Satomi encourages him in her mind while Fudo is… well being Fudo. Very impressive but showy none the less. She does wince when she sees what he's doing with those wires. Not bad for the Konoha official Uchiha boytoy. At least, according to certain Kumo sources! Satomi giggles to herself while recalling that particular instance. Before looking at Hiei. Who seems to be in a bit of trouble. Well now Fudo and Atsui disposed of their guys.

"ATSUI, TAKE THEM, TIE THEM UP AND BUNCH THEM UP WHERE WE GOT THE INITIAL GUY. KEEP THEIR CHAKRA NETWORK DOWN. WE'LL BE RIGHT ALONG!" Satomi yells at him. "Fudo, go help Hiei…" She hops off from the tree and walks up a bit closer. Taking her time. If things go south she can always shadow sew the guys wine to oblivion!

The boss deflects Hiei's first attack. And then ducks under his lightning flow sharp. "Almost lightning boy." Captain evil Kenivel hisses. Reaching over his shoulder while pulling out just a hilt? Suddenly fire chakra blazes through the weapon. Now he's holding a tanto made purely of fire! It even drips fire! He slashes at Hiei with it once, before breathing in, blowing out a fireball. Not at Hiei, but at Fudo!

Fudo looked rather flippantly up at the fire brething boss as he'd duck below the fire ball, allowing it to travle above him as he extended one leg and full bent his knee in a crouch with the other, a kunai tossed while he was unable to be seen. "Yeah… about that…" Fudo would say as he exhaled slowly after the flames blew over his form. The invisible gas filling the air. "You really shouldn't play with fire…" *BOOM*

Hiei dodges the fire tonfa and rolls out of the way when Fudo shows up. He nods a thank you to the Konoha nin for having his back. His expression changes to a cold indifference when he looks back towards the boss. "You shouldn't underestimate us, old man." His fingers move in handseals again before he tucks his fist down by his waist just before it begins to crackle with lightning. "Ninja Art: Lightning Shotgun!" He shoots his fist forwards with his palm out before a blast of lightning shoots out towards the boss. Following up his attack, his body seems to warp and disappear just before he attacks. "Give up. This won't end well for you."

The man is slightly annoyed his attacks aren't working. He also didn't expect that move Fudo pulled! All scorged now, he gets blasted back by the shotgun, but the flash strike hits him in the chest, causing a very deep wound. He grunts. "This isn't even my final form!" He blurts out! Suddenly he lashes out at Hiei, he uses chi magic after all! A move is all he needs, a chinese seal gets planted on Hiei's face. As the man begins healing and growing, Hiei quickly feels the strength beings drained from him.

"Now… you are mine!" He sucks out chakra with a sort of seal connection! But Fudo can see where it's coming from if he uses his sharingan. There's two seals on both the man's shoulderblades which seem to be the center of the jutsu!

While the suction hurts like a cider it's not painful enough to shut Hiei down. Or fast enough for all that matter. So he can still fuction, he can just feel his strength being drained while the opponent begins buffing up!

Fudo took the moments between the explosion, Hiei's own assault.. and the strange seals that the man was creating in order to gather his chakra once more and reactivate the Sharingan. He wanted to see what was truly going on and figure out if he could assist Hiei in a way that would not harm him. He would notice the two seals on the man's shoulder blades and narrow his eyes a bit as he seemed to be siphoning chakra from Hiei as well. Fire would be too close fore Hiei, and so would using his sword. He could attack him physically but that contact may get him trapped as well. So instead…. "Mekura." Fudo would murmur as… nothing would happen. At least from the bosses perspective. He would, if Fudo succeeded, be stuck in a perceptual loop, feeling the chakra drain, feeling Hiei struggle, hearing him strain and try to get free. Everything would be just as he had been seeing it for this past while. "Hiei, you should be able to get away now." Fudo would state, and he'd wait for him to do so before he'd send out a trio of shuriken to wrap the target up and attempt to capture him.

Hiei felt his strength leave him as the paper landed on his forehead. However, if it was stamina this guy was draining, loosing a little bit wasn't going to hinder him much. However, he does go down to one knee before ripping the paper seal from his head. He growls. "This isn't fighting." Blue eyes would stare at the boss. "Coward." He spits out before he looks at Fudo. "I don't know what you did, but arigato, Fudo-san." The need to kill this man was welling up inside, but the mission parameters stated that he had to be brought in alive. So now, he waits to see what happens before he makes another move, using this time to rest a bit.

Fudo managed to restrain the man. Who tries to burst out, but fails! "Good job." Satomi says. Approaching from the bushes. Her shadow creeping over the target. Holding him down more firmly, while a seperate branch begins choking him out. "Once he's out, you and Hiei coordinate the prisoner transport back. I'll clean up over here.." She smiles at Fudo and then Hiei. "I'm counting on you doing this properly Fudo!" She says. "You okay Hiei?" She then asks.

"Of course Hiei. I've got your back." Fudo would state before listening to and nodding to Satomi. "Hiei… my kunai." Fudo would say, and once he retrived it back, he would loop it around a tree at this level, making sure it was secure before he'd move to hurl the man over his shoulder. "You are faster than me, so i want to keep you light as we return to Konoha." Fudo stated as he leapt up to land o nthe razor wire, his tree walking skills evident as he began to race up the line that got them up to the top of the ridge with ease even while transporting the captive. "It may take slightly longer, but within 2 hours we should arrive back." Fudo would say to everyone as they would begin to move out.

Hiei rolls his shoulders a little and frowns before he says to Satomi. "I don't know what kind of jutsu that was. He was draining my chakra..until Fudo broke me out of it." He points at the paper seal on the ground. "He used that. Your intel guys might want to take a look at it." When Fudo tosses the guy over his shoulder, Hiei would nod to him after giving him back his kunai. "I'll make sure no one tries to ambush us on the way back. No telling how many contacts this guy has."

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