Steel Soul Tourney - Team Tussle: Yoichi and Kiji vs. Michiko and Ryouji


Michiko, Ryouji, Ayumu, Yoichi, Kiji

Date: June 5, 2015


Kiji and Yoichi pair up to face off against Michiko and Ryouji.

"Steel Soul Tourney - Team Tussle: Yoichi and Kiji vs. Michiko and Ryouji"

Dammed Arena - Kirigakure

At the foot of the great march of bones that dams this tall canyon of blue-gray granite, under the shadows of the stands: the Kirigakure arena. Rivulets of water still escape the base of the dam and dampen the gravely bed of the dry river. The length of the canyon is limited by a raised platform at the south end featuring the referee's post and a large display board announcing the details of the match.

From the moment Ayumu arose from the earth, the crowd had to know there were in for something odd today. The red-haired man intended to not disappoint them; especially during that one sweet moment in which a confusion multiplier can be achieved.
"Mares and gentlecolts!!"
Ayumu pauses for a moment to let the crowd cheer or whisper or do whatever it is they usually do after the initial introduction. Then, his words clicked in mind, prompting the man to facepalm and chuckle at himself.
"Wait, no.. wrong dimension… really need to get that eye fixed… ahem…. Ladies and Gentleman!! Tonight! You are in for the greatest of treats, for none other than Kaguya-Hozuki Yoichi, Lord of Striking Thunder.. hold on, is that — *coughs*, and his apprentice, Shimizu Kiji, recent victor over a clan head face off against…. The Mistress of Earth and Queen of the Metal Works, Iwata Michiko, and her… wait, do I know that one — ah, doesn't matter, and HER PARTNER, Enka Master Supreme, Reizei Ryouji!!!"
Now /this/ earned at least some cheering from the crowd, if albeit haphazard from the crazy titles. Either way, with that introduction, it was time for the fighters to make their way into the arena, ready to duke it out like proper shinobi. Uh, well, proper shinobi caught in the open.

Michiko rubs the back of her neck. "This is a terrible idea…" she mutters to Ryouji, shaking her head a bit. "Ganbatte, Ryouji-kun. Let's prove how well we can fight as a team," she says with a forced smile, hoping that things today don't go terribly as she focuses her chakra. She ponders, consider… Then shakes her head before stepping into the arena and waiting for the opponents. She had faced Yoichi and seen Kiji fight. She was… Curious to actually face the Shimizu.

COMBAT: Michiko focuses 7725 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!

Right off the bat, Ryouji looks over at Michiko as they enter the arena. His hands are behind him, clasped as he calmly walks in. He raises an eyebrow ridge at the title given to him and smiles with a chuckle, "Hey, they gave me a good title, finally." He nods to Michiko, "No raps though for the fight, promise." He hurms and shakes his head, "But that bit about being partners?" He frowns and shrugs, "Don't worry about it. It's not your fault, it can't be helped. We'll just have to make the best of it, right?" He smiles a bit and says, "You're right, we still make a good team on the battlefield. Let's do this." He holds a fist out for Michiko to bump and begins focusing his own chakra.

COMBAT: Ryouji focuses 4459 stamina to turn it into 6000 usable chakra!

Several long moments would pass as the crowd waits for the arrival of the Kaguya-Hozuzki Yoichi and his prize student. Just as anticipation builds the highest, the dark clouds in the sky above begin to flash before finally a large bolt strikes down on the arena floor across from Michiko and Ryouji. A blinding flash lights up the arena before fading to reveal the Swordsman and Kiji standing back to back, his arms folded over his chest as usual with a lack of expression on his face.
"… Are we late?" Yoichi asks of Kiji, basically rhetorically, before he turns to face their opponents for the evening, a pair of people he's faced in separate matches in the tournament. A simple nod is given to them just before a massive spike is felt in his chakra as he prepares for the coming battle. "… Ready when you are."

COMBAT: Yoichi focuses 7296 stamina to turn it into 10000 usable chakra!

Kiji was standing in a far more casual pose, though anyone who's fought her before knew to beware of those casual poses of hers. Yoichi's question about being late got a small chuckle from the Shimizu before she turned to face thier opponents. Her eyes were already turing to a gold. Her arms and ankles were already wound with blood vines and just as Yoichi, her chakra spiked at the sae time, a flash of lightning and a flare of chakra from the two. Ryouji got a flick of her eyes and then Michiko, but she tilted her head as if curious about them…. She looked a little off somehow but otherwise normal.

