Team Terror: Arrival of the Eco-Terrorist


Hiei, Hiroyasu, Michiko, Misa, Ryouji

Date: February 14, 2014


A group of Genin are tasked to deliver a scroll of names to the warden of the new prison in Kumogakure. They are ambushed by Flexy Lex, an Eco-Terrorist.

"Team Terror: Arrival of the Eco-Terrorist"

Lowlands - Land of Lightning

Wherever Misa, Ryouji, and Michiko are, a hawk would find them with a small scrap of paper attached to it's leg. The paper informs them that they have been officially tapped for a mission and that they are to gather near the main gate of Kumogakure for their mission briefing. When they arrive both Hiroyasu and Hiei are waiting for them. Hiei is pretty much standing there with a smile on his face, but they might notice that he's not dressed to travel. He's sporting a pair of loose fitting black pants and a dark blue long sleeved t-shirt with the emblem of the Yotsuki clan on the front. He's not even armed. He greets each of them once they arrive and then leans against the gate itself. Looks like these guys will be tackling this one on their own. Whatever it is they have to do.

Michiko was reading about various training she might try later when she saw the hawk. Since it's one of her first missions, she seems rather excited and nervous as she approaches the gates to the village. She carries with her the usual equipment, no visible weapons. Spotting Hiei results in a friendly wave to the Chuunin.

Headband atop her head, Hebisuuhai Misa did arrive at the gate at the time requested - the young woman dressed for bear. A sheath with a little dagger upon her waist, and pouches - no doubt filled with kunai. Black and purple were her colours, and the masked young woman inclines her head to Hiei when she arrives, dipping forward in a bow to the man, before straightening again. The green eyes of the young woman could not help but take in his appearance. He did not look like he was coming.

She did not appear overly worried. Even if her eyes flicker towards Michiko then, Misa canting her head to the side, green eyes fixed upon her. "…hello," she says.

Ryouji heads to the gate on time. He's got his normal outfit on save for a traveling cloak that helps keep the rain at bay. He approaches Hiro and Hiei and bows respectfully and says, "Hello." Then looks over at the two girls Misa and Michiko before saying, "So, is this a permanent team up for us three or just for this mission, Hiei-sensei? We were missing a third person afterall." He smiles at the girls, "Hello Misa-kun, Michiko-san. I hope we work well together for the mission."

- Of course Hiroyasu was present, he sent the hawks and wrote the message. "Greetings all. As this may be your first or second official mission, you may not be familiar that in General all missions are approved through my desk and checked through our intelligence office. Today its simple; There was a prison break recently and many low level criminals did manage to escape before our elite squads managed to contain and quell it. Now intelligence has confirmed that the prison break was actually orchestrated as a diversion to break free the master bandit known as the Ox King. Since then crime in general has oddly gone silent; With many bandit gangs who formed in his absence suddenly disappearing.." he clears his throat "Now this has almost nothing to do with your task, but its important that you stay abreast of the current situations.. Your task is to deliver this scroll to the prison warden which contains the list of those criminals unaccounted for.. A simple courier task" he says holding up the scroll. "This is also an evaluation, so I will traveling with you. Your Sensei is forbidden from attending or even being near you during this evaluation.. so if you have anything you need from him.. I asked him here so you can do so now" he says looking to each to see if there were questions or just looks of total confusion. -

Hiei walks over to the three genin and smiles at Ryouji. "As far as I'm aware you three have been teamed up for just this mission. But who knows?" He looks at all three of them. "This a good mission to cut your teeth on. Remember your training and look out for one another." He then steps away from them. "Use good judgement and I'm sure you'll all be fine. I look forward to hearing about your adventure when you return to the village." He places his hands behind his back and nods at Hiroyasu. "They're all yours, Katayama-san."

Michiko nods in greeting to Ryouji and Misa, despite not knowing the latter. She probably will get to know her soon. "Hi, Ryouji-san," she says. She turns her attention to Hiro when he starts to talk, analyzing the information fairly quickly. She has a look of determination, obviously intending to do the best she can.

It was a bit odd for Misa to have Hiro be all official and stuff. "Hebisuuhai Misa," says she, her tone of voice somewhere between a sibilant whisper and a normal tone as she inclines her head in greeting to Michiko. "Thank you, though, Hiei-sensei, I look forward to proving ourselves," she says.

A pause.

