Team Siren Meets!


Hanako, Amani, Kotone, Nariko

Date: August 5, 2013


The Kumogakure Team Siren meets for the first time as a team.

"Team Siren Meets!"

Raiun Falls

As the sun rises over the eastern horizon, Hanako stands by the lake at the bottom of Raiun Falls. After her conversation with Kotone, the Yamayuki had sent

out letters to each of the girls - Nariko, Amani and Kotone - inviting them to a meeting here at the waterfall. The young singer and superstar waits patiently in a

small gazebo near the edge of the lake, elbows resting gently on the wooden rails as she listens to the dull and distant roar of the water and watches the mist roll

across the grassy ground. Her back is turned towards the entrance of the gazebo, and the Utatori waits until all of her new Genin have arrived.

Kotone makes her way to the lake area- she liked this place, it was spacious and afforded some degree of privacy most days. Also she could come here straight

form her training, which is what she's done today. Once more, she has bumps and grazes and looks a little tired- she's been working hard with her dad to unlock the

Nejigan the 'traditional' way, which is really an exercize recklessness- surprise attacks, controlled rockslides, traps and other such things designed to get that

'danger sense' tingling.

Which makes it all the sweeter when, bumped, bruised, grazed and tired as she is, she plods her way towards the Gazebo with those spiral pupils showing.

An early morning for the young Yotsuki woman and Nariko made her way down to the lake after receiving her letter from Hanako. She had a skip in her walk,

clearly excited about her first training with her team. When she gets closer she notices two figures standing at the Gazebo. As she approaches the Gazebo, she bows to

Hanako. "Good morning Hanako-san." She looks towards Kotone and smiles. "Good morning Kotone."

"Yay, the lake…" Amani mutters to herself as she arrived. After bathing, she didn't want to.stand around the coldest water ever, but what the heck. "I've

arrived! So, what's the deal? I've got patients to treat and all. Although, that wouldn't be happening until later. "What should I expect from this meeting?"

As the last of the girls arrive, Hanako turns around slowly to look at them. "Good morning, girls," she greets the trio, still leaning against the wooden rail,

"Especially you, Amani-kun, as we haven't met yet. I'm Utatori Hanako. Nariko-kun approached me asking for some assistance in helping to build the three of you into a

proper shinobi team. I decided that before we get into proper training, I'd like to meet the three of you all together. So, tell me about yourselves. What are your

goals? Likes and dislikes? And…" She grins as she looks over the three girls, seeing a range of emotions and levels of interest, "Which of my songs is your

favourite?" Of course, she assumes that the girls have heard of her and actually -like- her music.

Kotone grins, "Well, I wanna be the best shinobi ever." Kotone says as for her goals, "Or rather, Kumo saved me and my dad when I was younger, so I wanna get

strong enough to repay the favor." She explains in more detail then.

Likes and dislikes, "Welll… I like meat, I dislike vegetables, especially green ones…" she contempaltes then. The last song catches her off guard.

"Uhmmm… errr… My favorite is uh… Ai no Jutsu!" she may or may not be making that up on the spot. She's actually not entirely familiar with Hanako's music.

Nariko hrms and looks up, trying to think of her goal. "I guess my goal would be able to defend the ones I love and my home." She looks down and smiles. "I

love pranks. And I hate rocks." She has to think a bit about the song and what songs her dad plays…over and over in his den. "Well, I will have to say Dancing on the

River. It's also my dad's favorite." She shakes her head, just thinking of her father trying to sing it made her laugh.

"…" Amani was silent for a few moments. "I haven't heard your music," she states. "But, my goals are simple enough. I want to be the head medic at the

hospital. I also want to improve my abilities with sound. I use a bow and arrow with my jutsu to produce different effects," she explained. "I dislike idiots and I

like people that have sense. My job revolves around sensibility on most cases. I admire that. I grow weary of people that come in and give me trouble because they

cause themselves pain. It's annoying and degrading." Her arms were folded at this point.

Hanako nods slowly as she looks between each of the girls, and laughs. "Well, what a diverse group you," she says, standing up straight off the balustrade now,

"That's good. When there's diversity you can cover each others' weaknesses. My job here is simple, to help you help each other to reach your goals. So, I guess you

better get to know me as well. I'm Utatori Hanako, sixteen years old and a Chuunin of Kumogakure. I was a professional singer for three years. I want to lift

Kumogakure to new heights, inspire its people and heal its wounds. I like music, interesting people and the hot springs. I dislike rudeness and tardiness. And my

favourite song is Tori no Uta." She folds her arms, mimicking Amani's body language. "So, we're going to embark on a few training sessions over the next few weeks that

will help you boost each other both in and out of combat. How does that sound? Any questions?"

"When can we start?" Is Kotone's question- she's eager, that's for sure, but then she was already training before she came here so she's already psyched up.

"Also, what will the team be called, I had some ideas, llike Kumo's Killer Kunoichi…" she begins. She recalls them settling on Sirens before, but hey, it's worth a

shot right?

Nariko looks at Hanako and smiles as she explains herself. She nods to Hanako and smiles. Just what she wanted to hear. "Sounds great!" She claps her hands

together and looks to Kotone and chuckles. "I thought Sirens sounded pretty good. I don't know about Kumo's Killer Kunoichi. It's much too long." She had the same

question as Kotone, when do they start, she couldn't wait to get started.

This girl sounds a bit flowery, but Amani supposes she can go along with it. "I'm not that eager to start. I don't train like that…" She pointed out

Kotone's current condition. Looks like she's on her own. "You all can pick the name. I'm not good at that sort of thing."

Hanako is still measuring up the girls, working out who is who and how they could fit together as a team. "Well now, I'd heard the rumours of people referring

to us as Team Siren. Personally, I'd be partial to Siren Squad," she says, and looks at Amani, "Maybe you haven't trained like that in the past, Amani-kun, but if you

want to learn to support your team, you'll need to train with them. Who knows? Maybe you can stop them from getting injured and sent in to the hospital, where you'd

have to treat them anyway. You did say that you hated having to treat people who were injured due to stupidity." She grins at the girl, and then stands. "Alright,

we'll begin our training tomorrow. Thank you for coming this morning, and I'll see you all in the training grounds at the same time!"

Kotone grins and gives a thumbs up, "Awesome!" she says then. "I'll see you guys here tomorrow." She comments. "But for now… I really should get cleaned up.

Was training with pops most of the night."

Nariko smiles at everyone. "I can't wait." She claps her hands and looks to Amani. "Come on, it'll be fun and different." She gives a reassuring smile and then

nods in agreement with Hanako. "It would help us all. You're a very important person." She looks back to Hanako, bowing her head. "Thank you again Hanako-san."

"Do you have any idea of how she trains?" Amani shook her head. She couldn't do what Kotone did. "I don't mind training, but I'm not about to kill myself

while trying. There are limits to these things," she seemed a bit upset. "Yeah, I did say that…" Hehe. "Training begins tomorrow? I'll be there."

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