COMBAT: Kiji focuses 6365 stamina to turn it into 9000 usable chakra!

Ayumu made the appropriate gesture of waving the fighters on as soon as they stepped foot into the arena, goading them if need be to play up the intro. He did work exceptionally hard on that bit. But even if noone bothers, the Iga heard and sampled quite a few interesting things from each pair to make the rush trip back to Kirigakure worthwhile.
As soon as everyone is in position, he gives each side the shifty eyes before doing an about face to face the crowd. "People of the Land of Water and Countries beyond, I give you your competitors!" The crowd positively explodes this time (or at least, those not blinded by Yoichi's entrance). Finally, the crazy showboater would not only be stepping aside, but /also/ they get to see another fight that promised to be of epic proportions! Or something along that line. No matter what the case may be, Ayumu decided to set aside analyzing the matter for later as he turned once more to face the others.
"You all know the rules and regulations, so I won't bore you with them again. And while some of you have proven to be skilled medics or.. otherwise, a team is standing by should you find yourself unable to walk out of here with no more than a limp! So, yeah, have fun, and uh.. try not to let your jutsu tag that wall over there" He points to wall beneath the stands. "Kinda like not to have to play 'think fast' today, heheh." Ayumu offers all a Kitsune like smile, then clapped his hands sharply together. "With that all done, let the games" Ayumu before the others poofs out of existence as the original walks out of afformentioned wall. "BEGIN!!"

Michiko glances to Ryouji at the entrance. "Ah… One-upped already.." she sighs faintly. "Keep back for a moment," she comments, making a handseal and releasing a torrent of fire that covers the entire field, making the ground invisible. Invisible… So that it would be too late to notice the ground shifting and swirling into a powerful whirlpool that would drag both down into the ground.

Ryouji snorts, "Hey now, don't take all the fun from me, Michiko-chan." He slaps his hands together and flips through hand signs before letting out a great blast of air aiming at both of them. As the blast of air begins to subside he flips through another set of seals and electricity runs over his hands and zaps out at the pair. The beam forks and crackles, aiming at both of them.

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against COVERING-FIRE(57) attack from Michiko with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…72
COMBAT: Yoichi defends against EARTH-WHIRLPOOL(40) attack from Michiko with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…49
COMBAT: Yoichi defends against GREAT-BREAKTHROUGH(30) attack from Ryouji with a MASTERED-REFORMATION…56
COMBAT: Yoichi defends against INSPIRATION-WAVE(34) attack from Ryouji with a MASTERED-REFORMATION…42

As one might expect, Yoichi doesn't even seem to try and defend himself from the attack, which go through his body one after another. Instead, he reaches back to grab his swords as his body simply reforms undamaged, just as it was. The blades crackle with lightning, each extending a lightning whip from the end of the blade as he swings them with intent to lock up both Michiko and Ryouji so Kiji can followup with a powerful atack.
COMBAT: Yoichi finishes its turn.

RP: Kiji transforms into BLOOD-ENRICHMENT.
COMBAT: Kiji defends against COVERING-FIRE(51) attack from Michiko with a BLOOD-CLONE…46
COMBAT: Kiji loses the roll and sustains 681 damage.
COMBAT: Kiji defends against EARTH-WHIRLPOOL(47) attack from Michiko with a TAILS-OF-BLOOD…65
COMBAT: Kiji defends against GREAT-BREAKTHROUGH(37) attack from Ryouji with a BLOOD-CLONE…59
COMBAT: Kiji defends against INSPIRATION-WAVE(35) attack from Ryouji with a BLOOD-CLONE…50

Kiji was distracted.. or sluggish. Something happened that she was caught off guard in the flames of the fire along the ground. But she'd watched Michiko enough to know there was a reason to hide the earth she fought with. So Kiji slammed the earth at her feet wth large 'tails' made from blood comming from her lower back, very very similar to Kiyoshi's bijuu tails. From there two clones took Ryouji's hits, splattering on the ground and wall where they were. Kiji, however, was above and behind Ryouji on the arena wall, her eyes a bright yellow ringed in orange. She was out of Yoichi's way, though so his whips were followed by whips of her own… They would strike like bull whips, thuding and cutting at the same time and a back wound was painful to fight with….