"Well," says she. "I understand, Hiroyasu-san - Hiei-san, would you have any advice for us? You must have traveled to the prison before."

Ryouji nods in understanding but raises his hand anyway. He asks, "How valuable is this scroll? Or I should say, the list of names on the scroll. Should we be encountering any resistance between here and there and if so, how much?" He does like Michiko's determination and has that same look. More of a hungry look actually. He still looks relaxed though, he's not about to get into a runners start just yet. He looks like he's about to say something to Misa's question, but closes his mouth. It wasn't exactly addressed to him.

- Hiroyasu rubs back the of his head to the question "Not especially, its not like it contains information that isn't public knowledge. But because it could be altered if we sent it by Courier Bird.. It has to be delivered by hand, it's been wax sealed, if it arrives with the seal broken.. The document is considered compromised and we will have send another." he chuckles a moment "I find those questions always amusing.. We are an Intelligence division.. not your fortune tellers. There is no assurances of anything in our line of work. Criminal Presence as I said is not especially active, and this list doesn't contain any Shinobi or HVTs.. so there is little incentive to take it.. Mostly just lowlives and thugs who were sacrificial pawns for their organizations" he waves them on "Well we better get moving.. You can feel to travel however makes you comfortable".. as he says that his large kumogakurian war-horse is trotted out from the stable and he hops up in the saddle, and tosses the scroll into the air at them "Decide who is your squadron leader, and whose is the courier.. we will leave on your discretion.." he says leaning forward and watching them. -

Hiei listens to the questions and then chuckles. He motions to Hiroyasu. "There you go. No real way to anticipate what will happen." He glances over at Hiro. "They're so cute at this age." He chuckles and then thwaps Ryouji on the back. "You'll just have to find out on the road, Reizei-san. Well, I'm out of there. I have a being my day off. So you guys have fun." He waves and then heads back inside of the village.

Michiko gives a small smile and waves as Hiei departs. She also tells Misa, "Iwata Michiko." She hrms softly as she thinks over Hiro's words. "Umm… I don't think I should be the squadron leader on my first mission. What do you think, Ryouji-san? Misa-san!"

If no one stands in her way, Misa would step forward, attempting to take ahold of the scroll. "I wish to carry it," says Misa, glancing around towards the two other genin as if looking for confirmation. Although it was Hiei that draws her attention next. "Do enjoy, Hiei-sensei," she states, letting her eyes track after him. "If you do not wish to - Ryouji-san should," says Misa, flickering her eyes towards him, her gaze a bit steady.

Ryouji gives a shrug, he's heard of most missions going like this. Even D-ranked ones. But then again, whoever heard of someone being attacked by ninja while weeding a garden for an old lady? Ryouji waves and watches the pair leave. "Ok, well then, it wouldn't hurt to try leading. Though I'd like a better reason next time why you don't want to Michiko-san." He smiles, "Don't really know why you don't want to be a leader, but maybe you're good at it and you just don't know it?" He smiles and starts off. "Ok, prision should be that way if I remember right." He points down a trail, mostly sure it's the right one.

- Hiroyasu nods to Hiei "I remember when we asked stuff like that too.. In the academy they teach you everything from paper where the numbers are known and the circumstances are plainly visible. The field is much different than the theory.. Its just the skills you acquired in practice that matter rather than how situation matches the book example." then he shakes his head at Ryouji "That was the broken one, they were transferred to a different facility deeper in the lowlands while its being repaired. So its more like" he points "In that direction and several hours of boring road versus the 10 minutes down the trail to the old one.." he sneers before rubbing the Mane of his horse. "You ready girl" he says to the horse as they take off. -

Michiko doesn't object to Misa taking the task of scroll-bearer. "I don't mind if Ryouji-san takes the position." She smiles softly. "Of course. And that may be true, but I can wait for my turn." She glances in the direction he points to and tilts her head slightly before Hiro speaks up. "Ah… We should get going if it's a long journey." She makes sure the mark of a Kumo-nin is secured around her neck.

"I enjoy to travel. And several hours will be good to get to know each other," says Misa, bringing up her hand to rest upon the weighted belt that she wears, breathing out deeply through her nose. The masked nin turns her eyes towards the others, secreting the scroll unto a pouch on her belt. In spite of Hiro's correction, Misa does fall into line behind Ryouji - even if her eyes were on Hiroyasu. She was kinda swiveling her neck a bit.

Ryouji nods to Michiko's point, maybe next time. He leads the group and lets his cloak hang behind him, he won't need it just yet. Though right now leading the group just means being in front. While traveling, he does try to practice expanding his senses outward, to no luck yet. He lets his sword stay on his belt for now, who knows if he'll really need it. He starts off in a gentle run, to see if the pair can keep up with him. Best to get to the prison as fast as possible, like a courier should. "When one of you need a rest, let me know." he says letting his arms fan out behind him.

- Hiroyasu points to Ryouji "Follow that one.. Arigatto Jinx" he says ruffling the mane of his horse before propping back in his saddle with an eye lazily on them before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a book that he idly reads while the young genin have their chance to bond or whatever. "The mark of true team is not who is the leader, but who you can trust to step up when the situation calls for it.." he says pausing to flick a page.. "And remember, I'm here as an observer and will only intervene in case of extreme need. Cause you need to be trusted cause soon we will leave you to command your own missions.. and if your always looking for a Chuunin or Jounin to be your savior, you will be a pathetic Shinobi." his words of warning and reminder before going back to his book. -

The trips is very uneventful for the most part. A couple hours into the mission, however, things start to look a little more interesting. A kunai flies out of nowhere to strike the ground in front of the group as a disembodied voice speaks:

"Prepare for a Calamity
Make It A Double Whammy
To cover the planet in vegetation
To unite all trees in forrestation
To denounce the evils of dirt and mud
To raise our leaves to the skies above…"

A lone figure leaps out from behind a boulder, flipping end over end until he hits the ground in a crouch. "Ooooh Yeeeah!" A large dark skinned male with a wooden mask on appears in the middle of the path. His white hair is tied into a braid that cascades over his shoulder. He is without a shirt, but wears a pair of black leather pants with tassels going down the side. The wooden mask show a pair of blue eyes behind it and there is a triangle shaped mark on the forehead of the mask itself. "I am Captain Perfection, the one and only Flexy Lex!" He begins to flex his heavily muscled form, pretty much showing off before he looks over at Ryouji. "Remember me, little man?" He points all dramatic like. "I want, want, want that scroll you carry! And I'm not taking no for no answer! Oooh Yeah!" He turns his back to the group and flexes again. "Look at it ladies. You ain't never seen muscles like this. Oh yeah, I'm sooo pretty!"

Michiko follows after Ryouji and Misa, keeping up the pace with relative ease. The Kunai causes her to stop in her tracks, and suddenly there is a … Some strange man showing off his muscles… It's rather difficult to take him seriously, but she takes her time to look him over and analyze what she's seeing.

For the most part, Misa was happy to follow along behind the others. And in spite of suggesting that she wanted to get to know the others - for the most part, she remained quiet. Small talk did of course occur, and if she was asked a question directly, she was more than happy to respond, but for the most part? There was a quiet from her.

At least until the Lex guy showed up. Narrowing her eyes on the man, she waits to listen to what he says. A quirk of her head to one side, and she waits until he demands the scroll. Giving a quick flicker of her eyes towards Michiko, then, she looks back to him. Drawing a breath as if to speak, Misa instead takes a step to one side, letting her eyes drift to Ryouji's head.

Ryouji mumbles, "Not that guy again." At least he's not having to beat him off a wagon this time. He stops and grips the handle of his sword, but not drawing it out just yet. "You! Flexy Lex, you don't look that strong to me. But you won't be getting anything from us. I don't know what you're talking about, what scroll?"

- The sound of a Kunai through the air perks Hiroyasu's attention from the book.. "Oh.. by the goat ogre.." he groans hearing the introduction, followed by the bravado.. causing a face palm "Is this the only criminals the Ox King left.. the ones that amuse him" there is a deep sigh.. as the book is slipped back into the pocket.. Trained eyes searching the situation for threat assessment, opponent strength.. "Not a test, if that is what you all are thinking.. We've gotten reports.. many infact of a group with unusual antics disrupting shinobi business.." reminding them, what's next a dramatic pose and expose of their world domination plan.. urgh -