COMBAT: Michiko defends against LIGHTNING-WHIP(49) attack from Yoichi with a METAL-BARRIER…69
COMBAT: Michiko defends against BLOOD-WHIPS(43) attack from Kiji with a METAL-BARRIER…43

Michiko raises her arms, chakra entering the metal that she wears beneath her clothes so that Yoichi's lightly strikes are harmless against her form. Kiji's only barely noticed in time, and she shoots up a barrier of metal behind her, blood spattering across the metal. Then she makes another seal, barrier turning into vine-like 'ropes' that snake out and attempt to wrap the two Kiri-nin and keep them in place for the future.

RP: Ryouji transforms into REIZEI-BLUR-II.
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against LIGHTNING-WHIP(57) attack from Yoichi with a WIND-DASH…61
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against BLOOD-WHIPS(51) attack from Kiji with a FLASH-PRECISION-PARRY…64

Ryouji shakes his head, "Why does everyone use whips? No one likes the classical sword anymore." Ryouji is already pushing his body into his second level of reizei blur since the fight is over his head as a chuunin at the start. Ryouji takes off at a run, pushing a bit of wind chakra into his feet to skirt out of the way of the lightning whip. He avoids that but the blood whip is too fast, so instead, one of his simple swords flashes out into his hand and Ryouji parries the whip feeling the solid hit on the blade, even though it looks like blood. "That's gross…" Ryouji quips before zagging the other way and then running right at Kiji, sticking out his arm and pushing his swift release chakra into his arm hoping to catch Kiji at the neck. Failing that, he reaches around with his other arm and pulls out the sword at his hip, lightning cutter. He yanks it free and slices as it lights up with crackling electricity.

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against METAL-BINDING(57) attack from Michiko with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…65
RP: Yoichi transforms into LIQUID-FORM.
«Sizzle» Michiko blazes, "Definitely time to TF…"

SPLASH! The ropes of metal pass right throughYoichi as another spike of chakra flows through his body. A slight smirk touches his lips as he brings the swords back again, creating a set of nine whips of lightning on each sword that he sends flying down at both Michiko and Ryouji with intent to capture and bind both of them. "I'm using my swords," he points out to Ryouji with a smirk. "These are the Kiba blades of Kirigakure, and I'm using them as they were made to be used."«KIBA» Yoichi shocks, "Reading and typing at the same time."«CHI» Kiji ponders

RP: Kiji transforms into BLOOD-POTENCE.
COMBAT: Kiji defends against METAL-BINDING(55) attack from Michiko with a TAILS-OF-BLOOD…57
COMBAT: Kiji defends against SWIFT-RELEASE-LARIAT(51) attack from Ryouji with a BLOOD-CLONE…61
COMBAT: Kiji defends against LIGHTNING-SHARP(37) attack from Ryouji with a BLOOD-CLONE…40

Kiji tilted her head as her attack was parried by Ryouji's sword. Iteresting, though how he managed to try and lariat her with her 6 feet off the ground… She wasn't sure. But all he got was splashed with her blood as the clone exploded and once again at his second strike. Gross hmm? Her eyes showed crimson now and she leapt out to stand beside Yoichi again, tilting her head as she lifted one hand slowly… and then clamed her hand shut. From every direction, surrounding Ryouji and Michiko both with webs… made of the blood she'd already spilled on the battlefield.

RP: Michiko transforms into SIZZLE-II.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against LIGHTNING-SCOURGE(75) attack from Yoichi with a METAL-DOME…69
COMBAT: Michiko loses the roll and sustains 455 damage.
COMBAT: Michiko defends against WEB-OF-BLOOD(70) attack from Kiji with a METAL-DOME…80

Michiko's chakra flares up around her as she immediately reacts, forming a dome of metal around her to take the Lightning. Unfortunately, only the blood is blocked, the Lightning somehow managing to slip through her defense and stunning her, as well as damaging her insides. And that is why she hates Lightning… The girl inwardly sighs, but braces herself for what she anticipates… From a previous March.<Public> Hisomu has partially disconnected.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against LIGHTNING-SCOURGE(68) attack from Yoichi with a WIND-DASH…48
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 748 damage.
COMBAT: Ryouji defends against WEB-OF-BLOOD(54) attack from Kiji with a NEAR-MISS-SHIFT…65