Lex points towards the sky, flexing his bicep in the process. "I'm the most powerful warrior in these here parts, little man. And an expert swordsman to boot!" He pauses a moment and searches around until he finds a tree branch, or at leat part of one. "This is my mighty blade 'Treelo'!" He takes a few practice swipes with it. "You can't fool me, little man. You and these pretty ladies will feel my wrath! I will take it from your dead bodies! Oooh Yeeeah!" And with that, he rushes the group of genin. He goes to swing at Ryouji, but trips over his own two feet and falls flat on his face. However the 'sword' flies out of his hands towards Ryouji's knees. He rolls on the ground in an attempt to get back up, but as he does, his body rolls towards Misa. Finally he kicks a leg out to get back up to his feet, but his leg moves towards Michiko as he rises to his feet. He takes a moment to look around himself before he scratches his head. "I meant to do that…"

Michiko manages to avoid the kick, slightly surprised by this enemy's … clumsiness. As she jumps back, she reaches into her pouch and pulls out two Kunai, swiftly throwing them in the direction of Flex-whatever.

"You know this guy from before?" Misa asks, turning her eyes towards Ryouji for one brief moment - before the older… bandit… attacks. It was a bit embarrassing, overall. Regardless of such things, the young woman's eyes widen in shock, and in the middle of pulling a block of wood out of her gear - she finds herself bowled over by that man.

Likewise, it was an accident, but maybe the wood itself, in Misa's flailing, would be tossed towards him, as she falls flat on her face. Scrunching her nose, she starts to straighten up, pulling herself up to her feet.

Ryouji yanks his saya from his belt with his sword still in it. The tree branch bounces off the whitewood saya and harmlessly away. He says, "This guy is real? I thought he was…nevermind." and charges forward. "You're going down this time, I've gotten faster. Be careful, he's not all bluster." With that he gets up dangerously close to the target and starts to draw his sword, but instead of fully drawing it, he uses the hilt as a club to aim for the chin of Flexy with hopes of a stunning attack. Then follows up with a quick kick and finally drawing his sword out for a slice. "Yeah, he captured Nariko-senpai and tried to steal our supplies we were delivering." he says.

- Don't confuse him with lazy, cause he was indeed monitoring the situation.. but if he just leapt in and saved them how could they ever learn.. and at least they have someone to watch out for them.. Not like how they had to muscle through every situation by the sheer force of grit and ignorance. Hiroyasu's hand has several seals quietly at rest between his fingers just in case worse comes to worse. But this was actually waay more interesting than his book.. "Yes he is real." answering Ryouji's question.. -

Flexy Lex widens his eyes as Michiko throws kunai at him. He backpedals, only to fall on his butt just as her kunai whizz past where his head used to be. With a small yelp he rolls away to dodge Misa's piece of wood. He tries to get up again, only to fall forwards onto his face once again, making Ryouji miss with the hilt of his blade. He scrambles up to his feet, only to be kicked back several feet by the genin. And then he covers his face with his arm, which is sliced into by Ryouji. "Owowowowow! That hurt!" He backflips up to his feet and takes a moment to dust himself off. His hand curls into a fist and he moves to strike Ryouji but he gets sidetracked by looking at his bicep. The punch turns into a flex. "Wow. I think it's bigger. It /is/ bigger. I am so awesome!" He twirls in place while kicking in the air almost like a cheerleader, and it's that kick that Ryouji has to watch out for. He then gets his focus back and turns towards the kunoichi. "Yap, yap, yap. Your boyfriend talks too much." He says towards Michiko before he throws a kunai towards her. Then he picks up a rock and throws it towards Misa…promptly smacking himself in the face. "Owow…" He rubs that place on his mask. "Come on. Give me the scroll before I have to get serious!"

Michiko's eyes widen as the Kunai is sent her way. She quickly pulls out a third Kunai to deflect the projectile, fortunately being successful this time. The Kunai is then tucked into her pouch and she does a few hand seals before launching a bolt of fire in the direction of Flexy-Lex.

This time, Misa was ready. After gathering herself to her feet, Misa narrows her green eyes on Flexy Lex, the young woman, at least, seemingly entirely immune to his charms. At least everyone was thinking Ryouji was someone else's boyfriend now. When the rock comes heading towards her, Misa actually leaps up at it - flipping backwards - hands snapping up to grab it out of the air before she completes the flip, Misa spinning on one toe before she returns it with a spinny toss of her noodle arms.

"Best you do not get serious," she returns. "Lest I do!" the kunoichi calls back at him.

Ryouji sees the attack coming and just steps back. Best way to counter an attack, no be there. But now Flexy is closer and Ryouji brings his sword a few slices with his sword. He brings the sword over and under three times before bringing it out in front of him in a defensive posture. "You know you can't get all three of us, best to just give up. You're not going to win." he states, a smirk on his face. "Keep it up team, we're doing good."

- Hiroyasu sitting on the back of his horse had first hand account of this odd group who had been interfering in the day to day of Kumogakure. "seriously.. how did Nariko get captured by this guy.. did he trip in front of the cart and fall on her.." he mumurs to himself.. so far the Genin were holding their own and doing well.. but not very coherent as a team yet.. to be expected. -

Flexy Lex turns his back to the group to flex again and gets really intimate with Michiko's fire jutsu. It lights one of tassels on his pants and he runs around trying to fan it out. While he's putting out the fire, he manages to dodge Misa's rock and Ryouji's sword strikes. Having put the fire out, he turns to face the three Genin. He smirks. "Hey, you with the mask.." He points at Misa. "I'll bet you'll get a charge out of this." A bolt of lightning leaps from his fingertip towards the young shinobi before he turns back to Ryouji and Michiko. "When you think you've won is when it all comes crumbling down. Oooh Yeeeah!" He takes his fist and punches the ground, sending sparks of lightning towards Ryouji and Michiko. "Shocking development, isn't it? Give the scroll. Now, pip squeak."

Michiko suffers some damage from the lightning bolt, wincing slightly. She moves to the side and then launches herself toward the Flexy-whatsit foot-first.

Ryouji gets shacked in the shoulder leaving a nice burn mark. He frowns and looks like he's getting upset. "Ok, this ends now." he says and rushes forward closing the space quickly before pulling the hilt out, "Tsuka-tsuppari!" He aims for the chin, hoping to aim a bit better this time. He follows up with quick draw slice and a cut back across before sheathing the blade.

- Now it was time to test this guys mettle, also it was getting boring sitting on the back of his horse. He leaps from the saddle in an epic manner, "So Squad Leader? I'm not very strong but I can't stand watching anymore!" he says rooting around in his belt for a kunai and holding it with a poorly inverted grasp. Hiroyasu, stealth-mode go! Form Idiot-Savant -

Likewise, Misa grits her teeth and tries to attempt from crying out as the lightning lances into her, knocking the Hebisuuhai from her feet and driving her down to her knees. There was ~something~ that jumped in her tunic as well, and begins to writhe around rather madly. Misa paid it very little mind, snapping a kunai from her belt and flicking it towards the man. "Are you… a Kumo nin?" she asks.

Flexy Lex bends his knees slightly and shifts to the side to dodge Michiko's kick, then spins away to dodge Misa's kunai. However, Ryouji manages to tag him on the chin, cracking his mask slightly and sending his head rocking backwards. "Ugh.." A little dazed, Ryouji's next attack cuts him across the bare chest cause Lex to stagger backwards, which in turn helps him dodge the genin's last attack. "This ends when I get that scroll." He takes two steps forwards and flings his arm out, attempting to impact Ryouji with it. He answers Misa. "Like I would be caught dead in that organization. Kumogakure is a blight upon this land. Their treaty with the Lumber guild is causing them to cut down all the trees. My organization will not stand for this..oooh yeeeah!" He flexes again and moves into a silly looking stance that looks a little like the crane style of martial arts. "Feel the powah of my awesome muscles." He leaps high into the air and kicks out at Hiroyasu, Misa, and Michiko all before his body hits the ground. Then, he loose his balance and falls over. He hops back up to his feet immediately. "I meant to do that. The ground startled me!"

Michiko watches this… well, she honestly believes he's an idiot. Maybe an idiot with skills, but still an idiot. She quickly uses a clone Jutsu to avoid the kick and uses that instant to launch another Kunai and firebolt in the direction of the enemy.

Misa almost felt bad. Bad for herself, that this guy was apparently holding his own against her - and worse still for the man. If he was having trouble with her…

Any one of her senseis could kill this guy without a thought. And apparently, he's caused trouble before, so the fact that he was still alive, well. Perhaps they wanted him alive.

Spinning to one side, a clone leaps forward, and one leaps to the other way - and the man apparently tried to kick the wrong Misa. With a short hop backwards, she reveals a kunai, putting distance between herself and the others. Before she flickers that kunai out.