Ryouji sees the lighting and blood coming in and around him. "Michiko-chan?" he says before pushing his blurr to its limit and then some. He tries to move out of the way and is caught by the lightning and screams in pain. It hurts and fries a bit of his clothing to boot. He only screams a bit though, thankfully the shock blows the rest of air out of his lungs. He crumples to the ground, twitching, only to disappear a second later to reappear a short distance away. He's standing and wobbles, only to drop back down as his body is shakes. He might have avoided the web, but the lightning before has done its job.

RP: Yoichi transforms into LIQUID-FORM-III.

With both targets trapped, Yoichi glances over to Kiji and then nods toward Ryouji, signaling her to take him. He himself raises a finger to perform a technique Michiko would be somewhat familiar with. In an eerily calm and quiet voice, he says, "Bang," before a droplet of water fires off toward Michiko, aimed directly at her shoulder. Were this not a simple contest rather than a real battle, that shot would probably be aimed at her heart or another vital area.

Kiji watched as both of them avoided her blood web and let out a 'che' from where she was standing by Yoichi. She disliked that she had missed BOTH of them. Fine, though, let it burn. Blood swirled and eyes blackened as her tails reformed behind her. She watched Ryouji wobble and drop and narrowed her eyes just a little. Yoichi fired at Michiko and a second later Kiji, the student, struck. Half way forward the single giant tail split and struck at both Ryouji and Michiko simulteneously, looking to crush and cut…..

COMBAT: Michiko defends against WATER-GUN-TECHNIQUE(51) attack from Yoichi with a TENSE…14
COMBAT: Michiko loses the roll and sustains 2019 damage.
COMBAT: Michiko ESCAPES from Yoichi's stun!
COMBAT: Michiko defends against CRIMSON-TAILS(43) attack from Kiji with a METAL-BARRIER…51
RP: Michiko transforms into SIZZLE-IV.

Michiko clamps her teeth together, refusing to make a sound. A faint hiss is all that escapes when the water pierces her shoulder, rendering a single arm useless for the time being. She would heal it later… Right now, though… She flashes through handseals with her single hand, not moving her wounded arm. The ground turns into a swamp, then, sucking Kiji and Yoichi into the ground for a round a round of pain, if they don't avoid it.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against CRIMSON-TAILS(46) attack from Kiji with a TENSE…6
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 1236 damage.

Ryouji gets plowed into by the tail, burning into his back and ripping up his back really well. He takes the hit like a champ though and pulls himself up to his feet. Ryouji reaches back and pulls out his blades tossing them up into the air, "You know, I'd probably spit out some lyrical rhymes at this point, saying who did this, that is dat. But at this point man, we're about getting whooped on by you two, so…" he catches the blades in several different places on his body. Joints in the arms, shoulders, legs and even mouth so he mumbles, "…let's finish this yo!" He leaps at Kiji doing several tight flips before slashing downward as he hits the ground in front of her. He has just enough time to do a quick hop and spin, bringing a leg blade around for a slash.

COMBAT: Ryouji finishes his turn.

COMBAT: It is now Yoichi's turn.RP: Yoichi transforms into PERFECT-HYDRIFICATION.
COMBAT: Yoichi defends against SWAMP-OF-THE-UNDERWORLD(106) attack from Michiko with a LIQUID-REFORMATION-II…76

So quickly after his success, Yoichi is yanked down… literally…. into the earth. Despite his attempt at reformation, he doesn't quite make it out of the way of the attack, thus he's forced to wait now as he tries to gather the strength to get out of this spot again.