What Misa was trying to do with her manuevering was get behind him - or force him to turn towards her.

Ryouji ducks under the wild swinging arm before leaping up and doing a triple kick of his own on Flexy. He calls out, "Hiro-san, I know you want to help, but isn't this mission supposed to be a test? You said you're only here for evaluation. I don't think it'd be fair for your our test."

- Hiroyasu is caught in the face by the foot and goes flying off into the distance before ~poofpmh~ his body turns into a cloud of in mid-air. Meanwhile ducking out from behind a nearby rock Hiroyasu hurls rocks at the bad-guy "Shoo go away! Shoo! You Go now!" honestly, anyone could tell he wasn't trying to help or just making the situation worse on purpose. "uh right.." he says clearing his throat and sliding back down behind the rock he was peeking over "ignore me!" he shouts waving his hand in front of his face. -

Flexy Lex is kicked by Ryouji causing him to stumble backwards. When Misa slips around behind him, he turns in her direction just as Michiko's kunai embeds itself in his left butt cheek. His eyes go wide as he leaps high into the air while holding onto the affected area. He narrows his gaze at Misa before Hiroyasu's rocks ping him in the back of the head. "Enough! It's time for pain!" He turns to face the Kumo nin as his hands begin to fly through handseals. Lightning lances off his body, but just as he completes the last seal, he looks at his stomach. "My abs are perfect today!" Unfortunately, that lapse in attention causes him to loose control of his chakra and there is an explosion at his feet. An explosion that catapults him high into the air. "I'll get you next time Kumo-nin. Flexy Lex, the sky is the limit. Ooooh Yeeah!" As his body ascends over the horizon, he yells out. "I meant to do that!!"

It takes a moment before Michiko realizes that Flexy Lex has… effectively blasted away from the battle. "Soo… We won?" A small grin appears on her face at the accomplishment.

Misa gives her head a shake, quickly. Drawing out a sigh, Misa gives her head a brisk shake once more as she straightens again, a certain fierceness touching her features. "We didn't win. He gave up," she says then, her eyes glancing across the way to find one of her fallen kunai. She might just be stomping a bit as she moves over to the kunai, picks up it, and wipes it clean on her skirt.

And at the same time, a serpentine head pokes out of the back of her tunic, glancing left and right. He might look slightly singed.

Ryouji sheathes his blade again as Flexy launches himself into the sky. "He's blasting off again." he says and chuckles. "Ok, good job. Let's move out before he decides to come back." Once everyone is ready, he takes off running again before Flexy showed himself.

- Hiroyasu says "I was trying to probe his intent.. cause reports show him doing more damage and more capable than that.. Maybe there is a copy-cat?" he ponders before moving back to his horse, "I'm not exactly sure how to report him either.. did some village lose their idiot..? He's a nuisance for sure. He did mention the lumber guild pact.. " he hrms and hops back into his saddle. "Anyways, you all did well." following off behind Ryouji. -

Michiko shrugs her shoulders and checks to see if her wounds are anything to worry about. Then Ryouji takes off, leading her to follow after him. "Well, it's a win in my book. You need to make it so the opponent can't fight, and if it's through his own blasting away, then less energy from me."

"Unless he is going to get more of his friends," grumbles Misa, the serpent woman seeming a little peevish, overall. Spying Ryouji dashing off, she glances towards Michiko first, her eyes going to Hiro after. "That's a good idea, let's go!" she says, the young woman dipping her head as she bursts into a run.

Ryouji says, "Yes, he should be put down when we can. But for now, it's good enough to complete our mission." He continues running, not even feeling the small zap on his shoulder. The sooner they can finish the mission, the sooner they won't have to worry about that guy bringing back help.

- Hiroyasu waits until their next stop which is likely the prison to give a little in the field medicine. The quick use of some pressure point medicine, it was quicker and simpler. Starting with Michiko, then misa.. when he offers to Ryouji, he is rebuffed and not surprised. "You know, it was 3 versus 1; and He stood.. well held his own ground." he says. -

Michiko seems glad of the healing, feeling quite a lot better already. "Just a little further to the destination!" she comments encouragingly. To Hiro, "Does it matter that we were Genin?" she asks.

"It was three versus one, and we could hardly scratch him. All of the training…" begins Misa, narrowing her eyes at nothing in particular. Giving her head another shake, she accepts the medicine from Hiro, inclining her head, "Thank you, Hiro-sensei," she tells him. "Do you believe the goofiness is an act? What would a man obssessed with these trees want with a scroll?"

Ryouji says, "Training…hurm…my mother says there's always a bigger fish. It makes sense here. Don't worry about hardly putting a scratch in him, we will." He smiles and gives a thumbs up to Misa before running on.

- Hiroyasu shakes his head, "Rank has very little to do with the battlefield. In all honesty, if that was all he could muster. Using my jutsu on him would amount to senseless murder.. now that I have seen him, and weighted him. I can assign a group to track him and his group.. I am thinking you 3 since you are familiar with his style.." when Misa thanks him, "Your welcome, Hebisuuhai-san." before her question, "That is the troubling part, as you saw by my performance.. anyone with skill can be inept.. and the better they are the easier it is." he add "His chakra was unusual.. too" adding another wrinkle to the story. "Not sure why he wanted it.. like I said its just a list of mostly no-name thugs and fall guys.. not like its something worth anything" he muses as they do what they are supposed to. -

The Kumo group finally make it to the prison and they are greeted by a line of guards who salute them when they walk in. The warden is a middle aged shinobi with an eye patch over his right eye. By the looks of him, it's not hard to imagine that he's seen his fair share of combat. Probably during the war. He steps forwards. "Greetings. I thank you for bringing me the package. Did you have any issue getting it here?" He extends his hand for the scroll as he looks over the group of genin. He asides to one of his men. "I swear they're looking younger and younger these days." A faint grin follows his comment as he looks back at the group.

Michiko listens to Hiro carefully, nodding when he addresses her own comment. "Unusual chakra…?" She muses over that while approaching the prison. When they arrive, she smiles to the warden. "We encountered someone known as Flexy Lex, but other than that, the mission went well."

Misa glances to the man when Hiro says what he says. "Then that makes it more troublesome. In that case, perhaps he wanted us to be… threatened without killing us. Perhaps he is not after the scroll at all, then. And he wished to be seen, but why maintain the facade with you around, Hiro-sensei?" asks Misa. "You could kill him if he continues to clown," she says.

But with that said, they soon arrive at the prison, and Misa reaches into her pouch to produce the scroll with only vague rumpedness to it. Stepping forward, Misa bows forward, offering the scroll to the older nin with upraised hands.

Ryouji adds, "He tried to get the scroll but he didn't beat us." He nods to Misa and says, "Good job keeping it safe." He looks all serious and nods to the warden, "Your scroll has been delivered then. That finishes the mission. So unless there's something else, we should head back to the village."

- Hiroyasu nods to Michiko, "Yeah, hard to tell if he was just weak or surpressed by something. Chakra suppression is an extremely rare talent.. and usually kept to Special Forces, Assassin Leagues. but his Jutsu use was sloppy and barely effective.. so maybe he has some kind of affliction.. like a one of parasites or I have heard of people whose chakra is just really erratic.. never met one but I have read about them in medical literature.." who he was talking too now what not really clear, he was just mumbling aloud. Then Misa ' the clever one' brings up another good point, "Maybe it was an advertisement.. what did he say when you encounter him before.. the report was rather sparse. I meant to talk to you about that. Might be an agenda" then muses rubbing his chin, "Problem is, if he was pretending, then if I went to full tilt, so would he and all of you would be caught in the middle of something you couldn't control or defend against.." before going quiet to ponder it and let Ryouji learn contracting process. -

The warden accepts the scroll from Misa with a smile and a nod. "Arigato, young Hebisuuhai." He tucks it away in the confines of his clothing. "Flexy Lex? Never heard of him. He could be one of the Ox King's. This scroll contains the names of more than a few of his cohorts. I had the distinct displeasure of facing him in combat during the war…along with Yotsuki Kenshin." He then looks at Ryouji with a small smirk. "You must be a Reizei. Always in a hurry." That's all he says before he turns to leave. "Arigato for the speedy delivery. Your payment has already been sent to the village. Have a safe return home."

Michiko gives a small bow in the direction of the warden. Then moves to follow Ryoji back to the village.

Misa does seem to smile at the elder nin - even if there were still the lines of annoyance at the edges of her eyes. "You are generous. Thank you for your praise, and the payment," she says then, bowing again, before turning to dash off after the other two.

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