.RP: Kiji transforms into BLOOD-RAGE.
COMBAT: Kiji defends against SWAMP-OF-THE-UNDERWORLD(93) attack from Michiko with a RINGS-OF-BLOOD…69
COMBAT: Kiji defends against BEAT-BOX-BLITZ(63) attack from Ryouji with a RINGS-OF-BLOOD…52
COMBAT: Kiji loses the roll and sustains 256 damage.
COMBAT: Kiji defends against BEAT-BOX-BLITZ(59) attack from Ryouji with a RINGS-OF-BLOOD…82

Kiji was suddenly in the air as Ryouji came at her, one of his swords slipping past and slicing into her arm.. whichonly gave her more weapons to work with. Rings formed and spun in various directions, surrounding her and deflecting the next sword comming her way. But when she landed, she found herself pulled into the ground. There was no sign of pain from the Shimizu, only a dark look at Michiko….

Michiko glances over to Ryouji when he starts spitting out rap, wishing she could plug her ears. But that'd be bad… A metal half-spear forms, rising to her hand that is uninjured as she readies her attack. The girl throws the half-spear at Yoichi, aiming for his shoulder… An eye for an eye, so the saying goes.

Ryouji rushes for Kiji since she's trapped as well. He pulls lightning cutter out and charges it full of lightning chakra. There's not much to the attack since she's stuck. He slices, reverses his direction, and slices back before sliding the blade back into its saya. He quickly leaps away however, because who knows if Kiji will escape. She's obviously going to be mad about this. He's not about to be near her if or when she escapes.«IGA» Ayumu says, "Its all up to you kiji! T.T"

COMBAT: Yoichi defends against METAL-SPIKE(64) attack from Michiko with a TENSE…12
COMBAT: Yoichi loses the roll and sustains 1836 damage.
COMBAT: Yoichi attempts to ESCAPE from Michiko's stun and fails!

Though the spike seems to hit home, since Yoichi's underground, nobody but Michiko can really tell, as no sounds of pain come from the spot underground where he's trapped. Try as he might, with a spike sticking in his shoulder, he's not quite ready to escape the attack just yet…

COMBAT: Kiji defends against LIGHTNING-SHARP(38) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…11
COMBAT: Kiji loses the roll and sustains 708 damage.
COMBAT: Kiji attempts to ESCAPE from Michiko's stun and fails!
COMBAT: Kiji defends against LIGHTNING-SHARP(44) attack from Ryouji with a TENSE…16
COMBAT: Kiji loses the roll and sustains 750 damage.
RP: Kiji reverts to their normal state.

Kiji then turned that dark look on Ryouji. It proised retribution, pain… Kiji was gettig more and more enraged by the second. His blades bit into her chest and back but like Yoichi she uttered not a sound of pain. Blood seemed to hover over the wouds, collecting rather than spilling. She didn't even flinch… What kind of training did that? But as she began to gather herself to break free, her anger was growing… Little red flecks starting to show in her black eyes

COMBAT: Michiko heals Michiko for 1404 with RAPID HEALING.

Michiko's chakra begins to heal her, the girl focusing her energy on healing her shoulder so she can use both hands again. "Ryouji-kun… I suggest hitting them both with something like that again… Or Onikuma, and I can try to defend you," she tells him, double-checking her chakra levels in case she isn't able to… Probably a few defenses before she's out, and she could focus more if needed.

RP: Ryouji uses B-RANK-CHARGE.

Ryouji brightens, "Good, didn't want to get closer. She is not happy. Give me some cover. Onikuma it is…" He makes the required hand signs and begins charging his lightning chakra into his hand. A ring of chakra begins forming around him as he pours what he's got left into this attack. He's taking his time, making sure the jutsu works. He has faith that Michiko-chan can protect him. They are a good team afterall.

COMBAT: Yoichi ESCAPES from Michiko's stun!

Though he's trapped underground, Yoichi can hear Kiji taking a good deal of damage from Ryouji… Not good… for them… It almost sounds like the toll of the bell to signal death as the Kaguya-Hozuki's rending of himself from the ground is heralded by an arena full of enormous whips lightning moving about to attempt to wrap both Ryouji and Michiko up and give them little to no chance of escaping the coming wrath of the Swordsman. The look in his eyes is intense, focused. Would anyone actually think he'd go down easily?

COMBAT: Michiko failed to interrupt attack number 2: TAILS-OF-RAIJU from Yoichi against Ryouji with a roll of 85 vs 113.

Kiji watched them speak, makng note of thier plans… So, Michiko was going to try and protect her partner…. Kiji could see the weakness there, te plain target and the sheer anger on her face turned to a smug smirk for just a second… She could sense Ryouji preparing soemthing … Then Yoichi struck and Kiji managed to break free from the ground herself, panting lightly, she gathered her chakra as she sat there on her hands and knees… She was weaker somehow, off. Her hand went to her head and she actually flinched.. Just a second as her yes stablized again, perfectly black once more.. slowly building back to red…

COMBAT: Michiko defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(101) attack from Yoichi with a METAL-DOME…82
COMBAT: Michiko loses the roll and sustains 903 damage.

"…" Michiko really has no reaction to Yoichi's whips except 'oh $!&#' crossing her mind. The girl can only brace herself, metal dome surrounding and blocking part, but not all, of the damage she could receive. Ow… The girl knows that something big is incoming because of that, too…

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against TAILS-OF-RAIJU(113) attack from Yoichi with a FLASH-PRECISION-PARRY…83
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 1146 damage.

Ryouji blinks in surprise as he's charging his attack. They both escaped? Why is that dark and foreboding music playing in the background? Well, Michiko can….oh unity, she didn't. He brings his hand up and reaches for lightning cutter, which appears in his hand. He brings the blade up and tries to block the attack, but only succeeds in blocking a small percentage of the full power. It's way more than Ryouji could handle on his best day. The rest sadly, sends Ryouji blasting backward. Lightning courses through his body, blowing off a good chunk of his armor and sending shreds of his body scattering to the winds. The sword in his hand explodes, sending bits of shrapnel into his body, which can't be a good thing. Ryouji's body crumples in a heap and refuses to move, but thankfully, he's still breathing.

Just when one might think obliteration will come the usual way, it seems Yoichi's got something else up his sleeve… As he seems to almost float through the air with the momentum of his escape from Michiko's earlier trap, he turns into a flip as his arms literally bulge to enormous size, big enough that they'd fit a gargantuan far larger and more muscular than Yoichi, and his hands ball into fists around the hilt of the blades, which now fit into the upper half of his hands, as he goes to bring them down hard on the backs of both of their opponents for the match.

COMBAT: Kiji heals Kiji for 1018 with GREATER REGENERATION.

Kiji watched Yoichi's attack take both down to a point, could sense the levels of chakra each were expending.. Ryouji looked like he might need serious nedical aid after this… Tough. Kiji stood, lifting her hands.. But halfway up suddenly she dropped again, panting a bit heavier, her body disobeying her mind as it hit the ground again. She frowned as if confused. It took her several seconds for her to figure out that she needed to let her body do it's healing thing… A fain flush touched her cheeks and she glanced up at Yoichi to see if he'd caught that bit…

COMBAT: Michiko defends against GREAT-WATER-ARM(63) attack from Yoichi with a TENSE…9
COMBAT: Michiko loses the roll and sustains 2150 damage.
COMBAT: Michiko focuses 3676 stamina to turn it into 5000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Michiko heals Michiko for 1305 with RAPID HEALING.

Michiko watches the water crash down, bracing herself for the inevitable. The girl is surprised she's not been pancaked from that attack, her chakra already focusing and working to heal herself. Dang… Stupid Lightning… She glances over to Ryouji to see that he's still breathing. The good news: he is. The bad news: he probably won't be for long. "Ahh… I think we forfeit, Yoichi-san," is all she says.

COMBAT: Ryouji defends against GREAT-WATER-ARM(66) attack from Yoichi with a TENSE…15
COMBAT: Ryouji loses the roll and sustains 2215 damage.

Ryouji didn't even see it coming, because he was already out. The massive arms slams down on him, crushing his body beyond all reason. Did it hurt? You betcha. It really didn't help. It causes more damage, crushing a leg and making it twist in an odd way. Yeah, that's going to need fixin. He just lays there after the arm is lifted off his battered and bloody form. It's hard to tell if he's breathing, but if looked at closely, he is, just barely. He's going to need a medic though, it's unlikely he'd survive anything else.

COMBAT: Yoichi heals Ryouji for 1229 with GREATER WATER REFRESHMENT.
COMBAT: Yoichi focuses 727 stamina to turn it into 1000 usable chakra!
COMBAT: Yoichi heals Ryouji for 1229 with COMBAT ELECTROSURGERY.

One might think the Kaguya blood coursing through Yoichi veins would have him utterly annihilate these targets. However, when Michiko calls the forfeit, the Swordsman simply nods and re-sheaths his blades. He looks over to Kiji, grinning slightly in pride, before he would vanish and appears beside Ryouji. "Sorry if this hurts, but breathing is sort of necessary, and I doubt you'll be able to with broken ribs jabbing into your lungs." With that he brings his hands into a seal, covering the boy with healing water to clean out any surface wounds before lightning begins to charge through his body and heal it from the inside out to prep him to survive the trip to the hospital.

COMBAT: Kiji heals Ryouji for 701 with CRIMSON OFFERING.

Kiji looked up at Yoichi as she spotted that look of pride. It was small and suprisig, but she was secretly glad this fight was over….Forcing herself to her feet she followed Yoichi, slower, over to Ryouji's side, As Yoichi worked on the ribs, Kiji brought her blood to bear once more, piercing his skin ad basicly performing a transfusion, a visible tendril between both her arms and Ryouji. She was still unhappy but she wouldn't kill a guest of Kirigakure…. She was wearing out retty fast though.

"Oh my, oh my, oh my! Someone should probably pull that one out. Now where is that pesky proctor?" Ayumu turned his head about as if searching for someone, only to facepalm and chuckle to himself. "Right right!" And with that said, Ayumu fell to pieces on the spot. Scrambling from the spot he once stood is now an army of tongues, eyes, skin wads, and just — the sight isn't one for the faint of heart, to say the least, but at least it the crowd doesn't have to look at it for long before it reassembles near the Kirigakure nin.
Although he wore no look of suspicion, the Iga had kept a careful eye on their chakra levels and how they were used as they went to work on repairing Ryouji, stabilizing the poor, poor, POOR chuunin who totally didn't have it coming for dumping Michiko. Nope. Not ooooone bit.
"Excellent work you two! Honestly, I mean it." And he really did mean it too. "But now go on, skeedadle. I'll take over from her." Ayumu says, though he isn't entirely honest in that moment. As soon as the Kiri-nin backed away, Ayumu motioned for the medic team to rush the field, much to some of the disappointment of those in the crowd. At the very least they wanted to see some broken bodies for longer than a few seconds! But oh well, c'est la vie.
Once Ryouji is out of the way, Ayumu immediatly disassembles himself again and goes crawling, rolling, and skittering back to his original spot along the wall, ever mindful of how torn up the battlefield had become.

COMBAT: Michiko heals Michiko for 1387 with RAPID HEALING.

Michiko heals herself while the two are working on Ryouji, watching the Reizei like a hawk to make sure he's okay after the fight. She didn't want to tell the clan they had lost another one of their members, after all. "Hmm…" She continues to allow her chakra to heal herself, not moving to help Yoichi because… Scary Lightning is scary -.-

Some of Ryouji's wounds seal, leaving only the cuts, but not all of them. His back for example is open, weaping, and raw. The leg snaps and crackles back into place, but will need lots of time to heal. The main thing he needs now is rest. Ryouji's breathing eases but the shock will leave him unconscious for a while. Thankfully, he's carried off by the medics and will be tended to.

COMBAT: Yoichi attacks Ayumu with LIGHTNING-WHIP with a roll of: 88

When he's actually interrupted mid-surgery by the Iga and the ones he motions over, Yoichi blinks and quirks an eyebrow. He then turns toward the Iga, quite tempted to reach back and grab one of his swords to teach him a lesson. "Try giving me orders while I'm mid-surgery again, and you'll be the next one stretchered out. Had I not done enough already, he could've punctured a lung and died before he got to the medical center. Let this light be a warning to your original." With that he grabs one of the blades, causing it to crackle with lightning again as it forms a whip that flies at the clone with intent to use the Iga's own sensory abilities focused through this clone against him by electrocuting and making him feel the pain of all the nerves in these things he's assembled himself.

Kiji stayed still as Ayumu and Yoichi had thier little.. uh.. discussion. She sat back a bit as the medics tok Ryouji away and then forced herself to her feet, watching Michiko closely….. A flash of light fro Yoichi's whips made her close her eyes for a second then she peered up at him, looking like she might be close to needing sleep.

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